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BTS Chain Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
The beginning of the BTSc Platform was the ecosystem platform for the culture and arts industry for the overall art industry, including music, movies, and dramas. Since then, continuous platform research and development has been carried out, and the entertainment ecosystem has finally been implemented on Metaverse, and the BTSc Metaverse World has been opened under the name JFLEX WORLD. BTSc has established an entertainment ecosystem based on content inside Metaverse and has presented expanded services that can be implemented through Metaverse from concerts to personal broadcasts. In addition, we plan to create a dedicated market where various contents generated within the platform can be traded in the form of NFT. BTSc's new challenge is consistent with the global trend of diversity and personalization of entertainment services, and will be implemented using blockchain on a technical basis so that anyone can use it transparently, soundly and easily. In summary, BTSc is an entertainment-specialized Metaverse platform that is user-led on the Blockchain basis. We want to get out of the simple business of Cryptocurrency and systematize the entire culture and arts industry on the basis of this blockchain and build its ecosystem. And we will distribute the value of content through the NFT market to implement these platforms sustainably. NFT distribution is the surest way to safely protect copyrights. Also, Metaverse and NFT are not separate businesses. It means building an NFT service that can be implemented on Metaverse. BTSc Metaverse will become a completely independent entertainment platform by integrating NFT.


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