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Axion is an ethical, community-driven cryptocurrency that rewards long-term investing with high-yield interest rates and weekly dividends. WHITEPAPER v 1.0

WHY AXION? How Investors Favor Axion An Investment Vehicle. A Global Cryptocurrency. Orderly Passive Income. Axion offers a first-of-its-kind Axion is a scaleable, spendable global Our innovative dividend mechanisms blockchain powered venture capital currency - AXN. Axion’s professional provide investors and AXN fund alongside high interest time- partnership allows for a true world shareowners with rewards in Bitcoin locked savings deposits (stakes) class VISA-sponsored crypto credit and other top cryptocurrencies, which that earn high interest via our smart card that works directly with AXN. are immediately liquid while your AXN contracts. accrues interest upon its principal. Why Investors Choose The Axion Network Our Auction Platform. Our Staking Platform. Our Rewards Mining Platform. Where Axion Network investors Where AXN investors utilize their AXN Where network participants can participate in separate avenues of tokens to earn SHARES by executing utilize liquidity mining mechanisms in bids and purchases on upcoming time-locked deposits, which in turn return for real-time bonuses in AXN auctions in return for AXN and awards dividends over a period tokens. different bonuses. of time. AXION BY THE NUMBERS 212B+ 452B+ 78B+ $2M+ Total Total Staked 5555 BTC Paid to Staked Supply Days Stakers As of March 25, 2021. For up-to-date statistics visit

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 003 Whitepaper Contents Updated March 2021 1. Why Axion? 02 2. Executive Summary 04 3. Axion‘s Mission 05 4. Why Axion Exists 06 5. The Axion Solution 08 What are Smart Contracts? 6. Axion‘s Business Model 10 7. Ecosystem & Features 12 Shares & Interest Longer Pays Better Liquidity Mining Global Share Rate Big Pay Days 8. Ecosystem Penalties 20 9. Token Technology 22 10. Marketing & Branding 24 Phase 1 Strategy Brand Guide Phase 2 Strategy Phase 3 Strategy 11. Summary 35 12. Appendix 36 13. Glossary 51 14. Disclaimer 58

004 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 02. Executive Summary Axion offers a first of its kind blockchain powered venture fund alongside high interest time-locked savings deposits (stakes) that earn investors high interest of ~8% plus additional dividends. Axion also acts as a scalable, spendable global currency with its native token AXN. Pay for anything in everyday life using AXN and BTC dividends with our strategic partnership with Connect Financial, who offer a true world class VISA-sponsored crypto credit card that works directly with our native digital token AXN, Bitcoin, and more. Axion allows anyone to earn on their investment via venture capital auctions and time-locked deposits on the blockchain with the AXN token. Share rates in the Axion ecosystem are the most valuable asset as they determine the payouts drawn from reward pools / investment pools / dividend pools. Shares as they are in the Axion ecosystem are earned by staking AXN, with the share rate determined by the accumulation of users’ share(s) divided by the total shares in the ecosystem multiplied by the payout for each day’s reward cycle. Network participants earn higher share rate(s) by staking AXN for larger and longer periods of time (much like CDs) in order to accumulate more dividends/rewards. Staking AXN tokens earns investors liquid dividends while simultaneously earning interest on their principal AXN that is staked on our platform. Our innovative dividend-producing mechanisms provide investors and AXN shareholders rewards in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies, which are immediately liquid while their AXN accrues interest upon its principal via our smart contracts for the users’ desired period of time, based on their stake length. Trust and transparency in the Axion network is based on mathematical principles, blockchain technology, and smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Additionally, our highly experienced team and cooperative community members offer an unparalleled level of support to ensure a simplified, safe, and secure process in understanding and participating in our decentralized platform.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 005 03. is to build an ethical ecosystem designed for digital asset portfolio growth and a scalable passive-income solution Welcome to a #betterwaytocrypto

006 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 04. Why Axion Exists In the last few decades, adoption and growth of financial technology (FinTech) products and services have increased in a rather substantial and secular fashion - into the multiple trillions of dollars of market capitalization. FinTech is both the innovative technology, and the industry in which new financial service-based applications, business models, processes and operations, and products are created and utilized by corporations, entrepreneurs, and consumers. The digitization of financial instruments has proven to be ever more useful and prominent in more recent times, due to the global pandemic of ~2020-2021. Two examples of accelerated growth in FinTech services throughout the pandemic include the digitization of payments and otherwise conventional financial services being delivered digitally. From being unable to visit local bank branches in order to make deposits to obligatory work-from-home requirements, more often we see consumers and clients utilize services that are entirely digital. The emergence of blockchain technology has demonstrated disruption in centralized economies by QUICK STATS: introducing decentralized economies of scale, transparency, and of user control. The introduction and rise of Bitcoin illustrated the strength of distributed ledger technology (DLT) by showcasing and retaining immutable data and an unprecedented level of security on the blockchain - thus Bitcoin Market Capacity $912B reducing fraud and maintaining global accessibility in a digital payments system; cryptocurrency. Beyond Bitcoin there exist other blockchains and cryptocurrencies, most notably Ethereum - As of March 1, 2021 another decentralized, global ecosystem that not only introduces digital money and worldwide via payments, but applications as well. Building upon the foundational layers of financial services, systems, and blockchain technology has brought forth one of the most substantial and innovative growth economies on the Ethereum Market Capacity Ethereum network - decentralized finance (DeFi). These particular applications utilize $178B cryptocurrencies to offer a new paradigm in typical banking systems and products like lending, private payments, and earning interest. As of March 1, 2021 DeFi had amassed over USD $39.11B on March 1st, 2021 from just roughly USD $1.01B via exactly one year prior, exhibiting an exponential 39x growth in Total Value Locked (TVL). Number of Bitcoin wallets worldwide 68M As of March 1, 2021 via As of March 1., 2021 Courtesy of

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 007 Enter Axion. Axion is a decentralized finance application and network that is designed to increase the purchasing power of its ecosystem participants through providing a mathematically viable interest accrual model (through inflation) in its platform, executed via blockchain smart contracts. While Axion provides ecosystem participants (stakers) with interest paid in its native digital token AXN at the end of mutually agreed upon staking period(s), it also utilizes Bitcoin’s liquidity on the Ethereum network by awarding tokenized Bitcoin (wBTC) to stakers in the form of liquid dividends. Axion’s “staker” class can earn and spend tokenized Bitcoin globally, efficiently, and with trust and integrity on the blockchain, with the amount of both dividends and interest earned based on the aforementioned share rate that individual users have accrued by staking. Pictured: the Axion Staking platform, calculator, and mobile website. Axion is an ethical, community-driven cryptocurrency that rewards long-term investing with high-yield interest rates and weekly dividends.

008 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 05. The Axion Solution Axion aims to solve common traditional finance concerns and issues, which range from antiquated banking practices, centralized governance and authority, and immensely low interest rates and returns on investment(s). THE PROBLEM THE AXION SOLUTION LOW INTEREST RATES SUPERIOR INTEREST RATES Interest rates, globally, are the lowest they have ever Axion generates an 8% interest rate directly to the been in history and represent true economic fragility. network participants through fixed inflation, in an Over several decades, there has been significant optimized system built for scalability. This minimum downtrend in interest rates and are expected to 8% yield generates market-beating returns, in addition continue to stagnate. Even if interest rates begin to to the other token benefits such as liquid dividends. rise, the process of such would take several years, or even decades to be at sound investment levels . LEGACY BANKING CD’S CRYPTOCURRENCY CD’S A certificate of deposit is a product traditionally Axion’s investment product is the crypto equivalent offered by banks, brokerages, and credit unions of a CD. Axion provides its network participants a CD- worldwide, that provide their customers a favorable equivalent product at a minimum/baseline interest interest rate compared to a standard savings account. rate of 8%, on the blockchain, for maximum safety, The premium is offered in return for the customer security, and transparency. Axion also introduces locking up their funds for an agreed-upon time period similar traditional CD features such as emergency (months, years). Unfortunately, traditional CDs just unstake/withdrawal penalties to incentivize don’t offer any outstanding or appealing interest rates, successful, longer stake periods. The interest rate that with a majority of them well under 1.5–2%- yet the Axion offers its stakers is far more than any traditional amount of capital invested in CDs worldwide is well CD investment/lock-in period on the planet. into the trillions of dollars.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 009 THE PROBLEM THE AXION SOLUTION LEGACY FIAT DOLLARS CRYPTO SMART CONTRACTS Fiat currencies are inherently locked to their Axion is a cryptocurrency that allows for important representative governments and are subject to and beneficial functions that can be programmed fiscal policies influenced by politics, changing into the smart contract(s) on and within the Ethereum administrations, and foreign policy. They also serve Network. Your investment is secured by trustless limited purposes, like the paying of goods and blockchain technology, in addition to allowing unique, services, and are not reliable as stores-of-wealth and secure and verifiable Smart Contracts to run on the do not inherently offer any “smart“ features or provide network, giving your Axion the power to grow and their owners opportunities for growth. develop over time as new features are expertly coded. What are Smart Contracts? Axion is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum network, which is a decentralized blockchain network that not only manages transactions from one currency to another, or one wallet to another, but also allows for unique code to be run on its network in a secure, verifiable manner. Smart Contracts can be summarized as computer code that self-executes or automatically executes specific function(s) or agreement to run on the decentralized network - the blockchain. The functions of the Axion smart contract(s) include: • Daily auctions. • Token buybacks. • Staking tokens from auctions. • Early exit and withdrawal fees. • Fixed inflation rate. • Network staking. • Share distribution. • Bonus multipliers. • Implementation of longer stakes paying better. • Calculation of payout pools. • Automation of payouts. • “BigPayDays” accruing yearly for stakers. • Referral programs • Payouts of wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) dividends. Within all of these functions exists complex code that has taken expert development over several months. The majority of the code is also public for transparency on GitHub. There has also been an independent economics audit to ensure the platform has infinite operability for decades to come. These are the benefits of Axion being a cryptocurrency on the world’s most popular and trusted blockchain- Ethereum.

