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Saturday, June 16, 2018
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1 ABOUT NANJCOIN What is NANJCOIN? NANJCOIN is an Ethereum token developed and managed by the users of’s “Nandemo Jikkyou” message board, or NanJ for short. The Nandemo Jikkyou board is a place where passionate sports fans (also known as Nanjinians or J-Boys) gather and engage in sublimely trivial banter day and night. Shortly after its creation, the NANJCOIN Discord community quickly gained momentum, attracting a variety of members from all walks of life, and continues to grow by the day. NANJCOIN was conceived with the mission of better enjoying sports and aims to expand by working together with business partners in the sports industry. By making transactions with NANJCOIN, you will reap greater and more unique benefits unobtainable through regular payment methods. In addition, NANJCOIN will also provide a system for conveniently making donations to sports organizations in need of financial support, be they individual players, teams, niche domestic sports with little backing, or even regional sports clubs. (From Stage 3) NANJ plans to implement a voting system through which members can use tokens to nominate various sports teams to be managed directly by the community. *NANJCOIN is a fan community and is in no way affiliated with or 5ch. NANJCOIN WHITE PAPER 2018

2 The Fans’ Wishes Fans wanting to make an impact. One day in January of 2018, after seeing a message a community member known as Icchi (said to be the primordial user) posted to the board reading, “I made a cryptocurrency,” the community sprung to action. Having acquired the “means” of a cryptocurrency, for days, we discussed how to make the most of it, eventually coming to a consensus that we might as well use it to try to make a system with which we can contribute to our favorite sports teams. Following a round of surveys conducted within the community and on social media to hammer out a more concrete course of action, it was discovered that most people within the community wanted to make a more tangible impact on their favorite sports. 90% of fans who have never been to a game in person say that they would consider purchasing tickets with NANJCOIN. 90% of fans who haven’t been to a sports game in the last year have responded to surveys saying that they would gladly use, or at least consider using NANJCOIN to purchase tickets if the option is available. Some people also said that they would like to reserve seats where they can enjoy the game with fellow community members, while others 90% would like a way to go to sports games that isn’t so intimidating. The percentage of people who said they would consider using NANJCOIN to purchase tickets. Over half of sports fans wish to be more proactive in donating to players. Over half of fans who have been to a sports game in the last year responded to surveys saying they would like to take more action in the form of making donations to players and teams. Core fans who already purchase tickets and merchandise would like even more ways to contribute, be it to individual players who made a fantastic play, teams, or retired players looking to start a new life. NANJCOIN WHITE PAPER 2018

3 The future of NANJCOIN A world realized by NANJCOIN. In junction with publicly developed applications, NANJCOIN plans to provide various features to the userbase essential for enjoying sports, as well as proactively work with business partners to allow NANJCOIN to be used with various sports-related organizations and facilities, both domestic and international. For example, let’s say someone who has never been to a baseball game before suddenly gets the urge to one day. Having made the decision, they’re then confronted with various dilemmas. Who do I go with? Where should I buy tickets? What should I do at the stadium? They may be overwhelmed and intimidated to the point where they give up on going altogether. But what if someday, tickets and entrance fees could be paid for through services provided by NANJCOIN? On top of that, if they had the option to look for members within the NANJCOIN community to go with, or purchase seats in a section reserved for NANJCOIN users, it would drastically reduce the hurdles and mental stress involved. NANJCOIN provides the perfect opportunity for those looking to get into the joy of watching sports games in person. There are also many obstacles that arise when one decides that they want to donate to an individual player or team. It’s difficult enough finding the right place to send your donation, and even if you do, it's hard to be sure your money is going to where you intend. Those of you who have made any sort of application form before may be familiar, but the strong disconnect between end user and client can severely hinder a process from working as it should. But if fans could simply use the aforementioned application to pick their player or organization of choice to donate to directly, it would provide the means to support the sports industry easier than ever before. Users would be able to check if their donation was received by simply looking at the blockchain, all while making a difference from the comfort of their own homes. This framework will allow the sports industry to become more self-sufficient, effectively overturning the industry’s conventional revenue models. NANJCOIN WHITE PAPER 2018

