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Friday, February 14, 2020
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Contents Executive Summary ...........................................................................................................3 Introduction.........................................................................................................................4 The Current ITO Market ........................................................................................ 5 Current Contributor Behaviours .................................................................................... 5 Not All Help Is Good Help................................................................................................ 5 You Can Succeed—And We Can Help! .......................................................................... 6 Levolution Platform Description......................................................................................7 What is the Levolution Platform? .................................................................................... 7 Pre-Showcasing Audit ...................................................................................................... 9 The Campaign Builder...................................................................................................... 9 Campaign Manager ........................................................................................................ 10 Service Provider Marketplace ........................................................................................ 11 Participant Acquisition ....................................................................................................13 Custodial Service .............................................................................................................13 Levolution Advisory Services .........................................................................................13 Intra-ITO Fund Management ......................................................................................... 15 Post-ITO Services ............................................................................................................ 15 Technical Information ..................................................................................................... 16 Underlying Software ....................................................................................................... 16 Levolution Platform Infrastructure ............................................................................... 19 User Interaction with the Levolution Platform........................................................... 24 Project Economics And Token Sale ............................................................................. 27 The Token’s Utility ..........................................................................................................27 LEVL Token Usage on the Levolution Platform ........................................................27 The LEVL Token Technical Framework .......................................................................29 Token sale .........................................................................................................................30 Token allocation ..............................................................................................................32 Roadmap .......................................................................................................................... 33 Team and Advisors ......................................................................................................... 34 Team ..................................................................................................................................34 Advisors ............................................................................................................................38 Legal .................................................................................................................................. 40 LEVOLUTION 2

IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ THIS SECTION (AND THE WHITEPAPER GENERALLY) CAREFULLY. YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR LEGAL, FINANCIAL, TAX, AND OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR(S) BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION IN CONNECTION WITH THIS WHITE PAPER. This White Paper is intended to present relevant information to potential purchasers (Purchasers) in connection with the proposed generation and sale (together, the Token Generation) of cryptographic ERC-223 tokens with the symbol “LEVL” (Tokens) by Levl Token Ltd, an exempted company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of Cayman Islands (the “Token Generator” or “we” or “us”), including information about the smart contract connected to the Tokens (“Token Smart Contract”) and proposed software platform (the “Levolution Platform”) to be operated by a licensee (the “Platform Operator”). 1.1 Reliance The Tokens are offered by the Token Generator solely on the basis of the information contained in this White Paper and the terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of Tokens accessible at [insert hyperlink to Terms and Conditions of Sale] (the “Terms and Conditions”). In the event of any inconsistencies between the Terms and Conditions and this White Paper, the former shall prevail. Potential Purchasers should disregard, and not rely upon, any other information or representations given or made by any dealer, broker or other person. No person is authorized to give any information or to make any representations in connection with the offering of Tokens apart from those contained in this White Paper. A potential Purchaser to whom such information or representations are given or made must not rely on them as having been authorized by the Token Generator. Statements in this White Paper are based on the law and practice in the Cayman Islands current at the date it was issued. Those statements are therefore subject to change should that law or practice change. Under no circumstance does the delivery of this White Paper or the sale of Tokens imply or represent that the affairs of the Token Generator have not changed since the date of this White Paper. 1.2 Purchaser Responsibility Nothing contained in this White Paper is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance or policies of the Token Generator. The Token Generator does not make representations or warranties of any kind with respect to any potential economic return from, or the tax consequences of a purchase of Tokens. Prospective Purchasers should carefully review the whole of this White Paper. They should also consult with their legal, tax and financial advisors in relation to the following: (i) the legal and regulatory requirements within their own countries for purchasing, holding and disposing of Tokens; (ii) any foreign exchange restrictions to which they may be subject in their own countries in relation to purchasing, holding or disposing of Tokens; and (iii) the legal, tax, financial and other consequences of subscribing for, purchasing, holding or disposing of Tokens. This White Paper is not composed in accordance with, and is not subject to, laws or regulations of any jurisdiction which are designed to protect investors. To the maximum amount permitted by applicable law, Token Generator, Platform Operator or any of their respective, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, shareholders and licensors (Token Generator Parties) expressly disclaim and shall not be liable for any and all responsibility for any direct or any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other losses of any kind, in tort, contract or otherwise (including but not limited to loss of revenue, income or profits, and loss of use or data), arising out of or in connection with (i) Purchaser’s acceptance of or reliance on any information contained in this White Paper, (ii) any error, omission or inaccuracy in any such information or (iii) any action resulting therefrom. LEVOLUTION 3

1.3 No Registration No regulatory authority has examined or approved of any of the information set out in this White Paper. No such action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdiction. The publication, distribution or dissemination of this White Paper does not imply that any such applicable laws, regulatory requirements or rules have been complied with. 1.4 Distribution and Selling Restrictions The distribution of this White Paper and the offering or purchase of Tokens may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. Neither this White Paper nor Tokens qualify for offer, sale or distribution under the laws of any jurisdiction governing the offer or sale of securities. The receipt of this White Paper and the accompanying Terms and Conditions does not constitute an invitation to a recipient to subscribe for Tokens in a jurisdiction where it is necessary to comply with some registration or other legal requirement to make that invitation, or the use of the Terms and Conditions, lawful. No such recipient may treat this White Paper or the accompanying Terms and Conditions as an invitation to subscribe for Tokens, nor may such recipient use the Terms and Conditions. More particularly, this White Paper does not constitute an offer or solicitation: • by anyone in a jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not lawful or in which the person making such offer or solicitation is not qualified to do so; or • to anyone to whom it is unlawful to make such offer or solicitation. It is the responsibility of every person in possession of this White Paper and every person wishing to apply for Tokens to inform himself, herself or itself of, and to observe all applicable laws and regulations of, any relevant jurisdiction. The Token Generator may not make an invitation to the public in the Cayman Islands to subscribe for Tokens. For these purposes, “public” has the same meaning as “public in the Islands” as defined in the Mutual Funds Law (Revised) of the Cayman Islands. Apart from this restriction, persons resident, domiciled, established, incorporated or registered pursuant to the laws of the Cayman Islands may beneficially own Tokens. Any person or entity, including anyone acting on its behalf, being based, being a citizen or resident, domiciled, located or incorporated where applicable laws prohibit or restrict distribution or dissemination of Token Generator’s materials, acquiring Tokens or accessing the Platform including, but not limited to, the United States of America and any of its lands, People’s Republic of China, or any other country that prohibits the sale of Tokens shall not use the Platform or acquire Tokens, otherwise this person assumes all the responsibility arising from the continued use of the Platform and/or Tokens. LEVOLUTION 4

Executive Summary Entrepreneurs must overcome a variety of problems to successfully launch an Initial Token Offering (“ITO”). Those with great ideas often face high entry barriers when launching an ITO. Legal regulations, hostile business environments, resource shortages, and a lack of cryptocurrency market experience all prevent great ideas from reaching the public. Finding quality third-party service providers to overcome these barriers is often a war, in and of itself. Putting all the puzzle pieces together may prove difficult, but it can be and has been done. The general public has become increasingly skeptical of ITOs, given the widespread nature of projects which, for one reason or another, never come to fruition. Even where ITO creators bear feasible and successful projects, they still have trouble finding and building qualified and effective teams. We strongly believe that ITOs are not just about selling tokens; rather, we aim to offer a variety of resources— skills, knowledge, tools and a vast network of connections—with a true virtual incubator and a strategic outlook geared towards efficiency and effectiveness. This view-inspired social incubation will serve as Levolution’s bedrock. Levolution will marry the latest blockchain technology with a groundbreaking ITO platform (the “Levolution Platform”) to aid blockchain startup companies in breaking through these barriers. Relying on social incubation and the Platform Operator’s core internal competencies, the Levolution Platform aims to help companies break through these barriers by sourcing innovative strategies from community members and ITO participants. The platform will also feature post-ITO services for entrepreneurs geared towards deriving optimal value from funds raised. Finally, we will utilize our global network of sales-based relationships to effectively stimulate the sales of tokens for offerings showcased on our platform. The LEVL Token, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain,1 will revolutionize the way ITOs are launched by providing a user-friendly, comprehensive, and interactive platform. The Levolution Platform will be opened only to utility token ITOs. ITOs that want to be showcased on the platform will be required to complete a KYC process, providing background information and legal opinions regarding their utility prior to being accepted to and showcased on the platform. Platform users will be able to use their LEVL tokens to participate in promising ITOs showcased on the Levolution Platform. The Levolution Platform will be operated by Levolution Operations, a company incorporated under the laws of Antigua. 1 Ethereum is an open blockchain platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications that run on block- chain technology.” Ethereum Homestead, What is Ethereum?, http://ethdocs.org/en/latest/introduction/what-is-ethere- um.html (2016). LEVOLUTION 5

