STOA Network
STOA Network
STOA Network Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
DeFi STOA is a project to build a diversified revenue sharing platform to increase token asset growth and token value by utilizing algorithms for arbitrage between global financial platforms.DEFI STOA has devised an asset convertible currency model to make it easy to swap assets with this realistic financial service model.In addition, DeFi finance operates a profit based on the social finance model, that is, the transaction logic of multilateral participants and market participation, and presents an optimal market operation model by copy trading it, and this process is combined with big data and artificial intelligence learning models. In this way, we will launch an advanced DeFi operating model and service, and based on this, we will operate to induce market inflation of the STA coin and create a foundation for value increase.The purpose of the STA Coin is to help the liquidity management of global securities transactions through social participation-oriented financial servers for decentralized financial operations and currency exchange values between virtual and real finance. To play a role as a middle-man financial network.


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