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Saturday, February 15, 2020
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v1.6 The Future of Digital Games Distribution WHITEPAPER This Whitepaper represents general information about Ultra. Due to con dentiality limitations, some information is not portrayed in full. Please ensure you rst read the disclaimer and risk factors at the end of the document to fully understand the purpose, status, and limitations of this Whitepaper.

THE MISSION Our mission is to build a rst-class PC game publishing platform and ecosystem that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly by providing new opportunities to game developers, players, and in uencers. Certain statements in this Whitepaper constitute forward-looking statements that are used on the beliefs of the Company and re ect their current expectations. Such statements re ect the views of the Company at the time the statements are made with respect to future events based on information available at that time, and they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated in the those forward-looking statements. The Company assume no obligation to update or revise these statements to re ect current information, events or circumstances, including changes in any risks or uncertainties that may impact them 2

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Mission 2 2. The Problem 4 3. The Market 6 4. The Solution 10 5. The Technology 14 6. Blockchain Economy 23 7. Token Supply And Demand 29 8. Onboarding Developers & Content 35 9. Onboarding Users 38 10. Landscape 39 11. The Team 40 12. The Token Generation Event 45 13. Summary 48 14. Disclosures 49 15. Contact 53 3

THE PROBLEM ABSTRACT Steam, Apple and Google have created convenient ways for users to nd and install software by means of important advances in digital content delivery — commonly expressed to end-users as app stores. The success of these platforms over the past 10 years has meant that users have grown to expect and demand the kind of ease-of-use and seamless purchasing experience that these platforms provide. However, this success has also produced a number of challenges for the industry. These include: 1. Monopoly Developers are increasingly having a hard time selling their software outside of these walled gardens which result in large commission fees and loss of control over their own customers. 2. Discovery Failure As the catalog of games continues to grow, gamers are having a harder time discovering the right kind of content. 3. Missed Opportunities The relatively new phenomena of streamers and gaming in uencers has created a new opportunity for game marketplaces to reward and pay users for their play time. This White Paper sets out to explain not only the problem faced by Players & Developers today but also how Ultra is best positioned with a solution. 4

THE PROBLEM INDUSTRY VOICES “ The game market system is pretty unfair. Most of the money made goes to middlemen: app stores, social “ Valve is not earning 30%. You get almost nothing now from being on Steam other networks. This is broken. then the fact their We should not accept this as a status near-monopoly has limited quo. We should constantly be on your options. Steam does not lookout for better solutions. drive users to you at all. — Tim Sweeney, — Anonymous developer Founder of EPIC games (Market Study Mission tell Valve ) “ Buyers are unaware of [new] games so games fail… popular devs… get coverage, but a lot of “ Getting 30% for providing no marketing support is not fair. — Anonymous developer other developers who are good lose out. (Market Study Mission tell Valve ) — Anonymous developer (Market Study Mission tell Valve ) “ I m an unknown developer [with a quality game] but my competition is shovelware that buried me in a day on greenlight and will do the “ No offense Valve, but the game ban and VAC area is a joke. I can t even get a list of people that are banned in same on full release without a doubt. my game? — Anonymous developer — Anonymous developer (Market Study Mission tell Valve ) (Market Study Mission tell Valve ) 5

THE MARKET OVERVIEW 88% of the PC game market is untapped and developers continue to move away from app stores These are developers who don t agree with Steams heavy 30% revenue share or desire to have more control over their user-base. However, game developers outside of Steam are falling short in delivering a fully edged user experience on their custom platforms. WORLD PC GAME MARKET USD 32 BILLION 11.9% Steam 0.1% GoG, Gamejolt, … 88% Remaining self-publishing platforms Source: Gamesindustry.biz 6

THE MARKET DIGITALLY DISTRIBUTED PC GAMES IS GROWING PC Games Software Revenue ($ Billion) Thanks largely to Steam, gamers have ocked to digital game downloads. This has pushed the global PC gaming market by an average of 12% annual growth over the last decade, with a valuation of almost USD $32Bn in 2017. Numbers of Games Released on Steam Each Year Digital distribution has encouraged and enabled a wide range of indie developers to enter the market by reducing distribution costs related to physical packaging and shipping logistics. However, the resulting in ux is now forcing developers to spend large amounts of money on advertising to stay relevant. Source: DFC Intelligence – Niko Partners 7

THE MARKET GAMER POPULATION ON CONSTANT RISE Nearly 1 in 3 people on earth are now playing video games. That s 2.1 billion individuals playing at least once a month. The average pro le of a PC gamer is 35 years-old, playing for 13 years and has strong purchasing power. Global Gamers Population (Billion) Source: DFC Intelligence – Niko Partners 8

THE MARKET GLOBAL AD REVENUE IS GROWING Gamers represent a highly valuable demographic that has always been hard to reach - mostly because they have abandoned traditional media. Word-of-mouth, YouTubers, live streamers, and other new channels are how most of these customers make their purchase decisions. Global Ad Revenues ($ Billion) In 2016, the digital advertising market grew by +17% YoY while o ine media ad sales (linear TV, print, radio, and out-of-home) were at (+0.3%). Source: DFC Intelligence – Niko Partners 9

