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Friday, February 14, 2020
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Executive Summary An attention-based marketing ecosystem that employs blockchain & cryptocurrency to maintain privacy AMARK is a platform that solves three key problems: Marketing offers and attention data profiles are linked only to blockchain wallet addresses rather than to • Local marketing inefficiency from the inability to capture customer attention consumers. Cryptocurrency is the ONLY viable way to privately compensate a consumer for their attention as • The need to collect personal data by marketing solutions other digital payment methods expose the identity of the payee. If an individual consumer receiving an attention • Poor consumer and merchant adoption of cryptocurrency payment was identifiable via the payment method, then all response and preference data could be easily tied back to that individual, thereby compromising the individual’s data privacy. Efficient Local Marketing AMARK began development in 2017 with the goal of improving local marketing efficiency through the AMARK has adopted General Attention Currency [ XAC ] to facilitate private attention payments to application of attention resource economics and consumer preference indexing. Attention resource consumers. XAC can be used to purchase goods and services at any AMARK participating business. economics properly treats attention as a finite resource and when applied to local marketing, allows A Trojan Horse for Crypto Adoption businesses to capture verifiable consumer attention by offering direct compensation for it. AMARK uses Cryptocurrency as a payment method for in-store purchases has not gained significant traction. For consumers, marketing response data to understand consumer preferences and accurately measure the value of there is little incentive to buy crypto from exchanges and then use it to make in-store purchases when there are individual consumer attention. Consumers are delivered targeted advertising through AMARK and many other payment methods readily available. For merchants, there are too few consumers making payments compensated for their attention to these offers at a rate that corresponds to their expected future with crypto to warrant the additional setup needed to accept it and convert it to fiat. AMARK eliminates these purchases at aligned businesses. AMARK local marketing efficiency improvements are realized through hurdles to adoption by changing how consumers and merchants interact with marketing. Merchants will join achieving verifiable attention, improved attention quality, data-based consumer targeting and effective AMARK to benefit from a superior marketing system that improves profitability. The activation of AMARK allows distribution. merchants to purchase XAC through the attention marketing system and distribute it to consumers via targeted Blockchain - Ending Personal Data Collection advertisements. Consumers receive XAC payments in exchange for their attention to these offers, bypassing the The consumer pushback against intrusive data collection and resulting governmental privacy regulations need to secure crypto through an exchange. Once merchants activate the marketing system, XAC is accepted created a need for data-based marketing solutions that ensure consumer privacy. In response, AMARK natively through in-store terminals without additional setup. adopted blockchain and cryptocurrency as tools to eliminate ANY need for the collection of personally In our view, a pivot of the local advertising model to attention resource economics will lead to identifiable information. AMARK uses public blockchain data, overlaid with merchant data, to identify widespread adoption of cryptocurrency by both merchants and consumers. consumer preferences, understand local trends and set a value for consumer attention. “AMARK rejects the premise that personally identifiable information must be used to effectively target advertising and is challenging that assumption with a marketing platform that enforces privacy by design.”

Introducing AMARK AMARK is a marketing platform that creates regionally-based attention ecosystems between consumers and businesses. These connected ecosystems eliminate intermediaries from local marketing while bypassing payment gateways. CRYPTOCURRENCY ADOPTION CONSUMER MERCHANT ATTENTION ACCEPTANCE MARKETING

1. Local marketing inefficiency from the inability to capture customer attention The REAL problems 2. The need to collect personal data by AMARK is solving marketing solutions 3. Poor consumer and merchant adoption of cryptocurrency

Legacy Marketplace Incumbent solutions are costly and fail to deliver acceptable returns Ineffective Budgets Significant Costs Local retailers spend approximately $340 The average Groupon “50% off” offer, billion annually on advertising with a coupled with service fees, often result in BUSINESSES DEALS a 70% cost of sale for local businesses. majority toward legacy platforms. Compounding costs is the inability to exclude existing customers from these aggressively priced deal promotions. Blanket Marketing Customer Acquisition MEDIA CUSTOMERS Through today’s solutions, single first Print, TV and Radio are very inefficient at identifying and targeting consumers time customer acquisition costs are which leads to excess costs associated approximately $28 per customer with with mass distribution. only 1 in 5 first time visits developing into a repeat customer.

