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Saturday, June 16, 2018
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SWFT Smart Worldwide Financial Technology WhitePaper

Table of Contents PART I: INTRODUCTION 1.1 What is blockchain? | P3 SWFT 1.1.1 Unique advantages of blockchain technology | P4 1.2 Industry Pain Points | P5 PART II: THE SWFT PLATFORM BUSINESS LANDSCAPE 2.1 Business Objectives and Advantages of SWFT Systems | P6 2.1.1 Services senarios | P7 2.2 Revenue Models | P9 2.3 Timeline | P10 PART III: SWFT TOKEN PART IV: TEAM 3.1 Introduction to SwftCoin Token | P1 5.1 Core Members | P17 3.2. SwftCoin Use Scenarios | P12 5.2 Competition | P19 3.2.1 Why SwftCoin | P13 5.3 Advisors | P20 3.2.2 How to get SwftCoin | P14 PART VI: SWFTCOIN DEVELOPMENT PLAN PART VII: APPENDIX 6.1 Swftcoin distribution plan | P22 7.1 Terms | P24 6.1.1 Transfer Ratio and Timetable | P23 7.2 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers| P25 6.1.2 Thaw Plan | P23 7.3. Disclaimer | P28 7.3.1 Risk Warning | P28 -2-

What is blockchain? I Blockchain is a decentralized network of accounts, which, operating without a centralized intermediary, composes the underlying technology for all cryptocurrencies. It was first conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and implemented the following year as a core structural component of the digital currency Bitcoin, for which it serves as the public ledger for all transactions. Through the use of a peer-to-peer network and a distributed time-stamping server, a blockchain database manages itself autonomously. Blockchain is a technological program that maintains a reliable database in a decentralized and trustless manner. It allows the nodes in its network to use cryptographic algorithms to record all information exchanged in the system, in a given time, into a block. It also generates the Hash, a fingerprint or ID, of the block, which chains it to the next one. All nodes in the system jointly authenticate the validity of the record, guaranteeing its integrity. The blockchain has four main features: decentralization, trustlessness, collective maintenance, and reliable database. These four features imply two other features, open source and anonymity. -3-

PART I: INTRODUCTION Unique advantages of blockchain technology In a traditional centralized network, a destructive attack on a central node (for example, a payment Distributed mediator) can break the entire system. In a Decentralization decentralized network, such as a Blockchain, however, an attack on a single node does not impact the entire network. Using an algorithm of self-restraint, nodes on the Trustless System Blockchain network reject any malicious behavior. This way, the Blockchain system does not rely on a central authority for support or credit endorsement. The Blockchain technology uses a one-way hash algorithm, which establishes a unique ID for the transaction in the block. Each block also contains Data Persistency information about its previous transaction it is connected to, making data modification almost impossible. Financial records on a blockchain are permanent. They cannot be changed or deleted. -4-

PART I: INTRODUCTION Industy Pain Points Inefficient Transfer Processes: A customer's first step toward trading in domestic or foreign cryptocurrency platforms is to open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange firm. The process to get the customer on board, however, is often lengthy and over- complicated. The demand for a robust yet user-friendly cryptocurrency platform continues to grow. Low Inventory Capacity: Digital currency trading platforms are designed to support limited cryptocurrencies only. Customers who intend to effectuate transactions with higher returns than a platform can hold must manage trade at multiple exchange platforms. Inadequate Market Depth: The use of a single digital currency trading platform, as highlighted in the pain point above, limits the extent of trading possibilities. If a customer, therefore, needs to trade in large amounts, he/she will need to exchange currency at multiple digital exchange platforms. In this case, the customer incurs not only high exchange fees but also the risk of currency fluctuations between exchanges. High Investment Risk: When trading, the customer is subject to the risk of currency fluctuations, due to the absence of a hedging instrument. To build, therefore, an integrated trading platform that provides users with a compact, safe and inexpensive range of cryptocurrency transfer services will significantly improve the efficiency of the digital currency market. -5-

