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Sunday, June 17, 2018
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VIBEHUB White Paper

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.2 VIBEHub Overview 1.3 The Marketplaces and Hubs on VIBEHub 1.4 Why content creators and consumers will choose VIBEHub 1.5 Technology of VIBEHub 1.6 Volumetric Video Technology 2.1 TOKEN SALE INFORMATION 2.2 Chart for coin distribution 2.3 Chart for how ICO funds will be used 2.4 In-depth analysis of how ICO funds will be used 2.5 VIBEHub revenue model 3.1 HOW VIBE IS USED 3.2 The future of VR/AR Technology 3.3 The Future for VIBEHub ©2017 2

1.1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY VIBEHub is a technology platform with limited to the confines of traditional the capacity to create virtual reality technology. All transactions on these hubs marketplaces and hubs, allowing users will use our VIBE token, a cryptocurrency to buy and sell experiences far beyond based on the Ethereum blockchain. the possibilities of traditional technology. What elevates VIBEHub above traditional Imagine a virtual seat at a live concert that Virtual Reality applications is the ability to feels like you’re actually at the show or a capture visual performances in Volumetric virtual meet-and-greet with your favorite Video (Holoportation Technology). artist who lives 2000 miles away from you. Utilizing holograms of artists, educators or VIBEHub makes it all possible. instructors and placing them in our own Lessons ranging from boxing, guitar and custom (VR) environments is what will yoga are examples of this VR technology. ensure VIBEHub is at the forefront of (VR) The instructor can be scaled as life-sized technology for years to come. or as small as a butter-fly instead of being ©2017 3

1.2 VIBEHub Overview The technology for virtual reality has available at almost any electronics store been in development for decades, it’s worldwide, we can transport users into a only now with the advent of ultra-high- world unlike anything they’ve ever seen. resolution screens coupled with the By harnessing the power of the Ethereum increased velocity of graphic processors blockchain and the VIBE token we can has it become practical for the average monetize this new virtual world. consumer to own virtual devices. The largest technology companies in the world The “Hub” in VIBEHub is a unique virtual such as Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and world centered around social ideas such as Apple have collectively invested billions hubs for artists to share music with their of dollars into VR/AR research. Recently, fans, instructors to share their knowledge their collective developments have finally with students and social hubs to watch reaped dividends with mixed reality movies together or even set up virtual devices now being sold around four dates. The potential for these hubs truly hundred dollars with some devices as are limitless. low as seventy dollars. Imagine yourself looking out the window of a space station These hubs are primarily community in a virtual world where you can attend driven spaces. As you walk through live concerts, collaborate on a creative these worlds you can meet and interact project, engage in boxing lessons or set with friends, artists or instructors using up a virtual date. real-time voice communication. You can watch a movie together in VR, play games, Our VIBEHub platform makes this all watch a concert or even take a class. You possible and you can experience it today will be paying for these services in VIBE with a recently released fully immersive tokens, creating a natural demand for the VR beta. Utilizing mixed reality devices currency. ©2017 4

1.3 THE MARKETPLACES AND THE MUSICIAN’S HUB HUB 1: The Musician’s Hub - Live marketplace and hub have unlimited Virtual Concerts and 1-on-1 Interaction potential. According to industry magazine with your favorite Instructors. Billboard, the concert business is a 25 billion- dollar market. Virtual concerts Since the advent of the Internet, music have no touring costs, no booking cost has spread globally. Conversely, in an era and have a potential audience that of globalization these fans are spread out extends across the globe. all over the world. This creates a barrier, in which many fans will never get the chance to experience their favorite artist in person. Have a favorite musician but can’t afford to go see them in concert 500 miles away? Put on your VR headset, start the VIBEHub app, pay some VIBE tokens and you can view them in your own immersive VR experience. Want to go back stage for a meet-and-greet? Pay a bit more VIBE and you can do that too. Your favorite artist can see and interact with you personally as if you both occupy the same space. Musicians can also post their songs and receive tips in VIBE, which creates a form of Virtual busking. This will be available on our browser based version as to not leave anyone without access to VIBEHub. The financial opportunities for this ©2017 5

