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Sunday, June 10, 2018
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WHITEPAPER PRIOR WARNING This Initial Coin Offering («ICO») as presented by the DANEEL ASSISTANT company is an unregulated operation of fundraising. There are many risks involved for customers, especially the potential loss of the entirety of the currency exchanged for tokens emitted by DANEEL ASSISTANT. Only persons warned of these risks are eligible to participate in the ICO. Furthermore, consumers (under the European directive n°2011/83/UE), the "American people" (under "Regulation S” du Securities Act 1933 of American law"), citizens from Canada, Cuba, Iran, Irak, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Singapore and China are excluded from the ICO. WWW.DANEEL.IO 4

WHITEPAPER A NOTE FROM DANEEL’S FOUNDER First of all, thank you for your interest in Daneel. I hope that this document will enlighten you about our vision and our project. Daneel is born from the passion of its creators for Blockchain and cryptocurrency, in a changing world, one in which the two technologies have a real role to play. Our role is to democratize cryptocurrency in order to make it more accessible to mass market investors, by proposing a thoughtful and innovative solution for them. We are aware of the bad publicity linked to the notion of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) over previous months, mainly due to a lack of reliability in certain projects. That’s why, even though the legislative framework is still developing, we were determined to respect all basic responsibilities in legislation, security and information. We hope that you will therefore see this as guarantee of reliability, and that you will believe in us and in Daneel. We welcome your comments and suggestions at the email address [email protected] Enjoy your reading and see you soon, Joseph Bedminster Founder of Daneel Assistant Company WWW.DANEEL.IO 5

WHITEPAPER INTRODUCTION TO BLOCKCHAIN AND TO CRYPTOCURRENCY Blockchain: a revolution in the making A real, innovative tool which is about to profoundly transform our societies as well as the relationships between individuals, organizations and states, Blockchain represents a chain of “blocks” (digital containers) where information of all sorts is stored: transactions, contracts, title deeds, works of art… This set of blocks form a database similar to the pages of a great accounts book, known as a “register”, which is itself hosted by a group of network users. Unlike the centralized system that currently governs our societies, Blockchain primarily allows users to get away from a centralized body or a third party. At the heart of this system, special users called “miners” have the role of ensuring the validity of transactions by providing the entire network with the computing power of their computers. Once the algorithm has completed its validation exercise, all users of Blockchain can simply verify that the exercise is correct; then, when a large majority of Blockchain users have validated the computing operation, the block is added to the chain and the transactions that it contains are considered valid. Blockchain therefore includes the following advantageous characteristics: • Security: The decentralized framework and the blocks’ codes guarantee the absolute security of the information. • Disintermediation: The concept of “consensus” replaces any of centralized validation. • Autonomy: The creation of cryptocurrency covers the costs of the infrastructure involved. WWW.DANEEL.IO 6

WHITEPAPER By this revolutionary principle, Blockchain is on the brink of causing a profound upheaval to all sectors of the economy, and many related projects have already begun. What is cryptocurrency? Each Blockchain is associated with a cryptocurrency (also called a token). The most well-known is the Bitcoin, a currency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Today, there are several hundred different digital currencies. They all share the common trait of being a virtual means of exchange, not based in any single state, as opposed to the Dollar or the Euro. They circulate via peer-to- peer networks, based on cryptographic algorithms, and are not necessarily intended as a payment system between users. The number of units in circulation and the maximum money supply are defined in advance and visible to all. Until proven otherwise, cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited or stolen. It is possible today to define several separate families of cryptocurrency, which are adapted to the objectives of the communities who use them: § “Infrastructure” currency: the type of currency likely to bring about the most profound changes, whose ambition goes far beyond being a simple means of payment, and which has the objective of offering a real alternative to the existing financial system. Examples: Ethereum, NXT, Ripple... WWW.DANEEL.IO 7

WHITEPAPER § “Social” currency: currency created to allow the easy exchange of small financial amounts between web users (“social tipping”), on existing social networks in particular. § Alternative currency: broadly inspired by Bitcoin, these currencies attempt, via technical innovation, to function either more easily, more securely or more rapidly, for example by reducing transaction verification times. o Examples: Litecoin, Digibyte... § Anonymous currency: currency created solely to serve as a purely anonymous means of payment, protecting both the user’s identity as well as their transactions. o Examples: Monero, Bytecoin… Exchanging cryptocurrency; a speculative investment Cryptocurrencies are primarily an investment of potential profitably. These alternative digital currencies represent, in effect, a new kind of investment intrinsically linked with our modern digital economy. While extremely volatile, they can demonstrate impressive financial performances: Bitcoin exceeded a rate of 6,000 USD in October 2017, despite being traded at a rate of 434 USD in January 2016! Indeed, it’s because of cryptocurrency’s speculative nature that it attracts investors, who generally appreciate the risky characteristics of this kind of market. Speculation is rampant in the universe of cryptocurrency, not only in regards to rate variation against the dollar, but also regarding the financial operations that cryptocurrencies finance. WWW.DANEEL.IO 8

