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Monday, June 18, 2018
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SelfCoin A platform to launch your own token economy 1. Abstract SelfCoin is a blockchain-based platform, providing individuals in needs of issuing tokens with a systematic solution, including token issuance, exchanges and other necessary supporting facilities, such as personal credit rating model and risk evaluating model. Users can issue Individual Tokens on the platform for various purposes. SelfCoin takes full advantage of blockchain technology, including right confirmation, high liquidity and high transparency, and creates an entirely new market: capital can get rid of the limitation of traditional venture capital and invest directly in individuals. Everyone is able to create his or her own token, as a result, the current economic system will be optimized to a great extent. 2. Token Economy Landscape Blockchain solves the double spending problem, enabling the Internet to not only transmit information but also transmit value. In a decentralized blockchain network, token incentives, rewards and penalty scheme together shape users’ behavior in this economic system. Token economy is such a well designed economic system for the Internet to transmit value based on blockchain technology. Token economy is an indivisible part of blockchain technology. For example, the intellectual property of superstars is one of the most valuable assets in blockchain. The stars can strengthen his or her connection to the fans through issuing tokens, reducing the intermediaries costs and increasing the efficiency for communication. Fi all the star’s toke e o o e ha es the alue of his or her intellectual property. For another example, students can gain more resources for his or her career development via issuing tokens, and meanwhile investors can gain investment returns by sharing the future of the students. These

tale ts’s toke e o o shares their future alue a d i reases their future alue. SelfCoin platform creates an economic model of individuals tokens, which is introduced to the world for the first time. - Each individual can issue cryptocurrency - Cryptocurrency can be traded freely on the platform - Platform provides supporting facilities for application scenarios of cryptocurrency On the other hand, SelfCoin platform could apply to so many different types of people based on above functionalists. - Stars for sharing and increasing their personal IPs. - Rising stars for gaining resources and creating their IPs. - Young talents for gaining resources and caring community. 3. Technical Structure of SelfCoin Business Digital Assets SelfCoin platform could issue millions of tokens on SelfCoin mainnet, like ethereum issues ERC20 tokens. While all these tokens are native digital assets instead of contract-based digital assets. Compared with contract-based tokens, native digital assets are more safer since there are no possible bugs, which is almost unavoidable considering the difficulties to update smart contract. In terms of security, SelfCoin issuance mechanism should lose partial programmable capability on digital assets, however, later SelfCoin smart contract will describe how SelfCoin mitigate the programmable capability. Another advantage of native digital assets is its performance. There is no need to load smart contract visual machine to operate tokens, so the transaction per seconds is much faster. There is no competing in gaining hashrate among different contracts and then more kinds of digital assets can be issued. The abbreviation for Individuals tokens could be 3 to 16 characters, and SelfCoin platform could support easily one token for everyone on the earth. At the same time, all these tokens share similar transaction rate with SelfCoins. Exchange

The exchange supports millions of digital currency transactions and has millisecond-level transaction matching speeds. To reduce the trading barrier, our team will develop a quantitative trading robot based on AI technology to accelerate trading speed, increase trading volume, as well as cater to different trading habits. The graph below presents a high-level structure of Individual Token exchange. The most important part of the exchange technology is the high scalability of the matching engine cluster. With the business growth, more matching engine could be deployed automatically. The trading pairs between SelfCoins and Individuals Tokens could also be supported easily since all Individuals Tokens follow the same interface on SelfCoin platform. With these two key issues resolved, Individual Tokens exchange could easily grow to support millions of different tokens. Well-designed and intuitive GUI and API will improve user experience, and high performance message queue working together with persistence and log capability will provide a low latency and stable message communication and traceability. Last but not least, the database needs well-tuning and index design to avoid becoming the performance bottleneck. GUI API Clearing and Settlement Authorization Rule-Based Rule-Based …… Rule-Based Message Queue Asynchronized transaction persistence Log Database Layer The chart below describes the transaction process on SelfCoin exchange platform.

Authorization Matching Ask Bid Client Engine Queue Queue 1. Register on platform and complete KYC & AML 2. Buy talents token using SelfCoins 3. Buy transaction goes to bid queue 4. Request ask queue to match the transaction 5. Return the information 6. Match the transaction to determine partial or completed match Smart Contract Although SelfCoin platform doesn’t use smart contract to issue cryptocurrencies, smart contract is still important. On the one hand, SelfCoin platform plays the role of intermediary for individuals to raise funds, and smart contract can ensure transparency and fairness of that process. Unlike ERC20 contract, SelfCoin platform smart contract could involve multiple Individuals Tokens. It is much easier for users to interact a bundle of Individual Tokens within one smart contract. On the other hand, when the issuers give back to the investors, smart contract can greatly increase the efficiency by loading issuers’ confessed credit information or ratings and automatically trigger the distribution of tokens to the investors. Unlike other smart contracts, SelfCoin smart contract doesn’t need coding and programming. On the basis of Turing Completeness, users can drag and drop all logical models to compose a user-defined smart contract on the platform, which substantially reduces the technological barrier for users and thus expands the application scope of smart contract.

Technical Indicators Indicator Value Abbreviation of SelfCoin SSC Consensus DPOS Initial total coins 1,000,000,000 Block interval Approximate 6 seconds Delegates 11 delegates Transaction fee 0.01 SSC Virtual mining rewards 3.5 SSC per block 4. SelfCoin Issuance Structure Overview The first round Token Generation Event (the "TGE") has been completed on 14 December 2017 within 25 hours targeting only private individuals. Minimal investment requirement: coins equivalents to $100,000 Price: 1 SSC (SelfCoins) = $0.1 Bonus plan: according to investing time, bonus could be 5% to 20%. 1. The SSC bonuses are kept in custody by SelfCoin Fund, and will return to backers in 10 months (equally) after listing on the first exchange. 2. 5% additional bonus is granted for SelfCoins purchasers using ACT tokens. 3. The price of investment token (ACT/BTC/ETH) are based on the prices on CoinMarketCap at 12:00PM (SGT), on the day of confirmation of the transfer of the funds by the Blockchain. SelfCoins allocation: • 30% First Round TGE • 10% Second Round TGE • 12% Core Team • 28% Partners & Advisors • 20% SelfCoin Fund Reserve for SelfCoin Team

SelfCoin team will get 12% of the SelfCoins. This allocation of SelfCoins will give incentives to the SelfCoin team to look forward to increase the value of SelfCoins. To ensure that incentive, SelfCoin team members will not be allowed to sell their SelfCoins immediately. The amount of SelfCoins for the core SelfCoin team that will be released each month will be limited to 0.5% of the total amount of SelfCoins issued. Percentage Stage Comments 30% First round This part will be used for future product development, TGE marketing, Public Relations. The use of these funds will be published periodically, for transparency purposes. 10% Second This part will be reserved for future long term product round TGE development, marketing, Public relations. The use of funds will be published periodically. 12% Initial core This part will be reserved for the initial core team for team their contribution to the SelfCoin Project. The SelfCoins will be locked and released monthly after their listing on exchanges The amount of SelfCoins for the core SelfCoin team that will be released each month will be limited to 0.5% of the total amount of SelfCoins issued. 28% Advisors Advisors, early backers, and institutional backers which Early have provided a material contribution at the early stage backers of SelfCoin development, including but not limited to Institutiona funders, human resources, strategic supports. This part l backers is the return of their early investment into the SelfCoin Project. 3% of total SelfCoins are kept by SelfCoin foundation and released in 6 months equally. 25% of total SelfCoins are kept by SelfCoin foundation and released in 25 months equally.

