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Saturday, June 16, 2018
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PAC | White Paper 2018 A 3rd generation peer to peer cryptocurrency. Built for the people, lead by social governance. PAC | White Paper 2018 | V1.1.9

Contents Introduction................................................................................................................................... 3 Fundamentals comparison............................................................................... 4 What is cryptocurrency?.......................................................................................... 6 Blockchain technology............................................................................................... 8 The rebirth of PAC............................................................................................................ 11 Community incentives.............................................................................................. 14 Masternodes............................................................................................................................ 16 The four C’s.................................................................................................................................. 19 Road map.................................................................................................................................... 20 PACplatforms............................................................................................................... 22-28 Closing statement........................................................................................................... 29 PAC | White Paper 2018 | 2

Introduction Introducing $PAC, a third generation $PAC is established off of a self-governing cryptocurrency that is focused on four key and funding model through incentivized full factors: nodes and a detailed roadmap. It is spearheading a Decentralized Autonomous Community Organization (DAO) that encourages and Charity rewards the community to develop and Content enhance it. Choice $PAC has been improved from its PAC is a community driven successor to predecessor PACcoin in every aspect, $PAC Bitcoin, incorporating various improvements encompasses the latest in financial such as a two-tier incentivized network, technology, transcending blockchains that known as the Masternode network. are currently being developed. The major aim of $PAC is to become the This allows us to appeal to secure private most efficient and user-friendly partners as well as allowing us to address cryptocurrency that is available globally. use cases in the mainstream market. Our network features double-send proof This approach will ensure a truly transactions and transaction history that is decentralized P2P electronic cash system. erasable in terms of receiving funds. $PAC works using the principle of decentralization whilst upholding the belief that our community is the face of the coin. IMPORTANT: For the remainder of this document, PACcoin refers to the old coin launched in 2014. $PAC refers to the new coin and is the main focus digital currency of this paper. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 3

Fundamentals comparison $PAC introduces a revolutionary set of Bitcoin changes to the cryptocurrency world. PACcoin Although Bitcoin provides pseudonymous $PAC transactions in a public ledger, the network Coin specs Bitcoin PACcoin $PAC provides nearly no privacy. Recent times Blocktime Avg 10 mins 60 secs 150 secs have shown that Bitcoin's current network is Algorithm SHA 256 SHA 256 x11 unable to sustain affordable transactions that can be confirmed in a reasonable time. POS No Yes Masternode POW Yes Yes Yes $PAC however, solves both the transaction and privacy issues that Bitcoin suffers from Confirms 3-200 3-200 6 whilst also allowing users to provide the Instantsend No No 1.7 secs same dual Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Privatesend No No Yes Service (PoS) design of $PAC. Block rewards & total supply (estimates) Coin specs Bitcoin PACcoin $PAC Juncture Block time Reward Est. supply Speed 30 mins 1-3 mins < 3 secs < 1 year 150 secs 13,800 2.90% Fees $3-4 < $0.03 10.00 $PAC/kb Year 1 150 secs 13,800 2.90% Privacy Pseudoanon Anonymous Anonymous Year 2 150 secs 18,400 3.90% Governance No Yes Community Years 3-14 150 secs 23,000 4.80% Miner 12.5 BTC 500 coins 35% reward halves every 4 years per block No POS reward Years 15-19 150 secs 18,400 3.90% Full node No corresponding to your stake 45% reward Year 20 150 secs 17,250 3.60% Budget No No 15% ops* Year 21 150 secs 13,800 2.90% Charity No No 5% donated 3.5 Bn premined for the redemption Years 22-23 150 secs 9,200 2.00% *15% of new coins minted will go into a treasury for Operations, Year 24-25 150 secs 4,600 1.00% Marketing & Charitable causes. $PAC has further revenue streams planned for long term growth and sustainability of the coin. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 4

