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Sunday, June 17, 2018
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Lindacoin Whitepaper 1. Introduction 2. Lindacoin 3. Features of Lindacoin a. Masternodes (Eco - Mining) b. Masternodes - Turn-Key. c. Staking d. Stealth Addresses e. Encrypted Messaging f. Atomic Swaps g. Hot Swaps LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 2

TABLE OF CONTENTS (cont.) 4. Linda X Platform a. Linda X Platform b. Linda X Network Integration c. Linda X Token Creation Process d. Linda X ICO Breakdown 5. Lindacoin Wallets a. Lindacoin Wallet b. Lindacoin Web Wallet c. Lindacoin Mobile App. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS (cont.) 5. Lindacoin Wallets (cont.) d. Mobile Masternodes e. Lindacoin Staking Pool f. Staking Other PoS Coins g. Lindacoin Cold Storage Cards 6. Lindacoin Products a. Official Merchandise 7. Applications of Lindacoin LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 4

TABLE OF CONTENTS (cont.) 8. Development of Lindacoin 9. Marketing of Lindacoin 10. Scalability Of Lindacoin 11. Roadmap a. Roadmap At A Glance b. Roadmap 12. Conclusion 13. Partnerships 14. Further Reading LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 5

INTRODUCTION Imagine a world without money- it’s hard to fathom. Since the beginning of civilization, we have lived with cash or alternative forms of it. However, cash and modern fiat currencies, such as the US Dollar and the British Pound, all have a fundamental flaw. They are completely based on trust. While trust works well in strong, stable economies, a substantial part of the world is composed of developing countries with less stable economies. When a corrupt government is running out of money, it’s tempting for them to print more. However, printing money decreases the value of the currency. Simply put: when the supply of the currency increases, the value is reduced. Even worse, hyperinflation can set in, causing the currency to become worthless. Citizens over credulously trust their government to be responsible and not fabricate more. Even in developed nations, we still rely on trust. When you send and receive currencies electronically, you are forced to trust banking institutions to store records of the transactions. The banks save a digital number (the individual’s remaining account balance) and informs the receiving bank of the amount of funds transferred from the initial account. The margin for error, malfeasance, fraud, and unscrupulous behavior by these institutions is immense. Yet, we are expected to have the disposition of believing they possess an infallible system and moral compass. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 6

INTRODUCTION (cont.) Since the advent of ATM’s in the 1960’s, we have relied on banks to keep track of digital transfers. This is due to a huge issue called Double Problem Spending. Everything digital can be copied and we cannot trust people not to duplicate their money. That is where cryptocurrency comes into play, solving this issue. We, as a society, currently depend on banks to keep records updated. However, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by an organization or an individual. Cryptocurrency allows every user access to the ledger. Therefore, no single entity or individual is solely in control of the ledger. All of the cryptocurrency rules and regulations are defined. Digital currency itself is an open source which means that everyone who uses the coin, controls the coin, but there is no single individual in charge. Cryptocurrency functions with a self management system. It may sound complicated - because it is, however, it isn’t necessary to dissect or completely understand the intricacies of technology involved in making a cell phone work before you enjoy the benefits of its features. That same concept applies with cryptocurrencies. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 7

INTRODUCTION (cont.) Cryptocurrency guarantees security. Funds are stored securely, privately and numerically. Users can transfer funds around the world instantly at minimal cost. Cryptocurrencies offer high-level security and anonymity without requiring a bank to participate and Lindacoin is part of this financial revolution. There are more than 1600 alternative cryptocurrencies currently in existence, with a new use case for blockchain emerging every week. But Lindacoin is unique from all the others. In this whitepaper, we will delve into and describe what makes Lindacoin an asset worth investing in. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 8


LINDACOIN Lindacoin is a peer to peer hybrid digital currency. It creates utility products that allow Linda to be used in everyday scenarios. It also offers partnership opportunities to other cryptocurrencies to use the Lindacoin platform. Lindacoin’s belief is to provide a highly competitive reward structure to compensate early investors of Lindacoin. It takes advantage of Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-Of-Work (PoW), giving it the best of both worlds. It has more than 70% PoS block rewards and 99% APR. Linda’s PoS algorithm allows Linda to manage supply and demand automatically and to establish an equilibrium that rewards Linda investors with more coins without hyperinflation. Lindacoin also utilizes a Masternode which ensures lightning fast secured transactions, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, and stealth address for complete anonymity. Masternodes enable instant transactions in a fraction of a second, thereby making those transactions suitable for everyday use. Furthermore, they allow Lindacoin to have a privacy option. This allows transactions to be completely anonymous, a broadly desired feature of cryptocurrencies. Lindacoin will be at the forefront of technological innovation in payments, combining the most robust cryptocurrency network with powerful social network effects. The technology behind Lindacoin, as a system, guarantees its independence, security, and scalability. We believe that Lindacoin has the potential to compete with established salient global payment systems. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 10


