Bitcoin Rhodium Whitepaper

Sunday, August 11, 2019
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Limited - Rare - Resistant Bitcoin Rhodium is not a fork of Bitcoin. It is a new crypto asset. There will only ever be 2.1 million BTR Bitcoin Rhodium is a community-based crypto commodity, rare, limited and resistant crypto asset to store value for the future. Bitcoin Rhodium is a unique crypto commodity with limited supply and strong use case . Its store-of-value qualities are further supported by a set of features that meet the demand for a long-term crypto investment, incentivize strong-hand investor behaviour and bridge the gap between the world of crypto and traditional investment.

Contents Bitcoin Rhodium Fact sheet Introducing Bitcoin Rhodium User Cases Mining Roadmap and long-term vision Community & Useful links

Bitcoin Rhodium Fact sheet Technical specifications • 2.1 million BTR • POW X13 • C# open source code • Block Interval target 10 Minutes • Block Size 4 MB • Difficulty adjustment every 2016 blocks Distribution • 50% mineable (1 050 000 BTR) • 28% airdropped (582 857 BTR) • 12% in 8 years investment (257 143 BTR) • 5% premined for PR (105 000 BTR) • 5% premined for dev (105 000 BTR) Anonymization • Security and protection of Bitcoin Rhodium holders disabling unwanted surveillance over transactions. Total coins in circulation ~ 800 000 BTR from 2 100 000 BTR Total coins in circulation

Introducing Bitcoin Rhodium A Unique Crypto commodity, For the Long-Term In late 2017, amidst a surge in altcoin issuance – particularly, Bitcoin hard forks – our Europe-based development team decided to try something different. For one, we viewed hard forks, for the most part, as Bitcoin clones that would be difficult to discern from the real thing. Second, after the first two, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, none had been supported by major exchanges or wallets – making them nearly impossible to acquire; let alone, safely. Lastly, in a world where hundreds of new altcoins were emerging, it was becoming clear that without a viable, long-term use-case – that could be convincingly communicated to investors – the odds of significant price appreciation were extremely low. First, we considered what other altcoins were doing – and then, what Bitcoin couldn’t do, given its ability to subsume nearly all vital crypto asset functions. Which is when we came up with the idea of “ultra-Bitcoin scarcity”; i.e., a coin with all of Bitcoin’s best features, and a lifetime cap of just 2.1 million, or one-tenth of Bitcoin’s; of which, roughly half would trade upon launch, with the other half to be mined by the public over the next 100 years. Additionally, we added a privacy feature, in our quest to create a crypto asset that would cater to large, long-term holders. Next, we determined that the best way to build community was to distribute our coin, Bitcoin Rhodium – named for the relatively unknown; and by far, scarcest Precious Metal – via an “airdrop” to existing Bitcoin holders. By airdrop, we mean that unlike hard forks, there is no requirement for a third party to split and/or store the coin. Instead, proactive Bitcoin holders could claim BTR by “registering” non-zero balance public Bitcoin addresses from online and offline wallets in which they held their own private keys – like online Electrums or offline Trezors and Ledgers. By “signing” the unique message supplied by Bitcoin Rhodium, one could

prove Bitcoin ownership without giving out their private keys; thus, enabling the receipt of FREE Bitcoin Rhodium in the subsequent claiming process - in one’s personal, online Bitcoin Rhodium wallet. Finally, we aimed to create a “community” to foster long-term support, through the Discord chat room that we, the development team, actively monitor in a de facto “customer service” function – particularly during the airdrop process, which started in December, and will end March 31st. Through Discord, Twitter, and Reddit, we believe awareness of Bitcoin Rhodium’s “ultra-Bitcoin scarcity” use case has increased, to the point that we expect the launch, currently scheduled for late summer, to be met with significant investor enthusiasm. Ultimately, in the words of one of the project’s most well-known public supporters, we hope Bitcoin Rhodium will be viewed as “Elite Bitcoin” to be BRODL’ed as passionately as Bitcoin is HODL’ed. October 22, 2018 - Bitcoin Rhodium’s development team announced that, after a year of exhaustive work, the Bitcoin Rhodium (BTR) MainNet was launched this weekend.