1.4 THE MARKETPLACES AND THE TEACHER’S HUB HUB 2: The Teachers Hub- Live Virtual without having to wait due to long process periods. The experiences VIBEHub offers are Lessons and 1-on-1 Interaction with unique and cannot be pirated. This gives VIBEHub your favorite Instructors. intrinsic value that’s unique to other platforms. These factors will make our platform lucrative to creators as the opportunities for monetization are As it stands, the greatest technology in the astronomical. world will be ineffective if it lacks an audience • We have connections. Our team has been active or if a larger competitor duplicates your in the music and virtual spaces for years. We business plan. Fortunately, VIBEHub is arriving can use these connections to bring well-known at a unique time in the history of computing musical acts to the platform which will bring and Virtual reality. legitimacy and widespread media coverage. We’ve already been in touch with several different artists • We make virtual worlds better then to bring content to our Musician’s Hub. We will anyone else. Experienced and talented AR/ VR be releasing software to the largest VR platforms programmers and 3-D artists are incredibly rare in the world such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and and we have the best. VR technology is still in its PlayStation VR. VIBEHub is strategically positioned infancy and the skills needed to create the virtual at a crossroads that will only exist once in history. productions were using aren’t currently taught Both Cryptocurrency and Virtual Reality are on in school. There is a small population of 3-D art the cusp of mass adoption during the same time. programmers in the world that can duplicate our Just last year, both blockchain technology and skill-set and even fewer that can do it at our level VR would have been too primitive for VIBEHub of quality. Our team has been in the VR industry to exist. Five years from now these technologies for years, working on successful games and virtual will be everywhere. This is the perfect moment experiences. The quality and sheer beauty of our for VIBEHub to become the largest platform in a virtual worlds are unrivaled anywhere in the VR world changing industry. industry. • Astronomical Monetization opportunities. • Cryptocurrency and the Ethereum blockchain Any main stream artist or popular educator make it easy for creators to get paid, giving streaming a performance or lesson on the them an incentive to use our system. Content VIBEHub application will be able to reach millions creators, such as musicians and teachers both of their fans all at the same time. The amount share the same dilemma, there’s no easy way for of revenue that can be generated from one them to earn money online. YouTube requires concert or lesson alone is unlike anything possible hundreds of thousands of views to generate in technology today. An artist like Ed Sheeran a return which most content creators will find or Beyonce is limited to 20,000 in attendance difficult to obtain. Selling videos or music online maximum at an average live show. By doing a is at times difficult and can leave you open to VR/AR show where they appear directly in your piracy. Utilizing the Vibe currency on the VIBEHub living room, the attendance can reach millions. platform is the solution to this problem. Creators This creates a revenue stream non-existent to can charge fees in VIBE currency regardless of musicians today. where they are in the world and get paid instantly ©2017 6

1.5 THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND VIBEHUB Transactions using the VIBE token will run by the Microsoft research team in the on the Ethereum blockchain. Our web “HoloPortation” project. Integrating this platform will be compatible with Metamask technology into our platform will create a and the Myst browser, making it easier to unique experience that’s not only a first for bridge non-crypto users to our platform the blockchain, but also for the rest of the for the first time. Our frontend is hosted computing world as well. While most on AWS CloudFront in multiple geographic traditional VR/AR applications are focused locations which scales automatically to on 360 video VR, our technology expands handle any number of users. The backend to a place the world has never seen. Using consists of NodeJS microservices that Volumetric video, we’re able to place live run on server-less environments (i.e. performances of artists and educators Containers, Lambda Functions (LAAS), using their holograms in our own custom etc.). Our virtual reality development VIBEHub VR environments. uses Unity Engine, SteamVR SDK, Oculus SDK, Microsoft HoloLens SDK and Sony PSVR SDK.Using this combination of technologies will allow us to develop a cross platform product that will work on both existing and future hardware. The voice chat and body tracking of avatars in virtual spaces will use P2P technologies that allow massive user scaling while keeping costs minimal. We are proud to be the first to integrate our VIBE token wallet into virtual space.Our current focus will include the use of special multi sensor stereographic cameras to achieve what we like to call “HoloPresence”. This technology has been demonstrated ©2017 7

1.6 VOLUMETRIC VIDEO TECHNOLOGY What makes VIBEHub truly unique and the forefront of VR/AR technology is our incorporation of Volumetric Video Technology. This allows us to capture a hologram of an artist or educator and place that performance or lesson in our own custom VR environments or in augmented reality. There is only a handful of companies in the world capable of using this futuristic and incredibly monetizable technology, VIBEHub being among those companies. The hologram is photorealistic and completely immersive appearing as if a live person is directly in your living room and essentially giving the essence of a live concert or education class is in your personal space. Volumetric Video Technology is still in it’s infancy and as this technology advances, holograms will become more realistic and immersive. ©2017 8

2.1 TOKEN SALE INFORMATION The Pre-sale for Vibe will run from August 7th to August 21st with a minimum purchase of 25 ETH. The official token sale will begin August 22nd at 1pm MST and will run until September 21st or until the maximum hard cap has been reached. The maximum hard cap is 115,000 ETH. Once the token sale has been completed or the hard cap has been reached, we will provide a contract address where you will be able to send your VIBEX tokens to be exchanged for VIBE. The entire supply of 267,000,000 VIBE coins has been pre-mined, and 160,200,000 Vibes will be available during the token sale. The amount of VIBE you receive will be proportional to the total amount raised. Bonuses will be available to buyers who purchase early. For more information, please see our taken sale page. 2.2 ICO Distribution 2.3 Token Sale Fund Distribution 5% 10% 20% 10% 15% 60% 30% 50% Token Sale Future Development Founders Marketing & Advertising Future Development & maintenece Collaborations & Endorsements Early Contributer & Collaborations Promotion & Marketing ©2017 9

