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Wednesday, May 1, 2019
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Blockchain as a Service for ID The English version of whitepaper is the main official source of BAAS token-related information. The whitepaper will be translated into other languages as needed and used in writing or verbal communication with existing and potential customers, partners, etc. During translation or communication, some of the information may be lost, damaged or inaccurate. The accuracy of such alternative communication cannot be guaranteed. If there is any conflict or inconsistency in such translation and communication, the original English version of whitepaper will be referred to as the benchmark. White Paper V.3.4.33 1

Instant Private Certification Platform Based on the Public Network of Blockchain “Independence from the Database” White Paper (patent application) 2

Definition of terminology For a clear explanation and understanding of the "BaaSid" project, this white paper will place a priority on using descriptions that use both correlating words and unfamiliar words. Terminology Content "Blockchain as a Service" is a concept that means enabling many unspecified internet BaaS suppliers to easily borrow blockchain based technology and infrastructure. (Example) SaaS : Software as a Service As one BaaS project, this project means various login, personal identification, and other "BaaSid" certification services developed on a public network. BaaS + ID(Identification) "BaaSid" refers to the unit of cryptocurrency all internet service providers and users BAAS (participants) provide, use or exchange with one another that originates through the service. The abbreviation for Certification of Public Network, which is a public network infrastructure where an internet service provider’s database or a third party certification authority, user or device all have a centralized database, or through the voluntary COPN participation of nodes (participants) in a non-storage public network, important personal information is split into other fragments and divided among each other before splitting, distributing and saving. These are the smallest units of encrypted data that are split, distributed and stored in ways different from each other on the fastest, most optimized nodes for the user after personal Split ID information in a wide variety of formats (text, images) is encrypted, and split into thousands of small fragments using a split engine. This is the smallest block unit that is composed of one participant group where split IDs that Split Block are split and divided in ways different from each other on the fastest, most optimized nodes (unspecified partcipants) for the user. This means a one-time instant access privilege where Split IDs are called, which were saved Instant in ways different from each other by an unspecified number of providers within the split Access block one belongs to, to quickly and safety proceed with login, instant membership, and payment authentication. Through a safe and easy verification via instant access, login, instant membership, payments, Hyper and wire transfers can be performed through the Certification of Public Network (COPN) Confirm without any intervention by a provider database, third party certification authority or Payment Gateway (PG). 3

Index 1. Background of “BaaSid” - What is "BaaSid“ page 7 - Decentralization page 8 - Why "BaaSid“ page 10 - Split & Distribution Engine page 11 - Split ID page 12 - Combination Engine Descrambling and Verification Stage page 13 - One Pass: an all-in-in sophisticated verification page 14 - BaaS Certification API Service pgae 15 - "DB Governance” of BaaSid Participants page 16 2. Introduction - Limitations of and problems with blockchain page 18 - Borrowing the DB of BaaS based participants page 19 - Split & Distribute Data page 20 - Verification that is user-centered based on the Certification Certification of Public Network (COPN) page 21 - Split Block and Crypto exchange Block page 22 - Proof of integrity for Split & Distribute data page 23 3. BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) - “BaaS Union” page 25 - The Benefit of User and OSP using "BaaSid“ page 26 4. “BaaSid” Component - Instant Access API page 30 - “BaaS” User Database page 30 - PoA(Proof of Access) & PoH(Proof of Holding) page 31 - Transaction validator page 32 - BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) page 32 - Specifications page 33 4

Index 5. Vision of “BaaSid” - Standard of BaaS page 35 - Internet Service Market page 35 - Big Data Service “BigBaaS” page 36 - Use and Circulation of BAAS Token page 38 6. Team & Partners - Organization page 40 - BaaSid’s Business and Operating page 41 - BaaSid’s R&D / BaaS Lab page 44 - BaaSid’s Marketing page 49 - BaaSid’s Advisor page 52 - BaaSid’s Legal Support page 54 - Global Business Partner page 55 7. Roadmap - Roadmap page 60 - Simple Work Breakdown Structure page 61 - BAAS Token issuance page 62 - Use of the raised funds page 63 - Legal Announcement page 64 8. Know more about BaaSid - News page 66 - Channel information page 92 5

“100% Decentralization” 1 6

1. Background of "BaaSid" 1.1 What is "BaaSid"? In this white paper, BaaS is the abbreviation for Blockchain as a Service, which is a concept where a blockchain infrastructure is borrowed partially, or in its entirety, for the development of internet services related to exisiting web services, app services, and blockchain services (cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.). In this BaaS infrastructure, BaaSid will offer certificate services to the internet service provider from an unspecified number from a P2P based split and divided powerful, yet safe database that is based on a public network. Also, it is intended to replace a third party certification authority, or payment gateway (PG) with a shortened procedure that is safer and more convenient. All the unspecified OSP providers on the internet have partially borrowed existing SasS, IaaS, PaaS or ASP services to use according to their business goals. In the new world of the blockchain, via the concept of BaaS, diverse software and technology will be borrowed from the necessary parts of the Blockchain Infra API, database, or going one step further, the mobilization of node members (users or participants), network resources, and other diverse forms of blockchain infrastructure that are experiencing explosive growth. Government & Third parties Payment Online Gateway Banking Connected Online Shopping mall Crypto Currency Exchange ["BaaSid" : Blockchain as a Service for Identification] "BaaSid" was designed to help process the various phases of verification, offering all internet service providers and all users a more convenient and safer way to login, and this could act as an enabler for more lively communication between the providers and user. 7

1. Background of "BaaSid" 1.2 Decentralization? The most central goal of blockchain from a technological standpoint lies in the technology that offers tight security and perpetuality for participants' property using a public ledger to block any forgery or falsifications by hackers. In all internet services, various forms of personal information is saved and used on the database servers of many online service providers (OSP), third party certification authorities, and user devices. Based on this, many important activities take place over the internet, uninterrupted such as login, various verifications, shopping, and financial payments among others. Even in blockchain services that are oriented towards decentralization, this shows the limits that already exist in other types of centralization. Blockchain side Decentralization Service side Centralization Security System Government Third Parties DB Server PG Bank Original Certificate Identification Certificate User Log-in & Certification [General internet service (including block chain service) environment] 8

1.3 Decentralization! In the "BaaSid," via "one-time instant access" that utilizes a certification of public network, participants and providers alike can attain quicker verification with tighter security and greater ease. In particular, sensitive personal information including, name, phone number, email address, ID, password, credit car numbers, biometric information, etc. is split, after which it is split into data fragments unique to the hundreds and thousands of nodes, which are then distributed and saved different from one another, enabling verification, login and other functions to be peformed in the absense of a source of such personal information. Crypto Exchange Split Block -B Stock Market Split Block-A Split Block-B Shopping Split Block-K Banking Contents USER [Split Block] 999~9,999 members Split Block-S Split Crypto Exchange Block - C Split ID(Data) Blockchain side Decentralization Split Split Block-H Block -T Shopping [COPN : Certification of Public Network] Here, this means that an individual temporarily makes oneself centralized, then summons, descrambles and combines the split ID that was encrypted thousands of times from the Certification of Public Network of the BaaSid via a biometrics verification key, after which the information is instantly discarded the instant the one-time instant access is complete. 9

The "BaaSid one-time instant verification" is a method where an internet service provider develops and maintains another centralized database, or undergoes a "third party certification authority" or in the absence of a source to compare, based on the Certification of Public Network of "BaaSid," an unspecified number of participants are verified. This is the total opposite method that has been employed so far on the internet which was composed of an individual certification structure for everyone. Yet, the goal of "BaaSid" is to create a link between blockchain and non-blockchain methods, perform verification in the absense of a source, and to achieve complete decentralization through a public network consisting entirely of participants (users or nodes) without the necessity of an authenticated certificate from a third party certification authority. 1.4 Why "BaaSid"? The philosophy behind the blockchain dreams of world that is free from the centralization of existing vested interests such as governments, banks, institutions, corporations (various forms of political, economical, social and cultural powers and for-profit or non-profit powers of concerned groups) from where asset trading and credibility is maintained by means of a public ledger for individuals to create proactive opportunites for themselves amongst a wide range of parties concerned. The direction the era is taking greatly demands transcending the distrust that arises when a centralized power group, that takes many forms, supplants the public sphere, and replacing this with a massive network consisting of individuals directly taking part. Blockchain is significant in that it protects the various forms of individual property (money, real estate, intellectual property, and all other types of property) through decentralization, with the same information promised to the public by organizations or corporations that are susceptible to hacking, loss and falsification, enabling individuals to enjoy a higher quality of life and obtain better value. However, with such blockchain technology and use, other types of centralization continue to come into being and there are doubts and limitations as to how they stand up to the threat of hacking. And this situation is spawning a slew of diverse companies and services. The most prominent case is centralizing, saving and maintaining information on various internet service users based on the blockchain. Already, there were many cases where databases (DB) with personal information stored, or other centralized databases were hacked. And event today little can be done to ease the anxiety surrounding such cases. The blockchain technology itself nearly completely guarantees permanence and security against forgery or falsification, but the various services that are linked to this are already showing many limitations. Despite these limitations, in virtual currency exchanges that use blockchain technology and in the various free and charged services attempts to collect and hack important and sensitive personal information is still a source of anxiety for participants, users, and service providers. 10

Even among services that are not based on the blockchain, when it comes to various internet based services, regardless if blockchain technology is being applied or not for: login information (ID & PW), new registration for services (entering personal information), virtual currency wallet (development of a DB through personal information registration) shopping payments (registration and exposure of credit card numbers and other sensitive information) IT corporations or institutions face a wide range of threats and challenges from the severe storage and leakage of personal information at all stages of internet services. And a more serious problem is that one's personal information can be leaked anytime, anywhere, anyhow with the individual unaware about how this information is being abused, and even if the individual becomes aware, by that time it is too late. 1.5 Split & Distribution Engine Split Engine Text data Name Data on personal information is Birth day Encryption encrypted, then split into E-mail address thousands of small fragments Phone number after which a split ID with a ID number characteristic value is created. Etc… At this time, the source is discarded and simply no longer Image data Data Split Engine exists anywhere. ID card Privacy image Finger printing 1 100 89 28 31 33 FIDO image Etc… 80 22 18 2 19 20 Distribution Engine 45 59 88 81 11 29 The encrypted data fragments 61 64 90 87 91 47 (Split ID) that were thoroughly Private Key split are then split and 12 5 19 3 34 40 +Split ID distributed to the fastest nodes 42 55 87 66 72 59 (split block). Public Key + Split ID Distribution Engine (Allocation) Split Block Split Block Split Block Split Block Split Block Split Block Split Block Split Block Split Block ["BaaSid" Certification Integrated Service] 11