0010 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 06. Axion’s Business Model Axion’s business model can be explained in just a few steps. There is the act of acquiring Axion (AXN), staking it, and then receiving dividends based on how a user chose to stake. In the most simple terms, staking is locking up cryptocurrencies to earn rewards. Acquire Axion Stake Axion Earn dividends through auctions on the Axion spend Bitcoin or Uniswap platform Staking within the Axion ecosystem is different from other definitions of staking within a blockchain-based ecosystem. Traditionally, staking refers to the consensus algorithm that supports a blockchain network with regards to operability and security- referred to as Proof of Stake (PoS). Axion’s network is already secured by the underlying blockchain, which at the moment is Ethereum- the most utilized blockchain in decentralized finance. Step 1: Acquiring Axion through auctions or Uniswap. A user will perform one of two actions- purchase Axion by trading it from Ethereum (ETH) on Uniswap (a popular decentralized automated market maker) or by participating in the Auctions. There are two separate auctions, Regular Auctions and Venture Capital Auctions. Regular Auctions The regular auction “raffles” accumulated Axion tokens between users, in proportion to the participants’ bid in Ethereum (ETH). Any leftover AXN from the auction rolls over into the next weekly auction. When a user places a bid in ETH, 80% of the received ETH is used to instantly buy back AXN on Uniswap and the received AXN is distributed as dividends to the staker class. 19% of the ETH is Axion Foundation profit whereas 1% goes to The Eden Reforestation Project where every $0.10 donated plants one tree. The Axion founder owns no AXN tokens and is paid directly through the Axion Foundation.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0011 All Axion received from this auction including referral bonuses must be staked for a minimum of 60 days upon withdrawal. The stake length may be increased to 5555 days. By increasing the stake length, the more shares the user receives in return which results in more dividends received from the auction buybacks. Venture Capital Auctions There are two Venture Capital Auctions per week, on Tuesday and Friday. Each of these particular auctions have a maximum cap of 1B (billion) AXN, for a total of 2B per week. Venture Capital Auctions bring in a new dividend asset class in the form of wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) which simply utilizes Bitcoin’s liquidity on the Ethereum network. The Venture Capital Auction investor also receives an immediate 10% bonus in the form of liquid wBTC direct to their wallet, as soon as their bid transaction is confirmed. The auto-stake period for VCA’s are a minimum of 120 days- longer than the normal auctions in order to offset the additional reward paid in wBTC. VC auction investors may choose to stake for anything between 120 days up to a maximum of 5555 days by adjusting a sliding scale with the date attached. Longer auto-stake periods for purchased AXN benefit greatly due to the BigPayDays and LongerPaysBetter bonuses while also securing a better share rate. The rewards for VCA’s are wBTC, where 85% of all ETH raised is used to purchase wBTC and distribute it across the staker class- these dividends are liquid and withdrawable at any time. A further 10% is a wBTC bonus to the bidder, and 5% is Axion Foundation profit. In the near future, additional alternative coin (altcoin) dividends will be introduced. Users can find the auction portal and more information here. Step 2: Staking Axion on the Axion platform. The Axion staking platform is where users lock up their Axion in exchange for shares to earn dividends over time. The staking contract temporarily burns AXN in return for shares. Shares in the Axion ecosystem are the most valuable asset as they determine the payouts drawn from reward pools / investment pools / dividend pools. A user‘s share rate is determined by the accumulation of users’ share(s) divided by the total shares in the ecosystem multiplied by the payout for each day’s reward cycle. Network participants earn higher share rate(s) by staking AXN for larger and longer periods of time (much like CDs) in order to accumulate more dividends over time. Users can find the staking portal and more information here. Step 3: Earn dividends, spend Bitcoin Axion shareholders that are staked in the ecosystem earn dividends in the form of tokenized Bitcoin (wBTC) which they can withdraw and spend, while the principal AXN accrues interest that is able to be withdrawn at the end of the stake period, alongside the principal amount of AXN. When a user ends their stake, their shares cease to exist and their AXN is minted and sent to their respective wallet.

0012 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 07. Ecosystem Features SHARES & INTEREST Shares & Interest The principle behind the staking system is to lock the Axion amount for a period and convert it to Shares (on the StartDay of the stake) that rewards longer staking according to the LongerPaysBetter bonus mechanism. These Shares are used to calculate a daily interest (in Axion) over the stake period. Each day a total interest to be shared among all stakeholders called TotPayoutAxn(Day) is calculated and given in equa�on (1) (1) (1) where the different parameters are APD is the daily interest APY/(100x365) = 8%/(100x365). TotLiquidAxn(Day-1) is the total liquid Axion amount on the previous day. TotStakedAxn(Day-1) is the total staked Axion amount on the previous day. AuctionBuyBackAxn(Day-1) is the payout from Regular Auc�on events from the previous day. Each stakeholder’s daily interest PayoutAxn(Day) is calculated propor�onal to the Stakeholder-Share -Percentage (SSP ) {or PerCentage-of-Pool, PoP as in } (2) (1) The SSP at the current Day is (3) (1) where Shares(StartDay) is calculated at the start of the stake and is constant over the whole stake and TotShares(Day) is the sum of all stakeholders shares at the current Day. TotShares(Day) will change from day-day depending on the added and subtracted shares from new stakes and unstakes. At the end of the stake the stakeholder’s unstake amount UnstakeAxn(EndDay) is calculated as the sum of all days of interest and the principal StakeAxn(StartDay) (4) (1) In addi�on each stakeholder will receive liquid dividends in form of wBTC from the Venture Capital Auc�ons propor�onal to the stakeholder’s SSP.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0013 LONGER PAYS BETTER Longer Pays Be�er The idea behind Axion’s LongerPaysBetter (LBP) func�onality is to reward users that stake for longer periods of �me, much like that of a standard cer�ficate of deposit. The longer dura�on of the stake, the more shares are earned as a bonus. The total number of Shares earned at the StartDay of staking is given by the equa�on (5) (1) (1) where BasicShares is given by (6) (1) and LpbShares is given by (7) (1) where the “minus 1” accounts for the minimum stake period of 1 day. The GSR(StartDay) is the so-called Global-Share-Rate (see next chapter for details) which is used to control the infla�on, such that the number of Shares for a new stake is reduced over �me by increasing the GSR factor a small amount every day. A new GSR update procedure was introduced on February 15th 2021 with a start value of 1.09 and with the current rate of change an es�mate (equa�on 14) gives a GSR value of 1.55 and 2.22 for stakes star�ng one and two years later. In order to illustrate the mul�plica�on effect of LongerPaysBe�er we assume a stake of 1 Axion. Then we can define a BonusMultiplier by using equa�on (5) and insert equa�on (6) and (7) and get the equa�on (8) (1) where BasicMultiplier is given by (9) (1) and LpbMultiplier is given by (10) (1)

0014 <<<< Axion Whitepaper The number of Shares may thus alterna�vely be calculated using the BonusMultiplier (BM) equa�on (11) (1) The BonusMultiplier (BM) equa�on (8) is shown in Figure 1 below for all staking days from 1-5555 where BM example values are shown every other year using the 3 GSR values of 1.09, 1.55 and 2.22 for stakes star�ng at February 15th in 2021,2022 and 2023 respec�vely. The maximum BM value at 5555 days (~15.2 year) is 3.72,2.61,1.83 which is equivalent to a mul�plier effect of 372%,261% and 183%. Bonus multiplier (BM) for GSR=(1.09 1.55 2.22) 4 Year:15.2,BM:3.72 3.5 13,3.31 3 11,2.94 Year:15.2,BM:2.61 Bonus multiplier factor 2.5 9,2.57 13,2.32 7,2.20 2 11,2.06 Year:15.2,BM:1.83 5,1.84 9,1.80 13,1.63 1.5 7,1.55 3,1.47 11,1.45 5,1.29 9,1.26 1 1,1.10 7,1.08 3,1.03 5,0.90 1,0.77 3,0.72 1,0.54 0.5 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Number of stake days Figure 1 BonusMul�plier vs. number of stake days for GSR values (1.09 – red, 1.55 – blue,2.22 - green). Red square markers show (number of staked years,BM). In Figure 2 below we use the BonusMul�plier example in Figure 1 and shows the number of Shares versus the number of stake days for a staked amount of 10 Million AXN. The same results may be derived from Figure 1 by directly mul�plying the BM values by 10 Million.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0015 Example Stake start: Number of Shares (M) - 10M Axion staked for GSR=(1.09 1.55 2.22) 45 40 Year:15.2,Shares:37.2 35 13,33.1 Number of Shares (Million) 30 11,29.4 Year:15.2,Shares:26.1 25 9,25.7 13,23.2 7,22.0 20 11,20.6 Year:15.2,Shares:18.3 5,18.4 9,18.0 15 13,16.3 7,15.5 3,14.7 11,14.5 5,12.9 9,12.6 10 1,11.0 7,10.8 3,10.3 5,9.0 1,7.7 3,7.2 5 1,5.4 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Number of stake days Figure 2 Example of Shares received from 10 Million Axion versus number of stake days for GSR values (1.09 – red, 1.55 – blue,2.22 -green). Red square markers show (number of staked years,BM).

