BeFaster Holder Token
BeFaster Holder Token
BeFaster Holder Token Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
The BFHT is a so-called investor token and the core of the fully automated and smart contract-based BeFaster.fit protocol. It describes the participation of users in the company's revenue and the participation of BFHT holders in the staking pool. The staking pool is funded with 50% of the company's revenue. The BFHT holders have the opportunity to stake their BFHT and thus participate in the revenue distribution from the staking pool. Should the holders opt for longer staking periods, they will be rewarded with additional rewards. According to the BeFaster.fit protocol, users are rewarded once a month with 5% of the revenue in BFHT via the ranking list. Furthermore, 10% of the revenue is made available to the referral programme. According to the multi-currency option, BFHT holders can decide in which cryptocurrency the revenue share from the staking pool should be distributed. BFHT and other major coins that are whitelisted on the BSC are available for selection. BFHT holders also have advantages within the BeFaster.fit app.


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