20% SelfCoin This part will be used for SelfCoin fund for future Fund development and partnerships in SelfCoin ecosystem. The use of SelfCoins should be approved by SelfCoin Fund and will be published periodically. SelfCoin ICO Financial Target SelfCoin ICO fundraising target is, regarding the funds needed to develop the platform, fixed at a max cap of 1,000,000,000 SelfCoins, each SelfCoin representing $0.10 at issuance date. SelfCoin Repartition Second Round TGE Structure The second round TGE shall be realized before 2018. Precise date and price of the second round TGE will be disclosed at later date. The number of tokens for sale during this second round will be 100,000,000 SSC at an exchange rate that remains to

be determined. • Contributions will be accepted in ETH, ACT and BTC. For each subscription in ETH and BTC, a daily conversion rate will be applied ex-post, through the closing values given by the website Subscriptions in Fiat money will not be accepted. • Contributions will be received through escrow accounts, after registration on website. Before being able to subscribe, backers will need to clear a KYC/AMF process. • Contributions will be subject to: o Not being a national (citizenship or residency) of Canada, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Singapore or United States of America, or to any country where contribution to SelfCoin ICO could be considered as contrary to law or regulation; o Not being or having been involved in any terrorist or politically exposed affair. • The KYC/AML process consists in verifying the SelfCoins purchaser status. To achieve this process, all SelfCoins purchasers will need to provide the following information onto SelfCoin website: o For a natural person (acting within the scope of his professional activities): First name and Last name; Date and place of birth; Nationality; Current address/registered address; Country of tax residency and residential address; Email address; Copy of the SelfCoins purchaser passport or ID card; Photo of the SelfCoins purchaser appearing near his registered passport or ID card; Address from which the funds will be disbursed; Origin of the funds Declaration; and Non-politically exposed person declaration.

o For a legal person: Organizational/Company name; Headquarters registered address; Scan of business license; Tax identification number; Address from which the funds will be disbursed; Legal representative First name and Last name; Legal representative copy of passport or ID card; Legal representative non-politically exposed person Declaration; and Photo of the legal representative appearing near his registered passport or ID card. 5. SelfCoin Business Model Analysis As stated in section 2, SelfCoin platform could be used for different purposes. With each Niche market, the business model could be different. Below describes 3 typical business models to use SelfCoin Platform. Investment in Talents SelfSell, a sub-brand of SelfCoin platform, helps young talents who have dreams to share their future income in a specific percentage that does not affect their future life to investors in order to obtain raise funds, so as to achieve their ideals, or to pursue their dreams without economic pressure. This is an optimal path to maximize the value of talents and help them realize their dreams. For backers, the investment in talents is an efficient way to maximize investment returns. The financing invested in education, training, physical and mental health and other aspects of talents will make significant changes to the invested objects. The realization of every talent’s dream will have a huge impact on investment income.

SelfSell Platform Talent KYC & AML validating Talent Collect necessary information for a big data based credit rating. SelfSell Platform Notify credit and background Credit rating rating results. Satisfy the credit rating and issue Backers the token. Backers Backers SelfSell Platform Smart Contract SelfSell proposes a new revolutionary platform by merging several innovations that are crowdfunding, crowdlending and initial coin offerings, in order to provide key individuals with great potential (talents, rising artists, Internet celebrities and promising individuals in general) a new disruptive way to realize their dreams and ambitions. SelfSell gives them access to the booming market of ICOs, where they will find backers to fund them in exchange of a personal reward, which can be future services or advantages decided by the individuals. The financial ecosystem has been the first system using blockchain technology to create new innovative ways to work. Blockchain can now be used to register shares of traditional companies, do fundraising, or develop cost-effective trusts. On the fundraising side, since early 2016, initial coin offerings have allowed lots of companies to get funded by private backers through this new and innovative financing alternative. The vision of SelfSell is that this technology will spread widely into business area and in several years, the mainstream would be getting funded directly from investors.

SelfSell Structure Explanation A1. Individuals (Dave & Mary) want to issue their own Individuals Tokens, they go onto SelfSell Platform and fulfill KYC/AML forms. A2. After verification of their KYC/AML information, they get access to SelfSell Platform Credit Evaluation tool for personal credit rating, based on big data regarding their personal background and credit background. A3. SelfSell Platform publishes the credit rating scores and address it to SelfCoins holders through the SelfSell Platform. At this stage, SelfSell Platform decides to refuse access to SelfSell market to Dave due to poor rating scores (either because of his credit background or because of his past experiences) in order to

protect SelfCoins holders, and drafts a smart contract with Mary, which has passed validly through SelfSell background verification, based only on the conditions Mary wants to offer to SelfCoins holders (the better her score is, the better conditions she will get from the market). A4. After collecting all information from "SelfSell Platform authority" and "Credit Evaluation", SelfSell Platform Individuals Token Offering is ready to issue Mary ICO, keeping SelfCoins holders informed of the results of her background scores. B1. To become a valid backer on SelfSell Platform, backers need to pass KYC and AML process successfully. B2. Once whitelisted, in order to purchase Individuals Tokens, backers need to purchase SelfCoins first on any supported cryptocurrency exchanges. B3. Potential backers transfer SelfCoins from exchanges onto SelfSell Platform token storage. B4. Potential backers check the information listed at A4, and Mary ICO conditions re ards, duratio , guara tees… a d deter i e if the a t to i est their SelfCoins into Mary ICO. A5. Once Mary ICO is terminated, depending on the minimum cap is reached or not, she will be able to collect her SelfCoins, or SelfCoins will return to initial SelfCoins holders. A6. SelfSell Platform Individual Token Offering issues Mary token to each investor according to their investment. B5. Once Mary Tokens are issued, backers can hold their tokens waiting for their rewards or decide to trade it on SelfSell Platform Individual Token Exchange. A7. Mary provides backers with their rewards (either services, advantages or a portion of her income (in SelfCoins)) and thanks to SelfSell Platform Repayment Distribution tool, a smart-contract based program allowing her to simply redistribute rewards such as SelfCoins automatically to all Mary token holders. Investment in Superstars Superstars, or so called idols, are able to gain great attraction from fans by his or her acting skills, singing skills, professional abilities, characters or even appearance. From the perspective of fans, they need to truly express their love to the superstars, and use star token as intermediary as the most straightforward way to interact with superstars. This kind of behavior can be expanded to many business areas and then a huge industry called fan economy comes into existence. Fans will express their support and love to the singers, actors or athletes through purchasing CDs, concert tickets, movie tickets, sports game tickets and so on. They will also consume the commercial goods that are recommended by the stars. Apart from that, because of the evident support from fans, stars are able to build enormous intangible assets. For instance, stars can bring great revenues to movies or ads in which they act, or bring great brand recognition to entertainment programs in which they participate. All of these are