Introduction There has never been a busier time for cryptocurrency. ITOs have become more common every year. 2014 saw only two ITOs, raising a total TOTAL PARTICIPATION IN ITO of $16,032,802. Both of those numbers were $20 bil eclipsed in 2017, which saw 875 ITOs completed $18 bil $16 bil and $6,213,002,958 raised. And 2018 promises $14 bil to be the biggest year of all by its end. Based on $12 bil the most recent research report published by $10 bil ITO Rating, the size of the ITO market has more $8 bil than doubled in the last year. ITOs in the second $6 bil $4 bil quarter of 2018 were able to raise almost $8.5 $2 bil billion, compared to just over $3.3 billion raised $0 in the first quarter of 2018. 2016 2017 2018 ITO STATISTICS (2016-2018) $7 bil 160 Despite the market’s success, individual $6 bil 140 companies need to know the risk before 120 throwing their hats in the ring. There are $5 bil 100 various challenges that await you; if you can $4 bil 80 put in the time to prepare and find the right $3 bil support, these challenges won’t be able to 60 $2 bil overturn you. 40 $1 bil 20 $0 0 6 7 16 16 Ju 6 6 6 17 17 Ju 7 7 No 17 18 18 18 01 01 1 01 1 1 01 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 v2 v2 l2 l2 n ar ay pt n ar ay pt n ar ay No Ja Ja Ja M M M Se Se M M M Total Participation Number of ITOs LEVOLUTION 6

The Current ITO Market While ITOs are being launched in greater numbers every year, they aren’t nearly as easy to execute as they once were. And while the number of successful ITOs has increased, so too has the number of failed ITOs. For example, 2017 may have seen over $6 billion raised, but 284 ITOs failed to raise a single penny. According to ITO Rating, the percentage of failed ITOs in 2018 rose from 50% in the first quarter to 55% in the second quarter. Roughly 50% of announced ITO projects were not able to sell more than $100,000 USD. Even if an ITO succeeds in selling its cryptocurrency, that’s no guarantee that the overall project will succeed. Many have sold cryptocurrencies just to be thrown off by sudden downturns in the crypto market. The volatility of the market means that while others haven’t necessarily failed, they have suffered a loss in dollar value. And many companies simply do not have the infrastructure in place to support their cryptocurrency and implement their projects. Current Contributor Behaviors Retail participants are understandably skeptical of ITOs. And it isn’t just the threat of failure that’s driving them off—it’s the threat of being taken advantage of. While the decentralized nature of ITOs provide many benefits, human nature and greed have also reared their ugly heads in this industry to take advantage of ITO participants. Proper due diligence in now a necessity. Not All Help Is Good Help You are passionate about your offering—and there are those who see your passion as an opportunity. While most scams target ITO participants, some are targeted at the ITO creators themselves. And they often look like people and agencies who are just trying to help. For example, while preparing for an ITO, creators will wisely reach out to experts for advice about how to ensure a successful launch. But not all agencies are reliable. Many marketing agencies claim to provide ITO- geared services but have been accused of abusive and oppressive practices, including selling overpriced promotional packages, providing terrible customer service to their clients, issuing fake ratings, and failing to provide access to their team’s contact information. Another annoyance teams may face is fake or heavily exaggerated “crypto experts” who claim to be highly skilled in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency but in reality provide advice based on non credible and unreliable sources. These individuals often corrupt the ITO community by providing fake ratings for the incentives that they receive, and regularly charge tremendous fees for inadequate consultation services. LEVOLUTION 7

There are also problems when it comes to the legal service providers associated with an ITO. Increasingly complex legal regulations prevent ITOs from being fully realized, as they often get bogged down navigating murky legalities without proper legal counsel. These law firms often take advantage of the unclear regulations to charge extremly high prices to create structures that are not only not needed but also harm sometimes the creators. You Can Succeed—And We Can Help! A successful ITO is a challenge, one that Levolution is prepared to help you face. Yes, you’ll have to navigate an increasingly saturated market, deal with contributors wary of fraud, and turn away unqualified or ill- intentioned advisors, but all of that is within your power. And the Levolution Platform will be there to give you the boost you need. Understanding the difficulties ITO creators face, the Levolution Platform aims to help you develop, market, launch, and optimize your projects before, during, and after the ITO. With an all-in-one platform, even the most inexperienced ITO creator will be able to create smart contracts,retain experienced, reputable service providers who will help make their campaigns a success, and gain access to a previously untapped network of contributors. LEVOLUTION 8

Levolution Platform Description What is the Levolution Platform? LEVOLUTION 9

The Levolution platform is an innovative solution that will attack various barriers and shortcomings inherent in current utility token offerings. We believe that utility token offerings, when they fit well into a certain project’s objective, present an incredible fundraising vehicle that has the ability to break down the often- insurmountable fundraising wall preventing entrepreneurs from launching their projects. However, the mechanism is still out of reach for those who are not well versed in the world of cryptocurrency and token offerings. The Levolution Platform will help those hoping to harness the potential of token offerings--regardless of experience--to create, develop, market, launch, and optimize their project. We aim to safeguard against fraudsters, criminals, and unscrupulous projects. In order to be featured on the Levolution platform, projects will be required to meet our internal know your customer (“KYC”), anti-money laundering (“AML”) and due diligence process, including providing a legal opinion regarding token utility. The Levolution Platform offers ITO creators the ability to able to create smart contracts and provides a token generation tool; it also facilitates the retention of experienced, reputable service providers. Paired with access to our robust sales network, a custodial service that will protect the tokens from market fluctuations, and a variety of post-ITO services, The Levolution Platform will be dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of ITO projects. The LEVL token will play several roles within the platform: • access and use services on the platform • pay for provider services • reward collaborations • contribute in ITO projects LEVOLUTION 10

Pre-Showcasing Audit Considering the prevalence of scams within the token offering space, The Levolution Platform will take great steps to ensure, as best as possible, that the projects it showcases are feasible. In addition to requiring provision of a legal opinion regarding token utility prior to coming onto the Levolution Platform, Levolution will audit a project including as to security, programming and marketing to assess project feasibility. By performing this extensive audit, the Platform Operator aims to select the best ITO projects and protects contributors from bad projects. In addition of protecting contributors, this audit will be a proof of the veracity of the projects The Campaign Builder The Levolution Platform will include a user-friendly a campaign builder aimed at simplifying and optimizing campaign architecture, thereby affording entrepreneurs who have little or no experience in the crypto market the best framework for creating a successful token offering. After completing a rigorous vetting process, project founders will complete and submit a form detailing relevant information regarding their project, such as: • an exhaustive product description; • notation and biographies of team members; • social media links; • video material; • smart contract generation capabilities; • wallet provisions; • token generation opportunities; and • service provider choices that fit a variety of budgets and expertise. The campaign builder of the Levolution Platform will have the ability to generate smart contracts employing Ethereum blockchain technology. These smart contracts will gather the data and settings of token offerings, such as their full name, abbreviation, price in Ethereum, total number of tokens, offering commencement and culmination dates, financial goals, and bonuses. The campaign builder will allow the project team to collaborate and contract with approved service providers and advisors directly through the platform saving tremendous amounts of time. LEVOLUTION 11

Campaign Manager The campaign manager allows project creators to oversee all the details of their campaign. The dashboard will include all details and data necessary to conduct a successful campaign and will include the ability to track ITO progress and monitor the transaction history. The campaign manager uses a custom blockchain communication service for interacting with the platform and token smart contracts. The implementation of the service uses the Web3 standard which is an interface which allows interacting with a local or remote Ethereum blockchain node using a HTTP or IPC connection. A unique caching system also ensures always-on and quick retrieval of results from blockchain operations even if delays occur. LEVOLUTION 12

Service Provider Marketplace We are aware of how many untrustworthy service providers are advertising in this space, and how hard it is to find quality consultants. The Levolution Platform’s database of service providers will help project creators find and hire quality organizations and individuals by showcasing reviews and ratings provided by actual users who have retained those service providers in the past. Project creators can access the provider list, filter providers based on service, siphon through reviews, seek community input, and choose a trustworthy service provider who fits their needs. Project Creator LEVL Tokens Levolution Platform Smart Soft Cap Contract LEVL Tokens Service Service Service After a project creator has identified the service providers they want to hire, there will be two different ways to contract a service provider: paying upfront for services defined, or some providers may negotiate with project creators to be paid a percentage of the tokens sold. The Levolution Platform will facilitate the creation of a smart contract between the applicable parties. To ensure the negotiated prices, fees, and delivery of services between a service provider and campaign owner, a separate smart contract interacts with the main platform contract. Due to the nature of smart contracts, payments between campaign owner and service provider can be triggered if a particular service goal is completed, without the interaction of a third party, offering unprecedented levels of transparency into the entire process. Payment will only be issued if the project meets its soft cap or the agreed upon conditions. In many cases, contracted work completion will be subjective or span over a period of time. When this occurs, the platform can easily create numerous smart contracts according to a schedule of values that are activated by a multi-sig approval process. In this case, the Levolution Platform team will act as arbitrator and hold the odd key. After working with a service provider, project creators will be required to rate and review that company or individual, ensuring that all reviews come from verified users. LEVOLUTION 13

Different Service Provider Categories • Marketing • Promotion • Legal • Programming Verified Providers only In order to ensure the integrity the service provider database, service providers will be required to undergo a third-party KYC process. In addition to hard, traditional KYC due diligence, the Levolution Platform will provide reviews of service providers based on their past experiences with them. After working with a service provider, project creators will be required to leave ratings and reviews, guaranteeing that reviews are as accurate and reliable as possible. Project creators will also be able to find top quality services at a discount when they use LEVL tokens, but other currencies are also accepted. Reputation System for Service Providers The The Levolution Platform campaign web application will provide a listing page of accredited service providers to campaign owners, alongside indicators of their service rating score and a link to more detailed reviews. Campaign owners who have established a service agreement with a service provider in the past are able to review and rate the service after the agreement has been settled. After selecting a settled service agreement from the campaign web application dashboard, the campaign owner is required to provide a review and a rating. Once the review has been submitted, the campaign web application stores it alongside the service rating score for the service provider in a database. New users looking out for service providers on the listing page will see up-to-date rating scores based on the newly calculated average score and are able to browse through the past ratings. This ensures campaign owners choose from the best available offering and service providers will try to achieve a high scoring by providing their best service. LEVOLUTION 14

