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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Financial services for Blockchain companies, e- Residents and digital nomads.

Section 1: Products Mothership is building blockchain financial services around the Estonian e-Residence government programme. The core of these services are: A token market for the EU, democratising funding for new blockchain projects Acting as a gateway to cryptocurrency markets for Estonian blockchain companies and a go-to place for launching new ones, Mothership will help prospective startups build a legal framework for digital assets and execute successful funding campaigns. A new wallet, connected to your e-Resident digital identity Your Mothership wallet can be connected to your e-Residency digital identity, protecting your funds with digital signatures and streamlining your decisions to simply spend or save.

A secure, stable cryptocurrency exchange with additional features for e-Residents and EU businesses A state-of-the-art digital asset exchange with focus on security, great customer service and reliability. Mothership will run on world's best infrastructure and provide 24/7 uninterrupted access to markets. When integrated with e-Residency, verification for individuals and companies becomes an easy process, allowing you to switch from ETH to EUR in moments. A blockchain and exchange connected hosting platform for your own applications Mothership will provide a PaaS solution for hosting applications in the same datacenter with our exchange. Users will be able to build high frequency trading bots, payment gateways or any other apps using any programming language. Direct connection to the exchange will guarantee minimal latency, while automatic scaling and managed runtime will allow developers to focus on what really matters - building apps.

Section 2: e-Residency Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID available to anyone in the world. It is a legally binding signature that allows to register an EU based company entirely online. Technically it is a pair of RSA keys linked with your identity. When linked with Mothership, e-Residency becomes even more powerful - it allows you to incorporate your blockchain business in Estonia, operate it 100% remotely, get a bank account and link it with our exchange. Estonia estimates 10,000,000 e-Residents by 2025. Mothership is proud to be working with the Estonian government’s e-Residency team to help build the future. Our partner from e-Residency team is Oleg Gutsol, a serial entrepreneur and now a Head of Global Growth at e-Residency. Learn more about e-Residency at Important note is that Mothership services will be available for anyone, but e-Residents will be able to enjoy additional security and integration features.

Section 3: Team & Advisors

Section 4: Fundraising The Token MSP will be built on the Ethereum platform as an ERC20 token. There will be a total supply of 200,000,000 MSP. MSP serves as a core part of Mothership, and is required for: - Access to Premium and Platinum account tiers - The Mothership app platform layer - Community curation and insight rewards - Access to Mothership beta products - Mothership reputation management In addition, Mothership will repurchase MSP on the free market using 20% of fees from Mothership products. The repurchased MSP will be permanently destroyed. We will do so until 50% of the supply is destroyed. The Fundraising Here are some important notes on how the fundraising will work: 1. This fundraising offering will end on 28th July or when all tokens are sold. 2. MSP token is priced in ETH, 1 ETH = 5800 MSP. 3. The crowdfunding will run on Ethereum Smart Contract, accepting ETH payments in exchange for MSP tokens. 4. Tokens that remain unsold by the end of the crowdfund will be permanently destroyed.

5. The token will be available as follows: - 70% of MSP tokens will be available for purchase in this fundraising round. - 20% of MSP tokens are reserved for purchase by our Strategic Investors. - 5% of MSP tokens will be earned through the Mothership Referral Program in this fundraising round. - 5% of MSP tokens will be reserved for the team and advisors. 6. Participants of the crowdfund will gain access to their MSP 24 hours after the crowdfund ends. 7. At least 50,000,000 MSP must be sold for the fundraising to be considered a success. If less are sold, all buyers will be refunded. The Referral Program - Each crowdsale participant will be provided with a unique referral URL ( ). - A referrer will receive an additional amount of tokens equal to 5% of the tokens bought by all of their referred buyers. - This additional 5% is taken from the reserved 5% referral fund. - For example: - You and a friend both purchase 100 MSP, but your friend signs up using your referral link. - You will receive: 105 MSP. - Your friend will receive: 100 MSP. - When Mothership launches, these referral URLs will be converted to exchange referrals where you will receive 5% of your referred users trading fees. When users you referred during the crowdsale sign up for Mothership, you will receive referral rewards for them too.

Section 5: Timeline To learn more about our development timeline, please refer to our Transparent Roadmap: Section 6: Contact Email: [email protected] Telegram: Twitter: