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Monday, March 29, 2021
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We supplies Total Linked-Network for Tourism and Hospitality. ROONEX wants to be a Root of Networks-Exchange for Tour related Markets. Whitepaper ver1.01

Contents Introduction 01 1.0 Abstract 1.1 The Current Status of Tour Market 1.2 The Problem 02 Project Description 2.1 Project Introduction 2.2 Service Description 2.3 Project Know-How 2.4 Platform Know-How 2.5 Global Partners 03 Token Economy 04 Project Roadmap 05 Token Sale 06 Team & Advisors 6.1 Team 6.2 Advisors 07 Partners 08 Closing * Appendix 1 property Management 2 Direct Booking 3 Check-in KIOSK 4 Digital Payment 5 SaaS, Software as a Service 6 Booking Engine 7 FIT My Travel Portal 2

01 Introduction The online travel and hospitality industry, also known as E-Tourism, is growing at a fast pace across the globe. Beyond the realm of mobile proliferation, the needs for various services and solutions per the inflow of the 4th Industrial Revolution have increased immensely. There has been a steady development in enhancing the decrease in profitability of travel-related businesses, particularly the high vacancy rate, low average unit price, and the commission rate. The users are concerned about identifying reliable products and securing safe purchase contact. Thus, it is time to focus on ensuring the emergence of ecosystem composition in a new platform format that incorporates the new technology and trend to further fortify the value of customer experience, as well as to address concerns of various positions and improve efficiency. Concerns of Business  Increase of occupancy and sales rate using diverse marketing trend  Increase of sales price and profit by maximizing the value of a commodity  Increase of efficiency through cost reduction in operations and commission  Increase of business efficiency by increasing the value provided to the customers Concerns of Users • Acquisition of reliable and extended information on travel packages • Securement inconvenience of product purchase and contract, reliability in payment ROONEX is a project targeting to create an affluent society by managing the trust relationship between the user and service provider with the superb platform in the travel and hospitality industry and increasing the value acquired with easy accessibility along with diversification and globalization of the platform. P1 P2 TS Suppliers Users P2 Platform Platform P1 Pn P1 Pn Platform Platform P3 Information Contract Payment P3 Platform 3

The current status of Tour Market The global E-Tourism industry maintains an annual growth rate of 11.4% with continuous growth at a fast pace. Based on the achievement of $550 billion in 2016, $950 billion was expected by 2021. By the end of 2018, exceeding $1.16 trillion, the annual size is now targeting more than $1.5 trillion by 2023. The mobile travel industry is estimated at $394.3 billion which is about 33.8% of online market. Reflecting the current trend of the mobile market, the proportion is expected to increase in 2023. The Korean market has grown 73 trillion in 2020, Average annual rate of 8%, and the online booking industry is estimated at 24 trillion Won in 2018 and expected to reach 35 trillion Won by 2023. The proportion of mobile industry in 2018 is 46% that is the third-largest in the world, and by 2023, the proportion of the mobile industry is expected to increase to 60%. The number of accommodation facilities increases rapidly in Korea as the travel and hospitality industry grows. Apart from the big brand named hotels, there has been an increasing number of small business sized hotels and guest houses offering the hospitality service. Alongside such a shift in business, online booking market, digital payment, the online channel connecting service, check-in kiosk, mileage, keyless door-lock related industries are actively engaging in the travel and hospitality market. 4

2015 46.2 17.3 9.7 Korean Foreign The online booking service industry is amongst the most active in the travel and hospitality industry. Various booking platform and reservation service groups exist by continents in the world, in case of Korea, the global reservation channel are also making a huge engagement in the market. (In 2018, the market size of primary global online booking service is at 100 Brillion USD, traveltimes) 5

In the Korean market, the online booking service ‘Yanolja’ has secured KRW 212.2 billion investment from the Singapore investment agency ‘Booking Holdings’ in June 2019, and the company made a Unicorn corporation with a corporate value of $1 billion (KRW 1.1 trillion). ‘Yanolja’, with the sales of KRW 20 billion in 2014, in 2018 the company reached the sales of KRW 161.6 billion. After the investment securement in 2019, the company is integrating the travel and hospitality related service platform through M&A of the third-largest reservation app ‘Dailyhotel’, the leading room management system company ‘Garam’ and ‘Seereal’ and ‘ez-technosis’, the global hotel system company in India. ‘GoodChoice’ (YegiUtae) is another prominent company in the same field has secured KRW 300 billion in cash by selling its equity to the British private equity fund, CVC Capital, and recorded sales of KRW 68.6 billion in 2018, acquired growth rate at 200% over the past two years. As seen above, the international and domestic online booking service in the travel and hospitality industry is continuously expanding the business size. The business expansion in the travel and hospitality industry is closely connected with the latest trend. The increase of GNP has increased the economic affordability and implemented the aware-ness of the importance of personal life. Such a phenomenon has shed light on the maintenance of work-life balance, spread on the idea of YOLO (You Only Live Once), increased numbers of younger generations of digital nomads. Based on such a tendency, the travel and hospitality industry will constantly grow its business size, and the importance of relatable platforms is escalated. ROONEX aims to create an affluent society by composing the ecosystem based on the platform of the travel and hospitality industry applied with the block-chain. 6

