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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Bean Core, the core developers of Bean Cash, can put you in touch with our premier Point of Sale/Service providers, to help impliment Bean Cash as a new payment form for your business. Accepting Bean Cash as a payment form will help you to attract new customers, lower payment processing costs, improve cash flow, and stand out from your competitors. Bean Cash (previously known as Bitbean) was designed from the ground up to provide lightning fast transactions. The Bean Cash blockchain and network began on February 13, 2015. Bean Cash started out with 20MB maximum block sizes, allowing it to be scalable from the beginning as a world-class transaction and payment network. This design allows Bean Cash to handle more transactions than Bitcoin, and with faster confirmations. Bean Cash's innovative Proof of Bean system encourages transactions and active wallets, ensuring a secure, robust, and scalable network. Bean Cash inherits BitBean's mature blockchain and rock-solid network, becoming one of the most super-green digital currencies on the market today! While other blockchains continue to hardfork, roll-back transactions, and change their protocol (Bitcoin Segwit), Bean Cash has never had a hardfork or transaction roll-back. Bean Cash had no ICO, pre-mine or swap. Blockchain integrity is one of the defining features of Bean Cash. To be an enduring digital currency, with high integrity, a store of value and a means of exchange for everyday transactions -- that stands the test of time! [email protected] |

 More traffic to your website ─ Accepting Bean Cash on your website or in your business, will allow you to increase your customer reach to a tech-savvy and privacy conscious audience. By including Bean Cash as a form of payment, you can get referral traffic from our loyal and engaged community. As a merchant partner, the community will be able to shop on your website by going to your listing on our CoinPayments store directory page here.  Save on processing fees ─ Payment processing fees can be as low as a fraction of a cent with Bean Cash. Blockchain processing uses an online ledger that allows us to eliminate third parties, such as banks and credit card institutions, from the approval process. That way, you'll be able to pocket more of your profits and offer lower prices to your customers.  Process payments faster ─ Bean Cash can verify, validate, and settle transactions in close to real time. Transactions are broadcast within one to three seconds, with settlement occurring typically within 60 seconds, and sometimes as quick as 20 seconds. As a result, your funds will be available to you immediately.  Less counterparty risk ─ With Bean Cash, you will not experience chargebacks and the resulting lengthy settlement periods. The payment process is initiated by the customer, rather than your store. Once the customer sends the payment, the action is irreversible and they cannot request a chargeback through a third party. Any refunds would be settled at your discretion.  Simplify international transactions ─ Bean Cash is not controlled by a central bank or a country, thereby not being subject to exchange rates. This option is convenient for international customers that are not able to pay using credit cards or PayPal. [email protected] |

 Prevents customer identity theft ─ Many consumers are growing less comfortable with providing credit card numbers and private data to merchants due to the rise in identity theft cases, as highlighted by numerous news reports. By accepting Bean Cash at checkout, your customers won't need to enter any credit card numbers on your website or Point of Sale. Bean Cash transactions are secured by strong cryptography and a large redundant, peer-to-peer network. Payments using the Bean Cash network cannot be forged or double-spent.  Earn rewards on your Bean Cash profits ─ Bean Cash rewards SPROUTs to investors that contribute to our network. We use a peer-to-peer incentive system called Proof of Bean (PoB) to process and approve Bean Cash payments. Each investor or holder participates in the system by using our full SPROUTing node software to process network payments and grow their SPROUTs. The amount of payment blocks you are permitted to process is proportional to the number of BEANs you hold in your SPROUTable full node wallet.  Access to a stable form of currency ─ Bean Cash has maintained relatively stable prices in comparison to Bitcoin. The value of our currency does not vary widely from day to day. Our Proof of Bean model combined with the constant limitation of inflation has proven to be an effective anti-pump mechanism in the market.  Payment gateway integrations available ─ If you need a ready-made solution, you'll be able to accept Bean Cash payments on your website by using a CoinPayments CMS plugin or API integration. CoinPayments works with popular e-commerce systems including WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, and Ecwid. Your CoinPayments integration can accept over 60 cryptocurrencies including Bean Cash. CoinPayments can also integrate into your Point of Sale system for in-person transactions. The POS system will generate a QR code your customers can scan to send Bean Cash. You can send your developer to this link to get the integration tools: [email protected] |

 Spend your Bean Cash with our partner merchants ─ Over 40 partner merchants accept Bean Cash for a variety of products and services including: o Coffee o Electronics o Snacks o Books o Hot sauces o Gift cards o Salts o Social media services o Shoes o ...and more! If you would like more information about accepting Bean Cash on your website, you can visit our website at You may also chat with us live at or email our team at [email protected] [email protected] |

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