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Thursday, July 12, 2018
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The first social entertainment platform to reward its users for sharing and watching movies, music videos, sports content & more POWERED BY BLOCKCHAIN WHITEPAPER © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 Patent Filed

IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ THIS SECTION (AND THE WHITEPAPER GENERALLY) CAREFULLY. YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR LEGAL, FINANCIAL, TAX, AND OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR(S) BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION IN CONNECTION WITH THIS WHITE PAPER. This White Paper is intended to present relevant information to all responsibility for any direct or any indirect, special, incidental, potential purchasers (Purchasers) in connection with the pro- consequential or other losses of any kind, in tort, contract or oth- posed generation and sale (together, the Token Generation) of erwise (including but not limited to loss of revenue, income or cryptographic ERC-20 standard tokens with the symbol ‘TTU’ profits, and loss of use or data), arising out of or in connection (Tokens) by Tatatu Token Ltd, an exempted company incorporat- with (i) Purchaser’s acceptance of or reliance on any information ed with limited liability under the laws of Cayman Islands (To- contained in this White Paper, (ii) any error, omission or inaccura- ken Generator), including information about the smart contract cy in any such information or (iii) any action resulting therefrom. connected to the Tokens (Token Smart Contract) and proposed software platform (Platform) to be operated by a licensee (Plat- 1.3 No registration form Operator). No regulatory authority has examined or approved of any of the information set out in this White Paper. No such action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules 1.1 Reliance of any jurisdiction. The publication, distribution or dissemination • The Tokens are offered solely on the basis of the information of this White Paper does not imply that any such applicable laws, contained in this White Paper and the terms and conditions regulatory requirements or rules have been complied with. applicable to the purchase of Tokens accessible at [hyperlink to Term and Conditions of Sale To be included] (Terms and Condi- 1.4 Distribution and selling restrictions tions). In the event of any inconsistencies between the Terms The distribution of this White Paper and the offering or purchase and Conditions and this White Paper, the former shall prevail. of Tokens may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. Neither this Potential Purchasers should disregard, and not rely upon, any White Paper nor Tokens qualify for offer, sale or distribution un- other information or representations given or made by any deal- der the laws of any jurisdiction governing the offer or sale of er, broker or other person. No person is authorised to give any securities. information or to make any representations in connection with The receipt of this White Paper and the accompanying Terms the offering of Tokens apart from those contained in this White and Conditions does not constitute an invitation to a recipient Paper. A potential Purchaser to whom such information or rep- to subscribe for Tokens in a jurisdiction where it is necessary resentations are given or made must not rely on them as having to comply with some registration or other legal requirement to been authorised by the Token Generator or Platform Operator. make that invitation, or the use of the Terms and Conditions, • Statements in this White Paper are based on the law and lawful. No such recipient may treat this White Paper or the ac- practice in the Cayman Islands current at the date it was issued. companying Terms and Conditions as an invitation to subscribe Those statements are therefore subject to change should that for Tokens, nor may such recipient use the Terms and Conditions. law or practice change. Under no circumstance does the delivery More particularly, this White Paper does not constitute an offer of this White Paper or the sale of Tokens imply or represent that or solicitation: the affairs of the Token Generator have not changed since the • by anyone in a jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation date of this White Paper. is not lawful or in which the person making such offer or solicitation is not qualified to do so; or 1.2 Purchaser responsibility • to anyone to whom it is unlawful to make such offer or Nothing contained in this White Paper is or may be relied upon solicitation. as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future per- It is the responsibility of every person in possession of this White formance or policies of the Token Generator. The Token Gener- Paper and every person wishing to apply for Tokens to inform ator does not make representations or warranties of any kind himself, herself or itself of, and to observe all applicable laws and with respect to any potential economic return from, or the tax regulations of, any relevant jurisdiction. consequences of a purchase of Tokens. Prospective Purchasers The Token Generator may not make an invitation to the public should carefully review the whole of this White Paper. They in the Cayman Islands to subscribe for Tokens. For these pur- should also consult with their legal, tax and financial advisors in poses, “public” has the same meaning as “public in the Islands” relation to the following: (i) the legal and regulatory requirements as defined in the Mutual Funds Law (Revised) of the Cayman within their own countries for purchasing, holding and disposing Islands. Apart from this restriction, persons resident, domiciled, of Tokens; (ii) any foreign exchange restrictions to which they established, incorporated or registered pursuant to the laws of may be subject in their own countries in relation to purchasing, the Cayman Islands may beneficially own Tokens. holding or disposing of Tokens; and (iii) the legal, tax, financial Any person or entity, including anyone acting on its behalf, being and other consequences of subscribing for, purchasing, holding based, being a citizen or resident, domiciled, located or incorpo- or disposing of Tokens. rated where applicable laws prohibit or restrict distribution or This White Paper is not composed in accordance with, and is dissemination of Token Generator’s materials, acquiring Tokens not subject to, laws or regulations of any jurisdiction which are or accessing the Platform including, but not limited to, the Unit- designed to protect investors. To the maximum amount permit- ed States of America and any of its lands, People’s Republic of ted by applicable law, Token Generator, Platform Operator or China, or any other country that prohibits the sale of Tokens shall any of their respective, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, not use the Platform or acquire Tokens, otherwise this person officers, employees, shareholders and licensors (Token Genera- assumes all the responsibility arising from the continued use of tor Parties) expressly disclaim and shall not be liable for any and the Platform and/or Tokens. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -2- Patent Filed

© Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -3- Patent Filed

WHITEPAPER ABSTRACT TaTaTu will be a fair and transparent social media and entertainment platform. People will be rewarded for both creating or providing content and for watching it. In today’s digital world, people are often unaware of how their personal data is being used to target them with relevant advertising. Reactions to recent data privacy scandals have demonstrated that the use of personal data is a sensitive issue that people care deeply about. We are slowly becoming better at recognising the tradeoffs of the internet social contract and demanding greater control over our data. Here at TaTaTu we believe that content providers also struggle to manage the rights of their content and fully realise the profits of their creative work. TaTaTu Enterprises Ltd offers a new way to approach digital media and is an evolution in the world of social entertainment. TaTaTu takes the concerns of users and content providers very seriously by offering a brand new model for the me- dia industry that allows greater transparency, control, and choice. TaTaTu is a fair and transparent social media and entertainment platform. People will be rewarded for both creating or providing content and for watching it. • All users of the TaTaTu platform will be able to watch content for free (initially all of it will need to be pre-approved before it goes live) • Premium content such as movies, sports footage, and music videos will be provided by entertainment networks. There will also be approved content from celebrities, YouTubers, and other influencers • In time, anyone on the TaTaTu platform will be able to create their own video content and share it with their friends. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -4- Patent Filed

TaTaTu works in partnership with advertisers People are used to free online content that sometimes is not legal. When content of high quality is not paid for, it means whoever made it is not fairly rewarded for their work and creative efforts. Still, users are understandably reluctant to start paying for content they previously enjoyed for free — it’s the reason why TaTaTu Enterprises Ltd believe an ad- based distribution model is the only viable solution. “In exchange for free content, people need to provide something in return to the content creator, and that usually ends up being their attention and their data. The user becomes the product.1 The result of this revenue model is the market we see today, which is open to manipula- tion and illegal monetisation of data. Brands are comfortable with the digital advertising model but are uncomfortable with content adjacency--they need assurances that their valuable brands are not connected to unsafe or objectionable content. Prominent online media platforms have been accused of failing to provide a safe environment in which they can advertise. Business Insider reports that “the internet is such a mess brands are hiring executives to make sure their ads don’t end up next to objectionable content”.2 Mars, AT&T and Lidl were among prominent brands that have pulled their advertising budgets out of Youtube because their brands were being associated with unacceptable content.3 As a result, advertisers understandably have trouble feeling secure with their brand’s exposure on different media platforms. On TaTaTu, anybody using the platform openly accepts a relationship with advertisers and gets rewarded for it. People instead engage with brands with complete knowledge of how their data and preferences help inform advertising. It is still used to show adverts for rel- evant products viewers are most likely to buy, but this exchange is open and visible to all. TaTaTu has created an environment where people can enjoy free content whilst the rights and needs of users, content creators, and brands are equally respected. BRANDS All user profiles are verified and all views and engagement metrics are real. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -5- Patent Filed

TaTaTu works in partnership with users TaTaTu will be powered by a social media network, with a rewarding mechanism built on the blockchain. Once the platform is established, management intends that users will be able to add photos, create videos, comment on posts, and chat with friends in ways they are al- ready familiar with on other channels. The difference is, the TaTaTu entertainment platform is a decentralised economy. The management intends that anybody using or contributing to the platform will be rewarded for their part in enabling the ecosystem to thrive. Rewards are given in TaTaTu tokens called TTU by TaTaTu Tokens Ltd. These will be used for advertising and to track distribution rights to movies. In the future, there will also be an ecommerce store where people can buy both TaTaTu and celebrity merchandise. TaTa- Tu Enterprises Ltd takes a small percentage of profits in order to run the platform while the large majority goes to the user. USERS Finally rewarded for their social media view and posting acitivity. TaTaTu will be the largest global social entertainment platform in history to reward us- ers for watching movies, music videos, sport and lifestyle content. • Users collect tokens every time they watch content on TaTaTu and also earn tokens if their friends view content (this does not extend to friends of friends). • Management intends that anybody who creates or provides content for the platform will be rewarded in tokens and will earn tokens on content views. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -6- Patent Filed