1.6 Split ID The personal information of participants is split into thousands of fragments using the split engine and all these fragmented Split IDs are then encrypted and the Split IDs that are different from one another are then stored within the split blocks they belong to. This resembles the process of the biggest advantage of Peer to Peer (P2P), taking the values of separated data allocation and split and distributed fragments and finding the fastest nodes and data most rationally, then combining them to form something that resembles the one source that can be downloaded or restored. Source Split Engine Data Personel Password fragment Deleted information 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Does not exist 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 anywhere 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Anonymous A 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Anonymous F 4 32 44 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 7 46 21 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Split ID Split ID … 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 Anonymous B Anonymous G 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 4 56 78 7 58 39 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 Split ID Split ID Distribute Distribute Anonymous C Split Anonymous H 8 21 43 Distribute 9 78 50 Split ID 1 100 89 28 31 33 Split ID 80 22 18 2 19 20 Anonymous D 45 59 88 81 11 29 Anonymous I 8 56 99 61 64 90 87 91 47 9 55 39 Split ID 12 5 19 3 34 40 Split ID 42 55 87 66 72 59 Anonymous E Anonymous J 8 21 43 9 77 66 … Split ID Split ID [Creation of a Split ID and Splitting Distribution] 12

1.7 Combination Engine Descrambling and Verification Stage The split IDs of the participants maintain each of the unique password codes along with the public key, and this unique split data will be maintained continuously and safety through the virtual currency wallet of "BaaSid" and through ongoing transactions. And when participants and an unspecified number of partcipants participate to access a specific internet service, they will be mutually granted one-time instant access which confirms the verification. Instant third party Internet access certification Service… X authority Start No need of service provider DB Verification No need of a third party X certification authority DB Server Split ID Call Signal 1 100 89 28 31 33 Anonymous A Anonymous F 4 32 44 80 22 18 2 19 20 7 46 21 Split ID 45 59 88 81 11 29 Split ID 61 64 90 87 91 47 Anonymous B 12 5 19 3 34 40 Anonymous G 4 56 78 42 55 87 66 72 59 … 7 58 39 Split ID Split ID Gathering Gathering Anonymous C Anonymous H 8 21 43 9 78 50 Combining & Decryption Split ID Split ID Biometrics Anonymous D Verification Anonymous I OTP 8 56 99 9 55 39 (Instant Split ID Access Key) Split ID Anonymous E Verification Complete Anonymous J 8 21 43 9 77 66 Split ID Split ID [Participation and Verification of a Split ID] 13

1.8 One Pass: an all-in-in sophisticated verification “BaaSid” sanctions and confirms all verifications based on the consent of an unspecified number of participants. This is based on participation by a number of blockchains, and values that are more creative and unique from one another give it more value. The logic where it would seem personal information or privacy should be respected and protected. Even within the blockchain service, the practice of saving personal information on a third party institution's or provider's server that persists is no different from the centralization of banks, financial institutions and certain groupsthat preceded the start of the block chain. However, the blockchain still has no answer to that no offers any guarantees. “BaaSid's” BaaS API enables providers to free themselves from the accountability of such protections and of the management of unique important information, and offers various services to release providers from the personal information policy, implementation and stages that can prove to be puzzling. Phone SMS Verification third party certification authority ID & PW authenticated certificate Biometrics OTP (One time password) E-mail Verification Identification Credit card information 14

1.9 BaaS Certification API Service For personal originality and privacy protection “BaaSid” saves the small fragments on an unspecified number of nodes after a random splitting and distributing of the characteristic values, and through the exchange of BAAS tokens, and various verifications, ledgers of verification, which creates and preserves credibility. This uses a verification method known as Proof of Access (POA), which is an active ecosystem that periodically verifies utilization through major activities on line including the login and all other aspects of internet service by the user. The BaaS based Certification of public Network (COPN) API verifies and continually connects based on the active and natural activity of such users. Absense of a Original copy No need for ID & PW Tight 2-tier confirmation 1 Public & Private key Instant Access Double Lock Personel information protection In case a web, app, deletion, key loss, Privacy smart device is lost a quick and easy restore is possible Quick access 15

1.10 "DB Governance” of BaaSid Participants "BaaSid" does not particularly discriminate between blockchain based services and web or app based services. The user (participant) needs both services, and this is because the users benefit providers in various ways. "BaaSid" participants are clients that are already aggressive and have potential, and they make up the database for a safe login and verification where they trust one another and verify one another. In other words, "BaaSid" participants can access all websites (application standard of "BaaSid's" API) including those of financial institutions, banks, brokerages, and retail with tight security and convenience, quickly and safely. "BaaSid" has this type of potential customer infrastructure and users and is also a form of "verification managed governance." Crypto Exchange Web Portal Service Internet Banking Market Payment Online Shopping Gate way Mall Web/App Login Personal Identification/ Various certificates No sign up Digital Signing issued 16

“Authorization based on public network of Blockchain” 2 17

2. Introduction 2.1. Limitations of and problems with blockchain As was mentioned above, all intenet services store and later use a large amount of personal information that is stored on databases. Based on this, login, information confirmation, payment and all other user requests are verified by a provider and a third party verification authority. This goes for services other than those that apply blockchain technology and includes all agencies, organizations, corporations and all free and charged services. And as a given, various security systems are developed and operated to protect such databases. Also, the problem major leaks and hacking has resulted in governments of several countries to enact protecive legislation regarding personal information over the internet, and along with messages condemning the leakage and piracy of such personal information, many individuals, and all companies, financial institutions, agencies and organizations that have an online presence are requesting more effort be devoted to this problem. Further, the blockchain world that is oriented towards decentralization is continually becoming more centralized, and with various targets susceptible to hacking and new problems that arise as a results, more ironic limitations are taking shape. Blockchain side Good For me! • User Database server • Private information • Identification • Original Certificate Service side DB Server Normal Blockchain network [ Blockchain service that shows other limitations of centralization ] 18

2.2. Borrowing the DB of BaaS based participants All blockchains save transactions records the same way and offer tight security against forgery or falsification. This is because the same data, users’ sensitive personal information and important information, and verifications keys are held by everyone making it difficult to store any of that information. "BaaSid" takes the most fundamental uniform data storage problems and limitations of blockchain, and offers an interpretation in a completely new perspective. When verifying information required for the personal verification a "BaaSid" participant, there is no source to forge because it is not stored anywhere thus blocking any hacking attempts. In other words, with "BaaSid" the personal information, biometric images and any other information of a user does not exist in any format whatsoever and does not even exist on one's device. It is only saved after being split and distributed (means some of the encrypted data fragments are separated from one another and distributed to participants) as fragments on the nodes of public participants (users). Service side Split Block-C Split Block-B Split Block-A Split Block-F Blockchain side Split Block-W Split Block-S ?? “What am i Hacking?” • No User Database server • No Private information • No Identification “Who am i ?” • No Original Certificate "BaaSid" COPN(Certification of public network) [Highest form of decentralization through a blockchain database infrastructure] 19

2.3. Split & Distribute Data The personal information of all participants of the COPN(Certification of Public Network) is split into thousands of fragments, and the encrypted data fragments are split up and saved among hundreds of thousands of unspecified individuals participating in the split. The encrypted, split personal information fragments are called the Split ID, and the thousands of split fragments are then again split and divided into hundreds and thousands of split blocks. The capacity, distributing and saving will be optimized to increase the real-time speed of recognition, and the node numbers of the split block that were distributed based on the safety of blockchain against hacking attempts will be optimized as well. Split ID(Split data of private information) Split ID Split ID Split Block-A Split Block-B Split Block-C Split ID Split Block-D Split Block-E Split Block Split ID ………….. Split into Puzzle Data Distributed to Node Split ID call 43285 Exchange Shopping Instant Access Original copy Don’t save to any Device Banking Contents • DB Server • Third Parties Internet Service • PC / Tablet FIDO(Fast Identity Online)+OTP(One time password) • Smart Device [Instant Access Verification] 20

2.4. Verification that is user-centered based on the Certification of Public Network (COPN) When logging in to an internet service, applying for membership, or performing other major activities such as shopping, wire transfer or the movement of other financial assets, the split password fragments are saved on a split block and then temporarily the split ID (split data) fragments are verified via the instant verification that uses an individual's biometrics (fingerprint, iris, voice recognition, etc.) or a password (option) and One Time Password (OTP) that reminds an individual of the password and immediately discards the source afterwards. Split Block - N Split ID. (1) Split ID. (7) Split ID. (13) Split ID. (14) Split ID. (2) Split ID. (8) 1. Encryption 2. Split ID Split ID. (3) Split ID. (9) Split ID. (4) Split ID. (10) 3. Distributed Private Data 3. Distributed data data 4. Split Data call Split ID. (5) Split ID. (11) Split ID. (6) Split ID. (11) 5. Combination 6. Decryption 7. Certification Instant Access Instant Access Instant Access Web Service… Banking / stock… Online shopping mall ……. [Temporary Centralization based on an Individual] 21

2.5 Split Block and Crypto Exchange Block As if recognizing the uniqueness of each participant, the unique split ID is encrypted data that is uniquely different from other data. A block of a participant group where one participant has such a split ID is called a Split Block. Also, all public ledgers that engage in transactions with such participants are stored separately on the Crypto Exchange Block. Split Block Split ID.1 Split ID.7 A B Split ID.2 Split ID.8 Source split C Split ID.3 Split ID.9 5 22 8 13 9 E 3 Split ID.4 Split ID.10 Private data D Split Block Cube Block Split ID.5 Source Split ID.11 A scrapped Split ID.6 Split ID.12 Split Block … … Split IDs that consists of finely split data, are divided and distributed to Crypto Exchange Block small scale blocks and each one is saved enabling each of the nodes (participants) in the block to obtain data, piece by piece. Split Block Crypto Exchange Block Split Block Only the ledger of virtual currency is saved separately on a small block. Exchange Cube Block Chain Block Split Block S m a l l b l oc k s t h a t a r e s a ve d separately from above are bundled together in a cube format called a Cube Blockchain. Split Block 3 Crypto Exchange Block Exchange Block [Split Block & Crypto Exchange Block] 22