0016 <<<< Axion Whitepaper LIQUIDITY MINING Axion has created its own liquidity mining platform that allows participants to provide liquidity on Uniswap (Axion’s preferred open marketplace to buy and sell AXN), to earn additional rewards in AXN. Users deposit Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens on Uniswap and get rewarded in liquid AXN rewards that are calculated on a block-by-block basis. On average, a new block is created every 13 seconds and therefore users can both see their rewards withdraw their rewards, in real time. This initiative incentivizes liquidity trading pool provision for the Axion ecosystem where rewards are accrued on top of the standard fee generation from Uniswap. In order to participate, users must deposit into a mine on our platform page found below, and then follow these simple steps: • Purchase or own AXN tokens. • Fund the Uniswap liquidity pool with AXN and an ETH equivalent. • Upon adding liquidity, Uniswap generates you LP tokens as a proof of deposit. • Deposit these LP tokens in the portal to earn rewards in AXN while supporting the ecosystem. Within this platform, there exists three non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that interact directly with this particular contract- the OG 5555 2.5M V2, the OG 5555 100M V2, and the Liquidity Provision NFT. Each NFT provides a 10% bonus to the liquidity allocation if held in a user wallet. All of the statistics of the rewards/liquidity mining platform can be found here.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0017 GLOBAL SHARE RATE Global Share Rate The Axion ecosystem has a built-in infla�on over �me since the total Axion volume TotSupplyAxn(Day) = TotLiquidAxn(Day)+TotStakedAxn(Day) is increased for every unstake, auc�on and BigPayDay event where addi�onal Axions are minted. This means that the total interest TotPayoutAxn(Day) increases over �me which in turn increases the daily PayoutAxn(Day) per stake. In order to control the infla�on, the number of Shares for a new stake is reduced over �me by increasing the Global-Share-Rate (GSR) factor a small amount every day. This means that a new stake converts to fewer Shares if a user starts a new stake tomorrow or later instead of today with the same amount of Axion. This is also an efficient way to reward long staking over “gaming” strategies with mul�ple “staking-unstaking-staking” over short periods of �me (see Appendix A 1.3 for details). A new GSR update procedure was introduced on February 15. 2021 with a start value of 1.09 and increased each day according to the following equa�on (12) (1) where the different parameters are GSR(Day-1) is the GSR value on the previous day. GrowthFactor(Day) is the main parameter used to automa�cally control GSR increase ScalingFactor(Day) is an infla�on rate change control parameter that may be used for addi�onal decrease or increase rate of the GSR update amount. Currently fixed at 1.0. The GrowthFactor(Day) for the current Day is calculated as (13) (1) The current GrowthFactor(Day) measured over 15 days from February 15th is 0.0009733 where APD is fixed at 0.0002198 and the average contribu�on from the auc�on buybacks are 0.0007541. In order to illustrate the effect of the GrowthFactor(Day) on GSR update, the current GSR update func�on may thus be wri�en using DaysRelative to February 15. 2021 as (14) (1) This gives a small increase from day-day, but a�er 1 year and 2 years the GSR value is increased from 1.09 to 1.55 and 2.22 respec�vely with a corresponding decrease in number of Shares for the same amount of staked Axion.

0018 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Note that the GSR-example equa�on above is assuming a constant GrowthFactor(Day), but it will vary in the future due to the varia�ons in the daily payout amounts from the auc�ons as shown in the GrowthFactor(Day) equa�on above. When a user stake for a longer period, in addi�on to increased number of Shares from the LongerPaysBe�er mechanism, the total interest is also earned over a longer period resul�ng in an exponen�al effect on the interest versus NumDaysStaked. In order to describe the rela�onship we assume that TotSupplyAxn and AuctionBuyBackAxn are constant for each day and may thus simplify equa�on (4) to (15) (1) Inser�ng equa�on 6, 7 in 15 and simplify we get (16) which shows a quadra�c effect from the NumDaysStaked. Equa�on 16 is used in 2 examples to illustrate the effect of the start day of staking with the following assump�ons: TotShares(Day) is fixed at 392 Billion TotSupplyAxn(Day) = TotLiquidAxn(Day) + TotStakedAxn(Day) is fixed at 264 Billion 3 Stakes of 10 Million Axn star�ng at February 15th in 2021,2022 and 2023 (as in Figure 2 example) with GSR values of 1.09, 1.55 and 2.22 Case A: No auc�on buybacks Case B: Regular auc�on buyback, current 80 Million 4 �mes per week -> average 45.7 Million/day. No min�ng and 60 days auto-staking effects of the buybacks are included that would further increase the infla�on by increasing TotSupplyAxn.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0019 Case A: Figure 3 below depicts the Axion payout (principal + interest) at the end of the stakes for 10 Million staked giving a net interest ranging from 6-305 %, 4-214 % and 3-150 % a�er 1 year to 15.2 year for the 3 different GSR values. Case B: Figure 4 below depicts the Axion payout (principal + interest) at the end of the stakes for 10 Million staked giving a net interest ranging from 11-546 %, 7-383 % and 5-268 % a�er 1 year to 15.2 year for the 3 different GSR values. These 2 examples illustrate that the Regular auc�ons buyback mechanism have a significant infla�on effect that will be important to control over �me. See Appendix A where all infla�on effects and possible control mechanisms are simulated in detail. Case A No auction buyback: Unstake amount for 10M Axion staked for GSR=(1.09 1.55 2.22) 45 1) 40 Year:15.2,Axion:40.5 35 13,33.2 Year:15.2,Axion:31.4 30 Number of Axion (Million) 11,27.4 13,26.2 Year:15.2,Axion:25.0 25 9,22.5 11,22.2 20 9,18.7 13,21.4 7,18.3 11,18.6 7,15.8 5,14.9 15 5,13.5 9,16.1 3,12.4 7,14.1 3,11.7 1,10.6 1,10.4 5,12.4 10 3,11.2 1,10.3 5 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 Unstake day Figure 3 Case A – No auc�on buyback Axion payout (principal+interest) received from a 10 Million Axion stake versus number of stake days and GSR as a func�on of start of stake date. GSR,Start date: (1.09,2021-02-15) -red,(1.55,2022-02-15)-blue,(2.22,2023-02-15)-green. Red square markers show (number of staked years,Unstake amount).

0020 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Case B With auction buyback: Unstake amount for 10M Axion staked for GSR=(1.09 1.55 2.22) 70 Year:15.2,Axion:64.6 60 13,51.5 50 Year:15.2,Axion:48.3 Number of Axion (Million) 11,41.2 40 13,39.1 Year:15.2,Axion:36.8 9,32.3 11,31.9 30 13,30.4 7,24.9 9,25.7 11,25.3 7,20.4 5,18.9 9,21.0 20 5,16.2 3,14.2 7,17.3 3,13.0 1,11.1 1,10.7 5,14.4 10 3,12.1 1,10.5 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 Unstake day Figure 4 Case B – With auc�on buyback: Example of Axion payout (principal+interest) received from a 10 Million Axion stake versus number of stake days and GSR as a func�on of start of stake date. GSR,Start date: (1.09,2021-02-15) -red,(1.55,2022-02-15)-blue,(2.22,2023-02-15)-green. Red square markers show (number of staked years,Unstake amount).

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0021 BIG PAY DAYS Big Pay Days (BPD) are a valuable reward mechanism that was built into the Axion ecosystem to incentivize longer stakes. There are 50,000,000,000 AXN tokens allotted to the Big Pay Days over five years for stakes that are locked for the required amount of days or more. Users that stake at least 350 days will be eligible to receive the first BPD reward allotment, and users that stake at least 700 days will be eligible for the second, and so forth, until the fifth BPD has been released. The BPD contract holds the Big Pay Day tokens and releases them on the appropriate day(s) based on the stored information and user data within the contract. The calculations for the amount of tokens distributed across the five BPD’s are: • Year 1: 10% of the tokens are distributed. • Year 2: 15% of the tokens are distributed. • Year 3: 20% of the tokens are distributed. • Year 4: 25% of the tokens are distributed. • Year 5: 30% of the tokens are distributed. 08. Ecosystem Penalties EARLY UNSTAKES The staking feature allows the user to unstake before the committed time in which they staked for, although the user will incur a penalty for this action. Once a user initiates an unstake, a warning will occur to inform the user that there will be a penalty inducted. The payout due to an early unstaker is calculated based on the days that they were staked for- thus the payout is their principal + the summation of the payout they’ve received per day. The penalty is a percentage of how early the user unstaked versus their committed time frame- the number of committed days left of the stake / total committed days. For example, a user stakes 100 AXN and receives 50 AXN as their share in the payout pools for the days that they are staked for. The user commits to stake for 100 days, but unstakes early after day 20. The payout penalty is 80/100 or 80% of the final payout. The final payout is 20% of earned interest + the principal. Only 30 AXN will be returned, which is 20% of 150 AXN. All early unstake penalties for the day are tabulated and added to the auction pool the next day.

