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VidyX Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
The world needs to enter a new era of data democratization now more than ever before. The largest corporations on earth, the big tech monopolies, the powerful networks, and our very internet itself - they all live and depend on your data, and yet they give you nothing in return. No compensation, no indemnity, no reward. Every single day your data is misappropriated without a trace, sold without your consent, and nefariously exploited without repercussion, and you are never garnished for this or protected from it. This is where Vidy steps into the game. Welcome to the answer, VIDYX VIDYX is a new supertoken launching on the TRON blockchain that will revolutionize how the ownership of data is judiciously brokered, consummated, and executed on the web. It is a token that will unleash by far the largest cryptocurrency reward economy in the world, and will deliver the first “tradable data contract” called a TDC that securely schematizes and packages user data into compact smart units that are exchangeable on-chain. The VIDYX framework is a sustainable token economy dually powering both publisher video inventory and consumer ecommerce online.


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