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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Nework Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology White Paper Version 4.1 25 Mar. 2018

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Abstract Nework Foundation Ltd is established in Singapore and managed on a non-profit basis. In close collaboration with PMCAFF, the world's largest community of product managers, the target of Nework is to develop Newrok. Nework is an incentive platform to connect human work skills based on blockchain technology,with the target of maximizing bilateral value for individual business transactions in the world. It records personal trusted working hours vector by distributed bookkeeping to achieve the accumulation and reflection of personal value.At the same time ,Nework built it into individual business vertical industry public chain by making full use of Ethereum mechanism, and a better individual business ecological chain by uniting social forces. The world's individual business economy is rapidly emerging, Nework is committed to release all- around individual productivity globally . Based on the Nework platform, a great deal of work can be accomplished via the Internet in the future. Enterprises can complete work more efficiently by the way of diversified business cooperation, instead of recruiting a large number of employees. Nework is commit to solve problems in individual business behaviors like trust, anticipation, transaction, delivery based on smart contract of blockchain technology at the application layer. At underlying layer, it provides transaction chains adapted to individual businesses based on the transformed Ethereum, any individual or team can develop on this transaction chains,which will certainly make it an important business infrastructure. PMCAFF, the world's largest community of Internet product managers, has been deeply engaged in Internet product managers since 2008, bringing over 300,000 product managers together from large-scale Internet companies home and abroad and settling down a large amount of industry experience and premium content.PMCAFF team has been committed to exploring the crowdsourcing model, its subordinate B2C crowdsourcing platform waibaodashi estimated sales of more than 50 million with the average customer price of 150,000, providing service to many well-known enterprise clients like Taobao, Didi Chuxing,SMZDM,New Oriental,Bank of China. etc. After Nework come online, waibaodashi will support the token payment. At the sometime, in order to build Nework better, PMCAFF will work with first-tier VCs to incubate numerous startup projects around the mission of connecting human work skills. 2

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Content Abstract 2 1. Introduction 5 1.1 Blockchain is still on the eve of explosive growth 5 1.2 A huge outlet in individual business blockchain is in order 5 2. The solution of Nework 7 2.1 Solving Strategies 7 2.2 Value reflection 8 3. Product Programs 11 3.1 What is Nework 11 3.2 Platform Pattern 12 3.3 Mission Trade 13 3.4 Cooperation 14 3.5 AI Matching 15 3.6 Mission Trade Center 16 3.7 Advertising Center 16 3.8 Product Features 17 4. Expected value of NKC 24 5. Incentiva mechanism 26 5.1 Incentive and punishment mechanism 26 5.2 POMt(Proof Of Mission Trust) 29 6. Ecosystem 30 6.1 R & D team(Nework) 30 6.2 Mission Chain Company holder 30 6.3 User 30 6.4 Developer 31 6.5 Advertisers 32 7. Commercial prospect 33 8. Technological realization 34 3

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 8.1 Client 34 8.2 Core service platform 34 8.3 AI Matching 35 8.4 Underlying Architecture 35 9. Issuing plan 38 9.1 NKC tokens 38 9.2 Distribution Program 38 9.3 pre-sale target 39 9.4 team lock positions promise 39 9.5 Login Exchange 40 10. Development Plan 41 11. Nework Foundation Ltd 42 12. Technical cooperation team 43 13. Investor & Advisor 45 13.1 Investor & Advisor 45 13.2 Investment institution 47 13.3 Partner 47 14. Risk Statement 48 14.1 Disclaimer 48 14.2 Regulatory Risk 48 14.3 Competition Risk 49 14.4 Brain drain risk 49 14.5 Project Technical Risk 49 14.6 Risk of lacking awareness 49 14.7 Hacking Risk 49 14.8 Uninsured loss risk 50 14.9 Other risks unknown to date 50 4

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 1. Introduction 1.1 Blockchain is still on the eve of explosive growth As the market continues to heat up in recent years, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the area of blockchain technology . Especially in 2017, the number of digital money users ushered a explosive growth, with the active digital wallet users increasing from less than 5 million at the beginning of the year to more than 20 million users so far. The skyrocketing users has created a surge in demand markets and more and more people are beginning to realize that the label of blockchain is not just a of 10,000-fold increase of Bitcoin’s price, but the reestablishment of trust and release of more trading possibilities. Based on the blockchain technology, it will born countless possibilities in the business environment, which is about to detonate a new revolution in information technology. 1.2 A huge outlet in individual business blockchain is in order The birth and popularization of each new technology will generate business opportunities that subvert the traditional model and emerge the new commercial empire created by this technology. The era of the Internet born Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and other business forms, making it convenient for personal trading behaviors ; while in the mobile Internet era, the birth of Airbnb, Meituan, Didi Chuxing and other giants businesses make it more convenient to both get services and provide services for profit. It is easy to find that the development of the Internet has continuous moved closer to the "individual-centered" and the the dominant position of individual economy in the evolution of technology is more and more obviously. Based on the blockchain technology, a more complete decentralized foundation platform can be built to push the individual business economy to a higher level or even to its peak. Individuals providing services in the business include freelancers, shared services providers, lawyers, Internet celebrities , individual household, special talents, senior talents and so on. Viewed only from freelancers, this group is growing at an alarming rate. According to the latest statistics from the McKinsey Global Institute, there are 162 million freelancers in 15 countries in the United States and Europe and by 2025 they are expected to contribute about 2% of the global GDP with tremendous market space. The population and business scope covered by individual business is much larger than the freelancers, we can see that the individual business areas already have sufficient market 5

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology opportunities and demand basis. Blockchain technology is an important weapon that can leverage the market in the field of individual business, so it is possible to enjoy the bonus of innovation technology to achieve geometric leap-forward growth if we can can seize the opportunity. 6

