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Sunday, June 17, 2018
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THE NEW LOYALTY ECONOMY Created By Powered By W H I T E PA P E R Version 1.3 1

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Appsolutely 4 Track Record 4 The Omnichannel Future 5 Solutions Portfolio 5 Market Opportunity 8 Clients 9 LoyalPlatform 9 Current Loyalty Environment 10 Our Solution: LoyalPlatform 10 LoyalCoin 11 LoyalWallet and White Label Apps 11 LoyalCoalition 13 Technology Overview 13 LoyalCoin Token Technology 13 Merchant Development and Administration Support 14 RESTfulAPI 15 Payments Walkthrough 16 On-chain and Off-chain Design 17 LoyalCoin (LYL) 17 How LYL Adds Value 18 Roadmap 19 Team 19 Management 24 Advisory Board 2

APPSOLUTELY THE COMPANY USHERING IN THE NEW LOYALTY ECONOMY Appsolutely, formed in 2013 in the Philippines, has launched digital platforms and mobile apps that have enabled companies of all sizes, including some with top global brands, to rapidly expand market share and accelerate growth by providing richer, more satisfying customer experiences through loyalty and rewards programs. Building on our expertise in loyalty and rewards programs, we are launching a new, unified customer loyalty ecosystem that uses blockchain technology as the backbone and the LoyalCoin digital asset as the medium of exchange. With these innovations, we are eliminating the customer loyalty programs’ limitations we currently encounter, such as public confusion about the different mechanics of each loyalty program, difficulties in points exchange, lack of user engagement, and more. Removing these problems will accelerate the formation of a more cohesive, cooperative, and competitive customer loyalty industry. The launch of LoyalCoin will involve commitments from entities who will have the digital asset and use it for consumption, operational, and/or other purposes. Participants in this new ecosystem will drive the new loyalty economy with their activities and financial support for the scaling of our platform. For instance, in the consumption-driven emerging economies in Asia, the spread of a unified, proactive customer loyalty system can usher in more customer retention for companies, who will then boost their top and bottom lines. Mass adoption and economic activity from this dynamic loyalty environment will be the engine that can add value to each LoyalCoin. Simply put, by replacing the limited reward points in the current customer loyalty setup with a blockchain-backed dynamic currency that supports increased participation between customer and brand, we can unlock the full potential of rewards programs and increased value for participants in this revamped loyalty ecosystem. In the succeeding parts of this whitepaper, we will illustrate the roles that our company, the technology, and the digital asset will play in this new ecosystem, as well 3

as the value proposition of LoyalCoin as an important part of building the new loyalty economy we envision. TRACK RECORD Our proprietary technology for white label digital loyalty apps allowed us to launch the country’s first mobile-based customer loyalty system in 2014, a crucial development given that the nation is one of the world’s most savvy and active when it comes to mobile services, particularly apps and social media.1 This technology has opened opportunities for business collaborations with companies in multiple industries, as well as international recognition. We became the trusted loyalty system provider for our home country’s biggest brands. Our work in the digital loyalty space has won us the Best Technology Investment Award 2 in 2015 at the Technology Investment Conference organized by Software Park Thailand. THE OMNICHANNEL FUTURE Companies worldwide have set out to aim for an omnichannel rewards strategy that shows consistency in service, branding and customer experience, regardless of where brands and consumers meet. An omnichannel reward program is a lofty goal, one that involves a huge amount of collaboration among brands and the channels by which they connect. Difficulty increases as more channels are added and companies enter into agreements to arrange rewards and promotions. Given our extensive experience in addressing brands’ needs for reaching out to customers, we are uniquely positioned to understand, develop and implement a wide- reaching platform that allows for a universal loyalty points system, which is a fundamental concept for the LoyalCoin tokens we will be issuing. 1Digital in 2017: Global Overview. We Are Social. January 2017. https://wearesocial.com/sg/blog/2017/01/digital-in-2017- global-overview 2Software Park Thailand. May 2015. https://www.facebook.com/softwareparkthailand/photos/pcb. 502880733196497/10155663840280534/?type=3&theater 4

