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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Contents 1. MiL.k platform’s vision A. Reward integrating platform B. Customer behavior-based marketing platform 2. MiL.k platform and its coin MLK, growing together A. Plan for increasing MiL.k platform users B. Plan for increasing the users’ coin possession 3. Platform profit used for increasing Milk Coin value 4. Increasing the value of Milk Coin with newly joining partner brands 5. Conclusion 6. Disclaimers

1. MiL.k platform’s vision A. Reward integrating platform MiL.k is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to integrate various reward points of its partner brands and trade them in the platform’s currency, Milk Coin (MLK). A square for trading reward points of aligned companies in Milk Coin (MLK) PLATFORM Customers with reward points can integrate all the points, use them or possess them in MLK, and cash out Customers with less reward poins can purchase more points with discount CRYPTO MLK EXCHANGE using MLK that they purchased at Crypto Exchange. Aligned service companies can enjoy strong customer loyalty and entice new customers by sharing the alliance’s customer pool Through the platform, users can increase the utility of their reward points by combining them into one currency. As for the aligned partner brands, it is possible to share much greater customer pool and offer co-promotions and events on the platform. As more partner brands participate in the alliance, more types of points will be available for users to combine, and there- fore both customer benefit and platform value will increase. The model for integrating various points in Milk Coin (MLK) encourages users to trade those points with Milk Coin (MLK) as a currency. Reward trading architecture on MiL.k platform User A EARN POINT SELL POINT MLK MLK CASH Service PLATFORM CRYPTO EXCHANGE Company BUY POINT MLK MLK CASH USE POINT User B MiL.k platform functions as a square for trading digital assets. To do so, it establishes data synchronization with all the aligned partner brands, which enables them not to worry about additional settlement or accounting process for being part of the alliance.

Data credibility is a key for setting an alliance with multiple independent companies, and MiL.k has earned it with blockchain technology. On MiL.k platform, every point transaction gets written on blockchain as a ledger and shared with the point issuing company. B. Customer behavior-based marketing platform Besides its core function as a reward integrating platform, MiL.k has a vision to become a co-marketing platform based on customer behavior. Platform Value The number of partner brands within the alliance Increased value of the platform & Potentials of Expansion Strategy the platform’s additional Marketing Platform business model Core Strategy Loyalty Platform The frequency of the app visit & the staying time As the platform grows, it will be utilized as a channel for co-promotions where packaged products consisting multiple services of MiL.k partner brands are available on the platform and the brands reward end users in Milk Coin for their desirable behaviors. Marketing promotions on MiL.k will generate multiple channels of participation so that the frequency of the app visit and the duration of the stay increase, hence the platform value increases. Marketing campaigns on MiL.k platform APP INSTALL AND SIGN-UP - Marketing campaign - Cost for marketing MLK REWARD QUIZ, EVENT, ETC. reward Partner User Participate in the campaign Result report brand NEW PRODUCT EVENT MARKETING SURVEYS Behavior-rewarding marketing platform is not a new concept, but MiL.k will have clear value from the virtuous cycle it has on the platform. As for the users, they will get rewards in Milk Coin, which has high utility for many aligned services. In addition, since the on-platform promotions cover multiple services that are related to each other in terms of customer behavior (i.e. an overseas traveler would go through airline, accommodation, mobility, etc. for his/her journey, and those services are related to each

other), the promotions won’t be perceived as random events that only generate fatigues and are not beneficial. As for partner brands, rewards in Milk Coin rather than gifts or vouchers will generate better effects since it encourages users to use those services again with the coin. In addition, since the data of users participating and utilizing the promotions will be written on blockchain, which means the data is not to be counterfeited, brands will have much more credible result of their marketing activities. 2. MiL.k platform and its coin MLK, growing together The growth of MiL.k platform leads to increased value of Milk Coin (MLK). Milk Coin is a utility token for reward trading on MiL.k app, and its value gets decided at crypto exchanges that it is being listed. So, Milk Coin has 2 main channels; MiL.k platform and crypto exchanges. When the volume of Milk Coin at MiL.k platform (P) increases, the volume at crypto exchanges (C) will decrease, which means the market value of Milk Coin will increase. Milk Coin total (T) – The volume on MiL.k platform (P) = The volume at crypto exchanges (C) Period Total Platform Circulation The volume of MiLk Coin at MiL.k platform (P) can be figured by multiplying the number of platform users (N) by a user’s average possession of Milk Coin (A). This means that when either (N) or (A) increases, Milk Coin volume at the platform (P) will increase. So, 1) The number of platform users (N) and 2) a user’s average possession of Milk Coin (A) are the key factors for increasing Milk Coin value. Milk Coin volume on MiL.k platform (P) = Average possession of Milk Coin (A) x The number of platform users (N) Period Platform Average amount Number of user

