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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Whitepaper Author: DIMCOIN Foundation Version: V.1.3 Date: 28.06.2017 www.dimcoin.io

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Abstract Abstract Since the introduction of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Blockchain has allowed not only cryptocurrencies to flourish, but has opened other traditional sectors such as financial services to exploit the technology. The problem with many of these blockchain offerings is that they offer individualised or complimentary services, but not the entire package. This forces users to register and pay multiple fees to a plethora of service providers, increasing costs and ineffi- ciency for users and businesses involved. The solution to the afore-mentioned problem is a blockchain-based financial ecosys- tem – a financial ecosystem that offers users a platform regardless of their financial standing. The Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrency is such a solution. The DIM comes in two versions; the DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. It is more than just a cryptocurrency; it is a key to the DIM Ecosystem. The DIM Ecosystem comprises of the DIM, DEPOTWALLET, WISEConsulting and Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE). It offers blockchain wallets, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, cryptocurrency exchan- ges, digital equity trading & management, and commodity trading & management. All these services interact with each other and produce commissions as a result, which will be distributed to the token holders according to their token percentages. Buying DIM TOKENs from the DIMCOIN ICO will permit the holders to receive commissions. Token holders will receive the commissions as long as they are in possession of DIM TOKENs. The DIM Ecosystem, with its low fees and uncomplicated registration pro- cess, breaks the financial, administrative and geographical barriers that have separated potential issuers and investors in traditional financial systems. Less barriers will permit a large pool of users to use the ecosystem. Risk Disclaimer: Buying DIM TOKENs involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of the DIM may fluctuate, and, as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. Before deciding to invest in DIM TOKENs, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Table of Contents Table of Contents 05 Introduction 07 Blockchain Technology 09 NEM Network 11 DIMCOIN Foundation 13 The Data Interchange Module 15 DIMCOIN 16 DIM Currencies 18 Comparison between DIMCOIN vs DIM Currencies 19 DIM TOKEN 20 DIM Ecosystem 21 DIM Ecosystem 23 Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) 24 Tradable Assets on HYBSE 24 Advantages of Using HYBSE 25 Traditional Stock Markets vs HYBSE 26 WISEConsulting 27 DEPOTWALLET 28 Private Account 28 Multisignature Account 29 Debit Cards 29 Transactions 30 Nodes 30 DEPOTWALLET Functions 31 Digital (Cryptocurrency) Exchanges 32 DIM Ecosystem Goals

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Table of Contents 37 DIMCOIN ICO 39 Bonus DIMCOIN 40 DIM TOKEN Depletion 41 How ICO Funds Will Be Used 42 Primary Development 42 Functional Costs 42 Marketing 42 Legal and Compliance 43 Outreach 43 Accepted Cryptocurrencies 44 Fund - Keepers 46 Legal Implications 47 Anti-Fraudulent Measure 47 DIM TOKEN Implication 48 Blockchain Terrain Implications 48 Risks 49 Why Invest In The DIM TOKEN 52 Benefits of DIMCOIN ICO 53 Advantages of DIM TOKENs 54 Fee Structure 55 Transparency of Commissions 56 Governance 57 Voting 58 DIMCOIN Ambassadors 58 DIM TOKEN Rights 59 Operational Times 60 DIMCOIN History 62 DIMCOIN Roadmap 64 Summary 66 Glossary 68 Reference List

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN ICO DIMCOIN ICO Available at: www.dimcoin.io ICO 2017 Dates: Pre-ICO = 1st (12:00 pm CET) - 15th (23:59 pm CET) of July ICO = 16th (00:00 am CET) of July - 27th (23:59 pm CET) of August [ICO End] Type of Offer: Initial Coin Offering Purchase: 1 DIM TOKEN includes 100 DIMCOIN Commissions Qualification: 50 or more DIM TOKEN* Tokens Available: 10,000,000 Token Structure: 1 Token = 100 DIMCOIN Token Price: $ 1 per Token Minimum Purchase Per Person: 1 Token Maximum Purchase Per Person: 4,500,000 Tokens Bonus DIMCOIN Available: 30% = 1st (12:00 pm CET) - 15th (23:59 pm CET) of July 20% = 16th - 29th of July 15% = 30th of July - 12th of August 10% = 13th - 19th of August 5% = 20th - 27th of August [Bonus DIMCOIN END on the last day of ICO or when DIM TOKENs are finished] Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XEM, DASH, USDT Group Structure: DIMCOIN Foundation (Founder & Architect of DIM) Hybrid Stock Exchange (Trading Platform) WISEConsulting (DIM Exchange) Attachments: DIMCOIN Terms & Conditions, DIMCOIN Prospectus, DIMCOIN Technical Report and DIMCOIN Presentation Dilution: Token holders will not have their ownership and commissions diluted. No future tokens that have earnings from the DIM Ecosystem will be issued. *required amount of DIM TOKENs in order to receive comissions based on the fees generated within the DIM Ecosystem .


DIMCOIN Whitepaper Introduction Introduction The cryptocurrency market has evolved extensively since its inception with the birth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most known and valued cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation. Altcoins, however, have been diluting Bitcoin‘s market share in recent times. Altcoins are all the other cryptocurrencies, except for Bitcoin. They come in different forms and perform different functions, such as Ether, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, etc. What are cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are digital mediums of exchange that utilise cryptography and shared public ledgers (blockchain). These characteristics allow digital coins to be secure, traceable and anonymous. Cryptography and block- chain are also the foundations for the creation, mining, and harvesting of digital coins. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised in nature, meaning that there‘s no central point of concentration, therefore increasing their desirability for security-conscious users. This also eliminates the middleman, thereby reducing transaction costs. Their decen- tralised nature means that cryptocurrencies are not backed by governments or other financial institutions such as central banks. Central banks control the flow of finance within geographical regions and act as individuals within a global financial ecosystem. In decentralised platforms, the users control the flow of finances, data, etc. Individual users operate as a collective within decentralised platforms. Their values are deter- mined by perception and other economic factors, such as demand and supply. The cryptocurrency and blockchain markets are still relatively young, but have potential for exponential growth, leading to new offerings in the market. The DIMCOIN is one such new offering in the market. It is one-half of the DIM crypto- currency and provides access to the DIM Ecosystem. The DIMCOIN can be exchanged into all accepted cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies within the ecosystem. The DIM- Ecosystem offers services such as: stock exchange trading, cryptonisation (securitisation) of equity, equity trading & management, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-fiat curren- cy exchanges, e-commerce, debit card purchases, inter-business transactions, and commodity trading & management. The DIM Ecosystem endeavours to make the use of cryptocurrencies legally available for both individuals and institutions, thus paving the way for them to enter the crypto-data market. The use of fiat currency in the ecosystem is achieved by exchanging fiat currencies against DIM Currencies. The DIM Currencies are the other half of the DIM cryptocurrency. The value of the DIM Currencies is tied to the value of the denominated fiat currencies. Within the DIM Ecosystem, assets are valued and denominated in DIM Currencies. The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. Lao Tzu 06