Business Objectives and Advantages of SWFT Systems II SWFT is a cross-blockchain platform. On the APP, the website, or the API, users can transfer cryptocurrency with one click. Built by world experts in artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, SWFT became an outstanding transfer platform. Its success emerges as a result of efficiently hedging risks and providing customers with a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency transactions. By using SwftCoin, users enjoy a discount on transaction fees on the SWFT platform. Figure 2.1: SWFT USER SWFT Platform A B C n -6- Exchange platforms

PART II: THE SWFT PLATFORM BUSINESS LANDSCAPE Individual User CNY CNY USD USD EUR EUR ... AI ... Machine Learning Blockchain Big data User BTC BTC ... ETH ETH ZCash ZCash LTC LTC ... ... Commericial User CNY CNY Bank AI API USD Machine Learning USD Blockchain EUR EUR Big data ... ... ... Company Services senarios -7-

PART II: THE SWFT PLATFORM BUSINESS LANDSCAPE SWFT, as a two-sided platform, pursues the following operational goals for its stakeholders: INDIVIDUAL USER: COMMERCIAL USER: CRYPTOCURRENCY TRANSFER PLATFORM: SWFT is a safe and robust SWFT offers a set of tools for As a trading floor, SWFT provides cryptocurrency transfer platform machine learning and big data standard API usage for Over- with low transaction fees. Users mining. Its unique transfer- The-Counter (OTC) transactions, can access it through SWFT's pairing algorithm engine provides bringing in steady traffic and website and mobile APP. (Figure banks, corporates and transfer high-rated users to the digital 2.2a) companies with a safer, faster currency transfers. and more affordable trading environment. (Figure 2.2b) CRYPTOCURRENCY COMPANY: SWFT is a safe and robust cryptocurrency transfer platform with low transaction fees. Users can access it through SWFT's website and mobile APP. (Figure 2.2a) The main advantages of using SWFT are as follows: QUICK & EASY PROCESS OPTIMAL ASSET ALLOCATION Cryptocurrency transfer through SWFT is fast and Through AI algorithms, SWFT's platform efficiently convenient. Our platform proactively resolves the allocates digital assets. Its applications guarantee problems of insufficient market depth and the digital monetary preservation. limitations of currency transfer. BEST EXECUTION By leveraging AI algorithms and cross-chain technology, we can ensure the best possible execution prices. -8-

PART II: THE SWFT PLATFORM BUSINESS LANDSCAPE AFFORDABILITY STRONG GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS The traditional cross-border payment model has SWFT connects global exchanges and OTC markets higher remittance fees due to high associated costs. to end users through the most updated and the It covers expenses related to payment processing, most comprehensive set of information on digital receiving, financial operating and reconciliation. monetary assets. 75% of the mentioned fees account for the transit- bank network maintenance costs. The remaining 25% goes to compliance, error investigation, and foreign transfer costs. By integrating AI, through deep learning, big data, and blockchain technology, the SWFT platform makes each conversion cost significantly lower. Revenue Models TRANSACTION SERVICE FEES + FEES Transaction fees: Service Fees: Revenue is generated through the transaction The SWFT platform offers a range of services with fees that customers incur when using the SWFT their respective fees, which includes but is limited to platform, users enjoy a discount if paid in SwftCoin the following: Tokens (See Chapter 3). The increasing traffic on • Automatic Transfer Under Complex Conditions: By the platform will promote the rapid growth and computing the latest and the most understandable demand for SwftCoin. Our ultimate goal is to make global-trading data insights, customers will receive SwftCoin the industry standard for cryptocurrency the best currency transfer execution. conversion fees. • Intelligent Quantitative Conversion Strategy: On SWFT's platform, we apply sophisticated machine learning models - such as recurrent neural networks (RNN) - to predict the price fluctuations of various currencies, and suggest optimal investment strategies for our users. -9-

PART II: THE SWFT PLATFORM BUSINESS LANDSCAPE Timeline 2018 2018, June Global expansion - SWFT will provide transfer services for up to 40 currencies on 20 exchange platforms. 2017, December Launch of SWFT mobile app, enabling exchange services at four major exchange platforms. 2017 2017, October - November SwftCoin's launch on central exchange platforms. - 10 -