Data Privacy Online media companies harvest personal data and manage large servers full of personal details Today’s marketing solutions build advertising profiles based on your location, gender, age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship status and income. AMARK rejects the premise that personally identifiable information must be used to effectively target advertising and is challenging that assumption with a marketing platform that enforces privacy by design. • No personally identifiable information is ever requested or needed. Name, age, gender, race and occupation are never collected or Other Platforms Collect analyzed. Personal Data • All consumer preference data is tied only to blockchain attention addresses and learned from blockchain and connection analysis. • Consumers can disassociate from all preference data by generating and replacing their blockchain wallet. • AMARK is a GDPR compliant system.

Trojan Horse for Crypto AMARK will function as an engine for adoption and usefulness of the XAC currency Cryptocurrency has a retail adoption problem Merchants Consumers • Little incentive for local businesses to accept cryptocurrency for • Little incentive for consumers to purchase cryptocurrency off goods and services as crypto is still not held by enough exchanges and then use it as a payment vehicle for goods consumers. and services. • For many businesses it is currently too complicated to accept • Low acceptance by local merchants and other payment crypto in-store and then convert it to fiat currency. methods are easily available. AMARK solves the crypto adoption problem with built-in adoption hooks • Merchants will use AMARK because it offers a superior marketing • Consumers will join AMARK through local businesses to earn system over incumbent solutions. It builds consumer frequency, rewards in exchange for their attention. retention and profitability while introducing an innovative no-risk fee model based solely on in-store transactions sent by AMARK. • Attention Value is paid in XAC and consumers will use it as payment for goods and services across all AMARK • AMARK’s underlying technology automatically accepts XAC businesses. payments for goods and services as a core feature within the marketing platform. AMARK: The first ecosystem where merchants purchase the commodity of attention from consumers in exchange for their business

How does the AMARK Sources quality marketing data without personally identifiable information platform work?

In-Store Technology AMARK adopts proven ONLINE advertising capabilities and creates an equivalent for physical businesses The platform uses public blockchain data, overlaid with merchant data, to identify consumer preferences and compensate consumers for their attention. In-Store Registration Remarketing Offer 01 AMARK hardware interacts with the consumer 03 When connected consumers leave the mobile wallet application when users visit a business they are offered an incentive to physical business. return based on their individual visit patterns. Connection Offer Acquisition Offer 02 The AMARK wallet auto-generates an opt-in 04 Incentives based on regional patterns and connection offer from mobile device interaction individual preference data are offered to with the in-store registration system. consumers. These incentives are designed to drive consumers to new AMARK businesses.

Remarketing AMARK efficiently incentivizes consumers to return to physical businesses Relationships Opportunities Merchants invite consumers to Over time, the remarketing tool connect with them via AMARK. This learns and defines the most creates a link between consumers efficient incentive needed to and their in-store interactions. motivate a consumer to return. Environments Dynamics The system leverages in-store The system sends accruing hardware to determine the SUCCESS FORMULA small incentives to connected optimal delivery of location Identify Attention Value: customers. These offers are based offers. Why offer a consumer $8 when dynamically generated based $3 is enough to get them back on consumer behavior and to the business? traffic patterns.

Attention Value Index (AVI) AMARK analyzes actions associated with blockchain wallet addresses to calculate attention value Response Rate 42% 79% 47% 93% 100% High or low response rates to acquisition ads impact AVI. 75% Repeat Purchases Repeat redemptions at AMARK 50% AVI SCORE businesses are considered high-value actions. 261 Purchase Value 25% AVI = 700 High or low transaction totals spent at ATTENTION VALUE INDEX AMARK businesses is an indicator of 0% consumer buying power. PERFORMANCE Consumer Confidence LEVEL RESPONSE REPEAT PURCHASE CONSUMER Takes into consideration the length RATE PURCHASES VALUE CONFIDENCE of time using the AMARK platform MARKETING RESPONSE DATA ASSOCIATED WITH A SINGLE BLOCKCHAIN WALLET ADDRESS and consistency of response.

Consumer Acquisition AMARK takes the money businesses overspend on marketing intermediaries and directs it to the consumer instead Attention Targeting Viable Incentives Individual preference profiles and marketing response data are 01 02 Acquisition offers are dynamically created for each consumer based on represented by the Attention Value TARGETED OFFER their respective AVI score and alignment Index (AVI) and used to deliver to the business. These incentives are highly viable incentive-based offers. customized to achieve maximum in- store conversion. XAC Attention & Redemption Rewards 03 Consumers are paid XAC for the attention they give to each acquisition offer and further compensated on in-store redemption of the offer.

