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Friday, May 24, 2019
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WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 2 SAVE ELECTRICITY. SAVE MONEY. SAVE THE PLANET. Robotina is an European company with 28 years of experience, employing over 50 experts in the development of smart technologies for the energy industry. Our main expertise is the optimization of smart electrical grids. We envision the future based on the products and solutions, developed by our key experts, who are members of two research and development (R&D) teams, one of them registered as an institute. Our products, services and technologies have all been developed “in-house” by our experienced team of technicians and engineers. As a company committed to excellence, we have obtained 7 patents and 5 international certificates relating to our technologies. We have successfully implemented our projects in 25 countries and have more than 1 million connected points worldwide today. Our production facilities are in Slovenia and in order to be close to our customers we have offices in UK, Singapore, Croatia, Dubai (UAE) and India. 50 28 02 01 25 Employees Years of Research and Status of Countries with experience development teams Approved Institute our projects 07 05 1M 06 Registered International connected Offices (SLO, CRO, UK, India, patents Certificates points Dubai (UAE), Singapore) Electricity is one of the key energy sources, probably the most important one. The ever higher price of electricity, unstable electrical networks as well as growing consumption of electrical energy, seriously endangers our lifestyle and natural environment. The price of electricity is significantly influenced by the uncontrolled peaks in the network/grid. For example, when a higher number of customers use the electricity at the same time. This means a constant demand for enlarged electricity production – also the case when it is actually not needed at all. The surplus of electricity

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 3 goes to waste if not used immediately. Equally important as the surpluses, there are the deficits of electrical energy in the network, which means that the electricity has to be bought at much higher prices than normally. All of the above problems are influenced by (1) unstable sources, such as solar and wind power plants that produce the electricity only when the weather is favorable, (2) electric vehicles as new type of random load and (3) the current technology, which hasn’t enabled a price-favorable storage facility of larger quantities of electrical energy yet. CONSUMPTION PRICE (TWh) Cents / kWh THE PROBLEMS: THE PROBLEMS RESULT IN: - Electric energy network is outdated - Growing electrical energy price - Small fluctuations destabilize the network - Growing electrical energy consumption - Electricity costs = generation costs + - Cost of keeping the grid stable can be as transport costs + stability assurance costs (peaks) high as 30 % of electricity cost Sources: 1. Enerdata. (2018). Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2017. Accessed at: 2. U.S. Energy Information Administration (2018). Annual Energy Review. Accessed at: TO MAINTAIN OUR CURRENT STANDARD OF LIVING WE MUST REDUCE (PER CAPITA) AND SHIFT (IN TIME) THE CONSUMPTION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY!

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 4 ENERGY BILL OPTIMIZATION WITH ROBOTINA PLATFORM INTERNET OF THINGS + ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE + BLOCKCHAIN Applying several state-of-the–art technologies, the Robotina Platform reduces electric energy consumption, lowers electricity costs and optimizes the functioning of the entire electricity grid by monitoring and controlling real-time electricity consumption and distributed production. Thus it (1) manages the devices and (2) collects and processes the data from platform users. This data is then offered to the network operators or electric energy producers. Using smart technology the Robotina Platform solution will help you optimize the consumption of electricity by automatically turning off a device when in use (but not needed) or switching it on when the tariff is cheapest. Additionally, you will earn money by allowing power consumption flexibility to the grid and by collaborating in group buying, power trade, aggregated data sales, crowd financing and by activities in the platform’s marketplace. Last but not least, you will significantly contribute to a greener environment and sustainable development of mankind.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 5 EXPLANATION OF KEY PLATFORM CONCEPTS 1. GROUP BUYING 2. POWER TRADE Users of the platform will be aggregated Selling electricity to the highest bidder when the to carry out a group purchase of network needs it. This is implemented in such a electricity. More than 1,000 or more way that for a short time a large number of users than 10,000 users will have a stronger agree a device or devices is/are turned off. Only negotiating position regarding the those devices that do not affect the quality of price than if they negotiated separately living are switched off - e.g. the boiler turns off for with the providers. 