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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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SMART VIRTUAL REALITY TOKENS FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT METAVERSE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY Nothing in this paper constitutes an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities in CEEK VR, INC. or any related company


CEEK VR recognizes that there are many ABSTRACT financial and technological benefits by moving from an SQL based technology to a streamlined, transparent, and secure blockchain based system that offers added financial benefits to CEEK, our partners and end users. As CEEK VR is an award-winning developer and we prepare to scale our existing patented distributor of hardware and software for Omni- Virtual Reality Content Delivery Platform, VR channel distribution of Virtual Reality (VR) headset and solutions toward mainstream experiences for multiple world-class partners. adoption we have partnered with CEEK CEEK provides several channels of VR content GLOBAL INNOVATIONS(CGI) World Ltd and (both originally created and professionally CGI Global Ltd to offer solutions, collectively licensed) using the CEEK Virtual Reality CEEK aims to solve some of the biggest Platform and the patented headsets. CEEK VR problems facing the entertainment and is in partnerships with globally-renowned educational worlds. industry leaders such as Universal Music, Apple, T-Mobile, and Baptist Health. CEEK is the higher echelon virtual reality “killer app” for the blockchain and currently boasts CEEK’s patent-awarded VR bundles are partnerships with major celebrities and some currently being sold nationwide through major of the world’s largest tech companies offering retailers including Best Buy and Target and the entertainment industry and “CEEKERS” are widely recognized as one of the best worldwide one of the most exciting “mobile ready” VR hardware devices on the opportunities on the market today, as we all market today. CEEK A NEW REALITY! CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 3

With massive success and market momentum RATIONALE established CEEK is poised to leverage the Ethereum blockchain and ERC20 tokens, called CEEK toward vast, mutual success for the blockchain community, artists, labels and fans. Each year 60 million concert tickets are sold in Artists, labels, fans, content creators, the USA alone. The demand for music artists to developers, educators and more, known as perform at live events is at an all-time high, yet artists are still unable to perform for thousands of “CEEKERS” can earn CEEK the venue requests received each year leaving labels and artists with missed revenue Tokens by: opportunities and fans without the chance to experience live shows. • Cele rity Coin Minting allows artists and labels to create custom coins, virtual CEEK solves this by extending the reach of merchandise and virtual tickets for VR shows events globally for sold-out shows and ability for that remove physical barriers for millions of artists to sell unlimited virtual tickets and digital people to attend live shows. Items created by merchandise. CEEK allows artists to use a special artists using the Celebrity Coin Mint will gain tool called the Celebrity Coin Mint, whereby inherent value in CEEK that allow fans to own unique custom minted coins are created as event rare, valuable virtual items that take on the tickets that provide artists access to new, properties of cryptocurrency. untapped and unlimited revenue streams. • CEEKERS will be able to earn CEEK These celebrity minted coins and virtual Tokens by creating digital merchandise, merchandise items take on the traits of custom skins, gift cards, virtual goods, gaming cryptocurrency as each are assigned their own items and much more that they can sell in the Ethereum address, therefore offer fans the ability CEEK VR marketplace. to cash in by owning rare items that have the ability to gain in value very quickly in virtual • Creating curated CEEKER demand reality. Celebrity artists could also sign these lists to schedule major artists to perform live VR items with special cryptographic token signatures shows in CEEK CITY. If you’re a fan of an artist that cannot be duplicated and are authenticated and want to build a demand list in CEEK, you can on the blockchain as to their rarity and value. earn CEEK Tokens and special rewards. CEEK provides fans with power to control • Curating demand lists for educational programming and demand for live VR shows, events. Imagine taking guitar lessons from events, entertainment and educational Synyster Gates or oe Bonamassa! Yes, these types of educational events will happen in VR programming in virtual reality. with special artist interactions. Many other educational possibilities are available, such as CEEK’s solution for entertainment partners and yoga, medical training, sports training, or taking fans is creating new revenue streams offered by a a language class and much more! CEEKERS earn decentralized VR Entertainment Metaverse CEEK Tokens simply curating these events. powered by the Ethereum blockchain that is easy to use, gives priority programming control to • Sharing uni ue tracking links to social “CEEKERS”, and provides both artist and fans with media that further build CEEKER demand for access to new sources of transparent revenue artist performances, educational events, VR streams. shows or events of any kind inside of CEEK CITY. Influencers who send more referrals will CEEK’s Megadeth VR headsets sold out of Best earn higher amounts of CEEK Tokens for their Buy stores within 24 hours and the ALBUM WON efforts. THE 2017 GRAMMY AWARDS. CEEK has a live VR platform with existing venues, established world- • Curating the est VR content for class partnerships, iconic artists such as U2, Katy consensus vote approval. Incentivizing the Perry, Lady Gaga to name a few and is the only community in this way will keep a constant VR platform that has streamed and licensed stream of high quality VR content flowing inside content for the likes of BO and Coca Cola. of CEEK CITY. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 4

• Creating quality content. Anyone • Official CEEK ecosystem roles pay CEEK can share their knowledge or skill and Tokens, such as Governor, Director of VR earn CEEK Tokens, so those who have a Programming and more. See ecosystem roles special skill that others will pay for, section for details. whether that is teaching piano lessons, a course study or a martial arts class – CEEK’s existing content distribution platform there will be opportunity to earn. solves a massive problem for the VR industry by offering a platform that can be accessed by • Developers earn CEEK Tokens by any hardware device. For developers this is leveraging CEEK’s VR authoring tools, great news because they can create content open API’s and SDK’s, which allow them that is no longer limited to a single hardware to create custom virtual environments, manufacturer. This has been a limiting factor venues or digital goods inside of CEEK until now- stifling the entire VR industry for CITY to be offered in the digital developers, headset manufacturers and marketplace. Furthermore, CEEK Studios content creators. Combining this factor with and Micro-Studios will be distributed the ability to leverage virtual reality and the across the USA and internationally will blockchain to extend reach for world-class provide developers and those looking to entertainment partners will allow CEEK VR to create custom VR content an environment accelerate mainstream adoption of virtual where they can work together so that reality, while providing massive revenue everyone has equal opportunity in CEEK’s opportunities for the blockchain community, VR marketplace. artists, labels, fans and CEEKERS world-wide. • Voting plays a big part in CEEK Welcome to Web 3.0 – the 3D web VR and it pays! For example, CEEKERS will be able to vote to approve sponsors who will bid on naming rights for several existing venues in CEEK CITY. A percentage of the CEEK Tokens collected through the sponsorship payment will be distributed to CEEKERS who participate in these votes. Other opportunities to earn CEEK Tokens by voting are listed in the interactive voting section in this whitepaper. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 5

INTRODUCTION CEEK is building the Entertainment Metaverse - stakeholders. Labels and artists will be able An interconnected virtual world of exciting to reap the benefits of streamlined processes venues powered by Ethereum smart contracts that increase profit margins and clarity for both. and protected by the blockchain. CEEK leverages the blockchain to provide the highest level of transparency and security for the CEEK enables users to virtually “be there” at live entertainment industry, labels, artists and fans. performances, while physically being anywhere else in the world. This extends the reach of The CEEK Token is ERC20 compliant, yet events globally for sold-out shows and combines another ‘special’ protocol that expands introduces the capacity for artists to sell its’ Token functionality within CEEK virtual reality unlimited virtual tickets, along with real and environments. digital merchandise. Individuals can use CEEK Tokens to attend Using the CEEK Platform, music fans can events, access VIP interactions with their purchase tickets and attend live concerts favorite artists, purchase virtual goods, vote performed by their favorite bands and will for desired venue performances and more. experience the concert as if they had CEEK’s interactive voting will give fans more front-row seating. They are also free to view input in the programming process. Unlike different band members at traditional programming will. Or, turn around and see where audiences have no say IF WE DO THIS in what is broadcast, CEEKERS the audience in different parts of the arena. Offers for RIGHT, BLOCKCHAIN will have control over which purchasing related marquee programs are TECHNOLOGY CAN produced and when. merchandise or downloading tracks and videos on demand USHER IN A HALCYON will be available as interactive They will also be able to vote AGE OF PROSPERITY alongside judges during shopping overlays. CEEK makes it easy to create FOR ALL. — DON special events, such as the virtual goods so artists, labels, World Of Dance (WOD) finals TAPSCOTT (8) that will be VR live cast by content creators, and developers can increase CEEK in 2018. Those who bottom line through sales of direct artist-to-fan participate will be able to use CEEK Tokens to virtual goods inside of VR. Labels and artists vote for their favorite acts during the show with will now be able to create and sell virtual tickets each CEEK Token equaling one vote. Once the to VR performances and offer virtual goods to voting period closes there will be a short delay fans, such as virtual skins, digital clothing, and as consensus is validated with the final results collectibles during events. broadcast in CEEK VR venues around the world during the live event. Artists will also be able to interact with fans and can sign autographs on virtual album covers that Seeing the immediate impact of how votes count apply special cryptographic token signatures for their favorite performers will be impactful, that are unique and cannot be duplicated. fun and bring that next level engagement Virtual album covers and other items signed by between artists and fans. artists will be verified on the blockchain as to their authenticity, rarity and value for all to see. We are at a point when advancements in tech- nology have converged to enable mainstream Additionally, CEEK provides the entertainment adoption of a fully immersive, virtual reality ex- industry with seamless order, event and perience and with it comes exciting new possi- virtual sales tracking with detailed analytics bilities and revenue streams for entertainment, documented on to the blockchain for all media and music industries and their fans. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 6

CURRENT PLATFORM: CEEK CITY WE WELCOME THE DENIZENS O F THE VIRTUALSPHERE TO TA KE EXCLUSIVE RESIDENCE AT CEEK CITY VICTORIAN CONCERT SPORTS HANGOUT CEEK THEATRE ARENA COMPLEX LOUNGE CITY (Main Entrance) (Ad Supported) CEEK currently offers several immersive CEEK simulates the communal experience of VR experiences within CEEK City. All attending a live concert, being in a classroom, users enter through the Victorian Theatre, attending a sporting event and other ‘money where they can select from a variety of can’t buy’ exclusive experiences with 2D and 360 immersive experiences from friends . After the token launch, end users will the world’s top artists, including Katy be able to use their CEEK tokens for making Perry, U2, Sting and more! purchases, vote for content, control the programming and much, much more. VR HARDWARE & CONTENT ECOSYSTEM Pages 7-14 offer a technical overview for developers There are a number of considerations within 2. Console VR, such as PlayStation VR (PSVR), today's virtual reality hardware and content requires the added expense of a gaming ecosystem that are hindering mainstream console, therefore also priced too high for adoption of virtual reality: many consumers and not practical for movement. 1. Desktop VR, such as the HTC Vive, are tethered devices and require an expensive Both are geared more towards gaming, which gaming computer to work. This is far too limits the practical application and ability for the expensive for most people. Moreover, a mainstream adoption of virtual reality. CEEK is desktop VR is impractical for movement. going to change that. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 7