Introduction to SwftCoin Token III SwftCoin is a decentralized Ethereum-based blockchain asset. Following the ERC-20 token standards, SwftCoin performs similar functions as other cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin, LitCoin, and Ethereum). We chose the Ethereum platform for the following reasons: Cost-Efficient Development Security Ethereum provides a blockchain platform with Ethereum has steady nodes to maintain the the standard features that a company in the Ethereum network, which indicates that it is a industry needs. It makes the distribution and secure platform for crowd sales. reservation of transactions safe and efficient. One can use Ethereum's smart contracts to build a transparent and robust system. Liquidity: SwftCoin is based on ERC-20. Additionally, SwftCoin itself can be transferred, providing sufficient liquidity for transaction fees. - 11 -

PART III: SWFT TOKEN SwftCoin Use Case SwftCoin use case I SwftCoin use case II SwftCoin Use Scenarios SwftCoin is the Customers can also use SWFT SwftCoin is the only recommended payment at main transfer platforms payment method for service method for transaction and OTC Markets. When fees. SWFT collaborates fees across SWFT's using SwftCoin, the primary with traditional financial platform. payment method on SWFT, institution and cross-border users will get more discounts. payments companies. We provide them with blockchain solutions and use SwftCoin for settlement fees. SwftCoin can be used for: - 12 -

PART III: SWFT TOKEN SwftCoin is based on a decentralized blockchain Why SwftCoin ? system (Ethereum), which means that it does not rely on any external financial institution. The SwftCoin does not SwftCoin has the token's existence is not potential to establish a involve transactions with dependent on the stability common ground for the fiat, which increases of such an organization. transfer between different convenience and speed. cryptocurrencies. The OTC Market needs The financial institutions a robust cryptocurrency and cross-border payment for settlement and companies need a unified transparency to avoid the currency to guarantee the fiat regulatory risks. security of transactions. - 13 -

PART III: SWFT TOKEN How to get SwftCoin? Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are two ways to get SwftCoins: I. On BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORMS II. ON EXCHANGES: Each user will have an exclusive address for People can buy SwftCoin on the mainstream initiating transactions and receiving funds token exchanges. Users can also directly purchase on Ethereum's blockchain. The process is SwftCoin from the SWFT transfer platform. transparent and irreversible. In this chapter, we introduce the transfer dynamics between fiat and cryptocurrency, as well as different cryptocurrencies. The system currently supports four kinds of currency transactions: Fiat Fiat Fiat Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency We provide smooth, effective service to support the transfer ! - 14 -

PART III: SWFT TOKEN Exchange Processing 2 Contract B 1 Contract A Contract E 3 1 Contract C Contract D 3 1 3 1 3 1 User submits the trade request. 2 SWFT searches the best route for specific trading pairs. 3 User gets the result from the contract and receives the agreed-upon amount of coins. - 15 -

PART III: SWFT TOKEN Overall Architecture Figure 4.2 Plarform architecture Client APPs Back-end Data Storage iOS/Android/Web. The Client SWFT's back-end includes three SWFT uses both local storage APPs make it easy for individual systems: Account Management, and advanced cloud storage and institutional users to Currency Transfer, and Multiple solutions to ensure the safety effectuate transactions. Users Transfers Bridge. The latter and duration of data. can access SWFT's transfer connects mainstream exchanges services on their computers and and combines the information smartphones. to SWFT's back-end, enabling SWFT's platform to provide more liquidity to users. - 16 -