The Problem To revitalize the industry and to enhance the service efficiency in the travel and hospitality industry, multifarious preparation and continuous efforts in many different fields are required. Large hotels are maximizing the overall efficiency by effectively deploying the human resource based on the capital, material resources. Business hotels and small and medium-sized hospitality businesses are facing hardships in effective operation due to lack of professional human resources, marketing budget, operation skills, IT resources. Also, there exist problems occurring from diverse perspectives besides the explosion of the global online reservation market. The conflict on the ownership of and sharing of sales of hotel packages, the securement of reliability on up-to-date data, excessive commission rate on the sales, assurance on the safeness of the purchase and definite delivery, limitation on the means of payments are the following problems. Products must be reliably disclosed to the consumers and the consumer’s contract must also be guaranteed to remain un- amended. Transactions during the release of product disclosure and contract process require equivalent reliability. If reliable information on the selling products is provided to the consumers and ensure safe purchase contract and transparency in transactions, the future business prosperity is possible. Transparent product release Ownership of product contents Reliability of product particulars Secure contract reliability TS Market Increase in smart-contract demand ( Tour Science ) Insufficient data continuity Reliability of transaction Limitation on the means of payment Commission - A necessity on the expansion of software in industry - Sharing of the travel information using a de-centralized ledger - Reliable information disclosure based on the block-chain - Secure the safety of purchase contract using smart-contract - Revitalize industry through global payment methods 7

02 Project Description 1) Project Introduction ROONEX aims to build an integrated platform that can span both internally and externally while expanding IT operational platform targeted small to medium-sized businesses, and effectively managing the transaction flow. In the process, it is feasible to increase the safety and reliability of operations and transactions by expanding the SaaS-based operational platform, securing blockchain-based transactions, ensuring reliability through smart-contract and making improvements on the limitation on the payment methods. Despite the globally open network infrastructure, the interconnection of networks and platforms is a remaining difficulty, along with the process beyond the regions and industries. This project aims to create an environment where high-quality information can be shared by completing the individual platforms and increasing the interconnectivity between the participating platforms. The platform will link providers and users, brokers to create an autonomous trading ecosystem and expand itself to other industries to maximize the benefit returned to the participants. We hope to build a project that generates benefits to the participants by establishing a service applied with block-chain technology based on a platform that connects service providers and users in the travel and hospitality industry. (Steps of project establishment) Step 1: Expansion of IT operational platform in the international small and medium-sized hotels and hospitality facilities Step 2: Secure transparency in sharing information and transaction between platforms and provide convenient payment methods Step 3: Support an organic connection with other industrial platforms User Platform Users Mid-size Operation Contents Tour Hospitality Platform Platform Contents Expended Expended Platform Contents 8

02 Project Description 2) Service Overview The ABC-SYSTEM platform is configured via individual connecting modules. Having a platform of hospitality operation system as the core, reservation module, channel linkage module, sales module linkage, kiosk module linkage, and facility operation module linkage is to be established to in-crease the efficiency and encourage the high profitability. To establish a virtuous cycle between the service provider and the user, providing quality products, purchasing products, the convenience of payment, and contract reliability, all processes and contents participating in the process must be operated on a digital base. ABC-SYSTEM will take a role to provide such conveniences. Customer B2B contents, Information - Online Portal - B2B APIs - Booking Engine Website Mobile Direct Booking Payment offline / Online / Social OTA Reward Online Mileage Accommodation CRM Reservation Managing booking booking - Code, Reservation, Management Block API Hotel Points accounting KIOSK managing information TA Coins CMS XML Mileage TCP/IP accounting WEB CMS RSVN Rate Stock Groupware CMS Date Contract Purchase materials CMS API / TL-LC, CTX Accounting And Others API Calculating And management Hotel Resort Inn Residence B2B Resources Golf B2B platform Integration B2B Protocols Officetel management DB B2B Engine Purchasers are provided with updated product information through website, mobile, and online reservation services. Selected products are confirmed as purchasing contract through payment process; payments are done in online and offline payment service, social and ‘coin payment’. Purchasing contracts are stored safely under ‘smart contract’. Mileage given after the use of the product will be paid to the users in point, coin. The users can purchase products from individual hotels personally, as well as on a portal where you can find a plenty of products. Utilizing a protocol of standardized product information of various hotels, interconnection of information via online portals in real time is made possible. 9

