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Saturday, March 13, 2021
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REVV Token The evolution of motorsport gaming through player empowerment Light Paper (version 1.1) 3 September 2020 Authored by Animoca Brands ● REVV is an ERC-20 utility token that is designed to be the currency of purchase, utility, and action in supported play-to-earn motorsport blockchain games ● Supported games include: ○ F1​® Delta Time​: the official Formula 1​® blockchain game, which has generated 559.37 ETH plus US$355,790 in sales of NFTs as at time of writing ○ MotoGP™: an upcoming game based on MotoGP that combines strategy and management with the intense thrill of motorcycle racing ○ A third title to be announced soon ● The total supply of REVV has been fixed at 3,000,000,000 tokens. Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

1. Introducing REVV The REVV token is a fungible cryptographic token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain. A fungible token is an asset that is interchangeable with tokens of the same type, so that one REVV token always has the same value and properties as any other single REVV token. REVV is the main utility token and in-game currency of the branded motorsports games produced by Animoca Brands, including ​F1​® Delta Time​, an upcoming title based on MotoGP™ intellectual property, and a third title to be announced soon. REVV is being leveraged as a cross-title utility, and the driving force behind the Play-to-Earn model. - Page 2 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

2. REVV Anatomy REVV is a standard Ethereum ERC-20 token with commonly used interfaces. It also supports contract operators whitelisting to provide approval-free REVV tokens transfers throughout the company’s contracts ecosystem. This also brings the potential for frictionless native meta-transactions: the ability to push transactions on the blockchain using REVV as the payment token for the gas, without requiring the native ETH token at all. REVV implements the ERC-165 introspection standard, with the following ERC-165 interfaces supported: Name Reference Interface ERC165 Interface ID(s) ERC-165 (​EIP​) 0x01ffc9a7 pelin-contracts/blob/v3.1.0/contracts/intro spection/IERC165.sol ERC-20 (​EIP​) 0x36372b07 um-contracts-erc20_base/blob/v3.0.0a/co ntracts/token/ERC20/IERC20.sol ERC-20 Detailed 0xa219a025 um-contracts-erc20_base/blob/v3.0.0a/co ntracts/token/ERC20/IERC20Detailed.sol name(): 0x06fdde03 symbol(): 0x95d89b41 decimals(): 0x313ce567 ERC-20 Allowance 0x9d075186 um-contracts-erc20_base/blob/v3.0.0a/co ntracts/token/ERC20/IERC20Allowance.sol - Page 3 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

3. Token Economy REVV is a true utility token that has real use beyond any innate stored value. The purpose of REVV is to serve as a single currency connecting multiple Animoca Brands blockchain game titles based on motorsport intellectual property. REVV won’t be burned through use, but instead will be reintroduced back into the economy after it is used by players for gameplay fees and NFT purchases. 3.1 REVV Allocation Predefined amounts of REVV are initially allocated to ​F1​® Delta Time and ​MotoGP​. The Reserve will provide token allocations to new titles as they are added to the REVV ecosystem. REVV Total Token Supply Distribution (%) Allocation Type REVV Amount Reserve 1,300,000,000 Initial DEX Offering 250,000,000 Team & Advisors 300,000,000 Player Reward Reserve 250,000,000 F1​®​ Delta Time 500,000,000 MotoGP™ Project 400,000,000 Total 3,000,000,000 - Page 4 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

3.2 REVV Release Schedule This release schedule image displays the percentage of the total supply of REVV that will enter into circulation, starting from the September 2020 offering until year-end 2023. The Reserve (not shown) will be utilised to provide allocations of REVV to new titles that are added to the REVV ecosystem. - Page 5 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

4. Token Utility 4.1 ​F1​®​ Delta Time F1​® Delta Time provides the first reference for how REVV can be used in Animoca Brands’ blockchain titles, with each additional supporting title adding value and utility to the broader REVV ecosystem and the token itself. Utility Description NFT Purchases REVV will be used as a means to purchase exclusive ​F1​® Delta Time NFTs. The number of NFTs made available for purchase will be proportional to the amount of REVV in circulation. Gameplay Entry Fees Players of ​F1​® Delta Time pay REVV as an entry fee for all of the gameplay modes, which include the Time Trial and Grand Prix. Gameplay Rewards A portion of the gameplay fees collected in each race will be used as player rewards, to be granted to participating players based on their race performance. A portion of the gameplay fee will also be paid as dividends to the track’s owners. Staking Owners of race car NFTs can “stake” them to earn REVV, the amount of which is determined by the rarity and value of the NFT and the length of the staking period. Players can also stake REVV itself, and in return receive additional REVV dividends as well as NFTs. ​ 1​®​ Delta Time 4.1.1 REVV allocation in F In ​F1​®​ Delta Time​, REVV is pre-allocated to one of four REVV Pools. Reserve​: ​The Reserve is set aside to funnel REVV into the other pools when required as the player base grows. - Page 6 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Staking​: ​This is specific to the Staking feature. The Staking pool of 6,020,000 REVV is reserved for the 2019 race car NFTs, with this pool being active for 12 weeks after the launch of the Staking feature. Game Operations​: ​The Game Operations pool will provide gameplay incentives as new features are rolled out, by increasing the rewards for initial engagement. Promotion & Marketing​: ​This pool will be used for marketing initiatives, including promotional airdrops. REVV Token Allocation in ​F1​®​ Delta Time - Page 7 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

