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Wednesday, May 1, 2019
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Send crypto to friends and family in an instant message TOKEN SWAP 8 - 18 DECEMBER 2017 Whitepaper igereum

Welcome to Tigereum 4 Overview 4 The Problem 4 The Solution 4 Messaging with Crypto 5 Fact Tigereum’s AI Chatbot 6 How the AI Chatbot Will Work 7 Tigereum Prototype 8 Everyone will be sending money by Industry Background 9 Cryptocurrencies 9 instant message Online Landscape 10 within 2 years International Remitters 12 Digital Wallet vs Instant Message 14 Competitor Analysis 15 Disruption 17 Tigereum Tokens 18 Cryptocurrency for Instant Messages 18 Initial Tokens 18 Listing of Tigereum Tokens 18 Problem Revenue Model 18 Value Proposition 19 Messaging Tigereum Tokens 19 No-one can Intellectual Property 20 send crypto by Regulation 20 Insurance 21 instant message Token Swap 22 Key Dates 22 Token Swap Price 22 First Day Bonus 22 Pre-Swap 23 Solution Benefits of Token Swap 23 Allocation 24 ERC-20 Standard 24 We will develop Use of Token Swap Funds 25 an AI chatbot BuyBack & Burn 25 to send crypto by Tigereum’s Team 27 instant message Core Team 27 Advisory Board 30 Manager 33 Token Swap Summary 34 References 35 igereum 2 igereum 3

Welcome to Tigereum Overview Tigereum will adopt the key principles of the crypto world: security, anonymity, decentralization and encryption. Over the next two years, everyone will be sending money by instant message. Social media companies are working Building our solution around AI chatbots makes Tigereum around the clock on this paradigm shift. Crypto is being left flexible, globally scalable, independent of any particular behind on these smaller social payments. Sending crypto instant messaging platform, and quick to market. from digital wallets is difficult for small amounts. Enter the Tiger. Tigereum will enable everyone to securely and easily send small amounts of crypto to friends and family by Messaging with Crypto instant message. Crypto developers should be able to provide a better solution for messaging money than social media companies, big banks The Problem and international remitters. A revolution is occurring in the way we send money. Crypto already has the answers to a decentralized, borderless, Social media giants like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype secure, digital, global currency which can be messaged to are investing in solutions to send money by instant anyone, anywhere. Crypto’s competitive advantages should message. Crypto should be at the forefront of this new make messaging money cheaper and easier for everyone. The wave but instead it is lagging behind. Digital wallets will crypto community should be at the forefront of this paradigm not be able to compete with instant messaging for smaller shift, and not leave it to the instant messaging platforms. money transfers. Tigereum’s initial aim is more humble: to enable the crypto The Solution community to message crypto on instant messaging platforms, in the same way that fiat currencies are messaged. Tigereum will develop an AI chatbot to enable the crypto community to securely and easily send small amounts of We can take on bigger challenges once we achieve this. crypto to friends and family by instant message. igereum 4 igereum 5

Tigereum’s AI Chatbot Tigereum will not only enable crypto to be messaged, it will How the AI Chatbot Will Work also provide the crypto community with the best customer experience for sending crypto. Tigereum will deliver Tigereum’s AI chatbot solution will be simple to use, and users conversation-style messaging of crypto using the newest AI will complete the following steps: tools available for chatbots. • Add Tigereum to your friends list on any Tigereum won’t ask you to clunk through your digital wallet to instant messaging platform you like to use. send crypto or fill out web forms, or take QR scans or paste long crypto addresses. • Open a chat with Tigereum to message crypto to a friend. Tigereum’s AI chatbot solution will enable crypto holders to • Tigereum will ask three simple questions in chat style: securely message crypto: (1) which cryptocurrency do you want to send? • anonymously, or with disclosed identities (2) how much? (3) do you want to write a short message to your friend? • on any device - mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop - on the go, in the office, at home, in an airport lounge, or on the beach • Choose a friend (the recipient of your crypto) from your • within the instant message platforms you use to friends or contacts list on your device. communicate with your friends • Details of your transfer will be displayed on screen and can be • without passwords, usernames, QR scans, new software or messaged to your friend. new apps • Pay for the crypto you have messaged using your digital wallet. • fully secured by encrypted identity tokens • using any cryptocurrency • Your friend can use the crypto in whatever way they like: • across borders • depositing it in their digital wallet • in your preferred language. • exchanging it for fiat and depositing it in their bank account • forwarding it to another friend. igereum 6 igereum 7