WHITEPAPER Many investors are also in search of an asset to provide diversification to their portfolio, and thus invest a small proportion of their assets with a view towards a long-term gain. Cryptocurrency can effectually provide for the needs of investors seeking to diversify their risks by turning toward alternative investments. Accessing reactive and reliable sources of information; a strategic challenge for the cryptocurrency investor A major concern for every investor, having access to a comprehensive, reliable and rapid source of information is a fundamental part of the decision-making process in cryptocurrency investing. With the development of the digital world and the increasing “datafication” of our society, information is becoming more and more immediately accessible to every individual, through exchange platforms, social media, specialized print media, television programs, groups of influencers, word of mouth and more. Not a day goes by without being flooded with information! In the face of such an inundation of data, investors will inevitably encounter a number of difficulties. WWW.DANEEL.IO 9

WHITEPAPER Cross-referencing sources and analysing content to access reliable information Rumours and conflicting or manipulated information can significantly influence the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency for numerous investors. In fact, for many years digital and interactive means have bit by bit taken over all classic forms of communication media and non-media, and the Internet has come to be completely integrated in corporate marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the development of social networks favouring interaction between web users in an often anonymous manner has led each individual to post more and more often, unavoidably leading to an increase in «misinformation». The Internet has thus become social, movable and participative… and today one tweet from an influential individual may have more of an impact on cryptocurrency rates than the actions of institutions themselves! So, to what extent can information concerning cryptocurrency be biased? How can reliability be ensured, so that the plethora of online information a user encounters does not jeopardize every one of their investments? Capturing the right information at the right time, amongst all available data As an investor, the search for reliable information often resembles a complex quest: how can we identify the limited number of good resources? How can we sort them out? How can we interpret this information in order to make informed decisions? WWW.DANEEL.IO 10

WHITEPAPER In addition, while certain investors may benefit from a lack of information, others feel «overwhelmed» by the flow of available data and will inevitably find themselves exposed to an overabundance of information. This phenomenon of overexposure will result in an alteration in decision-making and a decline in investment performance. Information encountered about investments needs to be sufficient without becoming overwhelming, as well as easy and practical to use. Capturing the emotions of the market The sheer amount of information available renders each investor more vulnerable to emotion when investing. « Fear of Missing Out » (FOMO), « Panic sell », « Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt » (FUD), are several examples of the phenomena that can negatively influence the ability of investors to manage their emotions while making decisions. This poor emotional management then leads to ill-thought-out short-term actions, including sudden changes in trading and investment strategies, and the following of unfounded trends… often at the expense of invested capital. Benefiting from an appropriate level of knowledge and comprehension around cryptocurrency Understanding the details of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, learning to trade, mastering the fundamentals… these are some of the many topics that each investor should know and understand. But where can this information be found? WWW.DANEEL.IO 11

WHITEPAPER The various tutorials available on the Internet come with a relatively high price tag, and are often not sufficiently adapted to an individual’s personal level. The difficulty in managing multiple cryptocurrency portfolios Investors in cryptocurrency generally invest through exchange platforms chosen based on: • The number of cryptocurrencies listed • The volume of exchanges present • The fees charged by the platform • The level of security and reliability • The design and ergonomics Therefore, it often happens that an investor is obliged to use several platforms to buy and sell the currencies they are interested in. Managing these different platforms often involves multiple restrictions for the investor: difficulty in following investment performances, using different currencies, slowness of services, two-step connections to platforms, managing multiple sets of login details, risking error during transfers between platforms… as many situations within this sector require a high level of responsiveness, this set up may prove dire for the investor. WWW.DANEEL.IO 12

WHITEPAPER Our objective To design the first intelligent personal assistant who can accompany you in the daily management of cryptocurrency. WWW.DANEEL.IO 13

WHITEPAPER Limits of existing personal assistant services Assistants (or “bots”) currently available on the market have many notable functional and technological limitations. The present solutions are effectively confined to supplying information (the rate of a cryptocurrency, information on the launch of an ICO, newspaper articles…) through different channels of communication like Facebook and its “Messenger” application, through “Slack” or even through “Telegram”. Their use is also rarely user-friendly, as they often necessitate using predefined commands to carry out simple requests, based around the recognition of set key words (« What is the price of BTC? »). These solutions respond only to a basic need, using primitive artificial intelligence systems that are not able to: § Understand and interpret natural human language § Analyse and select the most reliable information available § Interact in a relevant way, in order to communicate the right trend at the right time WWW.DANEEL.IO 14