LINDACOIN Coin Name: Linda Coin Abbreviation: LINDA Coin Type: PoW/PoS PoS Hashing Scrypt Algorithm: Difficulty Retargeting DGW v3 Algorithm: Max Supply: 30,000,000,000 LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 12

LINDACOIN Block Time: 60 Seconds Block Reward: 14150 Blocks Reward Halving: 15 Months Yearly Interest: 99% Maximum 4MB Block Size: Minimum 24 Hours Stake Age: Maximum Unlimited Stake Age LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 13

MASTERNODES (ECO-MINING) Lindacoin’s use of masternodes enables Linda to have unique features that are not possible in other cryptocurrencies. Our masternodes do the brunt of the work, sorting out blocks and managing peers. For this, they are rewarded well for their ability to keep the network flowing. Our masternodes perform all of the InstantX and private transactions, and are the heart of our blockchain. A masternode is simply a Linda full node or a computer wallet that stores the complete copy of the blockchain in real time. But, the central nodes are considerably different - they perform more functionalities to give Linda special features. One example of this is Linda’s extraordinary speed and instant transactions. This makes Linda transactions suitable for everyone. Some of the unique functions that these nodes perform are: ● Increasing the confidentiality of transactions ● Making instant transactions ● Participating in governance and voting ● Activating the budget and cash system in cryptos. Masternodes have huge value in supporting the Linda network. They are part of what defines Lindacoin from all of the other cryptocurrencies. Making Linda more efficient, and more prepared for the future. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 14

MASTERNODES (TurnKey) Instead of holding your coin until it reaches a higher price, putting coins into a masternode is an efficient solution to make use of your resources. Linda’s new mobile wallet and mobile app offers a turnkey solution, changing the dynamic of which masternodes are implemented to the user. Currently, masternodes are extremely difficult to set up unless your technically experienced and leads to users potentially missing out on incentive programs. TurnKey options are masternodes that are already set up for the user. This is for investors who wish to have a more hands off approach to masternode mining while maximizing user rewards. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 15

STAKING Proof of Stake (PoS) is a type of consensus algorithm for public blockchains. It ensures all wallets have a consensus on all transactions. It also weighs the economic stake of each wallet, so the more LINDA a wallet has, the more it will have a say in the public blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, where the algorithm rewards participants who solve cryptographic puzzles (Proof of Work), Linda uses the PoS system. Each wallet votes on the next block and the voting weight of each validator depends on the amount of LINDA they hold. One of the significant benefits of a PoS system is the energy efficiency. Instead of wasting huge amounts of energy to mine coins, Linda is a more eco-friendly coin, which means it is more likely to be adopted in the future. Also, a PoS algorithm reduces the chance of centralization. Other coins are likely to be centralized as all their miners are controlled by a few people, but this is not possible with Linda. Finally, a PoS algorithm increases security. Linda allows all wallets to get involved in staking. By simply holding your coins in a wallet, Linda will automatically stake your coins for you. Staking generates roughly a 70% APR. Staking helps Linda stabilize the blockchain and will also generate a modest income for the user staking Linda. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 16

STAKING Linda PoS algorithm reduces centralization risks, as economies of scale are much less of an issue. Since the security properties of PoS are not based on the extrinsic cost of validating the chain, a centralized attack is nearly impossible and we are free to shard/scale the network in a more traditional way. Network nodes will increase as Linda grows, leading to greater distribution and a higher amount of security. Nodes need to be online in order to stake blocks, which in turn creates a secure and more distributed network. Electricity costs are the most important expenses in mining and must be paid in fiat currencies, but Linda has minimal consumption rates. This results in an enormous advantage when Linda has a lower energy usage than traditional cryptocurrencies. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 17


