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Friday, February 14, 2020
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EXMR FDN. Integrating developers for a better future for the crypto world! Content 1. Legal Disclaimer 2. Overview 3. Advantages 4. Introduction 5. Mission 6. Vision 7. The Problem 8. The Solution 9. Technical Information 10. EXMR FDN. 11. Value for Holders 12. Achievements 13. Roadmap 14. Getcryptopayments 15. Conclusion 16. Final Provision 17. Contact us 18. Social Media 19. References 2

1. LEGAL DISCLAIMER This document does not constitute an offer of sale or a request for an offer to purchase or a guarantee in any jurisdiction in which it is illegal to make such an offer or request according to the guidelines of La Suiza FINMA, the securities of the United States and the SEC. The statements, estimates and financial information contained in this document constitute statements or information. Such statements or information are related to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from the estimates or results expressed in such implied or prospective statements. The information contained in this document may be used in the course of written or verbal communication with existing and potential community members, partners, etc. In the course of the information, the content may change during the evolution of the EXMR FDN. project. The information contained below may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. Its sole purpose is to provide relevant and reasonable information to the holders of possible tokens so that they can carry out a thorough analysis of the company with the intention of acquiring their EXMR FDN. This document is the official document in English, which is the official source of information about the EXMR FDN. The accuracy of the White Paper in English, the provisions of the original document in English will prevail. 2. OVERVIEW The purpose of this document is to present the EXMR FDN project. EXMR offers potential holders the power to acquire their tokens created within a smart-contract. EXMR FDN. is an ERC20 Standard token, based on the interface of the Ethereum blockchain. 3. ADVANTAGES Our growing community accepts Ethereum technology, because it is one of the best platforms that maintain a constant technological advance, offering speed and security in transactions, the advantage of obtaining an EXMR FDN., in addition to its great project, is because you will have the absolute and complete control of your transactions. 3

All these advantages of being under the Ethereum ecosystem, accompanied by the EXMR FDN. the contract that aims to encourage purchases and sales online through the main cryptocurrencies, visualize a great future for EXMR FDN., which will become one of the most requested crypts for their usefulness and benefits. Thanks to EXMR FDN Token, many people around the world will have a unique opportunity to work, develop and buy products on GetCryptoPayments. The EXMR FDN. GetCryptoPayments project will offer the possibility for people to buy goods and services in online stores, as well as making cryptographic payments in person through the Point of Sales (POS) system. It is important to keep in mind that EXMR FDN. is not controlled by a central organization, this refers that there is not a single agent with the power to modify the rules of the shareholders or the economy of the token, if not that it works under a consensus in each movement. 4. INTRODUCTION We have an EXMR FDN. ERC20 token, which works faster and more secure in terms of speed and transfer, Blockchain is an alternative for people to change towards a promising technology. EXMR FDN. is presented as an ambitious project with a value that will increase steadily with time, support and vanguard, represented by its payment gateway and fiat service GetCryptoPayments, an ecosystem that guarantees the immortality of EXMR FDN. 5. MISSION EXMR FDN brings a revolutionary way for people to get access to transactions opportunities using blockchain technology to allow for the fast, efficient and secure transfer of funds. By combining the potential with the borderless transaction capabilities of cryptocurrencies we want to build an authentic and genuine marketplace experience for the Sellers and Buyers that caters to the modern lifestyle. Our mission is to create a revolution in the market around EXMR FDN. This will allow each user of online stores to participate in GetCryptoPayments. A large number of users will give the Platform the opportunity to actively develop and grow. Our system of payment gateway and fiat service will allow EXMR FDN. to obtain wide recognition, if we add the fact that EXMR FDN. has a limited edition of 75 million units, and that it has the support of a large community that is constant, in addition to the Overlord program that will generate holders thousands of EXMR FDN. plus other benefits of the GetCryptoPayments platform, this will make EXMR FDN. stronger every day. 4

6. VISION One of our main goals is to create a convenient stable and popular platform that allows you to search for buyers/sellers, buy or sell any goods. EXMR FDN will become a tool available to all Platform members wishing to grow their business or buy quality goods from verified sellers. Thus, we are confident that the ecosystem that is being created around EXMR FDN. is promising since the objective is that people to navigate through a virtual store can see the option to acquire their goods or service through EXMR FDN. 7. THE PROBLEM Every day, sellers and buyers who use online stores and other online trading platforms are faced with many problems. Unreliable transactions, fraud, dishonesty of the counterparty, etc. EXMR FDN can solve many user problems. But, we must not forget that in the cryptocurrency market there are problems that participants face. In the cryptocurrency market, the main problems are the misuse of many dark sectors, both in laundering and in terrorism. 8. THE SOLUTION EXMR FDN. aims to be the difference by offering commercial use, to be accepted by all countries. New people who join the Blockchain technology and who access cryptocurrencies without knowledge, buying and selling in exchanges, will find in EXMR FDN. a low-risk token, which aims to be a reference or gateway for new people. Any business in carrying out operations needs to receive the following privileges: • Speed; • Convenience; • Transparency; • Low operating costs; • Security and control over transactions. Our motive is to encourage online crypto payments and Fiat service with our GetCryptoPayments, better confidence towards the tokens and all the cryptocurrencies at the same time. That now a number of stores and online merchants may receive payments in EXMR FDN. with zero costs of rate and other cryptocurrencies with low rates. GetCryptoPayments is creating an opportunity for cryptocurrencies by bringing them to everyday use. 5