Core Members Ramble Zhanlei Ma IV CEO CTO President of the North American Blockchain Association Tsinghua University, M.Sc. in computer in California, U.S.A; CEO of Guiyang Blockchain science. He was previously the technical Incubator in Guizhou Province; Partner of Guiyang director at a securities company and a Blockchain Fintech Capital Fund in Guizhou Province; consumer finance company. Zhanlei is an Chairman of Fujian Supply Chain Blockchain Association early pioneer in the blockchain space with in Fujian Province, China; Founder of Goocoin Inc, deep technical expertise. the first Cryptocurrency Mobile App in Beijing, China. Ramble has been a pioneer in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since 2010. Alex Witt Yong Ren CFO Senior Engineer Graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE) Tsinghua University, Ph.D., with in-depth and Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and knowledge of AI technology - including the Management. Alex started his career in equity research basis of Ethereum. at Goldman Sachs’ Global Investment Research (GIR) department and then engaged in venture capital investments. He is an early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum and active in the blockchain space. Christina Rinker Qian Wan CMO Christina has 12 years' experience in Cargill with rich Tsinghua University, M.Sc., and North management-level experience in marketing, PR and Carolina State University, B.S. Wan has business development in Silicon Valley across AI, been working in Silicon Valley for 12 robotics, consumer electronics, blockchain and crypto years as a senior technical manager currencies. Christina was educated across the US, of ReadenCommerce and the Chief Europe, and Asia, holding a master's degree in futures Technology Officer of GooCoin. He and securities and an MBA from HULT IBS. specialized in encryption algorithm and blockchain technology. - 17 -

PART IV: TEAM Xingtao Niu Lianqiang Mao Tsinghua University, M.Sc. Niu has been Johns Hopkins University, M.Sc, and working as a technical senior for 15 years. Tsinghua University, B.S. Mao has worked He has worked as the Chief Technology as a full stack engineer at Snapcard, a Officer in multiple industries - such as Silicon Valley company specialized in money electronics, games, and stock exchange. transfer via blockchain. He is proficient in the basics of robotics technology. Xin Huang Shiyu Wang Columbia University, M.Sc, and Tsinghua Oxford University, M.Sc. Wang is a former University, B.S. Huang has worked as a full enterprise, government and banking stack engineer at a Blockchain startup in consultant of KPMG. Silicon Valley, where he developed expertise in engine development of currency trading. Mo Zhang Gang Liu Tsinghua University, M.Sc. Zhang was in Tsinghua University, M.Sc. Liu is a former charge of the overall construction of cross- operations manager of 360 products in border payment systems, risk prevention Tencent. system and personal financial system at China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd. Yun Xu University of California, B.S, and is currently studying for a masters degree in Financial Engineering at the University of Southern California, with a focus on applied-Blockchain technology and marketing analysis. - 18 -

PART IV: TEAM Competition Some of the core members of SWFT's team were many early players in the Bitcoin community. Our technicians have years of experience in business development of cryptocurrency exchanges and transfer platforms. The entire team has in-depth knowledge of Blockchain, automated trading, machine learning, big data and Artificial Intelligence. SWFT has established a stable relationship with governments. Many core members of the team, as well as advisors, have been working as Blockchain consultants in legal stances, at relevant financial institutions and the government. They have also been pioneers, integrating the first batch of the Financial Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox in Guiyang. Moreover, we proactively communicate with China Securities Regulatory Commission, the People's Bank of China, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and overseas financial institutions. - 19 -