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 2. The solution of Nework 2.1 Solving Strategies To enrich the blockchain applications of individual business, it need to reduce the risk of trust to make individual business into a more deterministic shared resources,. Products and its development will be very important for only good product can truly solve problems, and research and development can ensure the business blockchain more steady operation , more secure transaction and high concurrency capabilities. Nework found that individuals have a strong will to become the center of the transaction, but due to the huge cost of trust, more diversified business behaviors can not be carried out; many issues appear in actual work like unmanageable demand, high costs of trust and communication, the unconsistent between expect and delivery, no one can collaborate, the long transaction process and so on. Nework offers a one-stop solution that anyone can easily post and participate in individual projects, and it also offer a range of management tools such as the tool that can start virtual chain company ( API secondary development support). At the same time, the transaction efficiency is improved through the Token incentive model to make the individual business platform rapidly start-up and prosperity, and finally make money through the value-added service and ecological service. At the blockchain level, Nework is based on the underlying architecture of distributed mission trust trade engine (DMTTE), which uses blockchain decentralized ledgers to 7

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology record company ownership information, and solve the transaction problem by intelligent contract to ensure open and transparent. Thus the Nework can fully ensure the high performance of read and write operations to effectively avoid the current issues of blockchain, like the long transaction confirm time, high cost, easy to congestion and so on, to maximize the smooth interaction experience of the product. Nework team are from the original PMCAFF community, and the top players of the team comes from 360, Sina Weibo. The founder, Ade, is a well-known Internet entrepreneur who have served as growth head of Qunar international hotel, in charge of e-commerce product at 360 and as head of user incentives and value-added products in Sina Weibo. He has founded the PMCAFF product manager community for ten years, and has got many well-known investment such as: Lighthouse Capital, Alpha startups, Axp found, YI Capital, and also including the angel investors of Toutiao, Liu Jun and so on. 2.2 Value reflection Nework - invest in yourself. Starting from Nework, human will set off a wave of entering an era of individual value. Nework records credible working hours vectors for individuals based on a non-tampered distributed ledger. The higher the Trusted Working Hours vector, the higher the value of individuals on Nework, and everyone can accumulate credible working hours vectors to realize personal values. 1)Token incentive and circulation, to maximum the value Any behaviors users participate on the platform may earn or spend token, through the POMt Incentive system, Nework truly drives Token's circulate and continuously improves the value of NKC. For example : user creates a personal Mission Page can get token award from platform; user invites friends to join can also earn Token; user releases skills need to spend Token, user endorses investment for others also need to pay Token, users who want to establish contact with a big person can initiate strange private chat through token and so on. 2)Value feedback mechanism of trust link to minimize the cost of trust Based on the POMt mechanism, fully exploiting the characteristics of the blockchain, any behavior based on the trust chain will participate in the allocation of the new block to motivate people to reduce the trust cost together. Such as: investing in friends, paying Token as a trusted endorsement of friends, trading failure or success of friend will correspond to penalties and incentives; Improving the broadcast of work skills chain and endorsement by promoting work skills for friends can also earn Token; In the process of skills trading, the situation of disputes 8

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology can initiate social arbitration, the system through intelligent matching engine node to participate in arbitration. 3)Effective anti-cheating, high cost,meaningless and high risk Nework is based on the blockchain and takes the trustworthiness working time vector as the main measure. It perfectly avoids various cheat behaviors in current internet transactions and reduces the selection cost more effectively for users in need. Cheating costs are high. On Nework, every trade order is deducted by 1% of the transaction amount back to the chain, which makes a loss of at least 1% of the transaction amount for each cheat. Cheat is not very significant, Nework based on the time vector, if a task takes 10 hours, the system can record at most 10 hours at the same period, which make check or scalp no sense. At the period of scalp , the executor are not allowed to take other missions for it occupied your work time. High risk of cheating, the process is recorded, behaviors like malicious cheats or scalps may lead to credit bankruptcy if identified by system. 4)Contract template can not be tampered with ,ensure the full protection for individual business Nework provides users with basic contract templates and market for sale to pay or earn token. Each valid contract can not be tampered , for individual business to improve the effectiveness of reducing transaction risk. When a demand or execution party issues a demand or skill, it is equivalent to initiating a work order, and the other party claiming that the work order is equivalent to a closing transaction will generate a contract automatically. Nework provides the basic version of the contract template, everyone can make changes in the basic template, into a contract template to meet their needs. Different industries, different skills have different needs in the contract, Nework supports and welcomes all walks of life to participate in the construction of the contract template market, Nework contract template will become more and more vertical, such as: the legal profession, the design industry, consulting Industry and more. 5)Original mission-based virtual chain company mechanism Nework streamlines the complexity of offline business forms and processes and brings everyone back to the business itself, creating Mission-based Mission Chain Company. Based on missions, 9

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology chain companies break through a variety of geographical, financial, management restrictions, such as you want to create "only the greatest UI" chain company, based on the Mission who apply to join the company only needs to get more than 51% Through the people can work together for the great UI. Chain companies support trading, chain appreciation, or trading for everyone. Nework is an individual business economy chain based on the fact that more items can be hatched in the chain and NKC can also be used as a basis for issuing its own ICO Token. 6)More and more prosperous and never stop work skills needs As long as man still needs work, there is always a demand for job skills. From all the data, the demand for individual work skills will become more and more prosperous. This is a never-ending market. Nework is a platform for the global individual business community, as the user coverage gradually increased, trading activities may happens 24 hours and credible total hours vector continuously increase, Nework will eventually achieve the global individual business The record of the trusted time vector. 7) Innovative self-marketing / recruiting strategies Nework - invest in yourself. There are many ways to improve your own personal value on Nework, and in principle it is investment in yourself, Including someone pay token to endorse you, to expand the breadth of the connection, reward Token for friends to help promote your skills, trading skills to earn Token and Mission Trust (Trusted Working Time Vector). For the demand side, the system intelligently matches the executive candidate based on the demand, and fully understands the work track, the result and the credit of executors by the trusted working time vector which can greatly reduce the decision cost and the transaction failure rate, Way to improve the quality. 8)A new ecology of advertising and tools In most of the current business platform, by the platform side of the operation of advertising decisions, and from which to make high profits. In the decentralized Nework, the user's skills can be motivated by paying the token to motivate other users to forward a chain of trust endorsements. In Nework will be born more ecological tools, such as: digital gifts, users can pay token on the platform to buy virtual gift to reward mutually. Nework is an incentive platform based on blockchain technology that connects human work skills. On nework, people can easily participate in all kinds of work as one of the individual business nodes. 10

