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OVR Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
OVER is an augmented reality metaverse like no other - where creators and brands come together to populate the next generation of the Internet. OVER is a seamless blend of the physical and virtual. It unlocks our current experience of the web to produce immersive three-dimensional wonders that exist anywhere, and at any time. The physical world becomes a space enhanced by endless opportunities for play, socializing and commerce. And because OVER is built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain, creators and brands own and monetize the experiences they add to the OVER ecosystem. Heralding a new dawn for the metaverse, OVER enables users to create unique geolocalized experiences that bridge the gap between our physical and digital worlds. Utilizing community-driven 3D mapping, OVER provides users and builders alike with the opportunity to own AR metaverse real estate, map their local areas to earn OVR Tokens, and explore Web3 like never before.


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