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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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INTRODUCTION Jewel was made to dispense the limit between the exemplary trading market and the Digital currency market. In view of three stages, Jewel enables you to play out a wide range of budgetary exchanges with both fiat cash and digital money. A change from fiat cash to crypto coins and the other way around still introduces a specific trouble and this way the customary market with an everyday turnover of 5 trillion US dollars and a multi-billion crypto advertise are as yet isolated from one another. In such a manner, troubles are made for fiat holders and other advanced resources. Our undertaking enables our financial specialists to deal with their funds on the same stage, which spares them from such issues. Beneath we portray in more detail the items, our vision of the task, a few subtleties and approaches to actualize. In the present market diamonds are an unpredictable resource since they are not compatible, so there is a major hole between worldwide money related markets and the diamonds eco system. Dissimilar to different valuable resources, it is hard to have a solitary advanced trademark, on the grounds that most of the assertions in the diamonds eco system are private understandings. Diamonds are themselves not equivalent to one another in many qualities and the very idea of liquidity is hard to credit to these diamonds. Furthermore, diamond exchanging from the earlier happens utilizing fiat cash. For dealers these tasks are inaccessible and, in this manner, there is no comparing on the web stage for making such exchanges. Underneath we depict in detail our vision of how to beat a change from the present circumstance in the diamond market to a future model of web based exchanging with such a novel budgetary resource like Jewels. On account of the Diamond Computerized Testament innovation, our Jedex stage will eliminate the compatibility issue and accomplish full straightforwardness of the market estimation of jewels. What more, we will likewise give a Blockchain stage to jewel exchanging. The articulations of buyer interest for jewels have started to move lately. At first, diamonds were utilized just as Jewels, however at this point jewels have

turned out to be significantly more frequently viewed as ventures and now the interest for diamonds as speculations has risen to 5%. By 2015, the all-out estimation of the diamonds biological community showcase was at that point 79 billion US Dollars. Till the present time diamonds stay only an elective sort of venture. There are three primary factors that limit diamond exchanging. 1) Absence of a solitary cost since none of the diamonds can be considered tradable because of the way there is an endless amount of attributes for every individual jewel. 2) Absence of straightforward costs and certain gauges in the diamond eco system. 3) Absence of liquidity, which makes it practically difficult to move jewels at a genuine market cost. So as to the item can get a Diamonds Digital Certificate, it is important to consider two viewpoints: The change of a Diamond from a one of a kind advantage for a benefit that has a definite showcase esteem, and the making of an exchanging stage that will permit the exchange turnover with diamonds. Therefore, our venture faces a few inquiries: How to guarantee the straightforwardness of the estimation of jewels available? How to compose reciprocal jewel exchange turnover? How to guarantee the rule of compatibility of jewels? JEWELLERY MARKET The Jewel stage will be a one-stop-shop in its pith, in which it will be conceivable to do any exchange with both fiat and digital currency. Buying, stockpiling and dealing in any identical will be accessible to clients, and the entire Jewel framework will be furnished with Jewel coin, which has a genuine

market esteem. It is intended for two stages and based on Ethereum framework. Jewel coin holders will have a few points of interest that are portrayed in this report. PROJECT BASIS Progress of Diamonds to another advantage class Diamond trade for Retail Clients Market potential=350 billion US Dollars Patented and protected algorithm officially accessible on the Site Amazing Team - Ground-breaking results Open organization financing DIAMOND MARKET STATUS QUO Such classification of benefits as diamonds dependably conveys a steady salary to financial specialists and investors, and diamonds have an enduring worth, which makes them an alluring resource for dealers. In states of the budgetary market instability, valuable stones have a request of greatness progressively steady costs, in spite of the fact that they bring less pay for specific timeframes. Incidentally, today it is hard to move Diamonds at a reasonable cost, since the cutting edge diamond ecosystem includes purchasing diamonds from people by Jewels stores at a low cost and all assertions depend on the B2B framework.

BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT In light of the Blockchain innovation, which includes a peer-peer network, the Jewel venture includes opening jewels as a speculation, and furthermore takes care of the issue of evaluating stones. The Blockchain innovation, settling many bookkeeping issues, is as of now getting to be across the board all through the world and is utilized in numerous vital businesses. Jewel utilizes the Blockchain framework Ethereum for its needs, which utilizes all programming dialects to actualize savvy contracts. The principle undertaking of the Jewel framework is to take care of the issue of the hole between the conventional diamond ecosystem and the advanced money related markets. All global diamond holders who need to contribute or exchange their diamond resources through the most straightforward exchange procedure will be converged on the Jewel stage. The Jewel's establishments are the Blockchain innovation, the protected innovation, the Jewel coin and the Diamond Digital Certificate. STANDARDS AND TRANSPARENCY: JEDEX Jewel goes up against the most troublesome errand of the individuals who keep the progress of diamonds into the class of money related resources, Systematization of gemological information and the foundation of transparency and consistency in the diamonds evaluation. The Jedex machine learning calculation will utilize information on worldwide diamond stores, it will almost certainly foresee the consequences of the appraisal and do a factual examination of valuing. Utilizing Jewel. Financial specialists and brokers will approach diagnostic information, on account of which they will probably settle on educated choices when making speculations. The information amassed by Jewel will consistently be broken down and utilized for the