$PAC performance Since the launch of the original PACcoin, the $PAC launch statistics blockchain has evolved, improved, and Algorithm x11 become more secure, allowing us to replace the aging PACcoin with a private and more Blocktime 150 secs stable currency, based upon DASH; while at Block size 2 MB the same time allowing us to improve on the Difficulty 2016 blocks (gravity kicks in later) economic design. This new coin is referred to retargeting as $PAC (PAC), Est. total supply by year 2043 100,084,698,400 $PAC Initial supply (for redemption) 3,550,000,000 $PAC (after 100 blocks) Block rewards breakdown Phase Block height Reward Masternodes Miners Budget Charity I 1-210240 13,800 $PAC 6,210 $PAC 4,830 $PAC 2,070 $PAC 690 $PAC II 210241-420480 18,400 $PAC 8,280 $PAC 6,440 $PAC 2,760 $PAC 920 $PAC III 420481-2943360 23,000 $PAC 10,350 $PAC 8,050 $PAC 3,450 $PAC 1,150 $PAC IV 2943361-3994560 18,400 $PAC 8,280 $PAC 6,440 $PAC 2,760 $PAC 920 $PAC V 3994561-4204800 17,250 $PAC 7,762 $PAC 6,037 $PAC 2,587 $PAC 862 $PAC VI 4204801-4415040 13,800 $PAC 6,210 $PAC 4,830 $PAC 2,070 $PAC 690 $PAC VII 4415041-4835520 9,200 $PAC 4,140 $PAC 3,220 $PAC 1,380 $PAC 460 $PAC VIII 4835521-5256000 4,600 $PAC 2,070 $PAC 1,610 $PAC 690 $PAC 230 $PAC PAC | White Paper 2018 | 5

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency at its core aims to be a Individual cryptocurrencies are digital and decentralized peer-to-peer digital cash cannot be counterfeited or reversed system ran on a platform with the absence arbitrarily by the sender, as with credit card of a central authority. It is digital money charge-backs. This provides numerous created from code. security advantages over traditional forms of currency. The founder of Bitcoin (considered the ‘first-mover’ in cryptocurrency) built a digital Cryptocurrency is not bound by exchange cash system without any central entity. rates, interest rates, transaction charges or other charges of any country. Therefore, it In order to realize the value of digital cash, can be used at an international level you simply need a payment network that without experiencing any problems. This, in consists of balances and accounts, turn, saves lots of time as well as money on combined with tangible use cases and a the part of any business which is otherwise need for the currency to be chosen over spent in transferring money from one traditional fiat currencies. country to the other. More than 50% of all people on earth have no access to the global financial market. It's not about drugs, money laundering, weapons and speculation, it’s about global financial freedom. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 6

How it works Source: Blockgeeks PAC | White Paper 2018 | 7

Blockchain technology A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed How blockchains work and public digital ledger that is used to recover transactions across many A wants to send $PAC to B. computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of The transaction is represented online the network as a block. Blockchains grow constantly as a new block is ‘mined’ and are recorded in a The block is broadcast to every party chronological format from the most recent in the network. to the least recent. It gives market participants the opportunity to track their digital currency transaction without any Those in the network approve the form of central record keeping. transaction is valid. For every computer that is connected to the network, there is always a blockchain copy The block can then be added to the that is dedicated to it and automatically chain, which provides an indelible downloaded. and transparent record of transactions. Blockchains were actually developed as a way of accounting for virtual currency. $PAC then moves from A to B. Blockchains are a form of distributed ledger technology and they are slowly appearing in commercial applications that are seeing the benefits of the technology. Blockchains are currently used to check transactions that are made via digital currencies although, it is also possible to code or embed any form of document within the blockchains. This creates a permanent record that cannot be altered. Instead of confirming a record authenticity through a centralized authority, blockchains are used. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 8

Blockchain breakdown A block is a section of a blockchain that keeps track of all the recent transactions. Blocks are added to the chain in a linear fashion, storing input and output transactions forming a perfect ledger reaching back to the first (i.e. genesis) block. Each new blocks records new information to the chain in a secure, verifiable, and permanent manner. The design of blockchain makes these transactions immutable thereby preventing them from being deleted. Cryptography is the method that is used to add the blocks thereby making sure that there is a middle-proof. It is possible for the data to be distributed but not directly copied. The growth of the blockchain size still remains a problem as it affects synchronization and storage. Blockchain extensions Based on the normal banking ideology, blockchain can be regarded as a full history of a financial institution's transactions. Every block denotes an individual bank statement but considering the fact that it is a distributed database system that is acting as an open electronic ledger, a blockchain can simplify business operations for parties. This makes blockchain technology attractive to exchanges and financial institutions. Most people have suggested that this electronic ledger system should also be adopted for voting systems, vehicle registrations, medical records and even the ownership confirmation of artwork and antiquities. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 9