5 min, heat pump for 10 min, etc. 3. AGGREGATED DATA SELL Data collected and processed by the platform will be sold (1) electricity distributors so that they can better plan the amount of electricity they need for their customers, (2) electricity producers, (3) advertisers, etc. 4. CROWD FINANCING 5. MARKETPLACE Supported by the community, the funds for financing equipment The marketplace is the central for larger facilities (B2B) are raised within the platform. The business area of the platform. Community is therefore rewarded on the basis of collecting the All the transactions happen in majority of the savings gained on the facility. the marketplace.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 6 ALL OF THE ABOVE IS POSSIBLE BY THE FOLLOWING TECHNOLOGIES COMBINED: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of intelligent connected devices, digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The artificial intelligence (AI) is a systematic search through a range of possible energy optimization solutions in order to reach some predefined goals of the platform’s user. AI is the brains of the Robotina’s platform which cracks the real time smart grid data into valuable information and provides the rewards to its members. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger which hosts a number of smart contracts triggered between different parties and a definitive contract is produced that can’t be disputed. The individuals involved are anonymous, but the contract is public on a decentralized ledger. Transactions are encrypted.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 7 HOW DO I SAVE? STEP 1: You receive the Energy Management System (EMS) hardware device. It’s a smart Internet of Things (IoT) device that senses the energy consumption and behavior of your electrical appliances. After the installation, it immediately starts sending data to and receiving data from Robotina Platform. STEP 2: You are connected! You save up to 30 % on electricity bills by using the EMS connected to the platform. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors across the entire energy network from producer > distributor > consumer – to optimize the network and brings you savings from an optimal ‘energy value chain’. Using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) the Robotina Platform operates your electric devices so that it switches them on when the price of electricity is lowest and turns them off when electricity is more expensive or when the need for the electricity in the network is higher. STEP 3: Robotina Smart Grid platform collects anonymous energy data 24/7. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the platform collects and processes the data sent by EMS device to identify the historical data patterns such as when and how many times the boiler, air conditioner, heat pump, etc. is switched on. AI uses weather forecasts and energy price data to optimize your expenses. STEP 4: Additional savings based on collaboration. The Community benefits from all transactions on the Robotina Platform. The majority of the earnings generated by group buying, power trade (which stabilizes the grid), aggregated data sales and crowd financing will be allocated to pool awarding most active community members. STEP 5: Robotina Utility Token (ROX) is the platform’s utility token, used in all transactions within the platform. You can pay for the products and services on the platform also with other tokens, coins or fiat money, but you will only receive a special discount and enjoy other utility benefits, when paying with ROX.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 8 DISTRIBUTION OF GENERATED BENEFITS ON PLATFORM REWARDS SPLIT* USER COMMUNITY** EMS*** SAVINGS 90 % 8% GROUP BUYING 80 % 18 % SYSTEM DATA SALES 0% 98 % POWER SALES 80 % 18 % REWARD FOR SOLD HARDWARE 0% 5% ESCO**** CROWDFUNDING 20 % 78 % VPP***** CROWDFUNDING 20 % 78 % * 2 % of the listed rewards will be paid over to the platform operator. ** All collaborative community rewards come in from ROX bought on cryptocurrency exchanges. *** EMS – Energy Management System **** ESCO – Energy Service Company ***** VPP – Virtual Power Plant USERS OF THE ROBOTINA PLATFORM WILL ENJOY A DRAMATIC REDUCTION OF OVERALL ENERGY COSTS. THEY WILL GAIN CONTROL AND BOOST THEIR SAFETY AND SECURITY. FINALLY, THEY WILL EARN AND BRING NUMEROUS BENEFITS TO THE ROBOTINA COMMUNITY.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 9 ROBOTINA’S KEY REFERENCES IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND OPTIMIZATION Robotina designed and implemented A Consortium of European partners high-tech people counting and led by IBM in the EU sponsored occupancy prediction systems, which demonstration project demonstrates improve safety, security and energy full vertically integrated smart grid in efficiency in this futuristic building. three European countries: Germany, Cyprus and Switzerland. Energy efficiency and fault detection Photovoltaic power plants in Ja- system fully integrated with client’s pan. The installation was done in Building Management System (BMS) cooperation with Japanese partner helps delivering outstanding savings SanRex, They are connected to the and allows users to optimize their Robotina platform, which optimiz- energy consumption. es the yields. A smart community and smart grid Power plant monitoring system, project in Speyer, Germany. We de- which used to be the biggest instal- livered control system and platforms lation in the world at the time of de- that optimize self consumption stor- livery. The nominal capacity reaches age and purchase. The solution for 150 MW and it generates enough smart grids delivered excellent results. energy for a small town.