2.6 Proof of integrity for Split & Distribute data BLOCK HEADER Previous block hash Timestamp Difficulty target Nonce Transaction Merkle root Allocation Merkle root …………………. Transaction a …………………….. Transaction z Hash of Shared data hash a DHT Shared data hash b Map …………………….. Personal Information Encryption Split Distribution (Text / Images / Fido) Allocation Hash Distribution according to the ratio Partial hash storage Personal Information Owner (Wallet App) : Blockchain [Structure of BaaSid Block] 23

“Blockchain as a Service” 3 24

3. BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) 3.1 “BaaS Union” All individuals or internet service companies agencies and others participating in BaaSid protect one another, but also free from being responsible for each other. And they look to a large cooperation and community that is reliable and that has responsibility, and they intend to present the standards and goals for the compensation and sharing for each entity. Based on "BaaS," this links existing online service providers (OSP), blockchain service providers (BSP), and all individuals participating in the Certification of Public Network (COPN) in a large cooperation of trust known as the "BaaS Union" which is how the mutual trust and balance can persist. To accomplish this, "BaaS Union" was designed for all the OSPs, BSPs, and users (participants) taking part in the BaaSid to share in the mutual benefit through the solidarity of each stakeholder's role, responsibility and activity. “BaaS Union” PG Payment Gateway OSP BSP Internet Blockchain Third parties Service Service Provider Provider Certificate, etc… Hyper Confirm BaaSid Instant Access Split Block Exchange Block OSP Split Block OSP BaaS BaaSid User(COPN) OSP Exchange Block Split Block [Mutual credibility, responsibility, and compensation with the "BaaS Union“] 25

3. BS (Blockchain as a Service) 3.2 The Benefit of User and OSP using "BaaSid" Benefit.1) Vast database & security system “Reduction of both development and maintenance costs” The COPN API of "BaaSid" is provided to all internet service providers enabling easy application for all. Internet service providers are no longer required to invest large sums in the installation and operation of a database and security system for relevant proprietary services. Log in Side OSP Peer DB SV OSP Split Block Split Block Split Block Login SV Management SV L4/L2 BaaS BaaSid User(COPN) Router & Firewall Peer Split Block Web Firewall Peer OSP Security Side “Dangerous” “Safety” “Complicate” “Easy” “Expensive” “Free” Monitoring Web SV USER USER [Comparison between general internet service systems and the BaaSid “BaaS” Infrastructure] Benefit. 2) "Removal of the legal risks" regarding personal information leaks There are no legal risks involving hacking attempts and exposure as all internet service providers that apply the COPN (Certification of Public Network) of "BaaSid," do not receive or store personal information on a separate database. 26

Benefit.3) The “Instant Access API” simplifies the process for membership application and the verification stage "BaaSid" participants (users) gain one-time instant access through[encryption>fragmentation>summon>correlation>descrambling>biometric verification] through a temporary centralization through instant verification via fingerprints, iris scans or other biometrics enabling participants to immediately obtain membership on their own, and enable them to gain immediate access without any additional verification steps. From a service providers standpoint, this prevents many customers from being lost due to the procedure for membership application. The irksome development of various databases for login and other verification steps, and for other verification or all the access steps not necessary. In other words, it means that the services of all providers can be quickly and easily used. This equates to freeing providers from marketing costs and the various difficulties in attracting members to apply for membership. As an optimal method for enhancing the marketing effectiveness of internet service suppliers this is a dramatic simplification and credibility enabler for both procedure for membership application, and the verification steps that actions within the service entail, which could become an important strategy for enhancing the service revenue of suppliers. The development of an IA-API(instant Access API) based on "BaaSid's" COPN(Certification of Public Network)is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2019 and ready for distribution. OSP OSP Peer DB SV OSP Split Block Split Block Split Block Login SV Management SV Firewall BaaS BaaSid User(COPN) Third Parties (Certificate) Peer Split Block Peer *OSP(IA-API) Security (app) Web Firewall Web SV *OSP(IA- API) IA-Instant Access USER USER [Comparison between Regular Login/Verification and Instant Access] 27

Benefit.4) Quick and easy important verification: “Hyper Confirm API” All banks, financial institutions, brokerages, retail and other paid content payments require a diverse and complex series of steps that includes a certification procedure from a third party certification authority, and a link-up with a Payment Gateway (PG). With "BaaSid," there is plan to develop and offer a HC-API(Hyper Confirm API) which can more easily and safely resolve current complex and inefficient verification steps that should be followed with a COPN(Certification of Public Network) infrastructure. Log in Side OSP Peer DB SV Peer Split Block EX Block Split Block Login SV Management SV Firewall BaaS BaaSid User(COPN) Web Firewall Peer EX Block Peer OSP(IA-API) Security (app) *OSP IA-API (PG-API) Payment Gateway Peer Banking Third Parties OSP (IA- (Certificate) API) Login Stock ID& Authentication PW Internet Stock Government OTP Banking Trading Certification User Wallet USER USER [Comparision between Regular Internet Payment Verification BaaSid Hyper Confirm] 28

“No Original Copy” 4 29

4. "BaaSid" component 4.1. Instant Access API "BaaSid" is an easy, quick and safe verification service for logging in to all internet services (no membership application required) and performing important activities online as it takes the Certification of Public Network and personal information and divides it into thousands of fragments, after which it randomly saves the information on participants' nodes, which is then encrypted and descrambled temporarily. USER OSP COPN api Request BaaSid Authorization Request Authorization Response Scan BAAS Token Response BaaSid Reward BAAS Token [Instant Access API Diagram] 4.2. “BaaS” User Database The goal of "BaaSid" is to create instant access for internet services without storing personal information or any source of a user's personal information on any service provider database, with any national verification agency, with any third party verification agency, or even on any storage device of users. Original Certificate Non- Non- Non- Non- DB Server Private information Identification Original Certificate [Four things that do not exist with BaaSid] 30

4.2.1 Non-existence of User Database No database exists for the internet service provider to operate enabling near perfect decentralization. 4.2.2 Non-existence of Private information Name, phone number, email address, bankbook number, credit card number and other sensitive information is divided into small bits divided to optimal node groups, distributed and stored, without leaving a source of personal information. 4.2.3 Non-existence of Identification Nothing is saved anywhere, not a personal identification card, or other information used to verify who one is or verification information creating a situation where one is safe from hacking or loss. 4.2.4 Non-existence Original Certificate No certificate or source data exists either on a third party certification authority's server, or any user's device (smart phone, PC, tablet pc). This means certificates nor biometrics information is not saved anywhere. 4.3. PoA(Proof of Access) & PoH(Proof of Holding) “BaaSid” Basically follows the mining policy of Ethereum, but has another unique verification method. This method is PoA and PoH. Proof-of-Access Proof-of-Holding Validity Block Validity Block 〮Prev. Hash 〮Prev. Hash 〮Nonce 〮Nonce 〮Transaction 〮Transaction -Split ID -Storage Space -Access Validity -Time Stamp -etc -etc Ledger Ledger Ledger Ledger Ledger [PoA(Proof of Access) & PoH(Proof of Holing)] 31

4.4 Transaction validator The login of all of “BaaSid’s” block groups (split block, exchange block), the verification and history of all internet activity and transaction verification of the ledger includes minor and separate participants. PoW(PoS) PoW uses Ethereum mining (plans to change to PoS) as is, and pays BAAS tokens as a form of compensation for blocks generated. Also, transaction fees are paid separately to PoW miner. PoA(Proof of Access) The Online Service Provider (OSP) or Blockchain Service Provider (BSP) provides part of the fee occurring from the instant access of the participant and pays it to the data storage provider of "BaaSid" (PoH miner). PoH(Proof of Holding) Blocks are generated separately for Split ID (Split data) management in the interplanetary file system of the Certification of Public Network (COPN), and the compensation when creating a new block is paid out using BAAS tokens. Also, part of the fee occurring from PoA is paid to the PoH miner. 4.5 BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) Even without suppliers developing and operating a separate centralized database (DB) required for login, payment or any other verification procedures, “BaaSid” Blockchain can provide a high fidelity simple verification by using a “BaaSid” blockchain network among users instead. BaaS takes the split ID information of mine that was stored under an anonymous community that focuses on individuals, calls it up and combines it, and uses a new form of verification that can divide, distribute, save, encrypt and descramble, making it completely different from the diverse verification methods and verification systems we have seen so far. Ultimately, BaaS means one large verification system of a BaaSid blockchain network linked to many individuals. All companies and agencies can be free from the authority and accountability that comes with a separate centralized database (DB) and can offer services and perform verification activities to all users via the certification of public network based on the BaaSid Blockchain that has a completely credible public ledger with a high degree of reliability. This way, we do not save individuals’ or users’ sensitive information on the provider’s database, but rather enable the possibilities for the services of all providers to be safely and conveniently accessed without the risk of leaking personal information by using the certification of public network, which is based on the BaaSid Blockchain among users. 32

4.6 Specifications “BAAS,” which is a “BaaSid” token, is an important form of the exchange value of a public network verification infrastructure achieved by all participants who take part in BaaSid. The major goals of BAAS are to enable network participants to be compensated for the value of their user activities and to enable instant access and hyper confirm. Token name "BaaSid" token Token symbol BAAS Token type ERC 20 Token issuing body BaaSid International Lab (S) Pte Ltd. Total supply 10,000,000,000 BAAS Mining & Verification PoW / PoS & PoA / PoH method 33