The information of all the transaction on the supply and purchase of product is kept confidential through ‘smart contract’, and all information related to transaction log is collected in big-data. Data is then processed and developed to an analyzed log, and the log is used as a marketing tool to provide the most proper product to the users. Reservation, Lodging Operation Platform Payment Methods Transaction Transaction Unified Analysis Log Commission Big-Data The users manage payment method through E-wallet on ROONEX platform to make a digital payment, and make payments on the desirable products. Mileage and commission fees generated in such process is paid in RNX coin. E.Wallet Purchase Payment B2C BTC RNX Pay CARD CAPay ETH POINT User RNX Pay USDT AR Commission RNX PMS Direct Booking Booking Engine B2B Other Platform 10

The users are able to manage own digital cash via E-wallet on ROONEX platform, and use it when searching and purchasing the products online. Digital Wallet Mobile Service Online Contents Payment Methods 11

3) Project Know-How ROONEX has focused on the interconnection of IT services related to hotels and travels for the past 10 years. With the initial development of the room reservation module system, we have successfully implemented efficient lodging and reservation management. We also provide rental service for business-class hotels and small and medium-sized hotels with insufficient computer re-sources, websites for many hotels, and reservation module rental services. We have also spread the IT computerization of small and medium-sized accommodations, including CMS channel system interworking services. We are providing excelled services incorporating the next generation through synergy with various affiliates based on individual systems already established. 2008 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 2017 2018 2019 12

4) Platform Know-How ROONEX has perfected the module configuration for the global clone platform composition based on establishment, operation, service skills on the individual platform in Korea. We have standardized operational techniques including platform operation method, multi-lingual utilizing technique, distribution, back-up system. We have also completed the manual for service operation, system-open, education, overall operation. We currently provide hospitality management system service to 100 hotels in Korea, hotel websites and booking module services to 60 hotels, CMS channel interworking service to 50 hotels in soft-ware rental methods. Through this, we have successfully established ground technology and operational skills for domestic and international service providers. We are currently working to achieve the following business targets: stabilizing the individual platform, sharing information on rooms applicable with block-chain service, comprising ‘smart- contract’ based on product purchase contracts, issuing coins for ROONEX and applying payment functions in platforms, sharing service with other platforms, integrating payments. Service technology, block-chain implementation technology, business globalization, business governance will be further implemented by the project participants. Tour and Hospitality Platform Tour Exchange Platform OTA Platform Tour Voucher Support Platform Data Science Platform 13

5) Global Partners Encompassing various business platforms from hotel, resort, start-up support and education, ROONEX affiliated with multiple business entities globally. We plan to establish a domestic ad international platform network based on our strong partnership and stable platform. ROONEX targets to integrate the individual platform with advanced technology, interoperate with individual systems, generate synergy between connecting platforms and raise the data reliability applied with block-chain technology and fortify the security. ROONEX will simplify the transaction between platforms using coins, and increase the number of users and services through producing identical clone platforms in a global network with identical services. We will build a global platform through collaboration with project participants particularly on the operational skills of the individual system service and cooperation, we will carry out global marketing in a relatively short time. Problems found in the process will be handled accordingly with the partner company’s counseling committees. 14

03 TOKEN ECONOMIY ROONEX tokens are used as a means of payments for the mutual transaction as well as a value discharged for rewards and commission fees generated within the transaction. The RNX tokens in the service platform provide the following functions: 1. The primary method of transaction for the product purchase: It is used as a means of payment for the products on the platform. The users' purchase products with tokens available from their E-wallet 2. Method of exchanging values to obtain useful information: It is used as an exchanging means to obtain useful information shared on the platform. The users have accessibility to valuable information using tokens 3.Transaction fee payment: The price of the product is paid to the service provider with RNX coins and the sales fee is paid to the platform in coins 4.Payment method for rewards and mileage: mileage granted to the purchasers and service users are in RNX coins User Product Info. MARKET RNX Product 거래 Reward Payment Provider, Info. Product-1 RNX Operation Product Product-2 Platform Create Value Service Product-n Product Payment Commission RNX Provider 15

Payment Flow RNX tokens serve as a consolidated payment method for the services on the hospitality operational platform and booking portal. Through unifying the overall payment methods on the travel and hospitality industry, the limitation on the payment method and commission fees in exchanging cash are removed for the extensive value returned with the users and service providers. Use the coins obtained during hotel stays for both sightseeing and daily life 16

04 Project Road Map 2019 FDESK 2.0 Upgrade Completion of platform standardization Completion of manual for marketing and operation Global business alliance (Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia) 2021 2020 Develop FIT MY TRAVEL Platform Service open in Saudi Arabia Develop smart-contract Global Partnership in East Asia Extension for Service in MENA Open Hotel OTA Platform Business partners for East Asia, US Open E-wallet beta and Europe Open RNX payment service 2022 2023 Extension for global service Open Big-data platform Open Big-data platform beta Completion of Global Coin- economy platform 17