Participant Acquisition One of the most unique aspects of the Levolution Platform is how it leverages its participant acquisition relationships, as failure to obtain adequate participation is one of the biggest token offering stumbling blocks. The Levolution Platform plans to maintain and develop relationships with a vast network of sales teams situated throughout the globe in token offering friendly jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with access to participants to whom cryptocurrency projects are attractive. Often, these sales teams will be able to reach a whole new pool of potential participants, including those who otherwise would not be exposed to token offerings. The Levolution Platform will leverage these relationships in order to aid projects on its platform in optimizing their pre-sale, pre-token offering, and token offering stages. Custodial Service Market fluctuations concurrent with the token sale creates a major issue in that the cryptocurrency used to purchase tokens may fluctuate drastically throughout the pre-sale, pre-token offering and token offering periods. This can end in a disaster for project creators as they set funding goals to fulfill the vision of the project, and if those raised funds are soared by market volatility it may cause the failure of the project before even starting. The Levolution Platform will offer an optional innovative solution to this risk in form of a custodial service. Through it, project creators can protect their funds against market volatility, giving extra trust to contributors as they can be assured that market volatility will not affect collected funds and those will be entirely designated to the project. Levolution Platform Advisory Services The Levolution Platform, in addition to maintaining relationships with third party-providers of ITO-related services, will also offer a white glove advisory service. The idea behind this is to bring the ITO process and its benefits to the masses, and to make it accessible for those not well versed in cryptocurrency. We will advise on the business model, technology, fundraising, marketing, and post-ICO services. We will also be partnering with legal and accounting providers to ensure reputable services to those ends. LEVOLUTION 15

As in fundraising for any other type of business, a well-developed business model is crucial to optimize funding. For token offerings, key ITO features should line up with the ultimate business’ structure. To that end, the advisory services offered by the Levolution Platform are rooted in designing blockchain-based business models. That includes the business proposition, token strategy, the financial model, white paper creation, and market entry, including token execution strategy and token delivery. Token offerings should be utilized to fuel logical and sound blockchain application, and the bedrock of solid token offerings include decentralization, openness, traceability and immutability. Our technology advisory includes smart contract auditing, exchange deployment, secure wallets and key management, frontend user interface design, security conceptualization, smart contract creation, token custody, token distribution, token creation, token design, and cryptoeconomics. Marketing, as in any sales-centric pursuit, is extremely important for token offerings. The Levolution Platform will work to address target buyers of tokens using effective narratives, and combine traditional marketing with innovative token offering-specific public relations and social media. From a marketing standpoint, the Levolution Platform advisory will cover traditional public relations strategies, buyer relations, community management, international bounty systems, blockchain and cryptocurrency public relations, implementation and execution of brand marketing, implementation and execution of performance marketing, and roadmap-related marketing strategies. We work with trusted legal providers who we have developed relationships with and would recommend. Our network of experts are already well versed in blockchain technology, international corporate structure, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance. Finally, once the token sale is completed, it is now time to bring the project to fruition. Often, projects who are successful in token offerings are unable to execute effectively at the post-ITO stage. Projects have to be created and implemented, tokens must be managed, and buyers must remain informed as to progress. The post-ITO advisory of the Levolution Platform will include financial reporting, token management, team development, hedging solutions, marketing and product placement, and general long-term business development. All services will be provided through the Levolution Platform, based on creators’ needs. LEVOLUTION 16

Intra-ITO Token Management The nature of the Levolution Platform is that funds, once tokens are purchased, will need to sit somewhere until the tokens paid for with those funds are issued. Participants will contribute to an ITO campaign using cryptocurrencies, including the LEVL token which gives participants access to exclusive features. However, the cryptocurrency will not be released to the project until the project’s soft cap is reached. During that period, the funds paid will be held in escrow. Should the soft cap threshold not be reached, the Levolution Platform will return all funds contributed to participants. Post-ITO Services Once a successful token offering is completed, the project will have the resources for execution and will need to be effectively executed. Often, project creators have incredible ideas but have no management experience, making them ineffective at the post-ITO stage. In order to encourage post-ITO success, the Levolution Platform will offer post-ITO services including: • market making; If there is no market of products or services to use a token there is no liquidity either, and the project is doomed to failure. The Levolution Platform can help through market making to build a healthy crypto-ecosystem around your token by providing liquidity, avoiding short-term volatility and allowing instant transactions for traders. • team building, including management, sales, developers, legal, accounting and marketing; • token management; • token systems, including code auditing, security, exchange listing, lock ups, and team tokens; and • community management, including marketing, social media, roadmaps, releases, quality control, and quality assurance. LEVOLUTION 17

Technical Information Underlying Software Technology Core Engine As an innovative platform solution for token offerings, we are determined that blockchain-based smart contracts, in combination with state-of-the-art software, will provide a future-proof, long-term solution for the core engine of The Levolution Platform. The blockchain allows us to provide a secure, transparent, and trustworthy platform which supports our need for complex, multi-party agreements needed to transfer funds using smart contracts. Due to the distributed and immutable state of the blockchain data, our users can be assured that their data is safe, payment operations are transparent and do not involve third-party control, and that identities are verified and managed securely, resulting in an optimized ITO creation experience. LEVOLUTION 18

All The Levolution Platform smart contracts are being developed using the Ethereum Solidity programming language. The blockchain layer involves various smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain that map important business logic. Since we are simplifying and decreasing the amount of frivolous code by abstracting the blockchain application code into reusable frameworks and components, we are able to target our operating system and create blockchain agnostic encapsulation to allow an easier transition into any evolving and emerging blockchain technology innovations. The core engine we have developed consists of a platform layer which bundles all non-blockchain application code and all user facing web technology. The platform layer consists of various web applications and microservices that will allow user and service interaction and integrations. They interact with the blockchain smart contracts using custom developed client libraries which abstract the ABI (Application Binary Interface) of a smart contract into a object model. This allows the core engine platform code to interact with the blockchain logic without the need for tight coupling of both layers. Furthermore, we choose to use an asynchronous event based model for the communication between the layers of the core engine to ensure our user-facing applications are not blocked by possible processing time of the blockchain logic. The following list describes some the smart contracts to be developed: Campaign: This contract manages owners, the crowdsale process, and manages interaction with the other smart contracts. TokenFactory: This contract allows the dynamic creation of new token contracts which are used by the campaigns on the blockchain. This contracts applies the common Factory programming pattern to allow it to create other smart contracts on the blockchain. This is a generalized example written in Solidity of a factory pattern applied to a smart contract to showcase dynamic token creation: LEVOLUTION 19

CampaignToken: This contract, which is instantiated by the TokenFactory contract, is deployed as an ERC-20 compatible token so campaigns are in-line with the current industry standard, allowing for quick integration to various crypto exchanges during the token listing process. ServiceAgreement: An important part of the platform are the contractual agreement between service providers and campaign owners on the platform. This contract manages the delivery of services in exchange for payment between a service provider and campaign owner, as well as ensuring the payment of any platform fees. FundManager: This contract controls the storage of received campaign funds and the collection of the facilitator fee. Funds raised by successful campaigns are moved into their unique wallets and are controlled by the smart contract automatically. Platform employees do not have access to user wallets; this approach for using smart contracts for the fund flow within the core engine protects all parties from fraud. RewardIssuer: This contract provides helper logic which rewards users with funds automatically upon fulfilling certain requirements set during adding a new reward to the contract. It also manages requirement goals and thus allows not only to operate for the The Levolution Platform review, rating, and service needs, but is flexible enough to allow other use-cases in the future. LEVOLUTION 20

Levolution Platform Infrastructure The following figure shows the layers to be developed to run the core engine applications of the The Levolution Platform. Docker Containers: LEVOLUTION 21

After various technological innovations that have been created to virtualize software and comply with changing requirements, containerization has evolved as the state-of-the-art approach which allows us to create modern and sustainable infrastructure. The advantages of utilizing a Docker container solution allows for rapid application deployment; self- contained nodes ensure load balancing and high scalability as further instances of an application can easily be spawned dynamically during operation, securing continuing use and expansion of the The Levolution Platform offering. A single version controlled docker image bundles all dependencies into a single container that is independent from the host version, platform distribution, or deployment model. Any machine running Docker is able to execute the container without compatibility issues. Thus, this model allows the The Levolution Platform to be hosted with our own On-Premise server infrastructure or in the cloud for almost unlimited scalability. Our choice as the operating system is Linux, which offers the best experience for running such an architecture. Furthermore, Docker images have a lightweight footprint thus helping in rapid delivery and reducing the time to deploy our applications after changes. The vibrant community and products around Docker acts as an indicator for an evaluated and proper choice of technology that a business can rely on. Far from being implemented just with applications, the containers run additional databases, asynchronous queues for efficient processing of various tasks in the background, modern metrics data collection and monitoring of all operations, load balancing of browser client requests, privacy and encryption components for user security, fast in-memory caching mechanisms, various other tools needed for development and our continuous integration system as required by modern quality assurance standards. LEVOLUTION 22

