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Sunday, June 3, 2018
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BF TOKEN (BFT) Powering the Online Investment Platform WHAT IS BNKTOTHEFUTURE.COM? is the largest online investment platform for investing in the equity and tokens of the most valuable Fintech, Bitcoin and Blockchain companies. BnK To The Future has facilitated more than $260 million USD of investments for more than 48,000 qualifying investors in more than 100 of the most valuable companies in the industry including BitFinex, Kraken, BitStamp, ShapeShift, BitPay and over 100 others. BNK TO THE FUTURE’S FUTURE VISION BnK To The Future’s next goal is to give our investors the opportunity to trade their equity by launching a compli- ance-driven, Blockchain based trading market for buying and selling the most valuable companies in the Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech sector. It is also launching the BF Token (BFT), a membership and rewards token to create a fairer, more transparent and efficient marketplace on The team aims to support the growth of companies and technologies involved in the future of finance in a more decentralized, yet compli- ance-driven way. THE MARKET OPPORTUNITY 01. Fintech and blockchain companies have experienced explosive growth in recent years. Examining and vet- ting each company that wants to be listed on the platform has become difficult to achieve in a timely, efficient and thorough manner through our current fully centralized approach. 02. Under the current infrastructure, it is difficult to provide efficient, real-time company updates to investors who want to stay informed of the latest news on their investments. 03. The industry is facing both increased scrutiny and regulatory challenges. Any blockchain solution must maintain compliance with securities laws under various jurisdictions. We are a registered securities business with ownership stakes in other licensed companies including a U.S. broker-dealer and an SEC registered Alternative Trading System (ATS) amongst others. TOKEN SALE TIMELINE 10 p.m. UTC on 10 p.m. UTC on 10 p.m. UTC on Tuesday, 6 Feb. 2018 Tuesday, 13 Feb. 2018 Friday, 16 Feb. 2018 Public sale whitelisting begins Public sale whitelisting ends Public purchase date for whitelisted purchasers begins WHAT ARE TOKEN DISTRIBUTION BF TOKENS (BFT)? 1,000,000,000 BFT Capped Token Supply 1 BFT = $0.10 Token Sale price BFT is a due diligence-driven membership and Everybody has paid the same $0.10 price. rewards token. It effectively addresses the key No bonuses, no discounts and no back-hand deals. challenges to create a transparent and efficient scalable marketplace. 7% 10% WHY THE BF TOKEN? 33% By incentivizing the crypto community to engage in due diligence, BFT provides a 20% scalable system for identifying, listing and trading top companies in the industry. It also enables fast and efficient facilitation of a live 30% secondary market environment with information updated in real-time. Token Sale (33%) HOW DOES BFT WORK? 2 Year lock-in Company Tokens (30%) Rewards Pool (20%) 01. BFT facilitates a more decentralized process for listing investment opportunities 1 Year lock-in Shareholders, Advisors, Founders (10%) on the platform. Token Sale costs/expenses (7%) 02. BFT creates a community-enhanced due diligence process for deals listed on the platform EXECUTIVE TEAM whereby token holders identify, select and Simon Dixon, research the best deals in the industry for a CEO and Co-founder An ex-investment banker and more streamlined process. author of the book, Bank to the Future, Simon is an active block- 03. BFT incentivizes token holders (both chain and bitcoin angel investor in community and companies on the platform) more than 100 fintech companies. to provide frequent and real-time investor Bliss Dixon, updates for greater transparency. COO and Co-founder An active investor in fintech and blockchain companies, Bliss BFT BENEFITS FOR brings a wealth of experience in HR, management, retail banking TOKEN HOLDERS and team building. Token holders cannot invest in companies through the platform without qualifying as investors; however, the BF tokens provide VIP LEARN MORE ABOUT BFT access to certain portions of the platform Website: previously open only to investors to earn White paper: tokens by providing due diligence support, In the press: Bloomberg deal-flow selection and investor updates. Contact: [email protected] ADVISORS Vinny Lingham, Bill Barhyd, Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Michael Terpin, Sunny Ray, David Johnston, Co-founder & CEO Civic, CEO Abra CEO & Co-founder RSK CEO Transform Group, President Unocoin Chairman Factom Co- Identity/KYC Advisor CoinAgenda, BitAngels founder BitAngels Li Huo, Adam Vaziri, Jonathan Smith, Brian Lio, Matt Chwierut, Tony Simonovsky, Director Blockchain Lawyer & Co-founder & CTO Civic, CEO at Smith + Crown Researcher Smith & Crown CEO Director, Diacle Identity/KYC Advisor David Drake, Bo Shen, Simon Seojoon Kim, Vincent Shuoji Zhou, Lee Wang, Join Token Sale Now Chairman LDJ Capital Founding Partner, Hashed (Formerly Blockchain Founding Partner, Partner PreAngel Fenbushi Capital Partners Korea) FBG Capital CORE TEAM A team of 25 located across Asia, the EU and the U.S. comprised of experts in financial services, technology, blockchain and investing.