05 Token Sale 1) Profit Structure  Asp Rental Fee for Operation system, Development and maintenance  B2C Online booking service commission  Advertisement for Tour product  Commission for mileage service, Coin network membership fee, Commission for coin payment  B2B Big-data service and consulting fee 2) Token Sale 3) Distribution & Use Plan Token Distribution Use of Proceedings Plan Development (30%) Dev and Operation (45%) Reserve (30%) Marketing Partnership (20%) Token Sales (20%) Partnet, Developer Support (15%) Marketing and Operation (10%) Strategy Partner (20%) Team and Advisor (10%) 18

06 Team & Advisor Team Kay Park, CEO, CTO Spike Kim, MarketCommunicator ROONETS CEO Marketing Leader LG-CNS SE.A Sejong University Yonsei Univ MBA Hotel Operation, PMS, Design Web-Cloud TS Platform Process Manage Ray Choi, R&D Center Dev Jason Kwon, R&D Center Dev Develop Team Leader Develop Team Senior Kangneung Univ Physics Ulji Univ Computer Science Junhang Company EDPS Brius, I-TANK Engineer ATEM Technology VU HUY KHANH, R&D Center Dev PHAM NGOC TUAN, R&D Center Dev Developer Assistant manager Developer HongBang Univ. International Univ. of Economics-Technology Software Technolodgy Information Technology Hannah Kim, CS Communicator Eva Kim, UI/UX Operation and CS Manager UI/UX designer HongBang Univ. International Korea Broadcast Art, Design Software Technolodgy Buseob, Jung, Process Planner Business Planning Ga-chun Univ. Economics CH Corp, Han Communication 19

06 Team & Advisor Advisor Jin-Hong Park, Project Advisor Jae-woo Jung, Strategic Advisor XTOCK CEO, CTO KAIST MIS Ph.D NHN UX Senior manager MAKIST CEO IBM BCS Senior Consultant M.Ok Kim, Strategic Advisor Kung-won, Kang SignMake CEO, YCONS CMO Business Advisor Yonsei Univ. MBA Public document archive at de- MATE-I CEO centralized ledger HotelNjoy Foundor Sejong Univ. Hotel Management Ik-sam Kim, Business Advisor Wonsu Nam, Business Advisor K-Friends CEO Synapse Tokyo CEO Hotel Operation and consulting Roonets Japan CTO Top Partners Engineering Tokyo Chosun Univ. Economics Se-jun Kho, Marketing Advisor Abdul Aljohani Business Advisor HOM CMO Global Business Consultant Dong-a Univ. Hotel Management YoungJun Global Division, AlbaladInn Consultant Jenist, Global Invest KSA & MINA Marketing 20

07 Partners ROONETS Korea Develop and operate for hotel and tour platform Hotel operation system, CMS, KIOSK, Direct-Booking, Booking-Engine XTOCK Block-chain platform, Operate STO trade HotelNjoy Online booking platform Orenge Partners Hotel Operation, Online Booking-engine and portal Has partnerships in Japan and east-asia Synapse Hotel operation and Service consulting in Tokyo and Osaka SELFZON Self Chick-in KIOSK platform Sign Make Public authorization and document archive by de-centralized platform K-Friends Hotel and tour operation and consulting Online, Offline Marketing professional MAKIST-X Business and Service Consulting Big-data, BPR, Coordinating and accelerating 21

08 Disclaimer and notice This document is intended to explain the business of ROONEX. In addition, this document is irrelevant to encouraging investments in the projects of ROONEX under way. As this document also reflects the circumstances at the time it was prepared, so that nothing in the document guarantees what exactly will happen in the future. The ROONEX team makes no representations or warranties of any accuracy in this document and will not be liable for the resulting affairs. All data of this document was prepared based on predictions about the future and specific assumptions, so there are risks to uncertainty in the future. The prediction results for the future may vary due to uncertainty about the future, and the ROONEX team is not obligated to keep up-to-date with changes in future conditions. The responsibility for your choices based on this document can solely be placed on yourself. You should seek someone’s advice on this document independently and make your own assessments of list assessments, technical advice, reliability for the prediction rate, etc. The ROONEX platform may not be complete or operational at the time when this document was prepared, and this document does not imply any guarantee or commitment to the completion of the platform. Purchasers should agree not to engage in any improper conduct, such as money laundering, illegal currency transactions, etc. through the tokens or related products mentioned in this document and should be aware that the tokens or related products may not be sold, exchanged or disposed of directly or indirectly for money laundering. Finally, this document is provided for readers’ understanding only and therefore assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and justification of the information provided. This document is just a business proposal, which is not legally enforceable in any case. Closing As the accommodation and travel industries expanded rapidly, it became increasingly important to effectively provide a variety of service platforms using IT technology, and problems such as lower confidence in the large amount of data produced, monopoly of the data, the limitations of payment methods, etc. are regarded as major factors that hinder the development of the industry. Therefore, creating a platform that benefits both service providers and users is really needed through disclosure of reliable data, transparency of transactions, application of global payment methods, etc. based on the application of block-chain to the existing process. There is a great need to build an advanced platform combined with block-chain based on the existing technology and know-how, and humanity will be able to have an enriching life more and more through such blockchain-oriented collaborations. 22