Application Logic: The high standards we use in the development of the platform are based on best practice paradigms known in the IT industry, with the main ones being “do not reinvent the wheel”, “keep it simple” and “standing on the shoulders of giants”. Therefore, the applications that are running in the containers will leverage on open-source web development frameworks that allow rapid application development through scaffolding of features that have been successfully integrated and optimized for years after having been used in millions of large software products. Furthermore, any features developed will be bundled into custom isolated independent frameworks, components, and libraries to ensure efficient reuse of the technology across the platform. Next to blockchain and smart contract abstraction frameworks, many e-Commerce workflows need to be implemented. By using a framework like Sylius, we profit from the integration of a very powerful and yet still fully modular framework providing everything needed without having to reinvent common practises which user all around the world are used to in their shopping and payment experience. The flexibility of such a framework provides enough room for customizing it for the needs of the blockchain technology. The The Levolution Platform team is also considering contributing these frameworks back to the open- source community and is driven by an “upstream first” methodology during quality assurance. Service Integrations: Certain functionality the platform requires has already been implemented by external services which are run by trusted companies and provide a level of becoming or being a standard tool. For instance, securing user accounts requires a 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) solution which is offered by various well established online services and thus a custom implementation is not needed. The The Levolution Platform applications use these services to offer features like securing users wallets, ensuring safety of authentication, providing latest market cryptocurrency exchange rates, offering many industry standard payment gateways, conducting highest standards identity verification based on varying KYC/AML requirements and ensuring high availability for communicating with the blockchain. LEVOLUTION 23

Browser Frontend: All Levolution Platform applications, which expose a user-interface, serve web content based on modern web browser technologies while maintaining backwards compatibility with older browser generations. We use some well established standards and technologies: • Precompiled and minimized assets for fast rendering • Responsive design frameworks to allow the user interface to intelligently adapt to the display sizes currently used by internet users • W3C conform HTML5 ensures semantic markup and helps search engine discovery • Advanced client and server caching mechanisms • Modern Javascript frameworks for a better UX and faster client performance • Lazy-Loading for assets to reduce HTTP traffic and speed up initial load times • Sophisticated and mature open source application frameworks • REST API frameworks and swagger for rock solid and versioned API’s • Database abstraction and schema versioning for reliable data persistence • Automated unit and acceptance tests with BEHAT and Selenium • Advanced quality assurance via automated testing in three stages; Development, Staging, LEVOLUTION 24

Production • Scripted and automated deployment techniques and continuous delivery strategies for fast and incremental feature releases and bugfixes • Application monitoring for early and fast error recognition • Frameworks and techniques to ensure the application, database, server and client security Platform API: Campaign owners who want to retrieve data from their campaigns, like for instance detailed information about their running crowdsale, can do so by using our platform API. The API is exposed using the HTTPS protocol which ensures end-to-end encryption and uses the widespread JSON data format for communication. Asides campaigns, we plan to also expose payment functionality in this API. Providing an interface to the user base opens various possibilities for creating innovative integrations, encourages the use of the LEVL token as a payment m ethod and increases the service value of the The Levolution Platform as a whole. LEVOLUTION 25

User Interaction with the Levolution Platform Participating in a campaign is a simple process for users of the The Levolution Platform, as it is similar to a typical shopping cart experience. After browsing the database of available campaigns and choosing one, the participant enters the participant portal application to complete the order process of campaign tokens. The payment of the order can be completed with discount benefits using the LEVL token, by using over 40+ major cryptocurrencies, and other major payment gateways that are planned to be integrated. Each user role on the The Levolution Platform receives a personal wallet which is setup during registration process of an account. Funds, as well as tokens stored in the wallet, are also available to participate in campaigns. A successful purchase in the portal web application triggers events within the application using an event model with a state machine to ensure proper workflow execution. Our blockchain client framework is then used by an event subscriber to retain funds until the campaign finishes and allocate any campaign tokens. Once the campaign has finished, users receive the purchased campaign tokens delivered into their wallets. LEVOLUTION 26

The following figure shows a simplified sequence diagram of an example campaign participation: LEVOLUTION 27

• The participation process steps described are: • Participant selects a campaign from the portal web application • Participant completes the payment and funds are sent to the Campaign Smart Contract • Campaign Smart Contract retains the funds and allocates campaign tokens for the participant • Campaign Token Smart Contract sends tokens to the Fund Manager Smart Contract • The campaign finishes with two conditions: • If the soft cap was reached, the Campaign Smart Contract • Triggers distribution of the retained campaign tokens held by the Fund Smart Contract to the participant • Triggers payment to service providers contracted for the campaign by using the Service Agreement Smart Contract if the service provider agreement was created with a “payment on success” model • Retains a facilitators fee in the Fund Smart Contract • Distributes the remaining collected funds to the campaign owner’s wallet • If the soft cap has not been reached, the Campaign Smart Contract • Triggers reimbursement of funds to the participant held by the Fund Smart Contract • Triggers release of the held campaign tokens • No facilitator fee is charged The model is strongly event driven by using inter application events and blockchain events which are watched by using the Blockchain Framework from a special background processor application. A high performance queue system ensures proper execution of event handlers. This architecture and evaluated use of technology allows the The Levolution Platform to handle the parallel processing for hundred of thousand parallel participants and beyond. LEVOLUTION 28

Project Economics And Token Sale The Token’s Utility LEVL Token is a virtual currency which will be accepted and used by the projects that are launched on the Levolution Platform, as well as by all of its partners and service providers as compensation for their services. As such, the LEVL Token will be used as a payment method on the Levolution Platform. The LEVL Token will also be used to retain service providers listed within its database. LEVL Token Usage on the Levolution Platform The LEVL token acts as a virtual currency on the platform. Among other use-cases, it is primarily used to pay for campaign creation and allows the purchase of campaign tokens by participants. Users get paid with LEVL tokens for rewards and ratings. It’s also used by service providers to pay to be listed or to get paid for services. While other payment options using Ethereum will be offered, using the LEVL token provides discounts and benefits to users choosing to use it. The LEVL token is a secure and reliable way to create the demand and supply market between users, participants, campaigns, and service providers. The payment flow is transparently visible to anyone on the public Ethereum blockchain ledger and ensures no third party is able to fiddle with this vital element for the operation of the the Levolution Platform. The token is used with the smart contracts of the blockchain layer as shown in the following figure: LEVOLUTION 29

Upon creating a new campaign, the Campaign Manager Contract uses the token to instantiate a new campaign token using the Token Factory Contract. Each contract generates events on the blockchain which are captured by the The Levolution Platform platform blockchain abstraction framework to trigger and forward calls of follow up functions on dependent smart contracts. Contrary to many Dapp (Decentralized Application) implementations which use the web3. js library and act on events in the context of the user’s browser, our handlers operate in the backend of the platform only. For instance, upon creating the campaign token, a token creation event unlocks the campaign for the crowdsale and triggers any functionality needed for the successful operation of it with the backend. The Service Agreement Contract then enables settlement of service delivery and payment between a campaign owner and service provider if they choose to work together on the platform. Campaigns receiving funds use the Fund Manager Contract to collect transactions during the crowdsale period and distribute them, as needed, upon completion. The Reward Issuer Contract maintains a collection of a user and a reward goal specification. If a user fulfils the goal requirements, for instance by writing a review about a campaign, a state change is triggered on the contract. This state change is verified by the contract and, upon success, the user is rewarded as defined with the initially added goal specification. All user roles involved also provide their personal external wallet addresses on the Ethereum blockchain which is used for final payments. The Funds Manager Contract acts like a P2P (Peer to Peer) escrow contract that holds funds and distributes or reimburses them as needed based on campaign, service agreement, or reward conditions. The LEVOLUTION team is also evaluating the use of a hybrid public/private blockchain architecture for running these smart contracts that drive the business logic. This approach would include a custom protocol and middleware for interledger synchronisation of the token between the public and private blockchain. The benefits could bring faster contract execution, ensure more quality assurance can take place and allows optimizing the amount of required Ethereum transaction costs which need to be paid for every state changing function call on the smart contracts. Once the smart contracts meet the successful operation standards we have set, a deployment on the public blockchain would take place. LEVOLUTION 30

The LEVL Token Technical Framework The LEVL token will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, based under the advanced ERC-223 token standard. The ERC-223 standard is fully backwards compatible to ERC-20, but includes several major advantages: • Provides a possibility to avoid accidentally lost tokens inside contracts that are not designed to work with sent tokens • Allows users to send their tokens anywhere with a single function transfer, whether the receiver is bound by a contract or not • Allows contract developers to handle incoming token transactions • ERC-223 transfer-to-contract consumes half as much energy as ERC-20 • Allows users to deposit tokens into a contract with a single transaction, preventing extra blockchain bloating • Makes token transactions similar to Ether transactions LEVOLUTION 31

Token sale A total of 500,000,000 LEVL tokens will be created. According to our most recent estimations, the price of the LEVL token will be 0.002 ETH during the pre-sale. We will offer the following bonuses during the token sale: Private Sale Private Sale Pre-ICO Dec 1 - Dec 31 Jan 1 - Jan 15 Jan 16 - Jan 31 +50% +35% +20% Token sale details: Token Name / Symbol LEVL Technology ERC-223 Ethereum Token Type Utility and Payment Total Token Supply 500,000,000 Total Tokens For Sale 225,000,000 ITO Price .002ETH Hard Cap 465,000 ETH Soft Cap 14,000 ETH Payment Accepted FIAT (USD/EUR), BTC, ETH, and 30 other major cryptocurrencies Unsold Tokens Burned ITO Start 12/01/2018 Team Lock-up and Vesting 12-Month Lock-up 1st Private Pre-Sale Round 50% Bonus (8 month lock-up) 2nd Private Pre-Sale Round 35% Bonus (6 month lock-up) Pre ITO Round 20% Bonus (4 month lockup) Trading Venue Levolution Platform and Partner Exchanges Distribution of Tokens 30 Days after ITO Closure LEVOLUTION 32