Benefits of blockchains The use of blockchains can result in serious In addition to these three major benefits, cost savings, blockchain systems give and the considerable amount of funds that businesses and banks the opportunities to can be saved, transparency will also be streamline internal operations thereby improved. strategically reducing mistakes, delays and expenses caused by the traditional methods With blockchain technology, auditing will of keeping records. become easy and smart contracts can be created or payments can be triggered when The adoption of blockchain technology will specific conditions are met. give rise to the following benefits: Tech companies are attracted by the idea of 1. An automated blockchain technology eliminating middlemen and diving towards reduces errors and eliminates repetitive decentralization and demoralization confirmation steps. thereby adopting the blockchain technology across various industries. 2. Electronic ledgers are very cheap to maintain as compared to the traditional Silicon Valley and other startups are already accounting systems. leveraging blockchain technology. 3. There is minimal capital that is held at risk of pending transactions thereby reducing processing delay. A financial company that currently utilizes blockchains is ‘Proof of Existence’. They store encrypted information using blockchain technology thereby enabling a transaction that cannot be replicated to be linked to an original document. Microsoft and other firms are also showing interest in cryptocurrencies, they recently built a partnership with Consensus in December of 2015. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 10

The rebirth of PAC $PAC is a 3rd generation peer to peer cryptocurrency. Built for the people, lead by social governance. A new team, improved tech, new vision and a strong community are what makes up the foundation of $PAC. PAC’s predecessor PACcoin taught us valuable lessons that have given us the foresight to bring $PAC to companies and individuals around the world. Like Bitcoin, $PAC uses a blockchain database to coordinate and manage values that exists between two untrusted individuals. The use of $PAC is governed by masternodes and credited with $PAC for their participation in the network. Open Source The source code is available for reading. $PAC evolution is being developed on a private branch. The entire $PAC code will be open source during the second week of Feb. $PAC has solved the problems that Bitcoin is struggling with and represents a digital currency that can be used as Digital Cash. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 11

History PACcoin was created in 2014 based upon Improving PACcoin to $PAC then-current technologies. Initially, it enjoyed Starting with a new coin based off of the a brief success as a traded cryptocurrency. DASH platform the current total supply of PACcoin will be reduced, providing a whole However, over the years, the coin was not host of benefits. The current total supply of maintained or upgraded; subsequently it 100 trillion PACcoin with 3.5 trillion having quickly fell to the bottom of the list of the already been mined into circulation will be 1,200+ different cryptocurrencies on the reduced via an RCO (Redemption Coin market. Offering) offering one new $PAC for each 1,000 existing PACcoin, with each new $PAC’s PACcoin remained stagnant until August value increasing as a result. 2017, when a new community-based management team committed to This will reduce the total supply to 100 re-establishing the coin. In November of 2017 billion with 3.5 billion in circulation. The aspects of the code were upgraded to offer amount of data in the blockchain will shrink new PACcoin wallets on PACcoin’s updated dramatically, resulting in wallets syncing website. faster, thus allowing the chain to be more easily installed across the globe. By the end of November 2017 PACcoin registered its first measurable market cap of Since Bitcoin’s inception, there have been $1,885,638 USD. During PACcoin’s relaunch, several new algorithms developed to over 30,000 wallets were downloaded and improve on the blockchain technology. One Cryptopia, PACcoin’s most dominant of the measures that $PAC’s team are taking exchange, had over a million new is moving away from the SHA 256 platform registrations. and adopting the x11 platform, first introduced by DASH. This sudden uptick overwhelmed Cryptopia’s servers which accounted for, at the time, 90% The x11 platform will allow completely of our trading volume, forcing the New anonymous transactions in as little as under Zealand based exchange to suspend two seconds. Instead of hashing only one trading, unfortunately with PACcoin at the algorithm, with SHA256, the x11 platform top of the list for volume. With demand and hashes 11 different algorithms volume exceeding expectations, PACoin’s simultaneously, which reduces the development team has been hard at work amount of computing needed to mine making improvements to the code, and or transfer data. In addition to the X11 facilitating a wide future for the coin. platform, PAC will also be utilizing masternodes, another concept made popular by DASH. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 12