“Big data Platform based on BaaS” 5 34

5. Vision of "BaaSid" 5.1. Standard of BaaS Various services that borrow the use of the BaaS are provided with blockchain services, and connectivity to web and app services. By connecting this blockchain service and web and app services, and providing the highest level of decentralization to both users and providers to implement a safer and more active form of service, “BaaSid” will open to the door to safe and convenient internet service. This will provide more fundamental solutions to the even more sensitive and important activities taking place on the internet compared to when the internet was first invented. A wide range of service providers and users participating in the Certificate of Public Network can create new services and broaden the service offerings through the Certificate of Public Network based on such safety, convenience and efficiency. 5.2 Internet Service Market The Certificate of Public Network of the “BaaSid” frees service providers from the most sensitive field of operation, the database, security system, various payment gateways and all other verifications. This will enable efficiency and autonomy to be enjoyed in the current internet service market as in the future, each country, organization, and agency will increase the requirements of rules and regulations. Agencies and financial markets will confirm and verify personal information easier and more conveniently. Banks can perform safer more reliable verifications and Certification of Public Network for personal wire transfers and transfers. The Certificate of Public Network of "BaaSid" in the insurance market can provide convenient personal verification, and offer the safer sharing of personal information such as medical history with hospitals and other organization, and inter-operabilit can be achieved among various systems for various transactions with external agencies. The market for online shopping malls can secure higher profits and more users through the access to users and convenient purchase procedures. Further, this can be widely applied as schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities and other diverse markets will require the personal Certificate of Public Network of "BaaSid". 35

5.3. Big Data Service “BigBaaS” Online service providers (OSP) perform various login, payment, and finance verifications service by receiving a user verification from "BaaSid." Then, because there is no DB held in-house, OSPs are unable to perform other services requiring a DB such as various independent promotions or events. Therefore, there is a plan for BigBaas, which is developed and operated based on BaaS, to provide internet service providers with the various activity data gathered from the instant access of users (participants) and even provide email and various alert services to users (participants) that accessed the relevant internet service even once. ) The BaaS User (node or device) will safely ensure the anonymity and personal privacy of the websites accessed, what was viewed, how long the user remained on that site, what was purchased, and what activity was engaged in while enabling such information to be recorded and effective and clear target marketing can be performed based on this information. BaaS UTMS (BaaS User Target Marketing Service) is a big data service with such power security features, and it will help accelerate the spread of BaaSid. [“BigBaaS” BaaS User Target Marketing Service] 36

5.4. Big Data Service “BigBaaS” “Big BaaS” OSP OSP “Big BaaS” Analysis [Big Data Analysis & Mining] • POS(Point of sale) • CIS(Computer Integrated Manufacturing) • OLTP(Online Transaction Process) “Big BaaS” HDFS [Hadoop Distributed File System] Block.1 Block.2 Block.3 Block.3 Block.N AD Targeting Data Crawling Engine Smart Marketing IoT data / FinTech Service “BaaS” User split DB infra OSP OSP (Decentralized DB) Split Block Split Block Split Block Split Block OSP [“BigBaaS” HDFS & Analysis System] 37

5.5. Use and Circulation of BAAS Token PoA & PoH compensation system and BAAS token demand / supply OSP (Online Service Provider) and BSP (Blockchain Service Provider) shall be pay to BaaSid by BAAS token for users and miners (PoA / PoH). Because, they are saving the cost from database construction / operation and security system construction / operation cost through use from BaaSid infra. In addition, for the use of BigBaaS, OSP/BSP must pay the BAAS token for costs. Also, BaaSid will be positioning to PG(Payment Gateway) for online Payment Market. OSP Buy /BSP BAAS Payment Benefit Exchange Market BaaSid PoA & PoH BigBaaS Exchange Market Benefit Payment Online Buy Payment BAAS Market (PG) [Use and Circulation of BAAS Token] 38

“We create what we need” 6 39

6. Team & Partners 6.1. Organization BaaSid Singapore BaaSid BaaSid Japan (Multinational operation 48 people) BaaSid Taiwan BaaS Lab R&D Center CEO ‣ Otaka Jun ‣ James Huang Legal Team ‣ Nicholas Ng S.L ‣ Joshua C.S. Lo ‣ Ronald H. Chen Project Advisor ‣ K.S. Lu ‣ Kumakiri Yasutomo CTO ‣ Harrison Moon ‣ Hajin Jhun ‣ Jongbeom Kim (Global R&D Leader) ‣ Jin Kim ‣ Atsushi Inoue Technical Advisor ‣ Yang Lin BaaS Lab (BaaS Lab Leader) Business (Operating) ‣ Yasunori Matsuzaki CMO (Business Leader) ‣ Sangbum Lee (Global Marketing Leader) N/A, EU Leader : Niiyama Takeshi ASIA Leader : Inshic Moon Tetsuya Saito / LeRoy Zen Lau BaaS Lab R&D Team China/HK/Global Leader : Jay Liang (GitHub co-work : 15 people) Marketing & Strategy & Design Team (7 people) ‣ Masakazu Sato ‣ Koji Ogata Business Development & ‣ Yasuhiro Goto Support Team (6 people) ‣ Takashi Kosuga ‣ Kimiko Ishii ‣ Takafumi Osada ‣ Hiroaki Kaneko ‣ Adam Geri ‣ Joseph Hung ‣ Jang Misun ‣ Shuhei Arakawa ‣ Vincent Tai ‣ Kang jihoon ‣ Taisei Hoshino ‣ Kevin Dose ‣ Yang gyeowool ‣ Ryota Dohi ‣ Andrew Wasylewicz ‣ Chris G KIM ‣ Naoki Izaki ‣ Daesung Yang ‣ Hsu Hsin Jui (Blues) ‣ Masahide Saito ‣ Tsukasa Adachi ‣ Seongwoo Park ‣ Sungjun Kim ‣ Jin An ‣ Chiang Yung Ho(Ayasuke) 40

6. Team & Partners 6.2 BaaSid’s Business and Operating Otaka Jun (JAPAN) CEO of BaaSid Lab Japan Chairman of PRO Group In charge of Network design at NTT HITACHI Nuclear Power, MITSUBISHI Nuclear Power, TOSHIBA Nuclear Power Plant Design Development of 3D-CAD System for Tokyo Gas application drawing %E6%BD%A4-%E5%A4%A7%E9%AB%98-54167456/ James Huang (CHINA/ASIA) President of Leadhope Inc. Special Assistant to Chairman of Leadtek Research Inc.(TWSE) Baasid co founder Ktrade board director Locus chain advisor, Big point advisor, Starbit advisor AT&T(USA) Technical Assistant center manager, AT&T(ChengDu) Technical manager Taiwan Mobile Company senior Director of project department ChongHong Cable TV company VP / chief engineer Japan GONZO Rosso Board Director / CEO of Global business %E9%BB%83%E5%95%9F%E8%AA%A0-11001ab2/ Nicholas Ng S.L. (SINGAPORE/EU) President of BaaSid Lab Singapore Chairman, Leadhope Philippines Inc CEO, Neosonics Network Director, BioWave Korea / Global Business Development Niiyama Takeshi (JAPAN/USA) BaaSid USA/EU Business Leader Security Expert more than 17 years Ph.D in 2016 Technology and Innovative Management (TIM) from Doshisha University M.S.E in 2006 Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University Assistant CISO of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Business Analyst and Product Manager of Intel Security (McAfee) The first Japanese VIP guest speaker of Cyber Security Romania Sibiu 2014 The Smartphone Application Privacy Policy Dissemination and Verification Promotion Task Force Member (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications was Observer) 2014 41

6.2 BaaSid’s Business and Operating Joseph Hung (ASIA) CEO, InterServ International Inc. (TSE ) Chairman and CEO, Game Storm Co. Ltd. VP and GM of Telecom, Gold sky Digital Co. Ltd. VP of Strategic Development, Clarent Telecom Director of IT, Pacific Broadband Co. Ltd. Established global telecommunication data hub. Adam Geri (Australia/EU) Vice President of Hcash Foundation / Founding member of the Hcash Foun dation. Specialist in business management and business development Gaining collaborations between governments “I am looking forward to the future! The world is about to become a much b etter place, finding real solutions for real world issues due to the developme nt of Blockchain technologies, the most disruptive technology that has been seen in our life time” Vincent Tai (SINGAPORE/EU) Director, SRV Trading Pte. Ltd. Derivatives Trading Director, China Evernice Investment Pte. Ltd. Director, Derivatives Trading, DBS Vickers Securities Pte. Ltd. Assistant Vice President, ABN AMRO Futures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Assistant Vice President, Refco (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Co-Founder, KYCK! Member of Singapore Institute of Directors Andrew Wasylewicz (Australia/EU) Business Development Manager at Hcash / Business Development Manager at Hcash. Masters of Applied Science and has a background in strategic roles within the i nsurance and superannuation industries. He understands the ongoing challenges these companies face with storing and managing customers identification. He is excited about the real world application Blockchain technology has to offer and sees the enormous advantage BaaSid has. 42

6.2 BaaSid’s Business and Operating Jay Liang (China/HK/Global) BaaSid China / HK / Global Business Leader Director of BaaSid Founder and Co-chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association Orient ES Capital Group, Managing Partner The Association for the Future Studies of Yangmingshan, Vice President Chinese CEO Organization, Honorary Inshic Moon (KOREA/ASIA) BaaSid Asia Business Leader Director of PRO Japan KBIPA(Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association) Chairman of international cooperation committee Advisor of Aston Director of BUGS Music (KOSDAQ) Online Game Producer of Playwith(YNK Korea) (KOSDAQ) Kevin Dose (China/USA) Business Development Manager, BaaSid Singapore Global Director, Hyundai Infracore Senior Account Manager, TLScontact More than 10 years of work experience at several global companies (Volkswagen, Teleperformance etc.) in China, Australia and Korea Daeseung Yang (KOREA) Director of Blockchain Dev Team, BaasLab Director of Blockchain Dev Team, Nextinnovator PMO(Project Management Officer) of SHUB/SCAP Project, kt PMO(Project Management Officer) of IOT project(Intelligence Home), Samsung SDS %EC%96%91-06b0aab7/ 43

6.3 BaaSid’s R&D / BaaS Lab Atsushi Inoue (USA) CTO of BaaSid PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Cincinnati (USA) Professor of Information Technologies and Business Analytics, Eastern Washington University (USA) Professor of Information Assurance, Carnegie Mellon University (USA) Senior Research Scientist, Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering (Japan) Research Scientist, HITACHI Ltd. (Japan) Jin An (USA) CTO/Co-founder of Cyflyer Inc. USA General Manager of Imua Management USA Director of Metro Pacific Inc. General Manager of Taeryoung Development University of Manoa, Computer science Masakazu Sato (JAPAN) The General Manager of System Development Department of SI Project Headquarters at P.R.O corporation The CEO of PRO ID Inc of PRO Group Involved in various system development such as CAD system development, large-scale EC site development, etc Responsible for Tohoku SI Division at present Yasunori Matsuzaki (JAPAN) Leader of BaaSlab R&D Center PRO development leader Development experience 14 years Work experience as environmental consultant / GIS engineer 44