Fund allocation The proceedings from the sale of LEVL token will be allocated as follows: • 40% of the funds will be used for the development, team expansion, management, and infrastructure of the Levolution platform. • 30% of the funds will be used in the marketing and promotion of the Levolution Platform. Our goal for the Levolution Platform is to become the go-to platform to generate tokens, launch ITOs, and contract all the services associated with successful fundraising campaigns. The Platform Operator will have to engage in widespread, heavy advertising efforts of the platform, and implement marketing incentives to attract projects and services providers. • 20% of the funds will be dedicated to company operations and community growth, participation and sponsoring of blockchain events, and implementation of the Levolution Platform summit • 4% of the funds will be designated towards legal support. • 6% of the funds will be allocated to partners. Partners Legal Operations 4% 6% 20% Marketing 30% 40% Platform Development LEVOLUTION 33

Token allocation The total number of tokens created will be 500,000,000 LEVL. The token allocation will be as follows: • 45% of tokens will be allocated in the ITO. • 10% of tokens will be allocated towards the development of our platform • 5% of the tokens will be allocated towards marketing, including bounty programs and airdrops. • 20% of the tokens will be retained in reserve. • 20% of the tokens will be allocated to team members, external advisors, and service providers. All members of the team have a 12-month lock-up period on the sales of their tokens. Additionally, there is a cliff period of 6-months. Only team members that stay with the company for at least 6-months receive any token allocation at all. These measures are put in place to incentivize the long-term commitment of founders and employees. Team/Advisors 20% ITO 45% Reserve 20% Marketing 5% 10% Development LEVOLUTION 34

Roadmap Dec - 2018 Private Sale Q4 - 2018 Create Levolution Platform Concept Create Levolution Platform Architecture Concept Gathering with Advisory Team Launch Levolution Platform Blog Jan - 2019 ITO Q1 2019 Issue ERC20 tokens to ITO participants List Levolution Token at Crypto Exchanges Start Levolution Platform Development Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization Q2 2019 Exclusive Access to Levolution Platform Preview Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization Offering Levolution Advisory Services First Service Partner Announcements Q3 2019 Announce First Listed Campaigns Launch of Android App Launch of iOS App Launch Levolution Platform BETA Q4 2019 Launch Levolution Platform Launch Complementary Service Provider Marketplace Launch Web Based Wallet Launch Platform API BETA Integrate Custodial Services Integrate Post ITO Services Q1 2020 1st Levolution Keynote Announce Exclusive Campaign Listings Q2 2020 First Finished Campaign Offering Launch of B2B Platform API Q3 2020 2nd Levolution Keynote Q4 2020 Reach 60% Market Share Support All Major Currencies LEVOLUTION 35

Team and Advisors Team Renato Schumacher Director & CEO LEVL Token, CTO Levolution Platform With almost 30 years of experience in the fields of conception, business development, IT, Internet, Music Industry, Licenses, he contributes an important part to the L7-ITO. He founded his first company at the age of 18 and has successfully managed several companies and is responsible for more than 300 employees. Thus, he not only has a high level of technical know-how but also extensive experience in personnel management. As a teenager, he has seen the early days of the Internet and since then has included all major technical advances in his projects. He was also able to participate in the development of various technologies. He is significantly involved in the design and development of the entire Level 7 ITO project and involved in all processes. He has also been responsible as an exclusive IT consultant for the worldwide implementation of Level 7 web content, infrastructure, and technology since the beginning. Due to his many years of experience and cooperation with Level 7, he is able to support all areas of Level 7. Martin Szulecki Head of Development LEVL Token / Levolution Platform Martin started his career working for the worldwide largest advertising companies on many successful projects for famous brands while still finishing school, now is a supplier for decisive unique solutions behind the Fortune 500 including valley tech companies’ technology stacks from small to large scale; he knows how the IT business and technology works very well. Awarded senior IT specialist, a business owner with a broad knowledge about software development, software architecture, software consulting with the special twist of using state of the art technologies in this age of digitization. LEVOLUTION 36

Konstantin Lichtenwald Financial Advisor LEVL Token Chief Financial Officer Levolution PlatformKonstantin possesses over ten years of finance and accounting experience, including corporate compliance, accounting, financial management, IPO and RTO experience. He is well versed in working in two key financial jurisdictions - North America and German-speaking parts of Europe. This experience allows him to bring to the table a multi-faceted, hands-on approach to strategic management and problem-solving. Konstantin specializes in providing corporate finance, valuation, taxation, financial reporting, consulting and other accounting services to both small businesses and public commodity resource companies. He also assists in many aspects of clients’ administration, financing, and other activities. His work experience also includes service at Ernst & Young GmbH, Germany, in its assurance department. Konstantin earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pforzheim University in Germany. He holds the professional designation of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) and Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). He is also a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of B.C. and Canada, as well as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom. Konstantin possesses extensive experience as a controller and Chief Financial Officer of numerous publicly traded and private corporations operating throughout various industries. Christian Victor Development LEVL Token / Levolution Platform Christian started his IT career as an avid BBS user. From there it was only a small step to being one of the first web developers. Freelancing for some of the largest German digital agencies further honed and diversified his skills. Soon after his freelance career he founded his own digital consulting company. While having many years of experience in digital solutions, he still keeps an entrepreneurial spirit. Currently his major field of expertise is consulting for digital transformation and planning and management of IT projects. LEVOLUTION 37

Selvan Saha Business Development Europe LEVL Token / Levolution Platform Mr. Saha is a London based financier and international property investor who represents Level 7 Global Holdings in the UK. A multidimensional entrepreneur with a background in finance and skilled in technology, Selvan began his career at IBM in Management Consulting in the late 1990s. He then changed career and trained as a stockbroker in the early 2000s eventually launching his own stock brokerage and then a derivative trading firm, both of which he sold. Presently Selvan presides over companies predominantly involved in finance and property including holding the position of Chairman of former AIM-listed oil explorer turned property developer S E Land PLC. In 2016 Selvan was appointed as an advisor on investments to the State of Penang by the Government of Malaysia. Educated in the UAE, Australia, and the UK, Selvan successfully completed the Advanced Management Program at Cambridge University in 2013. Selvan is a family man with a wife and young son. A keen traveler, Selvan travels extensively for work and pleasure having visited over 60 countries and is looking forward to seeing more. Patrick Schmitt Founder & Managing Partner Levolution Platform Patrick attended and successfully completed business school in Germany in 2001, and subsequently entered a family investment business in which he held various positions with gradually increasing responsibilities. Ultimately, Patrick was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of that business, a position he retained for four years and in which he was in charge of the company’s operations. In 2005, Patrick formed his own organization, which focused on providing comprehensive consulting services to startup and other pre-IPO companies. Since that time, Patrick has continued to develop specialized investment expertise. His experience includes launching approximately forty companies internationally, as well as serving as Chief Executive Officer for eight startup companies and holding various positions within others. Patrick has also acquired and developed specialized experience, including, but not limited to, international corporate formation, marketing, investor relations, public relations, stock exchange listing processes and financing. Using that knowledge, he has consulted various companies through financing and IPO transactions, as well as built a vast network of investors, partners, entrepreneurs and service providers operating in the financial sector. Leveraging the knowledge, experience, and network he developed throughout his career, Patrick incorporated Level 7 Global Holdings Corporation in February of 2015, and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of its Board of Directors. LEVOLUTION 38

Alexander Sierich Co-Director of Business Development Levolution Platform Alexander serves as the Co-Director of Business Development. In this role, he continuously looks for new strategic partnerships, studies and provides market feedback, plans and coordinates expansion strategies identifies new market trends, and coordinates and manages existing partnerships. Alexander earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing from the University of Wales in 2015, where he was awarded the best entrepreneurial project in his class. While a student, he gained valuable marketing experience within the hospitality industry, having worked with both domestic and international companies, including Thomas Cook. After graduation, Alexander moved to the United States and began working in a sales role representing Comcast, in which he aided in the acquisition of new clients, the training of new sales agents and the cultivation of new sales teams. Subsequently, he worked as a Talent Manager at 2BTube, a YouTube network showcasing influencers throughout the world. At 2BTube, Alexander analyzed data to identify trends and created influencer marketing campaigns curated towards better connecting brands with their target audiences. Mickael Blin Co-Director of Business Development Levolution Platform Mickael serves as our Co-Director of Business Development and is a blockchain specialist. In that role, he builds the company’s brand within the blockchain industry and utilizes his experience to continuously enhance the platform and ensure its modernization. Prior to joining the team, Mickael worked as a project manager for a firm in France and as a marketing coordinator for an American company. His passion for emerging industries, specifically blockchain, stems from his tenure as a student at France’s Kedge Business School, at which he majored in International Business and graduated in 2015. While a student, he made initial investments and therein discovered his deep interest in emerging technologies. Subsequently, in 2017, he channeled this interest towards full-time involvement in managing digital investment portfolios and day trading. Since then, he hasn’t looked back. LEVOLUTION 39

