Enjin Coin Whitepaper

Thursday, May 2, 2019
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White ​Pape ​ . ®​ Enjin​ PTE LTD ​ Septem e , th​ FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY Nothin in this pape onstitutes an o e o soli itation to sell sha es o se u ities in Enjin​®​ PTE LTD o an elated ompan .

Int odu tion Enjin​®​ is the la est ​ amin ommunit eation plat o m​ online: ● , ​ amin ​ ​ ommunities a oss thousands o ames. ● . million e iste ed ​ ame s ● Laun hed in , ​ ased​ in Sin apo e ● M ​ lo al​ ie s pe month ● Gamin o used Content Mana ement S stem and Fo um eato ● Millions o USD pe month in ​ i tual​ ​ oods​ sales a oss Enjin ​ ommunit ​sto es Enjin® is int odu in Enjin Coin ENJ , a ne pto u en ERC- Token and sma t ont a t plat o m that i es ame de elope s, ontent eato s and amin ommunities the e ui ed pto- a ked alue and tools o implementin and mana in i tual oods. The Enjin plat o m ill ha e ull suppo t o these tokens in the ne t months. Enjin ill de elop a po e ul ame o k o open-sou e so t a e de elopment kits SDKs , allets, ame plu ins, i tual item mana ement apps and a pa ment ate a plat o m. Join us in laun hin the ​most usa le​ ​ pto u en ​ o ​ amin ​! ​ njin Inte nal Data as o June E : ​https:// .​enjin​. om/​ ommunities ​ uant ast data o Enjin Net o k: ​https:// Q .​ uant ast​. om/p-e QTuI yne Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Ta le o Contents . Pu pose Ba ked Communities & C eato s Challen es Solutions . Ma ket Indust G o th Glo al Gamin Ma ket Vi tual Goods ma ket Mo ile Game Ma ket . Enjin Coin Adoption . Enjin Team . Plat o m Featu es Te hni al Conside ations Tokens & Sma t Cont a ts Pu li API C eate & Mana e Vi tual Goods Communit Inte ation De ent alized Pa ment Gate a Eas Automati Pa ments The Enjin "Sma t" Wallet Vi tual Goods Sto e Su s iptions Es o o Vi tual Items Game Top Lists Game Inte ation & SDKs . Token C o dsale Fundin Allo ation . De elopment Roadmap . Impo tant Links & Suppo t Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. Pu pose Vi tual Goods on the Blo k hain A de ent alized plat o m to mana e, dist i ute, and t ade i tual oods. Gi in ame s and ontent eato s a ne model o i tual o ne ship. The i st eas to use amin pto u en Enjin Coin is the i st pto u en ith an authenti pu pose o online ame s. Ea n and t ade i tual oods in the most popula amin ommunit eation plat o m online. SDKs o the Game Indust Enjin Coin plat o m is made o the ame indust . SDKs o multiple lan ua es, allets and pa ment plat o ms ill e a aila le and ompletel open-sou e. A ne amin e pe ien e ith eal o ne ship & alue Online ame s an in o t ade thei assets om ame to ame, ommunit to ommunit , o in thei di ital allet ith eal alue as the pla . A solution to F aud & Hi h Fees Fo e e le itimate i tual item pu hase, . items a e lost to aud , . Enjin Coin minted tokens ill eate t ust and se u it ith minimal t ansa tion ees. ​ ma kete : The isin tide o in-app aud ​https:// E .ema kete . om/A ti le/Risin -Tide-o -In-App-F aud/ ​ psala study i tual items aud: ​https://​apsala ​. om/ A / /latest-​apsala ​-​data​-on-in-​app​- li k-and-iap-​ aud Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Ba ked ​Communities​ & C ​ eato s Millions o en a ed ame s Enjin’s millions o hi hl en a ed use s so ialize and o k to ethe to eate uni ue ommunities, ame ontent, and i tual e onomies. B p o idin the tools the need, E ​ njin empo e s these eato s to monetize thei ontent. Game alue & ontent eation Sand o ames, su h as Mine a t, a e the most popula ames on Enjin. U ​ sin Enjin Coin ill p omote a ultu e o passion, olla o ation, and p ide ​ i in pla e s mo e ont ol o e thei ame ontent. Pla e s that eel alued ill keep omin a k, and in ease e enue and en a ement o pu lishe s and ontent make s. Enjin adopts Enjin Coin Enjin is uni uel positioned in the i tual oods ma ket to p omote and esta lish a pto u en .​ We i e ame s, ommunities and ame eato s hi h ualit tools o monetizin thei amin o ld. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Challen es Pa ment ​F aud It is estimated that o e e le itimate i tual pu hase made, the e a e . i tual items lost to aud , . Assets sto ed and mana ed online an e open to manipulation o ha e a ks. Me hants ha e to deal ith e t a u dens, and s amme s dama e the ame's eputation. Hi h ​Fees​ and Slo ​T ansa tions Game pu lishe s and ​ ommunities​ el on ​thi d-pa t ​ ​plat o ms​ to p o ess ​ i tual​ ​ oods t ansa tions​. Game s en ounte ​slo ness, opa ue und lo , and hi h t ansa tion ees . La k o T ue ​O ne ship​ & ​Ra it Vi tual items a e, in-essen e, li ensed to the ame and a e o ten onl a aila le o use on thei p op ieta plat o ms. At times the an e manipulated, lost, o taken a k ith little e ou se o the use . Genuine t anspa en is missin . Lo ked in and ​Cent alized Di ital items and u en ies a e usuall lo ked to a sin le ame and not t ans e a le. T adin items