proofs of the great intangible assets in fans economy. SelfCoin platform provides the stars with a platform to issue their tokens. The tokens can be used for the payment in all kinds of fan-related commercial activities, including peripheral goods, concert tickets, sports game tickets, advertised products and so on. If possible, fans with plenty of tokens can also have the opportunity to interact with the stars in many different ways. To sum up, token can be used for any application scenario, which helps to increase star’s perso al IP a d i pro e the communication between stars and fans. Own part of your superstar!These are really exciting words for fans. Superstar token provides a great opportunity for fans to express their love and interact with the stars in a more straightforward way. 6. Presentation of SelfCoin Team Yuan Li – President Li Yuan, founder of SelfCoin, CEO of Beijing Thinkyoung Technology Co., Ltd, is an expert in blockchain technology. Li Yuan graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in computer science and obtained a master degree from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. Li Yuan is a serial entrepreneur. During his undergraduate studying, he led a start up team as product manager. During his studying in Peking University, he started his first company. He led his team to explore deeply and practice a lot in order to help young people achieve their dreams. From then on, he came up with the ideal of using commercial ways to truly help young people. After joining ThinkYoung, he led his team to win the first prize of the Chinese Blockchain Innovation Competition and the first prize of Blockchain Development Competition. In 2017, Li Yuan launched SelfCoin, a platform aiming at redefining human capital. SelfCoin ill reak the arrier et ee apital a d hu a alue Li Yua elie es,

It ill lead a e re olutio of hu a alue i est e t . SelfCoin's business model even gained support from Mr. Thomas J.Sargent, 2011 Nobel Prize winning economist and leader of the rational expectations re olutio .

Ligong Liu – Product Director Ligong Liu graduated from one of the top universities in China, NWPU, majored in Computer Science. After 7 years of solid technical training in computer science, he entered telecommunication industry and worked for ZTE, a famous Chinese telecom giant and Nortel, a Canadian telecom giant. From his working experience, Ligong has been able to assimilate multiple new concepts, such as 3GPP2 standard, an enterprise software with millions of code lines, and he played the key role of professional software life cycle manager. Not satisfied with his senior engineering and software architecting experiences, Ligong moved to another blue giant, IBM, which attracts him due to its deep technical innovation tradition. After these experiences, Ligong started to take major roles in several projects, such as product manager, technical leader, business strategist, directly advocating to customers with cloud computing and open source technologies. With the dream of addressing thousands of people through his own business, Ligong got MBA degree at IUG in Switzerland and then joined Beijing ThinkYoung Technology Co., Ltd, a blockchain startup where he used the abilities he developed for years in order to become an leading expert in this growing domain. Strong of his technological and financial expertises, Ligong started to apply this amazing technology into supply chain, supplement/finance, goods tracking, identification certification, etc. In 2017, with the blooming of blockchain technology, he felt that it was time for him to work for SelfCoin together with Li Yuan, CEO of Beijing ThinkYoung, to help individuals realize their dreams by creating exchanges between individuals’ future values and their present needs.

SelfCoin Advisors

SelfCoin Partners 7. Terms and Conditions Article 1 – General Disclaimer The information contained in the present SelfCoin White Paper is subject to change in the final version. No part of this SelfCoin White Paper can be considered as legally binding or enforceable, nor is it meant to be, until it has been discussed, reviewed and revised by SelfCoin teams and advisors in a final version to be issued. These Terms and Conditions (the "T&C") apply automatically to all SelfCoins potential purchasers within the framework of the SelfCoin ICO. All SelfCoins purchasers acknowledge and accept all following provisions and all additional provisions available on SelfCoin company (the "Company" or "SelfCoin") website ( (the "Website"). By adhering to these T&C, SelfCoins purchasers expressly acknowledge having read and understood the SelfCoin White Paper, the SelfCoin Project and been

comprehensively informed about the risks arising from the SelfCoin ICO and the following Individuals ICOs. Any SelfCoins purchaser is deemed to be fully aware of all the legal norms and technical constraints relating to the purchase, possession, functionality, use, storage, transmission, mechanisms and complexity associated with tokens and cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technologies and to the services that SelfCoin intend to offer. All SelfCoins purchasers expressly acknowledge the random nature of the SelfCoin Project as presented in this document and that SelfCoin Project may not come to fruition or may have to be abandoned due to technical, legal or regulatory constraints, without the SelfCoins being issued or used onto SelfCoin Platform. SelfCoin White Paper does not provide any information susceptible to constitute a basis for an investment decision, and no specific investment recommendation is made. Accordingly, this SelfCoin White Paper does not constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase shares, securities or rights belonging to SelfCoin or to any related or associated company, (ii) nor investment advice in any security or financial instrument of any nature whatsoever. SelfCoin expressly disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any kind arising directly or indirectly from: ▪ any reliance on the information contained in the SelfCoin White Paper; ▪ any error, omission or inaccuracy in said information; or ▪ any resulting action that may be brought. SelfCoin White Paper does not comply with any legal requirement as no regulation encompasses initial coin offerings White Paper at the date hereof. Therefore, it has not been subject to prior approval from any regulatory bodies. The SelfCoin Project is still at an early stage of its development at the date of this SelfCoin White Paper. Its business model, smart contract, software, blockchain technology, consensus mechanism, algorithm, code, infrastructure design, other technical, legal and business specifications and parameters may be updated and changed frequently without notice. While this SelfCoin White Paper contains up to date key information of SelfCoin Project, it is subject to adjustments and updates from time to time. If a SelfCoins potential purchaser does not accept to abide by all the provisions of the

present SelfCoin White Paper or does not understand all or parts of it, he shall not purchase any of the SelfCoins, either during the ICO or after. SelfCoins purchasers agree not to use the ICO Website, the issued tokens and, more generally, any content or service provided to him by SelfCoin that does not comply with the T&C herein. Article 2 – Participation to the SelfCoin ICO a. Profile of the SelfCoin ICO participants Participation in the SelfCoin ICO is limited to natural or legal persons acting only within the scope of their professional activities. Private individuals acting on a non-professional basis as simple consumers, within the meaning of EU Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, are excluded from the SelfCoin ICO. SelfCoins purchase is reserved for experienced professionnals who have in-depth understanding of the nature of the SelfCoin Project and services attached to it, an advanced knowledge in the technologies used by SelfCoin team (blockchain, big data), and knowing how to participate to SelfCoin ICO and to protect their SelfCoins from piracy or technical loss post-ICO. b. Citizenship and residence of SelfCoin ICO participants Documents linked to the SelfCoin ICO, such as this SelfCoin White Paper, may not be transmitted or distributed to "U.S. citizen", Canada, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, or Singapore citizen or to mail or email addresses in the United States of America, Canada, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Singapore or United States of America. It is prohibited to transmit, distribute or reproduce documents linked to the SelfCoin ICO to or for a "U.S. citizen" or within the territories of the United States of America, in whole or in part, or to a Canada, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea or Singapore citizen. To ensure their eligibility for the purchase of SelfCoins, all SelfCoins purchaser expressly declare that they are not a Canada, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Singapore citizens or "U.S. citizen" (within the meaning of "Regulation S" of the Securities Act 1933 under U.S. law), this term being understood as covering: o any private individual resident in the United States of America; o any partnership or business organized or established under U.S. law;