Sara Luca and other Kate and other Sara’friends Luca’friends BECOMES Watch movies Sarah Luca and Sara's Luca Kate and Luca’s A MEMBER and other content shares friends join TaTaTu shares other friends for free with video and and become video and join TaTaTu and image image advertising. Post posts, members. They posts, become members. social videos and Moments watch movies Moments They watch images. and other and other content and other movies and other content for free with content content for free with her advertising. They with his with advertising. friends. post social videos friends. They post social and images. videos and images. Wallet Unlimited Sara gets paid access to a percentage contents of advertising Sara gets paid Luca gets paid revenue generated a percentage a percentage by movies, other of advertising of advertising content, Moments, revenue generated revenue generated and friends. by movies, other by movies, other content, Moments, content, Moments, and friends and and friends and posts watched by posts watched by Luca and Sara’s Kate and Luca’s other friends. other friends. Sara BECOMES Sara shares images and videos with friends. A MEMBER She also views her friends’ social activity. Wallet Unlimited access to Sara gets paid when friends view her images, video posts and video Moments. contents © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -7- Patent Filed

TaTaTu works in partnership with content providers One of the biggest issues affecting the entertainment industry today is online content piracy. However, since the TaTaTu Digital Rights Manager tool is built using Blockchain, content providers like movie producers and distributors are able to more easily locate and enforce the distribution and viewing rights to their movies. On the TaTaTu platform, everyone is better served. This includes the talent who produce media content (like movie producers), the brands that help keep it free to watch, and the people who consume it. CONTENT & RIGHTS HOLDERS Rights holders will be able to monetize every piece of content based on the effective consumption and real views. The use of modern blockchain technology $ guarantees the execution of the contract and reliable transfer of payments. Give content and rights’ holders more transparency. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -8- Patent Filed

This whitepaper outlines the vision for the TaTaTu Enterprise Ltd and contains technical information about the blockchain. It also introduces the TTU token and the team behind the technology. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 -9- Patent Filed

WHITEPAPER TABLE OF CONTENTS Important Notice [Legal Disclaimer] 2 Abstract 6 TaTaTu works in partnership with advertisers 7 TaTaTu works in partnership with users 8 TaTaTu works in partnership with content providers 10 1 Vision 12 1.1 Fair Reward Model 13 1.2 Digital Rights Manager 14 2 Overview of platform technology 16 2.1 Platform architecture 16 2.2 Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 18 2.3 Further product features 19 2.4 Tech stack 20 2.5 Source control 21 2.6 Continuous integration 21 2.7 Test Driven Development (TDD) 21 2.8 Scalability 22 2.9 Design and first prototype 23 © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 10 - Patent Filed

3 Technical overview of the blockchain 25 3.1 Phase 1 26 3.1.1 Token distribution and reward solution 26 3.2 Phase 2 28 3.2.1 Smart contract structure 28 3.2.2 Talent Administration Record (TAR) 28 3.2.3 Abstract Contract (AC) 29 3.2.4 Network Administration Node (NAN) 30 3.2.5 Main Modular Software (MMS) 30 3.2.6 Ethereum Client 32 3.2.7 Database Gatekeeper 33 3.2.8 Rights Manager 33 3.2.9 Authentication 33 4 TTU token 34 4.1 Token Allocation and use of proceeds 37 4.2 Terms 39 4.3 Pricing 40 4.4 Token lock-up 40 5 Roadmap 42 6 Go to the Market 43 7 Team 44 Endnotes 46 KYC and AML Policies 47 Disclosure Schedule 48 © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 11 - Patent Filed

1 VISION WHITEPAPER On the TaTaTu platform, the user is not the product. The demand for digital media content is increasing year after year. TaTaTu Enterprises ltd understands that viewers are used to and continue to demand free, easily-accessible content. The current online media business model implies user data to be monetised in exchange for free access and use of the platform. TaTaTu goes beyond this by sharing advertising revenues with its users. On the TaTaTu platform, the user is not the product. The content viewer is connected to the content creator or content provider, but at the same time is also connected to brands who advertise in this same space. TaTaTu facilitates an open and transparent exchange between each of these parties. Users are rewarded for watching movies, music videos and gaming content or interviews, highlights and celebrity lifestyle content relating to sports and fashion. As the platform grows, users will be able to create and get rewarded for their own video content and share these moments on TaTaTu. MOVIES MUSIC GAMES SPORT VIDEO LIFESTYLE VIDEOS MOMENTS © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 12 - Patent Filed

Support at every level TaTaTu is a platform for brands whose ad spend supports the free content provided. On traditional online platforms, global media agencies had to pull advertising after they were associated unwittingly with undesirable content.4 On the TaTaTu platform every user is verified, protected, and rewarded. Those who watch and generate TaTaTu content benefit from the platform in two distinct ways: • Fair Reward Model for those who use the platform to watch, post, and share video content (and, in time, create their own) • Digital Rights Manager for those who create or provide movies for the TaTaTu en- tertainment platform 1.1 Fair Reward Model The current social and entertainment industry is fundamentally sustained by two busi- ness models. One is subscription-based and the other is advertising. In both cases, the platform keeps most of the revenue for itself whilst sharing, an often tiny percentage with the person who produces the content. The viewer does not receive any share of the profit. This is despite the fact that their personal consumption of the ads helps to maintain the platform. TaTaTu rewards content producers and viewers Thanks to a specially designed token, the TTU, TaTaTu Token ltd is able to reward people who add content to the online platform and those who consume it. Transactions are recorded on a shared ledger provided by the blockchain to create a trusted ecosystem amongst all users of the platform. TaTaTu is listening to the marketplace and adapting, giving free access to content but rewarding users with an automatic monetisation system. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 13 - Patent Filed

1.2 Digital Rights Manager (DRM) For movie producers, in particular, managing the rights to their content is complex and time-consuming. TaTaTu’s founder, Andrea Iervolino, produced his first movie at the age of 15 and has been part of the evolution of the movie industry for a further 15 years, so he is well placed to lead any changes to commercial practices. TaTaTu Enterprises ltd believes that whilst movie producers are tied up in legal wran- glings, licensing issues, and transactional obligations, they are unable to focus on gener- ating content that moves the movie industry in new and exciting directions. All the while, available content is dogged by piracy issues, leaving the original producer – the talent – out of pocket through illegal distribution of their work. Movie producers needn’t suffer for their success Current licensing practices for movie production and distribution are complex and long-winded: • Independent movie producers must first find exposure for their movie at film festivals • When distributors see the movie they can bid for the rights to show it, but each distributor works in a different territory, so there are potentially multiple bids for the producer to negotiate • Rights for the movie are set by territory, but producers also have to stipulate where the movie can be shown within each territory – for example, in a cinema, on TV, or online • The result is a number of lengthy, arduous contracts for the producer to negotiate before the distributor can then show their work • Once the movie is released it is equally challenging for producers to monitor each of these agreements to check they receive all of the profits they are due © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 14 - Patent Filed

TaTaTu makes light work of licensing On the TaTaTu platform, movie producers will have access to a sophisticated digital man- agement tool (DRM) to help locate all the rights to their movies. This applies in different countries and across different categories. Using its blockchain solution, TaTaTu Enterprises ltd seeks to protect the rights of movie producers and distributors, whilst simultaneously rewarding audiences who view or share their content. The platform connects movie producers and other content providers directly with their audience and all of these users earn TTU tokens for participating. Producers can use any tokens they earn from viewing or providing content to use the DRM. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 15 - Patent Filed

OVERVIEW OF 2 PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY WHITEPAPER A revolutionary AVOD meets social media and blockchain The TaTaTu platform will comprise: • Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) • Social media and user management • Blockchain and ERC20 token There are three technical teams responsible for the delivery of each system. 2.1 Platform architecture AVOD system The front end AVOD system is made up of a video playback widget (Video On Demand player, movie listing screen, and movie detail screen). This system uses the existing code base and application code with new TaTaTu templates. It is comprised of web applications © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 16 - Patent Filed

hosted on an AWS server, an iOS app hosted on the Apple App Store, and an Android app hosted on Google Play. The back end will host a content management system and video content distribution network with a new code base and application code hosted in the Cloud. There will also be back end ad management and a distribution network featuring a new code base and application code. This is hosted on an ad technology stack. Social media and user management The social media and user management system is made up of a front end social widget where users can post comments, share content, and invite friends. Plus a user man- agement widget that includes registration, login, logout, and admin console. This will be hosted in the Cloud. The back end contains a content management system for social media and users with a new code base and application code. This is also achieved through cloud hosting. Blockchain and ERC20 token The blockchain is made up of ERC20 token distribution and the DRM. The TaTaTu Enterprises ltd platform operation team will roll out the entertainment plat- form over the course of 12 months. This will start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to include user registration, simple Video On Demand (VOD) features, inviting friends, a simple token wallet, simple social media profile, and ad booking for brands. The simple VOD will enable a framework setup for the AVOD solution. The AVOD is a VOD solution integrated into an advertising server and other ad technology. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 17 - Patent Filed