SOLUTIONS PORTFOLIO Appsolutely provides an Internet-based bridge that connects brands and merchants to their customers and audiences. Our offerings have a unifying theme — better customer service. The main service we provide, and the focus of our push into blockchain, is digital loyalty. Through our customizable digital rewards programs, companies were able to offer incentives such as coupons, freebies, promos, as well as points and token-based digital assets that encourage customer loyalty and continued business. From there, we expanded the use of digital loyalty to innovations that allow for the interaction with digital loyalty programs offline, the synchronization of online and offline activities related to rewards and the creation of employee rewards programs. In addition, in our drive to cater to clients’ desire for omnichannel solutions, we launched the following services: Digital Marketing. We offer tailor-made, Internet-based, optimized ad campaign strategies, CRM data, and consumer behavior reports. This service ensures the consistency of a brand’s messaging. E-commerce. One goal of our loyalty programs is to increase Internet-based consumption. Over the past years, we have integrated online ordering systems, electronic gift cards, and digital wallet offerings into website and app-driven loyalty programs, creating a one-stop platform for connecting brands to customers. 5

Logistics. With the online ordering system in place, we go the extra mile to ensure that orders are delivered promptly and that brands’ services are consistent. Our addition of a logistics arm allows us to serve an end-to-end solution that handles every step of engagement, from promotions and incentives to orders and deliveries. Web and App Development. Given that the loyalty programs we create are based on mobile apps and websites, we parlayed our capabilities into serving clients’ other platform creation needs, taking advantage of the insights we have about the best practices for creating mobile apps and websites. We evolved from digital loyalty specialist to omnichannel solutions provider. Unfortunately, rewards points in general have yet to make that evolutionary leap. Rewards points, the medium of exchange of any loyalty program, has been limited due to the complications that come with arranging eligible deals for those rewards. Hence, the logical next step in our growth is to take those points into the future and unleash their full potential. And we’ll do it through our blockchain-powered platform for an omnichannel loyalty economy. MARKET OPPORTUNITY Appsolutely is in a unique position to spearhead the omnichannel loyalty economy. Our loyalty system is the only one in Southeast Asia that is fully integrated with major point-of-sale providers. This market position will be difficult to replicate, as this level of integration went through a long and complicated process. In addition, our company’s mobile loyalty apps allow clients to acquire consumer information and launch marketing campaigns while saving millions in market survey, card production, printing, publication, and direct advertising costs, making us an ideal choice for loyalty programs. Using these advantages, we plan to expand aggressively as more clients in food, pharmacy, remittance, petroleum, fashion, and specialty retail businesses benefit from the competitive advantages of having our solutions. We also note that there’s a lot of room for growth in digital loyalty and e-commerce, our two areas of expertise, aside from the possibilities opened by blockchain. Based 6

on a survey conducted by auditing firm KPMG3 , although 42% of companies in the Philippines report that their customers prefer to shop online, about 73% of them have not been able to innovate their business model accordingly. They indicated that they would increase their investments in better data analytics and technologies. With similar conditions in developing and even developing countries, we are here to fill that void. 3 KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co. The Philippine Consumer Market Report, 2017 Investment Guide by KPMG in the Philippines. 7

CLIENTS Appsolutely’s current clientele includes some of the largest corporations in the Philippines, as well as franchises of international brands. Through these brands, we serve about 2 million customers who are part of loyalty programs we developed. These corporations are market leaders in diverse, customer-facing industries such as fuels (Petron), clothing (Bench), and convenience stores (FamilyMart). In addition, we have launched customer loyalty programs for international brands’ branches in the country, most of which are in the restaurant and fashion businesses. 8