0022 <<<< Axion Whitepaper LATE UNSTAKES The system penalizes a user for leaving their stake unattended after their committed period has ended, although there is a grace period of 14 days. The final payout (principal + payout) is penalized at a rate of 0.143% per day, or 1% per week. For example, if a user’s payout of 100 AXN is available to claim at the end of a 50 day stake period, the grace period will be from day 51 to 64 (14 days). The penalty period initiates after day 64, whereas the 0.143% is deducted from the matured stake reward. In ~2 years, an unclaimed stake will have been lost entirely. All early unstake penalties for the day are tabulated and added to the auction pool the next day.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0023 09. Token Technology Token The Axion (AXN) token is an ERC20 token on Ethereum, which is the technical standard for the network. The functionality of the token allows minting via Staking, Sub Balances, the Auction Manager, and the Auction Contract. It is important to note that minting tokens is only permitted for required function calls. Staking Briefly and on a technical level, staking within the Axion code can be presented as follows: The Stake method allows a user to stake for a maximum of 5555 days. The Unstake method allows a user to unstake their Axion and Receive, based on the parameters below. There are 2 main functions to calculate the staking interest; calculateStakingInterest & getAmountOutAndPenalty. Token buybacks (AXN) from the Auction are sent to the Staking contract. The Make Payout function is called once per day, which burns the bought back tokens. Once the tokens are burned, they are distributed to stakeholders via the payout variable within the contract. The staking contract holds data from the version 1 (V1) staking contract address to allow cross compatibility between V1 and V2 contracts. The staking contract also holds the total share supply and the total staked supply. Auction Contract The Axion Auction Contract operates with both Daily and Weekly auctions. Additional rewards to daily auctions are attributed from early and late stake penalties. The daily auctions are filled via the Auction Manager. Additional rewards for the weekly auctions are filled via previously undersold auctions, and are primarily filled via the Auction Manager. Ethereum deposited on regular auctions is used to buy back AXN from the open market in order to distribute them to stakeholders, and the Foundation, on an 80/20 basis. The Venture Capital Auctions (VCA’s) occur on Tuesday and Friday of every week. VCA’s that simultaneously land on weekly auction days will disperse additional tokens as per the contract functionality. The Auction contract holds the data for all prior auctions in Axion’s ecosystem.

0024 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Auction Manager The Auction Manager fills BigPayDays (BPD’s) with tokens (maximum 50,000,000,000) over five years. It also fills the Auction pools with a maximum of 200,000,000,000 tokens over five years. The Auction Manager is operated by the Foundation and secured with Gnosis Safe- the most trusted multisignature wallet on Ethereum. BPD (Big Pay Day) The BPD contract holds the BigPayDay tokens, and stores all of the requisite information about each of the five BigPayDays. On the day(s) of BPD, the contract transfers BPD tokens to the SubBalances contract. SubBalances The SubBalances contract is utilized by the Staking contract to hold stake session information. The stake session information is used to calculate BPD rewards to stakeholders. SubBalances are what pays BPD rewards to users. The BPD rewards are only payable after stake(s) are withdrawn after the BPD (day) is over. SubBalances also hold data from the V1 staking contract address to allow for cross compatibility between V1 and V2 contracts.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0025 10. Marketing & Branding Marketing our community centered and ethical finance approach is vital for Axion to achieve adoption. After the community approved a $50,000/month marketing budget from the development fund in December 2020, Axion hired a marketing team to roll out full scale marketing in January 2021. The Marketing team came from within the community, bringing a strong and diverse set of marketing skills. The team rolled out a 3 phase plan to promote Axion throughout the year 2021 with a steady increase in marketing spend. This came with core promises from the marketing team that: 1. The Administration fee of the marketing team would be 50% Staked to Max Shares. 2. New team member onboarding would work first to build the team from within the community, and promote contracts that include long term investments by employees. 3. There would be full transparency of marketing spend available to the community. The underlying marketing strategy is about transforming Axion into a #BetterWaytoCrypto. This starts with branding Axion as an Ethical Finance, Community based investment vehicle. This strategy revolves around 5 pillars, presented here: Community Minimum 50% marketing fund staked 5555 Bi-monthly management updates Transparency on strategy Engage Engage Traditional Traditional Periodicals, social, partnerships Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Emphasize ‘traditional’ crypto benefits Market Market Axion Engage Investment Vehicle Target global financial districts Traditional Tailored ads using “traditional” finance Finance language Normalization Market Utilize Discord Build iterative ad campaign driving engagement Provide as banners/talking points to promote Community SEO/Brand Long term case studies to amplify SEO Building Custom built ad tracking for brand guidance

0026 <<<< Axion Whitepaper With these 5 pillars as our guide, Axion Marketing is split into 3 phases for 2021. Phase 1 is all about asset creation and team building, followed by our online campaign coinciding with the launch of VCA. Phase 1: Q1 & Q2 2021 Build and Distribute SECTION 3 SECTION 2 SECTION 1 Search Engine Internal Marketing Web Campaigns Optimization Discord Social Media Banners Traditional Investment Media Traditional Investment Media Axion Today Co-Marketing Traditional Crypto Media Traditional Crypto Media Axion Divs Video Event Broad Internet Market Broad Internet Market By focusing on our overall web presence, marketing set out to build a world class committed internal team to execute on this plan. In Q1, Marketing launched its initial campaign with a team of 5 to announce Axion VCA to the globe. Strategic Partnerships with Denver Digital for SEO, the onboarding of a creative director, and the formation of an internal marketing team built from Axion investors came together. The team not only produced and launched a full campaign in 8 weeks, but did so with a full revamp of the website and a fully released Branding Guide viewable by the entire community. This Branding Guide lays out the Do’s and Don’ts of Axion Marketing, including tone, audience, commitments, logo and brand look control. This branding book serves a compass to guide the Marketing efforts, making sure that it remains true to the ever-developing Axion brand. It is with documents like the brand book that helps separate and distinguish Axion from the noise.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0027 Axion Brand Book The brand book was developed as a proof-of-concept for the Axion brand. Many of the design principles and language in that book are present here in this whitepaper. We are including the Brand Book in its entirety in the following pages to showcase the thought the team put into the Axion brand.

0028 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 01. is to build an ethical ecosystem designed for digital asset portfolio growth and a scalable passive-income solution Everything we do at Axion should reflect these core values. Axion is here to provide an ethical, long-term investment platform for anyone. We are here to provide a transparent, welcoming, and fruitful community dedicated to mutual growth. We are a haven for tech-savvy day traders AND tech-illiterate first-time investors. We are here to change how the world sees crypto investments and investing in general. This is a #betterwaytocrypto. 02. Brand Foundation The brand foundation expresses the essence of Axion and provides a compass heading for all design decisions and executions moving forward. PURPOSE Axion is an ethical, community-driven cryptocurrency. POSITION Axion rewards long-term investing with high-yield interest rates and weekly dividends. PROMISE With Axion... you can. ...join an exciting new community. ...interact with a global currency. ...invest no matter how much or how little you have. your investment grow. ...find help along the way. excited about your future.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0029 03. Personality Attributes Our personality attributes express the tone and feeling of Axion to outside viewers. AUTHENTIC. ENTERPRISING. Everything Axion does is real. We're re-imagining the financial in- We don't sugarcoat or over-hype. vestment world. We do everything with We don't make promises we can't keep. courage, passion, and excitement. NOT: Cheesy, fake, spurious, cheap NOT: Aggressive, reckless, foolhardy FORWARD-THINKING COMMUNITY FOCUSED We're grounded in the present but our When Axion prospers, the individual eyes are to the future. We're playing the prospers too. We're here to help anyone long-game, our sights set on 15 years. become investors and help them grow. NOT: Shortsighted, wandering, indecisive NOT: Self-centered, isolationist, haughty ACCEPTING ETHICAL We welcome all members to our com- We strive to maintain transparency and munity, no matter their race, gender, longevity. We will make Axion valuable past experiences, or financial goals. to all investors regardless of entry price. NOT: Close-minded, judgmental NOT: Unprincipled, dishonorable 04. Narrative & Messaging Our core messaging and the way we communicate about Axion helps distinguish us in a noisy crypto marketplace. NARRATIVE CORE VALUES In everything we communicate, we should strive for authenticity, transparency, and confidence. Axion is a unique and powerful financial tool, part of a larger investment portfolio. We're about giving investors a unique growth opportunity in the cryptocurrency space with powerful smart contracts. We are excited about the future of Axion and convey it regularly. We strive to be inclusive, whether an individual is a "crypto-bro" or a stay-at- home mom, a college student or a CEO, Axion is for everyone. We respect people's privacy, acknowledging that Axion's founder and core members of the team are anonymous-by-choice. We don't shy away from Axion's history, choosing instead to adopt the reality that our wounds make us stronger. We believe, absolutely, that With Axion, You Can.