evaluating calculation. The Jedex anticipated diamond appraisal exactness of 99.5% DIGITAL DIAMOND CERTIFICATE A private proprietor or merchant who needs to arrange their possessions can make a smart contract utilizing Jewel Diamond Digital Certificate. This agreement is a budgetary offer for the clearance of diamonds. After affirmation everything being correct, diamonds are returned to the overseer with a GIA Endorsement. Towards the finish of the endorsement, it is made and sent to the digital wallet to the proprietor of Diamond – Smart Contract. Further, the proprietor can alternatively list his contract at JEDEX Exchange or sell it himself. At JEDEX Trading Exchange, purchasers unhesitatingly buy an affirmed diamond which is affirmed by the GIA.

Blocking Technology The Diamond Digital Certificate creation is using the BLOCKCHAIN technology At the underlying stage, a smart contract will be made, utilizing a straightforward interface, which will contain all the data (gemological information and extra data) about the basic resource, i.e, a diamond. As indicated by our figuring’s, amid the Blockchain-based Jewel Ecosystem, the diamond ecosystem will let in "Valuable contracts" as another kind of diamond trading. The finished diamond moves to the registration stage, to the gemological research facility. In the research facility, subsequent to looking at the diamond, a specific grouping is allotted to it, after which the lab records the diamond for the Diamond Smart Contract utilizing the open Jewel platform. This report incorporates the accompanying focuses: GIA ID enrolment wallet, exchange history and their information, to make a system for compatibility.

After the contract creation process, the diamond is sent to the overseer. Digital Diamond exchanging will proceed until the valuable stone stops at the last phase of its motivation, that is, it will either be a money related resource on the JEDEX trade or be bought as an item. All exchanges through the Jewel coin will have no commission; Diamond source and exchanges are joined by documentation; Exchanges will work dependably and rapidly and furthermore without the investment of unapproved people; The Blockchain innovation enables you to function as straightforwardly as could be allowed, in light of the fact that everybody can gather and study information just as to investigate. Merchants who need to buy diamond or diamond subsidiaries dependent on the Jewel Smart understanding are required to buy Jewel Coin for further exchange. Instalment by Jewel coin enables the count to the accompanying providers: gemological research center, watchman, protection, transport.

For merchants, opening short positions can utilize Jewel coin to cover insurance and acquired reserves. Merchants' portfolios can fill in as insurance, to acquire the Jewel Coin credit. In the absolute first year, the Jewel's dynamic clients are relied upon to develop, since the JEDEX Trade will open new markets by extending its own exercises or authorized programming for neighbourhood organizations. After some time, the Jewel coins on the JEDEX Trade will grow to the diamond ecosystem. An archive on the historical backdrop of diamond exchanging, existing contracts and exchanges will be kept on a Blockchain, which will permit full transparency. Diamond Savvy contracts will be at a bargain on the Jewel trade or on the P2P premise. This thing will be a decentralized, compatible exchanging stage where you can exchange expertly without much learning in the diamond trade.

Diamond supply The Merchant who has the Diamond Smart Contract can arrange the physical conveyance of the diamond. The conveyance procedure starts by changing the status of the Diamond Smart Contract to "Delivery Process". When the proprietor gets the stone, the Contract expect the status dropped by the "intellectual contract". JEWEL. FINANCIAL Jewel is a straightforward and helpful market for dealers who need to put resources into diamonds as new monetary resources. Jewel makes it conceivable to manage money related demands in agreement with the current purview. TRADING CATEGORIES Jewel chose to consolidate the Blockchain innovation and the JEDEX calculation to make Category Trading. This choice was made because of the way that there are deterrents to transforming diamonds into a benefit class — the failure to make homogeneous items. Jewel makes a milestone for every class. In its class, the diamond will get an evaluation of the deviation from the exceptional imprint determined in

Diamond Savvy. The JEDEX calculation permits checking deviations from the Contract. By the precedent beneath, you can see that JEDEX figuring’s give a sensible market cost for a jewel. JOINT INVESTMENT Jewel will offer its clients the choice "SHARED Speculation". When the diamond goes to the bartering, the proprietor of the stones can alternatively move them as a solitary contract or under partial agreements. Along these lines, you can make a few intellectual contracts that speak to a fractional responsibility for fortified diamond. SHORT SALES To begin short exchanging exercises on the JEDEX trade, a merchant sends a short move request. After endorsement of the request and if the offer/ask cost is steady, the activity will be executed. Jewel will utilize the automatic filling of the credit organization to rapidly affirm the demand.