X11 explained X11 is a widely used hashing algorithm created Advantages of X11 by DASH core developer Evan Duffield. X11’s Increased confidence and safety for currencies chained hashing algorithm utilizes a sequence The increased complexity and sophistication of of eleven scientific hashing algorithms for the the chained algorithm provides enhanced levels proof-of-work. This is so that the processing of security and less uncertainty for a digital distribution is fair and coins will be distributed in currency, compared to single-hash PoW much the same way Bitcoin’s were originally. X11 solutions that are not protected against security was intended to make ASICs much more difficult risks like SPOF (Single Point Of Failure). For to create, thus giving the currency plenty of time example, a possible but not probable to develop before mining centralization became computing breakthrough that “breaks” the a threat. This approach was largely successful; SHA256 hash could jeopardize the entire Bitcoin as of early 2016, ASICs for X11 now exist and network until the network shifts through a hard comprise a significant portion of the network fork to another cryptographic hash. hashrate, but have not resulted in the level of centralization present in Bitcoin. In the event of a similar computing breakthrough, a digital currency using the X11 X11 is the name of the chained proof-of-work PoW would continue to using X11 to take (PoW) algorithm that was introduced in DASH measures and replace the problematic hashes (launched January 2014 as “Xcoin”). It was with other more reliable hashing algorithms. partially inspired by the chained-hashing approach of Quark, adding further “depth” and Given the speculative nature of digital currencies complexity by increasing the number of hashes, and their inherent uncertainties as a new field, yet it differs from Quark in that the rounds of the X11 algorithm can provide increased hashes are determined a priori instead of confidence for its users and potential investors having some hashes being randomly picked. that single-hash approaches cannot. Chained hashing solutions, like X11, provide increased The X11 algorithm uses multiple rounds of 11 safety and longevity for store of wealth different hashes (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, purposes, investment diversification and skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo), thus hedging against risks associated with making it one of the safest and more single-hash currencies plagued by SPOF (Single sophisticated cryptographic hashes in use by Point Of Failure). modern cryptocurrencies. Evan Duffield, the creator of DASH and X11 The name X11 is not related to the GUI server chained-hash, has wrote on several occasions that provides a graphical interface to Unix/Linux that X11 was integrated into DASH not with the users. intention to prevent ASIC manufacturers from creating ASICs for X11 in the future, but rather to provide a similar migratory path that Bitcoin had (CPUs, GPUs, ASICs). Source: Balazs Kiraly PAC | White Paper 2018 | 14

Incentive structure $PAC incentives are an informal way of motivating the community to encourage the growth and reach of $PAC, whilst rewarding them for doing so. These incentives are superfluous to the overall goal of $PAC but exist as a means to compensate active community members. Affiliate bonus Community bounties & prizes We will have an affiliate Both the $PAC team, as well as the community, can offer several program where we will offer social bounty programs that will help spread and share $PAC $PAC rewards for the top projects and initiatives. Hosted from within the Paclyfe platform. producing affiliates. These will be tiered and aims $PAC rewards to pair investor groups $PAC would offer an together to mutually share excellent platform to rewards for supporting $PAC’s facilitate third party rewards future. programs. for e.g. $PAC could act as a medium of exchange within private corporate networks to Content producers reward staff internally for Using $PAC as a social hitting targets and/or currency will aim to help achieving goals. Then using content producers get fairly their $PAC to purchase compensated directly inside goods/services. our own and various other social platforms. Retail value $PAC is a digital currency and it is pronounced the same wherever you are. $PAC is phonetic and pronounceable worldwide providing an important linguistic foundation for mass global adoption. Store of value Any service or product can plug into $PAC and leverage its fast, secure and private features. $PAC fuels the digital exchange of products and services with almost zero transaction fees. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 13