A. Plan for increasing MiL.k platform users (N) To increase the number of MiL.k platform users (N), there will be gradual, active promotions for MiL.k itself. All the activities that MiL.k runs such as adding new partner brands to the platform and doing promotions towards their customers on the benefits of MiL.k to acquire them as the new platform user lead to greater user base of the platform. B. Plan for increasing a user's coin possession (A) To increase users’ coin possession, it is important to increase the frequency of their platform usage and transaction volume. To generate them, there should be more services to spend Milk Coin for and the benefits from the spending on the platform. MiL.k will benefit users for their possession of Milk Coin, and thus the average possession of Milk Coin (A) will increase. - Direct benefit for using the service according to a user’s Milk Coin possession For a user possessing more than a certain amount of Milk Coin (for example, 100 MLKs) per month, there will be benefits such as reductions of transaction fees, better discount rate for reward purchase so that users will tend to keep possessing Milk Coin. - Membership program for loyal users According to the number of reward purchases and the volume of them on the platform, MiL.k will run membership programs that provide benefits to users. Increased customer benefit “ Increase a user’s Milk Coin possession by offering practical benefits ” 1. Better discount rate for reward trading + = Platform Milk Coin possess Membership for usage record on the platform additional benefit 2. Gift coupons 3. Reduction of transaction fees 4. Daily events

3. Platform profit used for increasing Milk Coin value As mentioned above, MiL.k will function as an effective marketing tool for the partner brands, and the partners will need to spend marketing fees to MiL.k. Then, a part of the fee will be used for buying Milk Coin, and this volume will be locked in long term (Staking effect). Staking a part of the platform’s profit <Example of event campaign for newly signing up customers > Platform App install and sign up Partner User Reward Marketing cost brand Fees Locked up (Staking) “Platform profit locked up for increasing Milk Coin value” As the platform grows actively, more marketing campaigns will be revealed to users, and the platform will make greater profits from the fee. Therefore, more Milk Coin will be locked gradually, which will lead to increased value of Milk Coin. 4. Increasing the value of Milk Coin with newly joining partner brands Platform phase 2: Milk Coin deposit by newly joining partner brands In the Phase 1 of MiL.k platform (Initial period of the service), platform-joining partner brands get to earn Milk Coin for their marketing use towards users. So, the amount will be used for increasing MiL.k platform’s customer pool by supporting the partner brands. As the platform grows and has gotten more than a certain number of partners and users, MiL.k will get to Phase 2 where joining partner brands get clear benefit by being part of the alliance. In exchange for the benefit then, MiL.k will let newly joining partner brands to buy a certain amount of Milk Coin and lock the amount for a while (Staking effect) so that the coin’s demand increases and its supply decreases at crypto exchanges. Effect of increased partner brands to Milk Coin supply The number of partner brands within the alliance Total volume of Milk Coin reward + for the partner brands 0 - Phase 1: Milk Coin Phase 2: Milk Coin deposit by newly joining partner bran reward to partner brands for joining the alliance

5. Conclusion MiL.k platform is a blockchain-based reward trading/marketing platform with its one and only currency of Milk Coin functions as the method of trading points and marketing reward. Therefore, MiL.k platform and Milk Coin are tightly related. A doubt about the value of utility tokens has been caused by the lack of use cases in real life. With its strength of technology, MiL.k will keep expanding its partnerships with robust companies, which will lead to strong- er ecosystem of Milk Coin. Enormous users of service companies will get to use MiL.k, and the benefit of the platform will get them staying onboard (Lock-in effect). The platform’s value will increase accordingly, and that of Milk Coin will gradually rise as well. MiL.k will be the real use case bridging blockchain technology to everyday lives. 6. Disclaimers This white paper explains the business plan and vision and does not promise or guarantee that the contents of this white paper are accurate or that the business details will be implemented or conducted at a certain point in the future. Therefore, in the process of business promotion, based on reasonable management judgment, the contents regarding the business described in the white paper may be changed, supplemented, or deleted without notice to third parties, and it should be sufficiently recognized that the actual business promotion may differ based on business conditions and progress status. In addition, restrictions may arise in the future regarding the issuance and use of cryptocurrencies based on the legislative direction of each country’s government in relation to this project, so some of the disclosures in this white paper may need to be changed. The coins and tokens described in this white paper do not guarantee or signify that any equity interest, shares, debts, securities, beneficiary interests, bonds, management participation rights, or any other such rights based on these rights with respect to the platform’s business will be granted or claimable. Therefore, no benefit distributions or voting rights of any kind whatsoever are granted to the coin/token owners, including rights to claim or participate in the determination of dividends, distributions, or dispositions of profits that arise or will arise from the platform’s business. Furthermore, this white paper does not guarantee or signify that the platform will provide a certain quality or amount of goods, services, etc. The sole purpose of this white paper is to provide potential contributors to the construction of the platform, etc. information regarding the platform, and thus the white paper is not binding in any form and does not impose any legal obligations on any entity. This white paper is also intended to broadly explain the future direction of development, and therefore does not include any form of agreement. Thus, any materials, codes, functions, etc. do not stipulate our obligations, and such disclosures may change based on a variety of variables. The unauthorized copying or distribution of this white paper is prohibited.