0030 <<<< Axion Whitepaper PRIMARY MESSAGING Axion offers a first of its kind blockchain powered venture fund alongside high interest time-locked savings deposits (stakes) that earn investors high AD COPY: interest of ~8% plus additional dividends. Axion also acts as a scalable, - With Axion, you can. spendable global currency with its native token AXN. - Stake Axion, earn Bitcoin. - Max shares, max dividends. Axion allows anyone to earn on their investment via venture fund auctions - Grow your investment with Axion. and time-locked deposits on the blockchain with the AXN token. - Grow your stack with Bitcoin divs. - Upgrade your portfolio with Axion. Axion is dedicated to making the onboarding process for new investors as - Relax 'n Divs. efficient and accessible as possible with dedicated fiat to Axion onramp and support specialists available at any point through the Axion website. MESSAGING DO'S AND DON’TS DO: DON'T: • Promote Axion as an investing tool • Imply Axion should be anything more than a small • Talk about 8% APY minimum yield part of a broader investment portfolio • Advertise longevity (5555 stakers) • Encourage FOMO / overemphasize past APY • Emphasize Bitcoin dividends • Talk about retirement or getting rich quick • Describe Axion as a new cryptocurrency • Put in lots of hype/buzz words • Promote our strong community • Compare Axion to other cryptos • Describe our ethical and transparent • No sexually suggestive print or images financing • No tribalism / excluding anyone for any reason • Use quality designs and professionalism in all advertising. • Talk about a #betterwaytocrypto 05. Visual Identity With our logo and design elements, consistency is key. There are many moving parts with lots of community-created content and features being developed on a daily basis. What will help separate official Axion communication and development is the consistency of public-facing branding, fonts and colors across all mediums. All Axion Foundation websites, tools and content, whether created internally or by third-party vendors, should follow these approved guidelines when creating and delivering content. PRIMARY LOGO PRIMARY LOGO REVERSED Use case: Use case: In all Axion official content over a lighter In all Axion official content over a darker background. The logo text is Axion Blue. background. The logo text is white.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0031 Primary Logo usages to avoid: Using the Reversed logo with the Using the logo with non Putting the logo copy white text over white background Axion-branded colors over visually dense areas Adding thick/soft drop shadows Rotating or slanting Filling the logo with a solid color to make the logo more visible. the logo and copy or changing the logo colors See the next page for procedures with drop shadows. Secondary Logos SECONDARY SECONDARY LOGO SECONDARY LOGO LOGO MARK BLUE CUTOUT WHITE CUTOUT Use case: Use case: Use case: Wherever the Axion logo Whenever a simplified Whenever a simplified needs to appear on its own logo is needed. Note the white logo is needed over a solid bands "cut out" of the logo. dark colored background. Drop Shadows Whenever drop shadows are needed, use a solid non-blurred drop shadow with minimal offset and a 33% opacity with a shadow color of black.

0032 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Design language Beyond just logos and colors, the design language must be consistent. The current branding uses the "Axion Tech" look across all its graphic design, primarily noted by a graphic with dots connected by lines set into perspective with an "out of focus" look. This design element is blended with the Axion Blue color. When possible, all graphic design elements should use the following or similar graphic in some manner. Note the subtle use of the Axion Tech asset in the background of each element Colors As above, consistency of colors helps a user/investor recognize they're in the right spot, as a part of the overall Axion ecosystem. Using only approved primary/secondary/accent colors is crucial to our brand. The color palette is blue, avoid all oranges. PRIMARY COLOR SECONDARY ACCENT "Axion Blue" COLOR COLOR HEX: #176ebf HEX: #0faad6 HEX: #0eccc3 RGB: 23, 110, 191 RGB: 15, 170, 214 RGB: 14, 204, 195 HSL: HSL: HSL: H 208.93 H 193.27 H 177.16 S 0.79 S 0.87 S 0.87 L 0.42 L 0.45 L 0.43 Use: All Axion themed elements Use: Good for backgrounds, do Use: Useful as a contrasting including background, text, and not use for text. color for Axion Blue. Primarily logos. used in the Staking Portal.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0033 Fonts Just as with colors, using consistent fonts helps create brand stability. While it may be entertaining to use a wide selections of fonts to create variety, keeping within our selected font families helps keep the brand- ing consistent across all our communication channels. PRIMARY FONT HEADLINE FONT LOGO FONT Fira Sans BEBAS NEUE Inversionz Fira Sans Ultralight BEBAS NEUE LIGHT Unboxed Fira Sans ExtraLight BEBAS NEUE book Fira Sans Book Bebas Neue Regular Fira Sans Medium Use: The primary logo font. Should Fira Sans Bold not be used in any other case. Fira Sans Heavy Should be used if needing to cre- ate an additional Axion "brand" like: Use: all published text includ- Use: all Axion display ads head- Axion Support ing this document, marketing, line font and banner ads, alter- Axion ventures whitepaper, and professional nate text. communications. Axion Founda- Download Fira Sans here Download Bebas Neue here Download Inversionz Unboxed here Adobe Fonts link Adobe Fonts link

0034 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Phase 2: Q2 & Q3 2021 Global Growth Phase SECTION 3 SECTION 2 SECTION 1 Ad Refining Print Campaign Public View Media Analytics to track effectiveness 10 Banner Ads 5 International Campaigns Continued New Media 5 international Periodicals 10 fast growing Crypto Markets More Discord Events 20 Major Financial Markets Taxi/Bus/Billboard etc… Phase 2 will continue to refine our message and ads. This means branching into new media, building our megaphone to reach the full and expanded investor population beyond discord, and facilitate the building of Axion as a dynamic investment tool. This phase will target a minimum of 10 major financial districts and build on the ethical finance brand. This will include potential public media campaigns like buses, taxis, billboa.rds, etc...

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0035 Phase 3: Q4 2021 - Q1 2022 BPD Push/Bridge SECTION 3 SECTION 2 SECTION 1 Big Pay Day Push International Event Deflationary Launch Amplify Long Term Staking Bali Celebration Event Push Staking to above 95% Market to Bridge BPD fall Axion Crypto Conference Initiate BuyBack Event Continued Advertising Launched competition Advertising shift for attendance to reflect above Phase 3 will last from Q3 into Q1 2022, and comprise the build up to and execution of BPD 1. As we reach this important milestone, and dependent on the global travel situation, the team is building up for an international celebration event in Bali for community investors. This event will be a celebration of the tremendous work done by the entire community, and be the launching platform for the next very important phase of Axions evolution, its Deflationary Mechanisms. This will be the announcement of the full plan for long term inflationary stability that the community will use to make Axion a truly permanent fixture in the world of cryptocurrency. The Axion team also recognizes that marketing and cryptocurrency landscapes can change overnight. Since the marketing team is staffed, created, and funded by its community, it will always be flexible to make sure to deliver the absolute highest value to Axion Community investors.

0036 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 11. Summary We hope that this whitepaper has shown you, a potential Axion investor, the quality of the token that the team has created. Axion is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the crypto community, and we hope that you will consider being a part of it. From the incredible deflationary tokenomics, to the twice-weekly Bitcoin dividends, the incredible community, and the rock-solid branding and marketing plan... There’s something for everyone to get excited about. The following pages are packed-full of information, from a deep dive into the mathematical mechanics of the token itself, hypothetical investing scenarios to prove the benefits of the staking system, and a useful glossary featuring definitions of all the crypto-lingo that you’ll need as an investor. We’re incredibly excited about where Axion is going, and we’re excited to have investors like you along for the ride. Sincerely, The Axion Team

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0037 Appendix Appendix 1 Axion ecosystem monitoring and control 1.1 Introduc�on Axion was launched on 13th November 2020. The ecosystem was ini�ally implemented using immutable contracts, but due to the lack of flexibility and some weaknesses discovered during the first month of opera�on, it was decided to change the whole system to be mutable in the so-called “Layer2” upgrade on 17th December 2020. This decision was a gamechanger where the new system may be con�nuously monitored and op�mized for user’s profitability, and where new features and services may be added. In this session we will explain how the Axion ecosystem works in more detail using real data from the launch and up to the current date. The data is fed into a simula�on system that has the following features: Playback of real data showing the history of main system parameters Con�nuous monitoring of the system performance using recent data Extrac�ng sta�s�cs from historic data to simulate and predict future behavior, and if needed use analysis and simula�ons to adjust parameters or func�onality for op�mized user’s profitability and system longevity The staking system is a main feature of Axion’s ecosystem, which rewards longer staking using the LongerPaysBetter bonus mechanism. The daily interest payout to stakeholders can also be viewed as an infla�on on the token itself. It is thus vital to make sure that the ra�o between liquid and staked tokens is in op�mum balance since this will have direct influence on the token exchange value which is central to make the system profitable. Note that the op�mum interest value is dependent on several parameters and will change over �me as the ecosystem grows with more users and new services. In the next chapters it will be shown examples on how the interest payout system works and how it can be con�nuously monitored and controlled to ensure op�mum balance for the investor’s longterm profitability. Note that the future predic�on examples which spans over 6 years are based on staking sta�s�cs over a short period on �me and may very well change in the future and the examples should therefore only be used as an illustra�on. The main inten�on is to show that the Axion ecosystem has the necessary instruments to con�nuously tune the system for op�mum performance.