2.4 IN DEPTH ANALYSIS OF HOW ICO FUNDS WILL BENEFIT VIBEHUB The ICO funds that are raised in the sale in Facebook and YouTube marketing will be used for three major purposes, campaigns, attending tradeshows, further development of VIBEHub, advertising VIBEHub at concerts, festivals marketing & advertising and finally and education conferences across the collaborations & endorsements. world. This will ensure that our platform will become a household name. Future Development VIBEhub will use 50% of the funds raised Collaborations and Endorsements during the ICO to further develop the We feel the best way to market VIBEHub VIBEHub platform. The long-term success is to associate ourselves with high profile of the project will require us to hire the artists who can spread the word about most talented programmers and artists VIBEHub. We will allocate 20% of funds available. Skilled 3D modelers, graphic raised during the ICO towards working artists and coders will allow us to produce exclusively with mainstream artists who’ve accumulated large followings on social high-quality content at a rapid rate, keeping us far ahead of our competitors. media. Cryptocurrency projects are heavily Other funds will be used to provide the influenced by exposure, the attention team with high end equipment such as these collaborations will bring us will be servers, VR/AR recording cameras and a primary driver towards mainstream software. adoption. ICO funds will be used to book top-charting artists like Rihanna to Marketing and Advertising give a concert on VIBEHub. Imagine the VIBEhub will use 30% of the funds raised publicity when Rihanna promotes her during the ICO for the marketing and VIBEHub concert across all her social advertising of VIBEHub. We will also media platforms and encourages fans hire as many marketing and advertising to download the software and attend specialists as the ICO funds allow us to. her show. The amount of awareness and A project like VIBEHub depends on mass attention this could potentially bring to market adoption and requires high-quality VIBEHub will be colossal.We are already in marketing in a way that other coins like discussion with several well-known artists, Bitcoin do not. We recognize this and will and they have been very excited about the be placing an emphasis on marketing as the possibilities we offer. project develops.This will include engaging ©2017 10

2.5 VIBEHUB REVENUE MODEL Revenue Sharing Partnerships Initially we’ll be offering the VIBEHub Partnerships will be important to bring application for free to build interest in the VIBEHub to more people and further platform. As demand grows we will begin to increase the demand of the VIBE currency. take a percentage of revenue generated by We’re already in negotiations with several user-uploaded streams. This revenue model companies who have shown great interest will provide us with a stable and recurring in using the VIBE currency on their platform. source of revenue. Several companies already see great value in having their content featured on the VIBEHub In-World Advertisements platform. We will be able to charge fees for We will be offering advertisements within the companies using the VIBE currency on our virtual hubs and marketplaces as a form their platforms and we’ll also be able to get of revenue generation. Virtual Reality allows royalties on income generated from various new ways of advertising to users without companies using the VIBEHub application to being obtrusive. A spaceship or a blimp that launch their content. floats above the user in the sky and plays a video is alluring as opposed to a pop-up ad that forces customers away from what they’re doing. Our advertisements are visual rather than simple text and we can command a higher price for them. Monetizable Digital Assets Every VIBEHub user will be given a virtual “home” where he or she can meet with friends and enjoy the virtual reality experience. Users will be able to customize these homes by purchasing more appealing lighting, larger TVs and other assets to make their virtual home unique. We will have a team of 3D modelers and asset creators working to design a wide-range of products that can be sold to users using the VIBE coin. ©2017 11

3.1 HOW VIBE IS USED VIBE will be the only currency used on the going to change the way consumers watch VIBEHub application. With VIBE driving the content over the internet as well as the platform, this will create a natural demand content creators ability to monetize their for the currency. VIBE can be used in work. numerous ways on the application such as the purchasing of concerts & lessons along 3.3 THE FUTURE with buying hundreds of digital assets and tipping. We are developing an off-chain OF VIBEHUB solution on VIBEHub that will create instant and free micro-transactions for the use of The VIBEHub platform has come at an VIBE. This will eliminate all scaling issues that amazing time because both cryptocurrency VIBEHub may have to deal with in the future and VR/AR technology are becoming by being on the Ethereum network. mainstream at the same time. The future is exciting for both blockchain technology and VR/AR tech. The impact both technologies 3.2 THE FUTURE OF VR/AR will display over the next 3 to 5 years will be TECHNOLOGY the greatest advancement in technology the world has ever seen. With the advancements Over the past decade countless companies blockchain technology will see and as VR/ have spent billions of dollars investing in VR/ AR devices and software become more AR technology. Companies such as Apple, advanced, VIBEHub will remain a pioneer in Microsoft, IBM, Google, Sony and Facebook. both technologies for years to come. The These companies are heavily invested in capturing of photorealistic holograms is what preparing for the upcoming virtual worlds. many experts believe is going to make VR/AR Analysts predict the market to grow near technology mainstream. The futuristic aspect $162 Billion U.S.D by the year 2020. of holograms and the combination of it with Hardware devices are becoming cheaper for augmented reality is going to change the way average consumers and high-end devices are the internet is used today. Our team is starting to reach their full potential. excited and focused to showcase this The amount of impact VR/AR technology technology to the masses and ensure will have on the world is incredible. everyone in the world will see the future of Entertainment and social activities from your our reality on the VIBEHub platform. own household within the VR/AR worlds are ©2017 12

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