2.2 Minimum Viable Product The TaTaTu Enterprises ltd MVP provides all of the VOD features required to rewards users with tokens for watching content for free, including music, movie, and sports video content. The following features will be developed for iOS and web devices: • Registration and authentication • Privacy • Login and logout • Simple virtual token wallet • Click-through to ad booking web form • Simple social media profile • Simple social invite • Simple adverts (AdMob) • Admin panel • Ingest video content • Adding new movies and metadata • Geo-blocking for selected countries • API endpoint • Web player widget with DRM support • Platform analytics Geo-blocking is included in the MVP to ensure all countries have correct access to the filmed content. The MVP will be available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Analytics are implemented within the MVP to ensure the TaTaTu marketing team and other stakeholders can track usage of the VOD application and use the results to measure success. The API design is precise and detailed so that all three TaTaTu technical teams know what to expect and are able to then structure the process. The VOD team already has a product and existing code to use when building the video clients. Following the launch of the MVP, new features will continue to be added to enhance the TaTaTu platform. During the first year of platform development, the product and develop- ment team plans to include the following: • Ability to buy adverts • Social activity feed © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 18 - Patent Filed

• Commenting and sharing • User groups (standard, power and VIP) • Profile page (standard, power and VIP) • Virtual digital wallet • Financial and social insights • Notifications • Administration console 2.3 Further product features There are three further product iterations planned after the MVP. Second product iteration This provides AVOD on the platform serving ads on the VOD platform using DoubleClick for publishers (DFP). The ad server will also be developed ready for the next version of the product. Third product iteration To provide an enhanced social experience, this iteration will allow influencers to create premium User Generated Content (UGC) for platform users. Celebrity video content in- cludes ads and the revenue is split between the celebrity content owner, the viewer, and TaTaTu Enterprises The following features will also be developed: • Private and public profile for celebrity users • Private and public profile for standard users • Celebrity ‘Video Moments’ content (either pre-recorded or live streamed) • Celebrity ‘Video Moments’ library (categorise content) • Simple social activity feed (including posting) • Simple buy advertising • Simple charity • Simple notifications © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 19 - Patent Filed

Fourth product iteration This provides full social functionality along with social and financial insights whilst en- abling platform users to redeem their TTU tokens. New features at this stage are: • Blockchain DRM • Social algorithm • Social activity feed (including sharing and commenting) • Ability to recommend content to friends • Social insights • Financial insights • Financial reporting integration • Notifications • Buying and management of advertising • Charity donations • Digital Ethereum-based wallet including the ability to withdraw • Video calls and messaging 2.4 Tech stack The TaTaTu Enterprises platform is built using the following tech stack: • Net Core 2.0+ for developing the web application • Node JS for the interface between the back end applications and Blockchain • React Native for developing the mobile applications • React for developing the Smart TV applications • Docker for build and deploy pipeline using EC2 Container Service to host docker image in AWS • Build server using a VM on AWS with Jenkins to build the latest code © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 20 - Patent Filed

2.5 Source control All TaTaTu code is managed with source control. This enables TaTaTu code to be made open source. Developers from different parts of the application can then explore the code from other teams to see how it works and examine why it works the way it does. This repo is used to synchronise the TaTaTu technical teams. Any changes to the repo are performed via pull requests so all developers have the opportunity to join the discussion. Every team has to approve the pull request, which helps prevent any issues during inte- gration. 2.6 Continuous integration Each code repository has a project setup on a CI server. The CI pipeline builds, runs tests, and packages code ready for it to be deployed. Each build should produce artefacts that can be deployed. 2.7 Test Driven Development (TDD) The TaTaTu development team will take a TDD approach wherever it makes sense to do so. This ensures smoother iterations to the code as new features are introduced, building out from the MVP. TaTaTu encourages development teams to suggest areas where they think TDD is valu- able. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 21 - Patent Filed

2.8 Scalability Project goals are recognisably high but, from the beginning, TaTaTu developers will take care not to over-engineer the platform so as they can best prepare for scalability. Platform technology provided by a highly qualified tech team with previous experience in developement of mobile, web and smart TV applications for HBO GO, Deutsche Telekom and Showbox. Innovative Digital Right Manager on the blockchain. Recommendation engine and content curation by category, including multiple playlists to optimize discovery and audience engagement. Advertising solutions provided by a world class team (previous experience at Hulu, Telenor, Univision) and direct sales led by TaTaTu sales team. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 22 - Patent Filed

2.9 Design and first prototype © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 23 - Patent Filed

© Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 24 - Patent Filed

TECHNICAL OVERVIEW 3 OF THE BLOCKCHAIN WHITEPAPER Rewarding users while keeping a distributed system. Initially designed as a method for keeping a financial ledger, the blockchain paradigm can be extended to provide a generalised framework for implementing decentralised com- puter resources. How it works Each computing resource can be thought of as a single-state machine. It transitions between states via cryptographically secured transactions. When generating a new state-machine, the node encodes logic which defines valid state transitions and uploads it onto the blockchain. From there, the blocks journal a series of valid transactions. When these journals are incrementally executed with the state from the previous block, they morph the state-machine into its new current state. In a public chain, the Proof of Work consensus algorithm and its underlying peer-to- peer protocol prevents the state-machines’ process and transitioning logic from being tampered with. It also shares this information with all nodes participating in the system. This means nodes will be able to query the state machines at any time and obtain a result which will be accepted by the entire network with high certainty. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 25 - Patent Filed

Ethereum This transaction-based state-machine generalisation of the blockchain is informally re- ferred to as smart contracts. Ethereum is the first platform to attempt a full implementa- tion of this idea. It builds into the blockchain a Turing-complete instruction set to allow smart contract programming and a storage capability to accommodate on-chain state. TaTaTu regards the flexibility of its programming language as an important property in the context of rights management. It can enable advanced functionality (including multi-party arbitration, bid- ding, and reputation) to be coded into the TaTaTu system, adapting to comply with differ- ences in regulation and changes in stakeholder needs. TaTaTu plans to utilise Ethereum’s smart contracts to create intelligent representations of existing rights records that are stored within individual nodes on the network. The con- tracts will be constructed to contain metadata about the record ownership, permissions, and data integrity. The blockchain transactions in the TaTaTu system will carry cryptographically signed in- structions to manage these properties. Policies are carried out by the contract’s state transition functions, which enforces data alternation only by legitimate transactions. Such policies can be designed to implement any set of rules to govern a particular rights record, as long as it can be represented computationally. For example, a policy may enforce that separate transactions representing consent are sent from both actors and distributors before granting viewing permissions to a third party. 3.1 Phase 1 3.1.1 Token distribution and reward solution AdMob is the preferred monetisation solution for the TaTaTu platform. AdMob will always pay TaTaTu in United States Dollars and in arrears, plus the TaTaTu Cost Per Mile (CPM) var- ies based on many inputs, including category and click-through. Since cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, this creates a business challenge but TaTaTu plans to mitigate this risk. TaTaTu will calculate the CPM($)/TTU value at the time the advertising unit is displayed, which ensures all parties are correctly rewarded. TaTaTu then releases earnings (see dia- © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 26 - Patent Filed

TTU Content Provider Credited Based on CPM$/TTU TTU Credited To USER TTU User TTU Content CPM $/TTU Gets His Token Provider Gets His Token Jan Feb March April May June AdMob Advert Displayed TTU Token Ad Sale AdMob Payment Clearey Funds AdMob Balance Confirmed TTU Diagram: BLKCHN1 Diagram of Admob payment model for TTU customer and Content Provider rewards. gram BLKCHN1) upon reaching a fixed threshold before the monthly cut-off point. Any gains after the cut-off point are moved into the next payment period. TaTaTu will use obtained reserves to offset any payment delays and help stabilise the price of TTU. The smart contract will take information via a proprietary platform from the TaTaTu user database and process payments exceeding the set threshold. TTU will then be sent from the reserves wallet to the users and content providers. Management intends that TaTaTu will manage the reserve wallet to ensure tokens are available to reward both users and content providers fairly and in a timely manner. TaTaTu ETH Wallet SMART USER CONTRACT DATABASE TaTaTu TaTaTu Content Reserves Provider TaTaTu TaTaTu User Exchange(s) Trading BOT Diagram: BLKCHN2 Diagram of Payment process. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 27 - Patent Filed