THE SOLUTION OVERVIEW Ultra is building a rst-class PC game publishing platform and marketplace that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly. Speci cally, Ultra will: ● Be More Fair to Developers Developers earn +21% more sales revenue with an instant payout ● Provide Effective Marketing Tools Developers get access to a range of new business and marketing tools ● Introduce New Revenue Streams Developers and gamers will have access to a range of new revenue opportunities ● Establish a Rich Token Based Economy Powering referral bonuses, digital goods, rewards programs and more ● Be Backed by Industry Leaders The team behind Ultra has a long history in the game industry and its high-end relationships network spans the globe 10

THE SOLUTION WHY NOW? A number of key industry trends are converging to make the development of a breakthrough game distribution platform possible. Frustration with Incumbents Ultra provides developers the unique exibility of a custom-built platform without the need to invest millions of dollars and years of research, development, and maintenance. Blockchain Economics Blockchain makes it possible to process nano-payments instantly, proof of ownership, transaction transparency and a myriad of other features that allow Ultra to provide more control and better deals to developers while also bringing exciting innovations and nancial incentives to players. Developer Innovation With a thriving indie and AAA development ecosystem, theres never been a better and more urgent time for a platform to provide new opportunities and differentiation. Ultra is not just a storefront for games, it s a full ecosystem that developers can leverage to bolster their business. Ultra can accommodate many different business strategies for all developers. Whether they are industry giants or indies, publish Free-to-play or Premium games, eSports or single-player games, Ultra ts 100% of the PC games distribution market but also caters to side markets such as item trading, tournaments etc. The Right Team The team gathered to build and operate Ultra is second-to-none. Bringing these people together, now, positions us to drive disruptive change. 11

THE SOLUTION FOR PLAYERS Play Immediately Play games within minutes of purchase using our progressive software downloading technology Earn Money Earn Ultra Coins by participating in beta tests, watching ads, curating games and more Open Platform Access third-party game services such as tournaments, item-trading, and more directly within Ultra Get Exclusive Games Play exclusive AAA content only available on Ultra Be Part of a Community Experience an innovative and rewarding open community Resell Your Games Purchase and resell second-hand digital games Bring Your Friends Earn Ultra Coins through our three level referral program 12

THE SOLUTION FOR DEVELOPERS Marketing Toolbox Access to powerful marketing & promotional tools including an innovative in uencer program Earn More An additional +50% revenue share compared to the competition Grow Your Community Game-speci c clubs, forums, newsletters, chats and other tools are built-in as if you own the platform Build Better Games Support from the community through nancial incentives for beta tests, bug hunting, feedback, and many more Game Porting Made Easy Easily port games from platforms such as Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation to Ultra with our universal SDK Get Paid Instantly Instant sales payout instead of up to 60 days enables devs to quickly reinvest money in their game launch marketing New Revenue Streams Earn money through in-game advertising, secondhand sales, item-trading, and referrals 13

THE TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW Ultra uses battle-tested technologies integrated into a concise and easy-to-use platform. Content Distribution Tech — Developed over 8 years Licensed to Bethesda, Riot, Bandai Namco and 343 Industries; features include Uploading, Software Versioning, Software Branching, Download and patching, Real-time error handling, Network tra c route optimization, Dynamic CPU usage throttling and many more features. Overlay Tech — Developed over 6 years Compatible with 5,000+ games, the technology provides the ability to inject any kind of User Interface (UI) inside games. Compatible with DirectX 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 games, OpenGL, Vulkan. Ad Tech — Developed over 4 years Currently serving 33 billion ads per day, our Ad tech provides Audience targeting, Advertiser API, +20 ad formats; banners, video, mobile and rich media, DSP/SSP communication with ad exchanges, and many more features. Ultra also develops new technologies. Ultra GO — Mobile companion app Platform companion app providing convenient features for mobile users on the go, adds new sources of income for players and increase retention. Ultra Protocol — EOS based fork Adding the capacity to plug new features, running on trusted nodes. 14

THE TECHNOLOGY CONTENT DISTRIBUTION 8% DOWNLOADED START PLAYING By using Ultra, players can enjoy their newly purchased game before having completed their download. Missing data continues to be downloaded while players are playing. The technology is being used by major companies such as Bethesda, Adobe, Riot, Zenimax, 343 Industries, and Bandai Namco and has already successfully delivered hundreds of millions of game downloads. Key Data Streaming Features ● Automatic game updates ● Automatic error recovery ● Last mile acceleration ● Redundant delivery network ● Multi-platform ● Download permission management Ultra Data Streaming Video Game Streaming No Streaming Megabytes to be downloaded before ~30 Mb ~30 Mb Entire Game the game can start Image Quality Perfect (native) Bad (compressed) Perfect (native) Input Latency 0 ms ~90 ms 0 ms Extra Infrastructure No Very Expensive No Necessary 15