Blockchain Technology

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Blockchain Technology Blockchain Technology 1 Blockchain technology is the foundation of the DIMCOIN and is the next “industrial revolution”. It is a decentralised ledger system with enhanced security, is simple in design and inexpensive to operate. The ledger system allows for transactions to be done with complete accuracy because it is a fusion of computer peer-to-peer (p2p) technology, cryptography and database systems. The fusion of these technologies leads to a ledger system that is immutable and irreversible, meaning that transactions cannot be tampered with when signed and transferred. Transactions become final and there is no double-spending. Cryptography is utilised for encrypting messages on the ledger, but is significantly used for signing off transactions by users and to proof these transactions. With cryptography, blockchain does not require supplementary security solutions to protect the authenticity of transactions. Blockchain‘s decentralised and p2p nature means that the ledger eliminates the need for a data-centre and a disaster recovery centre (DRC) that houses core systems. The end result is that the ledger will always be up and running. Security depends not so much upon how much you have, as upon how much you can do without. Joseph Wood Krutch 1 Radicalizing The Equity Market Landscape – https://www.nem.io/RadicalizingEquityMarket.pdf 08

NEM Network A lot affects the outcome. It boils down to scheduling and the commitment of the network. David Ogden Stiers

DIMCOIN Whitepaper NEM Network NEM Network2 The DIM cryptocurrency is built upon the NEM network/blockchain, which is under- pinned by the consensus mechanism called the Proof-of-Importance (POI). The POI is similar to Proof-of-Stake (POS) with the main difference being that it integrates behaviour trusted to be positive for the entire economy, while POS derives importance from the user‘s account balance. POI also has an advantage over Proof-of-Work (POW), another popular system3, in that POI does not require large scale computing resources for maintaining the blockchain. The NEM network emphasises security and trust-less computing. The NEM platform is run by a network of nodes operating together in a p2p configu- ration. The nodes record and verify transactions that are transmitted on the network. At block time (periodic intervals), these transactions are grouped together and then go through a hashing process that connects them to previous blocks. The network’s participants are anonymous and there is no restriction on their calibre, which exposes the network to nefarious participants who can inject hostile nodes into the network, that can distribute invalid information or disrupt the network in some ways. To counter this threat, the network deploys the EigenTrust ++ reputation system to identify hostile nodes and reduce communication with them. A reputation system has various benefits: Nodes can select their communication partner according to the trust values from other nodes, Hostile nodes that provide dishonest data and feedback are easily identified, The trust algorithm cuts down the percentage of failed interactions even if hostile nodes collude to give hostile nodes a high trust value. 2 NEM Technical Reference – https://www.nem.io/NEM_techRef.pdf 3 What is POI? - https://blog.nem.io/what-are-poi-and-vesting/ 10

DIMCOIN Foundation

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN Foundation DIMCOIN Foundation The DIMCOIN Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is responsible for the creation, management and distribution of the DIM (DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies) and DIM TOKENs and is a central production hub of the DIM Currencies. Its functions will also include cryptonising assets and creating future products or services under the DIM copyrights. All the profits received by the foundation will be utilised to further improve the DIM in order to increase its value. The DIMCOIN Foundation’s long-term goals are to: become a major exchange platform for altcoins, make the process of splitting currencies easier; e.g. we are able to create currencies for regions that wish to have a currency separate from their national currency, create currencies for certain sectors and industries, similar to what was achieved by WIR Bank when they created a private currency for certain businesses in Switzerland4, and to create a community payment system for local needs. The modern composer builds upon the foundation of truth. Claudio Monteverdi 4 WIR Bank – https://www.wir.ch/ 12

The Data Interchange Module (DIM)

DIMCOIN Whitepaper The Data Interchange Module (DIM) The Data Interchange Module (DIM) The Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrency is a p2p, quantity-committed, secure, private and robust digital medium of exchange. Its cryptography is based on the Elliptic Curve Cryptography5, which guarantees security and speed. It is different from the rest of its competitors because it is part of an ecosystem. Ownership of the DIM crypto- currency offers entry into the ecosystem and the services within it. The DIM is created and issued by the DIMCOIN Foundation to WISEConsulting, who will function as an exchange bureau. There are two versions of the DIM cryptocurrency: DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. The DIMCOIN will be available initially through the DIM TOKENs during the ICO rounds. After the ICO, however, it will be made available through WISEConsulting. The DIM Currencies will be for use in the DIM Ecosystem and consumer-related purchasing. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi 5 Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Practice - https://eprint.iacr.org/2013/734.pdf 14

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN DIMCOIN The DIMCOIN is a speculative digital coin that is available worldwide. It is built upon the NEM blockchain protocol, making the coins low-cost and transparent. The coins contain high confirmation speeds and are 99.99% immune to fraudulent activities. The DIMCOIN has a quantity commitment of 9 billion coins, with an initial price of $0.01 each. The DIMCOIN will be available on major cryptocurrency exchange plat- forms, and will be permitted to float and be traded p2p. The price of the DIMCOIN will be determined by market forces and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms. Users will be able to buy and sell DIMCOIN using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The DIMCOIN is not integer and it is available in fractional amounts. A Buys: 0.0180 USD for 1.5 DIMCOIN B Sells: 0.0220 USD for 1.5 DIMCOIN C Buys: 0.000018 BTC for 1.5 DIMCOIN D Sells: 0.000022 BTC for 1.5 DIMCOIN Users Figure 1 – Example of “Buy” and “Sell” procedure The minimum value of the DIMCOIN is $0.01. It has no ceiling, making the price increase in value to unprecedented levels, according to market forces, as portrayed in Figure 2. Value of DIMCOIN 0.40 0.30 $ Amount 0.20 0.10 0.00 2017 2018 2019 2020 Year of Operation Figure 2 – Example of the potential value of DIMCOIN 15

DIMCOIN Whitepaper The Data Interchange Module (DIM) DIM Currencies DIM Currencies The second version of the DIM cryptocurrency is the DIM Currencies, which will be equivalent to the value of the fiat currencies that users exchange with. The DIM Currencies will be utilised as a medium of exchange in the DIM Ecosystem. They will also be used for e-commerce and merchant purchasing on platforms that will accept the DIM cryptocurrency. For example, if a user converts their fiat currencies into DIM Currencies using US dollars, the amount of DIM Currencies the user receives will be equivalent to the value of the US dollar in relation to the DIM Currencies. There will be no conversion fees attached to DIM Currencies. The converted US dollar amount will be denominated as DIM USD (Figure 3). 1,50 USD = 1,50 DIM USD 100,50 USD = 100,50 DIM USD 1,50 EUR = 1,50 DIM EUR 100,50 EUR = 100,50 DIM EUR 1,50 INR = 1,50 DIM INR 100,50 INR = 100,50 DIM INR 1,50 JPY = 1,50 DIM JPY 100,50 JPY = 100,50 DIM JPY 1,50 CNY = 1,50 DIM CNY 100,50 CNY = 100,50 DIM CNY 1,50 GBP = 1,50 DIM GBP 100,50 GBP = 100,50 DIM GBP Figure 3 – Example of fiat currencies to DIM Currencies conversion Currently (2017), only the DIM USD and DIM EUR are available. In 2018, the DIM Currencies will be expanded to include the Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan. This expansion of the DIM Currencies will be in line with the roadmap target of expanding into Asia during 2018 (Figure 4). In 2019, the line-up of DIM Currencies will include the British Pound. This is due to the large community of Indian expatriates living in the United Kingdom, ensuring that they will be able to easily link with users in India. The Russian Ruble will also be made available in 2019. DIM Currencies DIM DIM DIM DIM DIM DIM DIM USD EUR RUPEE YEN YUAN POUND RUBLE 2017 2017 2018 2018 2018 2019 2019 Figure 4 – DIM Currencies roadmap 16