WHITEPAPER Our solution As we are fully aware of the limitations of these previous solutions, we’d like to suggest an assistant of a new kind: a personal assistant based on Watson, one of the most efficient artificial intelligences in the market, who will be responsible for providing daily assistance in the world of cryptocurrency. Through this, you will have ready access to an intelligent counsellor able to: § Understand and interact with you § Keep you informed in real time, with quality information that he gathered and analysed himself § Identify and capture the different emotions of the market § Alert you as soon as one of your investments is in jeopardy § Facilitate easy portfolio follow-up and management, as well as ease of sales and purchases. § Provide daily advice on your investments and on market trends § Provide personally-tailored indicators This is the objective we have set for ourselves, and you can help us to develop it. What type of investor is Daneel suited for? Daneel is not intended to address professional investors, particularly those already involved in trading rooms. Indeed, these investors often rely on specialized and costly technologies, often developed and jealously guarded by banks. On the contrary, we want to democratize access to artificial intelligence for investors by offering our technology to non-professionals. WWW.DANEEL.IO 15

WHITEPAPER To do this, we have identified three mass-market investor profiles: beginner, intermediate and advanced users. WWW.DANEEL.IO 16

WHITEPAPER TECHNOLOGICAL ASPECTS The main technological stakes In order for Daneel to meet all the objectives that we have set, we will have to address several factors on a daily basis. Make full use of the power of « Natural Language Understanding » Daneel will need to be able to understand your queries every time you turn to him, regardless of spelling or sentence structure. We will have to be confident of the ability of the system to analyse and understand the meaning of human language, to perceive emotions and to correctly perform the relevant actions. Guarantee the reliability of the information analysed and proposed by Daneel How can we, in a world with a huge amount of sources of information (online newspapers, forums, social networks, expert networks, exchange platforms…) determine which sources are reliable, so that information used is sure to be trustworthy and free from manipulation? We currently make use of the superior skills of the Blockchain sector, of specialized journalists, and of specialized counsellors to bring together different informational WWW.DANEEL.IO 17

WHITEPAPER references. The goal is to categorize these, and then to determine reliability, as well as which the method to employ for each source. To gather together the mass of information within a sector is the first step, but to analyse it is another one entirely. To provide the requisite intelligence to the service, it will be necessary to perfect the algorithm developed during the prototype design, in order to consider all flows of information, and give only the most suitable and reliable information to the user. Offer personalized advice, adapted to the needs of each non- professional investor profile As a personal assistant, we want to make Daneel as personalised as possible for each user. We would like to make each experience unique, and aim to place Daneel in a position to provide the best possible advice to the user. Our primary objective is user satisfaction. That’s why we have created the profiles of «novice user», «intermediate user» and of «experienced user». Every user will therefore be able to take advantage of all the features they require, while receiving an experience tailored to their level, and to their expectations regarding information and control. Ensure the security of all data How can we ensure the safety of your information? How can we limit the risk of hacking attempts by outside third parties? Important safety measures should be established between the user and the Daneel ecosystem. The mobile application, as well as the web platform, will have to address important safety constraints and will therefore be frequently audited by external services and partners. As for the architecture, it must be hosted and secured by the world’s leading specialists in the cloud and IT security. WWW.DANEEL.IO 18

WHITEPAPER Our teams will endeavour to monitor the functioning of all services, as well as questions asked and answers delivered, in order to ensure the reliability of exchanges with the API of our ecosystem, and those of our partners. Relying on best practice in terms of ergonomics and design We attach great importance to offering the best user experience throughout the use of the Daneel service. To do this, we’d like to refer to the best practices used in ergonomics and design during the development of each both the web and mobile interfaces, and commit to an approach centred completely on the user. WWW.DANEEL.IO 19

WHITEPAPER Presentation of Daneel’s features STAY INFORMED Gather, aggregate and analyse information The concept of curating is at the heart of Daneel. To begin, Daneel searches, browses, collects and analyses different sources of information available from various online channels: news feeds, general media, specialized media and social networks. Once the information is collected, he sorts and categorizes all relevant data in order to only offer information deemed to be highly reliable. You will then see in real time a summary of all necessary information concerning: § The current rates of all your specified cryptocurrencies § Cryptocurrency news sorted by theme (technological, legal, partnerships…). § Different « Initial Coin Offering » operations available Analyse the Emotions of the Market In addition to analysing and summarizing information, we wish to allow Daneel to analyse the emotions of the market using a « Social Emotion Indicator » function. Our artificial intelligence collects messages posted on social networks, then analyses them and conveys to the user the predominant online sentiments surrounding the cryptocurrency of their choice. In this way, you can more easily detect «pump» or growing doubt surrounding a cryptocurrency, and be up-to-date for every decision you make. WWW.DANEEL.IO 20