3.2 Phase 2 3.2.1 Smart contract structure Distributor, Artist and Studio Contract (DASC) is a global contract that maps participant identification strings to their Ethereum address identity (equivalent to a public key). TaTaTu intentionally uses strings rather than the cryptographic public key identities di- rectly, since this allows for the use of a form of ID that already exists. Policies coded into the DASC can regulate registering new identities or change the map- ping of existing ones. Identity registration can then be restricted only to certified institu- tions. The DASC also maps identity strings to an address on the blockchain, where a special contract described below, called the Abstract Contract, can be found. 3.2.2 Talent Administration Record (TAR) A TAR contract is issued between two nodes in the blockchain system when one node stores and manages rights records for the other. TaTaTu uses the case of studio and/or distributor – the provider, and actor and/or producer ‒ the talent. The TAR defines an assortment of data pointers and associated access permissions to identify the records held by the distributor. How data queries work Each pointer consists of a query string that, when executed on the provider’s database, returns a subset of talent data. The query string is affixed with the hash of this data subset to guarantee data has not been altered at the source. Additional information, like hostname and port in a standard network topology, will indicate where the provider’s database can be accessed in the network. The data queries and their associated information are crafted by the provider and mod- ified whenever new records are added. So that talent can share records with others, a dictionary implementation (hash table) maps viewers’ addresses to a list of additional © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 28 - Patent Filed

query strings. Each string can specify a portion of the talent’s data to which the third party viewer is allowed access. In a simple case, the provider references the talent’s data with a simple SELECT query conditioned on the talent’s equity card number. Tools for talent TaTaTu has designed a tool that allows talent to check off fields they wish to share through a graphical interface. Under the hood, the TaTaTu system formulates the appropriate SQL queries and uploads them to the TAR on the blockchain. By using generic strings, the TaTa- Tu platform can robustly interface with any string queried database implementation. This means it can conveniently integrate with a provider’s existing data storage infrastructure. At the same time, talent is enabled fine-grained access control of their rights records, selecting virtually any part of it they wish to share. 3.2.3 Abstract Contract (AC) This contract functions as a breadcrumb trail for all participants in the system to locate their rights record history. It holds a list of references to Distribution, Artists and Studio Relationship contracts (DASRs), representing all the participant’s previous and current engagements with other nodes in the system. Studios are likely to have references to the talent they serve and any third parties their talent has approved data sharing with. Distributor, Artist and Studio Contract (DASC) The DASC will persist in the distributed network adding crucial backup and restore func- tionality. Talent can leave and rejoin the system multiple times whenever they choose. They will always regain access to their history by downloading the latest blockchain from the network. The DASC also implements functionality to enable user notifications. Each relationship stores a status variable. This indicates whether the relationship is newly established, awaiting pending updates and if it has or has not been approved by the talent. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 29 - Patent Filed

Studios in the TaTaTu system set the relationship status in their talents’ DASC whenever they update records or as part of creating a new relationship. Accordingly, talent can poll their DASC and be notified whenever a new relationship is suggested, or an update is available. Talent can then accept, reject or delete relationships, deciding which records in their history to acknowledge. This ensures accepting or rejecting relationships is done only by the talent. To avoid notification spamming from malicious participants, only providers can update the status variable. These administration principles can be extended, adding additional verifications to maintain proper behaviour. 3.2.4 Network Administration Node (NAN) TaTaTu will design the components of our NANs to integrate with existing industry infra- structure, assuming many nodes already manage rights data databases on servers with network connectivity. TaTaTu introduces four software components: • Backend Library • Ethereum Client • Database Gatekeeper • Rights Manager These can be executed on servers to create a coherent, distributed system. Talent nodes in the TaTaTu system contain the same basic components as providers. Im- plementation of these can be executed on a tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone. The databases can function as cache storage of the talent’s rights data. Any missing data will be retrieved from the network any time by following the node’s DASC. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 30 - Patent Filed

3.2.5 Main Modular Software (MMS) The TaTaTu Treasury Library API constructs multiple utilities, bundled in a back end library, to facilitate the system’s operation. The library abstracts the communications with the blockchain and exports a function-call API. Because of this, record management applica- tions and their user interfaces can avoid the hurdles of working directly with the blockchain. One such hurdle will be verifying that each sent transaction is accepted with high confi- dence by the network. The back end library interacts with an Ethereum client to exercise the low-level formatting and parsing of the Ethereum protocol. Steps 1 and 2 illustrate the TaTaTu back end implementation of a scenario where a provider adds a record for new talent. Step 1 Add record PARTNER NODE Rights Manager Treasury Update Database Database Gate Keeper Step 2 Step 3 Resolve Address and Abstract Contract Miner/ Post Film / Content Location Processor Bounty Link Abstract Contract with Film/Content Data Blockchain © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 31 - Patent Filed

Using the DASC on the blockchain, the talent’s identifying information is first resolved to their matching Ethereum address and the corresponding AC is located. Next, the studio uploads a new TAR to the blockchain, indicating their safeguarding of the data owned by the talent’s Ethereum address. The studio node then crafts a query to reference this data and updates the TAR accordingly. Finally, the node sends a transaction which links the new TAR to the talent’s DASC, allowing the talent node to locate it on the blockchain. Step 5 PARTNER NODE Notification Blockchain Rights Manager Treasury 4 Update 6 Update Database Film / Database Content Gate Keeper Data in Abstract Contract 3.2.6 Ethereum Client This component implements the full functionality that will be required to join and par- ticipate in the Ethereum blockchain network. It handles a broad set of tasks, such as connecting to the peer-to-peer network, encoding and sending transactions, and keeping a verified local copy of the blockchain. TaTaTu modifies the client to be aware of the plat- form’s mapping of identity and addresses, then implements a service to locate the node’s AC via DASC address lookup. This service runs continuously within the client to monitor changes to the AC in real time. In the event of an update, the service signals a Rights Manager (described in more detail further below) to issue a user notification and, if necessary, sync the local database. Steps 4 to 6 continue the use case described above from the talent node perspective. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 32 - Patent Filed

The talent’s modified Ethereum client continuously monitors their AC. Once a new block is processed/mined with the newly linked TAR, the client issues a signal which results in a user notification. The user can then acknowledge or decline the communication with the studio, updating the AC accordingly. If the communication is accepted, an automated query request is issued to obtain the new rights data. It will use the information in the new TAR to locate the provider on the network and connect to its Database Gatekeeper server. 3.2.7 Database Gatekeeper The Database Gatekeeper implements an off-chain, access interface to the node’s local database, governed by permissions stored on the blockchain. The Gatekeeper will run a server listening to query requests from clients on the network. A request contains a query string, as well as a reference to the blockchain TAR that war- rants permissions to run it. The request is cryptographically signed by the issuer, allowing the Gatekeeper to confirm identities. Once the issuer’s signature is certified, the Gatekeeper checks the blockchain contracts to verify if the address issuing the request is allowed access to the query. If it is, it runs the query on the node’s local database and returns the result over to the client. nb. Our components similarly support third parties retrieving talent-shared data: the tal- ent selects data to share and updates the corresponding TAR with the third party address and query string. 3.2.8 Rights Manager The Rights Manager application will render data from local SQLite databases designed to be interchangeable with other DB software for viewing. It presents users with update notifications, plus data sharing and retrieval options. The application is accessed through a web interface, built on a python back end frame- work. TaTaTu must be compatible with mobile devices since modern users expect easy access to high-quality experiences on-the-go. 3.2.9 Authentication It is key that TaTaTu Enterprises ltd ensures only the right people get access to the right data. This is achieved by the rules database. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 33 - Patent Filed

4 TTU TOKEN WHITEPAPER Four strong utilities: Advertising, Digital Rights Management, Rewarding, Ecommerce TaTaTu has four strong utilities for the platform’s TTU token: 1. It is the only method for advertisers to purchase ads within the TaTaTu platform 2. Entertainment professionals can use it to access the DRM 3. It is the only way to receive rewards within the TaTaTu platform 4. Users can purchase merchandise with TTU tokens from the TaTaTu ecommerce store © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 34 - Patent Filed

It is the only method for advertisers to purchase ads within the TaTaTu platform The token economy of the TTU rely strongly on the fact that advertisers have to use them to purchase advertising. To become an advertiser, a token holder has to first be approved by the TaTaTu governance community. After this, they can purchase advertising on the platform. This economic system creates organic demand for the token immediately, since it is inte- grated into the platform from its first release. Tokens then flow directly from advertisers to users who can use TTU tokens in the ecom- merce store. Entertainment professionals can use it to access the DRM Content providers will need to utilise the token in order to access the DRM and track distribution rights to their work. Logging licensing rights into the blockchain via the DRM will be a fixed amount of tokens. Throughout the life of the licensing agreement, terms can be amended, edited, added to, and so on. All of these actions must utilise the TTU token which is the only way to access the DRM. RIGHTS MANAGEMENT MODEL TTU Required TTU Needed PARTNER NODE Notification Blockchain Rights Manager Treasury Update Update Film / Content Database Data Database Gate Keeper in Abstract Contract © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 35 - Patent Filed