Offer Calculus AMARK evaluates business related metrics against the AVI score to determine the optimal incentive to distribute Dustin’s Steakhouse Business Quality $7 In-Store Discount 2 XAC Attention Award (earned for selecting the offer) 6.20 XAC Redemption Award (earned for redeeming an offer in-store) Regional Patterns Bill’s Auto Wash Business Alignment $4 In-Store Discount .25 XAC Attention Award (earned for your attention) Attention Value Index 3.70 XAC Redemption Award (earned for redeeming an offer in-store) Matt’s Clothing Store $2 In-Store Discount .25 XAC Attention Award (earned for your attention) 5.15 XAC Redemption Award Consumer is ONLY able to select (earned for redeeming an offer in-store) 1 of 3 offers presented

“Over 1,000 Crypto Projects Many projects were based on unrealistic ideas, poor Failed in 2018” business models, greed or a failure to execute. Source: EWN 6.30.18

AMARK is REAL The marketing platform is built, tested and ready for launch in 2020 Why will businesses join AMARK? Real Innovation • No startup fees and payment terminals are provided by AMARK at no cost. Many projects launched a token or coin and • Simple learning curve with virtually no merchant training necessary. claimed a broad vision absent of truly • No subscription fees and no cost to the merchant until AMARK delivers a executable paths. These projects focused on completed sale. crypto speculators versus REAL solutions. • The efficiency of the AMARK system allows the fees charged to merchants to be far lower than current solutions. • Current solutions are 3 to 7 times more expensive than AMARK. Why will consumers join AMARK? Why will businesses invite their customers to join? • Consumers will sign up to receive rewards from their • AMARK provides an AI based remarketing tool that allows a merchant to efficiently favorite local businesses. increase the frequency of their customer visits. Frequency improvements from a • In-Store discounts, XAC redemption and attention current customer base can have significant effects on margin for a merchant. rewards combine to offer significant value. • The remarketing tool is free to merchants and offers customers a significant amount • The first time customer onboard is a simple process. The of value in exchange for their attention. entire process can be completed within 60 seconds. • A merchant adding customers to AMARK blocks competing businesses from reaching their customers.

AMARK is focused on Crypto payments, settlements and discount execution and believes it redemptions have been successfully tested with real has a winning formula merchants and consumers.

Roadmap The AMARK plan is in motion and on track for full market rollout in 2020 Platform Launch • In-market rollout of remarking system PHASE 1 • Initial businesses to add customers • Collection of preference data begins • Promotion of system in target markets PHASE 2 Attention Marketing Starts • Attention based marketing begins in rollout areas • Consumer base expansion via merchant invites Go-To-Market Accelerates PHASE 3 • Scale sales pressure in markets • Expansion of addressable markets • Start of franchise and affiliate programs

Distributed Scale AMARK will execute significant on-the-ground sales force pressure in simultaneous markets Affiliate & Franchise Network Development AMARK network growth teams will focus on clustered expansion to ensure optimal business density in each of its local markets. This approach is supported by early consumer testing that showed incremental transaction lift in areas of high business concentration. Operational Infrastructure & Global Reach • Development of core operational and support processes • Training systems and materials to support global rollout • Marketing strategy and repeatable go-to-market plan • Supply chain and logistics support across contiguous markets • Global franchise administration

Capital Efficiency The team is comprised of experienced professionals who approach AMARK with sound business fundamentals Efficient and relevant technology built around effective people, operational excellence & TECHNOLOGY complimentary experimentation Investing in people to execute the vision and build a REAL business PEOPLE Aligning responsibilities and resources to create a top performing dynamic OPERATIONS organization Experimenting and testing assumptions to foster innovation and challenge a diversity of ideas to drive FLYWHEEL optimal gains

AMARK will use XAC The XAC protocol rules are as a retail currency consistent with growing the AMARK ecosystem. within the ecosystem

