Archethic Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
Archethic is a layer-one blockchain that promises to secure accounts by tying them to a cryptographically secured version of one's fingerprint. In doing so, Archethic wants to provide access to all technologies with the touch of a finger while simultaneously protecting one's identity. Archethic aims to outperform other layer-one blockchains by providing faster validation times and higher scalability while embedding biometry to make it tamper-proof and secure. The team claims to have four years of research and twelve international patents as proof of its expertise, and its mission is to give people back control over technology and their identity. Archethic has developed a proprietary and patented consensus mechanism called ARCH that allows the Archethic blockchain to be employed for several use cases. A first on the market, Archethic claims to provide tamper-proof biometric authentication, enabling the blockchain to be used for decentralized identity verification. This could be, for instance, used to provide access to major public events or communication without ever having to reveal the details of our identity. The biometric data from inside your finger will generate several cryptographic keys that will never be disclosed and from which our digital identity will be encrypted. In this way, Archethic aims to achieve mass adoption of its blockchain.


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