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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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White Paper New opportunities every day

EDC Blockchain Blockchain technology for everyone. Our goal is the development of any business through crypto economics. Using EDC Blockchain you can most easily tokenize the following businesses: Medium-sized business, Public organizations, Hobbies, handicraft and small business or including charitable and any hobbies of ordinary individual entrepreneur religious organizations people activities 2

EDC Blockchain is based on the BitShares 2.0 blockchain platform and on the Graphene technology The EDC Blockchain uses the most advanced technology BitShares 2.0, based on the Graphene platform, where open source acts as a consensus mechanism. 3

BitShares 2.0 Graphene In fact, Graphene is the only blockchain system The technical characteristics of this platform with an industrial level of productivity which involve the formation of a new block every 3 performance is enough for large socio-economic seconds, support for payments with zero systems. commission, as well as the ability to work with several tokens at the same time and much more. This is the fastest blockchain existing at the moment. When applying optimization, Bitshares is able to process up to 100,000 transactions per second, which is several times faster than in the Visa system which is the largest financial provider. 4

BitShares 2.0 Graphene Up to 100,000 New block formation Low fee transactions per second every 3 seconds The ability to create Safest and fastest multiple tokens at the system same time 5

EDC Coin Name: Max Supply: Every Day Coin 100 000 000 000 4.9 billion EDC coins remain in circulation, while the total emission has been reduced to 100 billion. The coins will be produced through mining until 2040. Symbol: Type of coin for SEC: EDC Utility 6

EDC Features 1 2 3 4 Coin affiliation: Technical features: Legal status: Basic values: Network coin Blockchain native coin Utility coin Network value coin Coin for use within the system The token is based on the The issuing company uses the The token is bound to operations protocol coin as a way to monetize its within the EDC blockchain intermediary services network 5 Practical use: Usage coin 1. Creating individual tokens using the EDC Blockchain coin constructor 2. Remuneration in loyalty and cashback systems. A bonus can be used when exchanging for additional services of companies. 3. Collection of transaction fees for any subsidiary coin within the blockchain. 7

EDC Blockchain Commission 1. The commission fee for any transactions within the EDC blockchain is 0.001 EDC regardless of the transaction amount. 2. The commission fee for all operations with all tokens created using the “Coin Constructor” is 0.001 EDC. To perform operations with tokens, the sender must have EDC coins on their balance. 8

EDC Coin Burn Method 1. The company's revenue from the sale of 2. The EDC commission on operations with the “Coin Constructor” service, as well as subsidiary coins is burned within the the entire commission from transactions blockchain at the time of the operations. with EDC within the EDC Blockchain, is automatically burned within the blockchain at the time of the operations. 9

EDC Blockchain is one of the few pioneers which is switching its mining algorithm to the LPoS algorithm LPoS is a mechanism of consensus, which has its All coin holders are merged into masternodes in significant advantages: for example, it attracts all which users donate their coins, thereby allowing users, regardless of their stack, to work on the node to mine EDC and distributing bonus to protecting and securing the network, and all participants. distributes the reward fairly, as each participant receives their share in proportion to the contribution. This is an excellent opportunity In order for a node to become a masternode, you even for owners of a small number of need to collect a certain amount of coins (100 coins to receive a stable bonus. million) on it, which will be captured for a certain period of time to start a mining process to create new coins. The essence of the algorithm is that owners of smaller amounts of cryptocurrency rent their coins to full-fledged nodes, while the nodes form Masternode is a networked computer with an EDC a block, therefore, the owners receive their share wallet running on it that captures the number of of the total reward. Due to the initiation and coins and provides network security when stimulation of network members with smaller implementing important functions, such as amounts, the level of its security is also instant confirmation of InstantSend transactions, increased. as well as network voting. 10

New advanced mining algorithm Easy Built-in Instant Send mining Coin Constructor transaction Masternodes Security 11

EDC Blockchain Coin Constructor Users of the EDC Blockchain platform can create Thanks to the EDC Blockchain coin constructor, their custom tokens for startups, crowdfunding or you no longer need powerful computing tokenization of their business. Assets created technology, so far as a special code will reliably using EDC Blockchain can be traded or stored as protect your digital assets. Investors will have permanent assets. free access to the currency using a “client” and a wallet, as well as EDC Blockchain will even help you with listing your token on its partner For the convenience of interacting with the exchanges throughout the world. The advantages system, the developers have created package of the platform are endless, while the most solutions. Users will be able to choose one of the obvious one is the savings on programmers and following packages for creating cryptocurrency: hosting. Basic, Plus or Premium, depending on their budget and the tasks. This is a unique opportunity to create fully or partially custom tokens. You will be able to release various projects: from a simple token for low turnover to a full-fledged cryptocurrency with advanced features based on the LPoS mining algorithm. 12

EDC Blockchain Coin Constructor Powerful Free access Listing on computing to a «client» partner technology and a wallet exchanges Savings on Safety for your programmers digital assets and hosting 13

EDC Blockchain Coin Constructor The platform offers users ready-made package solutions for creating a cryptocurrency. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of the following packages: 1 2 3 Basic Plus The same as "Plus" What you get What you get What you get Your own coin The same as "Basic" The same as "Basic" Exclusive Logo + Maximum Supply + Number Of Decimal Points + Maturing Bonus Balance Description + Premine + Daily Bonus + Transfer Is Required + Daily Bonus Percent + Mandatory Transfer + Coin Maturing + Fee Paying In New Asset + Mining + Fee Amount 14

The updated EDC Blockchain wallet became a multifunctional versatile tool with many additional options and an enhanced user interface In the settings, you can customize the work of the wallet Now it is very convenient to observe the activity of your partners depending on your preferences. in the updated “Partners” section. Thus, you can see all You can quickly and conveniently buy, sell, transfer and transactions in real time, as well as control them and get profit exchange your EDC in one place. Using P2P exchange, you can thanks to the affiliate program. conduct transactions and transfer funds to the participants of the large and growing EDC community throughout the world. The “News” section has been added to the menu. Now you can follow the news on the development of the company throughout The following sections were added to the wallet menu: “Mining” the world and receive up-to-date information. and “Leasing”. Later, when the LPoS mining program starts, you can easily take part in the offered programs in your own wallet. In addition, the help desk operates 24/7 helping users quickly and effectively cope with all the operational tasks. The constructor of coins based on EDC Blockchain is added, thereby allowing everyone to create their own cryptocurrency. 15

The new wallet with a neat concise interface Users can mine and lease assets Take part in investment and social trading Deposit and withdraw digital assets 16

EDC Blockchain Decentralized Exchange The next task that the developers of EDC have already begun to perform is the creation of its own decentralized exchange. The exchange will not rely on its own servers but will give access to assets only to the users themselves, using private keys. Therefore, users will control their personal assets, which makes hacker attacks meaningless. At the centralized exchanges, there is a financial center that provides the relationship between buyers and sellers. It receives assets, allows you to exchange them and processes orders, thereby creating counterparty risks. The EDC Blockchain’s decentralized exchange distributes these functions and does not allow any risks. Therefore, this exchange will be one of the safest at the moment. 17

The EDC Blockchain community consists of over 1,000,000 users 18

Platforms and exchanges for trading EDC 19

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