TECHNICAL DOCUMENT 3. Many headsets are too complex and have than one for each view point, reducing the a difficult time selling without relevant content. CPU requirements and also shrinking the GPU vertex job too. This technology can improve (9) performance by between 40 and 50 percent. In the mobile space, Multiview is already Mobile VR is the most cogent mechanism for supported by a number of ARM Mali and delivering VR entertainment for everyday users. Qualcomm Adreno devices. CEEK offers simple, ready-to-use mobile VR headsets requiring no setup, no wires (no Another innovation expected to appear in tethers!) and, most importantly, are cost upcoming mobile VR products is foveated effective. People will be able to use the mobile rendering. Used in conjunction with eyetracking phone they already own. Imagine that. technology, foveated rendering lightens the load on a GPU by only rendering the user’s THE CHALLENGE FACING exact focal point at full resolution and reducing the resolution of objects in the peripheral vision. MOBILE-POWERED VR The complements the human The most obvious and well discussed challenge vision system nicely and can significantly facing mobile virtual reality applications is the reduce GPU load, thereby saving on power much more limited power budget and thermal and/or freeing up more power for other CPU or constraints when compared to its desktop |GPU tasks. PC equivalent. Running intensive graphics applications from a battery means that lower BANDWIDTH AND HIGH- power components and efficient use of energy is required to preserve battery life. In addition, RESOLUTIONS the proximity of processing hardware to the wearer means that the thermal budget can’t While processing power is limited in mobile be pushed any higher either. For comparison, VR situations, the platform is still beholden to mobile is typically operating within a sub-4 the same requirements as other virtual reality watt limit, while a desktop VR GPU can easily platforms, including the demands of low latency, consume 150 watts or more. high resolution display panels. Even those who have viewed VR displays that boasts a QHD Looking back at your typical mobile SoC, this (2560 x 1440) resolution or the Rift headset’s creates additional problems that are less often 1080×1200 resolution per eye will probably appreciated. Although mobile SoCs can pack have been a little underwhelmed by the image in a decent octa-core CPU arrangement and clarity. Aliasing is especially problematic given some notable GPU power, it’s not possible that our eyes are so close to the screen, with to run these chips at full tilt, due to both the edges appearing particularly rough looking or power consumption and thermal constraints jagged during motion. mentioned previously. In reality, the CPU in a mobile VR instance wants to run for as little time The brute force solution is to increase the as possible, freeing up the GPU to consume the display resolution, with 4K being the next bulk of the limited power budget. Not only does logical progression. However, devices need this limit the resources available for VR logic, to maintain a high refresh rate regardless of physics calculations, and even background resolution, with 60Hz considered the minimum mobile processes, but also puts a burden but 90 or even 120Hz being much more on essential VR tasks, such as draw calls for preferable. This puts a large burden on system stereoscopic rendering. memory, with anywhere from two to eight times more than today’s devices. Memory bandwidth The industry is already working on solutions for is already more limited in mobile VR than it is in this, which don’t just apply to mobile. Multiview desktop products, which use faster dedicated rendering is supported in OpenGL 3.0 and ES graphics memory rather than a shared pool. 3.0, and was developed by contributors from Oculus, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Google, Epic, ARM, Possible solutions to save on graphics bandwidth and Sony. Multiview allows for stereoscopic include the use of compression technologies, rendering with just a single draw call, rather CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 8

TECHNICAL DOCUMENT such as ARM and AMD’s Adaptive Scalable hardware in ARM’s latest Mali GPUs, Nvidia’s Texture Compression (ASTC) standard or the Kepler and Maxwell Tegra SoCs, and Intel’s lossless Ericsson Texture Compression format, latest integrated GPUs, and can save on more both of which are official extensions of OpenGL than 50 percent bandwidth in some scenarios and OpenGL ES. ASTC is also supported in versus the use of uncompressed textures. Image credit: Android Authority (10) Alternatively, developers can make sacrifices to Displays are a particularly important part in image quality in order to reduce the stress on the overall latency of a virtual reality system, system bandwidth. Geometry density can be often making the difference between a sacrificed or more aggressive culling used to seamless and a sub-par experience. In an reduce the load, and vertex data resolution can ideal system, motionto-photon latency – the be lowered to 16-bit, down from the traditionally time taken between moving your head and the used 32-bit accuracy. Many of these techniques display responding– should be less than 20 are already being used in various mobile milliseconds. Clearly a 50ms display is no good packages, and together they can help reduce here. Ideally panels need to be sub-5ms in the strain on bandwidth. order to accommodate sensor and processing latency as well. Not only is memory a major constraint in the mobile VR space, but it’s also a rather Currently there’s a cost performance trade-off large consumer of power too, often equal that favors OLED, but this could soon change. to the consumption of the CPU or GPU. By LCD panels with support for higher refresh rates making savings on memory bandwidth and and low black-to-white response times which usage,portable virtual reality solutions should make use of cutting edge techniques, such as see longer battery life. blinking back lights, could fit the bill nicely. LOW LATENCY AND Japan display showed off just such a panel last year, and we may see other manufacturers DISPLAY PANELS announce similar technologies too. (11) CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 9

TECHNICAL DOCUMENT Audio and sensors technology with the visuals rendered in immersive VR environments creating an Although audio in virtual reality is a critical appreciably enhanced degree of depth and factor, it is largely ignored. With CEEK’s interactivity, along with producing rich and innovative and technical expertise, we deliver engulfing soundscapes. This all combines in a considerably-enhanced listening encounter. creating what is rightfully described as audio bliss. Great image quality without high-fidelity and positionally-accurate 3D audio, along with low- Enhanced Audio Capabilities latency sensors, leave many VR experiences CEEK has proprietary 4D Audio Visualization lacking. Playback of spatial audio on mobile software and hardware. Additionally, it has devices is primarily being done with plug-ins integrated 3rd-party 3D audio decoders for and sound objects, all on a restricted mobile enhanced audio capabilities. power budget. This affects the CPU, GPU, and memory, presenting further challenges. (12) The CEEK 4D audio technology combines original sound files with geometry data for What You Hear is What You See visualizing audio within the VR environment. The human brain requires an audio- visual sync for generating a feeling Unlike other 3D techniques using sound objects of presence and emotion, making our positioned statically in pre-set locations in the auditory and visual senses the most environment, our approach enables sound to be important factors in creating true dynamically rendered. Furthermore, it does not immersion. What we see and feel is require the content creator to learn new software largely dictated by what we hear. or plug-ins, since the output is compatible with The CEEK 4D audio technology most existing sound systems and do not require combines haptic feedback and custom audio playback systems. proprietary physics-based 3D audio Typical head related transfer function (HRTF) and convolution reverb processing required for realistic-sounding source positioning is very processor intensive when performed with the CPU. Our approach is much more effective as it involves creating and offering a dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with efficient processing time and power for 4D positional audio CEEK VR 4D AUDIO CHIP DEVICE All Devices (Multi OS) LOCATION DATA (from headphone) DEVICE BLUETOOTH ORIGINAL SOUND SOURCE SENSOR ACCESS CHIP COMPONENT D POINT CE RA D T ND O UN SOU / 2C or GPIO S 3D SOUND TRACING CHIP KEY SEN ST FUNCTION Location / surrounding Geometry data loading Speaker Audio / sensor data transfer information detection Sound processing Audio encode & decode (incl. HW, CPU, Memory) CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 10

TECHNICAL DOCUMENT Developers and software available as completely open source solutions that allow developers to customize their VR Finally, none of these hardware advancements environment for music, entertainment, gaming are much good without software suites, game experiences and more. engines, and SDKs to support developers. After all, we can’t have every developer reinventing Fortunately all major hardware platform the wheel for every application. Keeping manufacturers offer SDKs to developers, development costs low and speeds as fast as although the market is a rather fragmented possible is key if we’re going to see a wide resulting in a lack of cross-platform support. ange of applications. For example, Google has its VR SDK for SDKs in particular are essential for implementing Android and a dedicated SDK for the popular key VR processing tasks, such as Asynchronous Unity engine, while Oculus has its Mobile SDK Timewarp, lens distortion correction, and built in conjunction with Samsung for the Gear stereoscopic rendering. Not to mention power, VR. Importantly, the Khronos group recently thermal, and processing management in unveiled its OpenXR initiative which is aiming heterogeneous hardware setups. to provide an API to cover all of the major platforms at both the device and application CEEK will offer open SDKs to streamline and level layers, in order to facilitate easier cross accelerate these key processing tasks for platform development. CEEK leverages application developers. Additionally, CEEK will OpenXR, along with an open SDK to offer a include an SDK with multi-language support, better cross platform, streamlined solution for wallets and payment gateways that are developers. USER INTERFACE AND APPLICATIONS WEB CLIENT MOBILE APP CHROME APP DEVELOPER SDK UNIFIED, SECURE API PLATFORM BLOCKCHAIN SERVICES KEY ACCOUNTS AND MULTI-SIG POLICY/ WALLET INDEXING / MANAGEMENT BALANCES CO-SIGNER SECURITY SERVICE NOTIFICATION BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDATION TOKEN LEDGER P2P NETWORK BLOCK CREATION (MINING) CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 11

TECHNICAL DOCUMENT The Problem Without a cross-platform standard, VR applications, The result is high development costs and games and engines must port each confused customers, thereby limiting market vendor’s API’s. In turn, this means that each growth. VR device can only run the apps that have been ported for its SDK. VR App 1 VR App 2 VR App 3 VR App 4 Proprietary Engine VR Device VR Device VR Device VR Device VR Device 1 2 3 4 5 CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 12

TECHNICAL DOCUMENT The Solution The cross-platform VR standard eliminates This allows access of VR devices and industry fragmentation by enabling integration into those VR systems used by applications to be written once and will then their applications. run on any VR system. VR App 1 VR App 2 VR App 3 VR App 4 Proprietary Engine APPLICATION INTERFACE DEVICE LAYER VR Device VR Device VR Device VR Device VR Device 1 2 3 4 5 CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 13

TECHNICAL DOCUMENT Open XR Architecture Open XR defines two levels of API interfaces Standard hardware/software interfaces reduce that a VR platform’s runtime can use to access fragmentation while leaving implementation the OpenXR ecosystem. Apps and engines details open to encourage industry innovation. use standardized interfaces to interrogate and drive devices. Devices can self-integrate to a standardized driver interface. PORTABLE VR Applications & Engines CURRENT DEVICE STATE: Application Interface OUTGOING REQUESTS: Normalized Predicted Poses Pre-distortion image to Controller / Peripherial State VR Vendor Runtime display Input Events System Distortion Correction and Haptics Display Output Coordinate System Unification & Prediction Device Layer CURRENT DEVICE STATE: Vendor-Supplied OUTGOING REQUESTS: Controlle / Peripherial State Device Driver Haptics Raw Poses Diverse VR Hardware Devices Note that the design of the OpenXR specification represents the design goals of the group – final is in progress and so while the above diagrams details may change. (13) CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 14