o any property of which the executor or administrator is a U.S. citizen; o any trust of which a proxy is an American citizen; o any agency or branch of a foreign entity located in the United States of America; o any non-discretionary account or similar account (other than a trust or property) held by a trader or other trustee for the benefit of or on behalf of a U.S. citizen; o any discretionary account or similar account (other than a trust or trust) held by a trader or other trustee, that is organized, established or (if a private individual) resident in the United States of America; and o any partnership or company if: ▪ it is organized or established under the law of a foreign jurisdiction; and ▪ it is formed by a U.S. citizen primarily for the purpose of investing in securities not listed under the U.S. Securities Act, unless it is organized or established, and owned, by accredited Backers who are not private individuals, trusts or properties. More generally, potential SelfCoins purchasers authorized to participate to the SelfCoin ICO shall warrant, represent and agree that they are not a citizen, tax or permanent resident of a country where the purchase of cryptographic tokens under the SelfCoin ICO is prohibited, restricted or requires registrations of any kind (the "Authorized Purchasers"). c. Conditions to respect for SelfCoin ICO participants Any SelfCoins purchaser is solely liable for determining which legal, accounting, financial and fiscal conditions of any nature he is required to comply with in order to participate to the SelfCoin ICO, in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in his country of residence. SelfCoin may not be held lia le for SelfCoi s pur haser’s fili g o ligatio s i the country in which he is domiciled. Each SelfCoins purchaser shall take full responsibilities to declare, bear and pay all taxes, duties, imposts, leviers, tariffs and surcharges that might be imposed by laws and regulations of any jurisdiction as a result of or in connection with the receipt, holding, use, purchase, appreciation, trading, remittance or disposal of SelfCoins (no matter whether purchased during the SelfCoin ICO or otherwise acquired).

Each SelfCoins purchaser shall be solely liable for all such penal consequences, claims, fines, penalties, liabilities or otherwise arising from his underpayment, undue payment, belated payment or non-payment of any relevant tax. SelfCoin does not give any advice on tax related matters and makes no representation as to the tax implication of participating to SelfCoin ICO, if a , of a SelfCoi s pur haser’s participation in the SelfCoin ICO. It is the responsibility of each SelfCoins purchaser to consult his legal, regulatory and tax advisors before purchasing SelfCoins during and after the SelfCoin ICO. d. KYC/AML and contribution process Participation in the SelfCoin ICO is entirely on a voluntary basis. The following actions will not be deemed as commitment or obligation to participate in the SelfCoin ICO or purchase of any SelfCoins: Visiting the Website; Singing in on the Website; Requesting or reading any materials (such as this SelfCoin White Paper) made available by SelfCoin team; or Communicating with the SelfCoin team in any manner. Only Authorized Purchasers are allowed to participate to SelfCoin ICO. In cases where SelfCoin team discovers that the purchase of SelfCoins by any SelfCoins purchaser violate any applicable regulatory requirements, including but not limited to AML and counter-terrorism financing, such purchase shall be deemed invalid with retroactive effect. The SelfCoin team reserves the rights to immediately deny the relevant perso ’s a ilit to parti ipate i the SelfCoin ICO, cancel delivery of any SelfCoins and request full return of any SelfCoins that has already been delivered. Such actions will be irrespective of any contribution that could have been made by that SelfCoins purchaser. SelfCoin team reserves the right to reject any contribution at its absolute discretion. The "Know Your Customer" (KYC) procedure is instrumental in the prevention against money laundering and terrorist financing. In order to complete the SelfCoin ICO KYC and AML verifications, Authorized Purchasers are required to: Register on the Website; and Submit all the following information as instructed:

o For a natural person (acting within the scope of his professional activities): First name and Last name; Date and place of birth; Nationality; Current address/registered address; Country of tax residency and residential address; Email address; Copy of the SelfCoins purchaser passport or ID card; Photo of the SelfCoins purchaser appearing near his registered passport or ID card; Address from which the funds will be disbursed; Origin of the funds Declaration; and Non-politically exposed person declaration. o For a legal person: Organizational/Company name; Headquarters registered address; Scan of business license; Tax identification number; Address from which the funds will be disbursed; Legal representative First name and Last name; Legal representative copy of passport or ID card; Legal representative non-politically exposed person Declaration; and

Photo of the legal representative appearing near his registered passport or ID card. SelfCoins purchaser shall then, directly on the Website or by any other equivalent mean: • Declare that he is not a Canada, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, or Singapore citizen, nor a "U.S. person"; • Tick the box "I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND EXPRESSLY ACCEPT SELFSELL WHITE PAPER PROVISIONS AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS"; • Provide is BTC, ETH or ACT public address with which he will realize his contribution; • Provide the amount of his contribution in BTC, ETH or ACT. Each step needs to be followed and complied with by all SelfCoins Authorized Purchasers for them to get whitelisted by SelfCoin team (the "Whitelisted Purchasers"). SelfCoins cannot be mobilized or transferred to the Authorized Purchaser wallet until: • The tokens are unlocked as a result of successfully reaching the minimum required subscription threshold; and • When all KYC and AML verifications are deemed to be satisfied by the SelfCoin team if required; whichever is later. Depending on the accuracy and the nature of the information provided, SelfCoin may request additional information and/or documents to evidence identity or source of funds. If the SelfCoins refuses to provide such additional information or documents, SelfCoin tea a , at its sole dis retio , refuse the SelfCoi s’ purchasers contribution and may not be held liable for such refusal. Once KYC and AML verifications are satisfied, Authorized Purchasers are whitelisted and get the possibility to subscribe to SelfCoin ICO by transferring ETH, BTC or ACT to the address as announced onto the Website. Article 3 – SelfCoins Characteristics Although SelfCoins may grant access to future Individuals ICOs and certain functionalities or utilities on the SelfCoin Blockchain, SelfCoin is not and shall in no case be understood, deemed, interpreted or construed as:

• any kind of money: regardless whether fiat or non-fiat currency; • any security or any financial instrument: A SelfCoin does not grant any right to participate to the control of SelfCoin’s a age e t or to the de isio s of its shareholders, or over the platform and does not grand any financial rights onto SelfCoin financial results. Therefore, SelfCoins purchasers accept and acknowledge that these SelfCoins do not entitle their owners to participate in any decision or vote within SelfCoin, to benefit from SelfCoin’s results, or to derive any economic or other gain from SelfCoin; • any kind of investment in equity or debt form in any venture; • an instrument that participates in any gross or net profits; • any type of financial derivatives or interest in collective investment scheme; • any negotiable instrument (such as commercial paper); • any form of investment contract (including future contract) between the holder and any other person or entity; • any asset or commodity that any person or entity is obliged to repurchase or redeem; • any debenture, loan stock, fund, bond, note, warrant or other instrument that entitles the holder to any kind of dividend, interest payment or any kind of return from any person; • any electronic currency: SelfCoins are not accepted outside the SelfCoin network and a SelfCoin does not have a fixed exchange value equal to the amount delivered at the time of its issue. Therefore, within the meaning of EU Directive 2009/110/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 on the taking up, pursuit and prudential supervision of the business of electronic money institutions, SelfCoin is not an electronic currency; • any mean of payment: SelfCoin ICO does not involve the purchase, and, or, sale of cryptocurrencies and SelfCoin’s usi ess does ot o sist i re ei i g currencies against the delivery of cryptocurrencies. As such, SelfCoin is not a mean of payment within the meaning of EU Directive (2007/64/EC) of 13 November 2007 relating to payment services in the internal market, nor within the meaning of the (EU) Directive relating to payment services 2 (DSP 2) N° 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015; • any option, right or interest in any of the above. SelfCoins shall be considered as cryptographic tokens used by the platform. SelfCoins are cryptographic tokens, i.e. an unregulated digital asset issued and controlled by its developers used and accepted by the members of a given community, and has no intrinsic value outside of this community. Therefore SelfCoins belong the the category of utility tokens, as it only grants to its