Appendix 1. Property Management System 1-1) Hotel Operation System Overview The following is the description of the operating system on the foundation of the ROONEX platform. To manage the hotel business, similar to the generic industry, diverse business functions are employed. Business planning, financing, managing infrastructure, operational manual, various transactions with consumers and parterres, human resources and accounting management; these may vary depending on the industry but on the fundamental level, these must be performed with equally important proportion. HIS (Hotel Information System) enhances the efficiency of these major business functions. In the hotel industry, hotel informative system is known as PMS, property management system. It encompasses the system that manages all assets of hotels including the human resources and material resources. In Korea, it is generalized in terms of the hotel information system or hospitality operational system. PMS serves a comprehensive management system that provides various functions required in running the business. (Operational purpose on hotel information system)  secure operation perforation continuity through the process  Cost reduction through efficient customer responsiveness and service expansion  Offer information when the manager requires it  Offer information for supervising the operation and adjustment The hotel information system is distinguished in front-office and back-office. The front-office deals with customer relations and management, and the back-office deals with personnel, payment, re-sources, finance and overall management tasks. Classification Function (Operation) Reservation, Customer, Account, Stay, Settlement, Balance and payment, Departure, Deadline, Housekeeping, Concierge, In-Room Service, Event (Banquet), Sales, Mileage, Messaging, Goal, Statistics, Analysis, Outlet POS Front Office (Marketing) Homepage, Customer CRM, Direct Booking, DID (Interface) room management / room card key / telephone billing / kiosk / CMS / direct booking / networking billing Back Office HR, salary, purchasing, materials / equipment, budget, accounting, tax return 23

1-2) Hotel Operation System Status ROONEX provides web-cloud services to small and medium-sized business hotels. Based on the size of the hotel rooms, operational types, and the user base, we provide two different versions: Hotelier version and simpler version. Also, multilingual service is provided for foreign users. • verified hospitality operational system based on Korea’s first cloud web basis • Composition of 10 modules including consumer, reservation, accommodation, accountings, closure, events, deferred payment • Provide 150 options of utility environmental setup function based on hotels that reflect cloud option architecture • Provide ‘majority hotel group’ consolidated operational function using cloud analysis-site architecture • Convenient GUI providing more than 300 service menu pages in the functional tree structure • Provide 60 different reports and data in Excel format • Provide major domestic solutions and flexible interface on room management, channel management, and door-lock • All type of smartphone accessible to function utility, that is applied with ‘pure-web’ architecture • Hotelier Version : professional version for hotellier. Use international rule and standard terms. Skypark Hotel Kingtown 406 rooms, Ramada Taeback 310rooms, The Best Sungsan 273 rooms Ocloud Hotel 193rooms, Benikea Jeju 190 rooms and others • Simple version (ezDesk) : provide simple menu and functions for non-hotelier Kobos Hotel Yeoido 70rooms, Stay Hotel 51 rooms and others Booking Operation PMS Interface APIs · Reservation Website IoT · Guest Profile OTA LTA FAX · Account Profile Direct Booking VAN Mileage PG · Registration GDS S/M W/I · Accounting KIOSK CPS · House Keeping · Banquet RMS PAYPAL · Account Receivable Meta Phone W/I POS DCC Search · Configuration Phone Billing DoorLock · Report Social E-mail Mobile · Plan&Marketing B/O 24

1-3) Data and Process Diagram ABC-SYSTEM targets all the transactions that occurred in the travel and hospitality industry. Based on the room and optional service, we provide accurate information consumers desire and se-curely store users’ purchase information, and connect the flow of the product information search, purchase, payment, usage, and review. Through the interwork of the individual systems, the users are offered with even more convenient service available through the relation of module and plat-form. Online and offline reservation, check-in kiosk and different facilities and services make close correlation and consumer request is processed. The following is the major platform module.  PMS (Property Management System) : Hotel Operation System  Direct Booking : Online booking-system by hotel homepage  CMS (Channel Management System) : Online Travel Agency Management System  Booking Engine : Online portal reservation system for multi-hotels 25

