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Friday, January 17, 2020
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WH ITE P AP E R VER 3.0 10 DEC 2018 m i nd o l . net

OVERVIEW The MINDOL project aims to revitalize Japanese subculture worldwide Japanese government recently has raised a reconstruction strategy, a promotion of the COOL Japan strategy," as one of the major strategy to reconstruct Japanese economy. Japan's subculture is commonly referred to as "geek culture" or otaku culture. It is now well-known throughout the whole world with the spread of the Internet, and it became a powerful content of cool Japan . According to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry survey, the market size of the content industry such as Japanese movies, animation, TV programs, music, games etc. is said to be about 12 trillion yen. However, this is only for the domestic market. It is also said that the scale of the market spreading on a global scale is tens of times that. For example, more than 230,000 visitors from all over the Europe come to "Japan Expo," a festival of Japanese culture which is held every year in France and other countries as well. Japanese subculture is now becoming famous every year that even Stephen Spielberg, who came to Japan this year excitedly mentioned that the "Japan's pop culture is my favorite, the best !" Based on such global trends, the MINDOL Project will be creating new contents in the fields of Cool Japant - subculture and pop culture such as animation, movies, games, cartoons, and music. In addition, we will manage and operate the project safely and securely, using blockchain technology. MINDOL is the new currency for the world of subculture market . 01

BLOCKCHAIN In this project, in order to realize eMINDOL, we adopt blockchain technology that can secure high transparency and reliability on the Internet. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology built on the network and is a secure and highly transparent technology for recording service records that can be applied besides settlement of virtual currency. Since it is more robust, persistent, transparent, and dispersive than management by conventional databases, it is attracting attention in recent years as a record book that guarantees and certifies the authenticity of transactions and contents. "Data tampering Difficult data recording technology ". In the blockchain, records of transactions occurring in the network are stored in chunks of records called "blocks". In addition to recording the transaction, each block stores information called a hash value indicating the contents of the block generated immediately before. It is a data structure in which the generated blocks connect like chains along the time series. If you try to tamper somewhere in the block generated in the past, you will have to change the hash value of all subsequent blocks, so you can not change in practice. For this reason, the eMINDOL platform using the block chain has a very excellent data structure for tamper resistance, so it will be a platform that will gain trust from not only users but also creators and related companies. In addition, there are other benefits of using blockchain technology with eMINDOL. By using blockchains, since there are many distributed ledgers, there is no fear of server down and hacking is impossible, so the need for server maintenance and security measures can be reduced. Furthermore, the transaction cost and time can also be done smoothly worldwide compared with the conventional approval system. Transactions are verified under the public view, so that it is possible to transfer money quickly and safely without the existence of a trusted third party and to reduce transaction costs and time. On the eMINDOL platform, settlement and donation by MINDOL token, participation type voting function, digital ticket management after purchasing event tickets, copyright management are carried out using such blockchain technology. The development application program of this project is panned to be shared on Github. 02

ROADMAP 2018 APR ☆ TOKEN SALE STAGE 1 M AY ☆ TOKEN SALE STAGE 2 JU N ☆ TOKEN SALE STAGE 3 JU L ☆ Business alliance event with avex AU G SE P ☆ Listed on the exchange Coinsuper (HK) OCT ☆ NY Times Square Advertisement start ☆ Start of online fighting game development ☆ Hollywood movie IR ☆ Start of online soccoer game development N OV DE C ☆ TOKYO COMIC CON 2018 Sponsor/Exhibition 2019 JAN ☆ Start of TV program broadcasting ☆ Hollywood movie opening audition start FEB ☆ Online leave alone game launch M AR ☆ Casino License for Online Gaming pilot launch APR ☆ Online soccoer game launch M AY ☆ Music event JU N ☆ VR stage JU L ☆ Voice Actor event AU G ☆ Cosplay event SE P OCT ☆ Online fighting game launch N OV DE C 04

PROJECT MEMBER Project Leader Fumihiro Fukuhara (President, MINDOL) Born in 1976 in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture. After working for several companies in local Wakayama and Tokyo, Fukuhara has set up an incubation business in Tokyo in 2010. Engaged in the acquisition and sale of renewable energy companies, construction companies, major beauty companies, fashion, leading food groups. In 2018, became a President and Representative Director of MINDOL Corporation. Currently challenging every day to make a completely new diversity company that combines cryptocurrency, cool Japan and inbound. Adviser Koichi Ishizuka (advisor of MINDOL, CFO of Mushi Production) Graduated from Harvard Business School AMP, Southwestern University in the USA / MBA (others). CEO of Photo Holdings Inc., Representative Director of OFF Line Co., Ltd., Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, President and Representative Director of listed companies (2009-2010), President and CEO of Mothers Listed Company, Thomson Reuters (1994 - 2004), etc. Now a CFO of Mushi Production and an advisor of MINDOL Corporation. Published: "Work at 6 times faster!", "Harvard Business School Kagaku 30 years old success success" (Kinokuniya Taiwan weekly Bestseller). Advisor Neal Schaffer The world's top consultant in social media strategy. MINDOL Project Ambassador. Forbes magazine "Top 30 Social Salespeople in the World" Top consultant ranked in "Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers" (the world's most influential social media influencer social salesperson). Web magazine published by Adobe "Marketing's 10 Biggest Thought Leaders" will be selected as a global marketing leader with 10 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Advisor Gil Junger (Hollywood Film Producer) Gil Junger is a producer / director of Hollywood movies and television programs, as veteran director who has won numerous awards, producing three feature films, more than 400 television programs, seven television films. His masterpiece "10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU" has not only gained huge commercial success, but also an actor who becomes a Hollywood star as a result of this work of Heath · Leisure and Julia · Stiles I unearthed. Heath · leisure has won the Academy Awards Supporting Actor Award at "Dark Knight" and Julia Stiles plays an important role in the "Bourne Identity" and other "BourneIdentity" as well as other bone series. 05

PROJECT MEMBER Production Cooperation : Locomotion Corporation Planning and producer group that constantly created the trend of the times and built the foundation of the current variety show of Japan, as well as "TV with Genius Takeshi Energizing!" And "Nairuton Feng Shui". Talentizing amateurs and cooks through programs It has a reputation for producing ability to tie in with product sales, and continues to wake up the movement at all times. Representative works / "Asakusabashi Young Hiroshima store" "Minisuka Police" "Salary statement" "Okaye Hen world" etc. Cooperation : Touch Planning Co., Ltd. While producing numerous terrestrial TV programs from special programs to mini programs, handling advanced contents from the Akihabara culture creation period widely, he also handles genres of programs of both sexual actors and 2.5-dimensional actors. Information, music, idol, voice actor, loose character, and idol program field. Also engaged in film production, "cycle - cycle" which I made in 2017 receives high prize at the Frankfurt Film Festival for Best Work Award (Grand Prix) award. Main Works (Subcar Series) / "Tama New Town" "Mote Fuku" "Anison Cafe Yumekigaoka" "Akiba Nagaren" "Super D" etc. 06