purchasers the right to use it on the SelfCoin Platform and to have exclusive access to the valuation and scoring services over the individuals and access to Individuals ICOs accompaniment services offered by SelfCoin. Prior to any contribution, all SelfCoins purchaser acknowledge and accept that SelfCoins do not, under any circumstance, represent any form of investment or financial investment and agree not to attempt to divert the tokens function for speculative purposes. SelfCoins purchasers shall not obtain or use SelfCoins for any illegal purposes wherever in the world, in particular for money laundering and/or terrorism. Article 4 – Refund policy Unless otherwise stated in these T&C, contributions made by SelfCoins purchasers are irrevocable and not refundable under any circumstances. By purchasing SelfCoins, SelfCoins purchasers acknowledge that neither SelfCoin nor any member of SelfCoin team or advisors are, or will be required to provide any refund for any reason, and that SelfCoins purchaser will not be entitled to receive money or any other compensation for any SelfCoin they hold that could not be used onto the SelfCoin Platform. Besides, as the SelfCoins offered for sale are deemed intangible property, having no value or functionality other than the SelfCoin Platform service, no guarantee is attached to them following issuance. No final contribution confirmed on the SelfCoin Website may be subsequently cancelled or refunded. SelfCoins purchasers acknowledge that they are fully aware that they will not be entitled to claim any full or partial reimbursement under any circumstances whatsoever. Article 5 – Risks inherent to SelfCoin ICO 1. Security and loss of private key a. SelfCoins purchasers security Any SelfCoins purchaser shall implement reasonable and appropriate measures designed to secure access to (i) any device associated with his SelfCoin account, (ii) private keys required to access any relevant blockchain address, and (iii) SelfCoins

purchaser username, password and any other login or identifying credentials, used to login onto the Website. The loss or destruction of a private key will permanently and irreversibly deny the holder access to their SelfCoins. SelfCoins are controlled only by the validation of both the relevant unique public and private keys through the local or online wallet. While all SelfCoins holders are recommended to protect and securely store their private keys, each holder is responsible for safeguarding the private keys applicable to their own wallets. SelfCoin team has noted that several ICOs have been victims from hackers and phishing attempt for potential purchasers. Please note that the ICO will only take place on SelfCoin Website. SelfCoin team will not solicit any subscription by email or phone from its potential SelfCoins purchasers. In case of doubt, please contact us at [email protected] Please be informed that SelfCoin team will never ask SelfCoins holders to provide by phone, email or through social media, their SelfCoins wallet private key. SelfCoins purchasers will assume full responsibility for the consequences of any theft, malfunction or misuse of SelfCoin Platform or SelfCoins acquired, as a result of a lack of security or any use by any person to whom SelfCoins purchaser has provided his credentials, intentionally or not. b. SelfCoin Platform and Blockchain security Hackers, criminal groups or organizations may attempt to interfere with SelfCoin Platform or the availability of SelfCoins in several ways including, but not limited to, denial of service attacks, Sybil attacks, malware attacks or consensus-based attacks. Besides, SelfCoin Platform is based on open source software. There is therefore a risk that third parties, may intentionally or unintentionally introduce weaknesses or bugs into the SelfCoin Platform code, by interfering with the use of it or causing loss of some or all SelfCoins. Moreover, advancement in cryptography technologies and techniques, including but not limited to code cracking, developments of artificial intelligence and/or quantum computers, could be identified as risks to all cryptography-based systems including SelfCoin blockchains and SelfCoin Platform. When such technologies and/or techniques are applied to SelfCoin Blockchain, adverse outcomes such as theft, loss, disappearance, destruction, devaluation or other compromises of the SelfCoins held by any person may result. The absolute security of SelfCoin Platform and SelfCoin Blockchain cannot be guaranteed as the future of cryptography or security innovations is unpredictable.

SelfCoins purchasers accept and acknowledge the risk to see the SelfCoin Blockchain compromised, causing a loss of value of SelfCoins or the loss of part or all SelfCoins issued during SelfCoin ICO. c. SelfCoin ICO proceeds security There may be attempts to steal the SelfCoin ICO proceeds collected from SelfCoins purchasers. While SelfCoin will endeavor to adopt industry best practices to keep the proceeds safe (including but not limited to the use of cold storage), successful cyber thefts may still occur. Any loss of SelfCoin ICO proceeds arising from such theft(s) may impact the ability of SelfCoin to fund the development or maintenance of SelfCoin Platform and SelfCoin Project. 2. Legal and regulatory risks a. SelfCoin ICO legal and regulatory risks Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and projects financing through cryptocurrencies have been the subject of close scrutiny by various regulatory bodies around the world. Given the lack of cryptocurrency qualifications in most countries, each SelfCoins purchaser is strongly advised to carry out a legal and tax analysis concerning the purchase and ownership of SelfCoins according to their own nationality and place of residence. SelfCoin Project has not been registered under any jurisdiction to date. Crypto-assets may be overseen by the regulatory authorities of a number of jurisdictions globally which may cause SelfCoin Platform to be subject to scrutiny, which may conduct to injunctions or sanctions over SelfCoin Project. SelfCoin may receive notices, queries, warnings, requests or rulings from one or more regulatory authorities upon short notices, or may even be ordered to suspend or terminate any action in connection with the SelfCoin ICO or the SelfCoin Blockchain as a whole without prior notices. The planning, development, marketing, promotion, execution of SelfCoin Project or the SelfCoin ICO may be seriously affected, hindered, postponed or terminated as a result of regulators actions. SelfCoins could be deemed from time to time as a virtual commodity, digital asset or even securities or currency in various jurisdictions and therefore could be prohibited from being traded or held in certain jurisdictions pursuant to local regulations.

There is no guarantee that SelfCoin will be able to maintain a legal status in all jurisdictions addressed today by SelfCoin ICO at all times, SelfCoin Project may even never come to fruition or may have to be abandoned, leaving the issued SelfCoins issued without any use. b. Individuals ICOs legal and regulatory risks Please note that under several jurisdiction laws and regulations, Individuals ICOs may be considered as regulated activity that can only be pursued by regulated or registered entities, as it may be considered, under certain circumstances, as loans. Therefore, SelfCoin may have to register as a credit institution or under any other available status, allowing it to pursue the development of its activity and in order to be able to propose Individuals ICOs onto the SelfCoin Platform. Moreover, it has to be noted that in certain jurisdiction, such as France, only the following structures can carry out credit transactions on a habitual basis: o A credit institution or a financing company licensed for such purpose by the European Central Bank or the relevant French authorities; and o A credit institution having its registered office in a member state of the European Union or in a state which is a party to the treaty on European Economic Area if the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution has been duly notified in advance by the European Central Bank or the relevant authority of such state and provided that it carries out only those credit transactions which is authorized to carry out in its own state. Therefore, Individuals ICOs may not be available in every country where SelCoin ICO participation is proposed, depending on their analysis by regulators. SelfCoin will apply and make reasonable efforts to comply with all necessary regulatory prerequisites in order to pursue its activity. Depending on the profile of the individuals, different conditions may also apply to comply with laws and regulations. SelfCoin intends to develop legal engineering after the SelfCoin ICO in order to determine the legal framework under which Individuals ICOs will take place, and if needed, to comply, if reasonably possible, with any regulatory provisions applying to pursue its activities. As SelfCoin provides a platform allowing individuals to get funded in exchange of what could be assimilated to a form of repayment (even if it does not answer to traditional loans characteristics), SelfCoin Platform may need to partner with one of the institutions allowed to propose this kind of products, in order to be authorized to proceed (or to obtain one of these status). SelfCoin wants to recall potential purchasers of SelfCoins that a part of the funds collected through SelfCoin ICO will be dedicated to the legal structure of Individuals