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 3. Product Programs 3.1 What is Nework The open project also allows onlookers to participate in likes and forward to contribute the positive energy, both of which can get Token incentives from the nework bonus pool. When the business develops to relatively large, you can also open your own virtual company, provide multi- person collaboration and API secondary development. After Nework come online, it will issue Token: Nework Token for the orderly promotion of development. As to facilitate participation in the transaction, the transaction data will be recorded in the blockchain to ensure the truth can not be tampered with. Dapp App ••• Portal OpenAPI GateWay Account Services AI Matching SNS NLP SSO/LDAP Ads. Deep Learning Profile Mission Trade TensorFlow Center Engine DevOps Mission Trade Mission Chain Company Iterative Devs Docker POM Smart Contract git Monitor Nework Coin Mission trust Ethereum 11

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 3.2 Platform Pattern The Nework platform offers an innovative Mission Trade trading model where everyone completes the deal autonomously. Everyone is a transaction body such as: Starbucks, Apple and so on. Users can post deals, participate in deals, create chain companies, join chain companies, buy or sell chain companies, and more. In order to find a suitable transaction, the trading market provides search and match mechanism for transaction information. During this period, the user's Mission trust will be clearly displayed so that you can select the best user for trading. To introduce the Mission trust mechanism to the platform, Mission trust can not be traded and must be rewarded by POM through trading. Misssion power will become an important reference for trading options. Mission trust records the data of people success or failure. The people with higher Mission Trust will get a higher platform reward. To solve individual business problems of scale and tandardization, but also can be set up chain company directly on the platform to projec the entity's business, the platform provides an API to facilitate the development of more services based on its own business, so that each individual's business bigger and bigger. Users can create companies and also join the company to work together. Users will enjoy the reward when he make the company bigger, and the company provides Log records to facilitate members to view every transaction, but also play reward on the trading partners. Nework 12

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 3.3 Mission Trade Every transaction on the Nework platform counts as a Mission Trade and all users participate in the released Mission Trade. Direct Trade users of Mission Trade can communicate, confirm or terminate the transaction during the transaction. Non-direct participation by Mission Trade users can be rewarded for likes, favors, etc. Nework facilitates the forward transactions through the POMt mechanism. 0LVVLRQ7UDGH 320W Nework offers a variety of trading scenarios to ensure the circulation of Token continually and dynamically. 1. Initiation The issuer fills in the demand and project information, and at the same time selects the Token of expenditure for the compensation of the executive, the cost of the platform, and the share of users of other participating projects. 2. Matching people According to the publisher's task information, the matching engine will push the project information to the appropriate executor to improve the transaction success rate. 3. Arbitration If there is a dispute during the project, enter the arbitration process, the system selects a certain number of users for voting and arbitration, and allocates Token according to the arbitration result. The users participating in the arbitration will also get the corresponding Token. 4. Gas / mining machine 13

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology In order to speed up system operation and improve system throughput, a certain number of mining machines are required to mine and each transaction deals with gas as a reward for mining machines. 5. Bidding The publisher may, according to the provider's availability, increase or decrease the price of the Token that is offered as a reward for the project. After receiving the assignment from the publisher, the executing party may choose to accept the bid or reject it. 6. Link path of recommend share When the executing user receives the item push, he or she can share the information to other users without participating in the project. If the end user completes the project, the sharing user also receives a certain percentage of Token Reward. 7. cross-domain collaboration platform One project of the publisher can be completed by users of different implementing parties, and the project is divided into shares according to the proportion. 8. match engine and payment Matching engine will be based on the publisher's project information and the executing side of the user's skills, the current project situation and other information in accordance with the matching degree of screening out eligible for the implementation of the user. The matching engine matches a certain number of actors at a time, and if the publisher needs more executor information, you can increase the Token for more matches. Matching engine will consider the whole platform of information: project information, user information, user skills, user history transaction information .... Matching engine will be used machine learning, according to the completion of the transaction, and constantly improve the matching strategy. 3.4 Cooperation In order to meet the needs of different parties, Nework platform provides users with an iterative collaborative template contract tool, users can purchase the most suitable transaction 14

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology collaboration template by paying token, and group users can enjoy additional advanced functions through payment. 1) Todo panel Platform provides panel function, real-time master job list and status. 2) Template (basic) Contract template for individual transactions, with the development and maturity of the platform, the contract template will become more and more industrialized, verticalization, to provide an effective solution for the vertical industry. 3) Template contract, pay for use Platform provides a variety of basic templates, third-party developers or applications can pay for use. 4)Can not change the process management Once the contract is executed, the process is recorded in the blockchain and can not be modified. 5) Quality Assurance After the completion of the transaction, both parties to the transaction may dispute the quality of the deliverable and may settle the dispute through arbitration. First, all users on the platform (users approved by both parties) will vote. If the result is still controversial, it may apply for platform arbitration (platform matching Engine recommended users), to pay the relevant costs. 6) Team payment Users can set up a team to complete the task, according to the size of the team, pay the use of cycle. 3.5 AI Matching With "smart big data" as the core, the user's characteristics (experience, skills, etc.) and the project characteristics (categories, functions) database are established. When the user releases the project, the project features and business needs are analyzed according to the project characteristics, and automatically match out the relevant technical staff. At the same time, it 15

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology recommend executor for sponsor and recommend project to executors. Thus finding the best partner with less effort and cost. Users can rate the recommended results, the algorithm automatically recalculates based on scores, to achieve self-learning, improve the accuracy of the recommendation. A A B B C Sponsor C Mission Trust Executors 3.6 Mission Trade Center To better promote the platform development, the Nework platform provides a trading center, and the user can Trade Mission in the transaction center, which behavior can be invited to participants and can also share. During the course of the transaction, Nework introduced the concept of Proof of Mission (POM) into the Mission Trade's trading process. Each transaction will participate in the calculation of POM, and the results will be publicly and transparently recorded in the blockchain.Among them, Mission trust acts as the trust certificate of the market, and the higher the Mission trust value is, the higher the value of the entity is mapped. 3.7 Advertising Center Nework provides an advertising hub for platform chain company growth, and the supporting chain companies buy advertising space through Token, as well as support external companies buy advertising space in cash. The ad center, combined with recommendation algorithms and DSP distribution logic, also can serve ads beyond Nework through the API. 16