VIRTUAL REALITY CONTENT CEEK makes VR content accessible and easy clearing data, publishing metadata, for partners, content creators, developers, and distribution, and reporting. end users. CEEK has been awarded four patents covering the range of what we offer, CEEK makes content monetization easy including spatialized audio, environmental for partners by automating metadata geometry, material, and physics. This is all ingestion, rights clearances, along with related to our content ingestion and management and reporting of data within a distribution engine which provides an unified platform. integrated content platform connecting multiple VR channels (Mobile VR, PCVR, Console VR, Desktop, and Web VR equipment such as Gear VR, Oculus, HTC Vive, etc.). CEEK is currently ingesting 10 different feed types of varying content formats, sources, and sizes including content updates, rights changes and management, pricing changes, VR HARDWARE & CONTENT ECOSYSTEM CONCLUSION Despite some technical challenges, the With CEEK’s multi-platform content engine, technology is under development and mostly accessibility from any VR headset device is as already here, making VR workable for many easy as “one, two, three”. mobile applications. Mobile VR also has benefits that simply do not apply to desktop, The rapidly-expanding number of mobile all in one and console equivalents, which will devices on the market being equipped with VR continue making it the platform desired by capabilities makes CEEK the platform of choice consumers. The portability factor makes for reaching the largest target audience for mobile VR a compelling platform for mainstream adoption. Until now, VR could not multimedia experiences and even light be experienced to its fullest potential due to gaming, without the need for wires connected overly-complex hardware and lack of quality to a more powerful PC. While desktop and content. CEEK solves these challenges by console VR offerings focus on hardcore offering a device and platform agnostic solution. gamers, CEEK’s VR Headsets were created for Customers will have an easy-to-use headset, increasing mainstream adoption of VR by coupled with premium VR content and everyday mobile consumers of content, such accessibility, all at a competitive price point. as movies and music, as well as attracting casual gamers. It is a new World! CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 15

THE VR MARKET CHALLENGE WHAT VR DISTRIBUTION IS LIKE NOW Analytics Analytics Retail Exponential Variables at & Reporting & Reporting Integration Multiple Stages (Network, Phones, Opera- ting System, VR Headsets ) Capture Post-Production VR APP Mobile Devices Playback Analytics Reporting & Reporting CEEK’s mission is creating an easy-to-use, decentralized VR Entertainment Metaverse that gives control of programming to CEEKERS, and empowers partners with efficient access to new transparent revenue streams. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 16

Turning your WHAT IT SHOULD BE LIKE content into virtual reality should Content VR Distribution Playback Platform be as simple as uploading your video to YouTube and sharing it with the world. AN ECOSYSTEM CATALYST CEEK IS AN ECOSYSTEM CATALYST WITH STRONG EARLY-MOVER MARKET POSITIONING IN VR, WHO WILL NOW BE ABLE TO EXPAND THESE CAPABILITIES BY PROVIDING INCREASED FUNCTIONALITY USING BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY Platform Agnostic Mobile Compability Smartphone (iOS and Android) Unthethered to Computer Content Platform Retail Integration (CD/DVD Slot) Price Starts at: $15 $599.9 9 $799.00 $99.99 $129.99 Additional Equipment Nedded $0 $2,500 $2,500 $649 VR Trays ($10) FOV (Field of View) 105o 110o 110o 96o 100o CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 17

VR ENTERTAINMENT MARKET AT A GLANCE $200M HEADSETS 500M TO BE SOLD IN 2020 MUSIC VIDEO STREAMED DAILY 2016 GLOBAL LIVE MUSIC INDUSTRY ESTIMATED AT $25 BILLION +$2.3 TRILLION GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT MARKET MUSIC INDUSTRY REVENUE continues to shift from physical and digital sales to streaming revenues and VR represents the highest level of engagement and revenue opportunity for interactive music streaming. CEEK is currently the ONLY product in the marketplace offering labels a streaming VR opportunity with estimates the VR Market will reach CEEK’s patented VR Deluxe package. $1 Trillion by 2035 CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 18

VR DELUXE BUNDLE CASE STUDY: CEEK VR BUNDLES MARKET VALIDATION The importance of having a bundle for VR is For the release of Megadeth’s Dystopia album, comparable to the early stages of the MP3 Universal Music partnered with CEEK VR to device player marketplace. In the early 2000s, create a VR companion called Dystopia VR, the MP3 market was fledging because only which helped the album reach #1 on the rock “techies” who could rip and format music files charts and open at #3 after Adele and Justin were able to use it. When Apple bundled the Bieber on the Top 200 album chart. This was iPod with iTunes, they made digital music completely unheard of and spoke volumes for accessible to everyone. It became simple for the demand of quality VR experiences by fans. anyone to access, download, and listen to An artist or group has not done anything this digital music. elaborate and groundbreaking since Pink Floyd did “The Wall.” The same week Dystopia VR In much the same way, CEEK’s patent awarded, launched, a major VR device-maker was giving virtual reality bundle is making VR easily away expensive headsets, but they had few accessible for non-techies, whereby users buy takers. In stark contrast, CEEK sold out of units in the headset bundle, sign up through the CEEK 575 Best Buy stores. The Megadeth VR package app and gain access to a premium VR sold for $16.99. Check for Dystopia VR in your experience with mainstream appeal. local area http://bit.ly/2A67Fqh ALL UNITS are currently SOLD OUT. PATENTED VIRTUAL REALITY DELUXE HEADSET • Compact & Inexpensive Fromfactor • Dedicated Retail Space “I didn’t know MEGADETH before this, I just • Fresh & New Content wanted to try VR... proud to say I’m now a fan” Distribution Mechanism. • Patented Product ONLY AUTHORIZED COMPANY CLIO AWARD WINNER GRAMMY WINNER “It felt like I was right next to SOLD OUT IN RECORD TIME Dave (Mustaine)” CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 19

CLICK TO SEE INSIDE MEGADETH’S VR ADVENTURE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnQAz8jWAh0 2016 Link to CLIO WIN L   oo  Link to Stone Article Billboard Link to product on Best Buy B the Scenes Ya e Linked In NOTE: ASPECTS OF CEEK VR WERE PREVIOUSLY UNDER THE NEXT GALAXY CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 20

We pride our selves on creating experiences that help fans re-live the moment as if they were there. THAT GET FANS EXPERIENCES CLOSER TO THE ARTIST THAN EVER CEEK VR, INC.’S PARTNERS: PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT WITH UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP GRANTS RIGHTS TO LIVE PERFORMANCE CONTENT WITH TOP TIER ARTISTS INCLUDING LADY GAGA, U2, STING, AND NEYO. CEEK’s mobile ready, VR Headset is sold at major retailers such as Ama- zon, Best Buy and Target and includes a $10.00 iTunes Reward Giftcard with purchase. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 21

CEEK PARTNERSHIPS CEEK has teamed up with Universal Music to CEEK boasts a growing ecosystem of world- launch new album releases with our VR headset class partners who are using the CEEK at retail. We created a full VR concert experience Platform to scale existing 2D content into for the platform, which can be unlocked using a virtual reality, as well as creating and promotional code that comes with the CEEK distributing uniquely original experiences. We headset when purchased. Universal Music is the are in late-stage discussions and have number one music business on the planet, with upcoming releases with Oculus VR multiple labels covering over 14,000 artists and a World Of Dance, leading award cumulative artist Facebook fanbase of over 1.5 shows, sports teams, brands, festivals, and billion people. CEEK’s partnership with Universal over 30 labels, studios, and mobile Music Group grants rights to live carriers. Additionally, CEEK is partnering with performances with top tier artists such as Universities and Hospitals to offer educational Rihanna, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, and Neyo. programming. Oculus VR Announcement of partnership with CEEK - http://bit.ly/2BeVqor BELOW IS A SHORTLIST OF SELECT PARTNERS AND EXPERIENCES: Entertainment: • Universal Music - Megadeth Dystopia VR World Released • Disney Music - Upcoming releases in discussion • World Of Dance (WOD) - Current Partnership and 2018 WOD Finals • Empire State Building - Upcoming Experience • Space Center - Upcoming Experience • CEEK VR Victorian Theatre featuring Lady Gaga, U2, Katy Perry +++ - Live • CEEK VR Concert Arena – Upcoming • CEEK VR Hangout Lounge with Social Interaction – Upcoming (Q2) • CEEK VR Sports Complex • Great America Rivalry Series - Exclusive VR Broadcast (Over 1 Million Students from 200+ High Schools) – Current Exclusive VR Partnership • Project in development for Oculus VR • T-Mobile CEO Announcing partnership with CEEK https://www.dropbox.com/s/whznz0iilov9npc/T_Mobile_CEO.mov?dl=0 https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/binge-on-100-providers.htm vCommerce/Education/Medical: • Berskshire Hathaway’s Richline Group – Produced Shop of the Future Experience for Tradeshow and client • Miami Children’s Hospital (Previous Client – created Infant, Child and Adult CPR VR Training ) • Miami Dade College (Previous Client) – created President’s announcement in VR • VR Lab Curriculum for NYU • Baptist Health – VR Medical Training courses CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 22

GLOBAL MUSIC SPEND Online Streaming Service 6% Live Music Concerts, Club/DJ Sessions & Festivals 8% 49% Digital Music 10% GLOBAL LIVE CONCERTS MUSIC AND FESTIVALS CONTINUE TO DOMINATE Satellite Radio SPEND GLOBAL MUSIC SPEND Subscriptions 10% a robust sales proposition. Physical Music & Gift Cards 17% CEEK OFFERS PREMIUM VR CONCERT EXPERIENCES FROM SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN ENTERTAINMENT! MULTI-USER SOCIAL FUNCTIONS Voice Chat/ Watch together/ Search and Filter event Manage eCommerce Messaging Join friends and attendees i.e. only want details, including between users, Events, Invite, to see people attending billing information and Group Chats Favorite this event that are within historical purchase within 1 mile of your data. location CEEK enables Realistic Synchronous communication with other users, allowing people to enjoy experiences together from the ends of the world. You may look at each other during the event. Such features serve to simulate the communal experience of attending live events with friends. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 23

MUSIC WILL DRIVE VR ADOPTION NUMBER OF FACEBOOK FANS MUSIC IS A CONTENT DEMAND ENGINE Virtual Reality is about experiences and clearances. The dashboard also provides music concerts are synonymous with aggregated transaction and user reports visually delightful experiences. VR adds across multiple platforms and VR devices, all of sensory engagement to the musical which will be available to export and visualize. experiences. Music historically drives new Since these maps are generated through gaze platform use because of its universal appeal. control, it is possible to record the details on For example, the fan base of the top video the blockchain, making it highly effective game is dwarfed by the artist fan base of for measuring engagement and creating leading entertainers. transparency in reporting. VR Analytics CEEK’s backend analytics will provide deep insights, interaction time, heat maps and other visual telemetry on how users are interacting with environments and media views for auto reporting and other label/ creator services such as rights management, publishing and CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 24