PART IV: TEAM Advisors Lei Tan Xujun Lv Author of Blockchain 2.0 and co-founder of Oregon State University, M.Sc in Blockchain Association in North America. Tan Economics and Computer Science, and graduated from Duke University with a masters Peking University, B.S. Lv was formerly degree and worked at Microsoft for 14 years. He the co-founder and CTO of Factom. He is an expert in Big Data and Blockchain. has 20 years of experience in Internet and software development, as well as Dou Wang management and entrepreneurship, in the US, China, and Europe. Blockchain robot inventor, social media marketing expert, and the founder of Geeks fund. He has Shuoji Zhou more than ten years of experience working as a He is the founder of FBG Blockchain marketing director at IBM, MOTO, and HP. Wang Investment Funds, an expert in digital is the author of " The memoir of IBMPC." Wang currency exchange, and an active investor has been researching and developing intelligent in blockchain technology. Zhou is a chat robots in Silicon Valley since 2015. He is also blockchain pioneer and the leader of a running a large community of geek users and digital currency community in China. He students from 200 countries and regions around founded and managed two private funds the world, and actively developing and managing in digital currencies. He has eight years of a high-value entrepreneur community with 1.52 experience working as a technical advisor million members. Wang is currently a member at IBM and Oracle. of Silicon Valley Venture Capital.and active in the blockchain space. Lijian Xiong He is currently Nei Meng Bao's CEO. Xiong John Shen graduated from the MBA program at Tsinghua He is the founder and CEO of Sunstone University School of Economics and Management, Management in the United States and EB-5 and as a Bachelor of Engineering at Beijing “Regional Centers Holding Group.” John obtained University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. his JD degree from Peking University, in Beijing, He has 16 years of experience on Internet, IT in 1992 and an M.Sc. degree of Statistics and management, e-commerce and digital marketing, Sociology from Duke University in 1996. Shen has three years of experience in blockchain and digital been serving as the Chairman of the Admissions currencies research and business operations. Now, Committee of the Alumni Association of Duke Xiong is committed to the blockchain technology University since 2013. In 1993, John received through new economic entrepreneurial and early Henry Luce Foundation Fellowship and began his investment projects. He was involved in the graduate study at Duke University. In 2015, he creation of DigInForce, WiiBox, SFARDS and many received the “Forever Duke” Outstanding Alumni other mining hardware and software technology Award from Duke University. In 2016, he became companies. Before the venture career, he served a member of James B Duke Society and the as a US Internet company vice president for an President Society Council at Duke University. e-commerce company in mainland Hong Kong. - 20 -

PART IV: TEAM Institutional Advisor: North America Blockchain Association (NABA) Founded in the Silicon Valley in 2016, North America Blockchain Association (NABA) is the first non-profit organization of blockchain technology in the United States. Its mission is to be the advocate for blockchain technology, provide members and society with profound analysis and studies of the latest technologies and industry pioneers, as well as to aggregate industrial resources. Its members include blockchain technology enthusiasts, high-tech practitioners, and professionals from the US banks, investment banking, insurance and other financial industries, academic institutions and universities. Since its inception, NABA has been committed to promoting the development of global blockchain technology and fostering blockchain collaboration between China and the United States. - 21 -

SwftCoin Distribution Plan VI 50% 50% Initial Token Sale be distributed among founders for community initiatives and the development teams. 1. 50% of all tokens will be distributed at the Initial 2. 50% of all tokens will be distributed among founders and the Token Sale, and for community initiatives. development teams. This measure will ensure long-term growth of the During the next 4 years, 50% of all tokens will be distributed SWFT and the SwftCoin tokens and will support the for community initiatives, business development, academic development of the platform as a whole. research, blockchain education and market expansion. The (1) 30% of all tokens will be distributed during the Initial distribution of this token percentage will be 12.5% per year for Token Sale. four years. (2) 20% of all tokens will be reserved as an asset to (1) 20% will be used to incentivize founders, employees and the bring value to early investors and market promotion. development team. Each founder and employees will receive part of their compensation package in SwftCoin tokens, which will vest over four years. (2) 25% for business development, market expansion, and investment. 25% of the total tokens will be allocated to selected industries and projects, which includes funding for strategic planning, project support, and coin swap initiatives. (3) 5% for academic research and education. This part of the token supply will be used to sponsor education through research institutions or organizations dedicated to blockchain technology. - 22 -

PART VI: SWFTCOIN DEVELOPMENT PLAN Transfer Ratio and Timetable SwftCoin will support two transfer options initially: Cryptocurrency Benchmark Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), according to the right benchmark: 1 BTC 1500000 1 ETH 75000 I. The total amount of SwftCoin, calculated based on the above benchmark, is 5,000,000,000- II. SwftCoin will be issued to the user’s account after one week of investment. III. To keep up with the project process, please visit: www.SwftCoin.com Thaw Plan SWFT's thaw plan is specifically designed to allocate the 50% of tokens assigned to founders and development teams. It will follow the timeline below: Release after one year: 12.5% Release after two years: 12.5% Release after three years: 12.5% Release after four years: 12.5% - 23 -