DIMCOIN Whitepaper The Data Interchange Module (DIM) DIM Currencies Users within the DIM Ecosystem will be able to buy and sell DIM Currencies p2p, whereas users seeking to purchase the DIM Currencies on the market will have to place “buy” or “sell” orders on the order book (Figure 5). The “buy” orders are offers to buy the DIM Currencies in exchange for other fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies at a maximum price-per-DIM Currencies. The “sell” orders are offers to sell the DIM Currencies against other fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies at a minimum price-per-DIM Currencies. A Buys: 0.98 USD for 1 DIM USD B Sells: 1.02 USD for 1 DIM USD C Buys: 0.00068 BTC for 1 DIM USD D Sells: 0.00072 BTC for 1 DIM USD Users Figure 5 – Example of buy and sell procedure for the DIM Currencies Users can exchange DIM Currencies amongst themselves based on market prices of the fiat currencies involved. There are no exchange fees attached to DIM Currencies. Users will be able to exchange different DIM Currencies against each other on DEPOTWALLET. Hol- ders of DIM EUR can convert their amounts to DIM USD (Figure 6). 1 EUR = 1.17 USD* 100 DIM EUR = 117 DIM USD 1 USD = 0.78 GBP 100 DIM USD = 78 DIM GBP *Amounts are subject to exchange rate prices. Figure 6 – Example of DIM Currencies to DIM Currencies exchange 17

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Comparison between DIMCOIN & DIM Currencies Comparison between DIM- COIN & DIM Currencies Characteristics DIMCOIN DIM Currencies Speculative coin Available worldwide Tradable on crypto-exchanges Tradable p2p E-commerce Merchant purchasing Fractional Amount Currency Exchange Risks DIM Ecosystem payments Pegged to fiat currencies Manageable on DEPOTWALLET Table 7 – DIMCOIN vs DIM Currencies comparison 18

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM DIM TOKEN DIM TOKEN The DIM TOKENs will be made available to the public at ICOs, during which 10 mil- lion will be available. One DIM TOKEN will be equivalent to 100 DIMCOIN, each being worth $0.01 (Figure 8). $ 0.01 x 100 DIMCOIN = $1 $1 per DIM TOKEN Figure 8 - Value of each DIM TOKEN The tokens will represent a form of ownership of the DIM Ecosystem. Token holders with +50 DIM TOKENs will receive 30% of the net fee transfers on the DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and cryptonised assets conducted in the DIM Ecosystem. The 30% net transfer fees will be distributed according to the percentage of tokens each token holder owns. As long as token holders possess the DIM TOKENs, they will receive their commission. 19

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM DIM Ecosystem DIM Ecosystem The DIM Ecosystem was created in such a manner that all the segments (entities) can function independent of each other while remaining interconnected – a revolutionary step in the crypto-data industry. Each company is an independent legal entity but they all fall under one umbrella group. Most companies only offer individualised services. Rarely do they offer multiple services in the form of an ecosystem. The DIM Ecosystem is one of its kind and has ample growth opportunities. Early backers and enthusiasts will position themselves to be part of the next generation of blockchain financial offerings. Users of the ecosystem will be able to exchange their fiat currencies against cryptocur- rencies on their DEPOTWALLET and to convert different DIM Currencies against each other from anywhere in the world. This currency exchange function eliminates the burden of high exchange fees. Users will no longer have to search for low prices at Forex exchange platforms. Exchange rates provided on the DEPOTWALLET will be derived from finance meta-data distributors. Usage of the ecosystem increases convenience for users and businesses alike. Through DEPOTWALLET debit cards, users will be able to do both online and walk-in merchant shopping. Such payment options allow users to track their spending habits and create budget discipline. There will be no need to withdraw cash and deal with counting change after payments, making users’ lives more convenient. Users will not need to carry bundles of cash in their wallets, which can be potentially dangerous, depending on their location. Businesses that will utilise the DIM Ecosystem will be encouraged to accept the DIM Currencies as a form of payment method, thus enlarging the pool of businesses that users can purchase from using the DIM Currencies. Likewise, businesses will have access to a large pool of potential clients in possession of DIM Currencies. Businesses will be able to perform day-to-day administrative duties, like paying their bills, through the DEPOTWALLET, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. The ecosystem places the user in complete control of their finances and assets. Users can send remittance to other DEPOTWALLET users across the globe straight from their computers or hand-held devices. They can also trade in all kinds of cryptonised assets in the ecosystem and even loan finances amongst each other. Users can also contribute to the development of the ecosystem by participating in the suggestion and voting processes. By safeguarding their private information, users are responsible for their own security on the ecosystem. The individual responsibility of users forms part of the collective responsibility that DIM Ecosystem users have toward the platform. The decentralised nature of the ecosystem eliminates the “Big Brother” type of governance structures. There will be no central authority to dictate, and possibly enforce, unde- mocratic policies on how the ecosystem should function. 20

DIM Ecosystem

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem DIM Ecosystem Fiat / Cryptocurrency Blockchain Wallet Exchange (DEPOTWALLET) (WISEConsulting) Individual, Business- E-Commerce & Business Purchase DIMCOIN Merchant Purchase (DEPOTWALLET) (DEPOTWALLET) Stock Trading Bitcoin / Altcoin Exchange (Hybrid Stock Exchange) (Digital Exchanges) Figure 9 - DIMCOIN interaction with the DIM Ecosystem It always seems impossible until it‘s done. Nelson Mandela 22

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE [HYBSE.com]) is an online stock exchange platform that offers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a platform where they can seek and access international capital from investors. It is an online financial platform where buyers and sellers meet for exchange purposes. Users can trade cryptonised (securitised) currencies, securities and commodities. HYBSE was programmed and developed under the guidance and advice of a group of financial and software speci- alists formerly employed at the Frankfurt Stock Market (Xetra). With HYBSE’s program- ming, the latest technology was fused with the wishes of ordinary traders and brokers. HYBSE is currently migrating to the blockchain protocol, since it has decided to conduct trading through cryptocurrencies. The mainstream equity markets are defined by over-regulation, red-tape, excessive fees and long waiting periods before trading can commence. They are also riddled with too many intermediaries, such as broking companies, clearing houses and share registrars, which increases costs and decreases efficiency. HYBSE‘s blockchain-based platform will eliminate these hurdles, allowing issuers and investors to conduct business on a secure and efficient platform. The platform will be a hybrid blockchain platform since physical shares will be cryptonised in order to be traded. Trading on the platform can be done P2P, eliminating the need for too many external intermediaries. The DIM Currencies are recognised and permitted as a medium of exchange on the platform. To have a valid means of exchange, users must go to WISEConsulting to have their fiat currencies exchanged into DIM Currencies. Issuers will have their securities cryptonised by HYBSE before they are listed on the platform. Cryptonised shares will also be decryptonised by HYBSE into physical shares when it is in the best interest of the DIM Ecosystem. The steps, means and costs of decryptonising can be viewed on the HYBSE website. Investors and issuers will have their cryptonised instruments deposited into their DEPOTWALLET accounts, after which they will be allowed to trade. 23