THE TECHNOLOGY ADS TECHNOLOGY Our Ad Technology Already battle-tested, our technology currently serves 33 billion daily ads This technology combined with our extensive industry experience enables marketing tools that e ciently promote games, differentiating Ultra from other platforms Developers and advertisers can bring an end to non-optimal spray and pray advertising methods Ultra Ads has 3 Main Objectives ● Enable content publishers to promote their products more e ciently ● Empower developers to instantly run new ads using Ultra Coins earned from sales ● Allow users to effortlessly earn Ultra Coins by opting into the Ultra Ads revenue share program Opt-in Ad Revenue Share Program Our opt-in system allows users to authorize ads and receive a share of the revenue. This revenue is automatically deposited in their Ultra coin wallet. Every user has the option to either accept or refuse advertisements in Ultra. Ads are displayed in several areas: ● Before the launch of game ● After a game is closed ● In-browser noti cations ● When the mobile app Ultra Go is launched. 16

THE TECHNOLOGY AD SSP TECHNOLOGY Ultra Ads has a DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Our DSP owns the Advertiser contracts and the Ad Exchange contracts. Ultras DSP provides them the ability to buy Ultras ad tra c. Additionally, the DSP gets tra c from the SSP (Server-Side Platform) / Ad Exchange. Our DSP takes a small % of the service charge from Ad Agencies and Advertisers. The DSPs allows advertisers to buy impressions from a wide range of publisher sites that are targeting speci c users based on criteria such as location age, gender, hobbies, etc. Our DSP plugs in to any typical ad exchange marketplace where publishers make their ad inventory available to Ultra. We analyze the impressions SSPs put out and purchase on behalf of advertisers automatically. The price of ads uctuates depending on the target user demographics, demand, and tra c availability, each transaction is settled using UOS token. 17

THE TECHNOLOGY AD DSP TECHNOLOGY Ultra Ads has a DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Ultras SSP is used to automate the sale of our advertising space and inventory. While a DSP is used by marketers to buy ad impressions from ad exchanges as cheaply and e ciently as possible, the SSP is designed for publishers to maximize the price they sell impressions at. They re both powered by similar technology but operate at the opposite side of the table. Ultras Ad technology is, therefore, able to both buy tra c externally as well as sell its internal tra c to external ad exchanges to optimize ad pro tability and performance. 18

THE TECHNOLOGY ULTRA GO Ultra Go is our platform companion app. It provides convenient features for mobile users on the go, adds new sources of income for players and continuously engages our users to increase retention. Features ● Text and Voice Chat ● Cryptocurrency Wallet ● P2P Payments ● Popular Content/News ● Buy and remotely start downloading on PC ● More to be announced 19

THE TECHNOLOGY ULTRA PROTOCOL — BLOCKCHAIN 3.0 Ultra Protocol is based on EOS, the next generation blockchain technology developed by Daniel Larimer, the visionary software engineer behind SteemIt and BitShares blockchains. Our Blockchain Core Features Include ● Supports 11,000 transactions per second ● Expect 100,000+ transactions per second in 2019 Q3 ● No transaction fees required ● Flexibility which allows the freezing and xing of broken smart contracts ● User account protection with recovery mechanism that doesn t require the user to share secret keys ● Capable of inter-blockchain communication ● Eco-friendly low energy consumption Ultra Ethereum Bitcoin Transaction confirmation speed Up to 3 sec Up to 10 min Up to 12 hrs Transaction volume 11,000 / sec 20 / sec 7 / sec Transaction fees 0 USD ~0.5 USD ~5 USD 20

THE TECHNOLOGY OPEN BLOCKCHAIN FRAMEWORK Ultra provides a solution which allows anyone to build and operate their own game distribution platform or virtual goods trading service. These 3rd party services still require Ultra coins to operate and our core platform features, such as multi-level referral programs are enforced across all shops through our blockchain. Ultras o cial clients, as well as 3rd party websites, virtual asset exchanges, and even uno cial Ultra clients. Toolkits to help businesses interact with Ultras blockchain and services (buy content, trade content, upload content, etc). EOS based distributed ledger with Ultras smart contracts operating with Ultra Coins Global hybrid CDN, storing all games and uploading/updating them to client users with virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity Toolkit to help game developers integrate communications with Ultra Protocol (virtual item management and trading). Running game uploaded on Ultra 21

BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY POWERED BY ULTRA COINS (UOS TOKENS) All purchases of games, virtual items, and services on Ultra Games operate through smart contracts which require Ultra Coins, also called UOS Tokens. All features on Ultra such as our loyalty programs, beta testing, bug reporting, trade of digital goods, advertisements etc. work exclusively with UOS Tokens. To get started, users will be required to acquire coins from other users or through our fully transparent credit card and payment gateway solutions. Ultras Blockchain services are designed to be operated in and outside of Ultras o cial clients. This philosophy opens the door to new business and revenue streams for 3rd party actors. In other words, it is possible, through Ultras blockchain protocols and APIs, to purchase and trade games and virtual items through websites, PC and mobile applications that are not operated by Ultra. 22

BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY GAME TOKENIZATION Developers will want to publish content on Ultra in order to gain access to their own token factory. This will allow them to effortlessly materialize their games into a secure crypto token. Ultra Coins can be sold through Ultra and, thanks to the decentralized nature of our tokens, it is also possible to sell them on external marketplaces. By owning a token in Ultras token wallet, users are able to download games and get updates the same way content and updates are downloaded from familiar platforms such as XBOX and Steam. Unique to Ultra, our convenient UI allows developers the freedom to customize the services or rights their token grants to other users. Notable Game Token Customizations Include ● Secondhand market, allowed or not ● Sales revenue split with multi-signature ● Referral program for UOS tokens ● Additional referral program for items ● Game access subscription (World of Warcraft style) ● Monthly game update subscription 23

BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY VIRTUAL ITEM TOKENIZATION Like games, the Ultra platform also makes it possible to tokenize virtual items and sell them through our marketplace or through external marketplaces. Tokens can be con gured by the game developer with the following optional features: ● Consumable: the token is destroyed when used Ex: a health potion ● Item subscription: the token grants access to the item during a set period of time Ex. a 24h double xp boost token ● Secondhand market allowed or not ● Sales revenue split with multi-signature 24

BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY SECONDHAND MARKET Ultra is the rst platform to offer a solution for second-hand games in the mainstream digital games market. Developers can give their secondhand games and virtual items new life and increase their revenue by receiving an additional revenue share from all secondhand resales. Secondhand resale functionality is fully blockchain based, optional and customizable. For example, it is possible to allow resales only after a certain amount of time has passed to avoid cannibalizing launch sales revenue. The Bene ts of the Ultra Secondhand Market are Clear ● Players re-selling their games are able to earn Ultra Coins, allowing them to buy more content ● Players buying second-hand games have access to content that may not have been affordable to them at full retail prices ● Developers capitalize on an additional revenue stream We believe that secondhand games sales managed in this way is a huge opportunity for users and game developers. 25

BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY 2-LEVEL REFERRAL PROGRAM 50% of Ultras share of game sales revenue is redistributed to players and developers that bring new users to the platform. Good for Players Players who invite their friends to the platform will receive Ultra Coins every time their referees purchase content. Good for Developers Game developers are incentivized to direct their marketing efforts towards Ultra to earn an additional revenue stream from their users purchases — even purchases of content from other developers. ● Any Ultra gamer or developer can invite new users to the platform ● 2% of all a referees’ game purchases are shared with their referrer ● Referrers can accumulate an unlimited number of referees ● Referees can, in their turn, also invite new users - earning them 1% ongoing commission. 26

BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY RELIABLE CRYPTOCURRENCY CONTENT PRICING The 14 Million Dollar Pizza In 2010, it was possible to purchase a pizza with 5,000 Bitcoins. If the price of this delicious Italian food never adapted to the market, one of those pizzas today would cost about 30 million dollars. It is safe to assume that nobody would buy pizzas at that price. The 1 Dollar Solution To tackle the UOS Token value uctuations, content providers will con gure the sales prices of their content in USD. Ultra will pull the latest USD value of an Ultra Coin from its internal coin exchange and provide the USD to Ultra Coin conversion rate to smart contracts, in real time. In this way, USD prices set by content providers can be converted in Ultra Coins automatically at purchase time. In Other Words An application that costs $50 will always cost $50; however, the amount of Ultra Coins required to complete the transaction on the blockchain will uctuate according to the latest Ultra Coin market price. 27

TOKEN SUPPLY AND DEMAND HANDLING TRADITIONAL PAYMENT METHODS While Ultras content marketplace will offer both Ultra Coin and classic payment options, all transactions will ultimately be executed using Ultra Coins. Payments via traditional methods like credit card, PayPal, etc. are automatically and transparently converted to Ultra Coins (by purchasing them from coin holders) which are then used to complete the transaction. User uses Ultra coin Ultra coin User buys game Game added in Credit Card Or conversion rates purchased from with Ultra coins player inventory PayPal found on exchanges Ultra coin holders 28

TOKEN SUPPLY AND DEMAND INVESTMENTS Game Development and Acquisition War Chest 5% of all Ultras game sales pro ts will go to Ultras Game Development and Acquisition War Chest. These coins will stay frozen in a smart contract for a period of at least 2 years. Unfrozen War Chest coins will be used to acquire new exclusive games and services for Ultra, bringing even more players to our platform, generating more pro ts, redistributing more coins and consequently increasing the amount of Ultra Coins in the War Chest at each cycle. While this process, in essence, burns away part of our short-term pro t, it ultimately guarantees the healthy growth of both the user base and exclusive games. Coins are released to game studios when they reach their development milestones. Ultra Coins frozen for 2 years Investment in exclusive games Players join platform & purchase content 29

TOKEN SUPPLY AND DEMAND COLLATERAL Collateral For Reclaims 10% of all games sales occurring on Ultra will be frozen for period of 2 months as collateral against refund requests. Ultra will use these funds for veri ed and approved reimbursements. In all other scenarios, the developer will receive his 10% back 2 months after the software sale occurs. 30

TOKEN SUPPLY AND DEMAND PLAYER EARNINGS One of Ultras core user experience philosophies is to provide players with diverse ways to easily and instantly earn Ultra Coins. Opportunities to earn Ultra Coins include ● Referring Players or Devs ● Installing Ultra Go Mobile software ● Participation in Betas ● Installing PC Free-to-play game ● Viewing Ads ● Reporting Bugs ● Trading of Digital Goods ● Writing Reviews ● Participating in our ● Sharing Content on social networks Rewards Program ● Competing in contests Coins earned this week 437 Richer players Trade Beta Test Win Contests More revenue for developers Share Write Reviews Increased player retention 31