ICOs (structuring of the UI interface, legal study on the status of these ICOs, and subjects to change in function of the legal analysis to be realized). For the sake of Individuals ICO structuring, it has to be noted that SelfCoin is solely responsible for deciding whether to provide Individuals ICOs opportunities to SelfCoins owners, within the technical, legal, economic or other constraints imposed by third parties or by the co pa itself o its operatio s. The SelfCoi s pur haser’s attention is therefore drawn to the fact that purchasing SelfCoins does not confer automatic access to the Platform, and to the Individuals ICO. Some of them, notably due to application of consumer law to individual issuers, could not be accessible to every SelfCoins owner. SelfCoins may not be used before the effective creation of the Platform. SelfCoins will not be reimbursed in the event that the platform is not ultimately developed, or does not operate on a permanent basis. SelfCoins purchasers acknowledge that this is a significant risk that they accept. 3. Technological risks Due to the technically complex nature of SelfCoin Project, SelfCoin could face difficulties that may be unforeseeable and/or unsolvable. Accordingly, the development of SelfCoin Platform could fail, terminate or be delayed at any time for any reason (including but not limited to lack of funds or legal constraints). Development failure or termination may render SelfCoins worthless and/or obsolete. In addition, some of the SelfCoin Platform features are currently under development. As a consequence, SelfCoins purchasers accept that the development may not fully succeed, that SelfCoin Platform may never be released and operational, even though SelfCoin makes reasonable efforts to deliver SelfCoin Platform in time. The SelfCoin Platform may be subject to software and/or technical risks, or some of the features presented herein may never be installed on the platform. SelfCoin team has chosen to develop its Platform on the AChain protocol and will switch to its own proprietary protocol, with the help of AChain technologies soon after SelfCoin ICO, for its technical support, after having audited its performances in terms of exchange protocol and stability technologies. Therefore, Achain appears to offer to SelfSell the best support for its platform, as it should be able to manage a traffic correspondent to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous Individuals ICOs. SelfCoins purchasers shall note that any malfunction, unplanned function, or unexpected operation on the Achain protocol (and then SelfCoin protocol) may cause the Platform or SelfCoins to malfunction or to operate in a way that is not expected. ACT, Achain account unit, may itself lose value in a similar way to SelfCoins, or in any other a . I su h a ase, or if A hai ’s de elop e t does ot e eeds SelfCoin expectations, leading to a bottleneck for SelfCoin’s de elop e t, SelfCoin will consider switching its underlying platform from Achain Blockchain to another

blockchain services supplier, in order to ensure the quality of service SelfCoin intend to grant its clients, in terms of stability, rapidity and data security. 4. Violation of Privacy or Data Protection Laws SelfCoin is subject to applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations. Any violations of laws and regulations relating to the safeguarding of private information could subject SelfCoin to injunctions and/or sanctions. Any such violations could adversely affect the ability of SelfCoin to operate the SelfCoin Blockchain, which could have a material adverse effect on the SelfCoin Blo k hai ’s operations as well as the utility of SelfCoins. 5. Amendment or termination of the SelfCoin Project a. Amendment of the SelfCoin Project At the date of these T&C, SelfCoin is still seeking legal advice on a number of matters including but not limited to the regulatory environment of Individuals ICOs and legal and regulatory requirements to be fulfilled by the platform to implement notably Individuals ICOs and SelfCoin Platform exchange. Pending such advice, some or all aspects of these T&C, the SelfCoin White Paper and other related marketing materials may need to be amended accordingly. While SelfCoin will aim to minimize the impact of such changes on the SelfCoin Project, SelfCoins purchaser should be aware of the risks associated with possible changes, which may have adverse effects on the benefits and legitimacy of SelfCoin Project. Also, SelfCoin ICO may be terminated pursuant to the conditions mentioned in the T&C herein. b. Termination of the SelfCoin Project Without being contrary to anything contained herein, SelfCoin shall be entitled to terminate SelfCoin ICO if any of the following events occurs: • With or without reasons, SelfCoin elects to cease the development of the SelfCoin Blockchain prior, during or after any step of the SelfCoin ICO by making an announcement; • The development of SelfCoin Blockchain is required by any applicable law or regulations to terminate before, during or after any step of the SelfCoin ICO; • SelfCoin being notified by any government in any jurisdiction that SelfCoin ICO is under investigation, prohibited, banned or forced to cease; and • The development of SelfCoin Blockchain discontinues prior to the SelfCoins issue due to any force majeure event and SelfCoin cannot reasonably expect resumption will take place within six (6) months.

SelfCoin shall retain its full discretion to declare termination of SelfCoin ICO upon the occurrence of any of the above events while SelfCoins purchasers shall not be entitled to object to or deny the decision made by SelfCoin. Notwithstanding the termination of SelfCoin ICO: • the representations and warranties made by each SelfCoins purchaser shall remain true, complete, accurate and non-misleading; and • the risk factors as set forth in the present Article 5 of the T&C shall survive. 6. Loss or inexistence of SelfCoins utility functions Resulting of the elements mentioned above, and although we anticipate that SelfCoins holders will benefit in the future from certain utility functions of SelfCoin Platform, SelfCoins will have no such utility at issuance. Although SelfCoin will endeavor to develop the SelfCoin Blockchain and apply utility functions for the benefit of SelfCoins holders, there can be no assurance that the SelfCoins will ever provide any functional utility. 7. Risk of capital loss The value of SelfCoins is not guaranteed. Purchasing SelfCoins entails a significant capital risk, which SelfCoins purchasers acknowledge and accept. These SelfCoins do not belong to regulated financial institutions and the loss of some or all of their value is not insured. 8. SelfCoin governance and resources SelfCoin team will have broad discretion in the use of SelfCoin ICO proceeds and purchasers of SelfCoins will have to rely upon their judgment. At present, the SelfCoin ICO proceeds are expected to be used to fund the technical development, promotion, legal structuring, marketing, ecosystem building and on-going maintenance of the SelfCoin Platform and Individuals ICOs. While SelfCoin’s dire tors endeavor to spend these funds as effectively as possible, any failure to effectively deploy the sale proceeds could have a material adverse effect on the development of SelfCoin Blockchain and the utility of the SelfCoins. SelfCoin company does not have substantial resources by itself. SelfCoin does not have any legally binding commitment from any person to contribute additional capital or to make any loan to it. If SelfCoin was to be unable to fund its operations in the future, or if SelfCoin was to become the subject of a bankruptcy or other insolvency proceeding, SelfCoin might be unable to continue to operate the SelfCoin Blockchain, the SelfCoin Project and the utility of SelfCoins could be materially adversely affected.