outside o the ame en i onment is um e some and di i ult. I a pla e ets anned, the an lose all o thei items and u en . No open standa ds The e a e u entl no idel -a epted standa ds o de ent alized u en ies and assets in ames. The use e pe ien e is o ten an a te thou ht, so use s don't kno hat to e pe t. E pensi e & time- onsumin De elopin a plat o m o mana in i tual oods is time- onsumin and ostl . The omple it o mana in a i tual e onom on p op ieta in ast u tu e dela s time to ma ket. Se u it on e ns int odu e a u the set o di i ulties. La k o alue ami i ation Value ased ami i ation eatu es a e la kin in ontent mana ement s stems and o um so t a e. Use s do not et e a ded in eal o ld alue o pa ti ipation o ont i ution. Ema kete : The isin tide o in-app aud ​https:// .ema kete . om/A ti le/Risin -Tide-o -In-App-F aud/ ​ psala study i tual items aud: ​https://​apsala ​. om/ A / /latest-​apsala ​-​data​-on-in-​app​- li k-and-iap-​ aud ​ a pal & St ipe: . % + $ . P pe sale. VISA/Maste Ca d: . %- % o sales. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Solutions Enjin ill de elop tools that ena le ame pu lishe s, ame se e s, and ommunities to mana e i tual oods and in- ame items a oss multiple plat o ms. Monetization usin Enjin Coin ill e a ke o us ith o ust eatu es and toolsets p o ided. G eat ene its ill e ained utilizin a de ent alized plat o m and the suppo tin ame o ks. Bene its o Communities ● Gami ou e site and mo ile ommunit ith ustom Enjin Coins ● In ease use pa ti ipation and ont i ution on o ums and alls. ● Automate e a ds and setup a a iet o ondition ased t i e s. ● Tie-in ou ommunit e a ds ith in- ame oods on se e s o ames. Bene its o ​Game​ Pu lishe s / Content C eato s ● C eate ne tokens to ep esent i tual u en ies, ame items, o p i ile es. ● C eate and mana e i tual oods p o ammati all o ia an app. ● C eate time limited o su s iption ased i tual oods. ● Mint non- un i le items o spe ial edition items. ● Setup a i tual oods sto e. ● Run a de ent alized pa ment ate a ith no middle-man. ● T anspa ent t ansa tions. Setup epo ts and ommission s stems. ● No aud, ha e a ks, o an ellations. ● Minimal ees o lo k hain t ansa tions and no ommission ees. ● Open-sou e suite o APIs and SDKs o e e popula plat o m and en ine. ● Sma t allets that a ilitate eas automati pa ments om use s. ● Easil setup a site and mo ile ommunit ith ull i tual oods inte ation. Bene its o ​Game s ● Bu & sell items ith no isk o aud. ● T ade et een amin items om di e ent ames usin Ban o o li uidit ● Take ou u en ith ou a oss an ommunit o ame and etain alue. ● O n alua le u en and a e items that an ne e e taken a a . ● Use Enjin’s ma ketpla e and so ial net o k to ind and t ade ame items. ● Ea n Enjin oins pla in ames. ● Con e t ustom i tual oods di e tl a k to Enjin Coins and etain alue. ● Ea n oins pa ti ipatin in ommunities and postin on o ums. ● Bu in- ame items on thousands o ame se e s and ames that suppo t ENJ. ● P o e o ne ship o items sho in them o in e site id ets. ​Enjin & Ban o : ​https://medium. om/@ oin o k/ an o -enjin-pa tne -and-p e-sale-is-e tended- d Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. ​Ma ket​ ​Indust ​ ​G o th Glo al ​Gamin ​ ​Ma ket The lo al amin ma ket is e pe ien in e plosi e o th, ea hin US$ . BN in and a p ​ oje ted US$ . BN . Enjin PTE LTD is head ua te ed in Sin apo e, p o idin the pe e t sp in oa d to u the ta et the Chinese, Japanese and Ko ean ma kets. ​ % o the o th in ​ ame om Asia-Pa i i ount ies.​ Glo al ​Games​ ma ket ​Ne zoo​ ​Repo t​ Ap ​ ​ Initial Ta et Audien e Mine a t is one o the most popula ideo ames in the o ld, ith o e million monthl pla e s . Enjin is in a uni ue position e ause o ou la e e istin Mine a t use - ase. The Unit ame en ine has a om ined million use s a oss all ames, and % o top ee mo ile ames a e made ith Unit . This alon ith Unit 's st on p esen e in Indie ames is h Enjin Coin ill e de elopin a Unit SDK ea l . ​ ttps://ne zoo. om/insi hts/a ti les/the- lo al- ames-ma ket- ill- ea h- - - illion-in- h - ith-mo ile-takin - / http:// a.i n. om/a ti les/ / / /mine a t-has- -million-monthl -pla e s- -million-sales Thi t - ou pe ent o top ames a e made ith Unit : ​https://unit d. om/pu li - elations Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Vi tual ​Goods​ ma ket It​’​s estimated that, the o e all alue o the ​Glo al​ ​So ial Gamin ma ket​ , is to ea h US$ . BN. ​Vi tual​ ​ oods, ad e tisements, and lead ene ation​ o e s a e the main e enue ene ation sou es o the lo al ​so ial amin ma ket​. Amon these, the ​ i tual oods se ment is likel to e pand the astest ​at a ompound annual o th ate o . %o e the o e ast pe iod. Whe e Vi tual Goods a e pu hased Amon the u e s, a out a thi d a e u in on e a month and a ua te a e u in on e a eek. Re enue om the di e ent ontent t pes o i tual oods ​ o ial​ ​Gamin ​ ​Ma ket​: ​http:// S .t anspa en ma ket esea h. om/​so ial- amin -ma ket​.html ​ G ​Models​: ​https:// entu e eat. om/ V / / / ee-to-pla - i tual- oods- usiness-models- ainin -steam-in- ames/ Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Median ​Spent​ on Di ital ​Goods​ ​Content​ T pe Content ​T pe F om st Pa t ​Sites F om d Pa t ​Sites In-Game​ ​Cu en $ $ Su s iption Codes $ $ A mo o E uipment $ $ Maps/Le els $ $ Weapons $ $ Vi tual Gi ts $ $ Po e Ups $ $ Mo ile ​Game​ ​Ma ket With the e ent elease o the Enjin Mo ile App , eatu in ommunities, o ums, all eeds, messa in , noti i ation, i h ontent eation, and iends mana ement,​ Enjin is o in apidl ​ in the mo ile app se to . . illion ame s a oss the lo e a e e ​ pe ted to ene ate US$ . illion in ame e enues in .