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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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                    All  Sports  Blockchain  Open  Platform                     Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  NOTICE     NOTHING   IN   THIS   WHITEPAPER   CONSTITUTES   LEGAL,   FINANCIAL,   BUSINESS   OR   TAX   ADVICE  AND  YOU  SHOULD  CONSULT  YOUR  OWN  LEGAL,  FINANCIAL,  TAX  OR  OTHER   PROFESSIONAL   ADVISER   BEFORE   ENGAGING   IN   ANY   ACTIVITY   IN   CONNECTION   HEREWITH.  NEITHER  ALL  SPORTS  FOUNDATION  LTD.  (THE  FOUNDATION),  ANY  OF  THE   PROJECT  TEAM  MEMBERS  WHO  HAVE  WORKED  ON  THE  ALL  SPORTS  PLATFORM  (AS   DEFINED   HEREIN)   OR   PROJECT   TO   DEVELOP   THE   ALL   SPORTS   PLATFORM   IN   ANY   WAY   WHATSOEVER  (THE  ALL  SPORTS  TEAM)  NOR  ANY  SERVICE  PROVIDER  SHALL  BE  LIABLE   FOR  ANY  KIND  OF  DIRECT  OR  INDIRECT  DAMAGE  OR  LOSS  WHATSOEVER  WHICH  YOU   MAY  SUFFER  IN  CONNECTION  WITH  ACCESSING  THIS  WHITEPAPER,  THE  WEBSITE  AT   HTTP://ALLSPORTSCHAIN.COM   OR   ANY   OTHER   MATERIALS   PUBLISHED   BY   THE   FOUNDATION.     All  contributions  will  be  applied  towards  the  Foundation's  objects,  including  without   limitation   promoting   the   research,   design   and   development   of,   and   advocacy   for   a   decentralised,   globalised   sports   blockchain   platform   which   is   deeply   rooted   in   the   sports  industry  ecosystem,  enabling  free-­‐flow  of  sharing  and  transmission  of  values  by   all  users  and  participants  in  the  industry  and  a  variety  of  blockchain-­‐based  applications   in  the  sports  industry,  and  promoting  the  safe  and  harmonious  development  of  the   open  source  blockchain  community  ecosystem.     This   Whitepaper   is   intended   for   general   informational   purposes   only   and   does   not   constitute   a   prospectus,   an   offer   document,   an   offer   of   securities,   a   solicitation   for   investment,   or   any   offer   to   sell   any   product,   item   or   asset   (whether   digital   or   otherwise).  The  information  herein  below  may  not  be  exhaustive  and  does  not  imply   any  elements  of  a  contractual  relationship.  There  is  no  assurance  as  to  the  accuracy  or   completeness   of   such   information   and   no   representation,   warranty   or   undertaking   is   or  purported  to  be  provided  as  to  the  accuracy  or  completeness  of  such  information.   Where  this  Whitepaper  includes  information  that  has  been  obtained  from  third  party   sources,  the  Foundation  and/or  the  All  Sports  team  have  not  independently  verified   the  accuracy  or  completion  of  such  information.     This  Whitepaper  does  not  constitute  any  offer  by  the  Foundation  or  the  All  Sports  team   to   sell   any   SOC   (as   defined   herein)   nor   shall   it   or   any   part   of   it   nor   the   fact   of   its   presentation   form   the   basis   of,   or   be   relied   upon   in   connection   with,   any   contract   or   investment  decision.  Nothing  contained  in  this  Whitepaper  is  or  may  be  relied  upon  as   a   promise,   representation   or   undertaking   as   to   the   future   performance   of   the   All   Sports   Platform.   The   agreement   between   the   Foundation   (or   its   affiliate)   and   you,   in   relation  to  any  sale  and  purchase  of  SOC  is  to  be  governed  by  only  the  separate  terms   and  conditions  of  such  agreement.     By  accessing  this  Whitepaper  or  any  part  thereof,  you  represent  and  warrant  to  the   Foundation,  its  affiliates  and  the  All  Sports  team  as  follows:   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

    (a)   you  acknowledge,  understand  and  agree  that  SOC  may  have  no  value,  there  is  no   guarantee   or   representation   of   value   or   liquidity   for   SOC,   and   SOC   is   not   for   speculative  investment;   (b)   none  of  the  Foundation,  its  affiliates,  and/or  the  All  Sports  team  members  shall   be  responsible  for  or  liable  for  the  value  of  SOC,  the  transferability  and/or  liquidity   of   SOC   and/or   the   availability   of   any   market   for   SOC   through   third   parties   or   otherwise;   (c)   in  any  decision  to  purchase  any  SOC,  you  have  not  relied  on  any  statement  set  out   in  this  Whitepaper;   (d)   you  will  and  shall  at  your  own  expense  ensure  compliance  with  all  laws,  regulatory   requirements  and  restrictions  applicable  to  you  (as  the  case  may  be);  and   (e)   you  acknowledge,  understand  and  agree  that  you  are  not  eligible  to  purchase  any   SOC  if  you  are  a  citizen,  national,  resident  (tax  or  otherwise),  domiciliary  and/or   green  card  holder  of  a  geographic  area  or  country  (i)  where  it  is  likely  that  the  sale   of   SOC   would   be   construed   as   the   sale   of   a   security   (howsoever   named)   or   investment  product  and/or  (ii)  in  which  access  to  or  participation  in  the  SOC  token   sale  or  the  All  Sports  Platform  is  prohibited  by  applicable  law,  decree,  regulation,   treaty,   or   administrative   act,   and/or   (including   without   limitation   the   United   States  of  America,  New  Zealand,  People's  Republic  of  China  and  the  Republic  of   Korea).     The   Foundation   and   the   All   Sports   team   do   not   and   do   not   purport   to   make,   and   hereby   disclaims,   all   representations,   warranties   or   undertaking   to   any   entity   or   person.  Prospective  purchasers  of  SOC  should  carefully  consider  and  evaluate  all  risks   and  uncertainties  (including  financial  and  legal  risks  and  uncertainties)  associated  with   the  SOC  token  sale,  the  Foundation  and  the  All  Sports  team.     The  information  set  out  in  this  Whitepaper  is  for  community  discussion  only  and  is  not   legally  binding.  The  agreement  for  sale  and  purchase  of  SOC  shall  be  governed  by  a   separate  set  of  Terms  and  Conditions  or  Token  Purchase  Agreement  (as  the  case  may   be)  setting  out  the  terms  of  such  purchase  (the  Token  Purchase  Agreement),  which   shall  be  separately  provided  to  you  or  made  available  at  In   the   event   of   any   inconsistencies   between   the   Token   Purchase   Agreement   and   this   Whitepaper,  the  Token  Purchase  Agreement  shall  prevail.     All   statements   contained   in   this   Whitepaper,   statements   made   in   press   releases   or   in   any   place   accessible   by   the   public   and   oral   statements   that   may   be   made   by   the   Foundation   and/or   the   All   Sports   team   may   constitute   forward-­‐looking   statements   (including   statements   regarding   intent,   belief   or   current   expectations   with   respect   to   market  conditions,  business  strategy  and  plans,  financial  condition,  specific  provisions   and   risk   management   practices).   