9. SelfCoin Project attractiveness and effect on decentralized blockchain technologies The utility and benefits of SelfCoin Project depends on the popularity of the SelfCoin Blockchain. SelfCoins may not be popular, prevalent or widely transacted soon after the SelfCoin ICO. SelfCoins may remain marginalized in the long run, appealing to only a minimal fraction of the general public. The absence of active users and low level of commercial utilization may negatively affect the long-term development and future of SelfCoin Project. After the SelfCoin ICO, SelfCoin will not be responsible for the subsequent circulation of SelfCoins. There will be no obligation for SelfCoin to redeem, repurchase or acquire any SelfCoins from any SelfCoins holder. There can be no guarantee or assurance that there will be a market or marketplace where holders may readily buy or sell SelfCoins. Due to regulation issues, some jurisdiction may forbid the trading of SelfCoins on exchanges on their territory or for their nationals. SelfCoin does not control public access to SelfCoins on exchanges where SelfCoins are or will be listed. However, all potential SelfCoins purchasers on these exchanges shall be subject to the same prerequisites than those imposed to SelfCoins purchasers during the SelfCoin ICO as detailed under Article 2 of the present T&C. These elements may conduct to large fluctuations in price over short timeframes for SelfCoins. SelfCoins purchasers agree not to attempt to divert the SelfCoins function for speculative purposes. SelfCoin will not be responsible for any secondary market trading of SelfCoins, regardless whether such markets exist or not for SelfCoins. 10. Other material risks SelfCoin and its advisors may not be held liable for any of the following: • use of SelfCoin services that are not considered as compliant with the present T&C; • non-performance, failure, malfunction or unavailability of the SelfCoin Platform for any reason; • mismatch et ee the ser i es de eloped a d the SelfCoi s pur haser’s needs; • suspension of access or suspension of services (in particular arising from a request issued by an appropriate administrative or judicial authority, or notification received from a third party); • security incidents relating to use of the Internet, concerning in particular, the loss, alteration, destruction, disclosure or unauthorized access to the

i estor’s data or details o or ia the i ter et; a d • loss, alteration or destruction of all or part of the content (information, personal or financial data, files or other items) hosted on SelfCoin Platform; • damages to systems, application and other items installed by the purchaser or by any third party on the infrastructure. 11. Unforeseen risks Cryptocurrencies and cryptographic tokens are a new, untested technology. In addition to the risks stipulated above, there are other risks that SelfCoin cannot predict. Risks may also occur as unanticipated combinations or as changes in the risks stipulated herein. Article 6 – Representations and Warranties Except as expressly stated in these T&C, SelfCoin Platform SelfCoins and all SelfCoin services are provided on an "as is" and/or "under development" basis, without representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied to the extent permitted by law, including, but not limited to, accuracy and completeness of any information provided in the SelfCoin White Paper and/or in these terms, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, that SelfCoins are used and hold at the sole risk of the SelfCoins purchaser, that SelfCoin Platform, SelfCoins and/or the underlying SelfCoin blockchain protocol will be available uninterrupted and timely, will be free from defects, errors and bugs, and/or will be entirely secure. By participating in the SelfCoin ICO, the SelfCoins purchaser represents and warrants that: • All information submitted by such SelfCoins purchaser to SelfCoin is true, complete, valid and non-misleading; • He is authorized and has full power to purchase, receive and hold cryptographic tokens, such as SelfCoins, according to the laws applicable in his jurisdiction; • He is a Whitelisted Purchaser as defined in the T&C herein; • He is not a Canada, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea or Singapore citizen nor a "U.S. Person"; • He only uses BTC, ETH or ACT lawfully acquired through mining and/or trading to make contribution in the SelfCoin ICO and does not participate for any money-laundering, terrorism financing or other illegal purposes; • His participation in the SelfCoin ICO is entirely voluntary and the decision to participate is based wholly on such SelfCoins purchaser own independent judgment without being coerced, solicited, or misled by anyone else. He does not require any consent, approval, order or authorization of, or qualification, registration, declaration, designation or filing with, governmental authority or

age t of a ki d i relatio to su h SelfCoi s pur haser’s parti ipatio i the SelfCoin ICO; • He is of sufficient age to participate in the SelfCoin ICO and is a person with full civil capacity of conduct under the laws of the jurisdiction where he is domiciled or maintains citizenship; • He is acquiring SelfCoins for a future use of SelfCoin Platform and will not use the SelfCoins for the purpose of speculative investments; • He is a sophisticated and experienced professional trader, expert, or technician in the fields of distributed ledger technology and cryptographic tokens and such SelfCoins purchaser is fully aware of the risks associated with the development and use of SelfCoins, experienced enough to be fully capable of operating, maintaining and safekeeping his SelfCoins wallet private key out of which such SelfCoins purchaser makes any contribution for purchasing the SelfCoins and that he is the beneficial owner of such cryptographic token wallet and attached SelfCoins; • He has thoroughly reviewed and comprehended these T&C and the SelfCoin White Paper in full; • All the above representations and warranties made by a SelfCoins purchaser are true, accurate, complete and non-misleading on and from the date of such SelfCoins purchaser making a contribution during SelfCoin ICO and thereafter. • SelfCoin reserves the rights to deny and invalidate the contribution by, and withhold the distribution of relevant SelfCoins from, any SelfCoins purchaser who has made a false, incomplete or misleading representation, based on the sole judgment of SelfCoin. Article 7 – Protection of Personal data Pursuant to the EU Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) and the subsequent General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 that will apply from 25 May 2018 that may apply to some of the SelfCoins purchasers depending on their nationality or residence, SelfCoin shall implement appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorised use or disclosure of any personal data made available to and processed by SelfCoin in connection with SelfCoin Platform and the SelfCoin ICO. To this end, SelfCoin will implement and maintain physical and technical measures that reasonably and appropriately protect the confidentiality, integrity, security and availability of the SelfCoins purchaser data. SelfCoin will not process any of the personal data collected during KYC/AML process as provided by article 2 (d) of the present T&C, realized during the ICO. If this situation was about to change, the processing of personal data that could be performed on the platform would be declared in France to the National Commission

for Data Protection and Liberties if needed. In accordance with Article 32 of French law N° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, SelfCoin, which is responsible for processing the said data, will immediately inform the SelfCoins purchasers by email that it is processing their personal data. For the sake of KYC/AMF and SelfCoin activities, SelfCoin will limit the personal data raised from SelfCoins purchasers and Talents to the minimum necessary to propose its services with respect to KYC/AMF best practices and Individuals ICO valuation requirements. Access to this information will be limited to SelfCoin personnel or to any trusted third party for the sole purpose of the provision of the SelfCoin services or KYC/AML process. Besides, all SelfCoins purchasers acknowledge that SelfCoin may be required to provide the Covered Data to any regulatory bodies or administrative authorities if required by law. SelfCoin ill keep SelfCoi s pur haser’s data o l for as lo g as is it is e essar , or as required by law. Any SelfCoins purchaser is entitled to object to the processing of his personal data for legitimate reasons, as well as to object to the use of such data for the purposes of prospecting activities. Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, SelfCoins purchaser shall be entitled to request access to, rectification, erasure of his own personal data, or restriction of processing concerning SelfCoins purchaser or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability. However, given the immutable nature of blockchain technology used, SelfCoins purchaser may not be able to exercise all of these rights. However, as far as technically possible, SelfCoin will will make its best efforts to enable SelfCoins purchaser to exercise his rights. To do so, the SelfCoins purchaser shall notify in writing his request to SelfCoin, with a copy of its signed ID document to the following address: [email protected] Article 8 – Legislative and/or Regulatory Developments SelfCoin ICO is drafted and circulated worldwide via the Website and has not been registered under any law of any jurisdiction so far. SelfCoins purchasers may be from any jurisdiction in the world except for countries where the SelfCoin ICO, the distribution or use of the information set out in this SelfCoin White Paper or the acquisition or ownership of crypto-tokens would be contrary to law or regulation of such jurisdiction.