WHITEPAPER In addition, you can also benefit from indicators which identify which currencies are the most cited in news sources and on social networks, as well as those most searched on Google. Define a Cryptocurrency Confidence Score Our artificial intelligence will use a specially developed algorithm to calculate a « Confidence score »., by analysing currency rates, recent events, and the perceived emotions of users on social networks. This score, given out of 10, will reflect the reliability of a currency at a given moment. It will give investors a good idea of the risk involved in an investment. WWW.DANEEL.IO 21

WHITEPAPER Access to the detailed analytical report of cryptocurrency Need a comprehensive report on a currency? Histories, statistical data, graphics, company organisation, important personnel, recent events: Find all this information in one document, generated every day, thanks to our artificial intelligence. INTERACT Interact with Daneel thanks to our conversational service What could be an easier way of obtaining information than simply asking for it? To get Daneel’s analyses, you only need to express a request. WWW.DANEEL.IO 22

WHITEPAPER Artificial intelligence searches for the information best suited to your research, and the results are then easily communicated to you. Daneel may also offer quick choice actions in response to certain demands, in order to help you save time. Based on the “Machine Learning” principle, the system will learn continuously: the more users that pose questions, the more it will be able to refine its answers and results: that is the power of IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence! Never heard of Watson’s power? « Watson is an IBM-designed computer system that applies advanced technologies for natural language processing, information retrieval, knowledge representation, automated reasoning and automatic learning to the field of open-ended question answering. » MANAGE YOUR PORTFOLIO Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio You will be able to manage different accounts from compatible exchange platforms within the application. Add your account via your API keys, and then follow the progress of your investments in real time … Daneel will provide you with daily guidance in managing your investments. You will be notified immediately if your investments fluctuate, or if a new piece of information is likely to impact one of your investments! WWW.DANEEL.IO 23

WHITEPAPER Don’t want to use API keys? Simple: tell Daneel the type and quantity of each cryptocurrency you possess, and he will register it in your personalized profile and provide advice to you in the exact same way! Place orders in one click Thanks to the API of the exchange platforms compatible with Daneel, you will be able to place immediate purchase and sale orders: you will therefore be able to react rapidly to any announcement or an important event that Daneel shares with you! WWW.DANEEL.IO 24

WHITEPAPER LEARN AND EDUCATE YOURSELF Particularly suited to beginner users, the «Education» service helps to respond to the main questions concerning the sector and Blockchain technology. Several ideas and concepts will be explained to the user each day, and they will be able to test and validate their knowledge through Multiple-Choice Questions. SHARE Social trading & social interactions In addition to the help given by our artificial intelligence, we wish to integrate a functionality called «social trading», a service which allows users to observe and follow the investments of experienced investors. Through this, the most popular community traders could receive DAN tokens in exchange for their participation in the ecosystem. AND AFTER ? We will organize, on a recurring basis, different innovation events during which every Daneel user will be able to submit new functionality ideas. The best ideas will be rewarded in DAN tokens. WWW.DANEEL.IO 25


WHITEPAPER How can you access Daneel? The services and functionalities mentioned will be accessible via a web platform and a mobile application, directly at the site www.daneel.io or through downloading the mobile application that will be available at a future date. WWW.DANEEL.IO 27

WHITEPAPER PARTNERSHIPS & PARTNER SERVICES In order to accelerate Daneel’s development and carry out our project, we have placed etablishing partnerships at the heart of our strategy. Partnership with IBM It is through this goal that we have already developed an international partnership with the company IBM. Thanks to this partnership, we now have access to unmatched expertise on artificial intelligence, to leading-edge solutions such as Watson as well as to the means and resources that allow us to sustainably support our project. As IBM, a renowned multinational in the sectors of the cloud, of Machine-Learning and of artificial intelligence, have placed their trust in us, why shouldn’t you? Agreement reference: 9ffc3 – Daneel Assistant OÜ, Estonia Partnership with Crypto-Valley Considered to be the largest actor ecosystem in the fields of cryptography and Blockchain, «Crypto Valley», based in Zug in Switzerland, will accompagny us throughout this project. Comprising of start-ups, professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs, this organization has become a crucial actor in the sector which Daneel will develop in throughout the coming months. WWW.DANEEL.IO 28

