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Monday, March 29, 2021
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FLEX Coin Whitepaper FLEX Coin Whitepaper FLEX Coin Whitepaper Table of Contents 1 Usage and Purpose of FLEX 2 Discounted Fees 2 Total Supply 3 Issuance Schedule 3 Lending Product 4 Insurance Fund 4 Marketing and Referrals 4 Buy and Burn 4 Privileges for holding FLEX 4 No Private Sale 4 1

FLEX Coin Whitepaper Usage and Purpose of FLEX FLEX Coin is the coin that powers the CoinFLEX exchange and the cornerstone of the CoinFLEX ecosystem. We detail the different uses and functions below. Discounted Fees CoinFLEX has some of the lowest derivatives and spot fees in the entire industry. Our fee tiers are based on how much FLEX a user is holding and staking. A negative sign in from of a fee means that a user will be paid a rebate for being a “Maker". All discounted fees will require payment in FLEX. Rebates will also be made in FLEX. Payments conducted in FLEX only are highlighted in purple. Please note spread fees are on the spreads purchased. i.e. A spread is a combination of going long one future and shorting another one. So to buy 10 BTC of BTC-USD- SPR-QP-LIN means fees are paid on the size (10 BTC) and will result in a user having two positions (Perp and Quarterly). Any user can also buy and sell amounts (including fractional amounts) of FLEX Coins on the exchange’s FLEX/USDT OrderBook. Post Margin in FLEX FLEX Coin can now be used as collateral to trade futures. 2

FLEX Coin Whitepaper Total Supply The supply of FLEX Coins will be capped at 100 million coins, issued over a 2 year period. Issuance Schedule Yearly Issuance Year Mining Lenders/Basis Marketing Insurance 70% 1 55,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 10,000,000 Mining 2 15,000,000 5,000,000 10% Insurance Issuance Rate Changes 10% Marketing Months Issued per Month Issued per Day 10% Jul 4, 2019 - Oct 3, 2019 7,000,000 233,333 Lenders Oct 4, 2019 - Dec 26, 2019 5,000,000 166,666 Dec 27, 2019 - Mar 26, 2020 4,000,000 133,333 Mar 27, 2020 - Jun 25, 2020 2,333,370 77,779 Jun 26, 2020 - Jul 2, 2021 1,232,880 41,096 Jul 3, 2021 34,399 34,399 3

FLEX Coin Whitepaper Lending Product CoinFLEX will reserve 10 Million FLEX Coins towards lenders on an upcoming Lending/Basis trading product we will launch. Anyone who has funds actively deployed in the lending product will earn FLEX Coins every day for the first 12 months post the launch of that product. The FLEX Coins will be distributed pro rata based on the amount the user has deployed out of the overall total funds deployed via this product. Insurance Fund CoinFLEX will reserve 10 Million FLEX Coins to contribute to the insurance fund. Any FLEX Coins reserved for the insurance fund will be available to be used and spent in any system loss scenario to aim to prevent users from losing funds from an unsuccessful liquidation. Marketing and Referrals In addition to the Mining, CoinFLEX will issue 10 Million coins over the first 2 years for marketing and referrals. These will be used for trading contests, new customer / affiliate rewards and other rewards / uses targeted towards growth of the user base. The 5 Million issued each year will be made available on an every six month basis (2,500,000 per six months) and ones that are unavailable will be time locked. Burn CoinFLEX will burn FLEX Coins with 20% of company profits every day until CoinFLEX has spent 500 Million US Dollar (equivalent) on buying and burning FLEX Coins. Privileges for holding FLEX CoinFLEX plans to add other privileges and special features over time to users who hold FLEX Coins. No Private Sale The FLEX Coin issuance is not an ICO and if anyone claims they can sell you a “pre allocation”, they are misleading or defrauding you. No coins will be issued to CoinFLEX’s shareholders, employees or founders. Shareholders are allowed to purchase or earn FLEX Coins along the same terms as any other user. Employees and management cannot earn FLEX Coins through trading. Employees and management are allowed to purchase FLEX Coins but will be subject to a 90 day hold before being able to sell FLEX Coins. 4