Article 9 – Force Majeure For e ajeure is dee ed a e e t e o d the parties’ o trol, hi h the a ot reasonably foresee or reasonably avoid or overcome, provided that its occurrence makes it impossible for the parties to fulfill their obligations, and adversely affects purchase execution (e.g. earthquake, storm or other element of nature, embargoes, substantial change in the price of resources, electrical telecommunications, hardware, software or other utility failures, armed conflicts, labor disputes or other industrial disturbances, changes in laws or regulations, changes in blockchain technologies, etc.). The most diligent Party shall promptly notify the other Party by any means, and the Parties will then agree to negotiate in good faith any changes required to ensure the continuity of contract obligations. If, however, such impossibility exceeds three (3) months, the most diligent Party may terminate the contract in writing without incurring its liability and without entitling the other party to claim any right of compensation, with SelfCoin retaining previously collected amounts, which are irrevocably acquired. Article 10 – Miscellaneous 1. No representation or warranty SelfCoin disclaims and makes no representation or warranty with respect to SelfCoin ICO, SelfCoin Blockchain or SelfCoins (including but not limited to its merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose), except those expressly specified herein. Each SelfCoi s pur haser’s de isio to parti ipate i SelfCoin ICO and purchase any SelfCoi shall e ade ased o su h SelfCoi s pur haser’s o k o ledge of SelfCoin, SelfSell Project, SelfCoins and the information disclosed herein or in the SelfCoin White Paper. Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, each SelfCoins purchaser will, upon SelfCoin ICO, accept SelfCoins and the purchased SelfCoins on an "as is" basis, irrespective of its technical specifications, parameters, performance or function. 2. No liability SelfCoin expressly disclaims any liability, and shall under no circumstances be liable to any person, in connection with or arising out of: • A perso ’s parti ipatio i SelfCoin ICO in violation of any regulatory requirements imposed by any jurisdictions that may be applicable to them. Such regulatory requirements include but not limited to those relating to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing initiatives; • A perso ’s parti ipatio i SelfCoin ICO that may violate any warranty,

representation, covenant, obligation or other provision under this SelfCoin White Paper, and the failure or inability to retrieve their contribution or to claim relevant purchased SelfCoins that may result; • Termination of SelfCoin ICO for whatever cause; • Failure, termination or abandonment of SelfCoin Project development and any failure to deliver the purchased SelfCoins to SelfCoins purchasers that may result; • Postponement or rescheduling of SelfCoins issuance and/or SelfCoin development and any failure to meet any anticipated milestone that may result; • Any flaw, error, bug, weakness or defect or otherwise of the source code of SelfCoin Blockchain or SelfCoin Platform; • Any malfunction, instability, breakdown, paralysis, rollback or hardforking of the blockchain on which SelfCoin Blockchain is based upon; • Failure of SelfCoin Platform to be used in any specific way or meet any specific purpose; • The utilization of any or all of the proceeds raised through SelfCoin ICO; • Failure to timely and wholly disclose any information with regards to developments of SelfCoin Project; • A SelfCoi s pur haser’s di ulge e, destru tio or loss of the pri ate ke relati g to su h SelfCoi s pur haser’s ryptographic tokens or cryptographic token wallet; • Trading of SelfCoins by any person or entity, regardless whether it may be speculative in nature; • Listing or delisting of SelfCoins on or from any exchange, including but not limited to cryptographic token exchanges; • SelfCoins being treated or classified by any government, quasi-government, authority or public body (including but not limited to regulatory body of any jurisdiction) as a type of security, currency, commodity, commercial paper, negotiable instrument, investment or otherwise that may be banned, regulated or subject to certain legal restrictions and/or approval processes; or • Any direct and indirect outcome resulted from the risk factors disclosed in article 5 of this SelfCoin White Paper. This also includes any subsequent claim, damage, liability, loss, punishment, cost or other adverse impact that is associated with, caused by, in connection with, consequential to or incidental to that particular risk factor. 3. Tax Each SelfCoins purchaser shall take full responsibilities to declare, bear and pay all taxes, duties, imposts, levies, tariffs and surcharges that might be imposed by the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction as a result of or in connection with the receipt, holding, use, purchase, appreciation, trading, remittance or disposal of SelfCoins (no matter whether purchased during SelfCoin ICO or otherwise acquired).

And each SelfCoins purchaser shall be solely liable for all such penal consequences, claims, fines, penalties, liabilities or otherwise arising from his underpayment, undue payment, belated payment or non-payment of any relevant tax. SelfCoin does not give any advice on tax related matters and makes no representation as to the tax i pli atio , if a , of a SelfCoi s pur haser’s participation in SelfCoin ICO. It is the responsibility of each SelfCoins purchaser to consult his tax advisors before purchasing SelfCoins during and after SelfCoin ICO. 4. No Waiver From time to time, SelfCoin may fail to require, or strictly enforce a SelfCoins pur haser’s o plia e i relatio to a pro isio i this SelfCoin White Paper. SelfCoin may also fail to exercise any or all of its rights empowered herein. Such failure shall not be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of SelfCoin's right to assert or rely upon any such provision or right in that or any other instance. If applicable, an express waiver given by SelfCoin of any condition, provision, or requirement of the SelfCoin White Paper shall not constitute a waiver of any future obligation to comply with such condition, provision or requirement. 5. Severability If any portion of this SelfCoin White Paper is held to be illegal, unenforceable or invalid, whether in whole or part, under the laws of any jurisdiction, such illegality, unenforceability or invalidity shall not affect the legality, enforceability or validity of the rest of the SelfCoin White Paper in that jurisdiction, nor the legality, enforceability or validity of the SelfCoin White Paper in any other jurisdiction. 6. Titles and Subtitles The titles and subtitles used in this SelfCoin White Paper are provided for convenience only and should not be considered in construing or interpreting this SelfCoin White Paper. 7. Jurisdiction SelfCoin ICO is drafted and circulated worldwide via the Website and has not been registered under any law of any jurisdiction. SelfCoins purchasers may be from any jurisdiction in the world except for countries where the SelfCoin ICO, the distribution or use of the information set out in this SelfCoin White Paper or the acquisition or ownership of crypto-tokens would be contrary to law or regulation of such jurisdiction. 8. Dispute Resolution

SelfCoins purchaser shall irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Zug Canton of Switzerland in respect of any dispute arising out of or in connection with the SelfCoin ICO.