Advisors Mike Templeman CEO Foxtail Marketing Mike Templeman is the CEO of Foxtail Marketing, a digital content marketing firm specializing in B2B SaaS. He is passionate about tech, marketing and small business. When not typing away at his keyboard, he can be found spending time with his kids. He is a seasoned cryptocurrency researcher and strategist who has helped dozens of ICOs bring their solutions to the market successfully. Randall Lee Pires International Chairman, Government Blockchain Association After graduating from Georgia Tech with an engineering degree, Randall Lee Pires spent the next 10 years working internationally, mostly in Africa. Randall started his career as a project engineer helping to build the largest LNG plant in the world in Angola. Afterwards Randall started his own ISP company and served internet to thousands of users across 4 times zones in Africa, until South Sudan relapsed into civil war. Randall has lived on 6 continents over the last decade and specializes in developing countries, and cutting-edge technologies. He has extensive experience and knowledge with tech startups, including blockchain software and hardware sectors. He is also is the part of the non-profit Government Blockchain Association as Chairman of the Board of Advisors - Chapters, and the Lead for GBA - North America. In addition, Randall is the Chief Community Manager for the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium. Founder of Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors, he co-leads an amazing team of over 10 blockchain specialists to be able to handle any blockchain need or challenge. LEVOLUTION 40

Theo Muhumuza CEO KoinKloud - ICO and Tokenomics Expert Theo is a Serial Entrepreneur and Investor with an expertise in Fintech and Blockchain Projects. After graduating from Georgia state university with finance and marketing degrees he founded his first company, Toffi real estate in 2014. He moved to Switzerland in 2017 to be a part of the crypto valley and founded Koin Kloud, a company that invests and advices blockchain startups. Chris Carter Managing Director, BEA Chris Carter is CEO of Atlantide Capital Partners and Managing Director of Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors. He resides in Atlanta, GA where he completed his degree in Architecture at Georgia Tech. He has 12+ yrs experience in project management and design. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded several companies and advised numerous successful companies including My Blockchain Coach, Javvy and Aphidbyte. Chris enjoys challenges and building winning teams inside and outside of business. His belief is “building successful businesses is by design, not by chance.” His motivation, perseverance and team building skills are reinforced by his 15-year career in championship rugby. He now has the privilege of coaching the rugby team at his Alma Mater. Dominic Bacon CEO - The Collective Community & Development Co. Dominic has a varied background covering a vast area of expertise in finance, real estate and blockchain projects. Over 12 years in an Offshore financial sector in the Channel islands Dom then head up the local implementation of the financial structure within Airtel -Vodafone in 2009 - 2011. Being keen in real estate opportunities in 2012 he became Managing Director for a Real Estate company in the Channel Islands. Whilst ongoing success with the company Dom moved part of his attention to Blockchain technology projects and investments. He progressed to be one of three founders of The Collective Community & Development Co taking position of CEO. The company specialises in development and marketing in a varied range of Blockchain projects. LEVOLUTION 41

Disclosure Schedule The acquisition of Tokens involves a high degree of risk. Before acquiring Tokens, it is recommended that each Purchaser conduct its own careful examination of all relevant information and risks about the Token Generator, Platform and Tokens and, specifically, the disclosures and risk factors set out below. If any of the following risks actually occurs, the Platform, Tokens and Purchaser’s Tokens may be materially and adversely affected, including the Purchaser’s Tokens being rendered worthless or unusable. 1 Disclosures Regarding This White Paper 1.1 Accuracy of information, no consent of parties referenced in White Paper This White Paper includes market and industry information and forecasts that have been obtained from internal surveys, reports and studies, where appropriate, as well as market research, publicly available information and industry publications. Such surveys, reports, studies, market research, publicly available information and publications generally state that the information that they contain has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but there can be no assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of such included information. Save for the Token Generator and its respective directors, executive officers and employees, no person has provided his or her consent to the inclusion of his or her name and/or other information attributed or perceived to be attributed to such person in connection therewith in this White Paper and no representation, warranty or undertaking is or purported to be provided as to the accuracy or completeness of such information by such person and such persons shall not be obliged to provide any updates on the same. Neither the Token Generator nor any of the Token Generator Parties has conducted any independent review of the information extracted from third party sources, verified the accuracy or completeness of such information or ascertained the underlying economic assumptions relied upon therein. Consequently, neither Token Generator nor its directors, executive officers and employees acting on its behalf makes any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of such information and shall not be obliged to provide any updates on the same. 1.2 Terms used To facilitate a better understanding of Tokens being offered for purchase by the Token Generator, and the businesses and operations of the Token Generator, certain technical terms and abbreviations, as well as, in certain instances, their descriptions, have been used in this White Paper. These descriptions and assigned meanings should not be treated as being definitive of their meanings and may not correspond to standard industry meanings or usage. LEVOLUTION 42

Words importing the singular shall, where applicable, include the plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender shall, where applicable, include the feminine and neuter genders and vice versa. References to persons shall include corporations. 1.3 Forward looking statements All statements, estimates and financial information contained in this White Paper, made in any press releases or in any place accessible by the public and oral statements that may be made by Token Generator or any Token Generator Parties that are not statements of historical fact, constitute “forward-looking statements”. Some of these statements can be identified by forward-looking terms such as “aim”, “target”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “if”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “possible”, “probable”, “project”, “should”, “would”, “will” or other similar terms. However, these terms are not the exclusive means of identifying forward-looking statements. All statements regarding the Token Generator’s financial position, business strategies, plans and prospects and the future prospects of the industry which the Token Generator is in are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements, including but not limited to statements as to the Token Generator’s revenue and profitability, prospects, future plans, other expected industry trends and other matters discussed in this White Paper regarding Token Generator are matters that are not historic facts, but only predictions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause actual events or results, performance or achievements to differ materially from the estimates or the results implied or expressed in such forward-looking statements. These factors include, amongst others: • changes in political, social, economic and stock or cryptocurrency market conditions, and the regulatory environment in the countries in which the Token Generator conducts its respective businesses and operations; • the risk that the Token Generator may be unable or execute or implement their respective business strategies and future plans; • changes in interest rates and exchange rates of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies; • changes in the anticipated growth strategies and expected internal growth of the Token Generator; • changes in the availability and fees payable to the Token Generator in connection with their respective businesses and operations; • changes in the availability and salaries of employees who are required by the Token Generator to operate their respective businesses and operations; • changes in preferences of customers of the Token Generator; LEVOLUTION 43

• changes in competitive conditions under which the Token Generator operate, and the ability of the Token Generator to compete under such conditions; • changes in the future capital needs of the Token Generator and the availability of financing and capital to fund such needs; • war or acts of international or domestic terrorism; • occurrences of catastrophic events, natural disasters and acts of God that affect the businesses and/or operations of the Token Generator; • other factors beyond the control of the Token Generator; and • any risk and uncertainties associated with the Token Generator and its business and operations, Tokens, the Token Generation and the underlying assets (each as referred to in the White Paper). Nothing contained in this White Paper is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance or policies of the Token Generator. Further, the Token Generator disclaims any responsibility to update any of those forward-looking statements or publicly announce any revisions to those forward-looking statements to reflect future developments, events or circumstances, even if new information becomes available or other events occur in the future. 1.4 No further information or update No person has been or is authorized to give any information or representation not contained in this White Paper in connection with the Token Generator and its business and operations, Tokens, the Token Generation and the underlying assets (each as referred to in the White Paper) and, if given, such information or representation must not be relied upon as having been authorized by or on behalf of the Token Generator. The Token Generation (as referred to in the White Paper) shall not, under any circumstances, constitute a continuing representation or create any suggestion or implication that there has been no change, or development reasonably likely to involve a material change in the affairs, conditions and prospects of Token Generator or in any statement of fact or information contained in this White Paper since the date hereof. 1.5 Restrictions on distribution and dissemination of White Paper The distribution or dissemination of this White Paper or any part thereof may be prohibited or restricted by the laws, regulatory requirements and rules of any jurisdiction. In the case where any restriction applies, you are to inform yourself about, and to observe, any restrictions which are applicable to your possession of this White Paper or such part thereof (as the case may be) at your own expense and without liability to the Token Generator. LEVOLUTION 44