6.3 BaaSid’s R&D / BaaS Lab Masahide Saito (JAPAN) The CEO of necomata Inc. at P.R.O Group Join the COI TOHOKU and create a Smart Chair Developed upper motion function measurement system using Kinect V 2 in collaboration with Tohoku University Developed a tax return system and voting acceptance system for election Sangbum Lee (KOREA) CEO of BaaSlab Korea. I have experienced a lot of IT related development almost 20 years, and leading project, managing business and finance management are my skills. Data security solution, peer to peer solution and blockchain technology are my strong point of IT related development experience. It would be my best experience that I can join with BaaSid project and I will lead BaaSid project to global success. Yung Ho Chiang (Taiwan) Previous CTO of Soft World which is the No.1 game company in Ta iwan. He is proficient in coding and server application. More than 3 0 years experience of programing , 20 years experince for game in online game industry ,and 6 years in IDC industry. Sungjun Kim (KOREA) DIRECTOR of PRO Global Co Ltd R&D Center chief of Monster Holdings Co Ltd Seoul national university of Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering 45

6.3 BaaSid’s R&D / BaaS Lab Yasuhiro Goto (JAPAN) Engineer of PRO Japan News distribution system for communications company Business Web System for electric maker Engaged in development of client & server system for distribution Years of experience: 15 years Seongwoo Park (KOREA) DIRECTOR of PRO Global Co,.Ltd System Engineer of SmileServ Internet Data Center Koji Ogata (JAPAN) 19 years of development experience Engaged in all processes in package · web · mobile development Building infrastructure as well Kimiko ishii (JAPAN) Belongs to P.R.O. Tohoku SI Project Headquarters Engaged in developing web system using PHP at present 46

6.3 BaaSid’s R&D / BaaS Lab Naoki Izaki (JAPAN) In addition to Web application development experience with the Java framework Experienced designing, developing and bridging with offshore of the financial system with C ++ Interested in blockchain and big data in outside the business Willingness to work ambitiously on everything Shuhei Arakawa (JAPAN) Belongs to System Development Department of SI Project Headquarters at P.R.O corporation Participating in the development of WEB APP mainly on iOS Tsukasa Adachi (JAPAN) The CTO of necomata Inc. at P.R.O Group Involved in machine learning model construction by myoelectric measurement Developed upper motion function measurement system using Kinect V 2 in collaboration with Tohoku University Developed key unlock application with smartphone Hiroaki Kaneko (JAPAN) The Project Leader of System Development Department of SI Project Headquarters at P.R.O corporation The Leader of Server log analysis system development. The Leader of Electronic money settlement system development The Programmer of Financial system development 47

6.3 BaaSid’s R&D / BaaS Lab Taisei Hosino (JAPAN) Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Hosei University Smartphone App Engineer Ryota Dohi (JAPAN) Web application development using the Java framework Having an extensive experience of Java language, such as Android native application development A process that is particularly good at detailed design and implementation 48

6.4 BaaSid’s Marketing LeRoy Zen Lau (SINGAPORE/EU) CMO Of BaaSid Director, DMG & Partners Securities Pte Ltd. Director, RHB Securities Singapore Pte Ltd. Capital raising experience for Listed companies and bringing companies to IPO as a Senior Dealing Director. %E6%9B%BE%E5%88%98%E5%B3%99%E9%9B%84-ba95b815a/ Takafumi Osada (JAPAN) Manager of Business Partners, Inc Japan Country Manager of DNO-Group Sales Director of Billing System Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers) Misun Jang (JAPAN/KOREA) Head of Blockchain Business Team, PRO MBC C&I (Content & Infrastructure) Special Producer of contents business tea m production Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Policy Science / Master's degree Chugye University of Arts Graduate School of Culture and Art Administration / PhD in progress Tetsuya Saito (JAPAN) CMO of BaaSid Ph.D. / State University of New York at Buffalo in USA Associate Professor of College of Economics, Nihon University Master of Economics(Kobe University) Bachelor of Business Administration(Kwansei Gakuin University) 49

6.4 BaaSid’s Marketing Takashi Kosuga (JAPAN) Director of PRO (App producer) Operating officer of IMAGICA group Web service producer of CCC group Virtual reality system planner of JFE group Space development engineer of TOSHIBA group Jihoon Kang (KOREA/ASIA) Ericsson Digital Service consultant Ericsson DCS(Data Integrity Assurance as a Service) IoT Cloud & Feature as a Service Softbank Commerce Korea Cloud consultant & BDM HP / Citrix / Data Domain consultant Hsu Hsin Jui (Blues) (Taiwan) 18 years work experince of online game , successful project manager and team leader of Soft world in Taiwan. Many experinces for online game product launch and success in Taiwan. He knows very well about how to make a project planning and execute smoothly. Gyeowool Yang (KOREA) Global Business Team -- Japan Country Manager, PRO GLOBAL Japanese Literature Graduate with a lot of interest in Blockchain Technology Excited about the BaaSid project and currently working hard to make this project a success. 50

6.4 BaaSid’s Marketing Chris G. Kim (KOREA) PISHON | Design Agency | CEO GNP LINK | Advertising Agency | Design Director STUDIO RYU | PHOTO STUDIO | CEO WELCOMM DESIGN HOUSE | Design Agency | CEO IDO COMMUNICATIONS | Advertising Agency | Design Director ADVERTISING WORLD | Advertising Agency | Senior Designer WELCOMM PUBLICIS WORLDWIDE | Advertising Agency | Designer 51

6.5 BaaSid’s Advisor K.S. Lu (ASIA) Chairman of Leadtek Research Inc.(TWSE) Awarded National outstanding SMEs The president of Chinese Taipei Football Association The executive committee of East Asian Football Federation / Th e marketing committee of Asian Football Confederation Kumakiri Yasutomo (JAPAN) Vice President(COO) of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Impress Group) CEO of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Nippon Group) Director of Electronic publication Director of Web planning & production Manager of Advertising dep(international telecommunications company) Jongbeon Kim (KOREA/ASIA) MBA from Yonsei Univ. in Korea CEO of JNDS Vice President(CFO) of OCON(Animation Company) Director of Venturelife(Investor, PEF) Director of Internetiz(Venture Start-up Incubator) PR and Public business planning for LG-CNS(System Integrator)김-종범-304501164 Harrison Moon (USA) PH.D / MBA from Yonsei Univ. in Korea Bachelor of Architecture from S.N.U. (Seoul National Univ.) in Korea President of Pharos Asset Co., Ltd. Fund manager in Consus Asset Management Company. Vice president of CB Richard Ellis Strategic planning team for SAMSUNG C&T (KOSPI) CMC,MSS, Korea / CPM , IREM, USA 52

6.5 BaaSid’s Advisor Hajin Jhun (KOREA/ASIA) Chairman of the KBA self-regulatory committee (Korea Blockchain Association) CEO of Siti Plan, Inc. Chairman of S-Life Forum PhD. of Real Estate Studies 19th Member of the National Assembly (KOREA) Former Chairperson of Digital Party of Sunnuri Party Former CEO of HANCOM(KOSDAQ) Former Vice President of Venture Business Association Yang Lin (CHINA/ASIA) Technical Advisor of BaaSid General Manager of VisualSoft Information, Jinan, China. CEO of wayStorms Director of Accton and experienced solution providers of digital marketing, IoT, FinTech, Telecom, and big data applications. Jin Kim (KOREA) Professor at Sungkyul University. College of Faidea. PhD. of Real Estate Management Director of Korea real estate academy (KREA) Vice Chairmen of Residential Environment Institute of Korea (REIK) Vice Chairman of Ethics of Korea Association of Property Appraisers (KAPA) International Chairperson of Korea Real Estate Society A member of Deliberation committee of Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation (LX) A member of Deliberation committee of Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)진-김-4275a317b/ 53

6.6 BaaSid’s Legal Support Ronald H. Chen (CHINA/ASIA) MBA, JD Director of T-Star Telecomm Corp. Supervisor of the Board, CSun Manufacturing LTD. Independent Director of Advancision Corp.,Cayman Joshua C.S. Lo (CHINA/ASIA) MSEE, JD Independent Director, Redwood Group Ltd. (Taipei Exchange) Independent Director, Shinkong Life Insurance, (TWSE) 54

6.7 Global Business Partners Please see below the list of BaaSid's Global Business Partners. Further information on the content of the partnership will be announced during a later stage. Partners in Japan “PRO Japan” – SI developer with many achievement in the technical field, founded in 1990. “Crypto Lab” – ICO platform providing blockchain system development and evaluation service. “RS coin” – Blockchain-based soccer business platform combining digital and real world. Participants include WSC and Brazilian national soccer player Ronaldinho. Partners in Singapore “VisionGroup” – Blockchain enthusiast, technology and finance entrepreneurs and industry specialists has combined experience of more than 100 years in the technology and finance industry. 55

6.7 Global Business Partners Please see below the list of BaaSid's Global Business Partners. Further information on the content of the partnership will be announced during a later stage. Partners in Korea “Aston Alliance” – Global electronic document alliance consisting of 7 companies including Handy Soft, Korea Trade Network, Hancom Secure, Sejong Telecom, X Block Systems, BaaSid and PRO Japan. “Oracle Digital Prime” – BaaSid and Oracle Digital Prime prioritize the Korean health care business model. We cooperate to develop a business model that can be developed in the whole Asia Region. Partners in Europe “DACONOMY” – DACONOMY Interrnational Ltd. is a European blockchain company operating in partnership with the Schober Information Group, a well-known German company operating in data base solutions. It introduces the world’s first decentralized, secure, easy-to-use transactional Data Ecosystem for all kind of data and all stakeholders. 56