TOKEN SUPPLY AND DEMAND REWARDS PROGRAM The rewards program incentivizes users and developers to hold Ultra Coins in their wallets and use the platform as much as possible. With this proof of activity, the blockchain will reward them with free swag. The higher their participation score, the more chances they have to get desirable rewards. We designed 2 separate programs to offer attractive rewards to users and developers. For Users For Developers 1. Scoring 1. Scoring ● Amount of Ultra Coins in Wallet ● Amount of Ultra Coins in wallet ● Duration of tokens held ● Duration of tokens held ● Total spent on Ultra ● Total spent on Ultra ads ● Monthly time played on Ultra ● Total offered to reward program 2. Calculating Reward Probability 2. Calculating Reward Probability 3. Reward 3. Reward ● Free games ● Advertisement credits ● Free in-game items ● Game reduction vouchers ● Platform swag 32

TOKEN SUPPLY AND DEMAND ULTRA MINER Ultra Miner — Our Non-In ationary 1 Button Ultra Coin Mining Solution Ultras blockchain technology doesn t require users to use their GPUs to secure our network. Therefore we are in a position to let them mine other blockchains. With Ultra Miner, our 1 button smart miner application, mined altcoins are sold to purchase Ultra Coins from coin holders to ultimately offer Ultra Coins to our mining users. User presses Ultra Miner nds Ultra sells mined Ultra buys Ultra Mining user Mine button most pro table coins coins from coin receives Ultra coin to mine holders coins Ultra Miner can operate in either Easy Mode (default) or Advanced Mode. Easy Mode is Ultras one button mining solution that takes care of all con guration. Ultra Miner supports multiple mining strategies and is capable of mining different cryptocurrencies. It automatically mines the most pro table coins at any given time. 33

ONBOARDING DEVELOPERS & CONTENT CONTENT ACQUISITION The quantity and the quality of games available on Ultra will de ne the pace at which the platform will grow. With this in mind, we have built a dedicated content acquisition team comprised of veterans with 20+ years of experience in the eld and an extensive network of relationships. 1. Game Development and Acquisition War Chest 5% of all our sales revenue will be systematically frozen during a period of 2 years. These funds will be used to support game developers of all sizes in a range of strategic ways. 2. Established Relationships We are leveraging our game industry relationships to acquire distribution rights for games made by acclaimed developers around the globe. 3. Global Evangelism We will build platform awareness through a broad evangelism program. The program will include participation in game conventions around the world such as GDC, E3, ChinaJoy, GamesCom, G-Star, Tokyo Game Show, etc. 4. Easy Onboarding We have worked hard to minimize porting and integration efforts for game developers by providing feature parity, great documentation, and proactive support. In addition to Ultras universal C++ SDK, we provide ready to use dev kits for leading 3D engines such as Unity3D, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, and Lumberyard. 34

ONBOARDING DEVELOPERS & CONTENT ULTRA GAMES SDK Platform Porting Made Easy Developers love platform SDKs because they can spend more time developing their core application or game features while leaving low-level plumbing like user authentication, Digital Rights Management, microtransactions, messaging, leaderboards, achievements, and so on to other platforms. The Ultra Games SDK will completely close the gap between legacy publishing platforms and Ultra by providing all SDK features available from competing platforms. In this way, porting an application or game from other platforms to Ultra will be easy and effective. Various avors of the SDK will be provided for all popular development environments and 3D engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Lumberyard, HTML5, C#, C++, Frostbite, and more. 35

ONBOARDING DEVELOPERS & CONTENT 5 TACTICS TO BREAK THE MONOPOLY 1. The First Full-Featured Alternative Game Publishing Platform Ultra is the rst platform able to truly compete with Steam by offering feature parity. For the rst time, any game published on Steam can be ported with minimal effort and no compromises. 2. Better Developer Marketing Tools Ultra is designed from the ground up to offer effective marketing tools to promote games in today s crowded marketplace. Ultra comes with a deeply integrated ad toolbox that offers new marketing opportunities tailored for developers. Combined with a modern crowdsourcing approach made possible by our blockchain technology, we achieve a true win-win-win situation. 3. Transparent Business Practices Our trustless business environment is based on blockchain technology and guarantees impossible sales report tampering. Developers don t have to trust platforms owners anymore, our decentralized blockchain network protects them against fraud. Collaborations between developers and publishers will also bene t from Ultras various advanced trustless features. 4. Faster Payouts Today s publishing platforms typically pay out to developers anywhere between 30 to 60 days after sales. Ultra will offer instant sales payouts. This also allows developers to drive sales momentum at launch by reinvesting in marketing campaigns directly from sales — in real-time. 5. Developer-Friendly Practices Ultra offers developers a larger revenue-share, enhanced data analytics and enables them to have a direct relationship with their gamers. 36