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 10 ROX: ROBOTINA’S PLATFORM UTILITY TOKEN Robotina Utility Token (ROX) will be the fuel of the Robotina Platform, used by members worldwide. It will be an application specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain, with various utility features. ROX can - WILL be used on the Robotina platform: FOR ESCO CROWDFUNDING AS A MEMBERSHIP PROOF ROX tokens will exclusively be used in Collaborative members holding ROX will Energy Service Company (ESCO) which be able to identify themselves within the will implement the energy efficiency community and participate in members projects for business customers, who only benefits including group buying, will have a great opportunity to save Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Fund and energy and manage costs. Energy Service Company (ESCO) Pool. FOR COMMUNITY AS A PAYMENT METHOD INCENTIVES & REWARDS FOR SUBSCRIPTION Platform will enable connected users All subscriptions will be paid monthly to actively participate in the ecosystem and will get 3 % off if paid by ROX. All and share their data with the Platform, subscriptions will be locked for 6 months for which they will be awarded with into a smart contract. With the growth of ROXs, power trade and a share (%) from the community, and considering tokens all hardware sales, in correlation with will be locked, fewer tokens will be on the their active participation. open market. FOR BUYING HARDWARE FOR VPP CROWDFUNDING & SOFTWARE Virtual Power Plants (VPP) will give to Robotina Platform will have an in-built the ROX holders without solar power App Store where ROX and other curren- plants or other relevant energy related cies will be used when buying hardware, assets a chance to participate in benefits, software and numerous services. derived from energy and power trading.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 11 ROX: CROWDSALE INFORMATION TOKEN DISTRIBUTION: 70 % - Crowd sale 10 % - Founders 7% - Marketing and promotion 5% - Angel investors 3% - Bounty Fund 3% - Market and product development 2% - Escrow and merchant services AVARAGE ROX PRICE: 0.05$ TOTAL: 815.000.000 ROX PHASE 1: PRE-SALE Start: 21. 02. 2018 at 15:00 CET | Finish: 21. 03. 2018 at 14.59 CET Hard Cap: $15.5 M| Bonus: 10 % PHASE 2: INITIAL COIN OFFERING (ICO) Start: 21. 03. 2018 at 15:00 CET | Finish: 30. 04. 2018 at 14.59 CET until Hard Cap Total Hard Cap: $28.5 M | Bonus1: 5 % first $7 M | Bonus2: 0% last $6 M • When in the presale (Phase 1) HARD CAP ($15. 5M) is reached, all transfers are rejected until Phase 2 opens. When Total Hard Cap: $28.5M is reached, all funds are rejected and transferred back. • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) SOFT CAP: $10M. • Potentially unsold Tokens reserved for crowd sale will never be created. FUNDS ALLOCATION 27 % - Platform development 23 % - Sales & marketing 16 % - IT Security and compliance 14 % - Operation cost 10 % - Legal expense 5% - Hardware development 5% - Strategy development

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 12 MILESTONES Robotina has already integrated HEMS systems for residential and BEMS for businesses across the world. Our eSTORE, energy storage and management system, help thousands of users to reduce their energy expenses and increase autonomy. In order to keep the pace with global residential demand we need to scale up the Robotina IoT platform. Soft Cap Hard Cap Full Smart Grid Integrated Marketplace Neuromarketing Service Integration Collaboration & Social Modules Funds returned if less < USD 10M USD20M USD 28.5M - Dynamic Tariff Analyzer - Optimizer - Aggregated Negotiation - Multisupplier - Behavior Intelligence - Group Buying - Neuromarketing Module - Individual Negotiation - Internal Trade - Social Service Module - Scheduler, Scheduled Tasks - Anonymous Data Broker Module - Marketplace Full Functionality - Local Energy & Power Sales - Community Benefits - Inclusion of Business Users - Virtual Power Plant - VPP - Automatic Program - Tax Optimizer - Energy Service Company - ESCO Generation & Download - CO 2 Coupons Market - ’Community Book’ - Content Marketing - Aggregation - Revenue Distribution Calculator - Interface to “IBM Watson” - EV (Electric Vehicle) Integration - Interface to “MS Azure” - Open for Non-Energy Business, - eSTORE Safety, Security, Insurance, - Smart contract - Subscription Manager Medical, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 13 PENETRATION PHASES – ROADMAP While designing our penetration strategy and deciding geographical priorities, the following key factors have been considered: 1) DEREGULATION OF THE ENERGY MARKET: regions with deregulated markets and high acceptance of smart grids together with well differentiated roles, will be the priority. 2) EASY PENETRATION: markets, where we are already present and markets with existing Robotina partners, rank high in this classification. Additionally, similar regulations boost this parameter. 3) MARKET SIZE: bigger the market is, lower will be the relative investment. The following markets have been identified and prioritized: 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Slovenia UK Japan US Russia Germany Rest of EU South East Asia Canada Rest of the World Austria Middle East China Australia Switzerland India South America Cyprus Indonesia Netherlands UAE

