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Effect Network
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Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
Earnfinex is a blockchain-based service with a Proof of Work and Proof of stake algorithm. Proof of work is a unique concept where users can earn rewards by working or using on our platform instead of mining. Anyone who is a social media lover can use earnfinex. online and they will be rewarded for their activity like - post, like, share and comment. The more time they spend on the platform more they will earn. Proof of work can be used for Work from home, organization monitoring, small business development. Proof of work is energy efficient and it is not consuming any kind of electricity or device which will harm nature. We are committed to clean energy and we are working on it, our all projects will be joined to our blockchain where they can be used as decentralized applications. We have a number of services that will help our users to take full advantage of our platform. 1) trading Bot and options trading on earnfinex.com 2) Social media with reward system on earnfinex.online 3) Decentralized Multicurrency wallet on earnfinex.io 4) Earnfinex blockchain on earnfinex.org 5) P2P payment system on earnfinex.net (will be live soon)


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