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 3.8 Product Features 3.8.1 Account System Nework platform provides a complete set of account system, users can register by mobile phone number or mailbox and then join the Nework platform after successful registration. We will assign a unique Digital identity (Digital identity) and Digital wallet for each user, which will be written to the blockchain network. Users can use this unique digital identity to establish or join the MCC, one user can add multiple MCC, participate in the construction of multiple MCC. Altimately, all MCC participated construction behavior of users will be mapped to the platform on a unique number assigned to the user identity. 3.8.2 Mission Page Mission Page is the core tool for the Nework platform to demonstrate individual user value. Users' personal information and a range of activity activities on the Nework platform are recorded on the Mission Page, including user skills, endorsements, columns, Mission trust, and authentication information . 1. establish profile Users create and refine their Mission Page messages to earn token rewards. 2. Publish skills Users can post more skills by paying the token, and the published skills appear on their Mission Page. 3. Skill promation Users can pay token to promote their published skills. 4. Privite message On Mission Page, users can initiate a private message by pays to other users. 5. Endorsement and Investment The user endorses someone for endorsement. When you endorse others, you must pay token to share the risks and benefits with your investors. 17

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 6. Mission trust- valid trusted work time vector The user's Mission trust is displayed on the Mission Page as one of the criteria for judging the user's proficiency. 7. POMt Equityedge Nework platform calculate the level of user proficiency mechanism. 8. Column The user's logbook during the transaction will be displayed in the Mission Page as a column. 9. Collaborative certification A new user registration, the platform will be recommended to the same skills of registered users, registered users by the common certification. 10. Decentralized identification The personal information of all platform users is absolutely safe. When a user wants to obtain the user information of others, they must be read with the consent of the information owner. 3.8.3 Mission Trade Center With the improvement of the ecological and more users’ join, will inevitably produce more Mission Trade and the Mission Chain Company. A certain mechanism is needed if users want to find the Mission Trade or Mission Chain Company that they interests. Therefore, we launched the mechanism of the Mission Trade Center. The Trading Center is Nework's foundation function, responsible for the collection and presentation of all Mission Trade and Mission Chain Company. The Trading Center is Nework's foundation function, responsible for the collection and presentation of all Mission Trade and Mission Chain Company. 18

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 3.8.4 Mission Chain Company People with the same Misson trust can set up a Mission Chain Company (chain of companies), each chain has a unique access license, for easy access and memory of members of the company. Ownership of the chain company will be recorded through the blockchain ledger to ensure the truth can not be tampered with. Chain companies can be the main business activities, chain company participants can enjoy the chain company trading revenue share of benefits. Specific split will be unified by Nework's unique POMt mechanism to calculate the reference dimensions include the cost of each user into the chain company, the user Mission trust chain share, the number of transactions involving the user. In addition, in order to make chain business more scale, standardization, asset-based, Nework allows chain companies to trade. The benefits of the sale of the company will also be calculated and distributed by the system through the POMt mechanism. Finally, when the chain trust of the company is less than one, the chain company bankrupts and dissolves its reputation in order to achieve the survival of the fittest. 19

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 3.8.5 Interactive features 1、Message Message is a communication tool used by Nework platform users and is a powerful guarantee for platform user activity. Support group building, red envelopes, invite friends and other functions. 1)Build a group Users can build a group, friends or partners to join together to form a group for easy exchange and cooperation. 2)Send red envelopes Users can send red envelopes to each other. 3)Active The use of the Message tool can be used as a reflection of the user's activity. In one day, three conditions are met at the same time, and the reward will be calculated according to POMt: at least 2 times; the first and last time interval is more than 6 hours; at least 7 People have to communicate. 4) Invite friends Users can invite friends to join the platform, invitations will be successful platform reward. 5)Member Users can be paid to upgrade membership. Paid members enjoy more rights, such as more storage space, unlimited number of chat records, breaking the limit of the transaction. 2、Mission Trade 1)Claim When the sponsor and the executor agree on the Mission Trade, the executor can initiate the claim. At this point, the sponsor will receive the claim and the Mission Trade Contract will be activated and approved by the smart contract management; 2)In progress 20

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology When the Mission Trade contract takes effect, the contract becomes active, in which case the sponsor will not be able to invite or accept another person's claim. In this state, both sides can apply for an interruption; 3)Finish When the implementer has reached a contract in Mission Trade, the application can be initiated and completed. After the application is approved, the executive party can obtain the pre-set salary of the Mission Trade and the two parties receive the Mission trust award. 4)Interrupt After the user agrees to claim the Mission Trade, both parties may initiate an interrupted application. When both parties agree, the Mission Trade will be judged as failed. At this time, both parties will be punished, that is, the corresponding Mission trust will be reduced, and the corresponding NKC will be deducted. 5)Share When users view or publish Mission Trade, users can share this task to other third-party platforms so that more users can claim their rights. 6)Invitation When the user releases the Mission Trade, he or she can make a directional invitation. After the invitation is made, the invited party will receive the invitation notice and agree to obtain the Mission Trade. 7)Comment, like All users can comment on the published Mission Trade, praise, comment or praise after the relevant comments and praise amount will be displayed publicly, and participating users will receive NKC (Nework Coin) as a reward. 8)Reward When NKC (Nework Coin) is available in the user's account, you can enjoy the Mission Trade in progress 1, if the transaction is confirmed to be interrupted halfway, then all the reward amount will be fully returned Nework reward pool; 21

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 2. If the transaction is fully completed, the prize money will be distributed as an incentive to the sponsor and executor of Mission Trade, and all the players will receive the platform's NKC reward. 3、Mission Chain Company 1)Join Users can choose to join the Mission Chain Company according to their wish, each user can joins multiple Mission Chain Companies and has an independent identity in each Mission Chain Company. If more than one-half members of the Mission Chain Company vote through when a user applies to join, the application is determined to be successful. The Mission Coin and Mission Power, which the user acquired by completing Mission Trade after joining, will be pro-rated under the Mission Chain Company. 2)Exit The user can choose to opt out of a Mission Chain Company and the Mission Power provided by the user for the company will remain in the Mission Chain Company's Mission Power system after exiting, but when the user is at a Mission Trade, the user cannot exit, must complete or dismiss the Mission Trade before exiting. 3)Sale/Buy The user can trade Chain Company with the NKC at the Trading Center and the transaction needs to be approved by more than 51% of the members in the company before the order can be completed. 4)Bankruptcy When a Mission Chain Company's Mission Power drops to 0, it automatically determines is in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy company will not be able to perform any of its activities, include claiming, releasing Mission Trade, or purchasing Mission Chain Company. 3.8.6 Ecological Platform Nework is a well-established ecosystem of platforms that individual users can set up through the support provided by the Nework platform and even complete the ICO process on the platform. 22