​ 1​®​ Delta Time Flow of REVV in F 4.2 MotoGP Animoca Brands is developing a blockchain game based on FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix, commonly known as MotoGP™ (“MotoGP”). The MotoGP game will combine the experiences of strategy and management with the intense thrill of motorcycle racing. REVV will be the core currency of the MotoGP title, similarly to the way it is utilised in ​F1​® Delta Time​. More information about the MotoGP title will be released in the near future. 4.3 Unannounced project REVV will be the core currency of at least one other upcoming game, to be announced in the near future. - Page 8 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

4. REVV Community Overview 5.1 Social activity Development strategy for the REVV Token platform is currently focused around an audience that uses English as the common language, with plans to support additional languages as the project grows. As the first available product in the REVV ecosystem, a significant portion of current activity occurs in ​F1​® Delta Time channels. Additional social resources will be set up and deployed to service the upcoming game based on MotoGP as that product’s beta launch approaches. A third motorsport blockchain-based title that will be part of the REVV ecosystem will be announced in the near future. 5.2 Current growth and distribution strategies of REVV ● Partnering directly with well-known IPs and engaging their existing fans ● Conducting Non Fungible Token (NFT) sales to promote the soon-to-be-launched games and encouraging secondary market transactions ● Competitions and rewards for existing content owners ● Play-To-Earn mechanism in the form of a beta mini game, to engage/attract existing/new users 5.3 Future growth and distribution strategies of REVV ● Expansion of the REVV ecosystem, which currently includes F ​ 1​®​ Delta Time​, with a game based on MotoGP in production, and a third title to be announced in the near future ● Conducting staking programs to incentivise community participation ● Additional Play-To-Earn mechanisms to be launched ● AMA sessions to engage with the community ● Further competitions to encourage content collection, following and active participation ● Active marketing campaigns 5.4 Community and social channels as of 2 September 2020 REVV Telegram Community Animoca Brands Twitter REVV Telegram Announcements F1​®​ Delta Time​ Twitter REVV Twitter F1​®​ Delta Time​ Discord Animoca Brands Medium F1​®​ Delta Time​ Medium Animoca Brands Youtube F1​®​ Delta Time​ Youtube Animoca Brands Facebook F1​®​ Delta Time​ Facebook - Page 9 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

5. Project Advisors Holly Liu Ed Fries Sherman Lee Kabam Co-Founder, Former VP at Microsoft, Founder Raven Protocol, angel visiting partner at Y Founder of Xbox Game investor at Deep Ventures Combinator Studios Benjamin Rameau Gabby Dizon Mark Cheng CEO of Smile Research, former Founder, CEO of Partner at Mind Fund Group VC and M&A at Binance Altitude Games Sebastien Borget Mikhael Naayem Aleksander Leonard Larsen COO and Co-Founder at Chief Business Officer and COO and Co-Founder at Axie Pixowl, and The Sandbox, Co-Founder at Dapper Labs Infinity, Secretary Board of President of Blockchain Game Directors at Blockchain Game Alliance Alliance - Page 10 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

6. Legal Details and terminology in this document are subject to change. The REV ERC-20 token is a standalone token that will have utility inside ​F1​® Delta Time and other products, but is not a product of​ F1​®​ Delta Time​ or of any other specific game. This document is for reference only, and should not be used or considered as investment advice or recommendations for any technology mentioned within. This document is for personal use only, and should not be redistributed, edited, updated or reattributed. The F1 FORMULA 1 logo, F1 logo, FORMULA 1, F1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 company. All rights reserved. MotoGP™ Project © 2020 [DORNA] Copyright © 2020 Animoca Brands Corporation Limited. All rights reserved. - Page 11 - Copyright © 2020 ANIMOCA BRANDS CORPORATION LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.