Axis DeFi
Axis DeFi
Axis DeFi Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
AXIS Token is a multi-purpose utility token fueling the industry-first LaneAxis Brokerless Direct Freight Network. The network targets the removal of $200 billion in managed freight brokerage fees in the U.S. (more than $2 trillion globally), as well as eliminating nearly 30 billion empty truck miles per year in America alone. The global supply chain is crippled by inefficiencies and old school logistics processes that the AXIS Token and blockchain platform is tackling head-on. AXIS Tokens represent the network's digital assets, which will be utilized for - among other things - building network connections, accessing network data, managing and monitoring real time shipments and milestones, establishing data-backed driver and carrier performance scores and risk assessment scores, and generating critical KPIs such as average loading and unloading times at shipping docks. Suppliers and insurance companies are also incentivized to participate in the network by utilizing AXIS Tokens to gain critical business insights. Additionally, AXIS Tokens can be used to acquire various services like decentralized lending, load matchmaking, spare capacity trading, access to insurance markets, and network advertising. AXIS Token solves real-world supply chain problems in an atypical way by employing blockchain’s decentralized nature to redefine how freight movements should operate. AXIS allows shippers and carriers to communicate and negotiate directly, removing freight brokers from the picture, and empowering the freight industry with actionable insights and automated processes from A-Z. In addition to its multitude of utilitarian uses, the AXIS Utility Token also serves as an API key to access the LaneAxis blockchain ecosystem.


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