Tigereum Prototype Industry Background Tigereum has built a prototype AI chatbot for securely sending Cryptocurrencies money on the Facebook Messenger instant messaging platform, and has performed a series of early tests. These Readers of this Whitepaper are familiar with the background of have helped identify the chatbot’s scalability and garnered cryptocurrencies. A summary is provided here: important customer feedback. Tigereum is ready to commence a full live pilot and to integrate crypto into the chatbot. • Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies which operate outside normal central banking. • Bitcoin was the first major cryptocurrency, commencing in 2009 after a paper was released under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. There are close to 17 million Bitcoins mined, trading around US$4000 each with a capitalization of US$68 billion. Bitcoin value has doubled over the last 12 months alone. • Other major cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and DASH which make up part of over 700 cryptocurrencies worldwide with a total value of roughly US$150 billion. • To trade between cryptocurrencies, and in/out of fiat, crypto exchanges have become important service providers to the crypto community. There are about 200 crypto exchanges. Approximately US$300,000,000 is traded on crypto exchanges each day. Crypto holders keep their cryptocurrency assets in digital wallets. Digital wallets are like online bank portals. You can see which cryptocurrencies you own, and their current value. You can buy more crypto into your wallet, or sell it (through an exchange). igereum 8 igereum 9

Digital wallets enable customers to send and receive crypto WeChat introduced instant messaging of money to customers directly to and from other crypto holders. In your digital wallet, in China in 2016. The owners of WeChat recently bought you have an anonymous, encrypted, randomly-generated MoneyGram, so expect to see this feature expand rapidly for its address for your cryptocurrency. This is like a bank account Chinese customers. number (but it’s so long you have no hope of remembering it). You can send crypto to a friend at their address from within Snapchat introduced instant messaging of money to its platform your digital wallet. in 2014, by partnering with Square. You can only send and receive crypto to and from your digital WhatsApp announced in 2016 that it plans to enable instant wallet if you and your friend have crypto. If you want to send messaging of international currencies. WhatsApp is preferred by funds to a friend who does not have crypto, you have to international users, therefore the opportunities for WhatsApp first convert your crypto to fiat, then transfer it to your bank are as big as the regulatory obstacles and currency exchange account, and finally send fiat to your friend from your bank challenges. It could unwittingly be running an international account through an international remitter, or indeed by instant remittance operation within an instant messaging platform, and message. earning significant revenue from currency exchange. It seems this strategy is still under consideration. Generally, there is a 2% charge to send and receive crypto between digital wallets. Hike (in India) announced in August 2017 that it would introduce payments to its instant messaging platform. Online Landscape Paypal has been successfully messaging money to emails and mobile phone numbers for over ten years. Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Tencent, Apple and Microsoft know that many customers would prefer to use instant messaging to Venmo (a Paypal brand) messages money in the US and Singapore message money to friends and family, especially for smaller through an instant messaging app. social-type payments, so this is what customers will get. Sending money using instant messaging is changing the way we Facebook introduced messaging small amounts of money for use the internet, and how we communicate. Online experiences US customers in 2015 on Messenger. This is a brilliant customer which require us to download desktop software, go to a browser, interface, as it is very easy to use. However, Facebook has send an SMS, install a mobile app, or even make a phone call, are struggled to overcome the international regulatory obstacles in decline. Instant messaging money is the next big thing. to roll this out globally. It has also apparently been working on a patent to protect its unique IP solution for messaging money. In the meantime, Facebook’s dual strategy is to work with remittance partners outside the US and support payment chatbots on its Messenger platform. igereum 10 igereum 11