It is the only way to receive rewards within the TaTaTu platform TaTaTu users receive TTU tokens for watching and sharing content on the platform. No other form of reward is allowed. The TTU token has been designed in such a way as to encourage adoption of the platform but also ongoing loyalty. Following a simple game theory concept, the more users watch TaTaTu content the higher the CPM, but the CPM is also directly related to the quality of the content. The higher the quality of the content, the higher the reward. Rather than focus on the volume of content consumed, TaTaTu participants are, therefore, rewarded more for viewing premium quality content. ADVERTISING REWARDING MODEL TTU Required TTU Needed PARTNER NODE Add record Rights Manager Treasury Update Database Database Gate Keeper Resolve Address and Abstract Contract TTU Reward Miner/ Post Film / Content Location Processor Bounty Link Abstract Contract with Film/Content Data Blockchain © © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 36 - Patent Filed Patent Filed

Users can purchase merchandise with TTU tokens from the TaTaTu ecommerce store The TTU token can be used to purchase items in the TaTaTu ecommerce store. This will stock general merchandising items related to TaTaTu, like stickers or clothing accessories, as well as merchandise that relates directly to content, such as a movie and/or the actors. TaTaTu is exploring live ecommerce solutions. These enable users to purchase merchan- dise directly from the app whilst watching movies, for example. These technologies al- ready exist in the marketplace and are easy to integrate with the TaTaTu platform. 4.1 Token allocation and use of funds In a bid to enhance the long-term success of the project, only 57% of the total amount of tokens created will be available during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) event. 35.5% of the tokens will be assigned to an internal reserve fund at TaTaTu. This creates a deposit of pledged tokens. Token allocation (# tokens) Use of proceeds (USDm equiv.) 2.5% 5% 15% 57% 15% 35% 35.5% 35% Pre sales and Public sales Content Acquisition and Production Reserve User Acquisition Strategy Team and Advisors (see below Lock-up period) Marketing Founder (Lock-up period for 5 years) Overhead, Legal, Software dev., Working Capital, HR © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 37 - Patent Filed

5 ROADMAP WHITEPAPER WEB MVP | Simple Profile | Login | Logout | Registration | Profile Image Upload | Vod | Video Player | Video Detail | Video Search | Simple Invite | Virtual Wallet Balance | Book Ad’s | Privacy | Simple Ad’s (Admob) MAY 31ST 2018 RELEASE 2 WEB Celebrity Public Profile | Celebrity Private Profile | Celebrity Moments Library | Charity Counter | Simple Celebrity Activity Feed | Simple Social Algorithm JUL 31ST 2018 WEB AUG 1ST 2018 RELEASE 3 Avod Integrated Into Platform | Social Activity Feed Update (Posting) | Simple Social Algorithm | Simple Buying Ad’s NOV 2018 WEB DIC 2018 RELEASE 4 Recommend Content To Friends | User Revenue Categories | Social Activity Feed Update (Commenting / Sharing) | Ad Revenue Algorithm | Earned Ad Revenue | Digital Wallet | Charity Integration | Video Call | Messaging MAR 2019 This is an estimated roadmap and is subject to change © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 38 - Patent Filed

6 GO TO THE MARKET WHITEPAPER Q2 2018 US | UK | Canada | Australia | New Zealand Q3 through to Q4 2018 European Union | South Korea | Japan | Russia | Brazil | Mexico | India © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 39 - Patent Filed

7 TEAM WHITEPAPER Andrea Iervolino Founder / CEO Launching a tech business at the age of 13, Andrea produced a films just two years later and his first films at 15. Today, at the age of 30, he finances and distributes over 500 films. These include major hits and popular cult films such as Rush, Apocalypto, Sliding Doors, The Passion of Christ, Memento (and many more). Andrea was nominated Best Producer at the Venice Film Festival, along with James Franco and Al Pacino, and has been named a Producer to Watch by Variety. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 40 - Patent Filed

Jonathan Pullinger Ed Mcculloch Marcello Mari James Aufenast CTO Head of Platform Head of PR Head of Marketing Bitcoin miner since Formerly at AKQA, Recently Head of PR Former Head of 2012, Jon has worked TMW, Starcom and for SingularityNET Editorial at TMW. on several blockchain Chemistry, with clients (raised $36mln in 60 Clients have included projects such as including Microsoft/ seconds on Dec. 21st Sony, Unilever, Nissan Hyperledger, Fabric, Xbox, Sony Mobile, 2017). Contributor to and Diageo. Waves Platform and Nissan, Diageo and Wired Italy and The Lightning Nodes. Unilever. Guardian, Techcrunch. Anthony McGuire Hans Hagman Mario Alberto Casiraghi Daniel Santos Head of Partnerships Head of Content Financial Strategy - Blockchain Business Developement Previous Global International Former Bank of CEO of Token Partnerships at programming and America Merrill Advisors in Singapore, Facebook. Worked in content strategy Lynch and Cairn Daniel key focus is Logistics at Singularity professional. Capital among on developing the University. Previous Programme others, specialised token economy and Director Viasat in corporate finance ecosystem in the Film and VP Music and fundraising. region. He has spent Programming MTV Established presence 15 years working as Networks in the blockchain at Morgan Stanley, International at ecosystem. ICO Deutsche Bank and Viacom. advisor, Financial Citigroup in London Strategy and, Investor and at Renaissance Relations. Capital in Moscow. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 41 - Patent Filed

WHITEPAPER Endnotes 1. Solis, Brian. “If You Had One Hour With Mark Zuckerberg, What Would You Ask? Here’s What I Learned About The State And Fu- ture Of Facebook, Data, Politics And Bad Actors.” Briansolis.com. April 05, 2018. Accessed April 17, 2018. http://www.briansolis.com/2018/04/one-hour-mark-zuckerberg-ask-heres- learned-state-future-facebook-data-politics-bad-actors/ 2. Dua, Tanya. “The internet is such a mess that brands are hiring executives to make sure their ads don’t end up next to objection- able content.” Business Insider. April 10, 2018. Accessed April 17, 2018. https://www.businessinsider.in/The-internet-is-such-a-mess-that-brands-are-hir- ing-executives-to-make-sure-their-ads-dont-end-up-next-to-objectionable-con- tent/articleshow/63700948.cms 3. Wilkinson, Ryan. “YouTube adverts pulled by major brands due to fears over access to paedophiles.” The Independent. Novem- ber 24, 2017. Accessed April 18, 2018. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/youtube-adverts-paedo- philes-children-videos-access-comments-a8073181.html 4. Grierson, Jamie. “Google summoned by ministers as govern- ment pulls ads over extremist content.” The Guardian. March 17, 2017. Accessed April 18, 2018. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/mar/17/google-minis- ters-quiz-placement-ads-extremist-content-youtub © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 42 - Patent Filed

KYC AND AML POLICIES 1. KYC KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process of a business identifi- Unusual activity during the customer due diligence process or cation and client’s identity verification. KYC includes procedures customer engagement should be immediately reported to the of primary identification of customers from financial institu- designated Money Laundering Reporting Officer (‘MLRO’) or the tions and companies acting as cryptocurrency exchanges. Strict Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer (‘Deputy MLRO’). compliance with the KYC policy protects the customers and us from criminal elements such as money laundering or terrorism The threat for the Token Generator to be involved in money laun- financing. As security transaction is our main priority, we keep a dering and terrorist financing activities depends directly on the high standard of customer identification and provided informa- type of customer business or the country they are located in. tion verification. If we have a reasonable assumption, that our During the business processes and procedures, the Token Gener- customer might be involved in any kind of criminal activity, we ator will classify its customers based on a level of risk. Identifying reserve the right to refuse cooperation and reject their funds the potential risk will help to effectively manage these risks and without any additional explanation. Only contributors, which implement controls to mitigate the identified risk, if any. have successfully identified themselves in the KYC procedure, will be eligible to participate in the token public sale. The car- The Token Generator will not conduct business, inter alia, with ried-out KYC will be based on current market standards and will the following risky customers: comply with applicable laws. We guarantee that best efforts will be made in order to keep information and transferred personal • Individuals included in any official lists of sanctions. details confidential. • Individuals indicating possible involvement in criminal activities based on available information. 2. AML • Individuals with businesses where activity or source of fund The Token Generator Parties recognize the importance of pre- legitimacy cannot be reasonably verified. venting money laundering and terrorism financing, and commits • Individuals refusing to provide required information or to the highest standards of Anti-Money Laundering and Com- documentation. bating Terrorist Financing (‘AML/CTF’). The Token Generator is • Entities whose shareholder/control structure cannot be subject to Cayman Islands legislation designed to prevent AML/ determined. CTF. To fulfill this commitment, the Token Generator establishes internal policies and procedures as well as conducts an anti-mon- Customer documentation can either be submitted in physical or ey laundering risk analysis. The latter defines risk associated with electronic form. An appropriate record of received documenta- different types of contributors and transactions. tion, copies or reference to the customer’s documentation will be To prevent AML/CTF, the Token Generator will implement pro- kept in accordance with the data protection regulation. Records cesses and procedures to conduct appropriate customer due will be kept for as long as the relationship endures with the cus- diligence, customer identification and customer’s identity ver- tomer or is needed for fulfilment of the relationship and for at ification on the basis of the following “Know Your Customer” least five years after the relationship ends. In countries where principles: this period exceeds the established period of time, the legally es- tablished time period will be considered to comply with local law. • Customer provided documentation (Verification Checking). • Customer information obtained from reliable and For more information please read: independent sources (Ownership Checking). [insert hyperlink to AML Policy] © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 43 - Patent Filed

DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE The acquisition of Tokens involves a high degree of risk. Before 1.3 Forward looking statements acquiring Tokens, it is recommended that each Purchaser conduct All statements, estimates and financial information contained in its own careful examination of all relevant information and risks this White Paper, made in any press releases or in any place acces- about the Token Generator, Platform and Tokens and, specifically, sible by the public and oral statements that may be made by Token the disclosures and risk factors set out below. If any of the fol- Generator or any Token Generator Parties that are not statements lowing risks actually occurs, the Platform, Tokens and Purchaser’s of historical fact, constitute “forward-looking statements”. Some of Tokens may be materially and adversely affected, including the these statements can be identified by forward-looking terms such Purchaser’s Tokens being rendered worthless or unusable. as “aim”, “target”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “if”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “possible”, “probable”, “project”, “should”, “would”, “will” or other similar terms. However, these terms are not the exclusive means of identifying forward-looking statements. All statements regarding the Token Generator’s financial position, business strategies, plans and prospects and the future prospects 1 DISCLOSURES REGARDING THIS WHITE PAPER of the industry which the Token Generator is in are forward-look- ing statements. These forward-looking statements, including but not limited to statements as to the Token Generator’s revenue 1.1 Accuracy of information, no consent of parties referenced and profitability, prospects, future plans, other expected industry in White Paper trends and other matters discussed in this White Paper regarding This White Paper includes market and industry information and Token Generator are matters that are not historic facts, but only forecasts that have been obtained from internal surveys, re- predictions. ports and studies, where appropriate, as well as market research, publicly available information and industry publications. Such Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown surveys, reports, studies, market research, publicly available in- risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause actual formation and publications generally state that the information events or results, performance or achievements to differ materially that they contain has been obtained from sources believed to from the estimates or the results implied or expressed in such for- be reliable, but there can be no assurance as to the accuracy or ward-looking statements. These factors include, amongst others: completeness of such included information. Save for the Token Generator and its respective directors, exec- (a) changes in political, social, economic and stock or cryp- utive officers and employees, no person has provided his or her tocurrency market conditions, and the regulatory environment consent to the inclusion of his or her name and/or other infor- in the countries in which the Token Generator conducts its re- mation attributed or perceived to be attributed to such person in spective businesses and operations; connection therewith in this White Paper and no representation, (b) the risk that the Token Generator may be unable or ex- warranty or undertaking is or purported to be provided as to the ecute or implement their respective business strategies and accuracy or completeness of such information by such person future plans; and such persons shall not be obliged to provide any updates (c) changes in interest rates and exchange rates of fiat curren- on the same. cies and cryptocurrencies; Neither the Token Generator nor any of the Token Generator (d) changes in the anticipated growth strategies and expected Parties has conducted any independent review of the informa- internal growth of the Token Generator; tion extracted from third party sources, verified the accuracy or (e) changes in the availability and fees payable to the Token completeness of such information or ascertained the underlying Generator in connection with their respective businesses and economic assumptions relied upon therein. Consequently, nei- operations; ther Token Generator nor its directors, executive officers and (f) changes in the availability and salaries of employees who employees acting on its behalf makes any representation or war- are required by the Token Generator to operate their respec- ranty as to the accuracy or completeness of such information tive businesses and operations; and shall not be obliged to provide any updates on the same. (g) changes in preferences of customers of the Token Generator; (h) changes in competitive conditions under which the Token Generator operate, and the ability of the Token Generator to 1.2 Terms used compete under such conditions; To facilitate a better understanding of Tokens being offered for (i) changes in the future capital needs of the Token Generator purchase by the Token Generator, and the businesses and opera- and the availability of financing and capital to fund such needs; tions of the Token Generator, certain technical terms and abbre- (j) war or acts of international or domestic terrorism; viations, as well as, in certain instances, their descriptions, have (k) occurrences of catastrophic events, natural disasters and been used in this White Paper. These descriptions and assigned acts of God that affect the businesses and/or operations of the meanings should not be treated as being definitive of their mean- Token Generator; ings and may not correspond to standard industry meanings or (l) other factors beyond the control of the Token Generator; usage. and Words importing the singular shall, where applicable, include the (m) any risk and uncertainties associated with the Token Gen- plural and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender erator and its business and operations, Tokens, the Token Gen- shall, where applicable, include the feminine and neuter genders eration and the underlying assets (each as referred to in the and vice versa. References to persons shall include corporations. White Paper). © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 44 - Patent Filed

Nothing contained in this White Paper is or may be relied upon refund for any reason, and Tokens holders will not receive money as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future per- or other compensation in lieu of a refund. Statements set out in formance or policies of the Token Generator. the White Paper are merely expressions of the Token Generator’s Further, the Token Generator disclaims any responsibility to objectives and desired work plan to achieve those objectives. update any of those forward-looking statements or publicly and no promises of future performance or price are or will be announce any revisions to those forward-looking statements made in respect to Tokens, including no promise of inherent val- to reflect future developments, events or circumstances, even ue, and no guarantee that Tokens will hold any particular value. if new information becomes available or other events occur in the future. 2.3 Tokens are provided on an “as is” basis Tokens are provided on “as is” basis. The Token Generator Par- 1.4 No further information or update ties and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, No person has been or is authorised to give any information or shareholders, affiliates and licensors make no representations representation not contained in this White Paper in connection or warranties of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory with the Token Generator and its business and operations, To- or otherwise regarding Tokens, including any warranty of title, kens, the Token Generation and the underlying assets (each as merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any war- referred to in the White Paper) and, if given, such information or ranty that Tokens and Platform will be uninterrupted, error-free representation must not be relied upon as having been autho- or free of harmful components, secure or not otherwise lost or rised by or on behalf of the Token Generator. The Token Gen- damaged. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, the eration (as referred to in the White Paper) shall not, under any Token Generator Parties and each of their respective directors, circumstances, constitute a continuing representation or create officers, employees, shareholders, affiliates and licensors disclaim any suggestion or implication that there has been no change, or all warranties, including any implied warranties of merchantabi- development reasonably likely to involve a material change in the lity, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-in- affairs, conditions and prospects of Token Generator or in any fringement, or quiet enjoyment, and any warranties arising out of statement of fact or information contained in this White Paper any course of dealings, usage or trade. since the date hereof. 2.4 Not an offering of securities, commodities or swaps 1.5 Restrictions on distribution and dissemination of White The sale of Tokens and Tokens themselves are not securities, Paper commodities, swaps on either securities or commodities, or a The distribution or dissemination of this White Paper or any part financial instrument of any kind. Purchases and sales of Tokens thereof may be prohibited or restricted by the laws, regulatory are not subject to the protections of any laws governing those requirements and rules of any jurisdiction. In the case where any types of financial instruments. This White Paper and all other restriction applies, you are to inform yourself about, and to ob- documents referred to in this White Paper including the Terms serve, any restrictions which are applicable to your possession and Conditions do not constitute a prospectus or offering docu- of this White Paper or such part thereof (as the case may be) at ment, and are not an offer to sell, nor the solicitation of an offer your own expense and without liability to the Token Generator. to buy an investment, a security, commodity, or a swap on either Persons to whom a copy of this White Paper has been distribut- a security or commodity. ed or disseminated, provided access to or who otherwise have the White Paper in their possession shall not circulate it to any 2.5 Non-Investment purposes other persons, reproduce or otherwise distribute this White Pa- Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Purchaser is not pur- per or any information contained herein for any purpose whatso- chasing Tokens for purposes of investment, speculation, as some ever nor permit or cause the same to occur. type of arbitrage strategy, for immediate resale or other financial purposes. Tokens are not designed for investment purposes and 1.6 Language of White Paper should not be considered as a type of investment. This White Paper may have been prepared in multiple languages. In the event of any inconsistencies between one version and an- 2.6 Force majeure other, the English language version shall prevail. The Token Generation and the performance of the Token Gen- erator’s activities set out in White Paper development roadmap may be interrupted, suspended or delayed due to force majeure events. For the purposes of this White Paper, a force majeure event shall mean any extraordinary event or circumstances which 2 DISCLOSURES REGARDING TOKENS could not be prevented by Token Generator and shall include: hardware, software or other utility failures, changes in market forces or technology, software or smart contract bugs, chang- 2.1 Nature of Tokens es in blockchain-related protocols, acts of nature, wars, armed Tokens is a utility token. Tokens are digital utility tokens that af- conflicts, mass civil disorders, industrial actions, epidemics, lock- ford Tokens holders to [access the Platform] and/or execute cer- outs, slowdowns, prolonged shortage or other failures of energy tain functions on the Token Smart Contract in accordance with supplies or communication service, acts of municipal, state or the terms of an open-source license agreement. Tokens do not federal governmental agencies or other circumstances beyond represent a loan to Token Generator nor do they provide Pur- Token Generator’s control, which were not in existence at the chaser with any ownership or other interest in or to Token Gen- time of Token Generation. Purchaser understands and agrees erator. For greater certainty, the purchase of Tokens does not that Token Generator shall not be liable and disclaims all liability provide Purchaser with any form of ownership right or other in- to Purchaser in connection with a force majeure event. terest in or to Token Generator or its present or future assets and revenues, including, but not limited to, any voting, distribution, 2.7 Insurance redemption, liquidation, revenue sharing, proprietary (including Unlike bank accounts or accounts at financial institutions, Tokens all forms of intellectual property), or other financial or legal rights. are uninsured unless you specifically obtain private insurance to insure them. Thus, in the event of loss or loss of utility value, 2.2 Tokens are non-refundable there is no public insurer or private insurance arranged by Token Token Generator is not obliged to provide Tokens holders with a Generator to offer recourse to Purchaser. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 45 - Patent Filed