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Nework has a comprehensive API system to meet the needs of the vast majority of users based on Nework's development needs and to promote the evolution of the platform by accessing more external applications. Nework provides users with advertising and incentive platform to help users through the advertising platform to promote marketing efforts, and can be used to motivate other users by token forwarded. Nework provides a digital gift platform, users can purchase virtual gifts on the platform token to reward each other. 3.8.7 Filtration Because all the data in the blockchain is untamable, the keywords should be filtered to prevent the bad consequences caused by illegal words. 23

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 4. Expected value of NKC NKC issue total of 1 billion yuan, five decimal places, a coin is called 1NEW, the smallest unit of NC (1NC is equal to 0.00001NEW, which is equal to one hundred thousand NKC). 4.1 Value of Nework Nework is a fast-growing platform that will host tens of thousands of transactions and chain companies in the future. As the platform users continue to grow, and the sustainable development of ecological economy, NKC's value will continue to rise. 4.2 Obtain of NKC 1. Participate in private placement support projects, using ETH exchange 2. Participate in Nework ecological construction, access to the system of NKC incentives 3. Participate in the high quality Mission Trade to get others NKC rewards 4. Buy on third-party trading platform 4.3 Applation of NKC The application scenarios of NKC include but not limited to: 1.users can pay NKC to post of purchase skills ; 2.users can pay NKC to invest endorsement on others; 3.users can use NKC to reward or send red packets to each other; 4.the platform offer NKC to motivated users with successful transaction and users in trust link chain. 5.users can pay NKC to buy third-party applications. 6.users can pay NKC to buy digital gifts; 24

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 7.users can pay NKC to advertise and forward skills; 8.users can pay NKC to send messages to senior users on platform initiatively; 4.3 Deflation and inflation of NKC 1) The user password is lost, resulting in dead NKC users, the currency will be recovered (or destroyed), will result in NKC deflation. 2) If the amount of coins held by the bank is too low, users who can not pay transaction fees will be treated as non-current coins, which will result in the deflation of NKC. 25

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 5. Incentiva mechanism 5.1 Incentive and punishment mechanism To incentive the Mission Trade with high efficiency and high quality execution, Nework set up ITS(Incentives of Trade Success) and PTF(Punishment for Trade Failure) to incentive and punishment. In Nework, users and Mission Power of chain company are the only basis for measuring its value and interest. The POM (Proof of Mission) algorithm can build NWC dispense mechanism, the rewards pool is calculated based on the Mission Power value of users to dispense the NWC to wallet of users. 5.1.1 Incentive mechanism After completed the Mission trade, the published user need to pay NKC to executed user as reward. Both them can obtain the Mission Power value as award. The Mission company of the user who executed the Mission Trade can also get Mission Power value. If it’s failure to execute the Mission Trade, both them can be punished, decreasing Mission Power value, and deduct corresponding NKC. 5.1.2 Reward Pool Rewards pool is a Mcoin pool which is used to reward both transaction users. The platform automatically replenished the rewards pool every day according to the reward elasticity coefficient 5.1.3 Reward Pool Nework counts the Mission Power values of the user and the virtual company on a daily basis, and add NKC to rewards pool automatically by POM. When the NWC in rewards pool is less than 0.001, it will be dispense next time. 26

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Nework uses 25% of Token for motivation, and Nework's fairness is crucial for long-lasting human access. Premature consumption of Token is very unfair to future generations and affects the sustainability of ecology. Designed a two-tier incentive mechanism: First floor: Nework will take 25% of the Token divided into five years to release, and release the rest 50% of reminding each year, finished on the fifth year, thus ensuring the rapid development of the previous five years. The second floor: In order ensure the value of Nework to all human beings, it is necessary to provide good opportunities for future access to mankind in the world and work together to build an ecological environment. With reference to the growth of global stable economies, an additional 3% will be issued each year from the second year so that future generations will still enjoy fair access in the next 10, 50 and 100 years. 27

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Where n represents the number of issuance years, To is the total issued NKC, Tn is the current number of issued NKC, Mt is the number of the current year's issue. except for the 15% in first year ,from the second year ,the additional issued New is then the number of issues per day: The issued NKC, issued daily, is assigned to each user and virtual company according to the POMt algorithm. 5.1.4 Compute mode of Mission Trust In Nework, the total number of Mission trusts that can be generated for each completed transaction is: Then, the sponsor can get 55% Mp, the executor can get 40% Mp, and the virtual company can get 5% Mp. 28

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Where v is the number of Mcoins traded set for each Mission Trade, p is the degree of difficulty set for each Mission Trade, of which 30% and 70% are weighting factors for the transactions volume and the degree of difficulty. Assuming the n successful transactions successfully happened in entire network , then the totally generated number of Missin Power is: The percentages of Mission trust for sponsor, executor and virtual companies are respectively 55%, 40% and 5%. When the Mission Trade failed to perform, the platform reduced the user's Mission trust value by 40% for both sponsor and executor. 5.2 POMt(Proof Of Mission Trust) POMt is the credit earned by completing Mission Trade. The user's credit consist of the number of issued Mission Trade issues, the number of successful Mission Trade, the price of successful Mission Trade, the number of failed execution of Mission Trade,the price of failed Mission Trade , the success The execution time of successful Mission Trade and other factors. In other words, POMt builds an incentive mechanism based on self-learning multidimensional grading model optimization techniques, it relies entirely on user activeness, transaction levels and transaction quality in the platform so that users' values can be most appropriately reflected. 29