Instant messaging is even outstripping the new social media Western Union is not particularly inventive or challenging, tools which put Facebook, Google and Amazon on the map ten and we all know it well. It is the dinosaur in the park. years ago. Instant messaging is becoming more popular than the generation of social media apps we all first came to use, and MoneyGram was recently acquired by Chinese financial this change is occurring right now. The social media companies conglomerate Tencent (which also owns WeChat). Expect changes. are having to re-invent themselves already. Transferwise is being a successful disrupter. In only ten years, Because of these trends, and the possibility of skimming a Transferwise has grown to remitting $1 billion per month. large number of small fees across global banking transactions It recently released a remittance chatbot. (a market worth over US$400 trillion per year in international remittances alone) it is easy to see why social media companies Paypal is doing great work. It has a strong customer interface and are working on how to make payments work on their instant is breaking all the rules (in a good way) to better serve customers’ messaging platforms. financial requirements smoothly and efficiently. International Remitters Start-up fintechs like Revolut in the UK are also doing interesting work in this market. International remitters (of fiat currencies) are very relevant to this market analysis, and Tigereum. Ripple is a cryptocurrency which is developing some great tools for international remittances. Its focus seems to be at the top of The key international remitters are Western Union, MoneyGram, the B2B end of the market – to facilitate efficient movement of and Transferwise. Paypal is not regarded as a traditional large amounts of international currencies between banks and international remitter, but it rates a mention here too. global corporations. This is very important work for the crypto community, however, it is unlikely that Ripple will deliver B2C Primary customer-facing tools for international remitters are solutions for sending and receiving crypto to friends and family. local branches and agents dispensing cash. Western Union has over 500,000 branches and agents around the world. None of these fiat international remitters show any signs of Where they do employ technology they are, in the main, still using digital currencies to revolutionize themselves and create using only web browsers, SMS and mobile apps, which are efficiencies. None of them seem to be adopting crypto as the way clunky to use. International remitters are expensive, and part forward in a decentralized, anonymous, encrypted world which of the centralized financial ecosystem which represents fiat treats currencies as jurisdictionally-bound anachronisms. They are currencies, central banking and burdensome regulations. all very much creatures of their highly-regulated environments and legacy customer interfaces. Even Paypal is starting to look legacy now. igereum 12 igereum 13

Competitor Analysis In fact, rather than develop their own solutions for messaging international remittances, it looks like their preferred strategy Tigereum is not proposing to be any of these things: is to partner up with the social media companies to deliver the systems, compliance and back-end banking for messaging • Crypto wallet money on instant messaging platforms. • Crypto exchange • Remittance Digital Wallet vs Instant Messaging • Bank • Social media The crypto community has built an impressive ecosystem over • Billing platform the last ten years, and it is indeed possible to send crypto from • Foreign exchange a digital wallet. However, typical digital wallets are hard work • Payment card for most people and are expensive to use. They are not the preferred way to send and receive money between friends and Tigereum will be a blockchain, anonymous, encrypted and secure family. It is difficult to use your digital wallet to simply send instant messaging AI chatbot to send crypto to friends and family. small amounts of crypto. It’s usually easier to send money from an online bank portal. Who is competing with Tigereum in the crypto community? We have not identified any direct competitors. Nobody seems to be The problem is that digital wallets have customer interfaces doing what Tigereum is proposing. based on old forms. Crypto has leapt ahead as a new form of digital currency, but digital wallets have not kept up with new We have identified a number of indirect competitors to Tigereum forms of customer communication and they have not linked up in the crypto community whose mission is to provide good with the social media tools we use everyday. Digital wallets may customer interface to crypto holders, and help them use their be good for holding and trading cryptocurrencies, but not for crypto in a predominantly fiat world. sending funds to friends and family. They are not digital wallets (exclusively) but are building website Customers will continue to message fiat as their default choice and app solutions which are friendlier and easier to use than on their preferred instant messaging platform before they send the average digital wallet, and which generally also enable their crypto from a digital wallet everyday. customers to send crypto to friends and family in a fiat world. igereum 14 igereum 15

Disruption Wirex (www.wirex.com) is a Bitcoin wallet website and app with a plastic and digital prepaid MasterCard attached. Customers Messaging money on instant messaging platforms is going to be a can move funds within the Wirex wallet between Bitcoin and game changer. It will disrupt many markets: fiat, and spend their fiat online and instore with the MasterCard. It also enables send/receive between other Wirex account • Banks (domestic and international transfers) holders, and easier links to your fiat bank account(s). • Remitters (Western Union, MoneyGram, Transferwise) • Payment apps (Venmo, Paypal, PayTM, Revolut) Cryptopay (www.cryptopay.me) also offers a plastic and digital prepaid MasterCard so that customers can spend their Bitcoin Crypto should not be left behind as this change sweeps through in fiat currencies online and in-store, and to send crypto to our financial institutions or the customer experience gap between other Cryptopay account holders. crypto and fiat will widen further. Izibits (www.izibits.io) is interesting to Tigereum because its In fact, crypto should be leading this disruption. Crypto’s whole architecture is built as an AI chatbot. It is not a website decentralized blockchain architecture should be taking this battle or app. It is a website/app chatbot. All interactions with their on, not leaving it to the social media companies. customers occur within a chat. It is developing a new suite of services, including: P2P transfers, international remittances, a prepaid MasterCard, a shopping platform, and a crypto First Mover Advantage exchange. Tigereum has a significant first mover advantage. We are well Bitpay (www.bitpay.com) is a US-based payment gateway for positioned to ride the instant messaging wave for the crypto crypto/fiat. It seems to be pitched mainly to merchants who community if we can start our development work and go-to- want to accept crypto payments. Bitpay enables merchants market strategies now. and retails customers to send crypto and fiat in their shopping ecosystems. Our primary aim is to provide a viable alternative in the market for crypto holders to message crypto to their friends and family, Byteball (www.byteball.org) is one of the few new blockchain so that they do not have to convert to fiat simply to message offerings we could find which allows you to chat and pay in an funds easily and efficiently. instant message, as one of the many things it does. Our secondary aim is to build on all the benefits of crypto to However, none of these crypto companies are doing what make messaging crypto a better and more secure solution for Tigereum is proposing. messaging funds, especially across international borders. igereum 16 igereum 17

Tigereum Tokens Cryptocurrency for Instant Messages It is common for crypto exchanges to charge 1% to 2% for transfers, and for international remitters to charge fees (including Tigereum Tokens will be the cryptocurrency used to send exchange margins) up to 5% for fiat remittances. Based on these crypto to friends and family in an instant message. Senders competitor price points, Tigereum expects revenues through its will buy Tigereum Tokens to message money. Recipients will AI chatbot to attract gross margins in the range of 2% to 5%. redeem Tigereum Tokens into their preferred crypto or fiat currency to receive their money. The mechanisms for this to Value Proposition occur securely and efficiently will be developed further through the course of this project. Tigereum’s high-margin revenues will create an environment in which upward price pressure can benefit Token Swap participants, and ensure a strong secondary market into the long term. Initial Tokens As Tigereum gains traction in the market, more Tigereum Tokens There will be fifty million (50,000,000) Tigereum Tokens created. will be required by our customers to message crypto. This will give Up to forty million (40,000,000) of these will be swapped for rise to greater liquidity and upward price pressure on the value of ETH under the Token Swap program described further in this Tigereum Tokens. Whitepaper. The availability (and pricing) of Tigereum Tokens will be Listing of Tigereum Tokens controlled by the secondary market, so Token Swap participants can be assured that there will be a viable secondary market for Tigereum Tokens will be listed on public cryptocurrency Tigereum Tokens when we go to market. exchanges, starting with EtherDelta. This listing is scheduled for Monday 18 December 2017 (the close date for the Token Swap). Messaging Tigereum Tokens Tigereum Tokens will be listed on other exchanges promptly Tigereum will develop the mechanisms to securely message after Monday 18 December 2017 to maximise trading crypto seamlessly and cost-effectively without compromising opportunities for Tigereum Token holders. anonymity and the blockchain’s integrity. Revenue Model We anticipate that these mechanisms may require Tigereum to hold a treasury float to manage the exchange between crypto and Tigereum will earn revenue from payments flowing through fiat currencies. This treasury float, if required, will not be created our platform. This revenue stream will underpin the until Tigereum is ready to go to market as it is not required value of Tigereum Tokens. during the development phase, and we need to get the model right first. igereum 18 igereum 19

Intellectual Property • It is not clear whether messaging Tigereum Tokens would Tigereum may apply for patents for methods we develop within constitute a remittance, and whether Tigereum would have our AI chatbots for messaging crypto. Patents will further to comply with the regulatory requirements which various underpin the value of Tigereum Tokens and reduce the risk of unfair competition. countries impose on international remitters. This will be considered after our key development work has Insurance finished, but before we go to market. All Tigereum Tokens will be fully insured and kept in cold storage. This means that if Tigereum were to suffer a breach of its online Regulation storage, the insurance policy would pay to cover any funds lost as a result. Until Tigereum has completed its development, it is not possible to have clarity about what regulations may apply The insurance policy covers any losses resulting from a breach of to Tigereum Tokens. Tigereum will obtain legal advice on Tigereum’s physical security, cyber security, or by employee theft. regulatory compliance before launching any AI chatbots using The policy is planned to be provided by a syndicate of insurers Tigereum Tokens in the market. through Lloyd’s of London (which also insures, for example, Airbnb & Tokenbase). Notwithstanding this uncertainty, at this stage we recognize there are four key areas of regulation to consider regardless This will also apply to other digital currency that Tigereum will of which laws may apply: consumer protection, prevention of hold, such as ETH which it will receive under the Token Swap. money laundering, taxation and remittances. • In all countries, regulators with responsibility for ensuring that financial services are provided in a way that protects consumers and maintains the integrity of the market will be interested in Tigereum Tokens. • Local tax laws are complex, and will apply on a case by case basis, depending on where Tigereum Tokens are issued. • The prevention of money laundering is taken very seriously in many countries around the world. Tigereum will at all times act to prevent money laundering. igereum 20 igereum 21

