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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Transmitting Emotions Become Valuable

How much is your Goodwill worth? Have you ever felt unappreciated or had your hard work and passion go unnoticed? At Wowoo, we value your hard work and passion! Wowoo’ s Token Economy gives you peace of mind, which is often underestimated in our society. People with ideas or services that contribute to our society can directly connect with people who support your project on our platform; and they, in turn, help spread the circle of gratitude. Users can support their favorite projects across the SNS and be rewarded in Tokens, which could then be used for different services. Wowoo is a Blockchain community, where people’s goodwill turns into wealth. Wowoo Token Economy Creating Inspiring Value Purchase / Wowoo BC Exchange Wowoo Exchange Free market that supports Hi-security Blockchain & anything! Cryptocurrency Exchange Airdrop to users who supports your project on Listing SNS ! Launch an exclusive ICO/S TO project on Wowoo! Enterprise Wowoo Platform Token Smart Active Community Generator Control Management

Enterprise Benefits of being part of Wowoo Token Economy Community management & Marketing 1 ICO/ STO & Listing 2 Sell 3 Benefit High Performance marketing using the latest technology 1 Enterprises can use the Wowoo platform to manage the online community. They can talk directly to their desired users and reward them. This direct marketing method is far more efficient than traditional advertising methods. Benefit Global fund raising 2 Join the trend of using Blockchain technology to run an ICO/STO for global fund raising. The leading pioneers of the industry will support the project and can provide consulting for token listings with the exchange service. Benefit Trade products / assets (Including intangible assets) 3 Use the P2P market place to sell exclusive contents including intangible assets to the token holders. Experience Wowoo, the next generation of trading platforms.

Individuals Benefits of being part of Wowoo Token Economy Reward 1 Enterprise Trade 2 3 Sell / Purchase / exchange Benefit SNS marketing opportunity 1 Post about the products or services that you love in your spare time, and be rewarded accordingly to the amount of contribution. Users can decide which SNS to use or what to talk about, which could be a new earning opportunity for many. Benefit Enjoy exclusive services Rewards and incentives earned in the platform can be traded inside the ecosystem for 2 exclusive services, products, and merchandise offered by the organization. Wowoo will also continuously seek to provide exclusive services like the Free Market to the community, where users will have more choices on the usage of their rewards. Benefit Trade products / assets (Including intangible assets) 3 Use the P2P market place to sell exclusive contents including intangible assets to the token holders, use escrow service and experience the next generation trading platform.

Our Products Tokens Platform Wowbit (WWB) acts as a token which Wowoo Platform is a system which Wowoo Exchange has the best-in-class, embodies the foundation of the Wowoo suppor ts consulting of ICO/S TO asset security and is committed to following projec t, which is to express one’ s projects as well as allowing users to all regulations. We collaborate with gratitude. manage their accounts across regulators and stakeholders to better Wowbit Classic (WCC) is a utility token to different SNS channels. understand and shape the future of digital use alternate blockchain platform from asset standards. First-time users as well as W WB to build tokens and smar t seasoned traders can trade cryptocurrencies contracts on the platform. with confidence using our intuitive and customizable user interface. Wallet Market Wowoo Wallet, a private multi-asset Wowoo BC is a new Free-Market P2P mobile wallet, is an application for trading service. It allows the trade of daily Android and iOS designed to conveniently commodities like food or cloths as well as yet securely store NEP-5 tokens, including intangible assets such as time, ideas or WWB and WWX, along with some of the consults. It can include assets that require major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, contracts like real estate or copyrights. and other ERC20 tokens in one’s hand. Cryptocurrency owners can issue tokens that interact with their products and trade a whole new value across the globe. Partners wowooHQ Wowooofficial Wowoo Pte. Ltd. [email protected]