2. Direct-booking 2-1) Overview From the CRM perspective, the hotel constantly considers how to continuously and effectively manage inflowing consumers from various external channels. ‘Direct Booking’ is the notable service where the users can make a room reservation on the website personally. The online market has been active since the 2010s, most of the hotel accepted bookings over the phone calls and listed phone numbers on the hotel website for the reservation. To market cost reduction and online activation, businesses began to apply direct booking service since 2016. The website was equipped with room booking function and reservation management function and started direct marketing. Marketing costs include the opportunity cost due to the failure of making bookings for consumers accessing the website, reduction of commission fees on the booking website, increased consumer loyalty from the direct management, increased rate of reentering consumers with the mileage. De-spite the room availability, due to the time difference when the data is provided, the non-reservable state from the lack of sellable blocks provided by the sellers is a very crucial factor to be considered. For these various reasons, hotels are increasingly interested in ‘direct booking’. ( Direct-booking Overview ) Classification Requirement or providing function Website Hotel homepage or mobile site Hotel Information Room type and image, additional service management function Management Product management Product composition, daily price management, sales quantity management function Reservation acceptance and confirmation, confirmation letter and mail sending Reservation function, invoice, mileage accumulation, PMS transmission function, sales Management statistics, etc. Customer Care Membership management, email and text marketing Reservation payment Online card payment, mileage payment, etc. Operation function User Management, Communication Charge How to Provide Website, Mobile Site Add-ons PMS available room and price real-time sharing 26

2-2) Directing-booking Status ‘Direct booking’ allows consumers to personally make reservations on the hotel websites and it is the basic marketing tool along with the website. The hotel provides different booking functions in various formats. There is an increasing tendency of personal booking functions and payment methods based on the individual needs and purposes such as the latest updated sales on the last product, reduction of the commission fee, increased consumer loyalty. ROONEX provides efficient personal booking functions with the experience in building 50 different hotel websites and offering of ‘direct booking’ module to 20 different hotels. Multilingual support service, optional service sales, and payment functions are provided as well as the prepayment features including domestic online PG companies, interlock ‘Eximbay’ payment for international Debit/Credit cards, PayPal service for global payment, and other one-step simple payment functions. ( Direction-booking Function ) 27

3. Self Check-in KIOSK 3-1) Overview The KIOSK is literally the electronic shopping terminal installed in small shops or other kinds of shops. It means a vending machine or simplified equipment for guidance purposes in Korea. The KIOSK is currently in use at many locations, including the above-mentioned airports and parking lots and so on, and as it has been widely used especially for the food service industry in recent years, it is becoming more and more common around us. The KIOSK has long been used in the hotel industry, but, in fact, it has been used for limited purposes such as selling vacant rooms without front-desk staffs at night time or protecting guest privacy, etc. The beginning of unmanned check-in services begins with a vending machine, a very common service in the accommodation industry. Travelers were able to purchase daily necessities such as a toothbrush, a toothpaste, etc. from vending machines at the accommodation. The function of unmanned room sales began with the idea of expanding vending machines, which made it available for guests to select and purchase rooms available for sale. The KIOSK for unmanned check-in services should be reviewed in the following three aspects: (1) service functions, (2) room key issuance methods, and (3) operational options. ( KIOSK Function ) Classification Contents Main menu Walk-in room sales, reservation for check-in, group check-in, and check-out Functions of providing room information and selecting room numbers for stay Getting guests’ consent to non-smoking and accommodation regulations Walk-in A guest information registration function, payment processing, and receipt printing Search for reservation information (hotel voucher, OTA reservation No., name, Guests etc.) Who Payment processing of guests who have applied for paying directly on site before Functions have booked stay and registration of companion information Selecting a room for stay and printing a room number ticket Additional functions such as payment for extra charges, payment of points, etc. Check-out at the time of check-out A function of room keycard automatic issuance and signature of guests Cardkey cartridge inventory management and receipt paper exchange warning Common functions Breakfast coupon issuance, hotel name card printing, etc. Guest information A storage function of captured IDs and passports and photo shooting for security management A minor protection function through ID verification Options and protection A cash charge and balance setting function for cash payment Others A guidance and advertisement function for things around the hotel (advertisement image management function) Operating equipment reset and remote access functions Common functions A function of switching to the auto stand-by(advertisement) mode when a network failure occurs 28

3-2) Operation Status The workplace using ‘check-in KIOSK’ can have the following effects. • Reduced check-in and check-out time at specific times when guests are crowded • Activation of using the KIOSK by an assisting staff at specific times when guests are crowded and the resulting labor cost savings • Efficient operation of front-desk staffs at night • Efficient management of rooms for sale through linkage with the accommodation operation system • Providing promotional materials for the hotel and realizing additional revenues through obtaining advertisements from nearby businesses at the ‘KIOSK’ ROONEX have structured an effective service model for actual businesses in the field through collaboration with hotel marketing and room teams. We have also made it possible to construct finite functions considering the environment of the workplace, the specificity of the specific time, etc. in addition to the configuration of various option functions. Based on this, we look forward to significant improvements in efficiency for guest and room management tasks. In addition, we are focusing on marketing through existing domestic clients and global partners. ( Function Flow ) 29