History of POS Proof-of-Service or POS was originally In the old PACcoin for example, the minting applied to the parent of the old PACcoin, period was set at 30 days. After this initial 30 Peercoin, designed by Sunny King. This was day window is achieved, the coins will POS the initial alternative dual method of or mint new PACcoins at a rate of roughly securing the network and the creation of 7-9% in the current PACcoin model. new blocks of coins. Since PACcoin’s implementation, POS has This system proved to be much more energy changed to be used completely separate efficient compared to traditional POW from the POW system by significant number mining via ASICS and CPU powered miners. of other coin designs. The more coins that a specific node owns or This is primarily to support a more efficient locks up, the more they stake and protect energy usage model. The use of POS the network. As part of the coin reward for specifically in terms of its use in PACcoin has this protective network service, nodes that caused quite a controversy as the model stake coins would be allowed to 'mint' new rewards larger wallets with a majority of the coins (this is just like interest in the real future coin supply. world). Coin age is generally the initial requirement for staking and POS rewards. The old coin created an unfair coin distribution model, directly contradicting our belief of equality and fairer community rewards and was a key design flaw of the original coin. The new coin addresses this distribution of wealth imbalance. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 15

Masternodes Masternodes are a way for community ROI and Block Reward Distribution members to provide service to the network Below are the results extrapolated over the by putting up a certain amount of coins in next 5 years assuming masternodes their $PAC wallets in return for a reward represent 50% of total coins in circulation: known as a POS (Proof of Service). 140% This serves as collateral alongside an 120% automatic ledger, which verifies 100% transactions without risk. $PAC users will 80% need 500,000 $PAC to run a masternode. 60% 40% Shared masternodes will also become 20% available with the launch of Paclyfe in early Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 2018. How to calculate the return on investment for masternodes: Masternodes Miners Treasury Charity Below is a pie chart of the block reward N is the total number of masternodes owned distribution: T is the total number of masternodes on the network R is the current block reward B is blocks in an average day A is the average masternode payment (45% of the 5% Charity blockchain reward 15% Treasury ROI = 35% Miners 45% Masternodes ((N/T)xRxBxAx365) / 500,000 PAC | White Paper 2018 | 16

Private$PAC Internet commerce in today’s world is For coins such as Bitcoin, people are able to focused on developing a trust system where determine which coins are unspent and the privacy of a user’s transactions is a which ones are, via a methodology called desirable feature. UTXO, which stands for an Unspent Transaction Output. Coins like electroneum, on Android and iPhone have this anonymity built in via The outcome of this system provides a protocol extensions. These extensions allow ledger that allows any node to be the for anonymous transactions to be possible. guarantor to ensure the integrity of these transactions. Private$PAC is an enhanced version of the CoinJoin system. Besides just using CoinJoin, Protocols used by coins such as Bitcoin are $PAC will employ a series of technical designed to participate in the network improvements such as decentralization and without the participation of other trusted a high degree of anonymity leveraging this nodes, without them it is very important that chaining approach where there is mixing the auditing methods are still able to be that occurs well ahead of the future used by others on the public blockchain. transaction. Private$PAC’s goal is to improve transaction This feature has to be deployed in a fashion privacy and still maintain the key elements that will both improve privacy and of a successful crypto currency. fungibility in such a way that the blockchain doesn’t hurt the credibility of the original $PAC’s decentralized wallet mixing service blockchain. maintains the integrity of its fungibility. Fungibility is a core component of money, it This ensures all coins are equal, and the requires that all the pieces of a currency integrity of the public ledger is maintained remain equal. For example, when you get without compromising user’s rights to coins via Private$PAC, these coins should private transactions. not have any fingerprints from their previous transactions or users. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 17

Instant$PAC $PAC's Masternode layer has additional benefits over simply reducing the participation costs for casual nodes. One major advantage of a Masternode layer is the ability send and receive instant irreversible transactions in a ‘trustless’ manner. Forming a quorum, through the selection of N randomized masternodes, allows $PAC to replace what used to require an entire network of nodes with only that small subset of trusted, bonded, Masternodes. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 18