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 6. Ecosystem 6.1 R & D team(Nework) As the initiator of Nework project, R & D team of Nework is committed to completing the construction and maintenance of the entire project. In order to implement Nework's platform value better, the Nework team will continue to improve the blockchain technology and continue to optimize the platform based on the blockchain technology. At the premise of helping more and more users quickly solve the problem, the Nework team pursue better experience and sustained values for users. 6.2 Mission Chain Company holder The mission chain company holder is the holder of a single chain company on Nework. Any individual or organization can become the holder of a chain company by paying 50 Mcoin for a Mission Chain Company in Nework. Chain company holder can post their demand on the Nework platform based on Mission Chain Company, while chain company holders can also enhance the company's competitiveness by attracting more excellent executors and then enhance the company's value by fulfilling more tasks on platform。 As the cornerstone of the entire ecosystem, the Nework platform will be based on its exclusive POMt (Proof of Mission) reward and punishment mechanism to enhance or reduce the weight value of chain companies to ensure efficient operation of the platform. 6.3 User All holders of accounts generated on the Nework platform are considered one user of the platform. All platform users have two roles on the Mission Trade: Sponsor and Executor, users can get POMt rewards or penalties by involving in Mission Trade on Nework platform, and the user is the key elements to ensure the normal operation of platform. 30

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 6.3.1 Sponsor The sponsor is one of the user roles that builds the ecology of the Nework platform. The sponsor can be an individual or a chain company. The sponsor can post mission on the Nework platform without limitation on form, but the originator is required to declare the mission value at the same time that the mission is posted. After the release of the mission, the sponsor can take the initiative to choose a different performer or chain company. The mission trade is deemed to be reached if the two sides come to an agreement on the implementation standards and results, they both get POMt award from the platform, otherwise, the mission trade fail and the corresponding penalty is assigned to both sides according to POMt award and penalty mechanism. 6.3.2 Executor The executor is another user role in building the Nework platform ecosystem, it also can be both an individual and chain company. The executor can post their skills on Nework platform and the skill information will be displayed on the executor's profile. The performer must also declare the value of the skill when releasing that. After the skills are released, the executor can take the initiative to select missions released by different individuals or chain companies to claim, The mission trade is deemed to be reached if the two sides come to an agreement on the implementation standards and results, they both get POMt award from the platform, otherwise, the mission trade fail and the corresponding penalty is assigned to both sides according to POMt award and penalty mechanism. 6.4 Developer Developers are an important part of the Nework platform ecosystem and they are supposed to diversify Nework's platform information. Nework is an open underlying trading platform from beginning to end. Any organization or individual with development skills can build third party applications based on Nework's open attributes to help Nework platform users handle more business. 31

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 6.5 Advertisers Advertisers are one of the key components in the commercialization of the Nework platform. As the traffic on platform increases, Nework will gradually adopt platform-approved advertisers. Part of the advertising revenue will be used as a commercial realization of the Nework platform and the rest will be used to purchase NWC to expand the incentive pool. 32

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 7. Commercial prospect Nework's vision is to become the largest and most active business platform in the blockchain digital world. As the number of digital currency users and penetration continue to grow, the potential for Nework's stimulating cooperative productivity will gradually be released and eventually reach geometrically growth. It will also make it possible for more individuals to complete more business transactions online, built chain companies rapidly, and even more help them to map entity business to Nework ecology through API. Nework business revenue is mainly concentrated in several ways: 1. Mission Trade related transactions commission, the platform get a cut from users in the completion of the production, trading, exchange, consumption, cooperation and other process . 2. The platform get a cut in the purchase and transaction of Mission Chain Company. 3. Shared ad revenues by getting through contextual ads information. 4. API and efficiency tool revenue, chain companies using the API and SaaS tools provided by the platform will pay monthly. 33

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 8. Technological realization NWC overall architecture can be divided into three layers, the client, the core platform system, the underlying architecture. 8.1 Client Client refers to various terminal products provided by NWcoin to users, it supports iOS, Andriod, Web Browser and other platforms. NWC platform also provides a complete set of RESTful API, any individual and company developers can develop station applications based on this API. 8.2 Core service platform The core service platform is implemented using a loosely coupled, highly cohesive and decentralized SAAS microservices architecture. The core service platforms consist of several service units like registration center, message center, log center, and configuration center. Each service unit can be deployed independently. Clients visit the core services provided by Nework through the RESTful API. Account: an open account management platform, record user-related assets, and provide third- party account login. SNS (Social Platform): After the user releases the Mission Trade, users can share it to third- party platform and all users can participate in the comments or likes to completed projects, and the participating users will receive the reward of the corresponding Mission. Ads(advertising platform ). Ads is an important part in the commercialization of the platform. With the increase of platform traffic, Nework will open its advertising platform and access platform ads to increase users’ share of revenue. MCC (Transaction Center): Users can post or claim mission in the trading center , the platform will track the progress of the project. 34

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 8.3 AI Matching Nework will inherit the intelligent matching model of waibaodashi. The matching model accurately matches the two sides in the truncations according to the eight dimensions like skills, credit and ability to achieve oriented invitation and project recommendation. 8.3.1 Matching Algrim In order to better match the project and skills, enhance the success rate of collaboration between the publisher and the claimant, the platform establishes a feature library based on the dimensions such as the account balance, POMt weight,whether claim mission , account ratings and tag matching, to reach accurate match. According to Pearson's formula, it calculate the similarity between user u and label v: Where, Puv represents the set project matched by user u and label v. Ru,a and Rv, a respectively represent the match score of user u and label v to mission a, Ru and Rv respectively represent the average score of user u and label v. 8.3.2 Self-learning Model Based on the Big Data accurate matching blockchain data across the entire network, Mission Trade completion, and Mission Trade evaluations from both sides to train the ranking model, then to calculate the completion probability and sales a Mission Trade 8.4 Underlying Architecture It adopt chain block and DMTTE underlying technology architecture 8.4.1 Blockchain Account 35