6.7 Global Business Partners Please see below the list of BaaSid's Global Business Partners. Further information on the content of the partnership will be announced during a later stage. Partners in Taiwan “BaaSinfra(Blockchain as a Service for infrastructure)” – Blockchain-based data center, developing a separately distributed/decentralized IDC platform using IPFS nodes. “STARBIT®EX” – Asian’s first Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange (DEX) “Gamania” - Based on 12 million user databases, Gamania Group and BaaSid decided to apply User DB Governance and authentication (real life) service for payment and content service. “BITPoint Taiwan” - The Taiwanese site of one of Japan's leading crypto currency exchanges "BITPoint", has decided to cooperate with BaaSid to develop and use BaaSid's De-KYC (Decentralized-Know Your Customer) certification, login and identity verification technologies on centralized exchange markets. 57

6.7 Global Business Partners Please see below the list of BaaSid's Global Business Partners. Further information on the content of the partnership will be announced during a later stage. Partners in Taiwan “Leadtek” – Leadtek worked together with Nvidia to develop and distribute GeForce Graphics cards to more than 150 countries around the world, which led to an explosive growth in the worldwide PC market. Partners in US “Super Micro Computer, Inc” – NASDAQ-listed company providing PC servers and hardware products. Established in 1993. 58

“The Beginning of new standard” 7 59

7. Roadmap Category Contents Schedule ICO Pre-sale & ICO 2018 / 1~2Q GitHub Private GitHub open 2018 / 2Q Commencement of official Listing at cryptocurrency BAAS listing 2018 / 3Q exchange Encryption Encryption and decryption of personal information 2018 / 3Q (Decryption) Split Engine Fragment distribution engine for encrypted personal 2018 / 3Q (Split ID) information Distribute Engine Distribution engine of the encrypted split ID 2018 / 3Q (Allocation) Wallet App Connected Test Net(POW) 2018 / 3Q Combination Engine Combination engine of the encrypted split ID 2018 / 4Q POA / POH Verification and validation (MainNet) 2018 / 4Q Instant Access Engine OTP for one-time instant access 2018 / 4Q (OTP) Instant Access API IA-API provided to the internet provider 2019 / 1Q (for Provider) (Instant Access API) POS MainNet Commercialize 2019 / 1Q Token / Coin Swap BAAS Coin Swap 2019 / 1Q A verification API that replaces the providers, third Hyper Confirm API party certification authority and payment gateway (PG) 2019 / 2Q ~ 3Q and offers verification for participants and providers BaaS User Target Marketing Service BigBaaS 2019 / 4Q (Big Data Service) 60

7.1 Simple WBS Simple Work Breakdown Structure of PoA/PoH ( MainNet ) Analysis 2018 4Q Map out & 2018 4Q Development Coinnet for Dev 2018 4Q BaaSid Function 2018 4Q Full-test MainNet 2018 4Q Test FileNet 2018 4Q Encryption & Decryption 2018 3Q Split Engine(Split ID) 2018 3Q Distribution Engine (Allocation) 2018 3Q 61

7.2 BAAS Token issuance With "BaaSid," plans are underway to issue a total of 10 billion BAAS Tokens. BAAS Token share BAAS Share Lock up Sale (Pre-sale & ICO) 1,215,000,000 12.15% No Lock up Private Sale 400,000,000 4% No Lock up (BaaSid Partner Sale) Private Sale 1,800,000,000 18% Lock up (1 year) (Strategic Partner Sale) Team(Advisor) 1,000,000,000 10% Lock up (1 year) Business Cooperation 1.5% Lock up (1 year) 1,485,000,000 ( Lockup quantities are depends on circumstances ) 13.35% No Lock Up Founder 2,000,000,000 20% Lock up (1 year) Mining / Reserve 2,100,000,000 21% Lock up (1 year) Lock up 70.5% Total Supply 10,000,000,000 100% No Lock Up 29.5% The founder and team are not allowed to sell BAAS tokens for 1 year. 62

7.3 Use of the raised funds Funds raised by ICO for "BaaSid" will be used in the following ways: 1st Pre-sale Marketing 20% Reserve 70% Operating 5% Legal / consulting 5% 2nd Pre-sale & ICO "BaaSid“ core Development 30% Operation expense 10% Marketing / Promotion 10% Strategy Partners 10% Biz Development 20% Reserve 20% 7.4 Official Channel of "BaaSid" "BaaSid" only uses for communications, and all other channels are not directly related to "BaaSid.“ When using channels other than the official channels, one should be wary of "fund-raising businesses without permission." All content regarding information on how to sell tokens wll be posted on the homepage, and during the ICO and presale, "BaaSid" will not separately operate another email, SMS, phone number or other homepage that does not carry the Ethereum trademark. 7.5 Public trading of BAAS tokens Within 90 days that the ICO is completed for BAAS tokens, they planned to be released in stages for sale publicly at various exchanges throughout the world. We will do our best to ensure transactions with a high level of completion and liquidity, and will strive for the quickest public sale as possible. 7.6 Ongoing Optimization "BaaSid" will closely observe the schedule on the planned roadmap that was laid out. 63

7.7 Legal Announcement The purpose of this white paper is to have internet service providers use the ȉBaaSidȊ project to base their database or other centralized, saved or otherwise existing user information list on blockchain or the public network of blockchain which temporarily centralizes personal information on its own then uses instant verification to provide all potential internet service providers with the login and membership application procedure for users, verifications for payments for retail purchases, internet banking verifications, and important activities for all other internet services based on the safe and quick verification service based on the BaaS infrastructure. The information provided in this document is not complete and does not constitute a contractual obligation. Also, the purpose of this white paper is to provide potential token holders will important detailed information, to offer understanding and share in the vision of projects offered by the company, and to offer help in making a decision for the initial provision of BAAS tokens. This white paper is not to be misread as a type of allotment, or prospectus. BAAS tokens are not limited to the jurisdiction of any one country, nor are sold as a type of security. BAAS tokens can be purchased by people and/or corporations from around the world, and according to the law, those deemed to not have the legal eligibility or competence to make a purchase will not be entitled to participate in the ICO or make a purchase. Even if a person is entitled, if that person's country of residence, eligibility for taking part in an ICO, or eligibility to purchase BAAS tokens are not clear, please inquire with a finance consultant, tax consultant or other consultant. This document was drafted irregardless of the jurisdiction of the law or regulatory actions for protecting investors and will not regulate investors. Prior to taking part in the ICO, please read the following carefully and confirm that you were explained and understand the risk involved. Also, by accepting the conditions to participate in the crowd funding donation campaign, the assurances and guarantees provided to you are a precondition for taking part in the ICO and our company verifies that this information is true and accurate. The ICO is a central and voluntary Crowd funding Donation Campaign. Partipants wishing to take part must consent to the Crowd funding Donation Campaign Terms and Conditions. The participation of our company's ICO is on a voluntary BAAS. The statements, calculations, and balance sheets in this white paper are for illustrative purposes only. This is based on known and unknown risk factors and uncertainties. That is why the estimations can be directly or indirectly different from the results of actual circumstances. Participation in the purchase of ICOs and BAAS tokens will not be possible in case the above assurances or statements cannot be provided. Legal Opinion : 64

“Know more about BaaSid” 8 65

8-1. Welcome to the partnership between BaaSid and Korea Electronic Certification Authority(crosscert)!  Korea Electronic Certification Authority Co., Ltd. is the only company that is qualified to provide services to the certification-related fields of public institutions.  Through cooperation with the Korea Electronic Certification Authority, BaaSid can be applied to various public organizations in Korea.  8-2. on April 12, 2019, BaaSid signed an agreement to supply its certification technology to the Korean Government's cloud support project for companies, which is led by the Korea Association of Cloud Industry (KACI).  In the sense that Korea's first commercialization contract is a public institution. we very pleased with this.  This can be regarded as BaaSid's first commercialization agreement for deploying its verification technology consisting of multi-chain/separation, distribution, combination and decryption technology, BaaSid is currently in the process of negotiating real business services with potential customers - not only in Korea but also in countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand - and will do its best to spread the technology on a wide scope. 66

8-3. We hereby announce the successful launch of the BaaSid Mainnet  We hereby announce the successful launch of the BaaSid Mainnet. BaaSid implemented its main block chain as well as its decentralized authentication chain (Split & Combine engine) at 00:00 on March 27 and 2019, March 31, 2019 (Singapore), succeeded in interlocking it also. We would like to inform you that the block is stable and is running. BaaSid realizes its 100% decentralized authentication service as well as its decentralized database security model as an end-to end-solution for user applications by achieving split, decentralization, storage and combination of data within each node in the decentralized data environment.  Currently, BaaSid prepares for commercialization with banks, cryptographic exchanges, cloud companies and other IT companies in each country. BaaSid is the world`s first security solution that achieves strong security in all serviceable areas through decentralization, utilizing block chain for data security purposes. It also provides various security services for companies and organizations such as banks, insurance companies, cryptographic exchanges, cloud service companies, IT security and infrastructure companies. The consultation for the use of BaaSid technology is in progress on a global scale. In addition, some of the companies have requested for a POC process and plan to commercialize the BaaSid solution in the second quarter of this year. (Schedules may change according to the situation of the local company) In addition to personal information protection and authentication, we will also disclose the linkage and business progress of de- storage projects to protect various files and documents.  BaaSid Main Net currently operates all of its block providers (BPs) directly in order to work with potential customers faster and more resiliently. In addition, to protect core technology of source and R & D achievements, we are making some public disclosures only to companies that are conducting POC for the application of our new technology. Please understand that we cannot publicly open critical technical information to participants. 67

8-4. On April 1, Baasid’s BAAS token was listed on the Korean STO-type mining exchange PIKCO   Date : April 1, 2019, 13:00 ( UTC + 8 ) Trading Pair : BAAS / KRW  We are in the process of developing a more active Korean market together with PIKCO Exchange, which is a new exchange, and we are also in the process of negotiating the BAAS coin swap related to the completion of main net development. 68

8-5. Made an additional Partnership with Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan   Taiwan "III" will cooperates with BaaSid to promote BaaSid's security technology solutions, business cooperation and global advancement in order to promote the development of block chain technology and secure various industrial resources.  iii evaluates the requirements of BaaSid's technology application in various industries, and maintains its role as a publicity and bridgehead through various media. BaaSid cooperates with iii in various organizations, organizations, companies Or promote the adoption of BaaSid's security technology into the organization.  BaaSid has an opportunity to expand into a broader field through its partnership with iii. 69