STEALTH ADDRESSES Linda offers stealth addresses as a feature of the coin. Integrated within the blockchain and algorithms, stealth addresses are a method by which additional security can be granted to the user of a cryptocurrency. For example, if Receiver X wanted to receive five coins from Sender Y, but did not want anyone else to learn of the transaction, Receiver X could use a stealth address. Sender Y would then send the coins to the stealth address. When Sender Y sends the funds to Receiver X, a unique random address is created where it will be shown that the funds have gone to the blockchain. As a result, there is no link between the stealth address and any other transaction address used by Sender Y. This provides a layer of anonymity because no one will be able to see how Sender Y spent their money. On the contrary, if Receiver X had sent his or her public address to Sender Y, they would be able to see all the details of Receiver X’s wallet. For many, the idea someone can track the way they spend their money is alarming, and that is why stealth addresses are so powerful. With stealth addresses, both the sending and receiving wallets would be impossible to trace. Stealth addresses are an incredibly powerful tool for any cryptocurrency that implements them, reassuring users that their transactions cannot be traced. The Linda Network also offers a Deep Web Tor Wallet to provide additional security and anonymity for our users. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 19

ENCRYPTED MESSAGING The Linda Wallet comes with an encrypted messaging system. This means wallets can message each other with complete security, as the messages are encrypted on both ends. Only the sender and receiver will be able to read the message, no one else, not even the Linda team. This creates the utmost security with top of the line encryption technology. This messaging system can serve many purposes. For example, if two parties wish to negotiate on a deal, they don’t have to outsource communication to other apps. Instead, they can stay on the same platform, making it more convenient. At Linda, we believe privacy is security and we assure all users of the Linda platform they have a secure platform to discuss confidential details. We believe the cryptocurrency of the future is one that can serve the needs of all people. That is why we have the encrypted messaging system. This means people can complete all their transaction processes on one platform - the Linda Platform. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 20

ATOMIC SWAPS The Atomic Swap is a smart contract technology, powered by cryptography, allowing parties to exchange cryptocurrencies without the use of a middle-man exchange. This technology is something we strive to integrate as part of the Linda wallet and network. In traditional cryptocurrencies, a trusted third party, such as a cryptocurrency exchange, is necessary to perform a swap of cryptocurrencies in order to prevent one party from sending a currency without receiving a currency in return. Another means of obtaining this decentralized agreement can be done as a single atomic operation. The atomicity guarantees the new value is calculated based on up-to-date information. An atomic swap is a proposed feature in cryptocurrencies, allowing for the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without the need for a trusted third party. Some advantages include: - Financial savings by removing exchange transactions. - Wallet to wallet transactions without security concerns of an exchange. - Improved collaboration between cryptocurrencies. - Benefits for merchants to be able to accept a bigger range of cryptos. - LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 21


HOT SWAPS Lindacoin is proud to announce Hot Swaps. In some cases, the user can be limited while performing atomic swaps based on consensus and the design of the applied smart contract. Imagine being able to simply swap your Linda into any other currency, without any third parties or anyone else to swap with. It’s a new technology and it’s happening all from within your wallet. Using newly created technology, you can select the currency you would like to exchange from and the currency you would like to exchange to. Select the number of coins you want to exchange (in either currency) and our technology will advise you of the total you need to exchange. Press accept, type in your external currency address and your encryption password, and you are done! Never has coin exchanging been easier to do. Now, the only wait you will have is on the external coins blockchain which, unfortunately, are not as quick as Linda! Atomic Swaps are becoming outdated - Hot Swaps are the future and it’s coming! LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 23


LINDA X PLATFORM Linda X is a decentralized platform used for creating and trading custom digital assets and currencies. Our platform enables multi-layer networks built to improve the decentralization of distributed ledgers and users associated. The developer software is integrated within our main chain creating dynamic token creation platform offering a variety of DAPPS based on token utility. Linda X token platform is comprised of a set of tools and commands that helps people put all necessary aspects of regulations and blockchain technology together efficiently. It would create the infrastructure for companies to issue their securities on the blockchain in an easy-to-use application. The platform will allow developers to utilize the Linda X network launching their own tokens, while supporting (Linda) main blockchain. A good reference to an existing token platform is Ethereum’s ERC20 platform which has seen a lot of success. Their tokens have not only thrived, but are used by some of the top cryptocurrencies. One of the major distinctions with Linda X is the developer support system. Linda will provide support to all developers that use the Linda X platform. Linda will help with development, marketing, and the launch of their token on Linda X. This will make Linda X a more attractive and a more accessible place to host their token. Another feature of Linda X is the app integration. All tokens will have access to all the regular services and features of Lindacoin. They will be able to stake their coins, have mining pools, development security knowing their token is provided a mobile wallet paired with our other development services. Linda aims to be accepted by major Fortune 500 companies that will integrate geolocation and blockchain. This will complement Linda’s current geolocation and blockchain solutions. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 25