0038 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 1.2 Retrospec�ve 1.2.1 Main days Axion Layer1 was launched on 13th November 2020 which will be called Day0 throughout this session. All days in this session are referred rela�ve to Day0. Main days are 16th December 2020 – Day33 = Day0+33. It was discovered during the first month of opera�on that the GSR update procedure was less robust to un-staking than intended and a large GSR jump occurred on the day before Layer2 launch from 1.08 on the previous day to 1.27 which clearly demonstrated the need for a procedure upgrade. 17th December 2020 - Day34 = Day0+34 the Layer2 ecosystem was launched. On the launch date GSR was set to 1.08. 19th December 2020 - Day36 = Day0+36 a new GSR jump from 1.09 on the previous day to 1.29 occurred. In order to ensure sufficient �me for a robust procedure upgrade GSR was fixed at 1.09 from Day37 15th February 2021 – Day94 = Day0+94 the new GSR procedure was launched. 27th February 2021 – Day106 = Day0+106 is the last day for the real data playback used in this sec�on for sta�s�cs and as a base for future predic�on examples 1.2.2 Statistics Figure A.1 shows the stake sta�s�cs from Day0-Day106. The upper plot shows the stake amount distribu�on with an average of 25.0 Million and the largest group is from 0-50 Million. The lower plot shows stake length distribu�on with an average of 1036 days. The largest group is from 1-364 days, but a significant number is the group 5110-5555 days. Figure A.2 and A.3 show the same sta�s�cs divided into 2 periods of Day0-Day33 and Day34-Day106. The propor�ons on both amount and staking days are quite equal apart from the staking days group of 5110-5555 day which has grown significantly between Day34-Day106. Note that the MaxShares- 5555 upgrade stakes are not included so the difference is expected to be even larger. Figure A.1 Stake sta�s�cs Day0-Day106 (13th November – 27th February)

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0039 Figure A.2 Staking sta�s�cs Day 0-33 (13th November – 16th December) Figure A.3 Staking sta�s�cs Day 34-106 (17th December – 27th February)

0040 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 1.2.3 Main system parameters Figures A.4-A.9 show the main system parameters in the period of Layer1 (Day0-33), Layer2 launch (Day34) and new GSR procedure (Day 94). Figure A.4: Total supplies in the period Figure A.5: The Layer1 GSR procedure shows significant jumps at the so-called “Mega” auc�ons (Figure A.6) and 2 spikes at Day33 and Day36. At Day37 GSR was fixed at 1.09 and the current GSR procedure was launched on Day106. Figure A.6: Auc�on amounts reduced significantly a�er Day34 Figure A.7: Same as Figure A.6 in percentage. Daily percentage much higher than APD=0.0219 %. Figure A.8: Figure A.6 accumulated. Day0-35 Avg 470.7 M/day, Day35-Day106 Avg 208.3/day Figure A.9: Figure A.7 accumulated. Day0-35 Avg 0.188 %/day -> 68.7 % /year, Day35-106 Avg 0.0833 %/day -> 30.4 % /year. The main findings are Layer1: GSR procedure does not work well in Layer 1 and the Mega auc�ons give a very high interest equivalent to 68.7 %/year which is much higher than the minimum APY of 8 %/year. Layer2: GSR fixed to Day93 and new procedure works well from Day94-Day106. Interest is more than half rela�ve Layer1 but s�ll equivalent to 30.4 %/year which is much higher than the minimum APY of 8 %/year.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0041 Total supplies (Billion): 400 TotLiquidAxn. TotStakedAxn. TotShares. 350 TotLiquidAxn+TotStakedAxn. 300 250 Billion 200 150 100 50 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Relative day0 Figure A.4 Total supplies Figure A.5 Global Share Rate

0042 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Figure A.6 Daily interest payout (AXN Million) Figure A.7 Daily interest payout (%)

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0043 Figure A.8 Accumulated interest payout (AXN Million) Figure A.9 Accumulated interest payout (%)

0044 <<<< Axion Whitepaper 1.3 Interest effects and control In this chapter we will show some simula�on examples that illustrate how the ecosystem interest is influenced par�cularly by staking strategy, auc�ons and BigPayDays and how it can be controlled. In the simula�ons real data is included from Day0-Day106 (13th Nov.-27th Feb.) and Day37- Day106 (20th Dec. – 27th Feb.) is used to extract staking sta�s�cs which is used to drive the simula�ons from Day107 to the last simula�on day with similar staking sta�s�cs. The extract period is set to start from Day37 a�er the last big GSR jump on Day36 to have the most correct sta�s�cs for simula�ng future behavior. The simulated stakeholders from Day107 are called: RealDataHolders: Random stakeholders with similar sta�s�cs as Day37-Day106 FixedDataHolders: A set of 4 stakeholders which are used to show the interest depending on their different staking strategies. The FixedDataHolders are all staking 10 Million Axion and are described as: S1: Start stake Day107, stake 1800 days (4.93 years) S2: Start stake Day107, stake 300 days and the day a�er unstaking, restakes the total amount (stake amount + interest) over a total of 1805 days S3: Start stake Day107, stake 30 days and the day a�er unstaking, restakes the total amount (stake amount + interest) over a total of 1797 days S4: Start stake at Day472, stake 1800 days (4.93) (as S1, but start 1 year later) Four scenarios are simulated and all contain Real data playback, RealDataHolders and FixedDataHolders and are described by: 1. Regular auc�ons 300 Mill 6 days/week, buyback 240 Mill/auc�on – 60 days autostaking. ScalingFactor = 1.0 (SF) 2. Regular auc�ons 100 Mill 4 days/week, buyback 80 Mill/auc�on – 60 days autostaking + Venture Capital auc�ons 1 Billion 2 days/week, no Axion buyback – 120 days autostaking. ScalingFactor = 1.0 (SF) 3. Regular auc�ons 100 Mill 4 days/week, buyback 80 Mill/auc�on – 60 days autostaking + Venture Capital auc�ons 1 Billion 2 days/week, no Axion buyback – 120 days autostaking + 5 BigPayDays (5,7.5,10,12.5,15 Billion). ScalingFactor = 1.0 (SF) 4. Regular auc�ons 100 Mill 4 days/week, buyback 80 Mill/auc�on – 60 days autostaking + Venture Capital auc�ons 1 Billion 2 days/week, no Axion buyback – 120 days autostaking + 5 BigPayDays (5,7.5,10,12.5,15 Billion). 3 different ScalingFactors (equa�on 8): 0.999, 1.0 (current) and 1.001 which are used to control the rate of change of Global-Share-Rate.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0045 The following observa�ons are noted from the figures: Figure A.10 GSR: The minimum GSR growth (without auc�ons and BigPayDays and SF=1.0) from Day107-Day2301 is 1.103-1.784. Scenario 1 has the highest GSR of 4.11 due to the large amounts of 1.8 Billion/week and 1.44 Billion/week buyback in the Regular auc�ons. Scenario 2 has 2.4 Billion/week in auc�ons but only 320 Mill/week buyback since VCA has no Axion buyback which reduces the GSR increase rate significantly to 2.12 at Day2301. The addi�on of BigPayDays in Scenario 3 has very li�le impact on the GSR decreasing from 2.12 to 2.11 at Day2301 (due to increase in TotLiquidAxn(Day-1) in eq. 9) . In Scenario 4 we use Scenario 3 parameters and show that the ScalingFactor may be used to change the rate of GSR increase. An SF value of 0.999 gives a lower GSR at Day2301 than the minimum calculated of 1.784 with SF = 1.0. Figure A.12 Yearly (Daily x 365) payout (%): The daily payouts in Figure A.11 are converted to equivalent yearly interest in order to illustrate the effect of the auc�ons and BigPayDays. Figure A.13 Accumulated interest payout (%): The daily payouts in Figure A.12 are accumulated to show the interest over �me. An approximated average yearly interest (calculated as the average of start and end value) in scenario 1-4 are 49.7, 28.5, 29.3 and 29.3 % respec�vely. The reduc�on in interest from Scenario 1 to 2 is significant and due to reduced buybacks from the 4 Regular auc�ons and no buybacks from the Venture Capital auc�ons. In scenario 3 the BigPayDays add 0.8 % interest. Note that in scenario 4 the different GSR developments has negligible effect on the total interest payout since the effect of GSR change only redistribute the payout propor�on between stakeholders. Figure A.14 4 different staking strategies: All scenarios show that the best strategy is S1 - stake once for the wanted period since the Global-Share-Rate increases over �me. Even S4 that starts one year later than S2 and S3 has a be�er outcome at the end of the stake. Scenario 4 also shows how the scaling factor may be used to tune profitability of staking. The main findings are: The auc�on amounts and buyback factors are the main infla�on/interest drivers and reducing the Regular auc�ons and star�ng the Venture Capital auc�ons will reduce the infla�on significantly but will s�ll be high with the planned amounts. An obvious control mechanism is to reduce the auc�on amounts over �me. Longer staking is a be�er strategy for total outcome than repe��ve staking-unstaking- staking. The scaling factor may be used as a control mechanism to change the rate of the Global Share Rate and thus balance the profitability of staking.

0046 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Figure A.10 Global-Share-Rate (upper scenario 1 – lower scenario 4)

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0047 Figure A.11 Daily interest payout (Mill) (upper scenario 1 – lower scenario 4)

0048 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Figure A.12 Yearly (Daily X 365) payout (%) (upper scenario 1 – lower scenario 4)

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0049 Figure A.13 Accumulated interest payout (%) (upper scenario 1 – lower scenario 4)

0050 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Stake Amount -> Unstake Amount+Interest (AXN Million) S1 SF 0.999 25 S2 SF 0.999 S3 SF 0.999 AXN Million 20 S4 SF 0.999 S1 SF 1 S2 SF 1 15 S3 SF 1 S4 SF 1 S1 SF 1.0004 10 S2 SF 1.0004 200 400 1.0004 S3 SF 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 Relative day0 S4 SF 1 0004 Figure A.14 Unstake amount (principal + interest) with 4 different staking strategies (upper scenario 1 – lower scenario 4)