ONBOARDING USERS NETWORK EFFECTS We have established a clear user base growth strategy. 1. Exclusivity We will produce exclusive AAA games in partnership with critically acclaimed game developers. By selling attractive content exclusively available on Ultra, users will be incentivized to install our client. 2. Virality Players, Bloggers, Vloggers, and reviewers can earn a sales revenue share by talking about content and linking to its Ultra sales page. This will contribute to the platforms viral growth. 3. Pro tability Developers are organically incentivized to provide Ultra purchasing links on their website and marketing campaigns instead of a competing platform simply because the will earn 50% more sales revenue through Ultra sales. 37

LANDSCAPE GAME DISTRIBUTION PROJECTS Ultra compares as follows to other blockchain based game distribution projects e ch s Ca ys Ab ot tra b e Ro Th Ul Own Protocol Yes No No Proven Game Distribution Tech Yes No No Partially Downloaded Game Launch Yes No No Platform Revenue Share 15% 30% 5% Multi-Level Referral Solution Yes Yes No Customizable Referral Solution Yes No No Open Distribution Platform Yes No No All Transactions Completed with Coins Yes No No Ownership of Games Yes No Yes Ownership of Virtual Items Yes No No Steam SDK Feature Parity Yes No No Ads Platform Yes No No 38

THE TEAM EXECUTIVES Ultras executive team is largely made of renowned video game industry veterans, successful entrepreneurs and in uential IT investors with an impressive track record in both Asia and the West. David Hanson Co-CEO 18 years of experience founding companies and operating in CEO positions including Xiaobawang, a $100+ million USD game console project in partnership with AMD and a video game studio later acquired by Kingsoft (founded by Xiaomi s CEO). Nicolas Gilot Co-CEO Serial entrepreneur and Strategist led $100+ million USD game console project as Xiaobawang s CSO, 1.5x - 3x revenue of multiple game/app projects through his monetization strategy rm (Plants VS Zombie, Highnoon, The Economist, …). Michael Dunn CTO Former CTO of Dell and Time Warner, accomplished technology executive, building the WWW as a member of the W3C and Techstars Mentor. Mike draws from his strong experience and built multiple startups to publicly listed companies. Edward Moalem CSO Game industry legend, Edward has held positions as Senior Director & Manager at both Apple and Google, SVP PR of IGA Worldwide and Double Fusion, he has brokered deals with most of the leading game companies and founded SKYY Vodka! 39

THE TEAM EXECUTIVES Lee O'Donovan CMO Former SVP Marketing and Strategy at Google, launched YouTube across 18 countries. Lee holds a First in Business & Economics from Oxford with proven skills in Marketing, Biz Dev, Partnerships and strategy that he applied in his various executive roles in companies such as Vodafone or BBC. Julien Marron CFO Hands-on Gaming & Entertainment Finance expert with 20+ years experience in high caliber nance positions including CFO for Wargaming America & Europe, International Cost Controller, Headquarter Cost Controlling Manager for Ubisoft and Royalties Manager at EMI. Cristian Rizea Project Manager Used to managing large projects, Cristian is a seasoned game producer with 25+ games produced at Ubisoft, Microsoft and Bandai Namco including Age of Empires 3, The Settlers Online and the Blazing Angels series. Hes also the former CTO of Smartree. 40

THE TEAM ADVISORY BOARD We are honored and very grateful to get the support of these in uential board advisors who constantly provide us with priceless introductions and insights in areas we consider strategic for Ultra. Ritche Corpus Lead Content Advisor AMD s Head of Worldwide Content & Director of SW Alliances. Industry veteran and executive currently managing a worldwide cross-functional team responsible for evangelizing technology, content acquisition, and business development at AMD. Allen Foo China Market Advisor Founder of 2 Chinese Tech funds (UCCVR), hes the former Country Manager of China for Unity3D and a former Director at Microsoft. Allen drove consistent growth through the development of Chinese speci c Go To Market strategies. Alexandre Mironesco Investment Banking & IPO Advisor Seasoned investment banker, Alexandre was among other executive positions, the Managing Director of the Santander Bank, he has a deep experience in market optimization and currently manages a €300m institutional fund to help mid-cap companies go to IPO. 41

THE TEAM EXECUTIVES Ultras executives and advisors have held key positions in the following companies: 42

THE TEAM THE WORKFORCE 42 Full-time collaborators 3 Industry Advisors VISION EXPERTISE ACUMEN COMMITMENT 43

SUMMARY IN CONCLUSION We are building a rst-class PC game publishing platform and protocol that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly by providing new opportunities to game developers, players, and in uencers. The Right Team Collectively, the Ultra team has: ● 150 years of combined experience ● Worked as Executives at companies such as Apple, Dell, Google, Microsoft, Ubisoft and more. The Right Time Steam is the dominating game publishing platform. Developers are experiencing discoverability issues and lower revenues. Players have to deal with an the aging UI/UX with no exciting functionalities which isn t catered for the Chinese market. The Right Product Ultra will: ● Provide access to a wide range of new revenue opportunities ● Give back to Developers +21% more of their sales ● Provide Developers with more effective marketing and business tools ● Enable a rich token economy by powering referral bonuses, digital goods, rewards programs and many more features engaging the players We ve identi ed the problem, we know the current market opportunities, and with our experience and our team, using Blockchain, we have the solution to shape and de ne the industry. Who wouldn't want to be a part of Ultra. 44