User Cases The Crypto Trinity Bitcoin Rhodium was introduced to a market environment that lacked the appeal for investors looking for a long-term investment in crypto securi- ties. Ever since BTR has met every objective to effectively fulfil this role, one that no single cryptocurrency has managed to subsume so far. BTR’s inherent qualities naturally discern it from the plethora of altcoins available on the market that lack any viable use case. But more importantly, they are the bases to a natural convergence with Bitcoin and Litecoin. The three coins (BTR, BTC, LTC) form an efficient ecosystem that can facilitate users/investors with different needs and preferences. Where LTC has traditionally provided its users with primarily transactional properties and BTC still fails to find its appeal for traditional investors, BTR emerges as the natural complement to meet the demand for long-term security investments, investment diversification, a coin that is tightly held and transparent towards its users. For these reasons BTR represents the final piece of the puzzle, the Crypto Trinity, whose efficient co-existence satisfies the complete spectrum of investors and their diverse needs.

Strong hands programme Hold & Get Rewarded Bitcoin Rhodium is introducing a new feature that will reinforce its use case: reward proactive holders and stimulate new investment. Through Strong hands programme you can earn a reward of between 0,5% and 30% on your BTR holdings every year. Strong hands and exit-aversion; two qualities that set BTR investors apart from the rest. Reinforce your position and build your stack through a free participation in the Strong Hands Programme. Read more about how it works at our mainpage:

P2P BTR-METALS MARKET In order to stimulate investment, strengthen BTR’s use case and promote crypto acceptability we are working on an application that will bridge the gap between crypto and traditional investments. It will facilitate P2P exchange among BTR, BTC, LTC and precious metal investors through decentralized and efficient matching of supply and demand with no intermediaries. Mining BitCoin Rhodium’s development team created the mining pool at Any equipment that supports BTR’s X13 algorithm can mine it, as dis- cussed in the BTR mining manual

Roadmap We have made huge progress from our first idea of precious crypto asset till nowdays developement. Find our fullfiled milestones below. 2017-Q4 FIRST AIRDROP ANNOUNCED BitCoin Rhodium is the first mineable coin which has enabled individuals throughout the world to experience an introduction to digital currencies. First Airdrop recipients were not required to hold BTC on their registered addresses. 2018-Q2 WEB WALLET LAUNCH BitCoin Rhodium Wallet was launched for public CLAIMING BTR 577,275 BTR were successfully claimed 2018-Q3 TESTNET Testnet launched for mining pool testing, transactions, wallet functions stability testing. SERVER NETWORK DECENTRALISATION The decentralised server network can be observed here: AIRDROP #2 The second and final round of Airdrop distributed BTR among BTC users, who did not claim their share before.

2018-Q4 MAINNET LAUNCHED On October 22 the BitCoin Rhodium MainNet was officially launched attracting enormous attention of both previous and new community members, as well as broader crypto public. Subsequently, an organic OTC market was established that allowed BTR holders that started the price-searching process. MININGCORE POOL LAUNCH Following the technical issues with the pool caused by the Coinium mining pool software architecture, Miningcore software was implemented that brought along an unprecedent interest of miners as the hashrate skyrocketed THE CRYPTO TRINITY Our new vision for cooperation with BTC and LTC. STRONG HANDS PROGRAMME Hold & Get Rewarded BISQ WITH BITCOIN RHODIUM Bisq is an open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for national currencies, or alternative crypto curren- cies ELECTRUM WALLET Electrum wallet is released to give the BTR holders alternative mean of storing their tokens:

2019-Q1 FIRST EXCHANGE LISTING BTR is expected to be listed on a major crypto exchange by the end of Q1 2019. For now, P2PB2B and Sistemkoin are confirmed. GITLAB SOURCE CODE RELEASE As it has been promised, after the first listing, various components of the BTR source code will be made available for the community to observe through GitLab. The delay of the code release has been decided upon by the development team to ensure maximum security of the BTR network and the users. HARDWARE WALLET SUPPORT After BTR is listed on multiple crypto exchanges, the objective is to negotiate the support by one, or more of the hardware crypto wallets manufacturers. Priority is Ledger. 2019-Q2 MOBILE WALLET SUPPORT The possibility of implementing a mobile wallet solution will be explored. ANONYMISATION FEATURE Several anonymisation features are planned to be implemented, more TBC. PRESENTATION OF NEW ROADMAP With capacity building stage completed, we will adjust the scope of our activities to be more user-centered and orienting on utilizing the potential of developed Bitcoin Rhodium Ecosystem.

Long Term Vision Our long term goal is to maintain anonymity, scarcity, security. As you can see below, we will join the precious metal market and cooperate with Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Platinium business partners and develop P2P trading eshop with real precisious metals. 2019+ MERCHANDISING Merchandising to spread our message. METAL RHODIUM PARTNERS Partnership established with precious metal market. WORLD WIDE P2P METAL MARKET Built on top of the Crypto Trinity. BLOCKCHAIN INTEROPERABILITY Connected with our The Crypto Trinity.