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0051 Total supplies (Billion): 2000 TotLiquidAxn. SF 1 1500 TotStakedAxn. SF 1 TotShares. SF 1 TotLiquidAxn+TotStakedAxn. SF 1 Billion 1000 500 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 Relative day0 Total supplies (Billion): 2000 TotLiquidAxn. SF 1 1500 TotStakedAxn. SF 1 TotShares. SF 1 TotLiquidAxn+TotStakedAxn. SF 1 Billion 1000 500 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 Relative day0 Total supplies (Billion): 2000 TotLiquidAxn. SF 1 1500 TotStakedAxn. SF 1 TotShares. SF 1 TotLiquidAxn+TotStakedAxn. SF 1 Billion 1000 500 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 Relative day0 Total supplies (Billion): 2000 TotLiquidAxn. SF 0.999 1500 TotStakedAxn. SF 0.999 TotShares. SF 0.999 TotLiquidAxn+TotStakedAxn. SF 0.999 Billion 1000 TotLiquidAxn. SF 1 TotStakedAxn. SF 1 500 TotShares. SF 1 TotLiquidAxn+TotStakedAxn. SF 1 TotLiquidAxn. SF 1.0004 0 TotStakedAxn. SF 1.0004 200 400 600 TotShares. SF 1.0004800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 Relative day0 TotLiquidAxn+TotStakedAxn SF 1 0004 Figure A.15x Total Axion and Shares supplies (upper scenario 1 – lower scenario 4)

0052 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Glossary Address A string of characters and numbers that represent a destination where crypto can be sent to or from. AltCoin A term used to define all crypto assets other than Bitcoin. Alt simply stands for Alternative. ATH All Time High - An acronym referring to the all time high price of an asset. ATL All Time Low - An acronym referring to the all time low price of an asset. Arbitrage Purchase and sale of the same asset in different markets to profit from price differences. Audit Comprehensive analysis of code with the intent of discovering bugs or security breaches. Audits can also be done for the economics or legal aspects of a project Auction Where Axion investors enter a bid of ETH, in return for their fair share of AXN from the daily auction pool. Bidder A person who bids into our auctions. Bitcoin Founded & released in January 2009, Bitcoin is the first digital currency of its kind & ground zero for the entire crypto world as we know it. You can earn Bitcoin simply by staking Axion! Block A block is a data file used for recording and storing permanent transactions pertaining to a specific network. A block records some or all of the most recent transactions in chronological sequence. This data is a permanent record such that a block acts like a page of a ledger or record book. Once a block is filled a new block is added which ensures that once written, the records cannot be altered or removed. A block can be thought of as a link in an ever-growing chain of cryptocurrency transactions that are collectively known as a blockchain. Block Height A numeric representation showing the number of the current block being hashed. Blockchain A blockchain is a type of database, or ledger, that is stored electronically on a computer system in the form of data files called blocks. These blocks allow for the sending and receiving of cryptocurrency transactions. These blocks are strung together in a “chain” comprising millions of blocks that are constantly being added to as transactions are processed. The blockchain is decentralized allowing public access to the data that is freely accessible to anyone and beyond the reach of a single controlling government, agency, or group. BPD - BigPayDays Big Pay Days are a valuable reward mechanism that was built into the Axion ecosystem to incentivize longer stakes. There are 50 billion AXN tokens allotted to the Big Pay Days over five years for stakes that are locked for the required amount of days or more. BuyBacks Token BuyBacks, are a function of our auction contract. When someone bids ETH into our auctions, a portion of that ETH is instantly used to purchase either AXN or wBTC from Uniswap, which is then used to reward stakers.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0053 Centralized Something that is controlled by a single authority or managed in one place. Examples of centralized finance include banks and Federal Reserves, or centralized data like that owned and managed by big tech companies. CEX Centralized exchanges most commonly facilitate trades between users by maintaining an order book: a collection of buy and sell orders posted by individual traders. Orders are requests to buy or sell a certain amount of a specific cryptocurrency at a certain price. CEXs aggregate orders from their users and then use special software to match and execute the corresponding buy and sell orders. Cold Wallet Used to describe a crypocurrency wallet that is not connected to the internet, and thus cannot be used to process transactions without first being reconnected (and turning into a “hot wallet”). Cold Wallets are more secure and less prone to unauthorized use. Confirmation In the blockchain, all transactions must be validated by 6 or more independent nodes in order to be considered “confirmed.” This validation process proves that the action was truly intended by its submitter, preventing unauthorized transactions from being posted to the blockchain. Consensus A consensus is a fault-tolerant mechanism that is used in the blockchain to achieve the necessary agreement amongst all the decentralized processors that are computing transactions for the network. Simply put, all nodes must agree on verified transactions, reaching a consensus. Cryptocurrency A form of digital currency that is secured by cryptography, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit due to the resiliency and distributed ledger that is called the blockchain. Axion is a type of Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A DAO is a group of people or organizations that are unified in purpose such that they act as one organizational body. DAPP Decentralized APPlication. A DAPP operates in such a way that it is not tied to a central governing application or database. Its main benefits are immutability, accountability, anonymity, bandwidth, and the user maintaining total control over their personal data. Decentralized Owned by no one entity, government, organization, group, person, or community. Ownership is spread out to anyone and everyone wants to join. True decentralization is possible with cryptocurrencies. DeFi Decentralized Finance. Meaning no one entity like a bank or government can control or have access to an individual’s finances. Deflation Deflationary items are limited in supply and thus high in demand, resulting in an upward price/valuation movement. DEX Decentralized EXchange. DEXs allow cryptocurrency holders to exchange with each other directly, on a peer-to-peer basis, without needing to trust an intermediary or centralized exchange to create the transaction. Discord A chat platform where most of the Axion community is based. Head to to join. Dividends Dividends are what you earn from Staking Axion, in the form of more AXN or even wBTC (Bitcoin). Often abbreviated to Divs.

0054 <<<< Axion Whitepaper DLT - Distributed Ledger Technology DLT refers to the technological infrastructure and protocols that allows simultaneous access, validation, and record updating in an immutable manner across a network that’s spread across multiple entities or locations. DM Direct Message. A message that is sent directly from one user to another on a messaging application such as Discord. ERC-20 ERC-20 tokens are a type of cryptocurrency written for and running on the Ethereum network. Axion is a type of ERC-20 token. ERC-721 ERC-721 tokens are smart contracts used primarily to verify the “digital uniqueness” of the piece of data it holds, such as a picture. Used primarily for NFT’s. ETH - Ethereum Ethereum (shortened to ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency following Bitcoin based on market capacity. It was released in July of 2015 and gained widespread adoption due to its ability to run code on the blockchain in the form of “smart contracts.” Fiat Currency Fiat currencies are currencies that are backed by political/governmental institutions and reinforced by its global trading strength. Fiat currencies are primarily used to pay for goods or services and are centralized around the governments that control them. FOMO Fear Of Missing Out. The phenomenon by which someone will choose to participate (or invest) in something not because of sound reasoning or logic, but because they feel they will “miss out” if they do not participate. FOMO often leads to regret. FUD Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. It is used to refer to very dark and unsettling times regarding the future of something. Someone who spreads FUD (FUDding) is often doing so without any supportive evidence or the ability to back up their claims and is often just spreading rumors with the purpose of discouraging others. Gas Gas refers to the method of payment (often in fractions of a token) that is given to the processing nodes that are computing transactions on the blockchain. Also referred to as Network Fees, the price by which you pay to have your transaction processed on the network. Gas Limit The gas limit is the maximum amount of Gas that a transaction will consume before ‘failing’, used as a safeguard to make sure that a user does not spend more in Gas than they would like. GitHub A digital repository and code hosting platform for software that allows for version control and collaboration. Here is Axion’s GitHub. GSR - Global Share Rate The share rate of the Axion token that converts Axion into Shares during the staking process. The higher the share rate, the less shares you receive when you stake. Gwei Gwei is a very small unit of the Ethereum network’s Ether (ETH), represented as 1 Billionth of an Ether. Gwei is a useful unit to measure network transaction fees, also known as Gas. Hardware Wallet A hardware wallet is a special type of cryptocurrency wallet which stores the user’s private keys in a very secure manner, preventing these private keys from being hacked or stolen. A transaction cannot be submitted to the blockchain without first being authenticated by the hardware device itself, preventing fraud or unauthorized use. Hash A hash is a function that converts an input of letters and numbers into an encrypted output of a fixed length. A hash is created using an algorithm and is essential to blockchain management in cryptocurrency.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0055 HODL An intentionally misspelled version of HOLD, often referred to colloquially as someone who invests with no intention of selling, no matter how high or low the price fluctuates. Hot Wallet A hot wallet is a tool that allows a cryptocurrency owner to receive and send tokens by remaining connected to the internet, unlike a cold wallet. They are inherently less secure because they can be accessed via the internet itself. Immutable Not susceptible to any altercation, change, manipulation, or editing after its original creation. In the blockchain, once a block is processed, it is immutable and thus cannot ever be changed. This is why transactions on the blockchain are permanent, meaning they cannot be erased or undone. Because of this, it is always good to verify transactions before submitting them to be processed! Impermanent Loss When one of the assets in a liquidity pool goes up in value compared to the other, the dollar value of the assets provided by a liquidity miner is lower compared to just holding the initial deposit. If one of the assets doubles in price while the other stays the same, the impermanent loss is around 5.7%. Inflation An increase in the price level of good relative to its economic standing. When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services and thus becomes weaker over time. Interest Interest, represented in % APY (or Annual Percentage Yield) is the amount your investment is paid back over time. KYC Know Your Customer. A set of rules laid out by the government for companies to obtain a certain amount of information from their participants, used for fraud and tax detection. Layer 2 Also called second layer; it is a protocol that is built on top of another protocol in order to operations to be preformed to the first layer and manipulate the parameters of the first layer from within the second layer. Layers can continually be added, though they tend to become more complex with each additional layer. Ledger Ledger is a type of Hardware Wallet used to store cryptocurrencies in a highly secure manner. With a Ledger, transactions must be approved by physically clicking buttons on the device itself, which ensures that hackers cannot withdraw cryptocurrency without access to the physical device and its protective password. Liquid When used in the sense of ‘Liquid BTC’, we mean this BTC is available to withdraw or spend immediately, its not staked. Liquidity Liquidity is the ability of a coin to be easily converted into cash or other coins. Axion uses significant liquidity stored on an exchange like Uniswap to allow for simpler transactions and price stability. Liquidity also represents the health of the token, the more liquidity the more there is available for trade. Liquidity Mining Also known as “software mining,” where network participants can submit their liquidity in the form of contributing equally matching ETH and AXN to the Uniswap liquidity pool, in return for real-time bonuses in AXN tokens. Longer Pays Better A core component of the Axion token, Longer Pays Better means that an investor will get significantly more return on their investment (ROI) in the form of higher APY and Bitcoin dividends by staking their investment for as long as possible, up to a maximum of 15 years. The longer the stake, the greater the shares an investor receives, thus the better dividends.