LOYALPLATFORM THE FUTURE OF THE LOYALTY ECONOMY CURRENT LOYALTY ENVIRONMENT More companies and customers around the world are embracing the advantages of customer loyalty programs. In the US, for instance, loyalty program enrollment increased from 2.65 billion in 2012 to 3.32 billion in 20154 , according to Big 4 accounting firm Deloitte. The average American belongs to more than ten loyalty programs. Meanwhile, retail loyalty programs are a hit in Asia, where seven in ten customers with Internet access are part of one or more loyalty programs, global survey company Nielsen noted5. Despite the growth in loyalty program participation, numerous pain points have prevented these programs from realizing their full potential. Deloitte noted that as of 2016, only half of loyalty program participants are active, and one-fifth of those active participants never redeemed their rewards. Noted problems include low redemption rates, high operational costs, account inactivity and other logistical concerns as hindrances to improving customer loyalty. Loyalty programs need to address these inconveniences and cater to consumer preference. Nielsen noted that the most valued rewards in loyalty programs are monetary in nature, so these programs have to emphasize their more redemptive features moving forward. Global loyalty program participants also value flexibility in earning rewards, regardless of channel and choice of rewards to retrieve. In summary, the current loyalty economy has coordination problems with unrealized rewards, and customers are desiring more flexibility and monetary benefits. In The Loyalty Economy of the future, customers need to get what they want, and pain points must be removed. 4Deloitte. Making Blockchain Real for Customer Loyalty Rewards Programs. 2016. https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/ financial-services/articles/making-blockchain-real-customer-loyalty-rewards-programs.html 5Nielsen. Card-Carrying Consumer Perspectives on Retail Loyalty Program Participation and Perks. November 2016. http:// www.nielsen.com/content/dam/nielsenglobal/eu/docs/pdf/nielsen-global-retail-loyalty-sentiment-report-Italy.pdf 9

OUR SOLUTION: LOYALPLATFORM LoyalPlatform is the overall ecosystem that Appsolutely will build to spearhead the next generation of customer loyalty, or The Loyalty Economy. This ecosystem, which will include a new virtual currency, a digital wallet, a series of white label apps, and a coalition of supporting merchants, is set to change the current uninspired and value-deficient rewards points system to a value-focused, digital-based rewards system that will stand head and shoulders above traditional rewards programs. Through the LoyalPlatform, customers are more engaged with companies’ loyalty programs, while acquiring better rewards for their consumption. Meanwhile, in this new world order of more valuable, tradable rewards tokens, companies that run customer loyalty programs can extract more value from the rewards they give out. A new frontier of competition is created, with companies raising the bar in customer service and loyalty programs. LOYALCOIN The central piece of the omnichannel customer loyalty platform that we’re building is the LoyalCoin, the medium of exchange that now replaces the traditional rewards point. The LoyalCoin token will serve as a utility token that will be the medium of exchange in the rewards ecosystem, where customers earn LoyalCoin when spending at participating merchants. LoyalCoin is returned to merchants when customers redeem available rewards. When customers earn LoyalCoin, they are empowered to use it in more ways than traditional customer loyalty programs offer. In both conventional and blockchain- based rewards systems, customers can acquire rewards and incentives using their points. However, in this new ecosystem, the points from one merchant can be used to acquire rewards from any merchant within the ecosystem, even if it's a separate merchant. In addition to redeeming rewards, LoyalCoin can be exchanged for rewards from other merchants, as well as future functions that blockchain technology will allow. 10

LOYALWALLET AND WHITE LABEL APPS Much of the economic activity that the LoyalCoin generates takes place in the LoyalWallet app, which facilitates the purchase of goods and services, redemption activities, import and export of tokens, and currency conversion. We will also offer merchants the option to get customized white label apps that enable them to hook into the LoyalPlatform with their own look and feel and transact with LoyalCoin in the usual earning and burning fashion. As tokens live on both the blockchain and internally within the the LoyalPlatform, our apps will maintain features that incorporate the best of both worlds. At any given time, the LoyalWallet and the white label apps will enable functions such as the issuance of loyalty points as LoyalCoin, the redemption of rewards through LoyalCoin, and the transmission of tokens to friends and family. LOYALCOALITION We are also building a coalition of companies and merchants that support the omnichannel ideal of customer loyalty. These forward-looking enterprises will support the issuance of LoyalCoin, replacing their conventional points systems. These companies will also enable the use of LoyalCoin earned from a coalition participant on other merchants in the coalition. This arrangement allows for a wider scope of usage for LoyalCoin, a more rewarding customer experience, and an incentive for customers to stay loyal with the brands that are part of The Loyalty Economy, the components of which are shown on Diagram 1. 11