Persons to whom a copy of this White Paper has been distributed or disseminated, provided access to or who otherwise have the White Paper in their possession shall not circulate it to any other persons, reproduce or otherwise distribute this White Paper or any information contained herein for any purpose whatsoever nor permit or cause the same to occur. 1.6 Language of White Paper This White Paper may have been prepared in multiple languages. In the event of any inconsistencies between one version and another, the English language version shall prevail. 2. Disclosures Regarding Tokens Nature of Tokens Tokens is a utility token. Tokens are digital utility tokens that afford Tokens holders to access services on the Platform and/or execute certain functions on the Token Smart Contract in accordance with the terms of an open-source license agreement. Tokens do not represent a loan to Token Generator nor do they provide Purchaser with any ownership or other interest in or to Token Generator. For greater certainty, the purchase of Tokens does not provide Purchaser with any form of ownership right or other interest in or to Token Generator or its present or future assets and revenues, including, but not limited to, any voting, distribution, redemption, liquidation, revenue sharing, proprietary (including all forms of intellectual property), or other financial or legal rights. 2.2 Tokens are non-refundable Token Generator is not obliged to provide Tokens holders with a refund for any reason, and Tokens holders will not receive money or other compensation in lieu of a refund. Statements set out in the White Paper are merely expressions of the Token Generator’s objectives and desired work plan to achieve those objectives. and no promises of future performance or price are or will be made in respect to Tokens, including no promise of inherent value, and no guarantee that Tokens will hold any particular value. 2.3 Tokens are provided on an “as is” basis Tokens are provided on “as is” basis. The Token Generator Parties and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, shareholders, affiliates and licensors make no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise regarding Tokens, including any warranty of title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that Tokens and Platform will be uninterrupted, error-free or free of harmful components, secure or not otherwise lost or damaged. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, the Token Generator Parties and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, shareholders, affiliates and licensors disclaim all warranties, including any implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or LEVOLUTION 45

quiet enjoyment, and any warranties arising out of any course of dealings, usage or trade. 2.4 Not an offering of securities, commodities or swaps The sale of Tokens and Tokens themselves are not securities, commodities, swaps on either securities or commodities, or a financial instrument of any kind. Purchases and sales of Tokens are not subject to the protections of any laws governing those types of financial instruments. This White Paper and all other documents referred to in this White Paper including the Terms and Conditions do not constitute a prospectus or offering document, and are not an offer to sell, nor the solicitation of an offer to buy an investment, a security, commodity, or a swap on either a security or commodity. 2.5 Non-Investment purposes Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Purchaser is not purchasing Tokens for purposes of investment, speculation, as some type of arbitrage strategy, for immediate resale or other financial purposes. Tokens are not designed for investment purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. 2.6 Force majeure The Token Generation and the performance of the Token Generator’s activities set out in White Paper development roadmap may be interrupted, suspended or delayed due to force majeure events. For the purposes of this White Paper, a force majeure event shall mean any extraordinary event or circumstances which could not be prevented by Token Generator and shall include: hardware, software or other utility failures, changes in market forces or technology, software or smart contract bugs, changes in blockchain- related protocols, acts of nature, wars, armed conflicts, mass civil disorders, industrial actions, epidemics, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged shortage or other failures of energy supplies or communication service, acts of municipal, state or federal governmental agencies or other circumstances beyond Token Generator’s control, which were not in existence at the time of Token Generation. Purchaser understands and agrees that Token Generator shall not be liable and disclaims all liability to Purchaser in connection with a force majeure event. 2.7 Insurance Unlike bank accounts or accounts at financial institutions, Tokens are uninsured unless you specifically obtain private insurance to insure them. Thus, in the event of loss or loss of utility value, there is no public insurer or private insurance arranged by Token Generator to offer recourse to Purchaser. LEVOLUTION 46

3. Governmental Disclosures 3.1 Token Generator is not a regulated mutual fund Token Generator is not regulated as a mutual fund for the purpose of the Mutual Funds Law (Revised) of the Cayman Islands on the basis that Tokens are not shares and Token Generator is not a mutual fund, and neither a copy of this White Paper or details about Token Generator have been filed with Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Because Token Generator is not a regulated mutual fund, Token Generator is not subject to the supervision of CIMA and Token Generator is not required to have its accounts audited nor submit such accounts to CIMA. If Token Generator were regulated as a mutual fund under the Mutual Funds Law (Revised), it would need to comply with regulatory requirements designed to protect investors, including the requirement to limit the minimum aggregate token purchase amount to USD $100,000 or its equivalent in any other currency in order for it not to be licensed or administered by a licensed mutual fund administrator. Token Generator would also need to pay a prescribed initial registration fee. These are matters which would be required in connection with an initial registration under the Mutual Funds Law. Token Generator would also then have ongoing obligations under the Mutual Funds Law following its initial registration, including the obligation to • to file with CIMA prescribed details of any changes to this White Paper; • to file annually with CIMA accounts audited by an approved auditor and a fund annual return; and • to pay a prescribed annual fee. If Token Generator were a regulated mutual fund, it would also be subject to the supervision of CIMA, and CIMA would have wide powers to take certain actions if certain events occur. 3.2 Risk of unfavorable regulatory action in one or more jurisdictions The regulatory status of cryptographic tokens, digital assets, and blockchain technology is undeveloped, varies significantly among jurisdictions and is subject to significant uncertainty. It is possible that certain jurisdictions may adopt laws, regulations, policies or rules directly or indirectly affecting the Bitcoin and Ethereum network, or restricting the right to acquire, own, hold, sell, convert, trade, or use Tokens. Developments in laws, regulations, policies or rules may alter the nature of the operation of the blockchain network upon which Tokens are dependent. LEVOLUTION 47

There can be no assurance that governmental authorities will not examine the operations of Token Generator Parties and/or pursue enforcement actions against Token Generator Parties. All of this may subject Token Generator Parties to judgments, settlements, fines or penalties, or cause Token Generator Parties to restructure their operations and activities or to cease offering certain products or services, all of which could harm Token Generator Parties’ reputation or lead to higher operational costs, which may, in turn, have a material adverse effect on Tokens and/or the development of the Platform. 3.3 Purchaser bears responsibility of legal categorisation There is a risk that Tokens might be considered a security in certain jurisdictions, or that they might be considered to be a security in the future. The Token Generator does not provide any warranty or guarantee as to whether Tokens will be a security in the jurisdiction of the Purchaser. Each Purchaser will bear all consequences of Tokens being considered a security in their respective jurisdiction. Every Purchaser is responsible to confirm if the acquisition and/or disposal of Tokens is legal in its relevant jurisdiction, and each Purchaser undertakes not to use Tokens in any jurisdiction where doing so would be unlawful. If a Purchaser establishes that the purchase or use of Tokens is not legal in its jurisdiction, it should not acquire Tokens and immediately stop using or possessing Tokens. Acquiring Tokens in exchange for cryptocurrencies will most likely continue to be scrutinized by various regulatory bodies around the world, which may impact the usage of Tokens. The legal ability of the Token Generator to provide or support Tokens in some jurisdictions may be eliminated by future regulation or legal actions. In the event the Token Generator determines that the purchase or usage of Tokens is illegal in a certain jurisdiction, the Token Generator may cease operations in that jurisdiction, or adjust Tokens or the Platform in a way to comply with applicable law. 3.4 Purchaser bears responsibility for complying with transfer restrictions Tokens may be placed on third-party exchanges, giving future purchasers and users an opportunity to openly buy Tokens. A user seeking to enter the Platform following the Token Generation will have to buy Tokens on such exchanges. Conversely, Tokens may be sold on such exchanges if the holder of Tokens would like to exit the Platform ecosystem. Existing laws on the circulation of securities in certain countries, such as the United States of America, Canada and Singapore, may prohibit the sale of Tokens to the residents of those countries. When buying Tokens, Purchaser should be aware of the restrictions on their subsequent sale. 4. General Security Risks 4.1 Risk of theft and hacking LEVOLUTION 48

Token generation events and initial coin offerings are often targeted by hackers and bad actors. Hackers may attempt to interfere with the purchaser’s wallet (Purchaser’s Wallet), the Token Smart Contract or the availability of Tokens in any number of ways, including without limitation denial of service attacks, Sybil attacks, spoofing, smurfing, malware attacks, or consensus-based attacks. Any such attack may result in theft of Purchaser’s Tokens. 4.2 Private keys Tokens purchased by Purchaser may be held by Purchaser in Purchaser’s digital wallet or vault, which requires a private key, or a combination of private keys, for access. Accordingly, loss of requisite private key(s) associated with Purchaser’s digital wallet or vault storing Tokens will result in loss of such Tokens. Moreover, any third party that gains access to such private key(s), including by gaining access to login credentials of a hosted wallet or vault service Purchaser uses, may be able to misappropriate Purchaser’s Tokens. Token Generator is not responsible for any such losses. 4.3 Failure to map a public key to Purchaser’s Wallet Failure of the Purchaser to map a public key to the Purchaser’s Wallet may result in third-parties being unable to recognize buyer’s Tokens balance on the Ethereum blockchain when and if they configure the initial balances of a new blockchain based upon the Platform. 4.4 Exchange risks If Purchaser sends Ether to the Token Generator from an exchange or an account that Purchaser does not control, Tokens will be allocated to the account that has sent Ether; therefore, Purchaser may never receive or be able to recover Purchaser’s Tokens. Furthermore, if Purchaser chooses to maintain or hold Tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange or other third party, Purchaser’s Tokens may be stolen or lost. 4.5 Risk of incompatible wallet services The wallet or wallet service provider used for the acquisition and storage of Tokens has to be technically compatible with Tokens. The failure to assure this may result in the Purchaser not being able to gain access to its Tokens. 4.6 Risk of weaknesses or exploitable breakthroughs in the field of cryptography Advances in cryptography, or other technical advances such as the development of quantum computers, could present risks to cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Tokens, which could result in the theft or loss of Tokens. LEVOLUTION 49