Terms Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency, once the system works without a central repository or single administrator. It was invented by an unknown programmer, or a group of programmers, under the name P2P: VII Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing or networking is a distributed application architecture that Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open- partitions tasks or workloads among peers. source software in 2009. The system relies Peers are equally privileged, equipotent on peer-to-peer operations, and transactions participants in the application. They are said take place between users directly, without an to form a peer-to-peer network of nodes. intermediary. The network nodes verify and record the transactions in a publicly distributed Smart Contract: ledger called a blockchain. Smart contracts are computer protocols intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the Merkle Tree: negotiation or performance of a contract. In cryptography and computer science, Nick Szabo first proposed smart contracts in generally, a hash tree or Merkle tree is a tree in 1996. Proponents of smart contracts claim which every non-leaf node is labeled with the that many kinds of contractual clauses may cryptographic hash of the labels or values (in be made partially or fully self-executing, self- case of leaves) of its child, or precedent, nodes. enforcing, or both. Smart contracts aim to Hash trees allow efficient and secure verification provide security that is superior to traditional of the contents of large data structures. Hash contract law and to reduce other transaction trees are a generalization of hash lists and hash costs associated with contracting. chains. AML: Anti Money Laundering. Ethereum: Similar to Bitcoin 2.0, it is a cryptocurrency with Chinese government attitude advanced features. Developers need to pay toward Bitcoin: ETH, which can be traded on cryptocurrencies To protect property rights and prevent crimes trading platforms, to support their DApps. like money laundering, the Chinese Central Bank and other five government departments announced their position on Bitcoin. They Know Your Customer (KYC) do not recognize Bitcoin as a currency. It is By requiring not only the name but also the a virtual coin, and as such, it does not have business or institution the customer is affiliated any legal protection. People, however, can with, one can prevent money laundering. trade Bitcoin at their own risk. - 24 -

PART VII: APPENDIX Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 1. What is the total amount of SwftCoin? Will the total amount increase in the future? The total volume of SwftCoin is 10 billion, and it will not increase in the future. 2. What kind of currency will be accepted to buy SwftCoin? What is the starting amount of the investment? The public transfer will accept BTC, and ETH. The starting amount will be either one BTC or one ETH. 3. What is the price of SwftCoin? SwftCoin’s price, in regards to BTC and ETH, will be determined by the market price of BTC and ETH before the public fundraising. 4. What is the initial distribution? SwftCoin will be distributed as follows: 50% of the total amount, which is 5 billion tokens, will be used for private sales. The earning of private sales will be allocated to financing SWFT's operations for the next four years, which includes accounting for system development, marketing, finance and legal advice. The remaining tokens of this portion will be assigned to teams, which will sell them to institutional investors through private placements. 5. How will the value of SwftCoin increase in the future? The central function of the platform is to provide four types of currency transfer services, charging specific fees during the process. SwftCoin will be the service tokens. With the increasing usage and traffic of SWFT, the demand of SwftCoin will grow. As the supply of SwftCoin is limited, its value will increase due to its growing usage. 6. I followed all the instructions to deposit tokens, why did my order not go to the next step? Please check whether the token amount that you want to send is the same as the amount in the order. If not, please correct the amount. If it’s the same, please check whether the sending address is the same as the sending address in the order; if the address is different, tokens cannot be retrieved. If deposit amount and address are correct, please be patient, exchange delays may be caused by internet traffic. 7. Why did I receive a token amount different from the quoted amount when my order was created? The quote provided is based on real-time exchange rates, the rate will change during the transfer process, the final amount received will be based on the real-time exchange rate at the time of transfer execution minus gas fees. - 25 -