Endless supply of the short deal, the Credit Organization will give the Diamond Smart Contract merchant against guarantee and obtained assets. Credit and security expenses are held day by day. Credits for merchants The diamonds that are in storage can fill in as credit security. Clients can get a Jewel COIN credit dependent on portfolio liquidity. The intrigue will be set as indicated by the general loan fees. Brokers will get from the Jewel full data about conceivable money related offers without requiring learning about diamonds. Coming up next are instances of a methodology where merchants pick either a investment range or an investment category. JEDEX rating range from 0.599 to 0.0999 with a higher rating speaking to increasingly important ventures. Moreover, the Jewel framework furnishes an evaluation of ventures alongside the Jedex proposal through access to money related and gemological data. RAPID DEPLOYMENT CAPABILITY ASSESSMENT We have assessed every single accessible task for fast deployment dependent on the blockchain, as well as we have ordered a rundown of the most

appropriate for us anticipates. As per the thought, Jewel stage should meet all useful and non-practical necessities that may emerge from what has been depicted previously. FUNCTIONAL AND NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS TO JEWEL SYSTEM The individual verification technique of every one of the parties concerned is very imperative for the diamond trading platform to completely cooperate with clients. For the diamond stage, request and the nonattendance of mistakes (because of which there can be lost tokens) in smart contracts are imperative. Concerning the non-useful necessities for Diamond, with intangibility of the framework trustworthiness, its security, performing multiple tasks execution, convenience and abnormal state of robotization are very apparent. Jewel's design is centred around status for change, material ness and achievability of forms. Alteration suggests ordinary updates and coordination of current frameworks in instances of changes in enactment. The Jewel framework security is guaranteed by averting unapproved access to framework support, while opening up every single money related open door for approved clients. The Jewel framework security sets for itself such errands as honesty and classification. A thorough examination of security frameworks is essential for the fruitful improvement of our Jewel framework. The blockchain innovation utilization infers an abnormal state of mechanization when utilizing the application. The stage permits to guarantee the synchronous execution of a substantial number of procedures showing its adaptability and usefulness. The Jewel idea infers the simplicity of the framework use, any client can very effectively stay away from mistakes when exchanging diamonds.

USED RAPID DEPLOYMENT SYSTEMS All together not to sit around idly, we considered all the present rapid deployment systems and came to a conclusion that Civic is the most reasonable solution because of its effortlessness and usefulness, as it just requires a cell phone number and client email address amid the recognizable proof procedure. That is, the client, in contrast to Home (Estonia), isn't obliged to reveal all his own information. This makes it conceivable to maintain a strategic distance from undesirable government mediations. Recognizable proof when utilizing the Civic system still has various impediments as experience demonstrates the significance of the verifying client indicating real close to home information. In this manner, relationship with other existing administrations is conceivable in Civic system. Regardless of existing deficiencies, the Ethereum standard applies to Smart Contracts, despite the fact that much of the time it isn't appropriate for such applications as it doesn't reflect proof of exchanges. Also, it very well may be hacked because of absence of safety efforts. Hence, for Smart Contracts, a framework utilizing the check of directed exchanges with price details (PoS) might be considered as a productive solution. A reasonable precedent is the Qtum framework, which is as of now effectively utilizing PoS. There are a few restricted frameworks to assess the Smart Contracts. The Securify 11 framework plays out the official confirmation of Ethereum Smart Contracts as a beta adaptation. We can likewise make reference to such frameworks as Populus13 and Leave framework12, however despite everything they appear to be unsound for formal assessment. Probably the most recent scientific productions mirror the issue to compose the protected Smart Contracts. To test and break down utilitarian rightness and security, Strength utilizes the interpretation of Smart Contract codes into a practical programming language. Because of this, the quantity of mistakes is diminished because of the disappointments and blunders of coding and cryptography related with Etherium are influenced. Based on the blockchain for mass information, there is the Interplanetary Record Framework (IPFS), which is an open source convention. IPFS addresses these blocks by hyperlinks

