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Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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Vitae Token White Paper version 1.0 updated 3-11-2019 1

Abstract: Foundations Token Utility: What is Vitae Token? Cause: Inflation, Unemployment/Underemployment and Debt Purpose: Anti-Inflation and Entrepreneurship Vitae Token Technology: Full of purpose Pre-Mine: Distribution Social Rewards Website: Growing Global Prosperity Synergy in Blockchain Technology: Working with blockchain companies Social Media Websites: Sharing the revenue Nash Equilibria and Game Theory: The opportunity for all Disclaimer 2

Abstract: Foundations. A message from the founder, Michael Weber: In 2011 I began this venture. I took on the purpose of providing a path to prosperity for all mankind. I studied philosophy, mathematics and learned about trending. In 2014 I developed a company with my business partner Derek Burt to begin what is now the biggest undertaking I have ever faced. It is here that I developed relationships with people all over the world. From Germany, to Australia. From Canada to the Philippines. From Russia to The United States. I have helped 1,000’s of people around the world, overcome financial difficulties. It has always been my joy to be an important part of helping those in need, by providing the opportunity for them to succeed. This is a foundation. In all my actions, the purpose to help others by giving them a path that they themselves make the choice to follow, has always been my intention. I knew there was a way to create equilibrium, though it is never 100%, it has been my goal to achieve the highest level of equality in the opportunities I have made for others. Until now this was very difficult, technology was not as advanced in this way for some time. Now that we are in the era of blockchain technology, I can give this gift to the world. This is my purpose. The foundation is giving. The same foundation that is in all of us. The purpose of Vitae is to fulfill the purpose of your life. To bring back the foundation of humanity as humanitarians. Working with each other rather than against. I have proven that no matter where you live, who you are, what you believe in, if you believe in yourself, you can make a difference. I can not do this alone. I do have the foundation to build upon, that will enable the world to begin to grow together. It starts with you. I am just one person. Making a difference, it is when you follow that same principle foundation, that we, together, achieve prosperity. 3

Token Utility: What is Vitae token? Vitae is a Utility token for a Social Media application to enable access to the products and/or services offered by a company. Therefore, Vitae utility tokens are not created to be an investment. Vitae Token was developed for its utility purpose only, to be utilized on the Social Media application. Cause: Inflation, Unemployment/Underemployment and Debt. Inflation: Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and, consequently, the purchasing power of currency is falling. Central banks attempt to limit inflation, and avoid deflation, to keep the economy running smoothly. -Definition Inflation is always on the rise. With debt as its procreator, inflation can lead to deflation. In economics, deflation is the reduction of the general level of prices in an economy. This leads to lower pay for employment and job loss. With inflation the fiat value of a product doubles in cost every 20 years. The rate of inflation can grow and become Hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is when the inflation rate increases rapidly, while the value of the Fiat currency depreciates. Inflation is inherited by fiat currency. Each country has its own inflation. For some countries the inflation is so high, the value of the fiat currency is nearly 0$, as hyperinflation, as is known recently in Venezuela. No fiat currency can overcome inflation. But cryptocurrency can. Debt: $233 trillion: The total indebtedness of the world, including all parts of the public and private sectors, amounting to 313% of global gross domestic product. - Institute of International Finance(IIF) Sovereign Debt is held by people. The average income to debt causes enslavement for each person who has debt. In some countries the ratio between debt and income is over 10 to 1. Forcing 10 years of enslavement just to break even. 4

The biggest problem with debt is in the cycle. Money used to pay debt is then used to create more debt. This is repeated over and over. If only 10% of the total debt paid is used to create more debt, then the amount would go up some percentage every year. This enables a compounding affect in total debt. Each time money that is used to pay debt, then used to create more debt, the amount goes up over time. If the total indebtedness of the world is 233 Trillion in 2017, in 20 more years it will be more than humanity can afford. Unemployment/Underemployment: Unemployment rate: 7.9% (2017 est.) -CIA World Fact Book The average world unemployment may seam small, but it does not calculate underemployment. Some research suggests that underemployment is a greater burden. Providing an additional 30% in comparison to unemployment. Though people may have a job, they may not be working enough to make ends meet. The necessity for employment that can provide the mean average income to stay above inflation is not being met. Purpose: Anti-Inflation and Entrepreneurship. Vitae Token has a purpose. It is to be used as a utility on a Social Media application, one of the reasons we choose to use Cryptocurrency as a utility on our Social Media application is because of its anti-inflationary nature. Our Purpose is to help provide a path for individuals to create income via our Social Media application. To enable people to come together with a purpose that fulfills the needs of each person. 5