You   are   cautioned   not   to   place   undue   reliance   on   these   forward-­‐looking   statements   given   that   these   statements   involve   known   and   unknown  risks,  uncertainties  and  other  factors  that  may  cause  the  actual  future  results   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  to   be   materially   different   from   that   described   by   such   forward-­‐looking   statements.   These   forward-­‐looking   statements   are   applicable   only   as   of   the   date   of   this   Whitepaper   and   the   Foundation   and   the   All   Sports   team   expressly   disclaims   any   responsibility  (whether  express  or  implied)  to  release  any  revisions  to  these  forward-­‐ looking  statements  to  reflect  events  after  such  date.     This  Whitepaper  may  be  translated  into  a  language  other  than  English  and  in  the  event   of  conflict  or  ambiguity  between  the  English  language  version  and  translated  versions   of  this  Whitepaper,  the  English  language  version  shall  prevail.  You  acknowledge  that   you  have  read  and  understood  the  English  language  version  of  this  Whitepaper.     No  part  of  this  Whitepaper  is  to  be  copied,  reproduced,  distributed  or  disseminated  in   any  way  without  the  prior  written  consent  of  the  Foundation.       Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  1:  Abstract   With  the  increasing  popularity  of  blockchain  technology,  All  Sports  public  blockchain   hopes  to  fill  the  space  for  blockchain-­‐based  applications  in  the  sports  industry  through   blockchain  technology,  which  is  a  sun-­‐rise  industry  all  over  the  world.     All   Sports   public   blockchain   makes   use   of   blockchain   technology,   which   combines   application  and  business  situations  of  sports  industry  and  sports  ecosystem  chain,  and   will  issue  its  native  cryptographic  token  All  Sports  Coin  (SOC)  for  use  on  the  All  Sports   public   blockchain.   With   the   help   of   smart   contracts   and   token   systems,   it   offers   both   convenient   payment   and   settlement   and   application   development   agreement   for   developers,   and   it   is   planned   that   the   ecosystem   will   support   sports   information   and   community   open   platforms,   sports   IP   asset   trading   and   promoting   platforms,   prediction  entertainment  platforms,  application  open  platforms  etc.     Developers  and  ecosystem  partners  would  be  able  to  develop  and  access  their  own   applications   and   resources   in   All   Sports   public   blockchain,   and   realise   customer   acquisition   quickly   through   information   and   community   open   platforms.   Further,   these   ecosystem   partners   may   achieve   their   aim   of   value   transfer   and   token   consumption   through   sports   IP   asset   trading   and   promoting   platforms,   prediction   entertainment  platforms  and  application  open  platforms.  The  role  of  All  Sports  public   blockchain   is   to   assist   developers   to   finish   application   development   and   resources   monetising  through  the  usage  of  SOC  with  APIs  of  key  applications.     The   Foundation's   aim   is   to   create   a   decentralised,   globalised   sports   blockchain   platform   which   is   deeply   rooted   in   the   sports   industry   ecosystem,   enabling   free-­‐flow   of  sharing  and  transmission  of  values  by  all  users  and  participants  in  the  industry,  and   a  variety  of  blockchain-­‐based  applications  in  the  sports  industry.     The   Foundation   has   strong   technical   capability   and   offline   resources   integration   capability.     It   has   also   reached   consensus   with   the   world's   largest   mobile   football   media  and  community,  the  world's  top  sports  betting  suppliers  and  service  providers,   and   the   world's   top   sports   stars   on   blockchain   cooperation,   allowing   it   to   build   All   Sports  public  blockchain  with  strong  industry  support.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

      Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  2:  Background  Introduction  and  Market  Opportunity     2.1  Background     In  2017  the  annual  output  value  of  global  sports  industry  is  nearly  2  trillion  U.S.  dollars,   including   various   categories   such   as   competitive   sports,   recreational   sports   and   emerging  e-­‐sports.  The  market  size  is  very  huge  and  it  covers  a  wide  range  of  areas.   Athletes,   clubs,   teams,   events,   brokerage   firms,   venues,   equipments,   training   institutions   and   media   form   the   perfect   and   evolving   ecosystem   chain   of   sports   industry.     With  the  development  and  growth  of  Internet,  especially  of  mobile  Internet,  sports   industry   has   been   massively   migrating   from   traditional   channels   to   mobile   Internet   and   expanded   continuously   through   the   mobile   Internet.   Information,   data,   live   streams,  videos  and  other  contents  have  spread  rapidly  with  mobile  Internet.  With  the   help   of   mobile   Internet's   capability,   social   communities   and   networks   of   sports   users   in  the  world  are  built  to  further  expand  influence  and  user  stickiness  of  sports  industry   at  the  same  time.       Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

      Sponsored  derivatives  (based  on  IP  licensing)  as  well  as  sports  betting  have  become   the  two  largest  sources  of  commercial  revenue  for  sports  industry.     Neymar’s  transfer  to  Paris  Saint-­‐Germain  for  an  astronomical  220  million  euros,  Floyd   Mayweather  and  Connor  McGregor’s  cross-­‐border  game  made  more  than  600  million   US  dollars,  and  Dota2  TI7  grabbed  over  10  million  US  dollars  for  the  champion.       These   cases   all   reflect   that   in   sports   industry,   top   IPs   and   top   stars   contain   huge   commercial  values.  Every  single  IP  (individual  or  organisation)  in  this  industrial  chain   has  its  commercial  value,  which  does  not  exist  independently,  but  is  determined  by   demand  in  the  industrial  chain.  The  higher  the  degree  of  demand  is,  the  higher  the   value   of   IP   assets;   the   faster   and   wider   the   value   delivers,   the   higher   the   commercial   efficiency  of  IP  assets.     IP   licensing   includes   portrait   rights,   advertising   photography,   offline   activities,   authorised  derivatives,  social  media  and  so  forth.  Traditional  IP  licensing  negotiations   relies  on  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  communications  between  advertising  agencies  and  IP  brokers.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