4. Digital Payment 4-1) Overview The value of money can be determined not by its size, shape or location, but by ‘recognition’, that is, ‘trust’ between traders. The fact that the point of a particular company has a relatively high value or that a virtual currency without any entity like ‘Bitcoin’ is highly valued is created by the ‘trust’ market participants. As IT equipment and services evolve with ‘trust’ among participants, the ‘digital payment’ is spreading very fast. It can be classified into several perspectives as below considering the variety of means of payment and service methods. • Online payment: It means all online payment services including payment by debit or credit card, the services of a particular bank or card company, etc. • Point: Combined points such as OK Cashback, Happy Point, etc. and points dedicated to specific shopping malls, delivery applications, and homepages • Simple payment: Payment services based on the connection of specific means of payment, including credit cards, etc., or bank services, such as PayPal, ZeroPay, Bank Wallet, Samsung Pay, LG Pay, Pay Now, T Pay, BC Pay, Just Touch, 11 Pay, Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, PAYCO, Smile Pay, SSG Pay, Toss, WeChat, Ali Pay, etc. • Mobile payment: A payment service available via mobile phones • Digital coin: A payment method that can be used for payment and that value changes from time to time like ‘Bitcoin’ (It is likely to be a point-like digital currency when the value stabilizes in the future.) • CPS (Chinese Pay Service): WeChat Pay and Ali Pay for Chinese people have been classified separately. Classification Contents (on the user side) - Providing payment functions through guests’ own points or other payment services in ad Web dition to credit cards and cash transfer (Kakao Pay, PayPal, WeChat, Ali Pay, etc.) reservation - Reduced travel expenses by using membership points Settling - Providing ‘Dynamic Currency Conversion (DDC)’ preferred by guests highly sensitive to flu charges at ctuation in the exchange rate the front - Providing ‘Zero Pay’ service with a high degree of income deduction (for domestic people) desk - Convenient payment processing using a variety of mobile payment functions Classification Contents (on the business operator side) Web reservati - Reduced booking fees by improving the direct booking rate of membership customers on - Improved customer influx rate by providing various and convenient means of payment - Improvement of customer satisfaction by providing convenient means of payment throug h various domestic app cards Settling charg - Reduced payment fees through ‘Zero Pay’, etc. es at the fron - Providing various payment services for foreigners such as PayPal, Ali Pay, WeChat Pay, etc. t desk - Improvement of customer satisfaction and creation of additional revenues through DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) 30

A payment method using coins on block-chain should be added with the spread of such digital payments. Currently, payments are made with cryptocurrency in shops for the use of services, and cryptocurrency is also being used to purchase goods on vending machines. ROONEX aims to provide convenient payment methods for domestic and foreign users by adding its coin payment function to currently available payment methods. ROONEX offers various payment functions to the hotels operating the service through on and offline services. 4-2) Digital Payment Services ROONEX has been served various payment functions for clients’ hotel. ( Payment functions) • VAN terminal payment (cards and cash receipt) • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DDC) and CPS (WeChat and Ali Pay) • Online PG payment (credit cards, account transfer, etc.), Eximbay payment dedicated to cards that can only be used abroad, and PayPal payment • A payment function by Social Pay • A payment function by cryptocurrency • Wide range of user choices based on various payment methods • Enhanced convenience of users in the platform through coins for exclusive use • Reduced exchange commission for global users • Expansion of a convenient payment culture through personal authentication 31

5. Software as a Service 5-1) Overview ASP (Application service Provider) refers to an application software rent service. It is a method in which applications or installable software provided on the web can be used by a rent agreement. As there has been a growing interest in improving productivity through IT and software with the development of internet speed and the spread of smartphones since 2010, the needs of different types of software have increased for small and medium-sized businesses and small workplaces. It was SaaS(Software as a Service) that appeared at the time. It is similar in terms of a rental system, but it is the core point that users rent and use the software and pay for it according to usage based on cloud computing. In particular, it has the advantage that users can use it according to their own environment by providing packages with various options or menus. In a hotel or small-scale accommodation, various operation-related software is being used to operate the workplace in addition to the above-mentioned software, such as an e-mail, a word processor, etc. Basically, it targets the hotel operation system and channel sales system, and you will need to use software for guest management, marketing, and analysis-related software, including direct booking and online payment according to the management policy of the workplace. Of the software, the advantage of the service provided based on SaaS is that users can directly determine user environments through a combination of various options in the package. For the SaaS service, it can be used by either a simple off-line contract or a direct configuration of users after signing up online. During the time when the SaaS concept didn’t exist, everyone prepared a server or a desktop, purchased and installed the software, and then used it. Under the circumstance, using features optimized for the size and characteristics of the workplace and increasing the cost-effectiveness of the software were challenging. There were many cases that a workplace with 50 rooms and another workplace with 150 rooms paid for the same expenses, despite differences in size. As cloud computing spreads and the SaaS concept is common, it is being changed in such a way that users only pay for expenses depending on the class of service after they are offered the level of service they want. They just need to pay for the expenses considering system usage that increases in proportion to the number of rooms, data storage space, the number of functions in use and the interlocked systems, etc. The establishment of the SaaS platform using global cloud services such as AWS, MS-AZURE, etc. with the spread of the SaaS concept have made it possible to provide a faster and more effective service. 32