8-6. BaaSid signs a partnership with Malaysia SME to supply BaaSid security authentication technology and infrastructure   Founded on July 13, 1995 to provide initial public relations, support, services and solutions to the IT industry and services sector of the first SMEs, it provides various services, education and support for large enterprises and large-scale services and government cooperation.  It consists of over 3,000 indirect members and 5 00 direct members. There are 13 regional offices throughout Malaysia.  SME, through its dialogue with the Malaysian g overnment, is the largest small and medium-size d company in Malaysia, with 99% of the Malays ian economy, strengthening the competitiveness of proven and active SMEs and large IT industry organizations.  Through this partnership, BaaSid provides distributed storage for critical information storage of SMEs, large companies and associations in Malaysia.  About 3,500 SMEs, large corporations and government partner companies from Malaysia participated in the supply of BaaSid's ASP service, built-in system and other Blockchain technology. 70

8-7. BaaSid and NCCU hold their own seminar in Taipei  The National Political University of Taiwan (National Chengchi University, NCCU) and BaaSid held their own seminar on March 6th, 2019, in Taipei.  The seminar was held at Esun Hall of NCCU, with keynote speeches followed by discussions on information security issues in the form of a round table forum.  The Head of International Cooperation at NCCU, Wang Li Ling, as well as other experts in financial technology services related to information security, privacy, compliance & risk management, monitoring and identification & access control plan to hold presentations and discussions on how to proceed with the appropriate transformation of data security as soon as possible without lagging behind with the newest technical developments.  Through participating in the round table, BaaSid presents a high-level solution to ensure an upgrade of protection for information security and compliance with information security laws 71

8-8. BaaSid presents its technology at various Oracle events in January 2019  SEOUL — Based on the recent results of the discussions between BaaSid and Oracle concerning the creation of new business models and new business establishments, BaaSid Business Development Manager Kevin Dose introduced future BaaSid-Oracle business models at various Oracle events in January 2019, ending with a 20 minute presentation at the “Oracle World Seoul 2019”, which was attended by 3,000 participants..  BaaSid has been officially invited to present its project as well as its cooperation model with Oracle during these event, including the “Nyanbo” online streaming service in the Japanese market as well as the BaaSid-Oracle Smart Health Care Platform, which has already attracted potential investors and users in Korea.  At “Oracle World Seoul” on January 29, Mr. Dose took a 20-minutes-speech, where he also explained the reason of choosing Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse as well as the Oracle Analytics Cloud to prepare the future business services.  At the “Oracle CEO Events” on January 24, Business Development Manager Kevin Dose took a 30- minutes-speech with the title called ‘Introduction of Business Model between Oracle and BaaSid’. During the event, Mr. Dose also gave a live demonstration of the Nyanbo Test Application.  Starting with this event, BaaSid is planning to further open up its cooperation model with Oracle and introduce its pilot projects further in detail to the public. 72

8-9. BaaSid Review on famous Spanish Crypto Platform "Criptomonedas e ICOs”  at the beginning of 2019, a review on the BaaSid project has been published by the famous Spanish Crypto Platform Criptomonedas e ICOs .  Criptomonedas e ICOs is a leading news source about Bitcoin and blockchain in the Spanish-speaking Hispanic market. The website is viewed over 230,000 times per month by readers from Spain, Mexiko as well as South American countries such as Argentina and Venezuela  This can be considered as the first step for BaaSid into entering the Hispanic countries, which crypto markets are considered to have a huge potential in the upcoming years. 8-10. BaaSid launch on BITPoint APEC  BaaSid Token (“BAAS”) has been successfully listed on the Global Exchange Platform “BITPoint Apec  73

8-11. BaaSid closes business alliance with BINARIES, a Korean online game company specialized in block chain  Strategic business agreement for mutual cooperation, such as alliance for blockchain technology, business development and joint promotion  Consultation to apply BaaSid's distributed personal authentication service to the authentication part of Binary's self-developed block-chain-based game platform 8-12. Bimax Official Announcement of BAAS Token Listing  on this Friday, December 14th, the BaaSid Token will be listed on the Korean Exchange BIMAX  BAAS/KRW Trading will be possible on this platform. 74

8-13. BaaSid Meetup held in Seoul, Korea  On November 28, 2018, the first official BaaSid Meetup was successfully held in Seoul, Korea.  During the meetup event, BaaSid officially introduces its 2019 Business Model as well as its major business partners and their partnership content.  8-14. BaaSid Introduction on famous Korean Youtube Channel  on December 3rd, an interview with BaaSid Taiwan Team Members and Partners conduc ted by the famous Korean Crypto Youtuber "Brain of God" Shin Du was broadcasted on Youtube.  BaaSid Taiwan's CEO, Mr. James Huang, and BaaSid Taiwan’s Technical Advisor, Lin Yang, explained the legal system and atmosphere of virtual currency and BaaSid's personal authentication platform technology in the Taiwanese Market.  75

8-15. BaaSid and LeadTek agree on partnership to create new values in medical services  LeadTek worked together with Nvidia to develop and distribute GeForce Graphics cards to more than 150 countries around the world, which led to an explosive growth in the worldwide PC market  LeadTek’s lineup of health care products and medical businesses is used in around 200 hospitals and medical institutions in Taiwan. BaaSid will be involved in business areas such as 'medical certificate verification' and 'customer certification' through the subsidiary of Leadtek 8-16. BaaSid Presentation at "It Coin" Program on Digital Chosun TV Channel  BaaSid Presentation broadcasted on Digital Chosun TV  Blockchain Expert Lee Won-jae Today's "It Coin" – BaaSid  76

8-17. BaaSid – International Conference Session Announcement  BaaSid Business Development Manager, Kevin Dose, hold a speech at the 16th Internation al (Korea-China-Japan) Residential Environment Conference held in Seoul from Thursday, October 25 to Saturday October 27.  In the afternoon session of the 3rd conference day (October 27), BaaSid introduced the encryption/decentralization storage and instant access technology of block-chain-based personal authentication information as part of the third theme "Fourth Industry Technology and Smart City Recovery“. 8-18. Decentralized Personal Authentication Platform "BaaSid“ enters business partnership with Singapore "VisionGroup"  BaaSid has signed an official partnership with Singapore's block chain and pin-tech specialist VisionGroup.  Through this alliance with Vision Group, BaaSid hopes to achieve a joint effort to develop a business model, including consulting to identify various strategic partners that can apply the BaaSid platform.  In particular, cooperation with Vision Group is important for commercialization of BaaSid platform as a market maker role for various countries and companies. 77

8-19. Cooperation between “BITPoint Taiwan” and BaaSid  BITPoint Taiwan, the Taiwanese site of one of Japan's leading crypto currency exchanges "BITPoint", has decided to cooperate with BaaSid to develop and use BaaSid's De-KYC (Decentralized-Know Your Customer) certification, login and identity verification technologies on centralized exchange markets.  It was agreed to commercialize the decentralized KYC authentication service based on 'Inst ant Personal Access' utilizing BaaSid's decentralized blockchain-based data encryption and decentralized data splitting/distribution platform. 8-20. BaaSid project introduced on Korean TV  BaaSid was introduced at 1 pm Korean time on Friday, October 26 2018, on the Asian Economi c TV channel "Coin Favorite" program.   BaaSid was featured in "Lee Young-sik's “Hot Hot Hot Coin Corner” program of the Asia Economy TV broadcast on the theme "What is the alternative for ID verification?“. The "instant personal authentication" utilizing the BaaSid Decentralized Blockchain Access “ was introduced for about 10 minutes. 78

8-21. BaaSid and Gamania prepare for new security business paradigm  Based on 12 million user databases, Gamania Group and BaaSid decided to apply User DB Governance and authentication (real life) service for payment and content service.  BaaSid's decentralized blockchain- based "Instant Access" Authentication Service uses a decentralized Data Split & Distribution Platform. It is also planned to build and commercialize user authentication services sequentially in near future to realize efficient DB User Governance. 8-22. BaaSid Guest Speech at Microsoft Azure Migration Seminar 2018  BaaSid hold a presentation at the Migration Strategy Seminar event hosted by Micros oft Korea last week.  During the presentation, BaaSid explained its strategical background for choosing the Microsoft solution for the development of the BaaSid Verification Platform 79

8-23. BaaSid sponsors overseas performance of “Running Man”  On October 6, 2018, the BaaSid team participated as a sponsor in a Korean performing arts "Running Man" concert in Taiwan.  On the day of the concert, a promotion video of BaaSid was screened.  This is one of the process of implementing a new "business model" based on the BaaSid platform, aiming at the implementation of decentralized content separation, distribution and copyright protection (video, music, etc.). 8-24. BAAS Token list CoinZest   On October 11, 2018, BaaSid was listed on CoinZest, the third-largest Korean crypto currency exchange following Bithump and Upbit  This "CoinZest" listing is significant in that it makes it possible to trade with the Korean currency for the first time by enabling transactions between BAAS Tokens and the Korean Won (KRW). 80

8-25. BaaSid and DACONOMY sign MOU Agreement to enforce mutual cooperation   On September 30 2018, the official MOU agreement between BaaSid and DACONOMY International Ltd. has successfully been signed, adding a new strong European partner to BaaSid’s portfolio.  DACONOMY Interrnational Ltd. is a European blockchain company operating in partnership with the Schober Information Group, a well-known German company operating in data base solutions.  DACONOMY International Ltd. will implement a decentralized personal identity verification process through BaaSid — a highly secure, distributed database company using 100% split-distribution authentication.  Furthermore, BaaSid and DACONOMY also plan to co-market Europe and Asia partner events (= BaaSid supports Asian events, DACONOMY supports European events) to share market information in Asia/Europe and finding mutual partners to collaborate with. 8-26. BAAS Token Listed on IDAX  On September 26, 2018, BaaSid is listed on the IDAX, a virtual currency exchange established by the Global Blockchain Research Center (GBC).  BaaSid is a personal authentication solution that utilizes a block chain. It distributes and stores authentication information in a secure and fast manner. 81

8-27. The 2018 Smart Geospatial Expo in Seoul  BaaSid joined Smart Geospatial Expo in 2018 on September 12, 2018.  Industrial Revolution. It was talked BaaSid was invited to speak on the use of geospatial data in the era of the Fourth about the decentralization of blockchain technology that could be combined with future geospatial data applications. 8-28. Seoul BlockChain Expo  BaaSid successfully participated at the "Block Chain Seoul Expo 2018" held from 17th to 19th September, 2018   At the booth, BaaSid's separate / distributed personal authentication technology using blockchain technology was wildly discussed, and project leaders were interviewed by several media organizations 82