WHITEPAPER Crypto Valley will support our teams, and will provide us with an important network of technical support, infrastructure and events. Bitcoin Association Switzerland An association of Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts that gathers together a number of sector professionals, start-ups and professors. This very active community will provide us with support, and will allow us to exchange ideas on their networks as well as during regularly sheduled events . One of the roles of this association is making cryptocurrency accessible to the general public, and to democratize Blockchain technology, and as such it will be a valued contributer to the «Educational» goals of our solution. Partner services & APIs Within the framework of our platform development, we will make use of various external services to enrich Daneel’s functioning. Some of these services provide relevant and regularly-updated data sets, by allowing access in particular to market prices, information linked to ICOs, newfeeds… In this way, in addition to official APIs of exchange platforms, we endeavour to make the best use of the data provided by these select external services. Here are some examples: WWW.DANEEL.IO 29



WHITEPAPER USE OF DAN TOKENS DAN tokens will be at the heart of the use of our intelligent assistant service. Indeed, they will allow the user to: • Subscribe to a monthly service enabling the use of all Daneel features • Interact with the platform and its users WWW.DANEEL.IO 32

WHITEPAPER Process of subscribing to the system Daneel’s application and services will be accessible only to users registered on the platform. Two types of subscription will be available. Several subscription options may become available, including monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions. WWW.DANEEL.IO 33

WHITEPAPER Price of subscriptions and Payment We wish to offer a subscription with a fixed price that won’t change with the DAN token price. In other terms, the price of the subscription will always be the same regardless of the rate of DAN on the exchange platforms. As a reminder, DAN tokens can be aquired: • By investing during the Initial Coin Offering phase • By buying tokens on the exchange platforms that will trade DAN. « Erosion » mechanism Every time a user will pay for a subscription, a principle of “erosion” will be applied to the token and 6% of the total number of DAN will be burned. Ex: John subscribes for a monthly subscription and pays 100 DAN. Daneel put back 94 DAN on the market, 6 DAN are burned. WWW.DANEEL.IO 34

WHITEPAPER SALES PROCESS FOR DAN TOKENS Tokens made availible by « Daneel Assistant Company » are accompanied by a «duty to act » borne by the company. This duty to act is the following: to develop and make available to general public investors an intelligent assistant destined for the world of cryptocurrency. Presentation of DAN tokens Daneel (DAN) tokens will only be used to subscribe to the intelligent assistant service proposed by « Daneel Assistant Company ». The total supply of DANEEL tokens is limited to 100 000 000 tokens. Update: After ICO, some tokens will be burnt, the total supply will evolve, see more at : https://medium.com/@daneel_project/important- announcement-burning-and-distribution-of-unsold-dan-tokens- 286bd0061520 DAN token is not a security nor a financial asset. It will not generate any revenue by itself. They will be exchanged on different exchange platforms as soon as they are available. Duration and progression of the sales process The sales process of DAN tokens will be carried out in two steps over December 2017 and January 2018. WWW.DANEEL.IO 35

WHITEPAPER • A presale phase (or pre-ICO): from 04 December 09h00 UTC to 08 December 2017 20h00 UTC. • A sale phase: from January 29th 2018 09h00 UTC to March 5th 2018 20h00 UTC. Initial distribution of the tokens For the 100 000 000 tokens created, the distribution will be as following: § 60% of the tokens, that is 60 000 000, will be put up for sale during the duration of Daneel commercial operation (pre –ICO, ICO). The tokens put for sale will be separated into two lots: § A first lot of 1 000 000 of tokens sold during a presale, that is 1% in total. § A second lot of 59 000 000 of tokens; sold during a sale open to the public, that is 59 % in total. WWW.DANEEL.IO 36

WHITEPAPER After the ICO, we will burn 60% of all the unsold tokens and redistribute 40% of them proportionally to all our investors. Unsold tokens : What are the advantages of this distribution model? 1. As you might already know, the burning process allows a diminution of the total supply on the market and potentially contribute to an appreciation of the token price 2. This new distribution model allows our community to continue dominating the market with 56% of the Tokens holders. 3. This new distribution model guarantee the liquidity on the market and the scalability of the project as our token will be the only way to subscribe and use Daneel’s service. § 7.5% of tokens, that is 7 500 000, will be preserved in reserve by the company. These tokens could be sold in the future, by lots, in the case of the company needing supplementary funds to cover expenditure linked to service development. Tokens will be held in Multisignature wallet. Their sale, as well as the underlying objective, will be announced in advance on the Company's official website. § 20% of tokens, that is 20 000 000, will be distributed to stakeholders (global team, counsellors, community) that have contributed actively to the success of the operation. These tokens will be stored in a Multisignature wallet. If a member of the team wants to sell its tokens, the transactions will require the signatures of multiple team members before the funds can be transferred. This process will allow the team to control the impacts on the token price. WWW.DANEEL.IO 37