Why Blockchain? An innovation that balances business requirements for data-based marketing with consumer requirements for data privacy There is a massive profit motive behind personal data collection for marketing companies like Google and Facebook. These companies source demographic and personal interest data from individuals to better target advertising and drive ROI for their customers. The collection of personal information will continue to accelerate in the absence of an effective alternative since it has proven to offer advertisers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. A major flaw in this method of marketing is that the marketer’s demand for personal information remains out of balance with the consumer’s demand for privacy. Blockchain enables private data-based marketing. AMARK has created an implementation of attention resource economics uniquely dependent on blockchain and cryptocurrency to efficiently target advertising while maintaining the privacy of consumers. The platform links consumer attention value, represented by blockchain wallet addresses, with direct payments to consumers in exchange for their attention. Cryptocurrency offers the ONLY viable way to privately compensate a consumer for their attention as other digital payment methods expose the identity of the payee. If an individual consumer receiving an attention payment was identifiable via the payment method, then all response and preference data could easily be tied back to that individual, thereby compromising the individual’s data privacy. When applied to local marketing, the innovations of blockchain and cryptocurrency restores a balance between efficient data-marketing and consumer privacy.

General Attention Currency [ XAC ] A decentralized point of sale focused cryptocurrency developed by the General Retail Currency Foundation Token to Coin XAC General Use XAC will initially be distributed as a token on the Ethereum blockchain. The Through AMARK, the XAC currency will achieve wide distribution to consumers and Ethereum token will be used by AMARK as a platform currency while the concentrated merchant acceptance. This adoption will increase the usefulness of XAC blockchain protocol development is completed. XAC as a general currency. The protocol will be developed with on-chain and off- chain transaction scaling capabilities to accommodate the additional use of XAC. XAC Blockchain XAC Specifications The XAC blockchain is designed to function as an effective point of sale • 150 million coins • Stake Rate: 2% annually payment solution while allowing for economic rules that result in value • Consensus through proof-of-stake • Blocktime <1 minute retention through supply scaling.

XAC Attention Addresses Attention addresses link consumer data and align incentives Attention Addresses are linked to AMARK consumer data and have specific rules enforced by the XAC protocol. Two Key Functions of Attention Addresses XAC-Lock XAC-Burn XAC-Lock is a feature that encourages continued consumer engagement with XAC-Burn is enforced at the protocol level. All transfers to Attention AMARK. The XAC sent to Attention Addresses is initially locked and becomes Addresses require 5% of the XAC transferred to be burned. The XAC- available after a maturation period. The XAC attention awards paid to consumers Burn feature is designed to align interests between merchants and continually matures into availability as new XAC is earned from ongoing attention consumers in the AMARK ecosystem. Anytime merchants use the AMARK marketing. This process encourages engagement with AMARK as attention wallets platform for marketing, they are supporting the value of the XAC will rarely have a zero XAC balance, giving consumers a consistent flow of value to currency as protocol rules enforces a 5% burn. As such, merchants are spend within the ecosystem. effectively scaling the supply of XAC to match the demand from the ecosystem. This supply-side scaling mechanism will offset new coins introduced through block rewards and pressure the price of XAC to an equilibrium reflective of demand from the ecosystem.

Why not use Bitcoin? AMARK participants benefit as the value of XAC correlates with the growth of AMARK attention ecosystems XAC has economic rules to allow the value of XAC to be supported by the demand generated from the AMARK ecosystem. 01 03 BTC Concentration XAC Demand BTC Speculation Price Discovery The high concentration of bitcoin AMARK expects to quickly build Demand for BTC is largely speculative The XAC price is supported by the ownership is a risk to the value of BTC fundamental demand for XAC through resulting in significant price swings participation of consumers and and therefore presents a risk to regional ecosystems resulting in wide which would negatively impact the merchants in the AMARK ecosystem the AMARK ecosystem. distribution of the XAC currency. attention ecosystems. rather than correlated to the general crypto market. 02 04

A Complete System AMARK & XAC combine to deliver an industry-disrupting attention marketing ecosystem Real Innovation Executable Path Forward Trojan Horse For Crypto XAC Price Balancing AMARK takes public blockchain data, AMARK network growth teams will The first ecosystem where Attention Addresses will correlate overlaid with merchant data, to focus on clustered expansion to merchants use crypto to purchase XAC supply and value to the demand identify consumer preferences, ensure optimal business density in the commodity of attention from of the AMARK ecosystem. All rules understand local trends and set a each local market as supported by consumers in exchange for their are enforced at the XAC protocol value for consumer attention. early testing. business. level.