​ Mo ile is the most lu ati e se ment, laimin % o the ma ket. In , mo ile amin ill ep esent just mo e than hal o the total ames ma ket. Re enue Content t pe: B Pla Span & VGMa ket Di ital Goods Spendin Repo t: ​http://slidepla e . om/slide/ / E​ njin ​Mo ile​ ​App And oid: ​https://play. oo le. om/sto e/apps/details?id= om.enjin.mo ile&hl=en ​ IOS: ​https://itunes.apple. om/us/app/enjin- ommunity- o - ame s/id ?mt= ​ o ile ame ​Ma ket​: ​https://ne zoo. om/insi hts M Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. ​Enjin​ ​Coin​ ​Adoption Coins to ​Communit O ne s months ollo in the Enjin Coin o dsale and the deplo ment o the allet and o e ENJ eatu es, oins ill slo l e eleased to app o imatel , e i ied amin ommunities on Enjin. The amount o oins ea h ommunit e ei es ill e al ulated ased on thei p e ious sto e olume sales, mem e ount, audien e isits and a ious e site a ti it met i s. Adoption Bount ​P o am An Ea l Adoption Bount p o am ill e put in pla e o an ame, se e , o ommunit that e ins utilization o the ENJ oin ith a e i ied histo o monetizin ame ontent. We anti ipate h ​ u e demand in Enjin Coins​ as e oll ou Enjin CMS inte ation eatu es out to ommunities. Sponso ships & ​Pa tne s Enjin ill e pa tne in ith ame de elope s and popula ame se e s o , pla e s o hi he to dist i ute Enjin Coins as pa t o undles, in- ame tou nament p izes o su s iption onuses. ​ ased on Enjin Inte nal ommunity data and analyti s. B Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. Enjin Team Enjin's team has p o en apa ilities and e pe ien e in so t a e en inee in , ma ketin , lo k hain te hnolo ies, and usiness ope ations. We ha e a solid eputation in the indust , and a lon o k histo to ethe . Ma im ​Bla o CEO / C eati e Di e to Co- ounde o Enjin. Visiona and eati e di e to ith ea s o e pe tise in eati e di e tion, p oje t mana ement, and UX desi n. E pe t in on ept & st ate de elopment o la e inte a ti e appli ations, spe ializin in the ideo amin indust . Witek​ ​Radomski CTO Co- ounde o Enjin. Witek has o e seen the te hni al en inee in o Enjin o nea l a de ade. He hampions est-p a ti es in so t a e desi n, se u it and testin . Leadin the Enjin Coin u en implementation and inte ation ithin the online amin e os stem. Josh ​Woel el Full Sta k En inee Josh is a pe e tionist and a team leade ith e tensi e e pe ien e in ull sta k de elopment. Spe ializin in REACT, PHP & Ja aS ipt, he has de eloped nume ous ull s ale appli ations ein used millions o use s on Enjin toda . Pionee ed the t ansition to REACT a oss the plat o m. V a hesla Volko C# / O je ti e-C En inee Te hni al Lead in C#, O je ti e-C and Ja a. V a hesla di e ts the de elopment o the Enjin And oid and iOS app. P o en a ilit to eate omple , and e satile ente p ise le el appli ations ith optimal desi n and a hite tu e. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Lilia P it ha d Ma ketin / Ope ations ea s o ma ketin e pe ien e, ell e sed in esta lishin pa tne ships ith indust -leadin ame pu lishe s, and on the ound so ial media and ommunit inte a tions spannin millions o use s. Possesses alua le insi hts into st ate i t ends, and a st on a ilit to e e ute ampai ns. B ad ​Ba liss Se u it Anal st / Full Sta k En inee O e ea s o p o ammin , se u it esea h, ualit assu an e and net o k mana ement. B ad is dedi ated to a ds ensu in a sa e and se u e net o k in ast u tu e o the millions o use s and sites on the Enjin plat o m. E an Lindsa Ja a / Game Se e En inee Ja a p o amme and lead de elope o the Enjin Mine a t plu in, used o e k ame se e s. O e i e ea s o e pe ien e o kin ith ame and net o k se e implementations. Spe ialized in ame p o ammin and o e Ja a te hnolo ies. Ch is ​Hi asa a Qualit Assu an e / Communit Mana e O e ea s o e pe ien e in the amin indust , Ch is is esponsi le o d i in the so t a e de elopment p o ess to a d ualit - ent i methodolo ies. Lead in te hni al suppo t and id in ommuni ation et een mana ement and ommunit . Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Ad iso s Pat LaBine Gamin Te hni al Ad iso Pat La ine in s o e ea s o en inee in and amin p odu tion e pe ien e to the team. T el e ea s at iti all a laimed RPG make B ​ ioWa e​ o kin on the Jade Empi e, Mass E e t, D a on A e, and Ne IP an hises as Gamepla P o amme , Te hni al Di e to , and P odu e / P oje t Di e to . Ro in Hanson Ad iso on So ial S ien e and E onomi s Ro in Hanson is an asso iate p o esso o e onomi s at Geo e Mason Uni e sit and a esea h asso iate at O o d's Futu e o Humanit Institute. He in ented the ma ket s o in ules ehind the hu el su ess ul G ​ nosis​ and ​Au u ​ tokens. E pe t on idea utu es and ma kets, and he as in ol ed in the eation o the Fo esi ht Institute’s Fo esi ht E han e and Futu eMAP p oje t. R an La ke Se u it Ad iso A eno ned se u it e pe t, R an is a se u it ad iso o ​ Tezos and the ounde o multiple se u it sta tups in ludin Ha enCo, C ptoSeal, and ResetSe u it . He's as inated ho se u it te hnolo an enhan e indi idual li e t o people a ound the o ld. Daniel He Business De elopment / E onomi s Ad iso O e s o e pe ien e in usiness de elopment and mana ement onsultin , Co- ounde o The​ Lo& ehold G oup​, Fo me onsultant o Monito G oup Asia and p a ti in Ph si ian in Sin apo e. F ede i k ​Hea tline​ Ad iso O i inal 's e punk and a e . C pto u en E an elist, Co- ounde o ​De ent al​ Van ou e , o- eato and o-host o Salontalks and #Blo ktalk. Lon time GPU mine . BTC, ETH and te h lo e . Cu entl sp eadin the ospel in and om Hanoi, Vietnam. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. ​Plat o m​ ​Featu es Te hni al Conside ations Toda 's ame s and e site use s demand ast and snapp use inte a es. The Ethe eum net o k is u entl limited in th ou hput e ause it has an a e a e lo k time o se onds potentiall up to se onds . F​ utu e updates to Ethe eum aim to imp o e lo k times to se onds Caspe and allo t ans e s ithin millise onds Raiden .​ Both o these updates a e planned o late to ea l . As the standa d lo k times ma impose some dela s, e ill a hie e a mode n esponsi e e pe ien e usin o - hain noti i ations. T usted Plat o ms ill send an instant noti i ation to the use 's Sma t Wallet o ea h T ansa tion Re uest. When the t ansa tion is a epted the use and eated on the lo k hain, the allet ill all the T usted Plat o m API ith the t ansa tion to at h. The ame o e site an then e updated immediatel ith a pla eholde item o non-t adea le e sion o the asset until enou h on i mations a e ea hed to allo ull o ne ship o the item. In the ase o in- ame u en ies, the use 's alan e ould immediatel update in the ame ut an un on i med po tions ould e lo ked om spendin until the app op iate num e o on i mations a e ea hed on the lo k hain. The Enjin Coin SDK ill displa on i med and un on i med alan es hen listin ENJ and ustom assets, to make implementation eas and lea . A te Raiden and Caspe updates a e deplo ed on the Ethe eum Net o k, these sa e ua d measu es ill e entuall e ome impe epti le. Enjin ill e testin the Raiden Net o k o li htnin - ast asset on i mation speeds as soon as the De elope and minimum ia le p odu t MVP eleases a e ompleted, late this ea . ​ the eum CASPER Ea ly Ben hma ks ​https://t itte . om/ italik ute in/status/ E ?lan =en ​ aiden Net o k h​ ttp:// aiden.net o k/ R ​ aiden Net o k Milestones ​https:// ithu . om/ aiden-net o k/ aiden/milestones R Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Tokens & ​Sma t​ ​Cont a ts We ill deplo Enjin Coin and i tual assets as ERC tokens on the Ethe eum net o k. Ethe eum is the most popula and idel suppo ted sma t ont a t lo k hain, ith a hu e de elopment ommunit and o ust lan ua e suppo t. We elie e it has a st on utu e in ame de elopment and in eatin the ne de ent alized inte net. A olle tion o sma t ont a ts ill p o ide o e un tionalit on the lo k hain: t​ he Mint, Pa ment Gate a Cont a t, Sma t Wallet Cont a t, Su s iption Cont a t, Custom Coin Re ist , and TopList Cont a ts. Pu li API Enjin ill h​ ost a pu li ​Plat o m​ API usin the JSON-RPC p oto ol​ ith methods o he kin a ount alan es and a essin ea h o the a o e sma t ont a ts. This ill allo e sites to displa data to inte net use s ithout e ui in a e allet e tension installed in the e o se . ​ RC ​Token​ standa d # E ​https:// ithu . om/ethe eum/EIPs/issues/ Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

C eate & ​Mana e​ V ​ i tual​ ​Goods Games and ommunities an mint uni ue in- ame items, u en ies, and p i ile e tokens usin Enjin Coins as the pa ent u en . These assets an e on e ted a k into Enjin Coins an one holdin them, at the o i inal e han e ate hi h the e e minted. Mintin ​Custom​ ​Coins We , Mo ile App and API- ased use inte a es to the Mint sma t ont a t ill e de eloped to make asset eation and mana ement a simple p o ess. The ollo in pa amete s de ine a ne ustom asset: ● Name ● I on ● Ma imum Suppl ● De imal Pla es ● E han e ​Rate ● A ess ​List ● Data On e eated, a Mint sma t ont a t ill e loned and e iste ed in the sin leton R ​ e ist sma t ont a t, hi h ill allo ustom assets to e e o nized all Sma t Wallets. The ustom asset ma no e minted an one in the A ess List sendin Enjin Coins to the ne Mint sma t ont a t. The Name, I on and A ess List p ope ties ma e updated at an time the Mint ont a t o ne . Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