4 The world realized by NANJCOIN ETC... The Road to Becoming the Number One Cryptocurrency With the motto of becoming the number-one used cryptocurrency, NANJCOIN plans to remain proactive in seeking out collaborations and developing systems in the interest of building an economic bloc within the sports industry. We hope to aim for a world where the Blockchain platform is ready for use in everyday life. We strive to create an ideal environment in which anyone is free to participate and contribute to the NANJCOIN project. As passionate lovers of baseball, we first intend to form business relationships with various organizations within the industry to pave the way for NANJCOIN to be used for baseball related goods and services. However, purchasing a baseball team (as seen on the roadmap) is not our end goal. What sports teams require to become truly independent is a self-sustaining revenue system. Our goal is to develop a scheme to make that dream a reality across every sport. Sports move and inspire fans, and fans in turn fuel the sports industry with their appreciation—that is the kind of world we wish to create. NANJCOIN WHITE PAPER 2018

5 NANJCOIN The Merits of ERC223 Tokens NANJCOIN is an Ethereum token based on the ERC223 standard and is the first TokenName: NANJCOIN cryptocurrency developed in Japan. While TokenSymbol: NANJ ERC20 is currently the most popularized PublishNumber: 30 billion form of Et h ereu m t oken s, ERC2 3 3 is gaining attention as an upwardly E R C 223 compatible standard that revises on ERC20’s flaws, such as fixing the issue in which tokens can no longer be transferred in the event one sends funds to an incorrect or invalid contact address. Additionally, with the specification change, tokens can also be transferred at half the cost of the ERC20. ERC223 is backwards compatible with ERC20, making it available for use in ERC20-supported service tools and wallets such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and Mist. ERC233 also carries the big plus of being scheduled for used with revolutionary services like Raiden and Plasma in the near future. Using the ERC233 standard as a base, NANJCOIN comes mounted with many features. For example, using the Airdrop feature included, users can distribute tokens to multiple people simultaneously via Airdrop while keeping transfer fees low. Furthermore, since this feature is available to everyone, NANJCOIN holders can user Airdrop at any time. On top of that, account freeze and lockup features are also included. The ability to freeze the addresses of malicious users and temporarily lock management-held tokens allows us to both maintain and increase NANJCOIN’s value. Additionally, the number of tokens in circulation can be adjusted through the Burn (decrease) and Mint (increase) features. The Mint feature can also be turned off forever. Token Allocation 10 Pre Season...60% % 15 % marketing Fee...15% 60 % 15 Development Fee...15% % organization... 10% Most of the virtual currencies thus far have vague definitions of the requirements, such as possessing a "majority", to become the "management team". Therefore, for clarity, the minimum required possession percentage of NANJCOIN to function as the aforementioned management team is set to be 10% of the total. The benefit of declaring this percentage is that even if the management team sells out, the market will not collapse because the managing team does not hold the majority. Certainly, there will be a secondary countermeasure of requiring the holder to clearly state that it is not their intent to disturb the market by undercutting or overselling. Following the opening game, we plan to sell 18 billion NANJ, which is 60% of the total issued volume. Likewise, after the opening, burns and lockups will be implemented for unsold tokens. NANJCOIN WHITE PAPER 2018

6 Roadmap Do you want to see new stage for the Fun and Sports relationship? The NANJCOIN project will continue to increase its value steadily under the supervision of a professional marketing group with carefully planned and achievable steps. 3 2018∼2019 Listing on major overseas exchanges, 2 2018.02∼03 increasing the value of NANJ coins NANJCOIN transaction will list on overseas exchanges. Using 60% of the total published for preseason game *1 Began selling from 0.00000001 BTC (1 satoshi) We have no plan regarding listing without BTC 4 2019∼2020 for NANJCOIN's value Support for sports business using NANJCOIN through sponsorship advertisement of sports business, Realize donation function to individual player 1 2018.02 5 2020∼ Published NANJCOIN Acquired sports team by the timing *2 Did free distribution for Trial. We will show Operation Regarding the management policy after the acquisition. *1 Preseason game mean bargain price term. Soft cap is total of 20%. if we can't achevied sold out, Some of the unsold token will be burned. *2 We don't decide to acquire professinal/amature sports team. What will become of the sports industry when it comes time for our children’s generation to don their caps and hit the stands? Surely it will take on a completely different form and enter a wonderful new stage of bestowing even more enthusiasm and passion to the world. Players and fans alike will be able to enjoy sports more than ever before, and fans will be able to participate in their favorite pastimes. We wholeheartedly believe that an era will come when countries around the world will come to better understand and respect each other through the magical medium of sports. It is our humble wish that NANJCOIN will provide a helpful push toward that future. And to that end, we will remain strong in our efforts. Physical NANJCOIN are also planned for release during campaigns and other events. NANJCOIN WHITE PAPER 2018