3 GOVERNMENTAL DISCLOSURES using or possessing Tokens. Acquiring Tokens in exchange for cryptocurrencies will most likely continue to be scrutinized by various regulatory bodies 3.1 Token Generator is not a regulated mutual fund around the world, which may impact the usage of Tokens. The Token Generator is not regulated as a mutual fund for the pur- legal ability of the Token Generator to provide or support Tokens pose of the Mutual Funds Law (Revised) of the Cayman Islands in some jurisdictions may be eliminated by future regulation or on the basis that Tokens are not shares and Token Generator legal actions. In the event the Token Generator determines that is not a mutual fund, and neither a copy of this White Paper the purchase or usage of Tokens is illegal in a certain jurisdiction, or details about Token Generator have been filed with Cayman the Token Generator may cease operations in that jurisdiction, or Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Because Token Generator is adjust Tokens or the Platform in a way to comply with applicable not a regulated mutual fund, Token Generator is not subject to law. the supervision of CIMA and Token Generator is not required to have its accounts audited nor submit such accounts to CIMA. 3.4 Purchaser bears responsibility for complying with transfer If Token Generator were regulated as a mutual fund under the restrictions Mutual Funds Law (Revised), it would need to comply with reg- Tokens may be placed on third-party exchanges, giving future ulatory requirements designed to protect investors, including purchasers and users an opportunity to openly buy Tokens. A the requirement to limit the minimum aggregate token purchase user seeking to enter the Platform following the Token Gener- amount to USD $100,000 or its equivalent in any other currency ation will have to buy Tokens on such exchanges. Conversely, in order for it not to be licensed or administered by a licensed Tokens may be sold on such exchanges if the holder of Tokens mutual fund administrator. Token Generator would also need to would like to exit the Platform ecosystem. Existing laws on the pay a prescribed initial registration fee. These are matters which circulation of securities in certain countries, such as the Unit- would be required in connection with an initial registration under ed States of America, Canada and Singapore, may prohibit the the Mutual Funds Law. Token Generator would also then have sale of Tokens to the residents of those countries. When buying ongoing obligations under the Mutual Funds Law following its Tokens, Purchaser should be aware of the restrictions on their initial registration, including the obligation to subsequent sale. (a) to file with CIMA prescribed details of any changes to this White Paper; (b) to file annually with CIMA accounts audited by an ap- proved auditor and a fund annual return; and (c) to pay a prescribed annual fee. If Token Generator were a regulated mutual fund, it would also 4 GENERAL SECURITY RISKS be subject to the supervision of CIMA, and CIMA would have wide powers to take certain actions if certain events occur. 4.1 Risk of theft and hacking 3.2 Risk of unfavorable regulatory action in one or more Token generation events and initial coin offerings are often tar- jurisdictions geted by hackers and bad actors. Hackers may attempt to inter- The regulatory status of cryptographic tokens, digital assets, fere with the purchaser’s wallet (Purchaser’s Wallet), the Token and blockchain technology is undeveloped, varies significantly Smart Contract or the availability of Tokens in any number of among jurisdictions and is subject to significant uncertainty. It ways, including without limitation denial of service attacks, Sybil is possible that certain jurisdictions may adopt laws, regulations, attacks, spoofing, smurfing, malware attacks, or consensus-based policies or rules directly or indirectly affecting the Bitcoin and attacks. Any such attack may result in theft of Purchaser’s Tokens. Ethereum network, or restricting the right to acquire, own, hold, sell, convert, trade, or use Tokens. Developments in laws, regu- 4.2 Private keys lations, policies or rules may alter the nature of the operation of Tokens purchased by Purchaser may be held by Purchaser in Pur- the blockchain network upon which Tokens are dependent. chaser’s digital wallet or vault, which requires a private key, or There can be no assurance that governmental authorities will a combination of private keys, for access. Accordingly, loss of not examine the operations of Token Generator Parties and/or requisite private key(s) associated with Purchaser’s digital wallet pursue enforcement actions against Token Generator Parties. or vault storing Tokens will result in loss of such Tokens. More- All of this may subject Token Generator Parties to judgments, over, any third party that gains access to such private key(s), in- settlements, fines or penalties, or cause Token Generator Parties cluding by gaining access to login credentials of a hosted wallet to restructure their operations and activities or to cease offer- or vault service Purchaser uses, may be able to misappropriate ing certain products or services, all of which could harm Token Purchaser’s Tokens. Token Generator is not responsible for any Generator Parties’ reputation or lead to higher operational costs, such losses. which may, in turn, have a material adverse effect on Tokens and/ or the development of the Platform. 4.3 Failure to map a public key to Purchaser’s Wallet Failure of the Purchaser to map a public key to the Purchaser’s 3.3 Purchaser bears responsibility of legal categorisation Wallet may result in third-parties being unable to recognize buy- There is a risk that Tokens might be considered a security in er’s Tokens balance on the Ethereum blockchain when and if they certain jurisdictions, or that they might be considered to be a configure the initial balances of a new blockchain based upon security in the future. The Token Generator does not provide any the Platform. warranty or guarantee as to whether Tokens will be a security in the jurisdiction of the Purchaser. Each Purchaser will bear all 4.4 Exchange risks consequences of Tokens being considered a security in their re- If Purchaser sends Ether to the Token Generator from an ex- spective jurisdiction. Every Purchaser is responsible to confirm if change or an account that Purchaser does not control, Tokens the acquisition and/or disposal of Tokens is legal in its relevant will be allocated to the account that has sent Ether; therefore, jurisdiction, and each Purchaser undertakes not to use Tokens in Purchaser may never receive or be able to recover Purchaser’s any jurisdiction where doing so would be unlawful. If a Purchaser Tokens. Furthermore, if Purchaser chooses to maintain or hold establishes that the purchase or use of Tokens is not legal in its Tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange or other third party, jurisdiction, it should not acquire Tokens and immediately stop Purchaser’s Tokens may be stolen or lost. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 46 - Patent Filed