Diagram 1 In a nutshell, these are the features of our LoyalPlatform, to be further discussed below and in the future. Universal Payment Digital Asset Peer-to-Peer Rewards Gateway Exchange Transfer 12

TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW BLOCKCHAIN-BASED. SCALABLE AND SECURE. The following discussion outlines the technology that enables the overall LoyalPlatform and our vision of The Loyalty Economy. LOYALCOIN TOKEN TECHNOLOGY LoyalCoin exists as digital assets, or mosaics, on the NEM blockchain. Coin holders will be able to check their LoyalCoin balance and transfer LoyalCoin to other addresses, including exchanges. All LoyalCoin is pre-mined with a fixed market capitalization of 9 billion coins. This number represents the sum of all coins circulating within the ecosystem. This utility token will be divisible to 6 decimal places. Internal LoyalCoin facilitates payment for activities such as reward payouts, redemptions, and more. MERCHANT DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT Appsolutely currently administers customer rewards programs for several retailers and more than 2,000 merchant locations in the Philippines. These retailers integrate our traditional points-based rewards program through their point-of-sale systems. They use white label apps that we have developed and continue to provide development and hosting services for. We expect all of these merchants to upgrade from their traditional points system to LoyalCoin. We intend to perform this upgrade and to provide ongoing support and administration for these brands. Appsolutely will provide full-service support to merchants and their retail locations by offering ongoing software development, hosting, training, and consulting on how to effectively use our technology within their retail locations. It is not required to be a customer of Appsolutely in order to offer the LoyalCoin as a reward. Appsolutely will create a RESTful API to allow merchants that are not our customers to also participate in the LoyalCoalition. Here’s an illustration that shows how the participants in the LoyalCoin usage process are connected with each other. 13

Diagram 2 RESTfulAPI It is not necessary to be a customer of Appsolutely to offer LoyalCoin as a reward. Merchants that are not customers will have access to a public API that will enable them to participate in the LoyalCoalition and receive payments using the LoyalWallet. These companies can maintain their own apps and integrate with our system through the API to receive payments and provide redemption. Their customers can use the LoyalWallet to make payments for their goods or services, they can also build their own custom solutions to transact cash or LoyalCoin. 14

PAYMENTS WALKTHROUGH There will be a one-scan process for payments at participating retailers. A QR code will be printed on paper or displayed on a tablet device. Customers need only to open their LoyalWallet app and scan the QR code to pay the bill. They may pay in LoyalCoin or other currencies, both fiat and virtual, depending on a user’s preference and other prevailing factors. Diagram 3 Rewards redemption occurs when a merchant takes payment in LoyalCoin. All participating merchants will be required to accept LoyalCoin payment for some or all of their products or services. All of the payments and rewards earned or spent are recorded in our database. Administering our own payments enables us to track LoyalCoin movement between customers and merchants and to display a user’s LoyalCoin balance within the white 15