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Account:The user's unique digital identity. Token Nework's Token (Mcoin) is based on the ERC20 standard. Users can view their NWC information through the Nework or any application that supports the ERC20 standard. Before Nework's exclusive blockchain come online , Nework will launch its original Token based on Ethereum, and migrate when the chain is complete, the migration will not effect user’s usage and digital assets. Ecological rules POMt incentive-based share rules; Number of NWCs required to purchase Mission Chain Company; And other ecological rules that need to be added as Nework evolves. Smart contract Ethereum's smart contracts are Turing-complete, and in Nework's ecosystem, many constraints are written into smart contracts, including the realization of the following contracts. 8.4.2 DMTTE DMTTE (Distributed Mision Trade Engine) is developed based on smart contract with chain block technology, it is a transparent and trustworthy, highly scalable, distributed, middleware-free basic functional engine that complies with the POMt Incentive Mechanism. 36

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology contract MissionTrade { mapping (address => uint) balances; mapping (address => uint) trusts; // 可信凭证 function POMt(address sender, address rev) returns(bool isOk){ trusts[sender] += getPOMt(); trusts[rev] += getPOMt(); } // 写⼊入账本 function sendCoin(address receiver, uint amount) returns(bool sufficient) { if (balances[msg.sender] < amount) return false; balances[msg.sender] -= amount; balances[receiver] += amount; // 分配 Mission Trust POMt(msg.sender, receiver); return true; } function getBalanceInEth(address addr) returns(uint){ return ConvertLib.convert(getBalance(addr),2); } function getBalance(address addr) returns(uint) { return balances[addr]; } } 37

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 9. Issuing plan 9.1 NKC tokens In order to effectively motivate community builders and participants to realize the platform's status quo, Nework launches the platform's original Token -NKC, with a total amount of 1 billion. Mission trust is issued to increase the trustworthiness of both partners. 9.2 Distribution Program 30% pre-sale 15% Management Fund 25% incentive fund 20% core team (R & D and operations) 10% Ecological Fund 9.2.1 Early pre-sale R & D for the Nework platform, investment in hardware and bandwidth costs, project operations, etc. to ensure project sustainability. 9.2.2 Management Committee Fund Nework is a long-term business, in order to continue to promote Nework's prosperity and development, we need to constantly attract the best people to work with us; the same time, Nework in the development process to achieve some important milestones, the need and more More partners to complete. This section is the team members who joined and contributed to the continued motivation later, as well as important business partners. 38

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 9.2.3 Incentive Fund Nework uses a two-tiered incentive mechanism for long-lasting fair access: The first floor, which accounts for 25% of the total Token NKC, rents into the platform rewards pool, releasing 50% of the remaining amount each year, all the way to the fifth year. The second level refers to the growth rate of the world's stable economy (3%), with 3% of the total issuance annually since the following year. The total number of Tokens in the first and second levels serves as a bonus pool for motivating users. Based on the POMt, the system will determine the reward elasticity and assign a corresponding amount of NKC and Mission trust to the reward pool daily. Starting from the first year, every year in the form of additional supplement state reward base 金. Mission trust is fixed at 300 million a year. 9.2.4 Core Team (R & D and Operations, etc.) Nework R & D team for the birth and development of Nework to provide full product and technology support, paid a great deal of attention and effort. As well as early contributors By providing resources, funding provided indispensable assistance to the construction of Nework, with a reasonable share of NKC as a reward for both. 9.2.5 Ecological Fund Nework's initial launch will set aside 10% of NKC as a state-of-the-art base for incubating or supporting premium applications based on Nework's ground floor for secondary development. 9.3 pre-sale target This pre-sale, which accounts for 30% of the total number of launches, or 300 million NKC, is only available to certain buyers and raised in the form of ETH or BTC with a total equivalent of approximately $ 30 million. The presale target is only open to certain overseas buyers (非 China mainland). 9.4 team lock positions promise 20% of the NKC held by the founding team of Nework will all freeze after the pre-sale. The team promised to lock the warehouse 33 month. The first unlock after the completion of the six fundraising, followed by a quarter of each unlock part does not exceed 10% of the total team money. 39

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 9.5 Login Exchange Nework plans to land overseas digital currency exchanges and open trades when conditions are ripe. 40

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 10. Development Plan late Aug.2017 Proposal for Nework platform construction and development middle Dec.2017 Register domain name middle Dec.2017 Start requirement research on product integration of blockchain and internet trading platform. late Dec.2017 Complete technical research and selection, determine the system architecture solution Jan.2018 Officially enabled domain name, Nework official website come online Late Jan.2018 Newark project start to pre-sale Mar.2018 Complete the entire design of product Apr.2018 Start the underlying architecture design and development Q2.2018 Complete the development of basic function and the verification of MVP, complete the development of web client Q3.2018 Start Alpha test,iOS,Android client development Q4.2018 Public beta come online,open to all users Q1.2019 Complete the development of the blockchain open platform based ethereum to test Q2.2019 Migrate Nework business to the blockchain open platform Q3.2019 API platform and advertising system come online 41

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 11. Nework Foundation Ltd The Nework Foundation Ltd's entity and members are based in Singapore and are managed non- profitably. The individual business economy is rapidly emerging globally, Nework is commit to release global individual productivity all-round, making it a giant in individual transaction area like Alibaba. Team members have rich experience in the area of blockchain and deep accumulation and exploration in C2C skills transactions, at the same time, they work in close collaboration with PMCAFF (the world's largest Internet product manager community) ,with the target of the development and operation of Nework. 42

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 12. Technical cooperation team Nework technical cooperation team is the original early Weibo team, has rich experience in Internet product development and operations, especially good at creating incentives and growth products. A De The founder and CEO of PMCAFF, the world's largest product manager community and the CEO of waibaodashi, a crowdsourcing platform for Internet innovation services. With more than 10 years of experience as a product manager, he has served as the head of several major internet product lines, once served as the general head of international hotels in Qunaer, senior PM in 360 participated in many well known project, and the leader of user incentive product in Weibo . Wang Yuanming Specializing in distributed high-concurrency system architecture, former QingCloud Container Platform Leader, once served as architect in Weibo, Micron Technology Director and technological leader of Grouk, he is a deep practitioner of Cloud and Container, heavily addicted in tools, the evangelist of Kubernetes. Sun Zhiliang Once responsible for several high concurrency transaction projects, senior architect of trading system with tens of millions concurrency, former technological head of ticket in Meituan and incentive growth in Weibo. Years of architecture design experience in high concurrency , good at trading platform and social platform. Chunyu Song PMCAFF HRD, 20 years experience in human resources management, has served in Kingsoft, Asia Online, ZOL, 360 and other companies. Be skilled in recruitment management, training, career planning and other fields. After 2015, he focus on the structural consulting of innovative internet enterprises, the introduction of senior talents and the training development plan, which contributes to the implement of enterprise talents strategic planning. 43