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 14 ICO TEAM DEVID PALČIČ, CEO, DAMIR ŠKRJANEC, R&D, IVAN MORANO, CTO, is an expert in cognitive technology is head of R&D with several technical leads a team of engineers and pro- solutions. In 2011 his contribution to competences: Software design grammers focused on industrial and the economy has been recognised by (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, C/C++, industry-like automation. He is Roboti- the Chamber of Commerce & Industry JavaScript, Python, assembler, PLC) man- na’s key Industry 4.0 expert and he ap- of Slovenia, with the highest national machine interface, software engineering, proves industrial automation projects. business award. Devid contributed to embedded systems (8051 series), He successfully delivered more than several patents and products. networking (TCP/IP, MODBUS), analogue/ 200 projects in his career. digital electronics. MILAN SUSMAN, CSM, DR. DOMEN ZUPANČIČ, R&D, MARINO MONTANI, QA, has extensive experience in working received B.Sc. Ph.D. degree in 2015 from holds a master’s degree. He is an out- as a resident and non resident sales Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate standing Industrial IT Project Manager executive in various markets of Asia School, Ljubljana, Slovenia. His research who heads the implementation and and the Middle East. He is responsible and development expertise is focused maintenance of the biggest Slovenian for international sales and marketing on Robotina Cognitive Optimization network of environmental monitoring and contributes to the overall sales System (COS) and machine learning. He Internet of Things (IoT) systems at ARSO strategy. is our data scientist. (Slovenian Environment Agency). ARJUN UPADHYAYA, SOFTWARE, IVAN ILIČIĆ, R&D, DAVOR SENJANOVIČ, R&D, he is a leading software develop- heads Robotina applied R&D team. holds the MS degree and has been ment in the Robotina Dubai oper- He is responsible for final inte- working in the field of digital control- ations. His main responsibility is grated solutions, which combine lers since 1977. He is responsible for development of SCADA (software controllers, IoT linker, and Cloud system software at the microcontrol- for control and data acquisition) software. Ivan lead important proj- ler level. He is expert for PLC pro- applications, where he has deep and ects in Europe and Japan. Currently gramming and project management ex-tensive knowledge. His main task he is focused on our Home Energy with detailed knowledge of SCADA is to develop and integrate real time Management System (HEMS) proj- systems, field buses C, Visual C#, and process software. He is also respon- ect and on implementation of COS 8051 family microcontrollers assembly sible for communication between systems with machine learning in language programming. IOT devices and the Platform. real projects.

WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM 15 ICO TEAM ARMIN ALAGIC, SOFTWARE, IGOR MARIĆ, SMART CONTRACTS, JOAO FERNANDES, SALES MANAGER, is responsible for blockchain team. He is Full Stack Web Developer with solid is a native speaker and is responsible is also a founder of Omnitask Limited background in different programming for Portuguese, Spanish and English and has created team of 10+ members areas. He has been strongly focused speaking markets, which include Spain, in various skill set inlcuding Blockchain, on future technology like Blockchain for Portugal and South America. He has Smart Contract, Ethereum, PHP, Anuglar development of highly secure smart- important international experience. He JS, Node JS and many more. contracts, websites and control panels has worked as sales executive in London, for smart contracts. UK before joining Robotina team. ERIK BUBOLA, SMART GRIDS, TOMAŽ PAVLICA, MARKETING, MBA, ANDREJ PAŠEK, AUTOMATION, GM, studied power electronics and he is an has 20 years of experience in manage- has extensive experience and expert in electrical energy, grids and ment and International business devel- contributed to many of the key smart grids. His main role is support opment. He led teams and projects and projects, including the development and tariff systems. Mr. Bubola has a was responsible for change manage- of the Middle East markets. He has deep knowledge of energy storage ment. His expertise facilitates Robotina experience in system integration, systems and energy management in the fields of strategy development, PLCS’s, SCADA and in other key areas systems and he is central to our business process optimisations, sales, for automation. technical support team. marketing and branding. HUBERT GOLLE, SMART GRIDS heads the Smart Grids division in Robotina. He is focused on Japanese and ROBOTINA HAS OVER 50 PEOPLE European markets. Smart grids division WORKING ON THIS PROJECT. includes energy storage systems, energy management systems and IoT based remote operation. He oversees the CHECK THE ADVISORS ON WHITE PAPER Goflex project, which will integrate smart OR WWW.ROBOTINAICO.COM PAGE. grids in three European cities.