LINDA X PLATFORM Linda will be pre-vetting all token proposals. Unlike other token platforms, Linda will be checking each token proposal to make sure a list of prerequisites are fulfilled before acceptance into the development platform. As a result, all tokens on the platform will be credible and trustworthy tokens to invest in. The Linda X runtime architecture focuses on providing security and executing untrusted code by computers all over the world. Specifically, this project focuses on preventing Denial-of-service attacks, which have become somewhat common in the cryptocurrency world. Like Ethereum’s EVM, Linda X ensures programs do not have access to each other’s state, ensuring communication can be established without any potential interference. A 256-bit register stack, designed to run the same code exactly as intended. It is the fundamental consensus mechanism for Linda X. The new version allows use of scripts on the Linda X Blockchain, built on the WASM or Web Assembly programming language. The eWASM implementation has multiple benefits. Language change facilitates script implementation at near-native speed by maximizing hardware capabilities. This will, in turn, lead to several uses that generally entail high performance and throughput capacity. Proofs provide the cryptographic data an auditor needs to do its job. In general, auditors know very little about a log, but despite this limited knowledge, proofs make it possible for an auditor to verify whether a log is consistent and whether a particular certificate has been appended to the log. Audit proof lets you verify that a specific certificate has been included in a log. This is a critical verification task because the Certificate Transparency model demands that all TLS clients reject any certificates that do not show up in a certificate log. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 26

LINDA X PLATFORM The connection is private (or secure) because symmetric cryptography is used to encrypt the data transmitted. The keys for this symmetric encryption are generated uniquely for each connection and are based on a shared secret negotiated at the start of the session. The nodes to node transactions negotiate the details of which encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys to use before the first byte of data is transmitted, the negotiated secret is unavailable and cannot be obtained. The gas system used to power the Linda X platform is not very different from the use of Kw for measuring electricity home use. One difference from actual energy market is that the originator of the transaction sets the price of gas, to which the miner can or not accept. This creates a market around gas. Its main premise determines calculated value for all computation costs incurred because of the execution of this transaction. Gas limit refers to the maximum amount of gas you’re willing to spend on a particular transaction. A higher gas limits mean that more computational work must be done to execute the smart contract. Gas limit acts as a safety mechanism to protect users from depleting funds, Gas limit also combats inflationary periods and is predefined. The difficulty adjustment algorithm in LindaX tries to keep mining time of the blocks between 10 to 20 sec. If difference in mining time is between 0 to 11 sec. then LindaX tries to increase the difficulty to mine the block and if difference is 20 sec. or more, then LindaX tries to reduce the mining difficulty of the system. As a result, you have an algorithm that can determine the perfect balance of block difficulty in the LindaX ecosystem. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 27

LINDA X ICO BREAKDOWN Linda X’s ICO will consist of three subsections privy to the expected set price upon exchange listing. Producing programs to maximize user involvement within the platform itself prior to launch date is vital to chain integrity for Linda X. Alongside this, we will be planning an incentivized referral structure for current Linda holders and new users. The Linda family will now have two coins,: a utility coin (Linda) and an asset-backed coin (Linda X). Utility will have value because they enable the holder to exchange the coin for a good or service in the future. An example of a utility coin is Bitcoin. Asset-backed coins (Linda X) may have value because there is an underlying asset which the holder of the token can attribute value to. Due to the blockchain structure, Linda X will be used as the GAS of the Linda X network. The ICO will consist of 50% of the initial pre-mine, then divided within the three subsections. Each month ICO elements enter a new division allowing previous divisions to already see initial coin value based on chain enrollment. Coin Name Pre Mine ICO Tier 1 Linda X 10,500,000 LX 2,000,000 LX Coin Abbreviation ICO ICO Tier 2 LX 5,000,000 LX 2,000,000 LX Block Time Referral Program ICO Tier 3 ~ 12 Seconds 500,000 LX 1,000,000 LX Block Reward 5 LX LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 28