Vitae Token Technology: Full of purpose. Vitae Token Specifications: Vitae Token is a PIVx fork. Containing PIVx technology. Based on Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol and is based on Bitcoin core 0.10.x code base. It utilizes a network of masternodes/supernodes for an openly visible decentralized governance and increased transaction privacy. Vitae token uses a See Saw effect for rewards distribution. Combining all rewards opportunities including Proof of Stake, Masternodes, and Supernodes. Instant Transactions: SwiftTX transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes/supernodes, with no need to wait for multiple confirmations to be confident in the validity of the transaction. SwiftTX Eligibility 1 confirm for locking and 8 confirm to spend. Collateral held for 15 minutes. Zerocoin Protocol Zerocoin Protocol is a way to provide safety to Master Nodes and Super Nodes from DDOS attacks. Allowing the blockchain to continue to function during attacks. POD – Proof of Disintegration Our Super Nodes require tokens to be burned for that reward to function. POD provides a transparent proof of the burn. Block time 45 Sec Block time. 8 confirmations- total elapsed time 6 minutes. Max Supply: 100,000,000 VITAE Proof of Stake: PoS Stake Eligibility Minimum Input Age: 60 minutes 6

Maturity Confirms: 150 confirms Wallet Status: Requires wallet to be kept running & online. Masternode: Masternode requirement: 20,000 Vitae Tokens A Masternode is a crypto full node running the same wallet software on the same blockchain (computer wallet) that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real time and provides extra services to the network. These services include instant transactions, and a decentralized governance that provides a decentralized budgeting system, and in return, the Masternode will receive crypto tokens as a reward. It is a great alternative to mining. To be clear a Masternode is not a return on investment in a company (by holding a Masternode you don’t have a share in the company’s profit or loss, nor in its ownership) and does not guarantee any specific return on investment in fiat value whatsoever, it is simply how the POS Cryptocurrency gets distributed. Supernode: Supernode requirement: 10,000 Supernodes are nodes running the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra services to the network. Supernodes also allow our technology to expand into “point of sale” and eCommerce connections, without the ability for the network to diminish. Very much like masternodes, for providing such services, Supernodes are also paid a certain portion of reward for each block. In our source code we refer to “Fundamental node” for the value of a supernode in the code. 7

POS Phase Breakdown: Masternodes Phase Block Height Reward Supernodes Budget & Stakers Phase 30 0% (0 201-189750 60% (18 VITAE) 60% (12 VITAE) 1 VITAE VITAE) Phase 189750- 30 0% (0 40% (12 VITAE) 60% (18 VITAE) 2 259200 VITAE VITAE) Phase 259200- 20 0% (0 40% (8 VITAE) 60% (12 VITAE) 3 518400 VITAE VITAE) Phase 518400- 15 0% (0 40% (6 VITAE) 60% (9 VITAE) 4 777600 VITAE VITAE) Phase 777600- 10 0% (0 40% (4 VITAE) 60% (6 VITAE) 5 1036800 VITAE VITAE) Phase 1036800- 5 VITAE 40% (2 VITAE) 60% (3 VITAE) 6 onwards Entrepreneurship: A component of the economic process that foregoes all others is employment. The value of products and services revolves around labor cost. In today’s technological age, the need for entrepreneurial opportunities is increasing. The cause, explained previously, noting Inflation, Unemployment/Underemployment and Debt, is a known. Providing a Social Rewards website enables people the opportunity to create their own equilibrium and prosperity. Income generated by members will be the key ingredient that many have not achieved. The entire economic process is facilitated by income, the step missing from the cryptocurrency equation. The only way to acquire the most tokens is through buying them. When the purpose of a token can be used and 8