WHITEPAPER § 5% of tokens, that is 5 000 000, will be distributed to external investors of the enterprise. The tokens reserved for external investors will be distributed between the different structures and investors that have supported and financed the development of the Daneel project. § 5% of tokens, that is 5 000 000, will be distributed within the framework of the rewards program. The tokens allocated to the rewards programs will be distributed to community members that have participated in the distribution, communication, advertisment or translation of the project on the networks. § 2.5% of tokens, that is 2 500 000, will be distributed within the framework of the Product Social Rewards. WWW.DANEEL.IO 38

WHITEPAPER Price and condition of acquisition of DAN tokens During the period of the DAN tokens sale, tokens will be available at the single rate of 0.25 EUROS (approx. 0.30 USD). The client will be able to acquire DAN tokens against other cryptocurrencies. The list of accepted cryptocurrencies during ICO phase is the following: § Bitcoin (BTC) § Litecoin (LTC) § Ethereum (ETH) § Monero (XMR) § Dash (Dash) § Ether Classic (ETC) § Lisk (LSK) § Stratis (STRAT) § Waves (WAVES) § Zcash (ZEC) § Ripple (XRP) The number of tokens allocated during an order will be calculated on the basis of the cryptocurrency rate defined by our partner CoinPayments (https://www.coinpayments.net/) at the time of the confirmation of the payment being received WWW.DANEEL.IO 39

WHITEPAPER Bonuses during sales In order to reward our first users, we offer the following bonuses: Exchange of tokens By definition, tokens can be exchanged on different exchange platforms specializing in cryptocurrency. We are currently speaking with several of these platforms in order to list DAN tokens. Discussions are open with the following platforms: Poloniex, HitBTC, KuCoin, and Livecoin. WWW.DANEEL.IO 40

WHITEPAPER Use of raised funds The funds raised during the ICO will be employed in the achievement of our objectives. All of the funds will be distributed to finance the following activities: § Development of our intelligent assistant and web & mobile platforms § Financing operational needs § Financing marketing and advertising § Legal and accounting support. § Payment of external services (partner companies, API services) Soft Cap and Hard Cap § Minimum amount at which ICO will be considered as a success (soft cap): 2,000,000 DAN tokens § Hard cap is fixed at 60,000,000 DAN tokens sold WWW.DANEEL.IO 41

WHITEPAPER Procedure for the beginning of the sale On the first day of the sale, preregistered users will receive an email informing them of the beginning of the sale session to take place on the company website (https://www.daneel.io). During the process of the sale, we will also rely on the platform and service of our Coin Payments partner https://www.coinpayments.net. Details of the process To proceed with the purchase of DAN tokens during the sale phase, each client will have to follow the procedure described below. Step 1: Connection to the client space WWW.DANEEL.IO 42

WHITEPAPER The user connects to their client space after registering their email and password and providing validation through the Captcha system. Step 2: Validation of terms and conditions The user accepts the terms and conditions. Step 3: Registration of personal information WWW.DANEEL.IO 43

WHITEPAPER The user fills in the different required fields to provide their personal information and the ETH address through which they will receive DAN tokens. Step 4: Selection of Cryptocurrency The user is directed to the participation page of our partner « Coinpayments ». They will then need to select the cryptocurrency with which they wish to buy DAN tokens, fill in their personal information then confirm the payment request. Step 5: Payment Adresse WWW.DANEEL.IO 44

WHITEPAPER The user sends the amount requested in the chosen currency to the indicated address. The payment will be valid when the sufficient amount of Blockchain validation is reached. Step 6: Validation Once the payment is validated, the user will receive a confirmation email from Coinpayments informing them that the transaction is validated. A tracking number will be included in this email: it must be kept safe. Once the sale is over, they will be invited to fill in the compatible Ethereum ERC20 address on which they wish to receive DAN tokens. They will be then credited with the number of tokens corresponding to their investment. The secure space on the site https://www.daneel.io details the transactions performed and the payments received. For more information refer to the online help at https://www.daneel.io/help.html, or contact us by email on [email protected] WWW.DANEEL.IO 45