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Tradable Securities on HYBSE Tradable Securities on HYBSE Cryptonized Shares Cryptocurrencies ETC (Exchange-Traded Commodities) ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) ETN (Exchange-Traded Note) Forex Exchange Index Startups - IPO Startups - ICO Pirate Market Advantages of Using HYBSE Low operational costs Transparency Quick clearing Friendly and easy web interface P2P trading A large pool of financial instruments to trade Highly secure 24

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Traditional Stock Markets vs HYBSE Traditional Stock Markets vs HYBSE Trading on the DIM Ecosystem eliminates many of the intermediaries that are found in the traditional financial market. Compare Figures 10 and 11. Buyer Ultimate or Ledger Seller Clearing Firm Broker Custodian House Figure 10 - How traditional stock markets operate Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Ultimate Ledger DIM Currencies & Issuer sell cryptonized shares cryptonized shares exchanged Issuer HYBSE Investor Physical shares & Investors buy cryptonized shares cryptonized shares exchanges Figure 11 – How HYBSE operates 25

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem WISEConsultinag Limited WISEConsulting It is intended that WISEConsulting (wiseconsulting.io) will become the bureau de chan- ge for the DIM (DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies) and also conduct public relations for the DIM cryptocurrency. WISEConsulting will – as soon as the required service contract have been concluded – exchange fiat currencies into DIM Currencies. WISEConsulting shall not have any obligation to re-exchange the DIM Currencies back into fiat currencies. The exchange prices for fiat currencies against DIM Currencies will be provided from finance meta-data companies. Using WISEConsulting will enable users from different countries to get prices of different DIM Currencies on their DEPOTWALLET. Users will be able to make exchange requests on their DEPOTWALLET, after which WISEConsulting will administer the exchange, as displayed in Figure 12. Step 2 Step 3 DEPOTWALLET Fiat DEPOTWALLET DIM Currency Account Currencies Account USD amount Users send USD to exchanged WISEConsulting for DIM USD sent exchange as soon as to user the licences have been Step 1 established User DEPOTWALLET Account Figure 12 – Exchange process of fiat currencies 26

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem DEPOTWALLET DEPOTWALLET DEPOTWALLET (DEPOTWALLET.com) is a state-of-the-art blockchain wallet that permits users to buy, sell, manage and hold DIM cryptocurrencies and cryptoni- sed assets. These securities can be accessed globally via computers and hand-held devices. Users do not need to have a bank account to set-up a DEPOTWALLET account. The walletis free to download at the DIMCOIN ICO, HYBSE and DEPOTWALLET websites. Users will also be able to download the wallet after they have completed the ICO registration process. After downloading the wallet, they can create an account and receive a private key and password, giving them access to the wallet. The wallet has an interface that is user-friendly and simple to operate. DEPOTWALLET’s interface allows users to connect and communicate with nodes on the NEM network. The information that is displayed on the DEPOTWALLET is infor- mation that is received from the nodes. The wallet is secure by design, is decentrali- sed and can be backed up. DEPOTWALLET is also a blockchain explorer for the DIM Ecosystem; therefore, users can view the history of transactions, creating a transparent ecosystem without the need of financial reporting. The DEPOTWALLET addresses are base-32 encoded. In addition, the wallet has innovative online banking encryption standards. Users can trade p2p and exchange Bitcoins and major altcoins for DIM cryptocurrencies in their DEPOTWALLET address. The wallet can be utilised for personal use through pri- vate accounts and simultaneously for large scale business purposes via multi-signature accounts. 27

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Private Account Private Account When users complete the registration process, their default account will be a private account. Private accounts utilise public and private keys for encryption and decryption. A user‘s public key is available for everyone to see in the DIM Ecosystem and NEM network. That public key is used to encrypt information meant for that particular user and only that particular user can decrypt the information by using a private key6. If a user loses their private key, the encrypted information, including the DIMCOIN, will remain inac- cessible and thus lost to the user. Users must ensure the safety of their private keys by making copies of them and storing them in secure places. DEPOTWALLET‘s manage- ment does not keep copies of private keys in cold data storage. Users are charged one fee stamp to transfer cryptocurrencies. Fee stamps are similar to postage stamps used for sending mail. When their account is activated, users will be allocated a minimum of 10 free fee stamps. Users must ensure that they have free stamps in their accounts; if not, they must contact DEPOTWALLET. When the free stamps are depleted, users can purchase more on the DEPOTWALLET. One fee stamp equals about 0.162562 USD (28.06.2017) , subject to the XEM USD exchange rate. Multisignature Account Multi-signature or multisig accounts can be created at a cost of three fee stamps and will then be allocated 10 free fee stamps. Private accounts can be converted into mul- tisig accounts7, which will cost 16 fee stamps. Compared to private accounts, multisig accounts are more demanding on the network and thus generally have higher fees associated with them. Co-signatories must provide their details during the creation of or conversion to multisig accounts. The number of co-signatories is capped at 32. The addition or removal of co- signatories to or from accounts requires the approval of all existing co- signatories. The user being removed does not need to co-sign. Multisig accounts are best suited for accounts with numerous users or with large sums of DIM- COIN, DIM Currencies or cryptonised securities. These accounts are best suited for corporations, non-governmental organisations or other similar-sized entities. Multisig accounts are safe because all involved parties are required to sign before transactions are authenticated. Co-signatories have 24 hours to co- sign a transaction from its in- ception before it becomes void. 6 Public Key Encryption and Digital Signature: How do they work? - https://www.cgi.com/ files/whitepapers/cgi_whpr_35_pki_e.pdf 7 How to Use Multi-signature Accounts - https://blog.nem.io/how-to-use-multi-signature-accounts/ 28

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Debit Cards Debit Cards DEPOTWALLET account holders will be issued debit cards that are connected to their accounts, permitting them to convert their cryptocurrencies to DIM Currencies. They will be able to make purchases using their DEPOTWALLET debit cards. DIMCOIN DIM Currencies Debit Cards Shopping Figure 13 – Example of debit card usage. Transactions8 Each new transaction created is delivered to a node. A node is a server on a decen- tralised network that is run by users to maintain the NEM blockchain. When a node receives a new transaction, it places the transaction into its unconfirmed transactions cache and then broadcasts the validated transaction to other nodes on the network. Unconfirmed transactions are not reflected in accounts (DEPOTWALLET addresses); only after they have been validated, will they reflect. Nodes receive harvesting fees (similar to mining fees) called stamps for validating transactions on the wallet. Sender (DEPOTWALLET address) Nodes (Validating transaction) Receiver (DEPOTWALLET address) Figure 14 – How transactions are processed. 29 8 NEM Technical Reference - https://www.nem.io/NEM_techRef.pdf