CEEK STUDIOS Virtual Reality “Mega” Studios & Performance (Temporary) production studio facilities as an Stage Implementation interim solution to meet entertainment industry demand for creating quality virtual reality CEEK is partnering with a worldclass facility content. This has worked well for CEEK in and transforming part of their location into a years past, but not ideal as we seek to scale 360-degree VR “Mega Studio” equipped with VR content creation for premium entertainment a Live Performance Stage. partners. CEEK Studios will provide music artists and Our goal is having a permanent studio replete entertainment industry professionals with a with rendering farms, ultra-fast connections, state-of-the-art audio, visual, 360-degree camera tracking and light field camera green/ technology enabling continuous capture of VR blue screen and rock ‘n’ roll lighting inside a content. This content will include interviews, full virtual reality digital production facility for documentaries, multiple levels of education, expanding expand high-quality and entertainment, movies, and music. CEEK already customized VR content experiences and VR has interest from top entertainment artists and venues. major studios interested in recording VR experiences in our facilities. CEEK 360-degree Studio Grade, Mega and Micro- Studio Production facilities provide the At CEEK, our vision is to make VR content opportunity for enhanced, fully immersive VR creation universally accessible. We will make content creation for true 3D experiences. this possible by building several state-of-the-art, People will be able to get up close and 360-degree Performance Studio Grade “Mega” personal with their favorite bands, or enjoy Studio locations in key cities across the USA. time inside an interactive VR experience with Then, we will expand this initiative by building friends. Don’t just watch it, be there virtually! Micro-Studios the average content creator can use for creating virtual reality content for the Until now, CEEK has been setting up ad-hoc CEEK environments. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 25

CEEK MICRO-STUDIOS Studio facility and will plan future buildouts in key cities commensurate with the level of We believe anyone should be empowered support generated during the token sale. with the ability to create quality VR content, as this will help expand opportunity for partners In the event we exceed the soft cap and and creators inside the entertainment depending by what margin, CEEK plans on metaverse. building a number of “Mega” Studios and Micro-Studio partner locations, which will What we plan to do initially is building the allow CEEK an acceleration of Studio grade facility for our industry assisting with creating and acquiring partners at Sacramento HQ. In order to do quality content from top entertainment that, CEEK must meet the minimum partners and CEEKERS who desire to required token sale soft cap (as detailed on generate VR content. our Token Structure section). If the soft cap is not met, CEEK plans to continue The below demonstrates our desired Studio building ad-hoc studios to produce VR Grade “Mega” and Micro-Studio locations in content with entertainment industry target cities across the USA. partners. When we meet our soft cap, we will immediately begin building the HQ Mega CEEK STUDIOS AND MICRO-STUDIOS Proposed Studio Grade Build Proposed Micro-Studio Grade Build Seattle Sacramento “HQ” Chicago New York San Francisco Las Vegas Nashville Phoenix Atlanta Honolulu Los Angeles Dallas Austin HQ is the first planned Studio Grade Build in Sacramento, CA CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 26

PREMIUM VR CONTENT CREATION FOR ALL CEEK has partnered with Brett Leonard to CEEKERS will have the opportunity to create launch the first episodic virtual reality series. custom VR content at CEEK Studio locations nationwide and internationally. Studio bookings will be managed through an online scheduling portal that will be first come, first served using CEEK Tokens to secure studio bookings and pay for session time. Some locations may include a VR gaming lounges, immersive training, and snack bar amenities. CEEK will equip all locations with developer “cubbies” to make it easy for content creators to collaborate with developers for customized VR content creation. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 27

Brett Leonard is a film director named by The The lawnmower man was created for $6 Producer’s Guild of America, in association million and earned critical acclaim with Variety Magazine as one of it’s Digital generating over $200 Million. 25. Hollywood Rooftop is a 360 cinema that will Mr. Leonard is a globally recognized digital take place in episodic form, it is also going to be filmmaker best known for co-writing and shot in full 2D as a feature film - all connected directing the hit Virtual Reality movie – as one movie shot on one location- a rooftop. The Lawnmower with it’s groundbreaking graphics started the “Cyber genre.” http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0502577/bio? ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 28

Click here to see a full technical specification CEEK VR GLOBAL document for CEEK Mega Studio production build. We estimate that Micro-Studios will Based on the final amount raised, CEEK will cost 60%-75% less to build than Mega Studio open several international CEEK VR Studios locations, but actual costs will vary for each in several countries where CEEK already has location. CEEK will review and publish full Entertainment Partner Agreements to deliver specifications and projected costs for each VR content: including UK, Brazil, India, South location prior to each location build. Korea, South Africa and other “key” international locations. Note: CEEK will measure carefully the operating costs and profitability of each Mega CEEK Founder Mary Spio was recently selected and Micro-Studios to ensure that we maintain for a US Mission to Brazil further deepening a solid balance sheet. Governance agreements relationships there that will benefit CEEK’s and safeguards will be put into place for each International rollout. location. We believe that anyone should be empowered with the ability to create quality VR content. CEEK Studios will help expand opportunity for content creators, developers and partners inside of the entertainment metaverse by making VR content creation universally accessible. Just like what Youtube did for video content creators, CEEK will do for VR content creators through cryptocurrency specific, CEEK Studio initiatives. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 29


ECOSYSTEM ROLES There are several ecosystem roles within CEEK VR, specifically inside CEEK CITY, where there will be many different venues, activities, music events, movies, gaming and plenty of immersive VR experiences. CEEKERS will play many roles in CEEK CITY and won’t be limited to any single one. CEEKERS DEVELOPERS Over the last couple of Developers are the backbone years, people started using of our ecosystem creating this as a general term in a wide range of applications driving a robust reference to anyone using the CEEK platform VR economy. Our goal at CEEK is to and the term stuck. CEEKERS are everyday keep development costs low and speeds consumers of content and information, as fast as possible for developers to primarily entertainment enthusiasts who want accelerate processes. After all, we can’t an immersive VR entertainment experience for have every developer reinventing the music, VR, education or movies. wheel for every application. CEEK provides a suite of open SDKs that are CONTENT essential for implementing key VR processing tasks, such as Asynchronous Timewarp, CREATORS lens distortion correction, and stereoscopic rendering. Not to mention power, thermal, and We believe that anyone should be empowered processing management in heterogeneous with the ability to create quality VR content, as hardware setups. Additionally, CEEK includes such CEEK Studios will help expand an SDK with multi-language support, wallets opportunity for content creators with the and payment gateways that are available as CEEK Studio initiatives. CEEK Studios completely open source solutions that allow locations are replete with camera developers to customize their VR environment tracking and light field camera technology for music, theatre, gaming experiences and to enable continuous capture of content more. Developer bounty available. from content creators. Just like what Youtube did for video content creators, CURATORS CEEK will do for VR content creators Curators are paid CEEK Tokens to enabling them to scale and monetization play a crucial role in CEEK CITY by finding and content in submitting a wide-range of high quality VR virtual reality. content for CEEK community approval, building artist demand lists for live show approval, immersive educational courses and much more. PARTNERS CEEK boasts a 3 API growing ecosystem Storage Verify of world-class partners who Layer Assets are using the CEEK Platform to scale existing content in ChainLink virtual reality as well distribute 1 USER 2 ASSET Nodes original experiences. CEEK’s Off Line solution for Entertainment Partners is to create new Browse Token revenue streams to replace assets Channel declining, traditional revenue sources. Real Time Smart Layer CEEK Contract BLOCKCHAIN CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 31

BLOCKCHAIN CONGRESS The Blockchain Congress is a group of voting members within CEEK appointed to submit various proposals for vote approval. The Blockchain Congress is headed by the Governor of CEEK CITY who is the CEO who can add or remove various members in the organization. Any member added can make a proposal, which is in the form of an Ethereum transaction to send ETHER or execute a specific Smart Contract that other members in the Blockchain Congress and general voters can vote for or against the proposal. Once a predetermined amount of time and a certain number of members have voted, the proposal can be executed by the Smart Contract: The Smart Contract will count the votes automatically and if there are enough votes it will execute the given transaction. Click here to see the Solidity code behind the Blockchain Congress. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee is made up of key members of CEEK VR INC. that possess corporate governance powers over Elected Officials, Blockchain Congress and Election Voters. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 32

cryptographic key-pair for signing and have VOTERS some amount of “Voting power” in proportion to the number of staked CEEK Tokens. Some CEEK takes Interactive Voting Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithms aim to to a “next level” experience in create a completely decentralized system CEEK CITY allowing CEEKERS where all stakeholders – even those who are to access self-governing, user curated not always online – participate in committing content by providing vote based venue and blocks. Tendermint has a different approach programming controls. Additionally, CEEKERS to block creation—CEEK validator nodes will vote to approve sponsors for venue naming need to be able to demonstrate 100% uptime. rights, branded experiences, elected officials Maintaining high availability potentially involves and much, much more. multiple ISPs, redundant server power, and backup hosting locations. ELECTION Economics: VOTERS Validators can bond their own CEEK tokens Election voters will vote for or have CEEK “delegated”, or staked, to them officials, but before doing so, must first by holders of the token. The validators are “officially” register in CEEK CITY. Future determined by who has the most stake elections can leverage zero knowledge proof delegated to them — the top 100 full nodes with protocols. Election voters can also be part of the most stake that can demonstrate the Blockchain Congress. required uptime will become CEEK validators. VALIDATORS Validators and the parties that delegate stake to them will earn CEEK as Validators play an active role in transaction fees and block rewards through consensus by relaying relevant execution of the Tendermint consensus meta-data, proposals, blocks, and votes to protocol. If validators double sign, are peers. A node that has the private keys of frequently offline or are compromised in an active validator and is engaged in signing some arbitrary way, their staked CEEK can votes is called a validator-node. All nodes (not be slashed. just validator-nodes) have an associated state (the current height, round, and step) and work Validator economics about bonding period, to make progress. Between two nodes there slashing conditions, etc. will be finalized by the exists a Connection, and multiplexed on top Blockchain Congress, Governor and of this connection are fairly throttled Channels Budgetary team. of information. An epic gossip protocol is implemented among some of these channels to bring peers up to speed on the most recent state of consensus. PROPOSER VALIDATOR NODES NODES A consensus round begins with a proposer and The CEEK Hub will have 100 validator nodes with each node broadcasting a pre-vote, which who will be selected by proof of stake. signals that they saw, or did not see a proposal Validators are responsible for committing in time. Nodes wait to hear pre-votes from >2/3 new blocks in the blockchain. These of other nodes. If > 2/3 is for the same block, validators participate in the consensus they broadcast a pre-commit. If they are not > protocol by broadcasting votes containing 2/3 pre-commits for the same block, the block cryptographic signatures signed by each failed to commit and a new round begins with a validator’s private keys. Validators have a new proposer. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 33