label or LoyalWallet app. LoyalCoin within either of these apps can also be sent to a user’s XEM-compatible digital wallet. Appsolutely will add this functionality into participating white label apps and the LoyalWallet. ON-CHAIN AND OFF-CHAIN DESIGN The NEM network is characterized by fast transaction times and low fees. Nevertheless we propose a hybrid internal/external storage model to mitigate the transaction costs incurred by the large number of small transactions involved in a retail rewards system. Transactions internal to the LoyalCoin system such as token rewards and redemption, balance checks and so on can be transacted in real time on a private, permissioned database. Customer accounts are reconciled offline with the NEM public network to enable withdrawals and transfers with the outside world. The technical details of this system are the subject of a separate technical white paper. Balances that remain in the LoyalCoin system become available to power the vibrant LoyalCoin marketplace of e-payments, points conversion, and rewards redemption. All transactions on the LoyalPlatform, including those that involve the credit and debit of LoyalCoin balances, take place instantly as the LoyalCoin coalition apps runs on our private network. The instant settlement of earnings and total LoyalCoin balance provide a satisfying user-experience and encouragement for users to continue with loyalty shopping and rewards redemption, whilst seeing their LoyalCoin balance updated in real-time. Depending on their situation, some users will prefer to maintain their LoyalCoin internally and others on the NEM blockchain. 16

LOYALCOIN (LYL) LOYALTY YOU’LL LOVE The LoyalCoin (LYL) token is the utility token that will be used on the omnichannel loyalty platform we are building. LYL will serve as both denomination for the rewards ecosystem and avenue for exchange into other virtual and fiat currencies. When customers earn LYL from their rewards programs, they are empowered to use the tokens on more options than the traditional customer loyalty program can offer. As with the usual program, customers can retrieve rewards and incentives using their points. But in this ecosystem we’re building, the points from one merchant can be used to redeem rewards from any merchant a customer prefers. HOW LYL ADDS VALUE LYL Is attached to a customer rewards ecosystem that makes a case for significant usage by the general public. Even at the current state, where Appsolutely has many merchant partners and serves more than 2 million users through the loyalty programs we operate, there is a good chance of mass adoption for the token. We’re also putting economic value into loyalty points that otherwise would have gone stagnant and expired. The value unlocked by these previously unused points will be a source of surplus economic activity, which results in more transactions. In addition, the LoyalPlatform will drive revenues for Appsolutely in two ways. We earn revenues from per-transaction fees involving the use of LYL as payment and its exchange into other rewards points. Appsolutely will also earn from subscription fees connected with the LoyalCoalition, the white label apps we create, and the use of APIs connected to the platform. The revenues that we earn from the LoyalPlatform will be further used on the scalability and widespread adoption of LYL, as well as arrangements that sustain the platform and its attractiveness to both companies and consumers. 17

ROADMAP October 2017 November 2017 Introduction of LoyalCoin Start of Work on LoyalWallet March 2018 December 2017 Business Development Expansion Gong Cha Philippines Integration to US, Japan April 2018 May 2018 Start of Exchange Listing Process Completion of LoyalWallet Proof of Concept Third Quarter 2018 June 2018 LoyalWallet Rollout LoyalWallet Beta Rollout First Quarter 2019 Fourth Quarter 2018 Worldwide Business Business Development Development Expansion Expansion to UK, South Korea 18

TEAM THE LEADERS AND ADVISORS BEHIND LYL LEADERSHIP The Appsolutely executive team features a healthy mix of savvy, enterprising veterans and fast-rising young executives, forming a cross-generation team of visionaries, developers, marketers, managers, and experts. Patrick Paul Palacios, Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer. Patrick founded Appsolutely in 2013, after seeing the huge growth potential for e-commerce in the Southeast Asian region. Prior to establishing Appsolutely, he went on a stellar two-decade run as a tech entrepreneur and executive, creating digital business ventures Ilios Resources and Helius Tech and setting strategies for tech and telco conglomerates such as Digitel, Nortel, and Lucent. He sees Appsolutely as a solution to companies’ challenge of building deeper, richer ties with their customers, regardless of the technology in any region. LoyalCoin is his brainchild, and he determines its overall concept, direction, execution, and aspirations. Paolo Bediones, Chief Operations Officer. Paolo joined LoyalCoin in 2017, first as head of marketing and communications and now as COO. He is widely known as a broadcast veteran with programs for the biggest television stations in the Philippines. But beyond TV, he is also an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, a Masters in Entrepreneurship candidate at the Asian Institute of Management, a professional speaker, a blockchain advocate, and more. In his role as COO, he ensures that LoyalCoin’s vision and messaging, including the creation of the LoyalWallet and LoyalCoalition, are brought into fruition. 19