      Nowadays   more   than   100   countries   and   regions   in   the   world   have   declared   that   betting  industry  is  legal.  According  to  data  from  British  betting  companies,  the  global   betting  market  is  estimated  to  reach  as  high  as  536  billion  dollars  in  2017.     With   the   addition   of   various   underground   betting   markets,   it   is   estimated   that   the   market   size   has   reached   over   one   trillion   dollars.   The   U.S.   betting   market   is   166.2   billion   dollars,   accounting   for   30%   of   the   global   market,   which   ranks   the   first.   The   related  department  has  said  that  by  2020,  the  global  online  betting  market  is  expected   to  grow  rapidly  at  an  annual  rate  of  11%  after  investigation  and  analysis.     The  global  betting  market  total  value  and  share  are  as  follows:   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

        2.2  Pain  point  of  Market     Sports  industry  market  is  very  huge,  online  sports  information  &  community  is  now   the  largest  application  scenarios  for  users  while  sports  IP  and  betting  are  the  best  ways   for  realisation  and  income  in  sports  industry.     Sports  information  &  community     The   spread   of   sports   industry,   the   exertion   of   its   influence,   and   the   interaction   between   IPs   and   fans   have   all   transferred   to   mobile   Internet   in   large   numbers.   However,   there   are   still   many   problems   in   modes   and   systems   of   sports   information   and  community  on  the  mobile  Internet,  which  are  specifically  as  follows:     l   The  authentication  mechanism  of  content  value  lags  behind  and  now  the  content   of  media  is  generated  by  a  centralised  platform-­‐generated  content  model.  The   definition  of  value  is  based  on  output  cost  and  profit  return,  which  results  in  a   "factory-­‐type"   centralised   processing   mode.   However,   there   are   many   subjects   involved  in  the  spatiotemporal  distribution  of  sports  information.  Users'  demands   for  information  contents  and  forms  are  rich  and  varied,  which  makes  the  cost  of   meeting  needs  is  very  high.     l   With   a   lack   of   user   identity   mechanism,   online   sports   communities   are   closed.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Except   for   the   real   iconic   characters,   users   need   to   create   their   own   image   from   0   to   1   in   each   community,   which   will   lead   to   the   slow   integration   of   new   people   into  the  community  and  community  growth.     l   The  system  of  incentive  mechanism  is  poor.  The  largest  community  members  are   a  large  number  of  non-­‐KOL  users  who  simply  speak  and  quietly  praise.  These  users   are  handling  information,  reading  posts,  giving  likes,  commenting  and  sharing  to   help  the  entire  community.  However,  these  activities  which  build  the  ecosystem   are  not  fairly  rewarded  under  the  current  system.     l   It   is   difficult   for   commercial   communities   to   commercialise   the   value   which   they   have  created.  Due  to  the  poor  structure  of  incentive  mechanism  and  the  fragile   relationship  between  sports  communities  and  their  large  number  of  users,  it  is   difficult   to   integrate   two   into   one   single   subject,   which   makes   it   even   more   difficult  to  realise  during  the  business  process  of  intervention  into  users.     Asset  trading  of  sports  IPs     Although  the  commercial  value  of  sports  IP  assets  has  been  recognised  by  the  society,   there  are  still  many  problems  in  the  overall  development.  The  concrete  manifestation   is  as  follows:     l   The  lack  of  a  centralised  platform  for  sports  IP  assets  to  display  their  information   and  the  low  level  of  transparency  of  information  lead  to  the  decrease  of  the  value   of   many   assets,   which   increases   the   cost   and   the   threshold   for   investors   and   content  providers  (i.e.  of  games,  application,  media)  (CP)  to  obtain  information   for  IP  transaction  and  business  value  at  the  same  time  as  well.       l   Sports  IP  builds  a  primary  market  by  its  own  owners  or  brokers,  but  Sports  IP  lacks   sufficient  resources  to  build  a  secondary  market.  This  is  the  main  reason  why  the   commercial  value  has  not  been  effectively  determined  and  released.     l   Sports   IP   lacks   sufficient   market-­‐oriented   pricing   mechanism   and   means   of   estimating.   Under   the   existing   centralised   system,   the   IP   business   value   strongly   depends  on  the  point-­‐to-­‐point  information  transfer  separated  by  the  broker  or   the  marketing  team  and  the  CP,  and  mastery  of  asymmetric  information  becomes   a  key  factor  in  price  negotiations.  As  a  whole,  Both  IP  and  CP  do  not  maximise   their  revenues  or  profits.     l   The   value   of   sporting   IP   assets   is   largely   determined   by   fans   and   consumers,   but   there   is   a   chasm   between   assets   and   fans   which   is   that   there   is   no   link   between   the  actions  of  fans  and  the  value  of  the  sporting  IP  asset.  Fans  do  not  share  in  the   rise  in  the  asset  value  of  IP  assets,  while  IP  assets  do  not  drive  fans  to  create  value   quickly.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

    l   Moreover,   the   demand   side   of   asset   operations   also   need   to   spend   a   large   amount  of  money  to  reach  fans  and  consumers  through  numerous  means  after   obtaining  the  authorisation  to  use  assets.  Therefore,  the  utilisation  efficiency  of   commercial  value  of  assets  needs  to  be  improved  urgently.     l   The   difficulty   of   ownership   belonging   judgement   and   default   risk   in   IP   asset   trading   process   is   high.   The   operation   and   commercial   realisation   of   sports   IP   assets  often  have  a  large  number  of  cross-­‐border  transactions,  and  the  settlement   is  complicated.     Betting     Presently,  there  exists  centralised  betting  service  providers  consisting  of  large-­‐scale   betting   establishments   that   hold   licenses   in   countries   which   are   friendly   to   betting   activities,  and  many  underground  betting  companies.  However,  there  are  still  many   problems  in  operation  and  trading:     l   First  of  all,  there  are  regional  restrictions.  The  regulation  of  currencies  by  various   countries  has  resulted  in  the  inability  to  support  global  betting  payments.     l   Second  place,  there  are  trust  issues  with  payments.  Users’  trust  in  claim  payments   depends  only  on  the  trustworthiness  of  the  banker  and  the  platform,  especially   when  there  is  a  risk  at  the  complex  and  long-­‐term  payment  and  delivery.     