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Li Hongzhen PMCAFF senior engineer, former 19e platform architect with more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, 4 years experience in the Internet finance industry and two years in the block chain. He has rich experience in distributed, multi-threaded and high-performance architecture design, he has some knowledge of the underlying logic in blockchain, has extensive experience in developing top-level products and contributed code to multiple blockchain projects. Liu Jianfeng PMCAFF senior product manager, six years of Internet industry work experience. The former product manager of 360 security guards, leading the iterative work of 360 security guards 11.0 version, responsible for the 0-1 product design and international related work of 360 file guards. The former Clear Master core product team members in Liebao. 44

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 13. Investor & Advisor 13.1 Investor & Advisor Li Xiaolai Investor Founder of INBlockchain. Liu Jun Investor Angel investors of TouTiao, once worked for 360, Sina and other companies, invest in TouTiao, Tencent Music Entertainment Group and other famous projects. Jiang Tao Advisor Founder of CSDN(the world's largest technical community), founder of AI100, founding Partner of Geek. More than 24 years of software and Internet work experience, once served as the development manager in Giant Group, the deputy General Manager in Jinshan Software, and led the development of Kingsoft Power and Super Power. Yu Guangdong Advisor Partner of Boiling Point Capital Management, Specialist in management of Internet company, product operations and marketing. Engaged in 360 early start-up, served as 360 senior vice president and product manager and 360 lifetime honorary consultant, once invested in projects like HaoDai network, MediaV, Yue Runquan, Huang Taiji and so on. 45

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Li Muqing Advisor Founding partner of Zhiyi capital, the former CDH Ventures partner. Mr. Li Muqing led and participated in the investment on 360, Lianjia, woaiwojia, jiayoubao, Meili Finance, ShanSong, Wen Tai, SaiWei LDK, KangHui, XieXin, JiuYang and other enterprises. He holds a master's degree in economics from Tsinghua University and a bachelor's degree in international economics from Nankai University. Ahmed Alsayadi Advisor Blockchain architect and co-founder of Prochain, has a Master degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University , was a member of Baidu(arabic) search engine core team, founded Sigma Technology and ABD entertainment. 46

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 13.2 Investment institution 13.3 Partner BigONE 47

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 14. Risk Statement 14.1 Disclaimer This document is only for informational purposes and its content is only for reference, it does not represent as any representation, solicitation or solicitation of a sale of stock or securities in Nework and its related companies. This document is not composed or understood as providing any purchase behavior , nor is it a contract or commitment of any form. Given the unpredictable conditions, the goals outlined in this white paper may change. Although the team will do its best to achieve all of the goals of this white paper, all individuals and teams that purchase NWCs should be at its own risk. Portions of the document may be adjusted in the new white paper as the project progresses and the team will release the update by posting a notice or a new white paper on the site. Nework expressly disclaims any direct or indirect damages by the Participants including: 1, relying on the contents of this document; 2, the wrong information, negligent or inaccurate information in this document; 3, any behavior caused by this document. The team will work hard to achieve the goals mentioned in the document, but due to the existence of force majeure, the team can not fully fulfill its commitment. NWC is a tool for generating performance on the Nework platform but not an investment product. NWC is not a type of ownership or control. The control of NWC does not represent the ownership of Nework or Nework applications and NWC does not grant any individual rights to participate, control, or make any decisions about Nework and Nework applications. 14.2 Regulatory Risk As the development of the blockchain is still in its early stages, there are no relevant regulatory documents in the world such as preconditions, transaction requirements, information disclosure requirements and lock-in requirements in the process of raising funds. And it is unclear how the current policy will be implemented. All of these factors may have an uncertain impact on the development and mobility of the project. While blockchain technology has become the main target of regulation in all major countries in the world, the Newor application or NWC may be affected if the regulatory body intervenes or exerts influence. For example, the restriction of the 48

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology use by laws, NWC may be restrict ,hinder or even direct terminate Nework applications and NWC development. 14.3 Competition Risk Many block chain project highly competitive in current areas , there is a strong market competition and project operating pressure. Nework project whether can break through in many outstanding projects, get widely recognized, both related with its own team capabilities, vision planning and other aspects linked competitors and even the oligarchy in the market, during which there is the possibility of facing vicious competition. 14.4 Brain drain risk Nework brings together a dynamic and talented team of talent, attracting senior practitioners in the area of blockchain, experienced technical developers and more. In the future development, Nework will not rule out the possibility of the negative impact on the overall team as a result of the departure of core personnel and the conflict within the team. 14.5 Project Technical Risk The accelerated development of cryptography or developments in technology such as the development of quantum computers may bring the risk of cracking to the Nework platform, it may result in the loss of NWCs. During the project update, there may be some loopholes. Once the loopholes are discovered, they will be repaired promptly, but there is no guarantee that this will not cause any impact. 14.6 Risk of lacking awareness Nework applications has the probability that not be used by a large number of individuals or organizations, which means that the public is not interested enough to develop and develop these related distributed applications. Such a lack of interest may have a negative impact on NWC and Nework applications. 14.7 Hacking Risk Nework is at risk of attack by hackers or other organizations, including but not limited to denial of service attacks, Sybil attacks, malware attacks, or conformance attacks. 49

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology 14.8 Uninsured loss risk Unlike bank accounts or other financial institutions' accounts, there is usually no insurance coverage on Nework accounts or related blockchain networks, and in no event will there be any public entity guaranteeing your losses. 14.9 Other risks unknown to date In addition to the risks mentioned in this white paper, there are other risks not yet mentioned or unexpected by the founding team. In addition, other risks may also appear suddenly or in a combination of the several types of risks already mentioned. All participants should have a full understanding of the team background, know the overall framework of the project and ideas, get a rational attitude before make any decision. 50

Nework - Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Nework Incentive platform for connecting human skills based on chain block technology Official Email:[email protected] 51