Token Swap Introduction Pre-Swaps Tigereum will make forty million (40,000,000) Tigereum Tokens Pre-Swaps are available until Monday 20 November 2017. available to swap for ETH. We will offer special bonuses to Pre-Swap Participants. Contact us for your Pre-Swap special bonus. Key Dates The objective of Pre-Swaps is to fund this Token Swap campaign and further develop the Tigereum prototype. The Token Swap opens at 09:00 GMT on Friday 8 December 2017 and closes at 23:00 GMT on Monday 18 December 2017. Pre-Swap Participants will be rewarded with the following additional benefits: Token Swap Price • Personal invitation to participate in testing The Token Swap Price is 1 ETH for 1000 Tigereum Tokens. • VIP invitation to product launch • Bonuses for early participation First Day Bonus • Priority access to the first buyback When the Token Swap opens on Friday 8 December 2017 there Benefits of Token Swap will be a 33% bonus. Your 1 ETH can be swapped for 1,333 Tigereum Tokens (giving you 333 bonus Tigereum Tokens). We have structured the Token Swap to minimise risks and maximise returns for participants: This 33% bonus applies only from 09:00 GMT to 23:00 GMT on the first day - Friday 8 December. • Prototype already in testing • Experienced team of entrepreneurs Public Exchanges • Low, hard cap on the number of tokens • Optional buyback & burn program On Monday 18 December 2017, Tigereum Tokens will be listed • Tokens an integral part of the business model on EtherDelta. We will list promptly on other public exchanges such as Coss.io after this initial listing. igereum 22 igereum 23

Allocation More detailed information about the ERC-20 standard: Tigereum Tokens will be allocated as follows: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/20 • 80% to Token Swap participants, including Pre-Swap and bonuses Use of Token Swap Funds • 20% to be split between bounty (1%), team members and advisors (2%) and founders (17%). Overseen by the Advisory Board and financial auditors, ETH swapped for Tigereum Tokens will be used to fund: In the unlikely event that not all of the Tokens allocated for the Token Swap are swapped, they will be burned. • the development of Tigereum’s AI chatbot solution, • legal and regulatory costs, • a go-to-market team around the Tigereum solution, ERC-20 Standard • marketing to grow the Tigereum business, and • working capital for operations as the Tigereum business Ethereum smart contracts enable a very transparent and secure establishes itself, and way of profit sharing among Tigereum Token holders. Tigereum • the treasury float of crypto and fiat currencies needed by Tokens will be an Ethereum-based token of value. Tigereum to enable settlements to occur (subject to the mechanism to be finally adopted). Ethereum-based tokens are a digital asset, bearing value by themselves based on their underlying assets and associated rights. They rely on a well-established Ethereum infrastructure, BuyBack & Burn benefiting from several advantages: Tigereum will allocate corporate profits to buying back Tigereum • Security and predictability (as opposed to, for example, Tokens. having to run an independent blockchain network). • Use of robust and well-supported clients (Ethereum-based Participation in the buyback program is optional. Tigereum Token Tokens can be managed with official Ethereum clients). holders who participate will receive their buyback in the form of • High liquidity (interchangeable with other Ethereum- ETH swap. Priority will be given to Pre-Swap participants in the based tokens or ETH); easier listing on exchanges with first buyback program. Tigereum expects to burn buyback tokens. infrastructure already in place. Our buyback & burn program will allow the net asset value of a Our Ethereum-based Tigereum Token smart contract will Tigereum Token to increase, giving all token holders a fair way to comply with the ERC-20 standard, and it will be extremely gain value in their Tigereum Tokens over the long-term. easy for exchange trading to happen. igereum 24 igereum 25

