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Sunday, June 3, 2018
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Decentralized ticketing platform and airline management system TICKO.IO What is TICKO.io? Team TICKO.io is the first decentralized platform for the airline industry. It combines aviation management automation with a ticket distribution Andrew Williams system. The platform works as a general passenger service and provides CEO, Co-founder flexible solutions by leveraging Smart Contracts. TICKO.io use cases: High level manager with extensive experience in various enterprises (Mark & Spencer, Booklet.com, etc). Andrew developed and implemented projects such Passengers will use the platform as a flight search engine to browse and as Payment Gateways, Gambling Products, find the best offers provided directly by the airlines. They can make instant KYC/KYB systems as well as banking solutions in United Kingdom, Spain, Italy bookings without extra fees and are able to receive all the organizational and United Arab Emirates. information directly from the service provider, no intermediaries needed. Airlines will use the decentralized platform as a general passenger service system as well as an efficient ticket distribution mechanism. They can Tina Scott instantly set flight schedules, track airplane status and history, manage fare Marketing Manager tariffs, keep track of passenger reservations and records in a manner that is provably secure and free of human error. Digital marketing analyst, currently engaged in marketing with worldwide brands at Zara. She started from running a TICKO.io aims to: digital production team at Ashley and her areas of expertise are semantics, analytical correlations and psychological user patterns. Tina has a strong UX-centered approach to product management. 1 Add certainty and predictability to the aviation industry. Michael landon Sales and 2 Streamline flight management, scheduling & operations. Distribution Worked with organizations such as British Airways, Qatar Airlines, Emirate Airlines 3 Connect airlines & passengers in a single ecosystem. and Lufthansa and has over 14 years of industry experience. Michael created and built several start-up ventures of his own and was involved in the Security and Built 4 Design an architecture for further growth and development. Environment sector for 11 years – has extensive client and networking expertise throughout both Europe and Asia. 5 Provide instant market signals to all participants. Matthew Hussy Solutions and Distribution TICK Token Presale Specialist in Private Jet sales with over 15 years of experience. Matthew organized sales and distribution for private individuals and large-scale business travelling agencies. His expertise allows for creation of powerful connections between customer and supplier. April 25th 2018 June 10th 2018 Susan Ashley Technical Deployments Initial pricing: 1000 TICK = 0,0651 ETH Travel security expert with over 9 years of TICK Token Crowdsale experience. Implemented biometrics and ID management products and worked on solutions in Tourism Security, Safety flight, E-Flight, Easy Business flight and behavioral analysis. Susan completed numerous projects and high level systems while in the position of a General Manager at One Airline Company. June 10th 2018 July 20th 2018 Mark Schnider Business Development Accepted payment methods: BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, DASH, Bitcoin Cash Highly experienced professional in financial markets and emerging-market TICK Budget Plan technologies. Mark has deep-level FinTech, InsurTech and Big Data ecosystem knowledge, including the use of cutting edge technologies. His focus in the last 2 years was on the benefits of Blockchain and the nascent opportunities it presents for a decentralized global economy. Token Sale Participants Platform Operations & Partners Development Team Rewards Early Contribution Bonuses Advisory Board Bounty Program TICKETING PLATFORM PASSENGER SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ANALYTICS SOLUTION Disclaimer: this OnePage does not constitute a legal or binding document and does not provide any legal, investment or tax advice.