4.7 Internet transmission risks There are risks associated with using Tokens including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and internet connections. The Token Generator shall not be responsible for any communication failures, disruptions, errors, distortions or delays you may experience when using the Platform and Tokens, howsoever caused. Transactions in cryptocurrencies may be irreversible, and, accordingly, losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable. cryptocurrencies transactions are deemed to be made when recorded on a public ledger, which is not necessarily the date or time when the transaction is initiated. 5. Platform and Token Smart Contract Disclosures 5.1 No guarantee that Platform or Token Smart Contract will be developed Purchaser acknowledges, understands and agrees that Purchaser should not expect and there is no guarantee or representation or warranty by Token Generator or Platform Operator that: (a) the Platform and Token Smart Contract will ever be adopted; (b) the Platform and Token Smart Contract will be adopted as developed and not in a different or modified form; (c) a final blockchain utilizing or adopting the Token Smart Contract will ever be launched; and (d) a final blockchain will ever be launched with or without changes to the Token Smart Contract and with or without a distribution of tokens matching the fixed initial balances of Tokens recorded on the Token Smart Contract. Furthermore, Tokens issued under the Token Smart Contract will not have any functionality on the final blockchain and holding Tokens is not a guarantee, representation or warranty that the holder will be able to use such final blockchain, or receive any tokens actually utilized on the Platform with the final blockchain is created, even if the Platform is launched and the Token Smart Contract is adopted, of which there is no guarantee, representation or warranty made by Token Generator. 5.2 Risks associated with the Token Smart Contract and associated software and/or infrastructure. Malfunctions The Token Smart Contract is based on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, any malfunction, unintended function or unexpected functioning of the Ethereum protocol may cause Tokens and/or the Platform to malfunction or function in an unexpected or unintended manner. Bugs and weaknesses The Ethereum blockchain rests on open source software, and accordingly, there is the risk that the Token Smart Contract may contain intentional or unintentional bugs or weaknesses which may negatively affect Tokens or result in the loss or theft of Tokens or the loss of ability to access or control Tokens. In the event of such a software bug or weakness, there may be no remedy and Tokens holders are not guaranteed any LEVOLUTION 50

remedy, refund or compensation. Delays and congestions On the Ethereum blockchain timing of block production is determined by proof of work so block production can occur at random times. For example, Ether contributed to the Token Smart Contract in the final seconds of a distribution period may not get included for that period. Purchaser acknowledges and understands that the Ethereum blockchain may not include the Purchaser’s transaction at the time Purchaser expects and Purchaser may not receive Tokens the same day Purchaser sends Ether. The Ethereum blockchain is prone to periodic congestion during which transactions can be delayed or lost. Individuals may also intentionally spam the Ethereum] network in an attempt to gain an advantage in purchasing cryptographic tokens. Purchaser acknowledges and understands that Ethereum block producers may not include Purchaser’s transaction when Purchaser wants or Purchaser’s transaction may not be included at all. Value of Ether Ether, the native unit of account of the Ethereum may itself lose value in ways similar to Tokens, and also other ways. More information about Ethereum is available at http://www.ethereum.org. 5.3 Irreversible nature of blockchain transactions Transactions involving Tokens that have been verified, and thus recorded as a block on the blockchain, generally cannot be undone. Even if the transaction turns out to have been in error, or due to theft of a user’s Tokens, the transaction is not reversible. Further, at this time, there is no governmental, regulatory, investigative, or prosecutorial authority or mechanism through which to bring an action or complaint regarding missing or stolen Cryptocurrencies and Tokens. Consequently, the Token Generator may be unable to replace missing Tokens or seek reimbursement for any erroneous transfer or theft of Tokens. 5.4 Amendments to protocol The development team and administrators of the source code for Ethereum blockchain or the Token Smart Contract could propose amendments to such network’s protocols and software that, if accepted and authorized, or not accepted, by the network community, could adversely affect the supply, security, value, or market share of Tokens. 5.5 Risk of mining attacks As with other decentralized cryptocurrencies, Ethereum blockchain, which is used for Tokens, is susceptible to mining attacks, including but not limited to double-spend attacks, majority mining power attacks, “selfish-mining” attacks and race condition attacks. Any successful attack presents a risk to Tokens, including the expected proper execution and sequencing of Tokens and Ethereum contract computations LEVOLUTION 51

in general. Despite the efforts of the Token Generator and Ethereum Foundation, the risk of known or novel mining attacks exists. Mining attacks, as described above, may also target other blockchain networks, with which Tokens interact with and consequently Tokens may be impacted also in that way to the extent described above. 6. Token Generator and Platform Operator Disclosures 6.1 Legal structure of Token Generator and Platform Operator The Token Generator is an exempted company incorporated in the Cayman Islands pursuant to the Companies Law (Revised). An exempted company is a body corporate which has separate legal personality capable of exercising all the functions of a natural person of full capacity irrespective of any question of corporate benefit, and having perpetual succession. The constitution of an exempted company is contained in two documents, the memorandum of association and the articles of association (Articles). The Articles typically provide that there must be at least one director of a Cayman company and the management of the company is the responsibility of, and is carried out by, its board of directors. The memorandum of association of a Cayman company must specify the authorized share capital of such company. The memorandum of association will state the aggregate amount of the authorized share capital, together with details of the number of shares into which it is divided and the par value of those shares. As a holder of Tokens, you are not entitled to any shares of Token Generator nor to any other right or interest in or to Token Generator (including any debt or equity interest therein) and will have no rights to appoint or remove the board of directors or operators of Token Generator. As a holder of Tokens, you are not entitled to any shares of Platform Operator nor to any other right or interest in or to Platform Operator (including any debt or equity interest therein) and will have no rights to appoint or remove the board of directors or operators of Platform. Because Tokens confer no governance rights of any kind with respect to the Token Generator, Platform Operator or the Platform, all decisions involving the Token Generator’s and Platform Operator’s products or services, including the services provided on the Platform will be made by Token Generator and/or the Platform Operator in their sole discretion. These decisions could adversely affect the platform and the utility of any Tokens you own. 6.2 Relationship between Token Generator and Platform Operator The Token Generator and Platform Operator are not partners under any partnership arrangement and, accordingly, neither party may contractually bind the other as its partner. 6.3 Dependence on management team LEVOLUTION 52

The ability of each of the Token Generator’s and Platform Operator’s project teams, which are respectively responsible for maintaining competitive position of the Tokens and Platform, is dependent to a large degree on the services of their management teams. The loss or diminution in the services of members of such senior management team or an inability to attract, retain and maintain additional senior management personnel could have a material adverse effect on the Tokens and Platform. Competition for personnel with relevant expertise is intense due to the small number of qualified individuals, and this competition may seriously affect such entity’s ability to retain its existing senior management and attract additional qualified senior management personnel, which could have a significant adverse impact on the Tokens and Platform. 6.4 Risks related to reliance on third parties Even if completed, the Platform will rely, in whole or partly, on third-parties to adopt and implement it and to continue to develop, supply, and otherwise support it. There is no assurance or guarantee that those third-parties will complete their work, properly carry out their obligations, or otherwise meet anyone’s needs, any of which might have a material adverse effect on the Platform. 6.5 Insufficient interest in the Platform and Tokens It is possible that the Platform or Tokens will not be used by a large number of individuals, businesses and organizations and that there will be limited public interest in the creation and development of its functionalities. Such a lack of interest could impact the development of the Tokens and Platform. 6.6 Platform development risks The development of the Token Smart Contract and/or Platform be abandoned for a number of reasons, including lack of interest from the public, insufficient funding, insufficient commercial success or prospects or departure of key personnel. 6.7 Changes to Platform The Platform is still under development and may undergo significant changes over time. Although Platform Operator intends for the Platform to have the features and specifications set forth in this White Paper, changes to such features and specifications may be made for any number of reasons, any of which may mean that the Platform does not meet expectations of the Purchaser. 6.8 Other projects The Token Smart Contract and Platform may give rise to other, alternative projects, promoted by parties that are affiliated or unaffiliated with the Token Generator Parties and such projects may provide no benefit to the Tokens or Platform. LEVOLUTION 53

6.9 Disclosures relating to conflicts of interest Any of the Token Generator Parties may be engaged in transactions with related parties and conflicts of interest may arise, potentially resulting in the conclusion of transactions on terms not determined by market forces. 6.10 Licences and approvals are not assured in all jurisdictions. Platform Operator intend to operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and obtain the necessary licenses and approvals in key markets. This means that the development and rollout of all the features of the ecosystem described in this whitepaper are not guaranteed. Regulatory licenses and/ or approvals are potentially to be required in a number of relevant jurisdictions in which relevant activities may take place. It is not possible to guarantee, and no person makes any assurances, that any such licenses or approvals will be obtained within a particular timeframe or at all. This means that Platform Operator and other features of the proposed ecosystem may not be available in certain markets, or at all. This could require restructuring of that ecosystem and/or its unavailability in all or certain respects. 6.11 No Auditing The Token Generator and Platform Operator are not required to and will not provide Purchasers with any accounting regarding the use of the proceeding from the sale of the Tokens. The use of such proceeding will not be subject to any audit. 7. Other Disclosures Purchases of Tokens should be undertaken only by individuals, entities, or companies that have significant experience with, and understanding of, the usage and intricacies of cryptocurrencies, including cryptographically secured digital tokens, and blockchain based software systems. Purchaser should have a functional understanding of storage and transmission mechanisms associated with other cryptographic tokens. While the Token Generator will be available to assist purchasers of Tokens during the sale, the Token Generator will not be responsible in any way for loss of BTC, ETH or Tokens resulting from actions taken by, or omitted by purchasers. If you do not have such experience or expertise, then you should not purchase Tokens or participate in the sale of Tokens. Cryptographic tokens such as Tokens are a new and untested technology. In addition to the risks included above, there are other risks associated with your purchase, possession and use of Tokens, including unanticipated risks. Such risks may further materialize as unanticipated variations or combinations of the risks discussed above. LEVOLUTION 54

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