Charie Ortiz, Chief Financial Officer. Charie has served as a finance and human resources leader for multinational services companies, most recently as finance chief for Australia’s Diversify Offshore Staffing Solutions and country manager for finance, HR, admin and shared services for the Philippines at Singaporean digital marketing and advertising company APD. She ensures the sound financial health of LoyalCoin by implementing best practices in company resource management and sound investments in projects. Narciso Villanueva Jr., Head of IT. Jun is a skilled veteran in the IT administration sphere, with two decades of experience. He managed and led dialer systems for four different companies in the previous decade, and then became a solutions engineer at application and database startup Ilios Resources. He has been with Patrick at Appsolutely since day one, bringing his experience from those startups and building the tech behind the company’s systems Anthony Vipond, Senior Blockchain Developer. Anthony joined Appsolutely all the way from Canada to develop the technology behind LoyalCoin. He was instrumental in creating Juwai.com. Over the past year, he has also developed smart contracts and provided technical consultancy work. This time, he serves as a technical lead for the blockchain-related projects, including the LoyalWallet, smart contract development, and automated trade execution. Sherwin Cunanan, Information Security Manager. Sherwin joins LoyalCoin with two decades of work in the information technology sphere and specialization in information security for the better part of this decade. He is a CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional and CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) passer who recently served as senior information security specialist at influential Philippine startup Voyager Innovations, after a slew of IT security roles at Dairy Farm Service Centre and Citibank Singapore. 20

Richard Funk II, Head of Legal and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance. Richard’s name is synonymous with compliance in the Philippines. He is an independent legal practitioner who led compliance at financial institutions in the Philippines such as Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. and PNB General Insurers Co. Inc. He also spent more than a decade as head of the compliance division of the Anti-Money Laundering Council for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Philippines’ central bank. In addition, he is a professional anti-money laundering trainer. At Appsolutely, he ensures that whatever the direction of LoyalCoin is, it will be on the straight and narrow. Franco Dagelet, Management Engineer. Franco is a young leader with a passion for startups and the blockchain. After serving as financial analyst for Citigroup Philippines, he set out to be business development head at startup Loadrunner Logistics, where he cemented his reputation as a young entrepreneur. He then joined LoyalCoin and has been proactive in accelerating the growth of the LoyalCoalition Koji Kawato, Japan Country Head. Koji is a leader of investors across multiple countries. Following a management stint at Fujitsu Philippines, he headed P&P Investor Group, a promotion company for Filipino and Japanese investors. He joined LoyalCoin to expand its reach in Japan and to create connections across Asian countries as the first country head for Japan. Ahmad Alkabra, Director of Product. Ahmad is joining LoyalCoin after a successful run at innovative US telco T-Mobile, where he led product development for the T-Mobile Tuesdays customer loyalty app and advocated for blockchain technology to top management. Before rising to the ranks at T-Mobile since he joined in 2008, he was a well-respected product and program consultant for Microsoft, drugstore.com and AT&T Mobility. 21

Justine Peralta, Product Manager, Appsolutely. Justine is a young, fast-rising executive who held product leadership roles over the past four years. She has managed client services for Southeast Asian e-commerce company aCommerce and led digital and product endeavors at fashion startup AVA Online Group. At Appsolutely, she manages a cross-functional team to ensure that the right products are delivered to the corporate clients and their customers. Jaromy Pittario, Global Sales Head. Prior to joining LoyalCoin, Jaromy honed his sales expertise at the intersection of e-commerce, digital and mobile platforms, and customer loyalty. He served as senior director for sales at Gilt Groupe, where he led sales efforts for the loyalty program of the online shopping and lifestyle website. He also led sales and partnerships at native commerce company StackCommerce, handling 500+ publisher stores and 750+ partner sites, and served as vice president of sales at exclusive restaurant reservations app Velocity App. Francis Patron, Regional Sales Head. Francis is a veteran leader whose career spans across industries such as technology solutions, hotels, online publications, and cement manufacturing, providing him with an extensive list of contacts that can further the LoyalCoin cause. He has served as General Manager at Big Boss Cement, COO of Global Content & Research Ltd., and President & CEO of Alliance Technologies Corp, as well as several leadership roles in renowned hotel companies in the Philippines. Rommel Pajarin, Sales Manager, Appsolutely. Rommel promotes and develops business relationships and generates sales activities for Appsolutely. His two-decade resume in the sales industry features leadership stints at Micros-Fidelio Systems and Oracle. He is credited for spearheading the growth of Oracle’s point-of-sale business for 22