4.5 Risk of incompatible wallet services and Tokens holders are not guaranteed any remedy, refund or The wallet or wallet service provider used for the acquisition and compensation. storage of Tokens has to be technically compatible with Tokens. (c) Delays and congestions The failure to assure this may result in the Purchaser not being On the Ethereum blockchain timing of block production is de- able to gain access to its Tokens. termined by proof of work so block production can occur at ran- dom times. For example, Ether contributed to the Token Smart 4.6 Risk of weaknesses or exploitable breakthroughs in the Contract in the final seconds of a distribution period may not get field of cryptography included for that period. Purchaser acknowledges and under- Advances in cryptography, or other technical advances such as stands that the Ethereum blockchain may not include the Pur- the development of quantum computers, could present risks to chaser’s transaction at the time Purchaser expects and Purchas- cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Tokens, which could result in the er may not receive Tokens the same day Purchaser sends Ether. theft or loss of Tokens. The Ethereum blockchain is prone to periodic congestion during which transactions can be delayed or lost. Individuals may also 4.7 Internet transmission risks intentionally spam the Ethereum] network in an attempt to gain There are risks associated with using Tokens including, but not an advantage in purchasing cryptographic tokens. Purchaser limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and internet connec- acknowledges and understands that Ethereum block producers tions. The Token Generator shall not be responsible for any com- may not include Purchaser’s transaction when Purchaser wants munication failures, disruptions, errors, distortions or delays you or Purchaser’s transaction may not be included at all. may experience when using the Platform and Tokens, howsoever (d) Value of Ether caused. Transactions in cryptocurrencies may be irreversible, Ether, the native unit of account of the Ethereum may itself lose and, accordingly, losses due to fraudulent or accidental transac- value in ways similar to Tokens, and also other ways. More infor- tions may not be recoverable. cryptocurrencies transactions are mation about Ethereum is available at http://www.ethereum.org. deemed to be made when recorded on a public ledger, which is not necessarily the date or time when the transaction is initiated. 5.3 Irreversible nature of blockchain transactions Transactions involving Tokens that have been verified, and thus recorded as a block on the blockchain, generally cannot be un- done. Even if the transaction turns out to have been in error, or 5 PLATFORM AND TOKEN SMART CONTRACT due to theft of a user’s Tokens, the transaction is not reversible. DISCLOSURES Further, at this time, there is no governmental, regulatory, inves- tigative, or prosecutorial authority or mechanism through which to bring an action or complaint regarding missing or stolen Cryp- 5.1 No guarantee that Platform or Token Smart Contract will tocurrencies and Tokens. Consequently, the Token Generator be developed may be unable to replace missing Tokens or seek reimbursement Purchaser acknowledges, understands and agrees that Purchaser for any erroneous transfer or theft of Tokens. should not expect and there is no guarantee or representation or warranty by Token Generator or Platform Operator that: (a) 5.4 Amendments to protocol the Platform and Token Smart Contract will ever be adopted; (b) The development team and administrators of the source code the Platform and Token Smart Contract will be adopted as de- for Ethereum blockchain or the Token Smart Contract could veloped and not in a different or modified form; (c) a final block- propose amendments to such network’s protocols and software chain utilizing or adopting the Token Smart Contract will ever be that, if accepted and authorized, or not accepted, by the network launched; and (d) a final blockchain will ever be launched with or community, could adversely affect the supply, security, value, or without changes to the Token Smart Contract and with or with- market share of Tokens. out a distribution of tokens matching the fixed initial balances of Tokens recorded on the Token Smart Contract. Furthermore, 5.5 Risk of mining attacks Tokens issued under the Token Smart Contract will not have any As with other decentralized cryptocurrencies, Ethereum block- functionality on the final blockchain and holding Tokens is not chain, which is used for Tokens, is susceptible to mining attacks, a guarantee, representation or warranty that the holder will be including but not limited to double-spend attacks, majority min- able to use the such final blockchain, or receive any tokens actu- ing power attacks, “selfish-mining” attacks and race condition ally utilized on the Platform with the final blockchain is created, attacks. Any successful attack presents a risk to Tokens, including even if the Platform is launched and the Token Smart Contract is the expected proper execution and sequencing of Tokens and adopted, of which there is no guarantee, representation or war- Ethereum contract computations in general. Despite the efforts ranty made by Token Generator. of the Token Generator and Ethereum Foundation, the risk of known or novel mining attacks exists. Mining attacks, as de- 5.2 Risks associated with the Token Smart Contract and scribed above, may also target other blockchain networks, with associated software and/or infrastructure. which Tokens interact with and consequently Tokens may be im- pacted also in that way to the extent described above. (a) Malfunctions The Token Smart Contract is based on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, any malfunction, unintended function or unexpected functioning of the Ethereum protocol may cause Tokens and/or the Platform to malfunction or function in an unexpected or un- 6 TOKEN GENERATOR AND PLATFORM OPERATOR intended manner. DISCLOSURES (b) Bugs and weaknesses The Ethereum blockchain rests on open source software, and accordingly there is the risk that the Token Smart Contract may 6.1 Legal structure of Token Generator and Platform Operator contain intentional or unintentional bugs or weaknesses which The Token Generator is an exempted company incorporated in may negatively affect Tokens or result in the loss or theft of To- the Cayman Islands pursuant to the Companies Law (Revised). kens or the loss of ability to access or control Tokens. In the event An exempted company is a body corporate which has separate of such a software bug or weakness, there may be no remedy legal personality capable of exercising all the functions of a natu- © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 47 - Patent Filed

ral person of full capacity irrespective of any question of corpo- be abandoned for a number of reasons, including lack of interest rate benefit, and having perpetual succession. The constitution from the public, insufficient funding, insufficient commercial suc- of an exempted company is contained in two documents, the cess or prospects or departure of key personnel. memorandum of association and the articles of association (Ar- ticles). The Articles typically provide that there must be at least 6.7 Changes to Platform one director of a Cayman company and the management of the The Platform is still under development and may undergo sig- company is the responsibility of, and is carried out by, its board nificant changes over time. Although Platform Operator intends of directors. The memorandum of association of a Cayman com- for the Platform to have the features and specifications set forth pany must specify the authorised share capital of such company. in this White Paper, changes to such features and specifications The memorandum of association will state the aggregate amount may be made for any number of reasons, any of which may mean of the authorised share capital, together with details of the num- that the Platform does not meet expectations of the Purchaser. ber of shares into which it is divided and the par value of those shares. As a holder of Tokens, you are not entitled to any shares 6.8 Other projects of Token Generator nor to any other right or interest in or to To- The Token Smart Contract and Platform may give rise to other, ken Generator (including any debt or equity interest therein) and alternative projects, promoted by parties that are affiliated or un- will have no rights to appoint or remove the board of directors or affiliated with the Token Generator Parties and such projects may operators of Token Generator. provide no benefit to the Tokens or Platform. As a holder of Tokens, you are not entitled to any shares of Plat- form Operator nor to any other right or interest in or to Platform 6.9 Disclosures relating to conflicts of interest Operator (including any debt or equity interest therein) and will Any of the Token Generator Parties may be engaged in trans- have no rights to appoint or remove the board of directors or actions with related parties and conflicts of interest may arise, operators of Platform. potentially resulting in the conclusion of transactions on terms Because Tokens confer no governance rights of any kind with re- not determined by market forces. spect to the Token Generator, Platform Operator or the Platform, all decisions involving the Token Generator’s and Platform Op- 6.10 Licences and approvals are not assured in all jurisdictions erator’s products or services, including the services provided on Platform Operator intend to operate in full compliance with ap- the Platform will be made by Token Generator and/or the Plat- plicable laws and regulations and obtain the necessary licences form Operator in their sole discretion. These decisions could ad- and approvals in key markets. This means that the development versely affect the platform and the utility of any Tokens you own.. and rollout of all the features of the ecosystem described in this whitepaper are not guaranteed. Regulatory licences and/or ap- 6.2 Relationship between Token Generator and Platform provals are potentially to be required in a number of relevant Operator jurisdictions in which relevant activities may take place. It is not The Token Generator and Platform Operator are not partners un- possible to guarantee, and no person makes any assurances, that der any partnership arrangement and, accordingly, neither party any such licences or approvals will be obtained within a partic- may contractually bind the other as its partner. ular timeframe or at all. This means that Platform Operator and other features of the proposed ecosystem may not be available 6.3 Dependence on management team in certain markets, or at all. This could require restructuring of The ability of each of the Token Generator’s and Platform Oper- that ecosystem and/or its unavailability in all or certain respects. ator’s project teams, which are respectively responsible for main- taining competitive position of the Tokens and Platform, is de- 6.11 No Auditing pendent to a large degree on the services of their management The Token Generator and Platform Operator are not required to teams. The loss or diminution in the services of members of such and will not provide Purchasers with any accounting regarding senior management team or an inability to attract, retain and the use of the proceeding from the sale of the Tokens. The use of maintain additional senior management personnel could have a such proceeding will not be subject to any audit. material adverse effect on the Tokens and Platform. Competi- tion for personnel with relevant expertise is intense due to the small number of qualified individuals, and this competition may seriously affect such entity’s ability to retain its existing senior management and attract additional qualified senior management personnel, which could have a significant adverse impact on the 7 OTHER DISCLOSURES Tokens and Platform. Purchases of Tokens should be undertaken only by individuals, 6.4 Risks related to reliance on third parties entities, or companies that have significant experience with, and Even if completed, the Platform will rely, in whole or partly, on understanding of, the usage and intricacies of cryptocurrencies, third-parties to adopt and implement it and to continue to de- including cryptographically secured digital tokens, and block- velop, supply, and otherwise support it. There is no assurance chain based software systems. Purchaser should have a func- or guarantee that those third-parties will complete their work, tional understanding of storage and transmission mechanisms properly carry out their obligations, or otherwise meet anyone’s associated with other cryptographic tokens. While the Token needs, any of which might have a material adverse effect on the Generator will be available to assist purchasers of Tokens during Platform. the sale, the Token Generator will not be responsible in any way for loss of BTC, ETH or Tokens resulting from actions taken by, 6.5 Insufficient interest in the Platform and Tokens or omitted by purchasers. If you do not have such experience or It is possible that the Platform or Tokens will not be used by a expertise, then you should not purchase Tokens or participate in large number of individuals, businesses and organizations and the sale of Tokens. that there will be limited public interest in the creation and devel- Cryptographic tokens such as Tokens are a new and untested opment of its functionalities. Such a lack of interest could impact technology. In addition to the risks included above, there are the development of the Tokens and Platform. other risks associated with your purchase, possession and use of Tokens, including unanticipated risks. Such risks may further 6.6 Platform development risks materialize as unanticipated variations or combinations of the The development of the Token Smart Contract and/or Platform risks discussed above. © Copyright, Tatatu, 2018 - 48 - Patent Filed