LINDA X PLATFORM Algorithm Token Development Tools Smart Algo - A distributed computing platform is a dedicated server used for companies. The internal concept features smart contract (scripting) functionality solely to approved Linda X developers or the entities they represent. Smart contracts or smart algos that are high-level programming abstractions that are compiled down to bytecode and deployed to the Linda X chain for execution. Smart algorithms can be written in Solidity, The following describes standard functions a token contract can implement hose will allow dapps and wallets to handle tokens across multiple interfaces/dapps. The most important are, transfer, balance of and the transfer event. Linda X creates a fully decentralized ecosystem implementing cross chain connections, the development and application fees must be purchased in (Linda) to create token (Y) while directly supporting (Linda X) main chain. Gas from Token (Y) also supports (Linda X) thus effectively establishing cross chains support. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 29

LINDA X PLATFORM Token Development. Exclusive development tools will be accessible to all approved Linda X developers, like existing Ethereum technology administrative reps will be able to administer smart algos that are defined by the use case or application. The classification Linda X developer is only held to those companies who have successfully been accepted and fulfilled all prerequisites. All tokens must enter Linda’s partner exchange (CurrenX ) by the given date submitted on the initial application. Failure to fulfill token completion could lead to the delisting of your company and token or requested community override. Full consultations regarding coin build can be requested alongside whitepaper development if needed. Linda X ensures all approved tokens will also gain a guaranteed listing in an exchange with Linda’s partner (CurrentX) removing the spleculation associated with other token platforms Encrypted signature keys will be used to ensure no access is given to the development platform until accepted and approved by our legal administration. The software is private and not available to the public reducing the risk assessment with underlying companies before the listing process. (Note) All token must enter the exchange by the date submitted during the application process. Our main client provides decentralized application tools much like ethereum's examples include, games,managing identities, development of building, microblogging ,medical records, geolocation tools, user incentive programs, location tracking, data collection and many other use cases. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 30


LINDA X PLATFORM CurrenX CurrenX and its place within the Linda family Our partnership with CurrenX is one of the most important partnerships within the LindaX family. By partnering with CurrenX, we have the ability to provide a safe, low cost form of liquidity for all tokens created on LindaX. This allows us to help remove the trouble of having to communicate with and pay extravagant listing fees that have become all too common in the crypto-sphere. Working together with LindaX, CurrenX will list each token made on our token creation platform with advantageous pairs right out of the box. This will be a key feature of the token platform moving forward and will help each and every token or ICO made with LindaX to flourish. One of the most difficult aspects of creating a successful token other than creating an idea that will solve real world problems is the trouble associated with getting your token listed on exchanges and creating enough volume to gain interest. LindaX makes this process easy LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 32


LINDACOIN WALLET The Linda wallet is unique from the wallets of many popular coins out there. At Linda, we strive to continually adapt and improve our product in many ways, usually influenced by the community’s recommendations. The community’s opinion is of the utmost importance to us and we continually use their voice as a tool to integrate and innovate new features into the coin. Linda strives to be a community leader, establishing standards set forth by every user of Linda coin, but exceeding them in every way possible. Due to our community’s needs, Linda will perform several much needed changes and overhauls to the wallet during Q3 and Q4 of 2018. During and leading up to this period, we will continue to ask the community what features are most needed and wanted. The focus will be on reducing CPU and RAM requirements, as well as minimizing the amount of bandwidth required to use the wallet. This, along with some much needed RPC upgrades in order to facilitate easier masternode creation and usage, as well as a much needed overhaul of the masternode list. One upcoming feature is the addition of a masternode active icon to our wallet, so users may see easily whether their masternode is online. Included will also be a complete graphical overhaul. This will help Linda achieve the sleek look her technology deserves. Exciting features are new skins and fan art backgrounds. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 34


