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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Type: Token investment An ESPORTs crypto STANDARD Ticker: High/Low: HLT $1.38/0.72 FOR riskless item exchange Price: Exchange listing: $0.73 March 1st, 2019 AND gamer ENGAGEMENT Target price: KYC/AML/OTC: $3.5 C2CX, Coinsbit What’s esports? Esports is a competitive branch of video gaming. It divides into professional leagues and amateur leagues. More than 50% of gamers are playing one or more competitive titles. Teams and individuals compete in tournaments or head to head matches with prize pools up to 20 million dollars. Games are organized and broadcasted just like major sports events. More than 350 mln fans are constantly watching gameplay through platforms like Twitch and Youtube. This number is projected to double by 2022. Esports is hitting mainstream attracting the interest of companies like MTG, ESPN, Coca Cola and others. It’s the future of digital entertainment and competitive sporting events along with every surrounding industry. “ Digital gameplay is already more popular as entertainment than music or print and it will soon overtake film. Arnd Benninghoff, CEO of eSports and gaming group MTGx “ Summary Esportbits – a new esports standard for clearing and engagement. Esportbits token fuels emission, price discovery and third-party cross asset exchange of illiquid long-tail digital assets with zero transaction fee. Demand drivers 01. Liquidity. Integration of new liquidity providers requires reserves to fund smart contract relays. Each digital item create will have smart contract reserves that will be used to guarantee asset fiat liquidity. 02. Clearing. Esportbits reserves are used for riskless clearing & settlement. Employing a standard emission structure and token for all digital assets allows for seamless value transfer without risks. 03. Staking. Zero fees require token staking. Competitive advantage 01. HLT is a zero-fee transaction network. 02. Our products are the first to introduce in-game items airdrops. 03. Wallet and UX-strategy tailored for gamers allowing for item visualization. March 1st, 2019 Esportbits Enjin Dmarket Bancore WAX Kyber Market cap $19m $61m $10m $32m $40m $25m Userbase 47k 39k 39k 66k 22k 93k Third party services Infrastructure (wallet, marketplace) Assets support Opensource SDK Investment case 01. Esportbits token supply is almost entirely reserved by the partner and portfolio network for staking, liquidity and clearing purposes. A very limited number of tokens is released for sales and enter the market as a trading/purchasing tool. 02. As the token is mineable, masternodes will require up to 10% of the token supply. 03. Over 200,000 users across all partner networks for items airdrops. 04. A new type of graphic-enhanced crypto wallet tailored for video gamers. Currently partnering up with a crypto-bank. Integrated partners/tokens Esportbits is the first company to take the competitive gaming industry to WEF at Davos with an event during the 2019 conference. Supported games We've picked the top esports titles to kickstart our network: Logos of CS:GO, Dota 2, etc. along with all other registered trademarked logos are the property of their respective owners. Risk mitigation 01. Digital rights. Currently digital rights are controlled by top game publishers. Digital assets “sold” now are not event assets. Turning them into real tradeable items is one of the key tasks for Esportbits. 02. Smart Contract & liquidity. It’s important all items listed have corresponding fiat reserves. This means that our smart contracts can be hacked, or stable coins used will not be tradeable one to one to the fiat analogue. 03. Storage of user data. Storage of user data is subject to a number of regulations. We utilize partner services if storage is needed and adhere to the best practices. 04. Our masternode token can be identified as a security token requiring additional registration procedures. Media Total social media users Telegram Twitter Discord 47,654 30,805 1,868 2,955 Legal entity Contacts Hyperloot Foundation MTÜ, reg. 80558986 Alex Vasilenka Non-profit, Estonia [email protected]