as a demonstrate for block storage with elite datasets. Truth be told, one PC stores numerous connects to hinders that are disseminated on a few different PCs. Information for blockchain applications is put away on these PCs as unchanging connections. An appropriate possibility to process the diamond trading information is BigChainDB, which is basically a decentralized database with blockchain attributes. This database can be used to make and move advanced resources, track dependably finished exchanges and actualize decentralized control. For the Jewel framework, its attributes play an essential job for other blockchain- like frameworks, for example, Ethereum, Qtum or IPFS. JEWEL.FINANCE Jewel Finance is a cryptographic wallet that exists to coordinate blockchain innovation into customary online ventures. Regarding change from traditional financial balances to cryptographic wallets, there has been an inclination to increment cryptographic money turnover. Be that as it may, digital money utilization still does not refute the need to utilize fiat cash. New financial specialists ought to put resources into huge and stable cryptographic forms of money, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and after that purchase another digital currency for this crypt money. This is a mind boggling and costly process. Notwithstanding the abovementioned, there are financial specialists who utilize both digital currency and customary fiat cash. Jewel Fund suggests a helpful and straightforward wallet that makes it simple to perform activities with both fiat cash and numerous crypto

conversions (Jewel, Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on.), too as an innovative trade point that permits you to move fiat cash into cryptographic money and vice versa. Jewel coin holders can likewise make exchanges at a large portion of the commission per exchange. These trades can be made anyplace on the planet to pay for any item. Moreover, Jewel's wallet is universal to the point that any methods will be tradable and make all exchanges with fiat and crypto money so transparent that the client won't feel the limits of the change to utilization of a specific cash. FEATURES OF JEWEL.FINANCE Jewel Finance is a stage that performs quick and basic blockchain exchanges around the world. Present day speculators comprehend that the eventual future of the budgetary market is digital money, yet not every one of them are educated and sufficiently experienced to maintain a strategic distance from botches. Jewel Account will enable them to maintain a strategic distance from these oversights and they can effectively and rapidly deal with their fiat and crypto-account. Jewel Account can be utilized for the accompanying activities: - To trade fiat cash for digital currency and the other way around; - To change over digital currency to fiat cash and pull back it; - To purchase fiat and digital currency; - To keep fiat and digital currency; - To make instalments with fiat and digital currency; - To trade fiat and digital money; - To pay half less commission utilizing Jewel coin MARKET TRENDS AND PROSPECTS

In the advanced world, there are worldwide powers looking to bring diamonds into the money market. Such forces center on monetary contracts or B2B markets. The diamonds change from a class of merchandise into a class of budgetary resources and hypertrophies the volume of ventures, in light of the fact that just 5% of the diamonds bought are considered as speculations. The worldwide diamond exchanging market is evaluated at $ 90 billion. Contrasted with the worldwide gold market (700 billion), ventures into gold are a lot higher (about 80%). By moving monetary hindrances, diamonds can be transformed into the most alluring resources for speculators, on account of which the venture advertise in diamonds can develop to $ 350 billion with a 80% - 20% proportion. TEAM AND PARTNERS OF JEWEL Jewel Venture was made by a gathering of experts in the Web circle, diamond industry, monetary innovators and online marketing specialists. Financing was given by TechFinancials.Inc. Holding 92% of the Jewel venture holdings through a credit and value speculation. An accomplished group of TechFinancials.Inc, one of the pioneers being developed of budgetary exchanging advancements, together with the Jewelpay created and made the Jewel exchanging innovation.

2017 Company founded 50 + Employees PARTNERSHIPS JEDEX EXCHANGE


CONCLUSION We present the Jewel trading platform, which will exchange diamonds from the class of merchandise to the class of monetary resources. In this paper, we have attempted to clarify the status quo, which demonstrates the fundamental elements hindering the utilization of diamonds as money related resources. In spite of the way that each stone is extraordinary, the fundamental obstacle is the absence of transparency, liquidity of exchanges and moreover these understandings are generally private exchanges. Be that as it may after the dispatch of Jewel, this issue will be tackled and the market for interest in diamonds will begin to grow very rapidly. As per our estimates, it can come to a capitalization of $ 350 billion. We attempted to set out our vision of the long haul points of view of the ecosystem of diamonds utilizing the blockchain innovation upheld the data with models that likewise use advanced payment systems. To guarantee value, consistency and straightforwardness of diamonds in economic situations, pointers are controlled by Jedex which considers a few elements, for example, information on worldwide diamond stores, costs for them, and so forth. As of now, Jedex is accessible for 0.3, 0.5 and 1 carat round diamonds. Guaranteeing uniform trade brought the issue of diamonds compatibility, yet creation of Smart Contract utilizing the Jedex calculation diminishes this issue to zero. We trust that within a reasonable time-frame, new trading mechanisms which will be founded on the standards of blockchains will be created. These mechanisms will permit to achieve the most extreme transparency in trade agreements that are important to diamonds. By exchanging Jewel Smart agreements to the Jewel or P2P stage, all exchanges will be put away in the blockchain, so the two-way diamond deals procedure will achieve an unheard of level. Regardless of the way that Jewel has positive parts of its deployment, it merits recalling that Jewel is a decentralized stage structure with an unpredictable business design.