PART VII: APPENDIX Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 8. How long does the exchange take฀ Transfers usually take around 3 minutes, but the speed may be affected for many reasons, including whether the information was correctly entered, current blockchain network condition, and whether withdrawal from the exchange is timely. 9. Will there be a refund for failed transfers฀ If the order isn't completed (including not deposit in valid time, not choose exchange mode, not deposit SwftCoins in transaction fee as SwftCoin mode, deposit amount not same as amount in order), system will make refund in 48 hours, but gas fee will be deducted, please remember to enter your refund address in exchange history in order to get the refund. If you entered the wrong token type address for the return, there will be no refund. If you followed the instructions and the order still isn’t complete due to system error, please contact customer service or send an e-mail immediately. 10. What should I do if I accidently quit the SWFT APP during the transfer฀ You can locate the transfer on the “Transfer” page under the account tab and continue from where you left off by clicking on the transaction and following the instructions. 11. I have already transfer my tokens but status remains “Sending…” It may be caused by an unsuccessful transfer or the transfer amount is not the same as the amount in the order, please check the blockchain network. If the transfer is successful but the status still remains the same, please contact us immediately. 12. Order status shows successfully sent tokens but I did not receive them Please go to order page to check if you have correctly entered the receive address. If not, please enter the correct address. If you have correctly entered the address, please contact us immediately. 13. Why does the range of token amounts that can be transferred change฀ The range of tokens that can be transferred depends on real-time changes in market transaction depth and liquidity. 14. Why cannot I withdraw my tokens฀ If you are withdrawing ERC-20 (Ethereum) based tokens, you need Ethereum for the gas fee. Please deposit certain amount of Ethereum into your account. If you already have enough Ethereum, please note that you cannot withdraw the same amount of tokens to the same address within 24 hours due to system security settings. - 26 -

PART VII: APPENDIX Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 15. Why doesn’t my selected password meet the requirements for registration฀ Passwords cannot contain special characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. 16. Do I need to deposit my tokens into SWFT before transferring฀ No, just follow the instructions to make the transfer. 16. Why do I need to pay for withdrawals฀ SWFT platform only charges a transaction fee, the only other fees for transferring are gas fees. 17. Why can’t I deposit all types of tokens on my Apple device฀ SWFT wallet is currently in beta for Apple (iOS) devices, we will notify users once it is open for all types of token deposits. 18. Why can’t I used the iOS app (Apple) after downloading the SWFT app฀ You must first trust us the app in iOS System Settings: Settings –> General –> Device Management –> BUNSITI.OOO 19 Why are there only a few types of cryptocurrencies on SWFT? We are continually updating the app with more cryptocurrency types, expect more to come in the near future! SWFT - 27 -

PART VII: APPENDIX Disclaimer This document is intended only to convey SWFT disclaims any direct or indirect damages the purpose of educating the reader on incurred in participating in the SWFT project, SWFT's dynamics and does not constitute a including: relevant opinion on the sale of SWFT shares or securities. Any kind of proposal or price will (i) The reliability of all information in this be made under a credible clause and subject document. to applicable Securities Law. The report above (ii) Any resulting errors, omissions or inaccurate does not account for any investment advice, information. investment intent or abetting investment in (iii) Or any resulting actions. respect of securities. This document does not consist and cannot be understood as an act of SwftCoin is the digital encryption currency based offering, sale, or an invitation to buy or sell any on SWFT's platform. As for this text's date, form of securities. It is neither a form contract SwftCoin cannot be used to purchase related or promise. items or services. SwftCoin is not an investment. We cannot guarantee the values of SwftCoin will SWFT explicitly expresses the intention that the increase. Therefore, it is also possible that there user has a clear understanding of the risks of may be a decline in its value, and those who the SWFT platform. Involvement in investments have not used SwftCoin in good faith may be means that the investor understands and subject to lose their SwftCoin tokens. accepts the risk of the project, and is willing to take all the corresponding results or SwftCoin does not include ownership or control. consequences personally. Owning SwftCoin tokens does not correspond to the ownership or authority over SWFT or SWFT applications. Risk Warning 1) The risk that loss of the certificate results in 2) The risk associated with the Ethereum core the loss of the SwftCoin currency. agreement. An Ethereum address is assigned to the buyer SwftCoin is based on the development of the before the purchased SwftCoin is received. The Ethereum agreement, so any error related to the only way to operate the content corresponding Ethereum agreement, including unpredictable to an address is through the buyer-related functional problems or attacks, are likely to cause credentials (i.e., the private key or the wallet SwftCoin or an SWFT application to stop working password). Loss of these credentials will result or misfunction. Also, the values of the account in in loss of SwftCoin. The best way to securely the Ethereum agreement may decline or increase log into an account is by saving the credentials similarly to SwftCoin and other digital currencies. on one or more places - preferably not in public One may find additional information about the computers. Ethereum Agreement at http://www.ethereum.org. - 28 -