LINDACOIN WEB WALLET The Linda Web Wallet is a key component of the Linda software family. Traditionally, cryptocurrencies only offer a desktop wallet which can be hard to set up and operate, and ultimately discourages many potential cryptocurrency investors. On the other hand, Linda’s online wallet enables users the features of a traditional desktop wallet without the hassles of running a server or setting up a desktop wallet. It will still have all your favorite features from the desktop wallet. The web wallet includes the staking capability, masternode capability, and even multiple masternode capability. Now anyone can start staking and running a masternode, and even you can get in on the rewards! Better yet, the web wallet has enhanced masternode capabilities. It not only allows investors to not only set up with a few clicks, but it offers heightened security and fast connections. This lets our investors have peace-of-mind, knowing that the online wallet is safe and secure. The web wallet also has an easy-to-use system. This allows all transactions to be private and it hides your ip address, making you untraceable when using Linda. The web wallet also has a lite edition. This gives amateur Linda users an easy-to-use platform. They can use the wallet for day to day transactions, without all the staking and masternode capabilities. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 36

LINDACOIN MOBILE APP. The mobile application will absolutely revolutionize Lindacoin’s development. In today’s society, mobile apps play a large part in our daily lives. That’s why Linda has developed a mobile app for users to manage their wallets from the convenience of their phones. The mobile app will have all the features of the desktop wallet, except it allows users to bring the app anywhere. The mobile app reinforces the real world application of Linda as a currency. A huge flaw with current cryptocurrencies is the lack of a mobile app wallet. It is impossible to pay for goods in real life, if you can only use your desktop wallet. When Linda gets accepted by merchants around the world, Linda will need a portable way to pay, and that’s where the mobile app steps in. Furthermore, the mobile app allows investors to check in with their Linda investment with staking and masternodes. We know that investors are busy, and that’s why we offer the convenience of checking their portfolio and investment from their phone. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 37

LINDACOIN MOBILE APP. Our new mobile app will be available for purchase on both Android and IOS. This will allow everyone to enjoy mobile stake rewards at the convenience of never missing out on what their Linda is doing. All the while never having to worry about data usage nor bandwidth restrictions. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 38

MOBILE MASTERNODES Mobile Masternodes: Masternodes are paid by the network for the governance services they provide. Due to the selection algorithm, there is always an aspect of randomness to payment selection, but in the long term all masternode owners will receive similar payments. Having so many servers holding a full copy of the blockchain and working for the coin can be extremely useful. Masternodes guarantee that transactions are validated and confirmed in real time, which makes them highly efficient for the blockchain network and ecosystem. The financial rewards provided through setting up and operating a masternode has allowed more parties to be involved with the cryptocurrency, thus making a shift towards a more decentralized approach. Lindacoin has brought this same technology to your mobile phone. VPS Security SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) is a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the National Security Agency (NSA). SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. Cryptographic hash functions are mathematical operations run on digital data; by comparing the computed "hash" (the output from execution of the algorithm) to a known and expected hash value, a person can determine the data's. The communication between the user and their VPS now happens over SSL (wss) AND end to end encryption. The SSL keeps the app up-to-date with current web standards and protects the users packets on local networks. The end-to-end encryption protects the users packets right down to their machine. If you have a virus or someone has access to your logged in wallet there's no way for them to gain any data sent between you and your VPS. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 39

STAKING OTHER PoS COINS In addition to being able to stake your Linda, the Linda web wallet also allows you to stake other coins. Linda will be reaching out to other PoS cryptocurrencies for offers to be integrated on the Linda platform. Furthermore, all tokens created on the Linda X platform will be able to be staked from the Linda wallet. As a result of this technological breakthrough, your Linda wallet is the only wallet you will ever need. Since you can invest in other coins and stake them from your wallet, you will only need the Linda wallet. This will make Linda the future cryptocurrency, since it is not dependant on any other cryptocurrency and it has all the tools you need readily available at your fingertips. On top of this, we are also listing non PoS coins, in order to allow them access on our mobile and iOS wallets. This is a big feature for some small (And big!) cap coins that do not have their own mobile wallets. Below are a few of our current coin listings LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 40

LINDACOIN STAKING POOL A feature of the Lindacoin wallet is the Lindacoin staking pool. Users can contribute to a community pool of Linda, which will stake. The rewards from staking will then be paid back to the contributors of the pool. The Lindacoin staking pool provides accessibility to the staking feature. Many users who have a small amount of Linda will find it hard to stake, due to the nature of staking. But, since these people can stake together, the smaller Lindacoin investors will be able to stake efficiently. This means the staking feature will be accessible to all, and not just for the investors that have a lot of Linda. In sum, Linda will be more decentralized. Since it’s staking network is distributed amongst small and large investors alike, we can ensure that the staking power isn’t all in one person’s hands, and instead, it is in the hands of the people. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 41