potentiality to be earned through your actions on our Social Media application, it will create the ability to acquire the necessities of life and will become part of the economic circle. Pre-Mine: Distribution. Vitae token had a pre-mine of 1 Million Tokens to facilitate the needs for a network and begin the POS and block rewards system. As we are striving for fairness and equality, we have burned and distributed “all” our pre-mined tokens (within the Blockchain) through the distribution of Supernodes and Airdrops. Social Rewards Website: Growing Global Prosperity. Beta Test Launched December 26, 2018 Vitae token will work as a utility token on our Social Media application and our Social Rewards Website. It will have a function within the website programming. The exact details of the Social Rewards Website are proprietary and are hidden until public release. Here we will describe some of the characteristics of the site that will require Vitae tokens and a brief outline of the sites overall design. The only attribute for Vitae token within the website is as a payment system. How the system pays you is intricate and has multiple facets. As outlined below in the Nash Equilibria, it is better to have many actions. Multiple actions that are normal in the social aspect of the site will provide rewards to members. Upgrade payment action is also involved in the system, it is not “required” but can provide immense opportunity. This action will provide a utility for Vitae Token as it is the only method of payment. Along with membership actions the website will also provide advertising ability. Advertising will require Vitae token as payment. This will provide other actions within the design like “Air-drop Marketing”, and many more possibilities. A complete advertising platform for the website will give businesses a greater opportunity to get results. Comprehensive analytics and “New Age” marketing actions to increase results. These 9

advertising purchases will also be shared with the website community. Automatically integrated within the platform, this value can continue to grow with the membership base. Synergy in Blockchain Technology: Working with Blockchain Companies. Vitae Token is not only a standalone token with its own Social Rewards Website. It is also an opportunity for other cryptocurrency projects to be integrated with. Having a Social Website that embraces crypto and blockchain technology gives an opportunity for those companies to grow. Established blockchain technologies like *Steemit™ and *Dtube™ can work with our Social Website to gain awareness and trust. While open to new technologies like *Social Send™ and *Zeleta Pay™, and their positive influence on crypto currency, our Social Rewards Website is a tool for the technology to expand. Social Media Websites: Sharing the revenue. Sharing the revenue. When it comes to Social Media Websites, the name says it all. With some social websites, the mention of their name represents millions of users. When you mention *facebook™ you are talking billions. Though there are several Social Websites out there, it is the amount of people that dictates its success. These companies do not share revenues with their members, but our Social Media platform will, via our Social Rewards website. $39.9 Billion USD: *facebook™ advertising revenue for 2017 - Expecting results like that are not realistic in scope, though there is opportunity for our Social Rewards website to gain a percentage of the advertising market which is roughly $223.7 Billion worldwide. By sharing revenue with the membership, we can expand our membership base to be enormous. Our complete plans for this are not available as it is proprietary to the development of the website. Nash Equilibria and Game Theory: The opportunity for all. Nash Equilibrium (in economics and game theory) a stable state of a system involving the interaction of different participants, in which no participant can gain by a unilateral change of strategy if the strategies of the others remain unchanged. - Definition 10

Through the vision of this pretense, our Social Rewards site is made. It is meant to be able to provide each person with a noninvasive strategy to acquire income. With multiple actions each member can take, there are plenty of strategies to develop. Multiple strategies can be used at the same time. Some requiring more actions than others. Fundamentally, this concept is used to gain within the opportunity while not precluding others from the same opportunity. This is just a piece in the puzzle for the system. The system uses the principal as a guide and along with other principals, creates a positive action system. Some of the dynamics contained in the system help new people right away, while helping older members at the same time. This is a “never done before” system and is specifically designed to provide unchallenged success for the members. 11

Disclaimer: Steemit™, Dtube™, facebook™, Zeleta Pay™ and Social Send™ Are trademark companies. Vitae does not imply that we have a working partnership with any of these companies. The information within this document is an inclusive list and does not imply any part of a contractual relationship. While we make every effort to ensure that any material in this white paper is accurate and up-to date, such material in no way constitutes the provision of professional advice. The VITAE team does not accept legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to the accuracy, reliability, currency, or completeness of any material in this whitepaper. Investors and potential VITAE Token holders should seek independent professional advice prior to relying on or entering any commitment or transaction based on this whitepaper; material within is purely published for reference purposes alone. VITAE Tokens are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. The VITAE team does not provide any opinion or advice to purchase, sell, or otherwise transact with VITAE Tokens. Presentation of this whitepaper shall not form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or investment decision. No person is bound to enter into any contract or binding legal commitment in relation to the sale or purchase of VITAE Tokens, and no cryptocurrency or another form of payment is to be accepted based on this white paper. 12 13