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Nodes Nodes9 The nodes that are utilised in the DIM Ecosystem are NIS nodes. These nodes support requests encoded in JSON or NEM proprietary binary format. Individual nodes are linked by a single primary account, which is utilised to authenticate responses by that node. The benefit of this is that it prevents an attacker from impersonating a node without obtaining its private key, even if it is able to imitate the node‘s IP address. The NIS nodes use binary format to communicate among themselves, which has the benefit of minimi- sing the network bandwidth. DEPOTWALLET Functions Fiat Currencies Deposit / Withdrawal E-commerce Crypto Banks WISE Exchanges Consulting Cryptocurrencies Debitcard Deposit Withdrawal DEPOTWALLET Blockchain Wallet API API External External Apps Services Figure 15 - DEPOTWALLET functions. 30 9 NEM Technical Reference - https://www.nem.io/NEM_techRef.pdf

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Digital (Cryptocurrency) Exchanges Digital (Cryptocurrency) Exchanges DIMCOIN holders will be able to exchange their coins for DIM Currencies on the HYBSE and WISEConsulting websites and through DEPOTWALLET. After HYBSE has been reprogrammed on blockchain, users will be able to exchange DIMCOIN against other cryptocurrencies. The DIMCOIN will be listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges and will have a laissez-faire policy for buying and selling. This will cause the DIMCOIN to be recognised and accepted globally as a trusted cryptocurrency. Listing on digital exchanges will also pave way for the DIMCOIN price to increase, leading to substantial benefits for holders. 31

DIM Ecosystem Goals Set your goals high, and don‘t stop till you get there. Bo Jackson

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Goals DIM Ecosystem Goals have the DIMCOIN listed on the major cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Poloniex, Bithumb, Bitfinex, etc.) by the end of 2017, have debit cards integrated into DEPOTWALLET and provide a physical card by the end of 2017, have the DIM Currencies accepted by retailers and others as a medium of exchange for e-commerce by the end of 2017, launch an android application for the DIMCOIN by the end of 2017, increase the usage of the DIMCOIN across Europe during Q1/Q2 2018 (Figure 16), Figure 16 – Potential DIMCOIN usage in Europe (2017). 33

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Goals increase the usage of the DIMCOIN across North America during 2017 (Figure 17), Figure 17 – Potential DIMCOIN usage in North America (2017). 34

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Goals reprogram HYBSE into a full blockchain platform by 2018, promote the DIMCOIN across Asia during 2018 (Figure 18), Figure 18 – Potential DIMCOIN usage across Asia (2018). have 1% of the worldwide stock trade conducted via the DIM Ecosystem (HYBSE) by 2019, promote the DIMCOIN in Russia during 2019 (Figure 19), Figure 19 – Potential DIMCOIN usage across Russia (2019). 35

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIM Ecosystem Goals introduce the DIMCOIN in the United Kingdom (2019) (Figure 20), and to Figure 20 – Potential DIMCOIN usage in the United Kingdom. have the DIM Ecosystem listed on the major global stock exchanges by 2020. 36

DIMCOIN ICO Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffet

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN ICO DIMCOIN ICO From its inception, the DIM Ecosystem has been funded by its founders. For the ecosystem to be truly decentralised in both the technical and ownership perspectives, funding had to be opened to the crypto-public. The best form of financing to create a decentralised ecosystem is crypto-financing via an initial coin offering (ICO). The DIMCOIN ICO will be held at: dimcoin.io The ICO countdown will be from the 1st (12:00 pm CET) - 30th (11:59 am CET) of June 2017. The pre-ICO will run for 15 days, from the 1st (12:00 pm CET) to the 15th (23:59 pm CET) of July 2017. The DIMCOIN ICO will run for 43 days, from the 16th (00:00 am CET) of July to the 27th (23:59 pm CET) of August 2017. Each prospective DIMCOIN ICO parti- cipant is solely responsible to determine whether they are eligible to participate based on their respective jurisdiction of residence. Tokens that are not sold at the end of the ICO will be given to the DIMCOIN Foundation. In the case where all tokens are all purchased before the end of the ICO, investments will still be accepted. Supporters will receive DIMCOIN equivalent to the size of their investment, instead of DIM TOKENs. 38

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN ICO Bonus DIMCOIN Bonus DIMCOIN 30 % 20 % 15 % 10 % 05 % 1st (12:00 pm CET) 16th - 29th 30th of July 13th - 19th 20th - 27th - 15th (23:59 pm of July - 12th of August of August of August CET) of July Table 21 – Bonus percentages for ICO backers. User A Buys $ 10 worth Receives 1000 DIMCOIN DIM TOKENs from 10 Tokens during Pre-ICO User A has a total of Receives 30% 1300 DIMCOIN bonus = 300 from 10 Tokens DIMCOIN Figure 22 – Example of bonus DIMCOIN distribution. 39

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN ICO DIM TOKEN Depletion DIM TOKEN Depletion The DIMCOIN ICO will have 10 million DIM TOKENs. With each token priced at $1 each, the maximum amount that can be raised through the tokens is $10,000,000. If there is still a demand for coins after the tokens have been depleted, individual coins will be sold to the public. These coins will not have benefits attached as the tokens do, i.e. the commissions given to token holders will not apply. After the tokens have been depleted, the price of coins will increase with $0.01 per coin for every $2,000,000 reached. After $30,000,000 has been reached, the DIMCOIN price increment will cease and the price per DIMCOIN will remain constant. Funds Raised Price-Per-DIMCOIN $0 - $10, 000, 000.00 $ 0.01 $10,000,000.01 - $12,000,000.00 $ 0.02 $12,000,000.01 - $14,000,000.00 $ 0.03 $14,000,000.01 - $16,000,000.00 $ 0.04 $16,000,000.01 - $18,000,000.00 $ 0.05 $18,000,000.01 - $20,000,000.00 $ 0.06 $20,000,000.01 - $22,000,000.00 $ 0.07 $22,000,000.01 - $24,000,000.00 $ 0.08 $24,000,000.01 - $26,000,000.00 $ 0.09 $26,000,000.01 - $28,000,000.00 $ 0.10 $28,000,000.01 - $30,000,000.00 $ 0.11 +$30,000,000.00 $ 0.12 Table 23 – Price-Per-DIMCOIN when DIM TOKENs are depleted. 40

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN ICO How ICO Funds Will Be Used How ICO Funds Will Be Used Figure 24 illustrates how funding received from the ICOs will be utilised. Primary Development (30 %) Marketing (25 %) Outreach (25 %) Functional Costs (15 %) Legal & Compliance (5 %) Figure 24 – ICO funds usage. 41