LINDACOIN COLD STORAGE CARDS Lindacoin has partnered with to deliver Linda cold storage cards. While a mobile wallet suits day to day transactions, a cold storage card is better for long term storage. Completely offline from the internet or your computer, it cannot be hacked, and therefore your Linda cannot be stolen. This makes cold storage cards perfect for long term storage. Essentially, this can act as your savings account, while your day to day wallet is your checking account. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 42


OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE We’ve received an overwhelming response from passionate investors interested in purchasing Lindacoin merchandise. This has motivated our team to supply our supporters with a wide array of merchandise and clothing apparel options, that will be available on Our online store will offer various different products including, but not limited to - shirts, hats, hoodies, coffee mugs, vinyl stickers, and much more. We will provide simple and safe payment options of fiat currency as well as cryptocurrency. Our partnership with a fulfillment company will allow flat rate shipping fees for fast and easy delivery on a global scale. Along with our standard merchandise inventory, periodically Lindacoin will add limited edition merchandise options as special occasions, new releases, and community projects are announced. Make a statement about your trust and belief in Linda by obtaining our official brand gear. Our merchandise will allow you to share your support of Lindacoin, compliment your outfit and accessories with stylish products, or create conversation starters with family and friends. We aim to have something for everybody and satisfy our community’s request for retail goods. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 44

APPLICATIONS OF LINDACOIN 1. Decentralized Payments.. 3. Token Creation Platform. The major application of Lindacoin is The LindaX platform is a huge to facilitate payments. It offers a application of Linda. It allows decentralized payment network, developers to use the Linda network to which eliminates the middle-man create and host their own tokens. This from financial transactions. With so means existing companies, and those many features, Lindacoin is also of the future, will be using Linda to more convenient than traditional optimize blockchain technology, and payment systems. that Lindacoin will be the coin that runs it all. 2. Investing with Linda. 4. Anonymous Payments. Another application of Lindacoin is as an investment. By holding Linda Linda’s stealth addresses and coins, you can stake your coins and encrypted messaging features make earn an annual return. Furthermore, Linda the platform for anonymous you can purchase a masternode as payments. This is a huge application, an investment. Linda is not only a and there are many reasons why payment network, but also a people desire anonymity in their potential investment for consumers. payment systems. Current financial transaction methods do not offer this, so people will be using Linda to conduct their private transactions. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 45

DEVELOPMENT OF LINDACOIN Lindacoin is an open-source project that anyone can contribute to. Although the Linda community volunteers are a huge part of development, we still have our own in-house development team. This will ensure Linda is constantly improving at a lightning fast speed. The Linda team and Chief of Development will ensure Linda has a team of developers that will work hard to bring new features to Linda. The team will work together to develop new concepts and features, and the developers will be able to create it. This is how Linda ensures constant new features and improvement. Also, our community is able to help us develop Linda. Anyone can contribute to Lindacoin’s code, through GitHub. It’s a very simple process that makes sure anyone can contribute and help make Linda the future cryptocurrency. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 46

MARKETING OF LINDACOIN Linda firmly believes in marketing as one of our core development strategies. Regardless of how advanced Lindacoin is, success is contingent on proper marketing. Lindacoin will focus on both forms of marketing - natural and artificial. Here are the strategies Linda will implement in our marketing plan. For natural marketing, our focus is on creating phenomenal products and engaging with our investors. Our technique will include, continuing to build credibility and satisfying our core community’s aspirations. While applying this strategy, we will deliver high quality products and consistent developmental upgrades. This will cause word of mouth advertising to spread individually, simultaneously generating secure and organic growth. By ensuring Linda’s users are happy and fulfilled, Linda is utilizing the most powerful form of marketing available. Although incredibly effective, natural marketing will not be completely sufficient, and Linda always strives for excellence. So, Linda will also implement artificial marketing strategies. Employing sophisticated methods to create online advertisements targeting receptive and interested audiences, based on data collection of our intended demographic. Linda will contribute proficient community outreach programs, and collaborate with influential community members. Publishing press releases, interviews, articles, and live interactive Q&A sessions will provide additional strength to our foundation. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 47

