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AOK Whitepaper
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023
Overview of Development UTXO AOK uses UTXO - Bitcoins’ payment system. UTXO is an acronym for Unspent Transaction Outputs. Contrary to Ethereum's ‘Account Balance Model’, there is no account and balance, verify the coin with examine validity of a transaction through ‘Unused output’. Issuing assets and transactions The token name of AOK cannot be duplicated, and the first issuer issuing the token with that name becomes the owner of the project. The issuer determines quantity issued, decimals (decimal), and whether more identical tokens can be issued in the future, by creating new RPC calls that incorporate tokens into the QT wallet and provide token management can easily issue new asset tokens and inform balance and send asset to other user. Transaction Fee When transactions occur in the AOK mainnet network, the commission will occur at least 0.0001 AOK and will be variable depending on the network's congestion. It is paid to the steak node where the block is found, along with all block rewards used for that block.


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