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN ICO Primary Development Primary Development Thirty per cent of the funds received during the ICOs will be allocated for the development of our primary entities within the DIM Ecosystem. Entities such as DEPOTWALLET and HYBSE still need more programming in order to be fully functional as they are currently still in the beta versions. A detailed description of how the funds will be used can be found in the DIMCOIN Business Plan. Functional Costs The expansion of the DIM Ecosystem will require capital for day-to-day operational costs. For example, as a financial ecosystem, there is a need to purchase cryptocurrencies to ensure that there are enough reserve funds to meet the demand for crypto-fiat cur- rencies exchanges. There are also numerous expenses that may arise on a day-to-day basis. Fifteen per cent of the raised funds will be reserved to meet these costs. Marketing To ensure that the DIMCOIN and DIM Ecosystem become household names, 25% of the funds gained from the ICOs will be utilised to promote the coin and the ecosystem. Marketing will be done through social media, direct marketing, partnerships and affilia- te programs. Legal and Compliance Although blockchain-based services are growing at an exponential rate, there is still ignorance about them and their potential. This can lead to legal requirements failing to keep up with the progress of blockchain, even becoming a hindrance in the process. As such, to make the DIM Ecosystem available on a global scale, there are some license and legal requirements that will need to be met, for which 5% of the funds will be allocated. 42

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN ICO Outreach Outreach Our outreach funds will be utilised to provide education to the general public on the DIM Ecosystem and blockchain in general. This can be accomplished through expos, conferences and similar operations. The more people are aware of the DIM Ecosystem and blockchain, the more they will become comfortable with the ecosystem and its technology. It is a win-win situation for both the DIMCOIN and the public. Accepted Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin NEM Dash Litecoin Ethereum Tether Table 25 - Accepted cryptocurrencies. 43

Fund - Keepers Great things in business are never done by one person. They‘re done by a team of people. - Steve Jobs

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Fund - Keepers Fund - Keepers The 10 million DIM TOKENs that will be available during the ICO will be placed into one multisig account (Figure 26). Signees Legal & Compliance Supervisor Internal Legal & Compliance Financial Engineer 10 million DIM TOKENs Financial Supervisor 5/8 Signatures IT Engineer Superior Financial Auditor External Legal & Compliance Consulting Ambassador Europe Figure 26 – DIM TOKEN multisig accounts. The nine billion DIMCOIN will be distributed into multiple multisig accounts, each holding differing amounts (Figure 27). This is done to ensure that no single individual has access to the accounts holding the tokens and the coins. The signees will be internal senior management staff and trusted external advisers. 9 Billion DIMCOIN Signees Distributed in multisig accounts Legal & Compliance Supervisor Internal Legal & Compliance Financial Engineer 1 8 Billion DIMCOIN 900 Million DIMCOIN Financial Engineer 2 5/8 Signatures 3/6 Signatures Financial Engineer 3 Financial Supervisor 4 x 25 Million DIMCOIN Financial Officer 1 3/6 Signatures Financial Officer 2 IT Engineer Superior IT Engineer 1 IT Engineer 2 IT Engineer 3 IT Engineer 4 Financial Auditor External Legal & Compliance Consulting Ambassador Europe Consulting Ambassador Germany Consulting Ambassador Switzerland Figure 27 – DIMCOIN multisig accounts. Consulting Ambassador Spain 45

Legal Implications

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Legal Implications Anti-Fraudulent Measures Anti-Fraudulent Measures The anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies makes it beneficial for privacy. Simulta- neously, however, it presents its own challenges when used for fraudulent activities – a challenge that many blockchain-based financial platforms will have to contend with. The DIMCOIN, like other cryptocurrencies, allows anonymity for its users. Thus, p2p DIMCOIN transfers or DIMCOIN-to-bitcoin/altcoins transfers are anonymous. Fiat currency to DIM Currencies exchanges will be subject to Know- Your-Client (KYC) procedures. This governance tool will assist in combating money laundering in the DIM Ecosystem. The KYC due diligence will be carried out by WISEConsulting before it exchanges fiat currencies. To prevent excessive one- time fiat currency withdrawals, withdrawal limits will be set for fiat currencies from the DIM Ecosystem. DIM TOKEN Implications The DIM TOKENs offer limited real rights as contained in the DIMCOIN ICO terms and conditions. The tokens represent a set number of DIMCOIN, set at 100 DIMCOIN per token. The DIM TOKENs are transferable, are not refundable and are not for speculative investment. No promises of future performance or value are or will be made in respect to the DIMCOIN, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing pay- ments, and no guarantee that the DIMCOIN will hold any particular value. The DIM TOKENs are sold as functional goods and all the proceeds received from them through the ICO will be spent free from any conditions. In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so. Immanuel Kant 47

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Legal Implications Blockchain Terrain Implications Blockchain Terrain Implications The DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and DIM Ecosystem are blockchain-based platforms that utilise cryptography. The afore-mentioned products and services will be provided in ac- cordance with the laws of relevant jurisdictions. As such, the DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and DIM Ecosystem may not be immediately available in certain jurisdictions. The team behind the products and services are working aggressively towards obtaining the relevant licences to offer the DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and DIM Ecosystem to a wide spectrum of participants. Risks Investing in the DIMCOIN ICO, like any other form of investment, includes risks. For investment risks, refer to the DIMCOIN Prospectus. For general risks, refer to the DIMCOIN ICO terms and conditions. 48

Why Invest In The DIM TOKEN In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable. Robert Arnott

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Why Invest In The DIM TOKEN Why Invest In The DIM TOKEN Obstacle: The current global stock Remedy: In the DIM Ecosystem, the markets are electronic in nature10. In problems encountered in the global general, all electronic matching systems stock markets are eliminated through are quicker than the open outcry sys- the usage of the NEM blockchain. tem of the past. However, it is still not Using DEPOTWALLET and HYBSE, quick enough for our ever-changing orders are matched quickly and, within world. After orders are matched, it can minutes, booked. Users no longer have take days for them to be executed. to wait days for orders to be executed. Obstacle: It is burdensome and expen- Remedy: The p2p nature of the DIM sive to buy assets such as shares from Ecosystem ensures that parties across foreign markets using traditional avenues the globe can trade on an inexpensive, such as banks and stock markets11. quick and secure platform. Obstacle: Transferring shares between Remedy: Through DEPOTWALLET, issuers and investors using current transferring assets (cryptocurrencies + banking systems is archaic and lethargic cryptonised securities) p2p is reduced at best. It can take from two days to to more minutes. six months before both parties are in possession of their assets. Obstacle: The listing processes for Remedy: Blockchain technology has companies are costly and complicated. simplified the process of listing com- This prevents plenty of SME companies panies’ prices and made it user-friendly from participating. and practical. 10 Radicalizing The Equity Market Landscape – https://www.nem.io/RadicalizingEquityMarket.pdf 11 Understanding Order Execution - https://www.investopedia.com/articles/01/022801.asp 50