E han in ​Coins The Mint ont a t sto es all ENJ oins used to mint ea h unit o a Custom Coin. Enjin allets p o ide an inte a e to e​ han e Custom Coins a k to Enjin Coins​ that a e ontained in the Mint ont a t. This p o ides li uidit and the option o a kin ustom assets ith a kno n ENJ alue. E onomi all , an ustom assets eated ith ENJ ill de ease the num e o ENJ in i ulation, p ​ ese in and in easin the alue o the ENJ ​e os stem o e the lon te m. Custom Coins that ain thei o n int insi alue inside the amin e os stem ill e held and t aded u the the ommunit , hile othe s ould e t aded a k to e ain thei o i inal Enjin Coin alue - i in all use s eas li uidit . Custom ​Coins​ as ame items The same me hanism o mintin Custom Coins ma e used to ep esent uni ue ame items. In this s ena io, Enjin oins ould e used to mint one o mo e Custom Coins ep esentin a ame item that has alue tied to it. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Uni ue Items Non- un i le items ma e issued​ at the time o mintin in ludin uni ue data su h as the o i inal pla e ho o ns the item, the date it as minted, the oss monste it as looted om, o othe i ep odu i le data in used into that spe i i unit. Item T adin E onomies Usin ​de ent alized​ assets allo s ame s to t ade ith ea h othe ​outside o ​ the ame en i onment,​ and e en​ t ade and esta lish alue a oss multiple di e ent ames​. Custom Coins ill e ompati le ith an e te nal e han e that suppo ts Ethe eum Tokens. Additionall ,​ Enjin ill e de elopin a ma ketpla e, ish-lists, and au tion eatu es​, di e tl inside o the Enjin so ial net o k and A ti it Feed s stem to a ilitate P P t adin . The po e o Custom Coins as p i ile e tokens Custom Coins ill e added to the e istin a ess ont ols used a oss the Enjin CMS and an e used as a po e ul method o dele atin po e . Fo e ample, a e site o ne ma sell a limited num e o "Ad" tokens that allo uploadin an ad to the ne s pa e o messa e oa d. In a ame, a ustom "Chest Ke " token ould e e ui ed to open hests ontainin a e items. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Communit Inte ation Enjin Coin eatu es ill e i​ nte ated a oss the enti e Enjin CMS plat o m​ and nati el suppo ted o e , e istin amin e sites. Goin past the Enjin CMS, E​ njin ill de elop phpBB, Bulletin, Xen o o and othe o um and CMS inte ations​ as pa t o the open-sou e Plat o m API that ill allo e en mo e inte net ommunities to easil adopt Enjin Coins into thei e sites and ames. Open-sou e PHP and NodeJS SDKs ill i e e de elope s eas a ess to all Enjin Coin eatu es and un tionalit o ustom e site and API inte ations. Re a d Automations The e istin automation s stem on the Enjin CMS Plat o m an​ e a d oins to use a ounts ased on po e ul om inations o onditions and t i e s​. Va ious e a d s stem an e setup o use pa ti ipation on the o um and othe e site a ti ities. Fo um Boa ds The Enjin CMS in ludes an in edi l ​ eatu e- i h o um s stem​, u entl po e in e e thin om small teams to iant ommunities ith o e a million use s pa ti ipatin on thei messa e oa ds. Fo um otes and points ill e e tended ith the a ilit to displa Custom Coins. Tippin ill e added to the Fo ums so that oins an e tipped to use s ith a e simple li ks and this a tion ould e displa ed on the th ead . Donations & G oup Pa Man e sites a ept donations instead o usin a sto e - espe iall smalle eSpo ts lans o uilds made up o iends. Enjin Coins ill no e a pa ment option in the Donation module and St et h Goals. P omotion & Ad e tisin on the Enjin Plat o m Enjin's e t emel popula all s stem ill e up aded ith a Post P omotion s stem hi h a epts Enjin Coins as the pa ment method. P omoted Wall Posts an e ta eted to spe i i ames and inte ests ithin the audien e o million en a ed ame s. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

De ent alized​ Pa ment Gate a The Plat o m SDK makes eatin a omple de ent alized pa ment ate a a eeze. It is desi ned to allo o uni ue ne pa ment st u tu es hi h an edu e a ountin o k and in ease t ust et een me hants and ustome s. Build ou o n ​ ustomized​ Gate a All a kend un tionalit ne essa to uild a Pa Pal-like ate a ill e in luded in the Plat o m SDK. As a p o ide , ou an implement ou o n desi ed eatu es, su h as a ts, e in oi es, email/SMS noti i ations, e unds and mo e uildin on the open-sou e ode and e amples p o ided in the SDK. Pa ment Wid et Pa t o the Ja aS ipt SDK elease, the pa ment id et ill allo e sites to easil a ept pa ments in Enjin Coins and Custom Coins on an e site. The id et ma e onne ted to an Pa ment Gate a s uilt on the SDK. Plu ins ill e a aila le o majo open-sou e and omme ial a ts su h as Ma ento, D upal, Shopi , Volusion, Zen Ca t and othe s. Nati e Suppo t o Custom Coins The Gate a sma t ont a t an e on i u ed to a ept all ENJ- ased oins o a list o spe i i token t pes. The Ja aS ipt pa ment id et and shop plu ins ill identi and displa all suppo ted ustom oins, alon ith lo os and asso iated metadata. No Built-In Fees Othe than e small Ethe eum t ansa tion ees, omplete pa ment ate a s an e eated and ​no uilt-in ees o osts a e imposed​. Multiple Pa ees An e itin ne eatu e o the pa ment ate a plat o m is multiple pa ees. In omin unds an e ont a tuall di ided up et een mo e than one a ount. Pa ees ma pull thei allo ated unds om the Gate a sma t ont a t. Conside these potential use ases: P o it Sha in , p o ide Fees, ha it o P ize und. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Eas Automati Pa ments Usin a no el Sma t Wallet t ansa tion me hanism, e an allo ​ aste , eas to use automati pa ments​ on the Ethe eum net o k, hile maintainin the h ​ i h le el o se u it that the ​ lo k hain​ allo s. The use ill app o e ames and e sites as ein T usted Plat o ms that an initiate a t ansa tion e uest. The use 's allet mo ile o PC ill p ompt o on i mation hene e a t ans e o unds o a ne su s iption is e uested. In- ame​ pu hase s ena io Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

The Enjin "Sma t" Wallet A ke omponent in makin e e thin eas to use is the Enjin Wallet. Buildin on e istin li ht allet desi n, the Enjin Wallet st eamlines the use e pe ien e u the inte atin ith ames and e sites that the use t usts. Use a ounts on ea h t usted plat o m ill e s n ed to the use 's Ethe eum add ess. We all this a "sma t" allet e ause o multiple pie es o un tionalit that o k to ethe to simpli the use e pe ien e: ● The Plat o m API is used to o elate e i ied amin and e site a ounts. ● T ansa tion Re uests a e sent om t usted plat o ms di e tl to the allet. ● Su s iptions a e on i med and mana ed ea h lo al allet. ● T ansa tion limits and th esholds en o ed the allet's sma t ont a t. ● Sma t Cont a ts a e used in the a k ound o data & displa ed in a lean UI. ● Lo al ules an e set up o a eptin and automatin T ansa tion Re uests. ​UI Con ept: Use t ansa tion mana ement T usted Plat o ms The use an de ine a list o t usted APIs in the allet settin s, an in om the Enjin API itsel , to t usted ame pu lishe s, to an thi d pa t unnin the Plat o m API. The allet is a le to e ei e push noti i ations, e ei e t ansa tion e uests and s n use a ounts om ea h t usted plat o m. A use an send ENJ oins to anothe use on a t usted plat o m lookin up thei use name​ and the allet ill ind mat hin onta ts and thei asso iated a ount add ess. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

T ansa tion Re uests Instead o o in use s to op and paste a ount add esses o e ei e isk e -inje ted t ansa tion ommands, ea h t usted plat o m ill send a T ansa tion Re uest to the allet. The use ill e p ompted ith some use ul in o mation a out the t ansa tion and an A ept o Den it ith a sin le li k. This eates a ​ lean and seamless use e pe ien e​ and p e ents the on usion and un e taint t pi all asso iated ith lo k hain allets. Rules & Th esholds Rules and th esholds an e de ined to p e ent undesi ed t ansa tions. I a pie e o ame lo i eates t ansa tions that e eed the th esholds, the allet ill displa the pendin ueue o t ansa tion e uests, and p ompt the o ne o on i mation. Rules an e de ined e na o l , su h as "Allo sendin a sin le Enjin Coin e a d on e dail ." Chan in an o these settin s ill e ui e a hou sa et dela and ale t the use o ​a pendin settin ​ update. Mo ile Wallet The Enjin Wallet ill also e ist as a Mo ile iOS/And oid appli ation and implement the same eatu es mentioned a o e. Man use s ill p e e to a ept t ansa tions on thei phone hile pla in a ame on thei PC. The mo ile allet an e set-up ui kl s annin a QR ode that ontains settin s. The mo ile app ill e ei e Push noti i ations om Enjin and an t usted plat o ms. I a t ansa tion e uest is pushed, the mo ile allet ill e i unds e ist and ask the use to A ept o Den the oin t ansa tion. This ill allo pla e s in- ame to easil send oin t ansa tions usin thei phone as the authenti ation de i e. UI Con ept: Wallet ith ENJ and ustom in- ame items and u en ies. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Vi tual Goods Sto e C eate a Sto e in minutes Game assets an e ep esented ith Custom Coins, and the p o ess o ​ eatin a shop o in- ame items o p i ile es is al ead st ai ht o a d ith Enjin​: We sites hosted on Enjin Plat o m an asso iate a spe i i allet ontainin ENJ and Custom Coins to the e site a ount. This ould link an sella le assets to the Enjin Sto e module admin panel and these ould e listed o sale in- ame and on the e site p i ed in Enjin Coins, Custom Coins, Bit oin, Lite oin, Ethe eum o Fiat u en . DonationC a t DonationC a t is a p​ o e ul shoppin a t and e omme e s stem used tens o thousands o Enjin ommunities dail and u entl p o essin millions o dolla s pe month​ in i tual item pu hases and su s iptions. It suppo ts a po e ul API, in- ame pu hases, alidates ame ha a te s and allo s o e site automation usin t i e s and pu hase onditions. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Su s iptions The Enjin Wallet opens up an e itin , unp e edented ne eatu e o pto u en ies: the a ilit to ​ eate eal su s iption se i es​. Se e o ne s and ommunit o ne s ill e a le to p o ide time- ased se i es like po e -ups, anks, o unlo k e site ontent o su s i ed use s. Su s iptions in ol e pa ties: Me hant An a ount ith pe missions to ithd a om the Su s iption Sma t Cont a t. Su s i e The ustome ith an Enjin Sma t Wallet installed and a alan e o Enjin Coins. T usted Plat o m The API that eates su s iption te ms et een the Me hant and Su s i e , and pushes this as a Su s iption Re uest to the Su s i e 's allet. A Su s iption Re uest ontainin metadata a out the su s iption is sent to the Sma t Wallet to e a epted. This ill initiate a sma t ont a t elationship et een the Su s i e and Me hant. The Sma t Wallet ill automati all send unds to the sma t ont a t at e ula inte als, and the Me hant ill onl e pe mitted to ithd a unds hi h ha e een a ounted o , ased on elapsed time. The Su s i e ma hoose to an el an time to e e unded o the emainde o the su s iption inte al. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Es o o Vi tual Items & T adin Plat o m An es o s stem usin sma t ont a ts allo s multiple pa ties to t ade an num e o ame items and u en ies sa el . Pa t A ill initiate the ont a t: ● Token s o e ed ● One o mo e sets o token t pes a epted in t ade Pa t B an no he k the ont a t and send an one o the a epted sets o tokens. The i st mat hin set o tokens ill elease the o e ed items to Pa t B. This an e used o simple p​ la e -to-pla e t ades​, aided the Sma t Wallet in- ame to identi the o e t item t pes and a ept the t ade ith a tap o li k. It an also e used o an on- hain d ​ i ital oods ma ketpla e​. Pa t A ma a ept a ious t pes o tokens, o e ample: ● Enjin Coins ● o ..​ S o d ● o ..​ Helmet + B eastplate + Glo es + Boots The i st u e sendin an o the a epted item sets ill omplete the es o t ansa tion. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Game Top Lists TopLists allo people to ​ ank ames, se e s, teams, o an othe item​. This is e popula ith ame se e s that soli it pla e otes o pa toplist e sites to e anked hi he . The TopList o mat is ein implemented as a de ent alized sma t ont a t ith ules that ena le ma ket iddin o demo ati otin . The pu li natu e o the lo k hain an edu e un ai o uption o manipulation o TopLists. The eato o the list e ei es all oins spent to add items o ote. This in enti izes list eato s to p omote and ma ket thei list to thei audien es. A list an e on i u ed ith a ost to add items and a ost pe ote. These ma e p i ed in ENJ o a spe i i Custom Coin t pe. The settin s a aila le to TopLists allo a an e o ankin s hemes, om simple Demo ati otes one ote pe identit , to Pluto ati otes ealthiest ote s ulin , to some he e in et een. Demo ati lists ma e eated usin a limited set o ustom oins that a e automati all sent to ea h lon -te m mem e o a ommunit . This kind o dist i ution is al ead possi le usin Automations in the Enjin CMS, as an e ample. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

Game Inte ation & SDKs Open-Sou e SDKs ● Ja a ● C# ● C++ ● iOS​ S i t ● And oid C# Fo the e , PHP and NodeJS SDKs ill ena le the eation o ustom APIs and e se i es used ames and e sites. Unit Plu in Unit is a popula oss-plat o m ame en ine used o e a million de elope s. The Unit C# SDK ill allo eation o t ansa tion e uests, eadin a ount alan es, eation o su s iptions, and ue in ​toplists​. Mine a t Plu in The Enjin Mine a t Plu in ill in lude an Ethe eum li ht lient and ommuni ate ith the Enjin API. Ne eatu es ill e added that allo se e s to initiate t ansa tion e uests o oth the se e and o pla e s themsel es. Spi ot, Spon e, and Fo e se e s ill e suppo ted sin e these a e the most popula plu in plat o ms o Mine a t on the PC. Untu ned Plu in We a e de elopin a plu in to suppo t Untu ned, a popula multipla e su i al ame ith a i h thi d-pa t plu in ame o k. Pe missions and items ill e linked to Enjin Coin assets, and most eatu es om the Enjin Mine a t Plu in ill e po ted o Untu ned. Un eal De elopment Kit UDK is a po e ul ame en ine used in man hi h- ud et ames as ell as indie titles. A C++ li a ill e de eloped ith simila eatu es to the Unit SDK a o e. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. Token C o dsale Allo ation Onl illion ENJ tokens ill e e e eated.