Oracle in a very competitive Philippine market by signing up strategic food and beverage accounts that consist of the most popular upscale-market restaurants such as Yabu, Ippudo, and IHOP. Ekta Garg, Conference Manager. Ekta is a business development and events management professional who was a vital part of global event services company MCI Group. As the company’s associate director and sustainability head, she managed special events in India, often involving VIP functions, visits from heads of state, and more. She joined LoyalCoin to launch and manage sustainable blockchain-focused conferences and events. Paul Samillano, UI/UX Designer. Paul has been enhancing users’ Web and app visuals and experiences for the past decade, and he is doing the same for Appsolutely, LoyalCoin, and related solutions. He has been instrumental in improving user interfaces at international insurance, business outsourcing, finance, and theme park entertainment companies. Alfred Flores, Digital Media Planner. Alfred brings with him significant experience in business development and digital media buying, He has created, measured, and optimized ad campaigns for several major clients such as Okada Manila, Banco de Oro, Wendy’s Philippines, and Huawei. This track record has made him a qualified strategist in LoyalCoin’s ad campaigns and digital strategy worldwide. Miko Ilas, Digital Content Manager. Miko has spent his entire professional life in the business writing field, from breaking news about US media companies to in-depth industry reports for S&P. At Appsolutely, he oversees just about every word of LoyalCoin’s messaging, including this whitepaper. 23

ADVISORY BOARD Appsolutely has also assembled a reputable team of advisors for LoyalCoin. These advisors, who bring in international educational and professional credentials to the table, are providing crucial support and guidance that will help propel LoyalCoin to its goal of global adoption and revolution in the customer loyalty space. Stephen Chia, Regional Head for Southeast Asia of NEM Foundation. Stephen is renowned in Southeast Asia as a leader for technology-related businesses, most recently at NEM. Before he became NEM’s leader for the region, he backed fiber Internet company Cambodian Broadband Technologies Co. Ltd. in 2008 through a seed investment he still maintains. He also served as a director of Malaysian property development company Palam Mesra for 26 years and mobile technology company ADAcode Systems, also in Malaysia, for almost four years. He also led Malaysian wireless broadband Internet service provider BizSurf from 2002 through 2008. Nelson Valero, Council Member of NEM Foundation Nelson played a vital role in setting up an effective community management, social media, and other public-facing endeavors of the NEM Foundation. His decade-long expertise as systems administrator for the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations equipped him with the necessary skills to take NEM’s message worldwide. He is advising LoyalCoin to ensure that the right message gets delivered across multiple digital platforms. Mike Onghai, Chief Executive Officer of Snowy August Management and LookSmart. Mike was the third member of the GeoCities team, which Yahoo bought in 1999. Since then, the UCLA alumnus became a hedge fund manager for a family office in New York, took over Nasdaq-listed company LookSmart in 2013, and ran two software companies. He is also on the board of three public companies, including MGTI, John Mcafee's cybersecurity and cybercurrency mining company, LookSmart Group, which is launching a blockchain 24