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Why Invest In The DIM TOKEN Obstacle: For users to enter the global Remedy: Users do not need a bank financial system, they require bank account to use the DIMCOIN, DIM accounts to use the financial services. Currencies and DIM Ecosystem. Users According to the World Bank‘s Global need to download the DEPOTWALLET, Fidex report, over two billion adults do which gives them access to internatio- not have bank accounts12, making the nal financial services at low fees. There current financial systems exclusionary are no lengthy processes, paperwork in nature. or postage required. Obstacle: Before investors and issuers Remedy: The DIM Ecosystem offers enter the global stock markets, they p2p exchanges without intermediaries. need brokers to conduct deals on their The ecosystem is a platform that brings behalf. This is highly inefficient and users together to conduct exchanges costly, as it partly diverts resources without additional costs. away from their intended recipients. Obstacle: Mainstream e-commerce Remedy: The DIM Currencies have payment instruments such as debit a charge of 0.1%. cards can come with +0.5% charges; credit cards with 1-5%. 12 Global Findex - www.worldbank.org/en/programs/globalfindex 51

Benefits of DIMCOIN ICO

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Benefits Of DIMCOIN ICO Advantages of DIM TOKENs Advantages of DIMCOIN Tokens Purchasing the DIM TOKENs during the ICO rounds has the following benefits for early enthusiasts and backers of the DIMCOIN: Token holders with +50 DIM TOKENs will receive 30% of the net fees, accor- ding to the token percentages, from DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and cryptonised assets‘ transfers within the entire ecosystem. Token holders can get access into the services provided within the DIM Ecosystem. The DIMCOIN can be exchanged with major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The DIMCOIN is currently only available through ICO rounds but will later be made available to purchase. DIM TOKEN holders will have the liberty to sell their DIMCOIN on the market at their discretion after the ICO ends. If the ICO is mostly successful, the price of the DIMCOIN will automatically increase. Write your injuries in dust, your benefits in marble. Benjamin Franklin 53

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Benefits Of DIMCOIN ICO Fee Structure Fee Structure Investors with +50 DIM TOKENs will receive 30% of the net fees earned, according to the token percentages, on the DIM cryptocurrency transfers within the DIM Ecosystem (Table 28). The remaining 70% net fees will be divided between HYBSE and WISE Consulting (Figure 29). These payouts will be made to the token holders once per month. Fee Earnings DIMCOIN DIM Currencies Cryptonized Assets DEPOTWALLET 0.1% 0,1 % 0,5 % of transfer of transfer of transfer Cash payout account volume for transfer- volume for transfer- volume of transfer- fee: Minimum $ 50,00 ring DIMCOIN DIM Currencies ing p2p or 1 % per action p2p peer - to - peer 1,5 % 0,1 % Assets of whole transfer of value for the volume for trading cryptonized asset per on trading platform transfer per client 0% one-time setup fee Table 28 – Transfer fees charged on the DIM Ecosystem. Net Fee Distribution 40 % HYBSE 30 % Token Holder 30 % WISEConsulting Figure 29 – Net fee distribution model. 54

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Benefits Of DIMCOIN ICO Transparency of Commissions Transparency of Commissions Fee transfers can be viewed on the ledger, ensuring transparency within the ecosystem. Token holders will be able to view the trails of the commissions that are deposited into their wallets. Commissions Fees Fees Fees DIMCOIN Commission Account Net Fee Amount (30%) Token Holder A Token Holder B Token HolderC (NA2M5J-xxxxxxxxxx) (DE5K0L-xxxxxxxxxx) (CP7S2Y-xxxxxxxxxx) Figure 30 – How net fees are distributed to token holder addresses. 55


DIMCOIN Whitepaper Governance Governance The DIM Ecosystem, like most blockchain-based services, is decentralised in nature. This presents a governance difficulty due to the absence of a central authority. The DIM Ecosystem overcomes this difficulty through the process of voting by the token holders, which will create a governing structure on a decentralised platform. Voting Voting on the DIM Ecosystem will be available to token holders once the relevant voting programming has been completed. The same voting system will be used for yearly company meetings by investors who have purchased issuer shares on HYBSE. Token holders will be able to vote for or against decisions concerning proposed ecosystem changes and the allocation of funds. The DIMCOIN Foundation will make proposed changes concerning the ecosystem. The token holders can also send their suggestions to the DIMCOIN Foundation, for which they will be charged 10 DIMCOIN per suggestion. The suggestion fee is to eliminate the possibility of spamming the suggestion inbox. The Foundation will then make the chosen proposed changes available on the DIM- COIN Foundation website, which will enable token holders to vote “yes” or “no” on the proposed changes using their DEPOTWALLET addresses. For a proposal to be valid, a minimum of 10% of all token holders have to participate in the voting pro- cess. If less than 10% of the token holders vote on the proposed changes, those votes and proposed changes become void. For the proposed changes to be accepted and implemented, the participating token holders need a +60% “yes” vote count. At a later stage, voting will take place on the DEPOTWALLET accounts. This is to ensure that the DEPOTWALLET becomes an all-in-one platform for DIM Ecosystem users. 57

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Governance DIMCOIN Ambassador DIMCOIN Ambassador Token holders and members of the crypto-community can apply to become DIMCOIN ambassadors. DIMCOIN ambassadors will function as local backers, experts and officials of the DIMCOIN and DIM Ecosystem in their local regions. They must be informed and enthusiastic about blockchain technology as well as the NEM blockchain. Successful applicants will be ambassadors for a minimum of two years. The benefits that DIMCOIN ambassadors will receive are plentiful. Ambassadors will: become part of the global ambassador network, become recognised figures in the DIM Ecosystem, become recognised figures in the cryptocurrency world, have direct access to the ecosystem and become the first to be updated on DIMCOIN events, become central figures regarding press and communications concerning the DIMCOIN in their region, be exposed to various industries relevant to the growth of the DIMCOIN, and receive 100,000 DIMCOIN as an incentive for being an ambassador. DIM TOKEN Rights Token Rights + 50 Token Holders - 50 Token Holder Commission Voting Rights Suggestion Rights Tradable Tokens Table 31 – DIM TOKEN rights. 58

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Governance Operational Times Operational Times The DIM Ecosystem operates using CET (Central European Time), except for WISEConsulting, which uses GST (Gulf Standard Time). Operational Times GMT Times CST Times HKT Times BST Times HYBSE 09:00 – 21:00 (CET) 08:00 – 20:00 03:00 – 15:00 16:00 – 04:00 09:00 – 21:00 WISEConsulting 08:00 – 20:00 (GST) 04:00 – 16:00 23:00 – 11:00 12:00 – 00:00 05:00 – 17:00 DEPOTWALLET 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours DIMCOIN Foundation 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours Table 32 – Operational times in different times zone. With proper governance, life will improve for all. Benigno Aquino III 59

DIMCOIN History We are not makers of history. We are made by history. Martin Luther King Jr.