The four C’s Choice $PAC stands for the ‘People’s Alternative Choice’ a new form of Internet Currency. Having a choice in an alternative store of value promotes internet commerce and fosters innovation. The huge burden of current rules and regulations destroy the innovation within the current business economy. We also see a legal system that is fracturing under its own lack of clear choices. $PAC is going back to the grassroots – where systems evolve from great ideas and innovative energy. This $PAC system will enable resources to solve and find solutions -vs- getting stalled in legal conflicts. Content In the middle of the $PAC economy $PAC becomes the primary medium of exchange. Content now becomes one of the vehicles that is exchanged as a value. An example of this would be a service marketplace where people would be looking to purchase new branding for their business, or an intro video explaining their offerings. will house this marketplace where these digital products can be sold via $PAC to others in the community. The real-world analog or example of this type of system is Community Communities come together and provide support to solve and identify problems throughout the $PAC economy. We have discovered the beginning of a social governance framework that will enable our social network to evolve into a problem-solving machine. The complexities of managing a decentralized community will be challenging – but not impossible. The goal will be to discover proposals for the $PAC economy and promote them to the master-nodes for final approval and resource allocation. Charity Charitable focus is another cornerstone of the $PAC economy. Charitable focus is a fundamental value of many of the problems in our day-to-day lives that can be solved easily in a community environment. The community continually grows in its ability to help charitable causes as people discover together the benefit of functional charitable economy. Charitable focus will always be the “foundational fabric” of the $PAC ecosystem. Many brands will want to help support the $PAC system as they align their brands to support interests of both parties. We will have a charitable crowd funding platform similar to Kickstarter on to build this charitable $PAC platform. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 19

The road ahead Jan 21st 2018 $PAC Official blog platform & website re-launch. Jun 1st 2018 Jun 1st 2018 Feb 1st 2018 1st redemption window closes, community content Early masternode redemption reduced 2000:1 ratio now in platform business plan & whitepaper release. effect. finalization. Feb 3rd 2018 Jul 1st 2018 New $PAC wallet release Unnamed ‘Coinmarketcap’ date. price comparison competitor Feb 10th 2018 launches. To be later integrated into the ‘Coinfyle’ main platform for Apr 1st 2018 exchange platform. purchasing $PAC Electrum wallet with other for new $PAC Aug 1st 2018 cryptocurrencies. launches. partnership system launches. Mar 1st 2018 Sep 1st 2018 Public coin redemption 2nd redemption window at an exchange rate of closes, reduced 4000:1 ratio 1000:1 opens. now in effect. Feb 10th 2018 Sep 1st 2018 $PAC to be accepted on the RFP for released Yobit exchange. to seek investment Oct 1st 2018 Feb 17th 2018 opportunities for our RFP window for $PAC to be accepted on the dedicated exchange. ‘’ closes. Cryptopia exchange. Dec 1st 2018 RFP proposal window for ‘’ closes. Mar 1st 2019 Apr 1st 2019 General addendum’s RFP 3rd redemption Partnerships, integrations and new window for $PAC’s window closes, exchange listings will be the $PAC team’s advertising platform reduced 8000:1 ratio main focus in 2018. Jan 1st 2019 closes. now in effect.’s RFP window These can’t be added to the roadmap as for $PAC’s advertising they’re likely to occur at any time. platform opens. Exchange listings will occur as a direct result of the fork in March. $PAC will become attractive to new exchanges due to it’s stronger pairings with BTC, LTC, ETH No hard date and other major cryptocurencies. - a dedicated exchange purely for $PAC/Crypto pairings. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 20