fund, and Tongxin, a China based auto accessories company. He is a source of insights regarding international markets such as the US and what it takes to make it big globally. Andrew Ong, Owner and General Manager of Gong Cha Philippines. Andrew brought Gong Cha, a global franchise of Taiwanese milk tea shops, to the Philippines in 2011, and has since ran the business and spearheaded the popularity of milk tea in the country. Gong Cha Philippines has been an early adopter and believer of Appsolutely’s loyalty technology, including LoyalCoin. This Boston University graduate has since brought in another international franchise, Los Angeles-based Pizza Studio, to the Philippines. Alan Soucy, Chief Executive Officer of Sparkpr. Alan has led Silicon Valley-oriented Sparkpr, which was named Public Relations Agency of the Year by industry publication PR World, since 2006. His 25-year experience in managing and directing technology services and products for companies such as Philips Mobile Computing Group, MTI MicroFuel Cells, and Tripath Technology has informed the tech-centric approach of Sparkpr, which counts dozens of Fortune 500 companies and successful blockchain companies as some of its clients. This University of Rhode Island alumnus provides marketing and public relations advice for LoyalCoin. Solomon Castro, Managing Director and Senior Advisor of CFP Transaction Advisors. Solomon is an internationally trained lawyer with more than 15 years of professional experience in corporate finance, infrastructure, & development consulting. The Cornell University Master of Laws graduate is currently a project advisor to the developer of the Philippines’ largest Greenfield self-generation project. His expertise ensures LoyalCoin’s legal footing internationally. 25

Hector Florento, Finance Director and Senior Advisor of CFP Transaction Advisors. Hector is a finance specialist who has advised Philippine government agencies and various USAID and other donor- funded projects over the past decade. The University of Cambridge alumnus has been an investment banking professional who assisted various companies in raising long- term capital through public offerings or private placements. He provides financial and fiduciary advice for LoyalCoin. Jay Fajardo, CEO of Launchgarage and Proudcloud Jay is a serial tech entrepreneur, advocate, and leader. He is currently founder and CEO of Ruby development shop ProudCloud, co-founder and chief technology officer of HealthTech startup MEDIFI, and founder of LaunchGarage, an innovation hub based in Manila. A long-time believer in Appsolutely’s capabilities and potential, he will provide technical advice for the next step in this customer loyalty innovator’s journey. Jojo Flores, Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations of Plug and Play Technology Center. Jojo is a leader in the tech innovation space, serving as a co- founder of Silicon Valley-based venture fund, innovation platform, startup accelerator, and corporate innovation consultancy Plug and Play. Bridging the growing Asian startup scene and Silicon Valley’s established technology credentials, He will work hand in hand with Appsolutely to bring LoyalCoin across the Pacific. 26

Yobie Benjamin, Founder of Token Inc. and Chief Technology Officer of ClickSWITCH Yobie founded TokenOS, an operating system for open banking that features smart tokenization. He also leads technology development for cloud-based financial software company ClickSWITCH and co-founded virtual reality software company Avegant. In addition, he was invited as a technology pioneer for the World Economic Forum in 2015. Ryan Scott, CEO of ICO Advisory Group and Causecast Ryan is creator and leader of ICO Advisory Group, a reputable advisory firm for blockchain-based digital assets, and Causecast, a cause engagement software-as-a-service company. He also serves as an advisor at BlockRx, Karma International LLC, and Lottery.com. He is providing LoyalCoin an adequate runway in terms of launching in North America. Emerson Fonseca, Head of NEM Philippines Emerson advocates the spread of blockchain in the Philippines through his leadership role for NEM in the country. Drawing from his expertise gained at previous managerial roles at Hewlett Packard and Philips Electronics, he has since guided LoyalCoin’s bounty, community, marketing strategies, and communications for investment opportunities. Scott Robinson, Founder and Vice President of Plug and Play FinTech Scott is a financial technology visionary who formed Plug and Play FinTech, a startup accelerator program for fintech. He is also an early backer and vocal advocate of blockchain, founding Plug and Play Bitcoin in November 2013. He helps optimize and expedite LoyalCoin’s growth while connecting it the top-tier businesses. 27

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