GOVERNOR Elected official and Chief Executive Officer of CEEK CITY. Has the ability to add or remove voting members to the Blockchain Congress, can issue Executive Orders and has Veto power. The first Governor will be elected after the TOKEN SALE for an initial 2 year term. programmed to stay by your side in CEEK CITY. They can become quite valuable as they take Once elected the Governor and budget team on new characteristics. CEEK PETS can be will develop and submit bi-annual or annual bought, sold, traded and become part of your budgets and appropriations for review and digital holdings stored inside of your smart approval by Witnesses. wallet. LIEUTENANT GOLDEN TICKET GOVERNOR Well it’s not going to get you into a chocolate Elected official designated to succeed factory with Oompa Loompa’s, or is it!? Actually, Governor in the event that Governor cannot Golden Tickets will be found in various areas fulfill their duties. Once elected will work with and venues within CEEK CITY and may contain the Governor to develop corporate governance a special bounty prize of CEEK and community policies. Tokens or the Golden Ticket may be programmed with VIP access CITY MANAGER to a special celebrity event, or it could be programmed to turn into Elected official who will oversee the an album cover with a cryptographic affairs of CEEK CITY coordinate with venues, token signature autograph from Lady voting, sponsorships and help things run Gaga or even a physical product! You smooth as a whistle. never know until you find one. WITNESSES Eight elected representatives CEEKER ALBERT who will vote to approve budgets, appropriations Albert is super cool AI who is into long and other manual votes not handled by the walks, witty talks and deep learning! He Blockchain Congress. Two year term. pays you CEEK Tokens every time you tag an item in virtual reality that he hasn’t DIRECTOR OF VR yet recognized! Thanks Albert!! PROGRAMMING CEEK FOUNDATION Appointed position. The Director of VR Programming will oversee VR content initiatives and coordinate with Voters for user directed The CEEK Foundation’s mission is to support content scheduling. entrepreneurial, innovative, bright minds with imaginative ideas to help CEEK VR develop *Elected & Appointed Officials receive CEEK broader community based initiatives for Tokens as compensation during their term. science, technology and VR education. CEEK PETS 25% of the total CEEK Token proceeds will go into the CEEK Foundation for R&D toward CEEK Virtual Pets offer a fun, personalized future innovation of these important CEEK VR experience for CEEKERS and can be initiatives. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 34

2013 2014 2015 GROWTH US LIVE MUSIC $. $9.05B $9.29B MUSIC 4.8% MARKETS TRENDS USERS WANT TO ENGAGE WITH THE ARTIST AND DIGITAL $3.77B ARE LOOKING FOR AN $3.7 $3. INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE PHYSICAL $2.44B $2.27B $2.08B INTERACTIVE VOTING VENUES & PROGRAMMING CEEK takes Interactive Voting to a “next level” CONCERT experience in CEEK CITY allowing CEEKERS ARENA to access self-governing, user curated content inside private VR experiences and in public VR experiences through interactive vote based venue and programming controls. All Votes are cast using CEEK Tokens or Custom Venue SPORTS Tokens. THEATRE COMPLEX Private Venue Programming Private Venues are self-governing, user curated The Director of VR Programming will establish and do not require a vote. Simply select the the programming schedule options as requests experience and enjoy. are voted for and confirmed by Voters. Public Venues Additionally, CEEKERS will vote to approve sponsors for venue naming rights, branded The first public venues that will enable experiences, elected officials and much more. interactive vote based venue and programming Voting bounties are included with many of the control will be the Concert Arena, Sports interactive voting features as detailed below. Complex and Movie Theatre. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 35

NAMING RIGHTS during the sponsorship selection process. The Governor and Budget committee will set the CEEKERS will vote to approve naming rights for percentage of distribution during the budget sponsors of non-branded venues within CEEK and appropriations meeting after the Token CITY. Currently, CEEK CITY has several non- sale. branded venues that are available for sponsors to request the naming rights for. Sponsor BRANDED VENUE requests will be submitted through an online submission form at a future date TBD. EXCLUSION Here’s how it works: Venues that are already branded will be exclu- ded from naming rights for obvious reasons. Once we compile the list of sponsors who For example, the Space Center and Empire Sta- submitted requests for naming rights we will te Building are venues that we are in discussion open the voting for CEEKERS who will then to launch soon and will be branded experien- select and vote for the sponsor of their choice ces in CEEK CITY. for each of the following venues: CUSTOM VENUE • Theatre EXPERIENCES VOTING • Concert Arena Existing venues have the ability to institute vo- • Sports Complex ting for custom experiences. The venue ma- nager can simply put out options for visitors • Hangout Lounge to choose from to vote for future venue expe- riences. Venues can also choose to coordina- Each sponsor will be able to submit an te with the City Manager for more mainstream application for any of the venues listed above, exposure. but can only be approved for a single venue sponsorship during a sponsorship term (2 Voting bounty available. years). In the event that a single sponsor wins the vote for two venues in a single term, the Each Venue Manager will set the bounty for winning sponsor will be required to select participation. Some Venues will choose to an- which venue they prefer naming rights for and nounce Airdrops to gain widespread exposure the next runner up will then secure the naming for their venue. rights for the alternate venue. NEW VENUE VOTING During the application process sponsors will submit an application with a sponsorship bid denoted in CEEK Tokens or required Venue New venues can be recommended by and put Token, which will be reviewed by the Governor to a vote within the community by anyone. The and City Manager who will in turn issue a list of best way to do this is to join or lobby a mem- accepted sponsors for the community vote for ber of the Blockchain Congress to issue a smart final approval. contract proposal that will be voted on by the community. See Ecosystem Roles “Blockchain Voting bounty available. Congress” section for more information. A percentage of the winning sponsor’s Voting bounty available. bid tokens to be determined (TBD) will be distributed as community bounty rewards CEEKERS issuing a new venue proposals or to Voters who participated by casting votes other considerations up for vote can include a bounty for participants. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 36

VR LIVE STREAM VOTING proud to announce the first ever VR LiveStream event for the World Of Dance (WOD) finals that VR live stream voting will be fun and engaging will be VR live cast by CEEK in 2018! Get for all and with an interactive VR environment, Ready to Vote!!! CEEKERS will be given many opportunities to vote inside various venues such as: Here’s how it will work: • MUSIC CONCERTS For example, CEEK would mint a custom ve-nue token for voting. CEEKERS who • THEATRE PERFORMANCES want to vote alongside judges during the event will first register inside of CEEK VR to • SPORT EVENTS purchase WOD COIN with CEEK Tokens prior to the event. During a live VR performance at the Concert • One CEEK will = 5 WOD COINS Arena audience members can vote for the next song or the virtual skin the artist will wear • Throughout the WOD Finals CEEKERS will during the next set they play, OR for Theatre watch each performer and then vote for the next act or an impromptu change in script their favorite act to win during a series of (Think of “Whose Line Is It Anyway”) for impro- open voting periods announced during the visational, interactive comedy. There are many show. possibilities and we are sure to see many va- riations take place in CEEK VR as these events • CEEKERS can vote as many times as they and interactions unfold. want during the open voting period. Voting bounty available • As votes are cast they will be validated through blockchain consensus providing Artist or Venue’s choice. For example, the per- near real time results that will be broadcast forming artist may set a bounty of 10 VIP tic- on a live results dashboard in CEEK venues kets to a special performance that will be gi- around the globe. ven away during the event to select voters, or it could be a combination of bounties, such as autographs of virtual album covers, never re- leased song by artist, skins give-a-way, digital download and more. CEEKERS may also cast votes for requests that Venues can approve in advance. VOTE AS JUDGES CEEKERS will be able to vote alongside judges during special VR Live Stream events, such as a major Music Awards show where CEEKERS ABOUT WORLD OF will vote in virtual reality during the live event and decide on the spot who the winner is du- DANCE ring the show. This is unprecedented and will set a new standard for interactive entertain- World of Dance is a Southern California-ba- ment! Imagine voting and then moments later sed dance, fashion, music, and entertainment the artist who CEEKERS voted to win walks on brand founded by David Gonzalez, Myron stage to accept the music award! Very exciting Marten, and Michael McGinn in 2008. It is the indeed.. world’s largest dance entertainment enterprise, elevating artists and brands with events, enter- CEEK envisions that this will be “the next big tainment and digital engagement. https://Worl- thing” for interactive entertainment and is dofDance.com CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 37

TENDERMINT CONSENSUS ENGINE New Heigth Propose invalid block or valid block not received in time Prevote New Prevote Nil Commit Block Round +2/3 precommit no +2/3 Wait for for block precommit for block precommits no +2/3 from +2/3 prevote for Precommit block Nil Wait for precommits from +2/3 +2/3 prevote Precommit for block Block CEEK will use the Tendermint Consensus Engine time to receive a complete proposal block from for voting via Proof-of-Stake mechanisms across the proposer before voting to move to the next an array of cryptocurrencies implemented as round. This reliance on a timeout is what makes ABCI applications. Tendermint a weakly synchronous protocol, rather than an asynchronous one. However, How it works is that participants in the protocol the rest of the protocol is asynchronous, and are called validators; they take turns proposing validators only make progress after hearing blocks of transactions and voting on them. from more than two-thirds of the validator set. A Blocks are committed in a chain, with one simplifying element of Tendermint is that it uses block at each height. A block may fail to be the same mechanism to commit a block as it committed, in which case the protocol moves does to skip to the next round. to the next round, and a new validator gets to propose a block for that height. Two stages of Assuming less than one-third of the validators voting are required to successfully commit a are Byzantine, Tendermint guarantees that block; we call them pre-vote and pre-commit. safety will never be violated - that is, validators A block is committed when more than 2/3 of will never commit conflicting blocks at the same validators pre-commit for the same block in the height. To do this it introduces a few locking rules same round. which modulate which paths can be followed in the flow diagram. Once a validator pre-commits There is a picture of a couple doing the polka a block, it is locked on that block. Then, because validators are doing something like a polka dance. When more than two-thirds of the 1. it must pre-vote for the block it is locked on validators pre-vote for the same block, we call that a polka. Every pre-commit must be justified 2. it can only unlock, and pre-commit for a by a polka in the same round. new block, if there is a polka for that block in a later round (14) Validators may fail to commit a block for a number of reasons; the current proposer may be During the World of Dance Live Stream event offline, or the network may be slow. Tendermint the Tendermint Protocol will be used to suc- allows them to establish that a validator should cessfully broadcast validated votes during the be skipped. Validators wait a small amount of WOD event. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 38

CEEK IS GROWING CEEK is scheduled to be distributed on 100 Million  *  EOY 2018 World Class Partners & Distribution Channels including: Mobile & +10US Computing OEMs. *Estimated device installs based on 10+ partners preloading CEEK VR App JOIN AND SUPPORT A DISTRIBUTION NETWORK THAT IS GROWING! CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 39

CEEK TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTURE CEEK’S STREAMLINED CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WILL INCLUDE SEAMLESS BLOCKCHAIN INTEGRATION; PROVIDING INCREASED ABILITY FOR FAIR AND TRANSPARENT CONTENT MANAGEMENT, TRACKING AND MONETIZATION CEEK’S TECHNOLOGY COVER THE SPECTRUM OF VR CONTENT CREATION & DELIVERY VR APP USER FACING Seamless for USERS to WEBSITE get content through Register / authenticate REAL TIME website, mobile app, Authentication Chat messaging SERVICES chat messaging and VR hardware. Upload / view - images / video Save images / video Friend find / follow / join Track user sesion in VR Post content to Facebook Manage ecommerce profile Ecommerce activities Find content of interest Schedule / buy Some content is paid by users Friend find / follow / join CEEK APP SERVICES Verify user content license Easy for CONTENT CREATORS to upload, OWNER VIDEO Deliver WEBSITE SCHEDULE content manage and track analytics & STREAM to user of their content. Upload videos Schedule content MOBILE Track analytics DEDICATED Set content pricing APP CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 40