IMPORTANT Tigereum’s Team Tigereum’s founders have put together a capable and experienced Read this Whitepaper and the team to undertake this Token Swap and implement the development work for Tigereum’s AI chatbot solution. Terms & Conditions before We have: participating in the Token Swap. • a core team of dedicated, day-to-day executives to get the work done • an independent Advisory Board to oversee and guide the core Be sure that you understand the team • an advisor, The ICO Rocket, to advise on this Token Swap, and contents of these documents, • a project manager, Aero Cards Limited, to manage the especially what they say about the Tigereum Project and be custodian of project assets. risks of participating and restrictions Core Team on eligibility. Only participate if you Tigereum’s core team are an experienced and committed group are eligible. of people who are keenly interested in new opportunities like Tigereum. Members of the core team are: The Whitepaper and Terms & Darren is an experienced company director and Darren Olney-Fraser Conditions can be downloaded from Chief Executive Officer investor. He practised law for 20 years and was a Partner in a global law firm. Darren has been Tigereum’s website CEO of a listed funds management company for 10 years. He has raised and profitably deployed over $200 million during the last 15 years. Darren founded Aero Cards Limited in 2015. www.tigereum.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/darren-ol- ney-fraser-8803746a/ igereum 26 igereum 27

Senior Executive with leadership experience in Rohan Goffin is an experienced user experience Tim Carmichael multiple global technology deployments. Deep Rohan Goffin specialist. He is a Fine Arts graduate with skills in Head of Shared Services knowledge of order-to-cash processes and the User Experience digital artwork and website layouts. Rohan makes establishing, scaling and improving of onshore sure that Tigereum’s digital products deliver the and offshore service centres. Six sigma black belt best user experience to our customers. with recent RPA (robotics process automation) project delivery. https://www.linkedin.com/in/carmichaeltim/ Shyaire is a true digital native with a keen interest Moses Adeniji is a project manager with over four Shyaire Ganglani in all things technology. Fascinated with the power Moses Adeniji years industrial experience on UX/UI design. He Chief Marketing Officer of digital and social marketing, she has advised AI Chatbot Development has project managed the design of AI chatbot large global corporates on social media strategies products. to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. Until recently, Shyaire was a Social Media Strategist at Ogilvy Public Relations in Dubai, UAE. Shyaire brings to Tigereum an exacting awareness of what we need to do to take Tigereum to market in a digital world. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shyairegang- lani/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/moses-adeni- ji-a17935b6/ Mark Edmondson is an experienced office Gabriel Adeniji is a full-stack web developer. Mark Edmondson Gabriel Adeniji He has been passionately programming for 8 administration professional. He manages Chief Operating Officer Bot Development years. He was commended by the senior special the day-to-day operations of Aero. assistant to the Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria, for giving her business a web presence. When he isn’t glued to his laptop programming, he spends time learning about new developments in IT, and also playing video games. He studied Business Administration from Lagos State Polytechnic. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabriel-adeni- ji-7a398b110 igereum 28 igereum 29

Pauline Sargant Pauline Sargant is a lawyer who provides in- Dan Owen Dan Owen is a London-based executive, Compliance house compliance support. who is currently providing consulting services to a UK investment fund. He has been a start-up business owner and company director in the health, manufacturing and investments sectors. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan- o-a8396842/ Shahar Namer Shahar is founder of The ICO Rocket and co- Advisory Board founder of London-based venture capital fund sushivp.com and start-up CryptoChip.io. Tigereum has established an independent Advisory Board Shahar has also built international start-up accelerators in London and Israel (Start-up Nation, to oversee the Token Swap for participants, to ensure that Start-up Bootcamp and Marathon Labs). He has Tigereum has appropriate corporate governance and the recently worked on several successful ICO’s. necessary skills to guide the Tigereum project to success. Independent members of the Advisory Board are: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ shaharnamerventure/ Garry is an experienced director with a strong track Jacob has extensive experience in the venture Garry Lemair record in leadership and executive management, Jacob Ner David landscape. For over eighteen years he has created, Chairman having successfully worked with major global led, invested in and mentored tech-driven entities over 50 years. He has held senior executive start-ups. He embraces innovation and enjoys roles at Citibank, Diners Club, Kentucky Fried challenging the status quo, especially through Chicken, Fluor Daniels and Taubmans. Over the digital products and services that can make the last 20 years, Garry has been Chairman and Non- world a better place. He founded and led start-ups Executive Director on many listed and private DeltaThree (now NASDAQ:DDDC) and NomadIQ international company boards. (sold to Omnisky). https://www.linkedin.com/in/lemair/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobnerdavid/ igereum 30 igereum 31