5-2) Service Architecture Overview ROONEX not only protects users’ data but also provides efficient data processing services for large amounts of transactions by applying a cloud-driven multi-server architecture. Users are provided with the accommodation management system based on the contract and can access the system on the Internet and perform the operational business through the authorized ID. The data is interlocked online via the network, except interlocking with limited physical access such as a terminal interface for credit card payments, etc. Regular backups, guaranteed stability for real-time transactions, etc. are supported for operations through the integrated cloud operations center, user requests for improvement or issues that need to be complemented in existing systems are collected through the operations center and then applied to the functions of the master system, which are delivered to users by an automated distribution system. For all the above- mentioned operational methods, they are applied to all cloud service systems in the same way at home and abroad, including South Korea, etc. (Current status of using the rental software) • Site: About 100 hotels and resorts • Contract method: Use of the service by a contract for the initial license cost and monthly rent • Configuration: Composition of operating environment online by an option setting function in cloud package • How to use: Issuance of operator ID after the conclusion of the contract Creation and authorization of user ID at individual website using operator ID • Educational support: Providing online or offline training once or twice at the beginning / Learning through online manuals and online courses Notice on how to use and new features newly provided through the support center menu periodically • Operational support: E-mail response to online and offline inquiries Support for inquiries by accessing the same environment as the hotel one through the operations ID Cloud Partner A Cloud Center B PMS Cloud-1 C PMS Cloud-2 RDESK R.LINK KIOSK ENGINE Brother Cloud BOOKING ENGINE Repl. & Backup 33

6. Booking Engine 6-1) Overview and Status ‘Booking engine’ refers to a portal for the sale of hotel rooms, etc. It is a kind of the service system of Online Travel Agency(OTA) such as, Interpark, Yanolja, etc. In the booking engine, various marketing channels should also be operated to appeal to the users with basic functions such as efficient product management, fast access, the application of various methods of calculating charges, etc. Therefore, high operating costs are required, resulting in having to maintain a high sales-commission. ROONEX is planning to build an efficient reservation service platform for domestic and foreign low and middle priced accommodations. It is about building a reservation platform for actual room guests by sharing information about guests using the hotel operating system platform. Assuming 50% of the currently available 10,000 rooms are targeted, 150,000 (5,000 * 30) guests a month and 1.8 million guests a year are targeted. Considering domestic and overseas customer sites that will increase in the future, it will be able to do marketing for even more guests. Information on room products sold is processed in the form of reliable data on block-chain and then is open to the public. In addition, the product purchase contract is recorded in the block-chain and distributed ledger, so that reliability is guaranteed for that purchase. This will create a reservation platform that will benefit both the accommodations and their users. 34

7. FIT MY TRAVEL 7-1) Overview and Status This platform was first started to increase the value and utility of the booking engine. It is to provide travel products and content suitable for each customer who reserves the accommodation. However, this will have a tendency of not just a website that simply offer content but a portal integrating booking, accommodations, and other services in terms of product purchasers on the platform. The portal will make it available for customers to perform everything related to travel, accommodations, etc. on the platform. The discovery of new payment methods is important in the process. ABC-SYSTEM aims to solve the difficulties caused by payment processes, such as a payment problem with global credit cards when purchasing a product, fees paid to payment agencies, restrictions on payments with holding currencies and so on, through coins. Simply, it is to integrate the means of payment for various domestic and foreign products into one through linkage with alliance platforms along with the purchase of reservation products, payment of room rates, and points provided to guests. 35

8. Data Science 8-1) Extension for data science ABC-SYSTEM is preparing a project that creates a new value by collecting and analyzing meaningful data generated while communicating with a variety of customers and proceeding with an efficient service through the ‘FIT MY TRAVEL’ portal. It includes, of course, analyzing customer trends and providing them with a new value, but we have an idea of primarily supporting the setting of the best room rate from the perspective of the provider. Providers should set a profitable room rate, taking into account market conditions and their relationships with competitors, but the reality is that they have to rely only on their senses. The accommodation operation platform ‘FIT MY TRAVEL’ finds the best price for customers based on existing data through the mutual interlocking of platforms. It aims to provide profitable products to customers in the best possible conditions by automatically setting a sale price in real time through linkage with the set data and the accommodation operation platform. 36

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