l   Odds   and   changes   in   handicap   are   not   transparent.   Betting   rules,   betting,   information   concerning   betting   outcomes   are   not   open   and   transparent.   For   dealers  there  is  room  for  fraud  and  misconduct.     l   In  the  third  place,  inability  to  pay  immediately.  With  the  development  of  time  and   the   change   of   odds,   bettors   can   choose   to   cash   in   advance,   but   the   existing   centralised  mechanism  can  only  rely  on  dealers’  limited  repurchase.     l   Last  but  not  the  least,  there  are  also  privacy  and  security  protection.  There  is  risk   in  users’  privacy  and  financial  security.     Games  &  Applications     Now   most   sports   games   and   applications   are   on   mobile   terminals,   but   the   current   mobile  ecosystem  is  a  typical  closed  ecosystem,  which  brings  some  problems  to  sports   games  and  applications:     l   Pricing   and   value   of   users’   acquisition   process   are   not   transparent,   the   mainstream  of  CPT,  CPA  access  to  acquire  users  need  to  be  paid  in  advance  for   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  exposure  and  start-­‐up,  of  whom  it  takes  a  certain  period  of  time  to  clear  the  actual   value   of   users,   however.   So,   there   is   a   risk   of   loss   of   investment   in   game   /   application  production.  In  CPS  mode,  the  final  effect  of  realisation  is  mastered  in   the  traffic  or  CP  side  with  a  risk  of  deduction,  which  makes  it  hard  to  promote  the   cooperation.     l   More  and  more  games  become  similar  or  same  with  each  other.  As  games  can   issue  in-­‐game  currency  freely,  a  large  number  of  games  are  inflating  the  in-­‐game   currency  supply  to  deprive  users  of  value,  rather  than  creating  value  for  users  to   get  rewarded  through  quality  and  rich  gameplays.     l   It   is   difficult   to   get   IP   resources.   In   order   to   obtain   users   and   enhance   the   experience,  applications  always  need  the  authorisation  of  IP.  However,  in  reality   there  is  a  big  difficulty  in  acquiring  IPs,  which  is  a  consequence  of  the  opacity  in  IP   asset  transactions. Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  3:  All  Sports  Public  Blockchain  and  SOC     3.1  Abstract     All   Sports   Public   Blockchain   uses   SOC   as   the   medium   to   combine   sports   industry   and   the   application   and   business   environment   of   sports   ecosystem   chain   by   blockchain   technology.     The  All  Sports  platform  is  based  on  the  use  of  smart  contract  and  token  system  to   provide   developers   with   a   convenient   and   complete   set   of   interface   protocols   for   payment  and  settlement  as  well  as  application  development  (the  All  Sports  Platform)   -­‐  including  sporting  contents,  online  community,  IP  asset  trading  and  its  promoting   platform,  sports  prediction  platform,  sports  apps  and  gaming  platforms,  etc.     The  All  Sports  Platform  aims  to  use  blockchain  technology  to  provide  open  platform   services   for   decentralised   sports   ecosystem   chain,   giving   all   business   participants   transparent   application   development   services   and   business   realisations   through   operation  of  blockchain  ecosystem  chain  and  tokenisation  of  assets  in  order  to  achieve   business  goals.     All   Sports   offers   an   open-­‐source   blockchain   ecosystem   platform   to   record   all   participants'   interactions   in   the   community   as   well   as   participants'   transactions   in   different  scenarios,  such  as  IP  asset  trading  promotion,  gaming  and  entertainment  by   the  use  of  decentralised  account.     SOC   is   a   major   component   of   the   ecosystem   on   the   All   Sports   Platform.   SOC   is   a   digitally-­‐encrypted   virtual   currency   based   on   blockchain   and   smart   contract   technology   that   is   tailored   to   sporting   contents,   community-­‐based   incentives   and   spendings   on   different   scenarios.   SOC   is   a   non-­‐refundable   functional   utility   token   which  will  be  used  as  the  unit  of  exchange  (e.g.  for  smart  contracts  and  trade  of  digital   assets)  between  participants  on  the  All  Sports  Platform  on  the  All  Sports  Platform.     SOC   does   not   in   any   way   represent   any   shareholding,   participation,   right,   title,   or   interest   in   the   Foundation,   its   affiliates,   or   any   other   company,   enterprise   or   undertaking,  nor  will  SOC  entitle  token  holders  to  any  promise  of  fees,  revenue,  profits   or  investment  returns,  and  are  not  intended  to  constitute  securities  in  Singapore  or   any   relevant   jurisdiction.   SOC   may   only   be   utilised   on   the   All   Sports   Platform,   and   ownership  of  SOC  carries  no  rights,  express  or  implied,  other  than  the  right  to  use  SOC   as  a  means  to  enable  usage  of  and  interaction  with  the  All  Sports  Platform.  SOC  is  an   integral   and   indispensable   part   of   the   All   Sports   Platform,   because   in   the   absence   of   SOC,  there  would  be  no  common  unit  of  exchange  for  services  provided  on  the  All   Sports   Platform,   thus   rendering   the   ecosystem   on   the   All   Sports   Platform   unsustainable.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

    In  particular,  you  understand  and  accept  that  SOC:     (a)   is   non-­‐refundable   cannot   be   exchanged   for   cash   (or   its   equivalent   value   in   any   other   virtual   currency)   or   any   payment   obligation   by   the   Foundation   or   any   affiliate;   (b)  does   not   represent   or   confer   on   the   token   holder   any   right   of   any   form   with   respect   to   the   Foundation   (or   any   of   its   affiliates)   or   its   revenues   or   assets,   including  without  limitation  any  right  to  receive  future  revenue,  shares,  ownership   right  or  stake,  share  or  security,  any  voting,  distribution,  redemption,  liquidation,   proprietary  (including  all  forms  of  intellectual  property),  or  other  financial  or  legal   rights   or   equivalent   rights,   or   intellectual   property   rights   or   any   other   form   of   participation  in  or  relating  to  the  All  Sports  Platform,  the  Foundation  and/or  its   service  providers;   (c)   is   not   intended   to   be   a   representation   of   money   (including   electronic   money),   security,   commodity,   bond,   debt   instrument   or   any   other   kind   of   financial   instrument  or  investment;   (d)  is  not  a  loan  to  the  Foundation  or  any  of  its  affiliates,  is  not  intended  to  represent   a  debt  owed  by  the  Foundation  or  any  of  its  affiliates,  and  there  is  no  expectation   of  profit;  and   (e)   does   not   provide   the   token   holder   with   any   ownership   or   other   interest   in   the   Foundation  or  any  of  its  affiliates.     The  contributions  in  the  token  sale  will  be  held  by  the  Foundation  (or  its  affiliate)  after   the  token  sale,  and  contributors  will  have  no  economic  or  legal  right  over  or  beneficial   interest  in  these  contributions  or  the  assets  of  that  entity  after  the  token  sale.     To  the  extent  a  secondary  market  or  exchange  for  trading  SOC  does  develop,  it  would   be  run  and  operated  wholly  independently  of  the  Foundation,  the  sale  of  SOC  and  the   All  Sports  Platform.  The  Foundation  will  not  create  such  secondary  markets  nor  will  it   act  as  an  exchange  for  SOC.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