Tom is a trusted advisor for large-scale Tom Sargant international projects. He focuses on how best to Manager achieve contestability and value for money in the delivery, operation and maintenance of a project’s lifecycle. Tom has been a non-executive director Aero Cards Limited has been appointed to provide management on the boards of listed, government and not-for- services. Aero is a fintech based in London which has developed profit entities. and manages the Aero Prepaid MasterCard - a digital and plastic payment card in Europe - and a suite of remittance chatbots for fiat currencies, which are currently being brought to market. Supporting Tigereum for a decentralized crypto-messaging chatbot is a natural extension of Aero’s fintech business. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-sargant- b5b9281/ Aero will manage the development activity of Tigereum, the custodial ownership of Tigereum’s code, IP and domain names, Gautam is an accomplished business leader with and this Token Swap. Aero will be custodian of the Token Swap Gautam Kulkarni significant experience in IT. He has consulted funds, and will audit the use of those funds for Tigereum under across the globe on digital transformation the guidance of the Advisory Board. initiatives, IT strategy and business consulting, pre- sales and solutions, business analysis & process consulting. He has a deep understanding of core Aero was incorporated as a UK company on 25 March 2015 business processes and systems mapping. Gautam and has been actively developing fintech solutions since its is always keen to help his clients experiment with establishment. cutting-edge digital technologies to solve complex business problems. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ gautamkulkarni/ Darren Olney-Fraser is an ex-officio member of the Advisory Board, as Chief Executive Officer of Tigereum. The ICO Rocket Tigereum has engaged The ICO Rocket to advise on this Token Swap. The ICO Rocket unites investors, experts and entrepreneurs to make successful ICOs and Token Swaps for all stakeholders. igereum 32 igereum 33

Token Swap Summary References Name: Tigereum AI and Chatbots by the Numbers: Is Your Bank Ready? https://personetics.com/ai-chatbots-numbers-bank-ready/ Symbol: TIG The State of Chatbots 2017 Standard: Ethereum ERC-20 https://chatbotsmagazine.com/the-state-of-chatbots-2017- d85febc3bb75 Supply: Fifty million (50,000,000) Swap Price: 1 ETH = 1000 Tigereum Trends Driving the Chatbot Growth https://chatbotsmagazine.com/trends-driving-the-chatbot- Approximate Value: US$15,000,000 growth-77b78145bac Allocation: 80% for Token Swap Facebook reveals how WhatsApp will make money 20% for Bounty (1%), Team (2%) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/09/05/facebook- and Founders (17%) reveals-whatsapp-will-make-money/ Pre-Swap Bonuses: Open until midnight 20 November 2017 How to send money on Facebook Messenger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePEft9U72Is Open Date: Friday 8 December 2017 (GMT 09:00) Use Facebook Messenger to send and receive money First Day Bonus: 33% bonus available on Friday 8 December 2017 (09:00 to 21:00 GMT) https://www.cnet.com/how-to/use-facebook-messenger-to-send- and-receive-money/ Close Date: Monday 18 December 2017 (GMT 23:00) Short messaging services versus instant messaging: value versus Public Exchange: EtherDelta volume https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/au/ Lock-up Period: 90 days for Founders Documents/technology-media-telecommunications/deloitte-au- tmt-short-messaging-services-versus-instant-messaging-011014. Burn: Unallocated tokens will be burned pdf at end of Close Date Trends in Remittances, 2016 Enquiries: Darren Olney-Fraser [email protected] http://blogs.worldbank.org/peoplemove/trends-remittances- Shahar Namer [email protected] 2016-new-normal-slow-growth Website: www.tigereum.io 29 October 2017 igereum 34 igereum 35

For further information regarding the Tigereum Token Swap, please contact: Darren Olney-Fraser on [email protected] Moving money around is a big, global market. Servicing a share of that market for the crypto community could become a significant business. That’s what the founders of Paypal discovered for fiat currencies over the last ten years, and what you are about to discover for crypto currencies over the next ten years. igereum 36 igereum 37