DISCLOSURES DISCLAIMER This White Paper has been issued by ULTRA Corporation OÜ (the Company ) on May the 28th, 2018. This White Paper describes the Company s business objectives and the generation by the Company of ULTRA tokens, and may not be complete or nal. The purpose of this White Paper is to provide prospective purchasers with the information on the Company s project to allow the prospective purchasers to make their own decision as to whether or not it wishes to proceed with the purchase of ULTRA tokens. This White Paper is not intended to be an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security or other nancial instruments. The offering of ULTRA token has not been registered, quali ed, or approved under any securities, futures, nancial instruments, capital markets, or exchange control legislation, regulation, or ordinance of any jurisdiction. The Company has taken reasonable care to ensure that, as at the date of this White Paper, the information contained herein is accurate to the best of its knowledge. The information contained in this White Paper may be subject to modi cation, supplementation, and amendment at any time and from time to time. The Company does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this White Paper and the Company has no obligation to update or keep current any information or projections contained herein. The publication of this White Paper and the offering of ULTRA Tokens may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of any person in possession of this White Paper and any persons wishing to make an application for ULTRA Tokens to inform themselves of, and to observe, any and all laws and regulations that may be applicable to them. This White Paper does not contain all material information regarding the risks associated with the purchase of digital tokens. The buying of digital tokens, like the ULTRA tokens, is speculative and involves risks, which you should be understood prior to making your decision to buy. Prospective purchasers should only purchase ULTRA tokens if they can afford a complete loss. Unless prospective purchasers fully understand and accept the nature of and the potential risks inherent in the purchase of ULTRA tokens they should not purchase ULTRA tokens. Prospective purchasers should conduct independent investigations and analysis regarding the Company, the ULTRA tokens and all other market and economic factors as they deem appropriate to fully evaluate the merits and risks of their purchase. Prospective purchasers should consult with its own legal, regulatory, tax, business, nancial and accounting professional advisors to the extent that they deem it necessary. Prospective purchasers must determine based on its own independent review and such professional advice as it deems necessary, if the purchase of the ULTRA tokens is appropriate and suitable for it, notwithstanding the clear and substantial risks inherent with the purchase of ULTRA tokens. The purchase of ULTRA tokens is only possible after the prospective purchaser has read, understood and accepted the terms for the ULTRA token sale (available upon request to the Company). Each prospective purchaser will be required to acknowledge that it made an independent decision to purchase the ULTRA tokens and that it is not relying, in any manner whatsoever, on the Company, its board of directors or any other person or entity (other than such purchaser s own advisers). The Company and its board of directors do not accept any responsibility or liability for any use of this White Paper by any person which is in breach of any local regulatory requirements with regard to the distribution of this White Paper or any applicable rules pertaining to the offer of ULTRA tokens. 45

DISCLOSURES RISK FACTORS This section on risk factors is not and does not purport to be a complete enumeration or explanation of the risks involved with the purchase of ULTRA tokens. There may be additional risks of which the Company is not aware. The following therefore highlights certain risks to which the Company is subject to and which the Company wishes to encourage prospective purchasers of ULTRA tokens to discuss with their own professional advisors. ● Risk of software weaknesses. The ULTRA platform and the underlying technology are still in an early development stage and unproven. There is no warranty that the process for creating the ULTRA Platform will be uninterrupted or error-free and there is an inherent risk that the software could contain weaknesses, vulnerabilities or bugs causing, inter alia, the complete loss of the Tokens. ● Regulatory risk. The blockchain technology allows new forms of interaction and it is possible that certain jurisdictions will apply existing regulations on, or introduce new securities law, tax or other laws or regulations addressing, blockchain technology-based applications and/or the issuance and sale of tokens, which may, inter alia, result in substantial modi cations to the sale of ULTRA tokens and/ or the ULTRA platform, including its termination and the loss of all ULTRA tokens ● Government action. Because of the regulatory uncertainty described above, blockchain activities, including the activities of the Company, may be subject to heightened oversight and scrutiny, including investigations or enforcement actions. All of this could subject the Company to judgments, settlements, nes or penalties or require or cause the Company to restructure its operations and activities, to cease offering certain products or services in one or more jurisdictions or refrain from delivering the ULTRA tokens to certain persons or in certain jurisdictions. ● Risk of abandonment/lack of success. The creation of the ULTRA tokens and the development of the ULTRA platform may be abandoned for a number of reasons, including lack of interest from the public, lack of funding, lack of commercial success or prospects (e.g. caused by competing projects). Also, even if the ULTRA platform is partially or fully developed and launched, there is no assurance for its future users to use and access the ULTRA platform as anticipated. ● Risk associated with other applications. It is possible that alternative platforms and businesses could be established that utilize the same open source code and protocol underlying the ULTRA platform. The ULTRA platform may compete with these alternative platforms and businesses, which could negatively impact the adoption of the ULTRA platform and the ULTRA tokens. In addition, the ULTRA platform may give rise to other, alternative projects, promoted by una liated third parties, under which the ULTRA tokens will have reduced, or potentially no, intrinsic value. There is a risk that the Company or its representatives, or other third parties may intentionally or unintentionally introduce weaknesses or bugs into the core infrastructural elements of the ULTRA platform interfering with the use of, or causing the loss of, the ULTRA tokens. ● Risk of theft. The smart contract used to generate the Tokens and the underlying software application may be exposed to attacks by hackers or other individuals including, but not limited to, malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, Sybil attacks, smur ng and spoo ng. Any such successful attacks could result in theft or loss of payments made to the Company and/or the ULTRA tokens, adversely impacting the ability to use or develop the ULTRA platform and derive any usage or functionality from the ULTRA tokens. 46