MEDIA SERVICES LAYER CEEK PROVIDES A NETWORK AWARE, REACTIVE MEDIA SERVICES ENVIRONMENT FOR AN INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE YOU WILL LOVE CEEK to provide External OutEvent html/javascript code for asking “get movie information” INTERNET cms about movie information 1 2 INTERNET Trigger to initiate 3D communication chain APPL ICATION Handle external CEEK CMS outevent/script Handle commuication 5 between local webpage and CMS Show UI External event with movie information 4 3 Recieve movie information Lookup movie information (text and creative) and send back CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 42

BLOCKCHAIN SYSTEMS CONSENSUS PROTOCOL | TENDERMINT CEEK Protocol Network As previously discussed, CEEK VR will use one block at a time, where a block is a list of Tendermint technology as a secure protocol transactions. Voting for consensus on a block network. Tendermint is a partially synchronous proceeds in rounds. Each round has a round- BFT consensus protocol derived from the DLS leader, or proposer, who proposes a block. The consensus algorithm. Tendermint is notable validators then vote, in stages, on whether to for its simplicity, performance. The protocol accept the proposed block or move on to the requires a fixed known set of validators, where next round. The proposer for a round is chosen each validator is identified by their public key. deterministically from the ordered list of Validators attempt to come to consensus on validators, in proportion to their voting power. Own Servers And Profiles Game Assets Backups Database Memory block API Protocol Mempool cache Network (Tendermint) Proposer node Valid Block Commit Block LINK Token (Etherium) Coins Wallet CEEK Device CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 43

CHAINLINK CONNECTS SMART CONTRACTS TO ANY/ ALL EXTERNAL SYSTEMS & APIs ChainLink is secure Blockchain middleware that allows Ethereum Smart Contracts on the CEEK Platform to connect to external, off-chain resources through outside data feed triggers. MARKET DATA RETAIL PAYMENTS This allows CEEK to offer services for direct purchase by a smart contract, such as “on-chain” subscriptions. EVENTS DATA BANK PAYMENTS By creating a decentralized infrastructure for Smart Contracts to access critical off- chain resources, CEEK now has a scalable, secure and auditable way to add data, off- chain payments and API’s into a Smart Contract. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 44

CEEK SCALABILITY MODEL: SHARDING As mentioned, one problem is that each node needs to know about transactions or blocks needs to store the updated state of each that it doesn’t store, then it finds another node account on the network. ‘Sharding’ draws from with the information it needs. a traditional scaling technique called ‘database sharding’, which effectively breaks a database CEEK plans to use sharding within a validated into pieces and puts each part on a different network: State split into shards, each CEEK server. account is in one shard, user can only transact within the validated CEEK platform (Buy virtual The goal of sharding is to move away from assets, mint virtual goods, Voting, etc.) as all in requiring ‘full’ nodes – those which store the shard, in CEEK VR Network transactions using full state of the network and every transaction ‘cryptoeconomic incentives’ that drive actors that occurs. in a system to act responsibly to ensure that nodes are passing on valid information to other Instead, each node stores a subset of this data nodes. and only verifies those transactions. If a node THE BOTTOM MODEL LEVEL TRANSACTION GROUP HEADER Shard ID: 49 <sig #1134> <sig #1434> Pre state: c232b4ff <sig #1274> <sig #1574> Post state: 565cee23 Receipt root: fa389d48 <sig #1347> <sig #1647> TRANSACTION GROUP BODY Tx a123 Tx a563 Tx s987 Tx a145 Tx a723 Tx a765 Tx s566 Tx c545 Tx a167 CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 45

Every transition specifies a Shard ID THE TOP LEVEL ( each asset will have own ID) Think of the top-level as a non-scalable, A transition “In” shard “X” implies that Shard Ethereum 1.0 style, blockchain, with a state ID sends from to an account in shard “X” transition function A transaction grouping in shard “X” contains Tx is valid if: zero or more transactions in shard X Pre-state root equals shard root in global state Specifies pre-state root and post-state root for Signatures (⅔ of randomly pre-selected set that shard of 135 are valid) Shard root in global state becomes post- state root Solution: merkle tree receipts Block State Txtgroup Block State Txtgroup Block State Txtgroup 201 root root 202 root root 202 root root ... ... ... Shard ID: 49 <sig #1434> <sig #1134> Pre state: c232b4ff <sig #1534> <sig #1454> Post state: 565cee23 <sig #4534> <sig #1544> Tx root: 53h5ce13 <sig #1534> <sig #1874> Receipt root: fa389d48 ...state... ...txs... receipt 1f49 Building on this simple case, one can further extend and generalize VR channels to work with multiple CEEKERS are not explicitly turn-based. With these assets, ephemeral timestamps allow us to improve VR channels. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 46

THE ECONOMICS In a scalable model, contract to contract calling CEEK ARE ERC-20 requires actual transactions, not just virtual messages. This can be made censorship TOKENS resistant, there is common knowledge that info to create sub call exits, so sub calling can be SUPPORTED BY A POWERFUL compelled. FRAMEWORK OF OPEN SOURCE SMART CONTRACTS AND First k bits of an address is a shard ID, attempting SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT to synchronously call a contract outside of shard KITS. triggers on CEEK like expectation. Transaction groups on all K have same gas limit CEEKERS can update the global state through transactions made on the CEEK blockchain or through off-chain VR channels (ChainLink). Time-stamping through the CEEK blockchain ensures that all participants in each VR reach consensus on the shared VR state in a decentralized and provably fair way. We believe that the key to successful blockchain VR implementation lies in solving the scalability problem. THE CEEK SMART VIRTUAL REALITY TOKEN CEEK Tokens will be easy to use, multi-purpose tokens where CEEKERS will be able to earn and trade virtual goods and experience all kinds of interactive entertainment in the most popular virtual reality platform online. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 47

CEEK SMART CONTRACTS AND CELEBRITY COIN MINTING CELEBRITY COIN AND VIRTUAL The following customizations can be made MERCHANDISE MINTING during the virtual item creation: • Name CEEK allows celebrity artists to use a special tool • Total Supply called the Celebrity Coin Mint, whereby unique • CEEK Token exchange rate custom minted coins are created as event • Tradable Item or Locked tickets that provide artists access to new, • White List Transfer Options - transfer only untapped and unlimited revenue streams. to approved exchanges • Melt percentage fee - Developers can These celebrity minted coins and virtual program items to have a fee that they can merchandise items take on the traits of recoup if the item were ever melted by the cryptocurrency as each are assigned their own purchaser. Ethereum address, therefore offer fans the ability to cash in by owning rare items that can NOTE: Once an item is created as a “tradable” gain in value very quickly in virtual reality. At virtual good, then it will always be tradable or times, celebrity artists will sign these items with transferrable. This opens up an exciting option special cryptographic token signatures that for people who want to create marketplaces cannot be duplicated and are authenticated on where they can profit from trading fees or if the blockchain as to their rarity and value. they want to only allow their virtual items traded 1. CEEK VIRTUAL ITEM MINT through approved exchanges. The CEEK Virtual Mint, smart contract is a token conversion protocol that will enable Celebrities For example, Clash Of Clans could decide to to easily create a custom venue tokens or coins create their GEMS inside of CEEK Virtual Reality that allow them to create their own “in game” and could allow Clashers to use these in-game, currencies and that can be used for other creating an entirely new opportunity and market purposes, including those with special token place for their players to take advantage of. signatures or for those creating voting applications that use tokens. The CEEK Mint 2. The CEEK Virtual Mint Registry will keep also allows for creating of virtual goods and track of all created virtual tokens, coins, and other virtual items such as: other virtual items which will be recorded onto • Concert Tickets that have adaptive, the blockchain for immutable tracking. This transformative properties. Tickets could be Smart Contract stores all virtual goods in one programmed to change after admission into “monolithic” Smart Contract which will save 10X a VR concert for example, changing into an gas cost for transactions. album cover signed with a cryptographic authenticated signature by the performing Each virtual token, coin or item created will be music artist or the ticket could allow ERC20 compliant and be provided their own someone to win access to an after party unique Ethereum address through a type of VIP event. So many possibilities. ERC20 Adapter that uses the Bancor Protocol. • Virtual Skins - These can be created and offered for sale to other CEEKERS or if 3. Payment Gateway, Smart Contract will worn by one of the celebrity performers govern the on-chain and off-chain payments could become quite valuable. through ChainLink. • In-game items (Swords, GEMS, etc.) • Frequent visitor coupons offering venue 4. Smart Wallet will allow CEEKERS to store perks their valuable, virtual items, custom tokens, • CEEK PET accessories could be created coins, tickets, CEEK PETS, custom gaming that increase the characteristics and value items and anything of value in virtual reality of pets. Again, many possibilities and that allows CEEKERS to carry and control their variations will be seen in the future. virtual goods! (18) CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 48


TERMS OF PARTICIPATION TOTAL FINANCING CEEK believes it is of utmost importance that a wide variety of Softcap: USD $10,000,000 participants can take part in the Token Hardcap: USD $50,000,000 sale, therefore we have created a Includes migration from SQL database to whitelist approval form. Blockchain/DLT platform, and building one (1) CEEK 360 Mega Studio state of Please visit www.ceek.io if you would like the art facilities. to register for whitelist approval. CEEK TOKEN SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 BULK PURCHASE EXTRA DISCOUNT Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, Dash $10M+ - 20% Amount of tokens per person: Unlimited $5M+ - 15% Minimum sale amount in ETH: US$250 $1M - 5% Minimum sale amount in BTC: US$250 Maximum sale amount: Unlimited *Promotional Bonuses can not be combined Start date: Start date: Start date: Start date: Start date: March 26th, 2018 April 2nd, 2018 April 9th, 2018 April 16th, 2018 April 28th, 2018 (12:01 AM EST Time, (12:01 AM EST Time, (12:01 AM EST Time, (12:01 AM EST (12:01 AM EST UTC-5) UTC-5) UTC-5) Time, UTC-5) Time, UTC-5) End date: End date: End date: End date: End date: April 1st, 2018 April 8th, 2018 April 15th, 2018 May 27th, 2018 May 4th, 2018 (11:59 PM EST Time, (11:59 PM EST Time, (11:59 PM EST Time, (11:59 PM EST (11:59 PM EST UTC-5) UTC-5) UTC-5) Time, UTC-5) Time, UTC-5) 1 CEEK Token = 1 CEEK Token = 1 CEEK Token = 1 CEEK Token = 1 CEEK Token = USD $0.15 USD $0.15 USD $0.25 USD $0.35 USD $0.50 ONLY 1 BILLION CEEK TOKENS WILL EVER BE CREATED. THE CEEK TOKENS ARE INTENDED TO BE ALLOCATED AS FOLLOWS: 10% 50% will be locked for 3 CEEK will sell 50% of the CEEK Tokens years as reserves and during the private, pre-sale and public for future reserves sale. Unsold tokens will be used for future Celebrity Coin Cast token. CEEK will implement a whitelist process to ensure that a wide variety of participation is open 20% for the community. will go to the company, early contributors and advisors 20% will be reserved to incentive the development community CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 50