WHITEPAPER Request for personal information (KYC) In order to participate in the sale, and with the purpose of complying with the rules of good practice regarding transparency during the raising of funds, we require certain information from investors. The following information will need to be transmitted before any DAN token purchase by the user during subscription to the platform: § Name and surname § Address and country of residence § Phone number § Email address The investor will also declare, by validating their subscription: § That they are in compliance with existing legislation in their country of residence § That they are authorised to participate in such a sale Minimum investment during the ICO The minimum purchase amount to participate in the ICO is fixed at: 100 USD per participant. Transfert of DAN tokens after the ICO All DAN tokens will be sent to the investors in a period of 3 weeks after the ICO. Refund and Cancellation No refunds will be available, as a cryptocurrency payment is sent by the user during the DAN tokens sale operation. Please refer to the legal notices below for more information. WWW.DANEEL.IO 46

WHITEPAPER Use of Private Data The private data collected during registration as well as the data linked to the Daneel platform use and its services are the property of the company. The data may be used for analytical purposes, to provide better results for users and to improve our artificial intelligence system. Nevertheless, the society undertakes to neither use this information for commercial research nor to sell this information for use by other companies. Please refer to the legal notices below for more information. Security The security of our user platform is at the heart of our concern. That’s why our company will regularly have our services audited by global security experts and by partners. The platform’s web security and that of your personal data is reinforced thanks to the services of partners specialized in hosting and informational security. WWW.DANEEL.IO 47

WHITEPAPER THE TEAM Joseph BEDMINSTER CEO-Founder of Daneel Specializing in software engineering, Joseph has previously worked for companies and startups in France on a freelance basis. In 2015, he co-founded the startup, Bonanza and assumed the position of Chief Technical Officer. Renowned for its matching algorithm, the service makes it possible to efficiently link companies with students looking for positions. The company soon won over the French public and is today in a phase of international expansion. Joseph was then hired as a manager in a research and innovation laboratory. Responsible for making prototypes for companies, his work has led him to explore the areas of Artificial Intelligence, conversational assistant technologies, and Big Data. His background has allowed him to work with companies such as IBM, discovering Watson’s services, and also to collaborate with Microsoft. Passionate about cryptocurrency, he dreamt of an assistant system capable of responding to user requests using natural language. In 2017, he decided to embark on the adventure of creating the company Daneel Assistant. WWW.DANEEL.IO 48

WHITEPAPER Harold KINET Communication Director With an international background, Harold started his career in the Defense & Security sector as a journalist and marketing manager for a well implanted communication agency specialized in cutting-edge technologies for security. He finally quit the Security sector to join the Belgian joint venture WOW Group involved in wave generators and industrial technology - one having led to the other. As marketing manager at WOW Company (wave generators), he specializes as international tradeshow manager and media planning for the largest attractions fairs in USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia. After going around the world, Harold gets involved in the “CryptoSphere” as investor in the first instance before joining Daneel’s team. He truly believes in the convergence between Artificial Intelligence and decision-making which will allow investors to save time with an all-in-one solution. WWW.DANEEL.IO 49

WHITEPAPER Selim RINAZ Chief Technology Officer An experienced developer, Selim is passionate about artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. With his experience as a software developer and project manager, he has successfully implemented complex systems for large groups and developing startups. Having become an expert in the design of chatbots for the health sector, Selim has designed automated systems for large world-class groups that are capable of communicating with a multitude of sensors and users simultaneously. Demonstrating rapidly his ability to master Blockchain and Ethereum technologies, he has come on board as our software solution architect. Guillaume GUERIN Developer Guillaume has had the opportunity to work on large projects related to the Ethereum Blockchain. One example is the prototyping of a private network based on energy exchange and self-regulation (SUNPAY), as well as the development of a mobile application for the transfer of ERC20 tokens (an open-source project). He is a back-end developer and is very interested in cryptocurrencies. With his skills in mobile and web development and his Blockchain experiences, Guillaume is in charge of the structures of the mobile applications for Daneel's iOS and Android services. WWW.DANEEL.IO 50

WHITEPAPER Rangana PUCHIHEWA International Community Manager Rangana is a highly qualified/skillful Electrical Engineer with strong abilities in Electrical Engineering. Furthermore, He is an author of several IEEE Research Papers, Block-Chain Enthusiast, Crypto-Currency Researcher, Initial Coin Offering Promoter, Investor and Entrepreneur. He has been working as a community manager for many blockchain projects. He is qualified in CIM with a CPM, participant in CIMA global Challenge Competition and hold strong abilities in marketing, Rangana has turned his focus in to promoting blockchain projects as a hobby. He maintains a well-known cryptocurrency group for helping most of the newbies to the field. Rangana has joined Daneel as the International Community Manager. Fabien DUCOUDRAY Global Branding Director Crypto-enthusiast, investor and lover of new technologies, Fabien joined the Daneel team to work as a Community Manager. As an engineer dedicated to work on daily customer feedback, product improvements, innovation and user experience feedback in controlled environments, Fabien quickly understood Daneel's potential. Fabien joined Daneel and is now in charge of animating the French community of users. WWW.DANEEL.IO 51

