Cowboy Snake
Cowboy Snake
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Cowboy Snake Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
COWBOY SNAKE is a game inspired by Snake game, that each player will control their own snake to eat food that appears around and fight with snakes controlled by other players around the world. Players only need to control their snake with the pointer and a click each time they want to speed up. Simple operation that anyone can play. In addition to highly entertaining and training acumen for players, COWBOY SNAKE is also a game for you to collect for Snake Rinium (RIM), a type of Snake Gem and the NFT items. The NFT items that players hunt are fully owned by them. This is considered a reward for the players’ contributions to the ecosystem. This model is called “Play To Earn”. This game is easy to understand and play with highly entertainment, fair play and inflation control. Unlike most other NFT Games, in addition to the games, Cowboy Snake creates an entertaining and training environment through diverse ecosystems. It can control the inflation rate and help create a long term Play Game - Entertaining – Earn Money model. This is the first NFT game that builds Team vs Team (TvT) rules to increase the attraction and interaction in the player community, create a social environment in the game to improve the entertainment and training for all players. The game also applied the AR version to allow players to interact with the actual environment while playing the game and with The VR version, the game allows players to control the snake to adventure in the fantasy space of Cowboy Snake's multi-dimensional universe.


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