BeforeCoinMarketCap Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
New platform BeforeCoinMarketCap promises a solution. It is a daily planning platform where users can find up-to-date information about the tokens they’re tracking. Platform users no longer have to view a huge number of tokens to find the assets they are tracking amongst a pile of channel announcements. Instead, they simply enter the address of their wallet to receive regular notifications about activity relating to their coins via Telegram or Email. BeforeCoinMarketCap (BCMC) is unique in the marketplace as the platform’s primary focus is not on existing tokens with huge market caps. Such tokens are already very well covered by other platforms and have completed all their airdrops, bounties, and ICOs. BCMC differs because its focus is on new projects and tokens that may currently be unlisted, or have low or even zero trading volume. Nonetheless, some of these projects will have the potential to become the large-cap assets of tomorrow. BCMC’s goal is to provide a platform where crypto enthusiasts can stay informed about these potential ‘alpha’ investments - and earn based on their contribution to the crypto community.


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