      3.2  Open  Platform  for  Contents  and  Community     The  open  All  Sports  Platform  for  contents  and  community  will  comprise  the  All  Sports   public   blockchain   which   allows   third   parties   to   build   their   decentralised   applications,   with   SOC   used   as   the   medium   of   exchange   as   well   as   the   incentive   to   incentivise   ecosystem  community  building.     The  All  Sports  Platform  will  combine  platform-­‐generated  content,  user-­‐generated,  and   developers  to  provide  contents  /  information,  community  features,  live  play,  data  and   other  services  to  attract  and  retain  users  as  well  as  provide  service  for  consumption   scene.     These  processes  would  require  an  open  and  transparent  pricing  system  designed  for   various   aspects   such   as   content   supplement,   interactive   supplement   and   service   consumption.  All  incentives  to  be  paid  by  All  Sports  Platform  will  be  settled  by  SOC.     l   Users:  Online  activities  which  promote  the  development  of  the  ecosystem  on  the   All   Sports   Platform   (e.g.   reading,   evaluating,   sharing,   and   reporting   spams   on   various  content  /  topics)  will  be  tagged.  Tags  will  classify  the  behavior  of  users  in   an   open   and   transparent   manner,   and   users   will   obtain   SOC   as   incentives   for   positive   behaviour.   SOC   is   required   to   pay   for   community   items   when   using   community  apps,  and  SOC  will  be  deducted  when  users  post  spam  information   and  violate  community  rules.     l   Platform-­‐generated   content:   Flexible   dynamic   registration   and   fragmented   production  are  reflected.  Higher  quality  content  is  rewarded  by  more  SOC,  thus   promoting   the   generation   of   higher   quality   content   on   the   All   Sports   Platform.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Platform-­‐generated  content  would  have  to  provide  an  assurance  payment  in  SOC   before   being   given   access   to   the   initial   distribution.   Contents   will   be   examined   through   objecting   criteria   such   as   clicks   received,   number   of   times   shared   or   reported   by   users,   as   well   as   other   interactive   feedback   means.   Higher   quality   content  will  be  rewarded  with  extra  SOC,  while  poorer  quality  content  will  lead  to   a  deduction  of  assurance  payment.     l   Developer:  Developers  are  able  to  develop  third  party  applications  and  services   on   the   All   Sports   Platform,   and   offer   them   for   use   by   users   (e.g.   a   variety   of   community  services,  such  as  emojis,  live  score  push  notifications).  Payment  for   these   applications   and   services   will   be   made   in   SOC   (based   on   usage   of   service),   and  developers  distributing  and  promoting  their  own  services  would  need  to  pay   SOC  to  the  All  Sports  Platform  for  service  fee.     l   All  Sports  Platform:  For  each  transaction  in  the  ecosystem  on  All  Sports  Platform,   the  platform  will  charge  a  certain  service  fee,  which  will  be  applied  towards  the   objects   of   the   Foundation   (including   development   of   ecosystem,   expansion,   as   well  as  construction,  maintenance  and  development  of  All  Sports  Platform).       3.3  Sports  IP  asset  trading  platform     Sports  IP  asset  trading  platform  connects  the  sports  IP  asset  owners,  supporters,  fans,   content  providers  to  fulfil  the  integration  of  industry  resources,  the  delivering  of  values   and  the  promotion  of  the  sports  industry  development  as  well  as  evolution.     The  platform  is  based  on  the  All  Sports  public  blockchain  and  SOC.  It  consists  of  an  IP   asset   display   platform,   an   IP   asset   distribution   platform   (primary   market),   IP   asset   transactions  (secondary  market),  and  an  IP  authorised  transaction  centre.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

      Platform  Features     l   IP  asset  display  platform:  Portal  entrance  with  content  information  service,  search   and   inquiry   service,   making   the   information   of   IP   assets   fully   transparent   and   facilitating  the  value  transmission  and  diffusion.     l   IP  asset  distribution  platform  (primary  market):  A  platform  to  first  release  the  IP   assets   and   distribute   them   through   the   form   of   additional   IP   token.   The   total   number  of  each  IP  token  is  fixed,  while  the  proportion  of  the  initial  distribution  of   shares  cannot  be  too  much  nor  too  little.  Payment  through  SOC  is  the  only  way   supported  on  the  platform.     l   IP  asset  trading  platform  (secondary  market):  Circulating  IP  tokens  are  introduced.   Supporters  and  fans  are  able  to  trade  IP  tokens  on  the  trading  platform  with  SOC,   to  bring  the  price  of  IP  assets  in  line  with  the  market.     l   IP  authorised  transaction  centre:  IP  asset  owners  set  the  reserve  price  settled  in   IP  tokens  in  minutes  so  as  to  derive  the  total  amount  of  time.  What’s  more,  owners   should  execute  that  to  their  authorised  materials  with  a  time  share,  so  that  CP  can   redeem  them  after  purchase  .  CPs  who  have  gained  IP  authorisation  can  purchase   IP  tokens  through  the  secondary  market  and  also  be  able  to  purchase  the  licenses.     Economic  system     l   Party  with  IP  assets     -­‐  Enroll  in  an  asset  distribution  platform  and  then  issue  IP  tokens  which  are  named   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  after  the  respective  IP,  in  exchange  for  SOC  from  supporters  and  fans.  Thereafter,   the  issued  IP  tokens  would  enter  the  secondary  market.     -­‐   Set   the   reserve   price   settled   by   IP   tokens   and   also   the   total   amount   of   time;   Execute   that   to   their   authorised   materials   with   a   time   share,   so   that   CP   can   redeem  them  after  purchase.     -­‐  Publish  IP  information  on  a  regular  basis  according  to  the  size  of  transactions  of   IP  authorisation  so  as  to  regularly  release  all  rights  of  proceeding.       -­‐   Attract   fans   and   supporters   onto   the   platform   with   IP’s   own   influence   to   encourage  more  asset  trading  activities.     l   Supporters  and  fans     -­‐   Buy   and   sell   IP   tokens   on   asset   trading   platforms   through   SOC   held,   and   potentially  share  in  the  value  of  the  underlying  IP.     l   CPs     -­‐  Buy  IP  tokens  on  the  asset  trading  platform  and  then  bid  for  the  IP  authorisations   on  IP  authorised  transaction  centre,  in  order  to  be  entitled  to  use  that  IP  in  their   own  products  and  services  in  order  to  achieve  commercial  realisation.     -­‐  Attract  IP  supporters  and  fans  to  their  own  products  and  services  so  that  precise   promotion  and  the  empowerment  of  IP  can  be  achieved.     l   All  Sports  Platform       -­‐  Charge  each  transaction  a  transaction  fee,  which  will  go  to  the  Foundation  for   follow-­‐up   platform   construction   and   maintenance,   expansion   of   platform   ecosystem  partners  and  more  IP  cooperation  inclusion  in  order  to  enhance  the   overall  ecosystem  value.     3.4  Prediction  and  entertainment  platform     All  Sports  Prediction  and  Entertainment  Platform  is  a  set  of  ecosystem  services  built   on   the   All   Sports   Platform,   public   blockchain   and   SOC.   It   provides   the   world   with   underlying  and  basic  technical  services  for  sports  prediction  and  entertainment.       The  market  volume  or  user  base  for  sports  prediction  is  very  large,  which  provides  a   strong  economic  base  and  broad  application  prospects  for  this  service.     Ecosystem  composition   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

    l   Global   prediction   and   entertainment   providers   can   implement   various   online   entertainment  scenarios  and  applications  through  API  (Application  Programming   Interface)  and  SDK  (Software  Development  Kit)  provided  by  the  All  Sports  Platform.     l   Users   can   participate   in   prediction   markets   or   organise   their   own   prediction   games  through  the  usage  of  SOC.       Service  system     l   Network  platform:  The  prediction  platform  on  the  All  Sports  Platform  focuses  on   the   global   online   market,   and   intends   to   build   a   full-­‐dimensional   and   matrix   network  of  prediction  service  system.  In  addition  to  building  the  underlying  SDK   based  on  the  All  Sports  public  blockchain,  it  also  provides  customised  user-­‐end   application,  including  but  not  limited  to  PC  end,  H5  webpage,  App(iOS  &  Android),   mini   programme,   etc.   It   also   supports   various   consumer-­‐to-­‐consumer   OTC   activities  with  underlying  technology.     l   Third-­‐party   vendor   access:   For   all   sports   prediction   providers   worldwide,   game   makers  and  other  non-­‐blockchain  online  prediction  platforms  around  the  world,   All  Sports  public  blockchain  provides  smart  contract  templates  and  frameworks,   application   components,   customised   APIs   and   SDKs   to   reduce   the   threshold   of   online  prediction  game  development.     l   Network   distribution:   For   worldwide   intermediaries,   it   provides   a   smart   distribution   system,   including   user   overview,   offline   management,   commission   settings,  financial  sub-­‐accounts  and  other  functions.     Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Advantages  of  blockchain  technology     l   Open,   transparent   and   without   tampering:   Blockchain   technology   can   guarantee   prediction   participants   (wallet   address),   prediction   rules,   betting,   results   and   other   information   will   be   set   out   in   an   open,   transparent   and   tamper-­‐proof   manner.       It   is   envisaged   that   all   Sports   public   blockchain   would   completely   erase   obsolete   bad  habits  such  as  cheating,  fraud,  etc.,  as  well  as  allegations  faced  by  innocent   online  prediction  platforms  and  the  dealers.     Also,   as   it   is   based   on   a   completely   open   and   transparent   environment   that   is   supervised  by  the  public,  All  Sports  Platform  aims  to  rebuild  the  reputation  of  the   sports   prediction   industry,   enhancing   participants'   contractual   spirit   and   maintaining  a  good  platform  order.     l   Smart  contract  delivery:  Through  a  customised  smart  contract  to  achieve  a  variety   of  gaming  scenarios  and  different  levels  of  complexity  of  the  code  delivery  and  the   usage  of  the  All  Sports  public  blockchain,  the  All  Sports  Platform  can  prevent  the   risk   of   default   among   participants,   ensuring   the   interests   of   all   parties   can   be   deducted  or  delivered  in  a  safe,  timely  and  smooth  platform.     The   default   smart   contract   can   also   be   used   to   implement   the   forward   code   delivery.  Once  the  trigger  condition  is  reached,  the  smart  contract  will  be  executed   or  will  provide  evidence  right  away.     l   Encryption  protection:  Wallet  address  (representing  participants),  digital  tokens   and  other  blockchain  data  are  the  encryption  features  that  can  effectively  protect   the   information   security   of   all   participants,   enhancing   the   reputation   of   the   platform  and  improving  the  service  level  of  the  platform.     l   No  more  traditional  geographical  restrictions:  Users  can  either  play  through  any   client   ends   on   All   Sports   public   prediction   entertainment   platform   (collectively   referred   to   as   OTC)   anytime,   anywhere,   or   play   through   the   blockchain   wallet   using  token  to  self-­‐organise  consumer-­‐to-­‐consumer's  OTC  game.     This  allows  people  around  the  world  to  overcome  the  geographical  barriers  and   use  their  fragmented  time  anytime,  anywhere  to  participate.     3.5  Applications  and  games’  open  platform     Third   party   developers   will   be   able   to   use   SDK   and   API   interfaces   provided   by   the   All   Sports  public  blockchain  to  develop  applications  and  games.  These  applications  and   games  may  be  promoted  to  users  on  the  All  Sports  Platform  and/or  charge  users  a   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  usage  fee  through  the  payment  of  SOC.     All  games  and  apps  provided  by  CPs  -­‐  and  also  the  props  and  functions  in  these  games   -­‐   use   SOC   for   open   and   transparent   pricing.   