SCALABILITY OF LINDACOIN There are many long-term goals Linda strives to achieve. Ultimately, our goal is to continue to operate as an accomplished company, and provide products and tools that are beneficial long term to our users. We have already gone to great lengths to keep our coin prosperous far into the future. With LindaV2’s optimization and anti-inflationary measures, we can safely continue at the same level of ROI untouched, until late in 2030 - This gives plenty of time for advancement in our coin technology that will help further the longevity of Lindacoin. This, compounded with mandating that the only way to purchase LindaX is through Linda, allows us to ensure a healthy network and volume amount for years to come, despite what project is leading in the developmental sphere. This provides a form of safety net in that no matter what direction we take, there will always be significant volume in order to continue having Linda be almost instantaneous and easy to use, unlike the popular BTC. Along with all of the aforementioned information, we are also diligently working to create valid revenue streams within our company. Examples, like our Web Staking Platform and the Official Linda Pool, will provide us secure funding for continuing to expand and develop Lindacoin and our affiliated projects for long into the coming future. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 48


ROADMAP LindaV2 A lot of the software developed for Linda in the prototype stages need to be refurbished. Like a real product, the prototype is simply to show the uses of the product, but the real product needs to be made more appealing to the public and more accessible. At this stage, the Linda software will be refurbished to make it more accessible and user-friendly for the public, as it is now ready to be used by the public. Mobile App First of all, the Linda wallet family will be redone. Not only will the current desktop app be made more intuitive and accessible, but Linda will be adding a mobile and online wallet. The mobile app and online wallet have all the functions that a regular wallet has, but they are easier to set up. With a few clicks in your explorer, you can now open a Linda wallet. Furthermore, a mobile wallet allows people to carry their Linda everywhere they go, making Linda the true payment network. These will make Linda more accessible to the public, and a superior cryptocurrency for the future. Block Explorer Finally, Linda will be releasing an official block explorer to the public. A block explorer allows anyone to view the blockchain. Now that the public will be using Linda as a payment method, they deserve transparency of the blockchain through the block explorer. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 50

ROADMAP Linda Scalability Linda plans to improve overall scalability. Our network scalability is the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth. We can refer to the capability of a system to increase its total output under an increased load when resources are added. Token Application Linda will be pre-vetting all tokens. Unlike other token platforms that host scam tokens, Linda will be checking each token to make sure no scams are on the Linda network. This means Linda will become a trustworthy and credible cryptocurrency. Token Development A major distinction that sets Linda apart from other token platforms is the developer support system. Linda will provide support to all developers that use the Linda X platform. The team will help with development, marketing, and the launch of their token on Linda X. This will make Linda X a more attractive and easier place to host their token. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 51

ROADMAP LindaX Launch At its core, LindaX is a decentralized platform that supports the creation, exchange and distribution of custom digital assets, smart-contracts and applications. The platform has a developer-centric curation process intended to ensure all tokens meet and exceed the expected quality standard that further increases the potential for global trust and adoption. Decentralized Applications Dapps Here at Linda, we will also be developing over time a wide variety of Dapps and developer tools that run alongside or on top of our blockchain. This will not only help with the creation of tokens, chain staking, masternodes, and help businesses build the exact type of dapp they’re looking for. We plan on developing many exclusive dapps further in 2019. Token Listing Our extensive listing and vetting process for token proposals will open to the public, in the beginning of 2019. This will allow us to garner lots of attention, ensure that the type of applications we are receiving are well done, and have fully structured ideas. We are also going to be rolling out a support process for coins to gain some help in order to steer them on the right path towards success on our platform. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 52

CONCLUSION In conclusion, Linda will be establishing a multifunctional platform, enabling individuals to benefit from the utilities of real world application. Lindacoin’s main objective is implementing a structure in compliance with mass adoption and acceptance. Perseverance and determination define Lindacoin’s integrity, and fuels our motivation to offer innovative technological solutions that are conducive for business entities, and individual users comparatively. The purpose of not only embracing, but executing these initiatives is to simplify, expedite, and further enhance the possibilities of various transactions, monetary or alternative. Linda has an ambitious plan for the future. By producing and distributing superior products, while providing multiple options of service, Lindacoin ambitiously strives to continuously advance and be categorized in the top echelon of cryptocurrency. Through organized efforts and collaborative ventures, our goals will be achieved and we will exceed expectations. Lindacoin is vigorously moving towards separating itself from other payment system coins and creating a new path for our coin and community. We ask you to embark on this journey with us as we propell Linda into the limelight and show the world who we are. LINDACOIN WHITEPAPER - Pg. 53



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