USE OF PROCEEDS 10% 5% Contingency Legal 25% 10% CEEK Foundation Operations R&D TOTAL 100% 25% Marketing & Business 25% Content & Licenses Development PLATFORM ADVANCEMENTS profile artists with large fanbase for revenue AND DEVELOPMENT (25%) generation and organic user growth. Our marketing efforts will leverage the amplification We will be expanding our development team benefits of having channel partners with and hiring new blockchain specialists. We will billions of our target users. Our content and utilize smart contracts as often as feasible. Our social efforts have driven more users than long term plan is to process all transactions on any other channel. This is a systematic way blockchain. that we can grow our users, since we have a pretty good indicator of our user metrics. We Content & Licenses (25%) are also creating marketing automation and a highly scalable referral engine through API We will finalize the build of our innovative integrations. We have already completed this 360 bluescreen facilities for capturing original kind of integration for our marketing promotions content. We built an ad-hoc (temporary) VR with Apple iTunes. Capture Studio at Center Staging in Burbank, CA These integrations will continue to be a big for the filming of the Dystopia VR experience. focus for us moving forward. In many cases Our goal is to have a permanent studio replete with no API’s of this kind existing for most of our with camera tracking and light filed camera partners, this becomes a huge distinguishing technology to enable continuous capture of advantage. These integrations will serve as content from artists. We already have interest a structured referral engine to drive ongoing from Top artist from all studios to record VR users to the CEEK community. experiences in our facilities once completed. If we do not raise the required capital to build a We will also engage with App Platform permanent studio, we will continue to build the promotions (ios, Android etc), event marketing, ad hoc studios at various locations. content marketing, SEM and other influencer marketing. Part of the proceeds will also cover licenses, publishing, acquiring and creating original 36 months of live operations (10%) content and enabling content creators to easily distribute through our platform. This will provide us financial stability to build strong market share and leadership through Marketing and Business Development (25%) community growth in the early months while there is high interest but low awareness of We will leverage our channel partners and high options in VR entertainment. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 51

CEEK MILESTONES & ROADMAP CEEK Develops Mobile VR Platform With UNITY 2016 CEEK Partners with Q1 Universal Music 50,000 VR Bundles Sold CEEK and Universal Music Release Megadeth Dystopia VR Experience Produced by CEEK CEEK Is Awarded Virtual Reality Q2 CEEK Headset Available and Augmented Reality foldable in Best Buy Stores headset Patent (D765,658) CEEK partners with T-Mobile to content without data charges. Q3 CEEK VR WINS 2016 CLIO SIVER Award for Design Q4 VR Controller Patent D776,091 Awarded Megadeth Dystopia 4D Audio Headset Patent Album Wins 2017 (D782,999) Awarded GRAMMY AWARD 2017 System for interacting within a virtual reality environment Q1 Patent 9,645,648 Awarded CEEK VR Selected for Amazon Launchpad Amazon Investment in Q2 CEEK Partners With Apple. CEEK VR iTunes and API Integration Implemented CEEK Opens API and SDK (To Select Developers) Q3 Token Sale CEEK VR Premium Headse Private Sale Starts Launches in Target Stores on Mar 19th 10/13/17 CEEK Pre Token Sale Mar 26th Q4 Public Crowdsale Apr 16th Core Smart Contracts, Development Initiatives Begin CEEK VR Exchange CEEK becomes first company to sponsor For Digital Items OLYMPIC ATHLETE with crypto 2018 Payment Gateway Q1 and Smart Wallet Ceek Blockchain Beta Platform Multi-Language Support & Localization CryptoShopper Enable ability for CEEKERS to buy CEEK 360 VR Studios Q2 Headsets with CEEK and other leading cryptos Build-out Commences Major Sports Partnership including exclusive Great American Rivalry Series eSports Content and Branded VR Headsets Live VR Events and CEEK Cast Voting Device Preload Starts Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets Q3 CEEK Release for Oculus Rift and Gear VR, Roblox Ceek Blockchain 1.0 (178 Million Registered Users) Summer content release Beyonce (63M FB Fans), Rihanna (80M FB Fans), Shakira (103M FB Fans), Michael Jackson (76M FB Fans) and more Availability of CEEK SDK for Fanbase of Music Artists and Performers in CEEK Virtual World Developers Content Catalog exceeds 1 BILLION Fans combined Q4 Ceek Blockchain 2.0 Partner of Global Award show to be Broadcast in 161 Countries C EE K G LO B A L IN N O VAT I O N S ved 52

LEADERSHIP MARY SPIO CEO & FOUNDER Digital Cinema Pioneer Mary Spio holds 10+Technology patents and former Head of Satellite Communications at BOEING DIGITAL CINEMA. Spio previously founded an online and mobile video platform with clients including Microsoft XBOX, Coca Cola and Clear Channel. Mary recently joined the Advisory Boards of Oculus VR for Good (Facebook) and Amazon Launchpad. JASON KING CTO & CHIEF TECHNICAL ADVISOR Jason King is a longtime fixture in the cryptocurrency space. Known as a pioneer in applying blockchain technology to humanitarian work, he is the founder of both Sean’s Outpost and Unsung.org, two of the world’s first cryptocurrency-based charities. CHISTOPHER J KRAMER BLOCKCHAIN ENGINEER Christopher was the recipient of IBM’s Global Entrepreneurs Award for blockchain based social media application, onG.social and helped architect the design of the onG Coin token and AML/KYC program. Kramer possesses extensive knowledge of cloud computing stack for blockchain technologies, such as Bigchain DB, IPFS, BlockStack.org, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Waves, Multichain and was recently featured on the cover of a an industry magazine. LAURIE CLARK COO Laurie is a highly-placed executive in the music, gaming and video industry with leading retailers including Staples and Transworld Entertainment (NASDAQ: TWMC). As SVP for Staples she helped take Staples from $100 MILLION to $11 BILLION. Laurie is a graduate of Harvard Business School. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 53

AKIM MILLINGTON DIRECTOR, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS Akim is a former New Orleans Saints (NFL) Offensive Lineman and Founder of Centi Athletics, a marketing company that connects iconic brands to influential athletes. Akim is a graduate of The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. SAIBABA TALLURI VP, GLOBAL STRATEGY Sai has extensive experience in identifying new opportunities, program management and execution. He brings significant business and technical acumen from his past roles at Amazon, Microsoft and Wipro for over 15 years. TINA BROWN HEAD OF COMMUNITY AND CLIENT RELATIONS Tina comes with extensive customer success experience, having held similar roles at THREE.CO.UK, HP and YELL AD NETWORKS. Tina holds an MBA from Greenwich School of Management. ALEX LASAREV CMO Alex is the founder of the Infinite Man Summit and has been “Inspiring men to create extraordinary lives” since 2008. Alex entered the blockchain space in 2013 and has been immersed in the technology ever since. He is fanatically passionate about blockchain technology and it’s potential. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 54

ADVISORS MUKHTAR MUSSABETOV BlockSpace Labs Inc., Founder & CEO Mr. Mussabetov is the Founder & CEO of BlockSpace Labs a world- class Blockchain Strategy and FinTech Company. As a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of three blockchain startups, Mukhtar possesses a wealth of knowledge in the Blockchain based ecosystems ranging from regulatory assessment, corporate governance, AML/KYC compliance to tokenized structuring analysis. Previous experience includes investment experience with more than 20+multi-billion deals negotiated in oil and gas, mining and related industries. TONY LUSTIG CEO Rural Investments Ltd Tony Lustig served as the Director and Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Lockheed Martin Space for an $8B business. Earlier, Lustig served on the founding teams of Iridium, Space Imaging, and Lockheed- Khrunichev Energia. He has advised/completed over $20B in transactions in value across the U.S., Asia-Pacific, and EMEA. Lustig earned an MBA in Financial Services Investments from Golden Gate University, and a BS in Aeronautics from San Jose State University. DR HARRY KLOOR Dr. Harry Kloor is an American scientist, film producer, director, writer and businessman. Kloor was the first person to be awarded two PhD's simultaneously in two distinct academic disciplines who holds PhD's in Physics and in Chemistry. Dr. Kloor is a bold innovator and futurist who created the Avatar Xprize. CHRIS HUNICHEN Former #1 Ranked online poker player. Chris is a Blockchain architect specializing in Token Mechanics, ICO Infrastructure, and Investor Relations. Mr Hunichen provides insights on how technology enablement, digital transformation and enterprise intelligence contribute to performance improvement and creating multiplying effect during company pre-launch and post-launch growth and performance transformations. Advisor at Experty.io, and Blitzpick. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved 55

CONCLUSION Since the inception of our company, we have created a new category (VR Bundle) for physical and digital distribution of virtual and augmented reality experiences via our patent awarded technologies. We have secured partnerships, a solid business model and a robust pipeline of repeatable, profitable and scalable opportunities. We now plan to fuel growth by integrating a dynamic, blockchain-enabled ecosystem for virtual reality that offers partners, developers and CEEKERS world-wide access to transparent, new revenue streams offering one of the most exciting opportunities of 2017 as we partner together to CEEK a new reality. Over the upcoming months, our long- view focus is to position CEEK as the definitive Mobile VR Entertainment market leader. We are using a unique approach leveraging our early mover advantage and team’s deep industry expertise and relationships. The CEEK executive team comes with a proven track record of industry leaders ranging from Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks SKG, 20th Century Fox, NFL, Verizon and Zynga. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved

REFERENCES https://www.economist.com/news/business/21583687-media-companies-took-battering-inter-net- cash-digital-sources-last (1) https://techcrunch.com/2007/06/20/virtual-goods-the-next-big-business-model/ (2) http://www.vgsummit.com/2009 (3) https://venturebeat.com/2015/04/22/video-games-will-make-91-5b-this-year/ (4) http://www.pcgamer.com/how-400-virtual-knives-saved-counter-strike/ (5) http://www.pcgamer.com/how-400-virtual-knives-saved-counter-strike/ (5) Harry Kloor quote (7) Don Tapscott quote (8) https://www.techrepublic.com/article/virtual-reality-in-2016-the-10-biggest-trends-to-watch/ (9) https://www.androidauthority.com/challenges-facing-mobile-vr-771609/ (10) http://vrsource.com/japan-display-651ppi-vr-display-6872/ (11) https://www.androidauthority.com/qualcomm-snapdragon-660-630-specs-release-date-769805/ (12) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0502577/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm https://www.khronos.org/openxr (13) https://tendermint.readthedocs.io/en/master/introduction.html#what-is-tendermint (14) https://Worldofdance.com (15) https://github.com/mobfoundry/hackatom/blob/master/tminfo.pdf (16) https://link.smartcontract.com/ (17) https://enjincoin.io/ (18) CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved

LEGAL Time Lock and CEEK Token Delivery Schedule Update Law. This product sale is conducted by CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI), a company operating under BVI All CEEK Tokens will be delivered u p o n p u r c h a s e . law. It is the responsibility of each potential 7 business days after the last day of the public token Purchaser of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) to sale tokens will be unlocked. determine if the Purchaser can legally purchase CEEK Tokens in the Purchaser’s country or jurisdiction. TIMING OF SALE Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of CEEK GLOBAL CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). reserves INNOVATIONS (CGI) Token Sale the right to change the date when the initial sale will begin and further reserves the right to extend the As a first step in the purchase process, CEEK GLOBAL sale duration for any reason, including the INNOVATIONS (CGI). will present the Purchaser with unavailability of the website https://CEEK.io or other these Terms, and associated documents. By placing an order for unforeseen security or procedural issues. Though it CEEK Tokens, the Purchaser: (i) consents and agrees to the does not currently anticipate doing so, CEEK Terms; (ii) represents and warrants that the Purchaser is GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). also reserves the legally permitted to purchase CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS right to shorten the sale duration for any reason. (CGI) Tokens in the Purchaser’s jurisdiction; (iii) represents and warrants that the Purchaser is of a sufficient age to legally CEEK Token Pricing purchase CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Tokens or has received permission from a legal guardian who has reviewed CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). management and agreed to these Terms; (iv) represents and warrants that has detailed that each phase of the sale shall be the Purchaser will take sole responsibility for any partitioned and sold at decreasing bonus rates restrictions and risks associated with the purchase of CEEK as the sale proceeds. Full details about these GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Tokens as set forth below; price points will be provided in a timely manner to and (v) represents and warrants that the Purchaser has an Purchasers in the initial sale and will be available on understanding of the usage and intricacies of cryptographic the website at the time of purchase. tokens, like BTC, and Ethereum Disclosure of Purchases All Purchases of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Are Non-Refundable. ALL PURCHASES OF CEEK To enable CEEK Purchasers to have as much information GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) ARE FINAL. PURCHASES as possible to guide their decision-making process, CEEK OF CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) ARE NON- GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). will disclose the total REFUNDABLE. BY PURCHASING CEEK GLOBAL funds collected in the CEEK initial sale to enable INNOVATIONS (CGI), THE PURCHASER ACKNOWLEDGES the Purchaser to develop an understanding of the THAT NEITHER CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). NOR size of the existing CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) ANY OTHER OF THE CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) funding pool at the time of their CEEK purchase. PARTIES ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A REFUND FOR ANY REASON, AND THAT THE PURCHASER WILL NOT Obligation to Determine If Purchaser Can Purchase RECEIVE MONEY OR OTHER COMPENSATION FOR ANY CEEK in Purchaser’s Jurisdiction CEEK Token THAT IS NOT USED OR REMAINS UNUSED. The token sale will run from March 19th through April Taxation of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) and Taxation 27th 2018. To enable CEEK GLOBAL Related to the Initial Sale CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS INNOVATIONS (CGI) Purchasers to have as (CGI). makes no representations concerning the tax much information as possible to guide their implications of the sale of CEEK Tokens or the possession or decision-making process, CEEK GLOBAL use of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Tokens. INNOVATIONS (CGI) will disclose the total funds collected in the CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS The Purchaser bears the sole responsibility to determine if the (CGI) initial sale to enable the Purchaser to purchase of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Tokens with develop an understanding of the size of the existing BTC or the potential appreciation or depreciation in the CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) funding pool at value of CEEK Token over time has tax implications for the the time of their CEEK purchase. The initial Purchaser in the Purchaser’s home jurisdiction. By sale constitutes the sale of a legal software purchasing CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI), and to the product under British Virgin Islands (BVI) extent permitted by law, the Purchaser agrees not to hold CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved

any of the CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Parties INABILITY TO USE, OR PURCHASE OF, OR liable for any tax liability associated with or arising INABILITY TO PURCHASE, CEEK GLOBAL from the purchase of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS INNOVATIONS (CGI). THE PURCHASER FURTHER (CGI). SPECIFICALLY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). PARTIES ARE NOT LIABLE FOR Privacy: Although (CGI) requires that Purchasers THE CONDUCT OF THIRD PARTIES, INCLUDING OTHER provide an email address, CGI will not publish any PURCHASERS OF CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS identifying information related to CGI Token (CGI), AND THAT THE RISK OF PURCHASING CEEK purchases, without the prior written 39 consent of the GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) RESTS ENTIRELY WITH Purchaser. Purchasers may be contacted by email THE PURCHASER. TO THE EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER by CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). regarding a APPLICABLE LAWS, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL purchase. Such emails will be informational ANY OF THE CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). only. CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) will not PARTIES BE LIABLE TO ANY PURCHASER FOR MORE request any information from Purchasers in an email. THAN THE AMOUNT THE PURCHASER MAY HAVE PAID TO CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). FOR THE Disclaimer of Warranties PURCHASE OF CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION THE PURCHASER EXPRESSLY AGREES THAT OF CERTAIN WARRANTIES OR THE LIMITATION OR THE PURCHASER IS PURCHASING CGI AT THE EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR CERTAIN TYPES OF PURCHASER’S SOLE RISK AND THAT CGI IS DAMAGES. THEREFORE, SOME OF THE ABOVE PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” BASIS WITHOUT LIMITATIONS IN THIS SECTION AND ELSEWHERE IN WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR THE TERMS MAY NOT APPLY TO A PURCHASER. IN IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PARTICULAR, NOTHING IN THESE TERMS SHALL WARRANTIES OF TITLE OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, AFFECT THE STATUTORY RIGHTS OF ANY MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PURCHASER OR EXCLUDE INJURY ARISING FROM PARTICULAR PURPOSE (EXCEPT ONLY TO THE ANY WILFUL MISCONDUCT OR FRAUD OF CEEK EXTENT PROHIBITED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW WITH GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). ANY LEGALLY REQUIRED WARRANTY PERIOD TO THE Dispute Resolution SHORTER OF THIRTY DAYS FROM FIRST USE OR THE a) CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). and MINIMUM PERIOD REQUIRED). WITHOUT LIMITING THE Purchaser (the “Parties”) agree to make good faith FOREGOING, NONE OF THE CEEK GLOBAL efforts to resolve any dispute, controversy or claim INNOVATIONS (CGI). PARTIES WARRANT THAT arising between them relating to this pre-sale and their THE PROCESS FOR PURCHASING CGI WILL BE respective rights and UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE. obligations hereunder arising under this Agreement (a Limitations Waiver of Liability “Dispute”). b) If the Parties, or their designated representatives, are unable to resolve the Dispute within ten THE PURCHASER ACKNOWLEDGES AND (10) business days after referral of the matter to them, the Parties AGREES THAT, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT will submit the Dispute for resolution pursuant to paragraph c. of PERMITTED BY ANY APPLICABLE LAW, THE this Section. c) Except with respect to Disputes concerning (i) DISCLAIMERS OF LIABILITY CONTAINED HEREIN the right of either Party to apply to a court of competent APPLY TO ANY AND ALL DAMAGES OR INJURY jurisdiction for an interim or interlocutory injunction or other WHATSOEVER CAUSED BY OR RELATED TO USE provisional remedy to preserve the status quo or prevent OF, OR INABILITY TO USE, CGI OR THE irreparable harm or (ii) any Disputes that may arise in CGI PLATFORM UNDER ANY CAUSE OR connection with a breach of a Party’s obligations of ACTION WHATSOEVER OF ANY KIND IN ANY confidentiality hereunder, if any Dispute is not resolved pursuant JURISDICTION, INCLUDING, WITHOUT to paragraphs a. and b. above, the Parties will, acting LIMITATION, ACTIONS FOR BREACH OF reasonably, agree mutually on the forum for resolution of the WARRANTY, BREACH OF CONTRACT OR TORT Dispute by arbitration as set out in this Section. d) After the (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) AND THAT NONE OF completion of the procedures set forth in paragraph b. and CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). PARTIES SHALL BE agreement by the Parties to enter into binding arbitration in LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, accordance with paragraph c. of this Section, either Party may EXEMPLARY OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, within thirty (30) calendar days refer the Dispute to arbitration INCLUDING FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, GOODWILL OR by serving written notice of its intention to arbitrate the DATA, IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER ARISING OUT Dispute to the other Party. e) The arbitration will be OF THE USE OF, OR CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved

conducted by a single arbitrator to be mutually agreed N !"#$% to by the Parties within three (3) business days following the date of the referral of the Dispute to The failure of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) to arbitration. require or enforce strict performance by the Purchaser of any provision of these Terms or CEEK Force Majeure MEDIA NETWORKS INC’s failure to exercise any right CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). is not liable for under these agreements shall not be construed as a failure to perform solely caused by: unavoidable waiver or relinquishment of CEEK MEDIA NETWORKS casualty delays in delivery of materials, embargoes, INC’s right to assert or rely upon any such provision or government orders, acts of civil or military authorities, right in that or any other instance. The express waiver acts by common carriers, emergency conditions by CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). of any (including weather conditions), or any similar unforeseen event that renders performance provision, condition, or requirement of these Terms shall commercially implausible. If an event of force majeure not constitute a waiver of any future obligation to comply occurs, the party injured by the other’s inability to with such provision, condition or requirement. Except as perform may elect to suspend the Agreement, in expressly and specifically set forth in this these Terms, no whole or part, for the duration of the force majeure representations, statements, consents, waivers, or other circumstances. The party experiencing the force acts or omissions by CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS majeure circumstances shall cooperate with and assist (CGI). shall be deemed a modification of these Terms the injured party in all reasonable ways to minimize the nor be legally binding, unless documented in physical impact of force majeure on the injured party. 41 writing, hand signed by the Purchaser and a duly appointed officer, employee, or agent of CEEK GLOBAL Complete Agreement These Terms set forth the entire understanding INNOVATIONS (CGI). between each Purchaser and CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). with respect to the purchase Terms and Conditions of the CEEK U&'!($) ( (*$ and sale of CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Initial Sale Tokens. For facts relating to the sale and purchase, the Purchaser agrees to rely CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). reserves the right, only on this document in determining at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove purchase decisions and understands that this portions of the Terms at any time during the sale by document governs the sale of CEEK GLOBAL posting the amended Terms on the CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI) Tokens and supersedes any public statements about the initial sale INNOVATIONS (CGI). website (www.ceek.io) Any made by third parties or by CEEK GLOBAL Purchaser will be deemed to have accepted such INNOVATIONS (CGI). or individuals associated with changes by purchasing CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS any CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). parties, (CGI). The Terms may not be otherwise amended except past and present and during the initial sale. in a signed writing executed by both the Purchaser There are no warranties, representations, and CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). For covenants, or agreements, express or implied, purposes of this agreement, “writing” does not include between the parties except those expressly set an e-mail message and a signature does not include an forth in this Agreement. This Agreement may only electronic signature. If at any point, you do not agree to be amended by a written document duly executed by the parties. any portion of the then-current version of the Terms, you should not purchase CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). Severability 42 The Purchaser and CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS Cooperation with Legal Authorities (CGI). agree that if any portion of these Terms is found illegal or unenforceable, in whole or CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS (CGI). will cooperate with in part, such provision shall, as to such all law enforcement inquiries, subpoenas, or requests jurisdiction, be ineffective solely to the extent of provided they are fully supported and documented by the such determination of invalidity or unenforceability law in the relevant county or jurisdictions. CEEK GLOBAL without affecting the validity or enforceability INNOVATIONS (CGI). will endeavor to publish any thereof in any other manner or jurisdiction and legal inquiries upon receipt. 26. For further without affecting the remaining provisions of the Information regarding the CEEK GLOBAL Terms, which shall continue to be in full force and INNOVATIONS (CGI) Token sale, please effect. contact: [email protected] CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS All Rights Reserved