9. TECHNICAL INFORMATION • Why we select Ethereum Blockchain ? The blockchain of the Ethereum has a high technological level, it works very similar to Bitcoin, but above all the most important thing the blockchain consists of a series of blocks and each block contains a pointer to the previous block and an ordered list of operations. Blocks are secured by the proof of work, with a "long chain" (as defined by the total difficulty) by defining the set of committed transactions and order that must be processed. To get to the "current state" of the Ethereum blockchain, a node can start from the State of "genesis" (a common initial state that is included with each client from Ethereum) and process each transaction, any balance/sequence resulting from the application number code storage changes sequentially processing and code of execution of the transaction. The same process occurs in Bitcoin; Although Ethereum’ s emphasis on "transition state" of the execution of the transaction model is unique (for example, in Bitcoin, a transaction often philosophical is seen as an expense "outputs" from a previous operation in history, not in objects in the State), the way it works the code Ethereum, Bitcoin and other protocols such as Ripple, Dogecoin, etc., is essentially the same. 10. EXMR FDN. EXMR FDN. is replacing EXMR was created the last October 2017. EXMR FDN. believes that up to 75 million this means an increase in our community. Name: EXMR FDN. Symbol: EXMR Decimal: 18 Contract: 0x331fA6C97c64e47475164b9fC8143b533c5eF529 Total Supply: 18 million Maximum Supply: 75 million 6

11. VALUE FOR HOLDERS Several factors determine the value for EXMR FDN holders. First - EXMR FDN. with a staking and developer bounty of 59 million EXMR FDN, estimated to reach in a short time an important utility, by the natural demand of EXMR FDN., creating this increase in the value of EXMR FDN. from the creation of important Dapp’s by the developer’s community. Secondly, EXMR FDN has no analogues providing comfortable words both for business and for ordinary buyers who purchase goods from an online trading platform. Thirdly, in the future it is planned to develop and increase the capabilities of the Platform. This, of course, is of interest to all users of the Platform and EXMR FDN token. 12. ACHIEVEMENTS We are actively working not only on the development of Platform and Token, but also on expanding our influence in social networks. Over the past months, we have significantly increased our audience in world-famous social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.) We have built a community that is very strong, managing to create popularity, within the first year obtained more than 3k followers on Twitter, 12K on Facebook, etc., more than 10K members are connected now to EXMR FDN. in all Telegrams groups. 7

13. ROADMAP . 8

14. GETCRYPTOPAYMENTS Meet our project: EXMR FDN is created primarily for operation in GetCryptoPayments. EXMR FDN., is the official token of GetCryptoPayments®, this payment gateway will be presented in the month of July in its alpha version, its main function will be to integrate a wide universe of Tokens and Coins, so that now both merchants online as local, can receive payments in most crypto coins safely, quickly and with a low fee. How will it work? All operations with EXMR FDN Token are carried out by Members exclusively within the Platform. This is necessary to ensure the security and transparency of transactions, as well as the fight against crime and corruption. Any actions of Members and Sellers are governed by the rules of the Platform. So, the interaction of the parties on the basis of the Platform is carried out through EXMR FDN Token. The Platform token acts as a unit of exchange. EXMR FDN. will be the official token that means the system of voting and payments to list each Token or Coin will be through EXMR FDN., besides that the payments received online or in local stores with EXMR FDN. will have Zero fees, only the cost of gas. What benefit will the merchants have in receiving their payments with EXMR FDN.? They will be able to swap EXMR FDN. to ETH, only with the cost of gas, without an additional fee. Where do these revenues come from? For the following fee concepts: by the transaction, by listing, by votes, by the swap, by receiving online and local payments, by placing and promoting your store in the first positions within the platform, etc... GetCryptoPayments is a well-conceived and complete ecosystem. You can find the project online https//GetCryptoPayments.com EXMR FDN. is the only one in this type that will share and distribute its benefits to holders of EXMR FDN. 9

15. CONCLUSION EXMR FDN. has only 75 million Maximum supply and is compatible with the Ethereum platform that provides in the world of encryption, with the new blockchain technology that we are integrating the ERC-20 and our EXMR FDN. is now faster. Our main proposal is to cover several fundamental aspects: Security, lower-cost transactions, speed and our business prototype an online payment gateway and Fiat services, a point of sales (POS), multiple wallets, and a global expansion of our project. A macro exposition and the unlimited use of the crypto world will make EXMR FDN. reach different countries around the world so that everyone can use our online services. Now everything is changing, the old technology has always been replaced by the new one, and remember that the new technology provides a new opportunity for everyone, so be part of it. 16. FINAL PROVISIONS This white paper is available in several languages. The information contained herein may from time to time be translated into other languages or used in the process of written or oral communication with potential EXMR FDN Token holders. During such translation or editing, part of the information contained in this document may be lost, damaged or distorted. The accuracy of such alternative versions of WhitePaper cannot be guaranteed. In the event of a conflict between the original version of WhitePaper in English and its alternative versions in other languages, the English version of WhitePaper shall prevail. 17. CONTACT US [email protected] OFFICIAL WEBSITE 18. SOCIAL MEDIA TELEGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK REDDIT MEDIUM INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE LINKEDIN DISCORD SLACK GETCRYPTOPAYMENTS GITHUB 19. REFERENCES https://www.ethnews.com/ethereums-road-map-for-2017 https://www.ethereum.org/learn/#eth-2-0 10