All   users'   consumer   behaviors   are   decentralised   through   the   All   Sports   Platform.   The   non-­‐privacy   information   and   attributes  of  all  users  in  the  platform  are  all  publicly  available  by  the  CP.  Therefore,  CP   can  directly  acquire  target  users  and  thus  do  their  promotion.     3.6  Exclusive  wallet     The  All  Sports  Platform  will  offer  a  digital  wallet  to  assist  members  of  the  community   (including  users  and  third  party  developers)  to  manage  their  SOC.     Basic  features  such  as  viewing  of  amount,  transfer,  etc.  of  SOC  can  be  realised.  It  also   helps  participants  manage  their  own  accounts,  as  well  as  use  of  payment  for  a  wide   range  of  apps  and  consumer  scenarios  across  the  platform.     As   a   result,   it   becomes   a   unified   wallet   system   for   the   entire   platform,   recording   the   users'  income  and  expenditures  and  the  flow  of  SOC.     3.7  Technical  realisation     Blockchain   technology   is   used   to   record   all   trading   information   and   user   information   on  the  open  All  Sports  Platform  in  a  native  decentralised  ledger.     By  submitting  a  smart  contract,  it  specifies  basic  open-­‐economy  rules  for  the  entire   platform,   addressing   the   trading   and   incentive   issues   in   various   communities   and   consumer  scenarios  on  the  platform,  and  ensuring  that  the  ecosystem  of  the  entire   platform  is  open  and  transparent.     Distributed   database   will   store   media   information   of   large   capacity.   These   include   basic  information  about  community  and  contextual  user  profiles,  contents  published   by  platform-­‐generated  content  and  user-­‐generated  content,  live  streaming,  IP  asset   trading,  prediction  entertainment,  gaming  and  the  needs  of  third  party  application.     Based   on   blockchain   technology   and   distributed   repositories,   the   All   Sports   Platform   is  a  set  of  basic  clearing  systems  and  open  platform  interface  protocols  supported  by   smart  contracts  and  token  systems,  and  the  earliest  developers  will  set  the  rules  and   start  off  the  development.     Application  layer  bases  itself  on  the  All  Sports  public  blockchain  to  implement  various   applications.  Start-­‐up  members  will  work  as  a  team  to  first  develop  applications  such   as   information   (contents)   and   community   applications,   IP   asset   trading,   business   applications  such  as  prediction  entertainment,  live  broadcast  applications  and  wallet   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  applications,   etc.   Anyone   and   any   third   party   software   can   contribute   their   own   applications  to  the  platform  of  All  Sports  public  blockchain. Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  4:  Partners  on  the  ecosystem  platform     Concurrently  with  the  launch  of  the  All  Sports  Platform,  the  Foundation  has  struck  a   strategic   partnership   with   All   Football,   the   world's   largest   football   media   and   community.   All   Football   will   be   the   first   to   gain   access   to   the   information   and   community  open  platform  and  the  games/apps  open  platform.     As  of  the  date  of  writing,  All  Football  has  nearly  60  million  loyal  fans  worldwide,  mainly   in  England,  Argentina,  Nigeria,  Ghana,  Spain  and  other  English  and  Spanish  speaking   countries,  with  approximately  1  million  daily  active  users.     Manchester   City,   West   Bromwich   Albion,   Schalke   04,   RCD   Espanyol,   Crystal   Palace,   Birmingham  City,  Cardiff  City,  Leeds  United  clubs  have  all  settled  on  All  Football.     Top  IPs  such  as  Cristiano  Ronaldo,  Roberto  Baggio  and  Inter  Milan  have  signed  and   gained  access  into  the  IP  asset  trading  platform.  On  the  one  hand,  the  Foundation  will   work  hard  to  exert  influence  to  attract  fans  to  the  All  Sports  Platform;  On  the  other   hand   it   will   strive   to   recruit   more   well-­‐known   IP   assets   to   enhance   the   ecosystem   on   the  All  Sports  Platform.     The  world's  top  providers  of  sports  prediction  information  and  services  will  be  able  to   gain   access   to   All   Sports   prediction   entertainment   platform.   In   the   prediction   entertainment  platform,  third-­‐party  entertainment  service  providers  may  grant  access   to  their  products  and  enrich  the  types  of  games  to  make  the  ecosystem  more  vibrant   and  ful-­‐filled.  At  the  same  time,  third-­‐party  service  providers  can  support  SOC  through   their  SDKs  or  APIs  on  their  own  web-­‐based  platforms. Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  5:  All  Sports  Public  Blockchain  Foundation     5.1  The  establishment  of  All  Sports  Foundation     Considering  the  internationalisation  of  the  All  Sports  Platform  and  native  public  chain,   the  Foundation  had  been  established  in  Singapore.     The   foundation   devotes   itself   to   the   research,   design   and   development   of,   and   advocacy   for   a   decentralised,   globalised   sports   blockchain   platform   which   is   deeply   rooted   in   the   sports   industry   ecosystem,   enabling   free-­‐flow   of   sharing   and   transmission   of   values   by   all   users   and   participants   in   the   industry   and   a   variety   of   blockchain-­‐based   applications   in   the   sports   industry,   and   promoting   the   safe   and   harmonious  development  of  the  open  source  blockchain  community  ecosystem     5.2  Foundation  structure     The   foundation   structure   of   All   Sports   Public   Blockchain   Foundation   includes   operational  processes  and  protocols  for  everyday  work  and  special  situations.       5.3  Functions  of  various  committees     l   Board  of  Directors:   Study   and   formulate   long-­‐term   plans,   manage   the   use   of   resources   for   the   development   of   the   All   Sports   Platform,   constitute   regulations   and   management   systems,   analyse   and   approve   the   feasibility   of   new   projects,   and   manage   daily   operations  of  All  Sports  Public  Blockchain.     Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  l   Risk  Control  Committee:   Research  and  formulate  risk  control  strategies,  develop  risk  control  standards,  review   overall   operational   risks,   convene   risk   review   meetings   for   projects   and   reveal   the   outcomes  of  reviews.     l   Compensation  and  Personnel  Committee:   Formulate  and  modify  remuneration,  incentive  programs,  audit  institutions  and  post   settings,  take  charge  of  staff  recruitment.     l   Audit  Committee:   Responsible  for  operational  audit,  financial  audit,  and  code  audit. Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  6:  Team  Introduction  and  Advisory  Group     Early  Contributors  and  Advisory  Team:                           Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  7:  Development  Plan  and  Timetable     Development  plan  for  All  Sports  Platform  and  public  blockchain.     Update  the  plan  and  timetable  in  2018/2/7     Time   Event   2018  Q1   Completion   of   underlying   structure   design.   Secure   more   than   one   partners  for  SOC  for  using  and  consumption.  Develop  and  improve   the   platform   and   relative   application   for   sports   betting   and   entertainment  platforms.  Increase  incentives  for  the  support  of  the   underlying  system.   2018  Q2   Complete  the  SOC’s  opening  and  thus  increase  relative  incentives   in   society,   etc..   Start   the   development   of   sports   entertainment   application  in  order  to  promote  a  wider  scale  of  sports  betting  and   entertainment.  Secure  business  partners.   2018  Q3   Beta  version  of  the  sports  entertainment  platform  goes  online  and   starts  testing.   2018  Q4   Completion   of   public   blockchain   development   and   beginning   of   testing.   2019  Q1   Completion  of  relocation  of  public  blockchain.   2019  Q2   Completion   of   development   of   sports   prediction   entertainment   platform.         Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  8:  Token  Release  Plan     1.5  billion  SOC  will  be  issued  in  total,  and  distributed  as  follows:     1.  40%  of  SOC  issued  (600  million)  will  be  sold  in  the  private  sale,  to  a  maximum  of  149   purchasers.     2.  40%   of   SOC   issued   (600   million)   will   be   held   by   the   Foundation   for   ecosystem   incubation,  incubation,  marketing,  commercial  development,  legal  compliance,  etc.  to   maintain  the  rapid  prototyping  and  subsequent  healthy  and  sustained  development  of   communities  and  the  entire  ecosystem  on  the  All  Sports  Platform.     3.   20%   of   SOC   issued   (300   million)   will   be   issued   to   incentivise   and   motivate   the   founding  and  development  team.  The  All  Sports  team  has  done  much  work  in  terms   of   project   design,   resource   organisation,   incubation   of   the   pre-­‐commercial   environment  and  various  other  aspects,  and  continuously  input  manpower  resources,   intelligence   and   material   inputs   in   shaping   the   ecosystem.   This   incentive   will   be   released   over   four   years   –   one   quarter   will   be   released   in   the   first   year,   and   one   quarter  will  be  released  each  year  thereafter. Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  Section  9:  Risks     You  acknowledge  and  agree  that  there  are  numerous  risks  associated  with  purchasing   SOC,  holding  SOC,  and  using  SOC  for  participation  in  the  All  Sports  Platform.     9.1   Uncertain  Regulations  and  Enforcement  Actions     The  regulatory  status  of  SOC  and  distributed  ledger  technology  is  unclear  or  unsettled   in   many   jurisdictions.   It   is   impossible   to   predict   how,   when   or   whether   regulatory   agencies  may  apply  existing  regulations  or  create  new  regulations  with  respect  to  such   technology   and   its   applications,   including   SOC   and/or   the   All   Sports   Platform.   Regulatory   actions   could   negatively   impact   SOC   and/or   the   All   Sports   Platform   in   various  ways.  The  Foundation  (or  its  affiliates)  may  cease  operations  in  a  jurisdiction   in  the  event  that  regulatory  actions,  or  changes  to  law  or  regulation,  make  it  illegal  to   operate   in   such   jurisdiction,   or   commercially   undesirable   to   obtain   the   necessary   regulatory  approval(s)  to  operate  in  such  jurisdiction.     After   consulting   with   a   wide   range   of   legal   advisors   and   continuous   analysis   of   the   development   and   legal   structure   of   virtual   currencies,   the   Foundation   will   apply   a   cautious   approach   towards   the   sale   of   SOC.   Therefore,   for   the   crowdsale,   the   Foundation  may  constantly  adjust  the  sale  strategy  in  order  to  avoid  relevant  legal  risks   as  much  as  possible.     9.2   Competitors     It  is  possible  that  alternative  networks  could  be  established  that  utilise  the  same  or   similar  code  and  protocol  underlying  SOC  and/or  the  All  Sports  Platform  and  attempt   to  re-­‐create  similar  facilities.  The  All  Sports  Platform  may  be  required  to  compete  with   these  alternative  networks,  which  could  negatively  impact  SOC  and/or  the  All  Sports   Platform.     9.3   Loss  of  Talent     The  development  of  the  All  Sports  Platform  depends  on  the  continued  co-­‐operation  of   the  existing  technical  team  and  expert  consultants,  who  are  highly  knowledgeable  and   experienced  in  their  respective  sectors.  The  loss  of  any  member  may  adversely  affect   the  All  Sports  Platform  or  its  future  development.     9.4   Failure  to  develop       There  is  the  risk  that  the  development  of  the  All  Sports  Platform  will  not  be  executed   or   implemented   as   planned,   for   a   variety   of   reasons,   including   without   limitation   the   event  of  a  decline  in  the  prices  of  any  digital  asset,  virtual  currency  or  SOC,  unforeseen   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.  

  technical  difficulties,  and  shortage  of  development  funds  for  activities.     9.5   Security  weaknesses     Hackers  or  other  malicious  groups  or  organisations  may  attempt  to  interfere  with  SOC   and/or   the   All   Sports   Platform   in   a   variety   of   ways,   including,   but   not   limited   to,   malware   attacks,   denial   of   service   attacks,   consensus-­‐based   attacks,   Sybil   attacks,   smurfing  and  spoofing.  Furthermore,  there  is  a  risk  that  a  third  party  or  a  member  of   the   Foundation   or   its   affiliates   may   intentionally   or   unintentionally   introduce   weaknesses  into  the  core  infrastructure  of  SOC  and/or  the  All  Sports  Platform,  which   could  negatively  affect  SOC  and/or  the  All  Sports  Platform.     9.6   Other  risks     In  addition  to  the  aforementioned  risks,  there  are  other  risks  (as  more  particularly  set   out  in  the  Token  Purchase  Agreement)  associated  with  your  purchase,  holding  and  use   of  SOC,  including  those  that  the  Foundation  cannot  anticipate.  Such  risks  may  further   materialise  as  unanticipated  variations  or  combinations  of  the  aforementioned  risks.   You   should   conduct   full   due   diligence   on   the   Foundation   (and   its   affiliates),   the   All   Sports  team,  understand  the  overall  framework  and  vision  for  the  All  Sports  Platform   prior  to  purchasing  SOC.   Draft  for  open  community  review  and  subject  to  change.