$PAC Landscape Paclyfe Coinfyle Our main website and digital $PAC’s social governance $PAC’s ‘Coinbase’ competitor. A business card. platform which also hosts a platform for purchasing and community marketplace and exchanging $PAC and other project fundraising features. cryptos with fiat currency. Our information HUB, features developer updates, important Coinlyfe news and updates on Our community content A new social platform for news, everything related to $PAC. platform, using $PAC as the information, price checking and payment gateway. community discussion on the entire cryptocurrency market. Download our secure desktop Community wallets for your operating $PAC Exchange system. A decentralized exchange to enable the trade of almost all cryptocurrencies. $PAC will act as the currency bridge for fee’s A secure, online platform to Information Value and transfers. purchase $PAC directly from us. Non reliance Security No single point of failure - our Fast transfers own dedicated $PAC exchange platform allows $PAC mobile wallet 24/7 $PAC Use cases A secure, fast and adaptable stability and mobile wallet that will allow increased value. balance checking/purchases on-the-go. Third party exchanges Dedicated to the future retail $PAC will be tradable on integration of $PAC, think credit An online partnership system for multiple third party exchanges, card swipers, bar code readers companies and products we aim to be listed on most and physical ‘points of sale’. looking to integrate $PAC. major exchanges by 2019. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 21

Paclyfe Improving the technological aspects of $PAC Social governance is merely the foundation of the $PAC story, the Decentralized Governance by Blockchain team plans to re-focus the mission of $PAC to allows the community to be involved in the become a truly community-based decision-making regarding projects related cryptocurrency, evidenced by the new name to $PAC. Masternodes are the main actors in already adopted by the $PAC community: the governance process, they can create The People’s Alternative Choice. new proposals and vote (yes/no/abstain) on existing proposals. $PAC is continuously developing new features to be added to our community-based social Each time a block is generated, 45% of the media platform called Paclyfe. block reward goes to the Masternode network, 35% goes to the miners and then, Paclyfe encourages coinholders to once every 16,616 blocks (approximately 30.3 communicate with each other without any days) a ‘Superblock’ is generated containing language barriers. the entire 20% payout to the proposals winners of the previous cycle. Anyone can vote or make proposals. A $PAC medium of exchange proposal wins only if the approval is greater Paclyfe is not just a social than the 10% of the total masternode count communications vessel. at that time. It is an online marketplace for the The community vote will decide on what $PAC community to provide real improvements and programs the world products and services in development team focuses on. The current exchange for $PAC. break down is that 15% of the block reward is for operations, and 5% is destined for Paclyfe is the, eBay and charity. Kickstarter of the cryptocurrency world. We aim for Paclyfe to Masternode holders will then allocate become a platform where private resources and time to these proposed projects are voted on and funded in programs and projects. entirely in $PAC. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 22

Project approval process FEEDBACK NO 1 | Idea submission 2 | Community vote 3 | Evaluation Company, partner or Project approval is subject Results evaluated by the individual submits an idea. to voting criteria. community. YES/NO YES 4 | Research, design, branding 5 | Feasibility study 6 | Green light for funding Project moves to concept Culmination of initial Project funds are released phase. concepts/research. for use by the submitter. 7 | Operate, support, construct Submitters then plan, build and integrate their project with full support of its community backing - they can reach out to the community for resource support throughout the venture and collaborate with the $PAC team to bring the idea to completion. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 23

Coinlyfe Coinlyfe is the Ebay, Paypal, Google, LinkedIn and Coinmarketcap of the crypto world. A social network, unifying information seekers, investment opportunists and public influencers, with $PAC as a currency holding the platform together. Coinlyfe will provide a communications vehicle for user driven content. Whilst acting as a hub of credible information for the whole cryptosphere that becomes indexed in the major search engines. Users will be able to price check, inform, search, acquire and absorb cryptocurrency in its entirety. Information Existing platforms: Whattomine, Cryptocompare, Bravenewcoin Crypto enthusiasts have to jump around from site to site to be savvy in this space. Coinlyfe will provide ratings, information, videos, wikis and more for all coins. Forums Existing platforms: Bitcointalk, Cointelegraph Cryptocurrencytalk Many forum solutions are on basic forum platforms & not mobile or user friendly. Coinlyfe will provide forums, blogs & group conversations. Price comparison and technical analysis Existing platforms: Coinmarketcap, coingecko, etc Market analysis platform for speculators Coinlyfe will bring detailed technical price data to users in a friendly and easy to digest manner. Social Existing platforms: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter These sites provide areas for social engagement but are not tailored specifically for the crypto currency market. Coinlyfe will provide this. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 24