WHITEPAPER THE ADVISORS Jean-Hugues LAURET Serial Entrepreneur A graduate of the University of California in Computer Systems and Telecommunications, Jean Hugues worked for major national telecommunications groups (Orange Group), then as Director of Development and Innovation at SVP (SAP ERP). An entrepreneur since 2001, he founded a multitude of companies in France, UK, Switzerland and the United States in the fields of new technologies. In 2010, he became head of the innovation division of the prestigious French school Mines- Télécom, and conducts research in the fields of Cloud and Big Data. Since 2016, he has been president of the Connect Territories group, and has accompanied startups on Blockchain, IoT and renewable energies. Alexandre LACOUR CTO at SOMEFLU / Advisor & mentor at IONIS361 - French startup incubator A graduate in computer engineering from EPITECH, Alexandre spent 6 years as CTO at SOMEFLU, a leading company in the centrifugal pump industry. In charge of IT architecture from 2005 to 2011, he then became executive director of the company in January 2011. Diversifying his activities, he also became a partner at CTO-Partners, and provided advice to startups in the French ecosystem. WWW.DANEEL.IO 52

WHITEPAPER Since January 2017, he has become a mentor and advisor for the IONIS361 business incubator in Paris, France. He mainly works as an expert in fields related to data processing in companies: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Bringing his contacts and his knowledge to the project's cause, he is our main technical adviser. Christophe GUITTET Manager - Artificial Intelligence (Watson) and Cognitive Business Solutions at IBM Christophe began his career as a consultant at IBM in the "Strategy & Transformation" consulting department. After three years working on innovative projects, he joined at its creation the IBM Watson french team to develop his expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive solutions: NLP / NLU, conversational, visual recognition, smart search etc. Passionate about cognitive science since and philosophy of language, semiology and neuropsychology he is now in charge of managing Watson teams and delivering strong cognitive projects for IBM’s major industry customers. In February 2018 he has been recognized as one of "the 100 French people who matter in Artificial Intelligence" by Usine Nouvelle (a french tech and innovation specialist) Christophe has joined Daneel as an IBM Watson advisor. WWW.DANEEL.IO 53

WHITEPAPER Pierre FERTOUT Blockchain advisor @Sodexo / Teacher @ESSEC Business School / Founder of Startup-stud.io A convinced “Strategeek”, passionate about Cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, Pierre has worked for 5 years as Strategy & Management Consultant for Stanwell Consulting. He worked for the top management of the biggest financial institutions of France before joining Sodexo as a Digital Project Manager in 2015, working with 36 Countries. Since 2015, Pierre has been a teacher at ESSEC Business School (ranked Business School #2 in Finance) for the Advanced Master Strategy & Management of International Business (ranked #4 worldwide) and he has supervised the writing of 35 theses, including 5 about the Blockchain. Since May 2017, Pierre has, as well, co-founded the Startup- stud.io (Start Up creation accompaniment) and participated in the development of 7 start ups in different universes, among others A.I. and Blockchain. Pierre has joined Daneel to bring all its energy to the Partnership team Astrid NOIZAT Chief Digital Officer at ALTAVIA Crypto-enthusiast, passionate about innovation and digital transformation, Astrid managed digital agencies and was Chief digital officer of a major communication group for the last 3 years, working with customers and agencies in 30 countries. WWW.DANEEL.IO 54

WHITEPAPER Astrid has many experiences in advising startups and innovative solutions in different fields, in France and Europe, throughout the creation of a corporate fund. Christophe FONTENEAU Startup specialist & COO at 1KUBATOR Partner of 1kubator, France's largest digital incubator, Christophe is an innovation player. His background makes him a specialist in corporate marketing and corporate development. Vidal CHRIQUI Vidal Chriqui graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris. He specialized in big data and distributed systems which led him to very early work on Bitcoin and later on Ethereum, showing a strong expertise in micropayment channels. Fascinated by the Bitcoin protocol he envisioned as a masterpiece of computer architecture, mixing technical and economic considerations, he launched "Blockchain Révolution". That is the first free french speaking video series about bitcoin and blockchain, offering hours of exclusive lessons and interviews. Vidal is a regular speaker at blockchain conferences and a lecturer at french Grandes Ecoles. Vidal has also been working as a technical advisor to successful token sales (> 50M€), contributing to smart contracts writing or review, whitepaper writing and tokenomics design. WWW.DANEEL.IO 55

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