Bozkurt Token
Bozkurt Token
Bozkurt Token Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
Bozkurt Token; It is a BEP-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The origin of its name comes from Bozkurt, the main character of the Bozkurt Epic. In addition to being a mythology-based token, it is also a token that can be used in its own ecosystem. Bozkurt Token ecosystem is built on 3 main applications. To summarize these applications briefly, BozziSwap; a decentralized finance platform, is PackFund; a decentralized community funding platform, and PACK Crypto Wallet; which will be produced as a wallet application. The total supply of Bozkurt Token is 128,000,000,000. Bozkurt Token Team has waived its rights on the contract with the "Renounced Ownership" function valid in the contract. The fact that no play can be made on the contract and on the supply is also extremely important in terms of ensuring the security of the supply. Bozkurt Token pricing strategy is based on fairness and sharing potential wealth. In this way, the Bozkurt Token project has proven to the community members that it is a real community-supported project. In addition, with the demand arising from the Bozkurt Token ecosystem, it aims to both provide volume and eliminate the ponzi scheme found in harmful projects. The most important element for Bozkurt Token is the community itself, because the community will both earn with Bozkurt Token and be a potential user of the applications belonging to the ecosystem. In order for the community to be of high quality and the number of wallets and followers to be realistic, practices such as bot accounts and fake airdrop wallets were not used during the community development process.


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