0056 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Mainnet Mainnet is when a blockchain protocol, such as Ethereum, is fully developed and deployed, allowing real transactions be broadcast, verified and recorded on the blockchain. MetaMask MetaMask is a type of software hot wallet that allows for easy trading, swapping, and integration into websites that allow for wallet addresses to be read. MetaMask does not store cryptocurrencies for you, it merely allows you to load or generate secret keys into the software that are then read by or submitted to the blockchain. Mining Mining is the process in which computing nodes compete with each other to verify and publish transactions on the blockchain. A successful transaction process yields payment to the node that was the first to process the transaction block to the blockchain, often called the “block reward.” Mutable Opposite of immutable. Meaning it is liable or susceptible to change by being edited, adjusted or otherwise manipulated. Mutable blocks on the blockchain would mean transactions could be reverted at best, or at worst the funds in question could be redirected to an unauthorized address. NFT Non-Fungible Token. An NFT is a unit of data on the blockchain where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus are not interchangeable. NFTs can represent digital files such as art, audio, videos, items in video games and other forms of creative work. Node A computer/device that connects to a cryptocurrency network and helps strengthen the network’s resilience by adding its processing power to the overall group. Nonce Number used only ONCE. A pseudo-random number, generated in order to satisfy the parameters required by the mining and hashing algorithms as a part of the security check. Open Source Software or protocols that are available to the public at no cost and can be used by anyone. Overbid Once our auctions have ‘sold out’, if more bids are placed and the price becomes higher than simply buying on Uniswap, we class the auction as ‘overbid’. Paper Wallet A very secure way of storing crypto in a wallet that is stored “offline” by writing the secret keys down on a piece of paper and unloading those keys from any software or hardware wallets until they need to be used again. Passive Income Income that is generated passively, without any doing on the investor’s part. Healthy passive income should be the desire of any investor, such that enough passive income generation means never having to work at a job! Penalties The fees or deductions from the value of a stake that has not been withdrawn within the withdrawal period (typically 2 weeks). Private Key The private key is a specific string of words that is used to unlock a crypto wallet. Think of a private key as the key to a house. Whoever has the key can enter the house and add or remove any items from the house that they wish. Just as you would not share your home key with a stranger, Private Keys should be treated with the utmost caution and should NEVER be given away to anyone, and should especially not be photographed or otherwise stored on a computer. Write a private key down on multiple pieces of paper and store

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0057 Proof of Stake (PoS) Proof of stake is a type of consensus mechanism by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network achieves distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age vs sheer processing power in a Proof of Work (PoW) type of consensus. Referral A unique URL that is generated for each wallet address connected to the Axion Staking Portal. By giving out this address, both the referrer and the referee will receive a 10% bonus in Axion. Ropsten Ropsten Ethereum, also known as “Ethereum Testnet” is a testing network that runs the same protocol as Ethereum but is used for testing purposes before deploying on the main network (Mainnet) Satoshi Nakomoto The mysterious pseudonym/entity that created and released the first iteration of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger technology to the world. Satoshi In honor of Satoshi Nakomoto, a Satoshi is the most micro unit of splitting a bitcoin, representing 0.00000001 of a Bitcoin. Scamcoin/Shitcoin A colloquial terminology used to refer to crypto projects that are either poorly constructed, scammy or fraudulent, dead-end investments, or fakes. It is generally advisable to avoid or ignore these types of coins. Shares Shares of ownership of Axion, given in exchange for Axion tokens. Shares generate interest and produce dividends in the form of Bitcoin and are proportionally distributed based on amount of Axion staked and the duration of the stake term. Smart Contract Smart Contracts are the product of software that is run on the blockchain itself, resulting in an unalterable agreement that has specific logic operations akin to a real-world contract. Once signed, it can never be altered. Smart Contracts are easily verifiable and authenticated because of their persistence on the blockchain. Stakeholder Someone who has an active stake in Axion (represented by an amount of Shares) Stakers Share Percentage (SSP) The Share Percentage is how much of the Share Pool you own. If the pool has 1,000,000,000 shares in it, and you own 10,000,000 shares yourself, you own 1% of the Share Pool. Staking Where AXN investors utilize their AXN tokens to earn shares by executing time-locked deposits, which in turn awards dividends over a period of time. Testnet Examining and predicting price movements in the financial markets, by using historical price charts and market statistics Technical Analysis (TA) An online ecosystem (such as the Ropsten test network) where developers can freely interact with the code of a blockchain to experiment around with it before launching to the Mainnet. Tipping A function of the Axion Discord community whereby users can tip other users (or a group of users) in actual Axion by typing !tip in the discord chat box. Users can add or withdraw actual Axion to and from their tipping wallet like a normal software wallet. It’s pretty cool!

0058 <<<< Axion Whitepaper Token Protocol/Token Tokens are a framework that bridges the physical and digital realms of value. ERC-20 tokens, for example, allows for interaction + access with the Ethereum’s decentralized DAPP ecosystem, carrying both value and processing components all on the blockchain. Tokenomics A combination of Token and Economics. Used to address the metrics and token role within its ecosystem. Total Supply The absolute maximum amount of a cryptocurrency that can be produced, or “minted.” Transaction - TX The fee (often referred to as Gas) that a user pays in order to have their transaction processed. By paying miners to process a transaction, it ensures security and competitiveness to the ecosystem that keeps it ever developing and ever supported. Without gas fees, the network would fall apart due to the immense power requirements needed to process transactions. Transaction ID - TxID The unique ID that is assigned to a transaction. The TxID is used to access a specific transaction block and the information it holds. When submitting a transaction on MetaMask, a TxID is generated, allowing a user to check the status of the transaction on a website such as Trezor Trezor is a type of Hardware Wallet used to store cryptocurrencies in a highly secure manner. With a Trezor wallet, transactions must be approved by physically clicking buttons on the device itself, which ensures that hackers cannot withdraw cryptocurrency without access to the physical device and its protective password. Uniswap Uniswap is a popular decentralized automated market maker, allowing users to interact with its liquidity pools to trade many types of Ethereum-based tokens for other tokens. Uniswap is currently the only exchange site where you can directly purchase Axion. VCA - Venture Capital Auction VCA auctions are special events in the Axion ecosystem happening on Tuesdays and Fridays where 1 Billion Axion tokens are available to buy. All investors who participate on those days immediately get 10% of their bid returned as liquid Bitcoin, with 85% of the auction value being distributed to active stakers as Bitcoin. Wallet The digital equivalent to a real world wallet, used to store cryptocurrencies. Readily available software allows users to store their cryptocurrencies on the blockchain and be accessed through their crypto wallet. Wallet types vary, including types like paper wallets, web wallets, desktop wallets, hardware wallets, and mobile wallets. wBTC (tokenized Bitcoin) Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) is an ERC-20 token that represents Bitcoin (BTC) on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum and Bitcoin are not compatible tokens as they run on entirely different types of networks. So wBTC allows Bitcoin to enter the Ethereum network and be used in Ethereum wallets, dapps, and smart contracts. Whale The term used to refer to an investor who carries a very high net worth of crypto. A whale typically owns sufficiently enough of a cryptocurrency such that their decisions as what to do with it on the open markets would directly and noticeably impact the assets trading price should they sell or buy. Whales generally move into and out of crypto projects in very noticeable ways. Whitepaper The foundational a report or guide that is used to inform the public of a project’s specifications; equivalent of a business prospectus or plan, but used to describe the crypto project itself. Generally speaking, the amount of time and care given to a crypto’s whitepaper is indicative of the quality of the crypto itself. Axion prides itself in its whitepaper.

Axion Whitepaper >>>> 0059 Disclaimer This whitepaper (document), or the content and/or materials thereof are not intended to be financial advice or a solicitation to purchase any digital asset, token, or financial instrument, nor is it any recommendation to purchase the AXION token (AXN). This document is for informational purposes only. Before deciding to invest in the AXION token, ensure that you understand that this document as of March 23rd, is subject to change. A “best practice” may suggest that you are educated and informed by an advisor before deciding to invest in the AXION token, or any other tokens or cryptocurrencies. There are risks involved investing in cryptocurrencies - investments in digital assets such as token(s) are inherently speculative. Valuations of the AXION token can or may fluctuate due to market volatility. All of the assumptions, ecosystem simulations, opinions, and statements in this document are idiosyncratic of the Axion Network, and therefore are subject to change. © 2021 Axion Foundation. All Rights Reserved. Designed with love by callmejace in Oregon, USA