DISCLOSURES RISK FACTORS ● ULTRA/Other Blockchain Mining Attacks: As with other cryptocurrencies, the blockchain being used for the ULTRA tokens is susceptible to mining attacks, including but not limited to double-spend attacks, majority mining power attacks, sel sh-mining attacks, and race condition attacks. Any successful attacks present a risk to the ULTRA tokens and the ULTRA platform, expected proper execution and sequencing of token transactions, and expected proper execution and sequencing of contract computations. ● Development Risk: The timing for issuing the ULTRA tokens and for completing various steps in the implementation of the ULTRA platform are set forth in this Whitepaper. However, there is no assurance that the Company will meet those target dates. The ULTRA platform operationality may be limited at the time of the ULTRA tokens delivery date and not all of the anticipated operational features intended for the ULTRA platform may be functioning at that time. The ULTRA platform will still be subject to ongoing development and could undergo signi cant changes over time. In addition, because the development of the ULTRA platform may be depended on third parties, the Company may have limited control over future ULTRA tokens functionality or in assuring the ongoing operation and performance of the ULTRA platform. ● No Liquidity: ULTRA tokens are not intended for investment purposes. ULTRA tokens holders may not be able to sell, transfer or trade its unused ULTRA tokens to any other party. ULTRA tokens are intended to be used only in connection with the ULTRA platform. There may never be a secondary market for the ULTRA tokens. ULTRA tokens may be subject to signi cant transfer restrictions as a result of actions taken by the Company or by government regulators. ● Early Stage Companies: The Company is a start-up and has no operating history against which purchasers of the ULTRA tokens may consider the appropriateness of purchasing the ULTRA tokens. Many risks and uncertainties affect start-up and early-stage companies, which often have very limited operating history, pro ts or cash ow. There can be no assurance of the success of such enterprises. Their potential must be considered in light of the problems, expenses, di culties, complications, and delays frequently encountered in connection with new or developing businesses, including technology risks, unproven business models, untested plans, uncertain market acceptance, competition and lack of revenues and nancing. The technological elds and markets that many start-ups and early-stage companies address have undergone and are expected to continue to undergo rapid and signi cant change. Rapid technological developments may result in the technology of companies becoming obsolete, uneconomical or uncompetitive before any commercial success or nancial return can be achieved. Numerous other risks may affect developing companies and ventures, including risks that products or services will be found to be ineffective, unreliable, unsafe or uncompetitive and risks that such companies technologies, products or service will not achieve market acceptance or penetration. Market acceptance of new products, services or technologies depends on many factors and uncertainties and cannot be assured. Startup and early-stage companies may compete with entities that have established businesses, relationships and positions in the market and that have much more substantial nancial, business, technological, marketing and distribution assets, operations and resources. There can be no assurance that any developing company will be able to compete successfully with more established companies. These companies may be overly dependent on the vision, skill, and leadership of a single or limited number of executives. In a startup business, the loss or disability of a key person(s) can result in signi cant nancial hardship, in some cases the failure of the company. More than other businesses, start-ups are highly dependent on the skills and contributions of very few key employees. 47

DISCLOSURES RISK FACTORS Any projections, forecasts, plans or other forward-looking statements are subject to numerous risks, uncertainties, changing circumstances and other factors that could cause actual results, performance, plans, prospects, operations and opportunities to differ materially from any forward-looking statements, including competition, inability to identify and do business with appropriate customers, existing and future law and regulations, liabilities under the securities laws, inability to hire, retain or qualify su cient management and staff, general economic conditions, rapid technological change, cost overruns, delays in bringing products or services to market, marketing failures, di culty in penetrating markets, delays or failures in developing anticipated capabilities, products or services, failure to obtain necessary regulatory approvals, insu cient funding, lack of availability of capital, rates of economic growth, levels of consumer and business spending, conditions in the technology and nancial industries, dependence on strategic partners and business relationships, unproven business models, adverse developments affecting customers and end-users, uctuations in securities markets and valuations, limited marketing, expansion risks, losses and costs, uncertain revenues and pro tability, conditions in particular industries, accounting problems, costs, delays and liabilities arising from legal proceedings, failure to obtain and maintain intellectual property or proprietary rights and management failures. 48

The Future of Digital Games Distribution [email protected] This Whitepaper does not describe everything about ULTRA for con dentiality. Ensure you rst read the disclaimer and risk factors at the end of the document to fully understand the purpose, status, and limitations of this Whitepaper.