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN History DIMCOIN History 2012 - The idea of a p2p financial ecosystem was born. We researched what licenses, programmers, legal requirements, and financial and IT engineers would have to be acquired to create the DIM Ecosystem. Research was done on the problems encountered by brokers and traders in the traditional financial markets. The development team was created and the necessary people were employed. A stock market architecture was created. A 10-year business plan was created for the ecosystem. Offices were opened in Mallorca, Spain. 2013 – An external IT company was appointed to help create the eco- system. The necessary documentation was drafted to help create the ecosystem. Stock market internal guidelines were created. As a result, offices in Mallorca became fully operational. A wish list was created: features and possibilities of the ecosystem, trading technical plan de- veloped (brokers and traders‘ problems incorporated into the wish list). The needed technology and framework were added. 2014 – Stock exchange licences were requested. Basic market core was developed. Listing servers and trading exchange functions were developed. Development on DEPOTWALLET began. The core of the stock exchange was renewed and its functions expanded. Administra- tive work became fully operational. Stock market internal guidelines were reviewed. The legal team was created. Offices in Mallorca were expanded by 40%. Programming on HYBSE began, 19 applications were added, 25 changed and 55 fixed. 2015 – Financial and IT engineers were acquired. Office location was moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. A development team was created and the necessary people were hired. Offices in Johannesburg became fully operational. Programming on HYBSE continued, 11 applications were added, 12 changed and 18 fixed. Licenses for global stock exchange were requested. 2016 – HYBSE programming continued, four applications were ad- ded and six fixed. Offices in Johannesburg were expanded by 40%. DIMCOIN was created. Beta testing for HYBSE. DEPOTWALLET was created. Planning for an ICO commenced. Re-design and concept team appointed. WISEConsulting was incorporated. Security dealer licence was obtained. Free stock market education strategy implemented. Alli- ances created in the crypto-world. 61

DIMCOIN Roadmap The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

DIMCOIN Whitepaper DIMCOIN Roadmap DIMCOIN Roadmap 2017 – List the DIMCOIN in three major exchanges. Integrate debit cards into DEPOTWALLET. Launch trading on the OTC. Launch applica- tion on android. Apply for operating licences in Switzerland and Dubai for WISEConsulting. Exchange services up and running. Hire more programmers. Reprogram HYBSE into blockchain platform. Have 50 com- panies listed on HYBSE (Q4). 2018 – Beta testing and implementation of HYBSE on blockchain platform. Expand the exchange, listings and trading functions on HYBSE. Beta testing of HYBSE (Q2). Launch mobile phone trading for Android (Q1). Have DIM Currencies accepted for commerce purposes. DIM debit cards (physical cards) to be made available to the public. Expand operations into Asia. Expand trading platform to other operating software (iOS, Desktop) (Q1/Q2). 2019 – Have 1% share of the global trading done on the DIM Ecosystem. Prepare to list the ecosystem on global stock markets. DIMCOIN ATMs. Expand operations into South America. 2020 – List the DIM Ecosystem on global stock markets. Expand opera- tions into Africa. 63

Summary At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day. Simone Biles

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Summary Summary The DIM cryptocurrency comes in two versions with unique functions. The first, the DIMCOIN, is a speculative coin. It can be traded and exchanged on major global exchange platforms, and, simultaneously, within the DIM Ecosystem. The DIMCOIN will initially be available to the public through the DIMCOIN ICO. Users who purchase DIM TOKENs will receive 100 DIMCOIN per token, each token carrying a value of $1. Token holders will have a form of ownership on the DIM Ecosystem. Holders with +50 DIM TOKENs will receive 30% of the net transfer fees charged, according to the token percentages, on DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and cryptonised assets‘ transfers. Token holders will also have access to the DIM Ecosystem and the services provided therein. The second version of the DIM is the DIM Currencies. The DIM Currencies are equivalent to the fiat currencies that they are converted into. If users convert their US dollars into DIM Currencies, then $1 = 1 DIM USD. The value of the DIM Currencies is linked to fiat currencies and thus will not deviate from the market value of fiat currencies. The DIM Currencies will be used within the DIM Ecosystem for transaction purposes. The DIM Ecosystem is a blockchain-based financial platform that offers services ranging from equity trading to fiat-cryptocurrency conversion. The platform is the world‘s first due to the combination of services offered, technology behind the ecosystem, low fees charged and the interlinked nature of the ecosystem. The ecosystem eliminates the ex- clusionary high walls set by mainstream financial platforms. It also gives the user an empowering p2p trading platform and allows ordinary users to get access to financial markets that were once reserved only for professionals and institutional investors. Listed companies within the DIM Ecosystem will be encouraged to accept the DIM Cur- rencies as a form of payment for their services rendered. This will open their businesses to a large pool of potential customers who are in possession of DIM Currencies. Simul- taneously, this will expose the DIM Currencies‘ holders to a large pool of businesses that can service their needs. The DIM Ecosystem is a blockchain-based financial services ecosystem comprising of: HYBSE – an online stock exchange where listed small and medium companies get access to international capital from registered investors. The platform is in the process of migrating to blockchain protocols. HYBSE is responsible for cryptonising assets so that they can be eligible for trade on the platform. WISEConsulting – a bureau de change for the DIM cryptocurrency. DEPOTWALLET – a blockchain wallet that permits users to hold and manage their DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies together with their cryptonised assets. The wallet is free to download, giving users access to the ecosystem. Digital Exchanges – users can exchange Bitcoin and other popular altcoins for DIM cryptocurrencies and vice-versa. 65


DIMCOIN Whitepaper Glossary Glossary Crypto-data – securitized data Cryptonization – the process of securitizing physical assets into digital format DEPOTWALLET – a blockchain wallet that allows users to buy, sell, manage and hold cryptocurrencies and cryptonized assets DIM – Digital Interactive Medium cryptocurrency DIMCOIN – Speculative digital coin DIM Currencies – digital currency for the DIM Ecosystem and e-commerce DIM Ecosystem – a community of services that utilises the DIM cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange DIMCOIN Foundation – non-profit organization that has oversight of the DIM and DIM copyrights DIM TOKEN – a package representing a number of DIMCOIN during ICO rounds Fee Stamp – charges associated with the DEPOTWALLET Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) – an online stock exchange offering issuers and investors an alternative trading platform ICO – Initial Coin Offering JSON – JavaScript Object Notation Multisignature/Multisig account – an account with more than can be accessed by more than one user requiring multiple signatures Nodes – servers on the network that are run by users Price-per-DIMCurrencies – the individual price of each DIM Currencies Unconfirmed transaction cache – collection of transactions still to be validated WISEConsulting – a specialist company that distributes and manages cryptonized data 67

Reference List

DIMCOIN Whitepaper Reference List Reference List 1. NEM, Radicalizing The Equity Market Landscape – https://nem.io/RadicalizingEquityMarket.pdf 2. Bos, J.W., Halderman, J.A., Heninger, N., Moore, J., Naehrig, M. & Wustrow, E. 2013, Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Practice - https://eprint.iacr.org/2013/734.pdf 3. CGI, Public Key Encryption and Digital Signature: How do they work? - https://www.cgi.com/files/white-papers/cgi_whpr_35_pki_e.pdf 4. NEM, How to Use Multi-signature Accounts - https://blog.nem.io/how-to-use-multi-signature-accounts/ 5. WIR Bank - https://www.wir.ch/ 6. Investopidia, Understanding Order Execution - http://www.investopedia.com/articles/01/022801.asp 7. Global Findex – www.worldbank.org/en/programs/globalfindex 8. NEM, NEM Technical Reference – https://www.nem.io/NEM_techRef.pdf 9. NEM, What is Proof-of-Importance (POI) and Why is it Better, and What is Vesting? - https://blog.nem.io/what-are-poi-and-vesting/ 69