Coinfyle Coinfyle will be a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. Coinfyle's mission will be to create an open decentralized financial system for the world and to be the leading global brand for helping people convert digital currency into and out of their local currencies. C R ED IT C A R D Build process Coinfyle will be put out for an RPF (Request For Proposal) process to potential investors to ‘propose’ a solution for the $PAC community. The premise is to have a solution that will be built by the best in the industry and hopefully be partially owned by the $PAC economy as well. Fees on this system will be in $PAC and will be the lowest in the industry. We look forward to discovering this process to build the best ‘online digital wallet/exchange’ platform through community conversations in the next several months after the $PAC launch. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 25

Pacdirect Pacdirect will be a platform that enables A secure entry point to $PAC investors to purchase $PAC directly from us In aligning with our goal to bring $PAC to from a pool of freshly mined coins directly the mainstream market, a faster, more with fiat currency as well as other secure and easy entry point is needed. cryptocurrencies. Pacdirect aims to shield new and existing We offered a system similar to this in late investors from exchanges long sign up 2017 but due to overwhelming website processes, transfer times and risks. traffic, were unable to facilitate orders using our old platform warranting the need for an This platform will offers prices based on the ungraded payment system. current market value of $PAC reducing the possibility of abuse of the system. A shield from Bitcoin Due to the nature of Bitcoin, its influence as the ‘first mover’ of the cryptosphere, it is used as a majority trading pair for most if not all alternative currencies. This often ties the price of these currencies to the rise and fall of Bitcoin itself. Allowing the purchase $PAC with Fiat directly from us provides a shield from the impact from Bitcoin has on the value of $PAC. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 26 Alternative news is a major component of Content providers will be able to plug-into the world today. Suppressed news, fake the $PAC based economy by purchasing a news and censorship litters the landscape master-node, which essentially becomes an and people don’t know what to believe ongoing revenue stream for their day-to-day anymore. work. They can display and ‘use’ the affiliation on their channels as The internet has fueled a movement of well. alternative news/content where anybody can promote what they believe in. These Obviously, there are a lot of ‘red’ flags this smaller providers depend on getting paid innovative approach will raise - these will all from big ad networks that constantly be handled by integrating already change the rules on how they get their functional systems into this new brand income. framework and will be the cornerstone of this new media-based These smaller providers can’t compete with economy. This core will be supported by the larger media outlets money interests. other integrated partnerships that leverage They are missing their own brand affiliation. the value of the $PAC medium of exchange. will unify alternative news into one system – where the content providers will OWN their advertising platform and their future revenue stream – that will be paid in $PAC. PAC | White Paper 2018 | 27

$PAC mobile wallet Almost 65% of all internet traffic goes through mobile devices and tablets. Offering a mobile wallet that will complete secure, instantaneous transfers of $PAC will springboard us towards creating a global token that can be used in a decentralized economy across a variety of commercial avenues. Our mobile wallet, available for both Android and iOS devices will give users full control over their funds and make many other monetary features (such as bar code payment recognition) accessible globally as time goes on and future retail opportunities present themselves. Key features: • Multi-address support • QR code support • Live price display • Chart information • Transaction history • News • Quick sell functionality • Custom security features PAC | White Paper 2018 | 28

Closing statement “PACcoin is changing - The entire team behind $PAC is now unified on a long term, scalable vision for an advanced and re-purposed digital currency and accompanying platforms. With our community growing every single day and continuous, valuable input through our social governance beliefs, $PAC is going to solidify itself as a digital currency that is truly sculpted by the people themselves. We want to thank everyone who has been involved in our story so far. You are $PAC.” Plug into $PAC As of early 2018 more than 200,000 people support us and provide the foundation for our growth. We are interested in hearing from you and your plans for involvement with both $PAC and it’s community. If you want to offer your services or are interested in the potential integration of $PAC into your products, our source code is available on Github: Github link coming soon... PAC | White Paper 2018 | 29 | |