PART VII: APPENDIX 3) The risk associated with the buyer’s through, for example, service or Sybil attacks. credential. Any third party that obtains the buyer’s login 8) Vulnerability risk or risk of rapid development certificate or private key can directly control of cryptography science. the buyer’s SwftCoin. To minimize the risks, the The rapid development of cryptography or the buyer must protect his or her electronic device development of science and technology, such against unauthenticated access requests. as the development of quantum computers, will increase the risk of deciphering encrypted tokens 4) Risk related to judicial supervision. and the SWFT platform, which could cause the Blockchain technology has become the main loss of SwftCoin. target of the regulation in the major countries in the world. If the regulatory body intervenes 9) The risk of lacking maintenance or usage. or operate, SWFT application or SwftCoin SwftCoin should not be used as an investment. may be affected by this, for example, the law Although SwftCoin may have a high initial restricts the use, sale and electronic token value, a decrease may occur due to the lack of such as SwftCoin may be restricted or even maintenance or traffic on SWFT platform. direct termination of SWFT application and the development ofSwftCoin. 10) The risk of uninsured loss. Unlike traditional bank accounts, storage on a 5) The risk of lack of attention towards SWFT SwftCoin account or the Ethereum network is applications. usually not insured. In case of loss, the buyer's SWFT application may not be used by a tokens will not have any protection from a public large number of individuals or organizations. individual or organization. However, private The public may, therefore, not have enough insurance companies, such as FDIC, provide interest to open and develop related distributed protection services. applications, which would have a negative impact on SwftCoin and SWFT. 11) The risk of application malfunction. SWFT's platform may malfunction due to various 6) The risk that SWFT's related applications reasons, incurring unfortunate consequences to or products will not meet the expectation of the user, as the loss of SwftCoin. SwftCoin or its purchasers. SWFT Application is currently in the 12) Other unexpected risks. development stage. Before the release of the Cryptography is a new and untested technology. official version, SWFT application may have In addition to the risks mentioned above, others significant changes. SwftCoin may likely fail to are to be discovered yet. Other risks may meet the buyer's expectations towards SWFT emerge individually, or appear in the form of a application or SwftCoin. combination of multiple already mentioned risks. 7) The risk of hacking or theft. It is unlike yet possible that hackers, organizations or countries attempt to disrupt the SWFT application or SwftCoin's functions - 29 -

PART VII: APPENDIX References Atlas, A. (2018). Money Transmitter License Information for all States. Retrieved from http://moneytransmitterlicense.blogspot.jp. Kim, T. (2017). Compare U.S. & International Wire Transfer Fees. Retrieved from https://www.mybanktracker.com/news/wire-transfer-fee-comparison-top-10-us-banks. Mckinsey & Company. (2017). Global Payments 2016: Strong Fundamentals Despite Uncertain Times. Retrieved from https://www.smefinanceforum.org/sites/default/ files/post/files/McKinsey_Global_Payments _Report_2016.pdf. Medici. (2015). 11 Money Transfer Companies Using Blockchain Technology. Retrieved from https://letstalkpayments.com/11-money-transfer-companies-using-blockchain- technology-2/. Nakamoto, S. (2008). Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Retrieved from http://nakamotoinstitute.org/bitcoin/#selection-7.4-7.11. The Economist. (2015). The promise of the blockchain: The trust machine. Retrieved from https://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21677198-technology-behind-bitcoin- could-transform-how-economy-works-trust-machine. Wormald, B. (2016) "Remittance Flows Worldwide in 2015." Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project. - 30 -

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