8-29. BaaSid expanded its business range by listing at DEX “STAR BIT”  BAASid 's BAAS token was listed on the decentralization exchange "STAR BIT", which launched a formal KYC technology agreement with BaaSid on August 20, 2018.  In the future, a comprehensive distributed application service will be provided utilizing the technology combination of the two companies.  8-30. BaaSid participates in "Blockchain Technology Summit" in Shanghai, China  BaaSid successfully participated at the Blockchain Technology Summit (BLC) Summit 2018, which took place in Shanghai.  The conferences held at BLC was dedicated to the new advanced trends in blockchain technology, cryptographic currencies and blockchain-based commercial application.  Through its participation at the BLC summit, BaaSid was able to increase its knowledge range on the Chinese market and engage into wide-ranging interactions, which also includes the purposes discovering business models.  BaaSid’s partner BaaSInfra was also present at the booth to presents its node technology. 83

8-31. BaaSid announces new partners at “BaaSid x Hcash” Meetup  On July 20th 2018, BaaSid Business Development Manager Kevin Dose participated at the “BaaSid x Hcash” Meetup to present the recent progress of the BaaSid Global Project. Mr. Dose also used this opportunity to introduced two new partners of the BaaSid Project — RSC (Ronaldinho Soccer Coin) and Super Micro Computer, Inc.  RSC (Ronaldino Soccer Coin) is a revolutionary soccer business offering both digital and real services The addition of our new strong partner Super Micro Computer, Inc., an officially registered NASDAQ company, will clearly accelerate the development and distribution of BaaSid Private Nodes. 8-32. Participation at Blockchain Expo Korea (BCEK) 2018  On July 26 &27, BaaSid participated at the “Blockchain Expo Korea 2018” hold in Busan, South Korea.  Being represented with their own booth, BaaSid provided international visitors and exhibitors from all over the world with a great range of information concerning the BaaSid project, including the recent progress on coin listing and partnership establishments. 84

8-33. CoinBene Official Announcement of BAAS Token Listing  On July 19, 2018, BaaSid is listed on CoinBene, one of the world's largest cr ypto currency exchanges in more than 150 countries.  BaaSid will be listed on various exchanges in the future along with the completion of the official initial listing. 8-34. DeCentral Exchange (DEX) "Starbite (", BaaSid and KYC technical cooperation  KOREA StarBit, the No. 1 decentralized exchange (DEX) in Asia, will support the new KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure based on technical cooperation with BaaSid (, a decentralized database company.   Decentralized Know Your Customer (DKYC) will provide various online services and blockchain- related services through one-time instant access  Through this KYC procedure, which will eliminate the biggest business weaknesses of DEX Exchanges, is expected to significantly improve security and stability due to the application of BaaSid's decentralized decentralization service. 85

8-35. Applying the world's first 100% decentralized database to the RSC project of Ronaldinho  WSC launches a revolutionary soccer business offering both digital and real services in cooperation with a former member of the Brazil soccer team, Ronaldo de Assís Moreira.  A payment system, RSC platform (Ronaldinho Soccer Coin) with safety and speed will be developed based on block chain technology-NEO. This system will become a core service which has worldwide availability.  RSC Platform in collaboration with BaaSid, blockchain based authentication platform will provide the high- level security with 100% decentralized application login. 8-36. BaaSid & BaaSinfra signed coopertation contract with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ)  BaaSid and its Dapp concept, BaaSinfra, have partnered with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NADAQ).  Based on BaaSid's MainNet, BaaSinfra works with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Nasdaq), the world's top 3 server maker, to develop and distribute BaaSid Private Node servers.  After that, BaaSid Private Node developed by this project will be provided to various major companies.  xno=57578 86

8-37. BaaSid and Crypto Lab hold speech at Aston Alliance Meet-up  23th May 2018 (Wednesday), Seoul   Meet-up organized by our partner Aston Alliance, Speeches held by BaaSid International Lab (Singapore) and Crypto Lab (Japan)  “On this day, BaaSid International Lab (Singapore) presented their technology, which is able to split encrypted data into hundreds, thousands of parts. Crypto LAB(Japan) provides explanations for ICO evaluation platforms.” 8-38. BaaSid and Crypto Lab participate at WIS (World IT Show) 2018  May 23rd – May 26th 2018, COEX B Hall in Seoul, KOREA   PRO Group (Japan) and BaaSid International (Singapore) participated at WIS 2018 being part of joint exhibition booth of “Aston Alliance”. The exhibition event was also combined with a speech event held on May 23rd. BaaSid experts explained their data-split blockchain technology to visitors of the exhibition. 87

8-39. Cooperation on blockchain-based electronic document processing  BaaSid, P.R.O japan and 7 other IT companies sign cooperation agreement on blockchain- based electronic document project Seven companies related to blockchain-based electronic documents, security and communication technology (namely the global project BaaSid, the Japanese company PRO Group and the Korea's Handysoft (Kosdaq) , Sejong Telecom (Kosdaq), Korea Trade Information & Communication, Hancom Secure (Kosdaq) and Xblock Systems) signed an agreement to collaborate on the blockchain-based processing of electronic documents. Through this agreement, the consortium members will join hands in developing a Blockchain Network especially optimized for electronic documents to activate Blockchain- based electronic documents and expand their electronic document processing technology to domestic and global markets. According to the Korea Electronics Association, the size of the electronic document market in Korea is expected to exceed 5 trillion won by 2020 and the global electronic document management system market by about 20 billion dollars. (May 5th 2018, Financial News) 8-40. Japan Impress & BaaSid Seminar  “Private ID security based on the Blockchain technology – Seminar held by Impress (Japan) and BaaSid” On April 13, BaaSid participated at the “Business Changes with Blockchain” in Tokyo. Organized by the Japanese IT Media Experts “Impress” and “IT Leaders”, Mr. Moon Inshic, Member of the BaaSid Project, hold a speech titled “Reboot the Internet”, introducing the concept of a blockchain-based decentralized database for personal ID information. (April 30th 2018, Asia Economy TV ) 88

8-41. BaaSid & BaaSInfra – Create an ideal Blockchain Environment  “The Next Human Life by Blockchain” In the not so distant future, you will meet a new global life structure. Already today, we can see the efforts of creating new business forms that will be able to change the world. One of these new business forms is the blockchain technology. (…) One of the new global players in the blockchain technology will be BaaSid, which serves as a huge data storage utilized by smart phones and computers, based on the business model from BaaSinfra. The target is not to make a product for selling, but to utilize remaining resources. Once Token will be distributed to the providers of the storage space, the user of the storage space will have to pay tokens, which creates an ideal crypto environment. (April 20th 2018, Zdnet News) 8-42. BaaSid – The Decentralized Platform   “BaaSid opens the door for decentralization of personal data” The personal information in the BaaSid network will not be stored on a centralized database, which lifts lots of concerns concerning data security. If data is storage on a centralized device, it can be unwillingly provided to some people. BaaSid information can only be accessed through instant access by the user himself and is therefore a completely safe way of data saving. (March 28th 2018, Japan IT Leaders) 89

8-43. Minimize costs for database set-up and database management  March 21st 2018, Asian Economy TV Coin Interview Professor Inoue, R & D leader of BaaSid, appeared on “Coin Interview” at Asia Economy TV to explain the BaaSid technology to the viewers. Professor Inoue mainly mentioned the cost advantages that many online service providers can profit from by using the BaaSid system. BaaSid is a 100% decentralized platform that dramatically reduces the huge data m anagement costs which are normally caused by the set-up and management of a centralized database. 8-44. BaaSid Global Members Day  March 14th 2018, Seoul Imperial Palace 6F "The new technology of encrypted data splitting will further develop the blockchain industry“ On March 14, Nicholas Ng S.L, CEO of BaaSid International Lab (S) Pte in Singapore, BaaSid International Lab CFO Leroy Zen Lau, Taiwan BaaSInfra CEO James Hwang, Professor, Japan PRO Group Chairman Otaka Jun, Buffalo University Economics Professor Tetsuya Saito, Security Technology Advisor Takeshi Doshisha and the main members in Korea gathered for the annual BaaSid Global Members Day. Participants are focusing on further developing the entire Blockchain industry by introducing a new technology called 'BaaSid's Data Encryption Separation / Distributed Storage and Association'. To ensure the success of the global project BaaSid, everybody promised to do their best in their respective areas such as research and development, marketing and technical consulting. 90

8-45. BaaSid participates “Blockchain Meets Asia” Event  “BaaSid - Blockchain Meets Asia" “Blockchain Meets Asia”was held by the team of the Blockchain Marketing Company team (teamw.e) to provide a forum for sharing the vision of the future and expanding the network. BaaSid announces Blockchain technology to prevent forgery and tampering from hackers and to maintain the security and permanence of participants through public transaction books. (March 13th 2018, Chosun Ilbo) 8-46. Strong Partners in Blockchain Industry  “Korean Blockchain Expert Company XBlock Systems participates in BaaSid project” BaaSid, a project operated by the Japanese IT Security Company “P.R.O”gained another valuable cooperation partner with the Korean Blockchain Expert Company “XBlock Systems”. BaaS is the abbreviation for Blockchain as a Service, which is a concept where a blockchain infrastructure is borrowed partially, or in its entirety, for the development of internet services related to existing web services, app services, and blockchain services (cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.). (February 5th 2018, Financial News) 91

8-47. Major Channel Twitter Followers : 13,801 Telegram Members : 13,615 BAAS Holders : 18,102 Youtube Viewers : 278,657  What Is BaaSid?  BaaSid’s Technology  The Egg of Columbus : BaaSid’s Story  The New Trend of  BaaSid’s New perception  Who makes Cryptocurrency and philosophy BaaSid 92

8-48. Major Channel and Information  BaaSid Official Website : //  Youtube Review :  Telegram :  Kakao opentalk :  Twitter :  Medium :  Youtube : red  Global Introduction (Japan) :  Global Introduction (China) :  Global Introduction (USA) : instant-with-Blockchain-technology/ 93