​ The ENJ tokens a e intended to e allo ated as ollo s: %​ , , to e sold Enjin to p e sale pu hase s pu suant to a Simple A eement o Futu e Tokens SAFT o e in o th ou h Enjin App o ed A iliates. %​ , , to e sold Enjin to C o dsale pu hase s minus an onuses applied in the p e-sale. T ​ he Enjin Coin p e-sale sold out in Septem e ​, and the e a e app o imatel , , emainin tokens a aila le o the pu li sale. %​ , , ese ed the Compan to in enti ize ommunit , eta teste s, ma ketin and st ate i pa tne s. %​ , , to e dist i uted the Compan to the Enjin Coin Team and Ad iso s. Unsold Tokens & Team Vestin ● An unsold tokens in p esale o into pu li sale. ● Team tokens a e lo ked o the i st months, and ill e ested o e a pe iod o months total. Team mem e s ill e t ans e ed % o thei tokens a te months, and then . % e e months a te a d. The team list ma e updated du in the month estin pe iod. ● Ad iso tokens a e lo ked o months and dist i uted ull . ● An unsold tokens om o dsale a e lo ked o months and ill o into the Ma ketin and Pa tne ship pool. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

P esale ● P esale ended Septem e th and p esale ha d- ap as ea hed. ● USD $ , , aised du in p esale , ETH ● % o ENJ tokens sold M Pu li C o dsale ENJ Tokens a e intended to e sold at the ollo in ates: Week Week Week Week ETH , ENJ , ENJ , ENJ , ENJ Co dsale Sta t and End Date The o dsale ill e in at ​ a.m. PDT O to e d, ​ the Laun h Date​ and end at : p.m. PDT on O to e st, o hen sold out. Che k the o i ial e site: enjin oin.io​ o u the in o mation. Ho an I pa ti ipate? Detailed inst u tions alon ith the ont i ution add ess ill e posted on the o i ial e site: e ​ njin oin.io Ho a e unds se u ed? All unds olle ted du in the o dsale ill e deposited in a se u e multi-si allet. Ke s ill e held E e uti e Di e to s o Enjin Pte. Ltd. makin it so that all out oin t ansa tions ha e to e e i ied multiple pa ties. The o dsale sma t ont a t ode on Enjin's GitHu ill e pu li and a aila le o audit an one. ● ETH e han e ates a e su je t to han e ithout noti e p io to the sta t o the pu li o dsale. On e the pu li o dsale sta ts the e han e ate ill e lo ked. ● The p i es o the p esale a e not su je t to han e and ill emain the same and ha e no e e t on the pu li o dsale. Fundin Allo ation Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

All unds ont i uted in the C o dsale ill e used s ​ olel o the de elopment, p omotion, and o th o Enjin Coin Plat o m​. Belo is the p elimina allo ation and the dist i ution and ma e su je t to han e. ​ % De elopment % Ma ketin & G o th This e e s to the de elopment and The ma ketin ud et allo s o a ope ational osts o all te hnolo onstant and elentless p omotion des i ed in this hitepape , in ludin o Enjin Coin to ame s in multiple ta et sma t ont a ts, allets, SDKs, APIs, ount ies and amin se ments. This ill ame plu ins, thi d pa t plu ins, and an e used o ideo and in- ame othe Enjin Coin- elated updates. This ill ad e tisin , p omotional e ents & also o e hi in additional ull-time tou naments, sponso ships, mo ile & de elope s and onsultants to a ele ate so ial media ads, and liasonin ith de elopment so that e meet o e eed studios. the oadmap oals and e pansion oals. % Se u it % Le al We a e takin the ne essa steps Enjin ill o tain the app op iate to ensu e that optimal se u it le al ad i e to al a s ensu e that standa ds a e ollo ed in e e elease. e ope ate in a o dan e ith the la s This in ludes p o essional ode audits and and e ulations o ea h ju isdi tion that penet ation testin on all APIs, sma t e do usiness in. Funds ill e held in ont a ts, Mo ile and PC allets, plu ins ese e o an utu e issues o hallen es and SDKs. that ma a ise in an e ion. % Hostin & In ast u tu e % Contin en This ill o e a minimum o This amount ill e set aside o ea s o in eased osts e ui ed un o eseen osts. o e pansion o the e se e s, i e alls, load alan e s, DDOS p ote tion and net o k o anti ipated in eases in T a i to the e plat o m and pu li JSON-RPC API. Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. De elopment Roadmap We a e a solutel dedi ated to meet ou de elopment oals ahead o s hedule and p o ide the ultimate ame o k and eatu e suppo t o Enjin Coin. O t ​ ​Enjin Coin C o dsale ​ ​enjin oin.io Q Co e Sma t Cont a ts Plat o m API Mo ile Sma t Wallet Co e eatu es Mine a t Plu in Ja a SDK Q C# SDK Unit SDK Untu ned Plu in Mo ile Sma t Wallet Updates PC Sma t Wallet Enjin Sto e Modules Enjin Automations Enjin Fo um Inte ation Token Mana e Q Un eal De elopment Kit iOS S i t SDK And oid SDK Vi tual Item T adin S stem PHP SDK Q Enjin Mo ile App Pa ment Gate a Cont a t Pa ment Gate a F ame o k Q Su s iptions TopList Cont a t & UI Enjin Coin Communit App Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD

. Impo tant Links & Suppo t Enjin Coin We site: ​https://enjin oin.io Enjin We site: h ​ ttps://enjin. om Blo : h ​ ttps:// lo .enjin oin.io/ T itte : h ​ ttps://t itte . om/enjin Tele am: ​https://t.me/enjin_ oin Bit ointalk: h ​ ttps:// it ointalk.o /inde .php?topi = . Reddit: ​https:// . eddit. om/ /enjin oin Fa e ook: ​https:// a e ook. om/enjinso ial GitHu : ​https:// ithu . om/enjin Whitepape . ​https://enjin oin.io​ o latest e sion. © , Enjin® PTE LTD