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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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Business Paper Update Date: 05/10/2018

Copyright @2018 Egretia Foundation Ltd. All rights reserved Please read this document carefully. This document does not constitute a prospectus or o ering document, and is not an o er to sell, nor the solicitation of an o er to buy any investment or nancial instrument in any jurisdiction. If you are in any doubt as to anything contained herein, you should seek appropriate professional advice and refrain from taking any action until you fully understand the content of this document.

Table of Contents Project Introduction 4 Our Vision 5 Token Distribution 6 Team & Advisors 6 Foundation 6 Details of Token Sale 8 Private Sale KYC/AML Required 8 Public Sale KYC/AML Required 8 Funds Allocation 10

Project Introduction The new internet revolution is coming. Blockchain will reconstruct the business logic and user-relationships, bringing tremendous changes to the world. The changing tide of blockchain technology is inevitable! The implementation of applications is the basis for the realization of the technical value. Blockchain’s technological and ecosystem improvements will drive Decentralized Apps (DApps) demand to unprecedentedly high levels. However, blockchain’s underlying technology is intricate and quite complex, the learning cost is extremely high. How can developers create blockchain applications e ciently? Egretia, the world's rst HTML5 blockchain platform, allows developers to easily and e ciently create blockchain applications without spending extraneous time on studying the underlying technology. Egretia has teamed up with Egret Technology, the global leader in the HTML5 industry. By integrating the cutting-edge blockchain technology into Egret’s proven HTML5 work ow, Egretia is aimed at bringing 200,000 existing developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices to the blockchain world. Egretia is also committed to building four core platforms and an incubator, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content- providers, channels and advertisers, and facilitating a complete ecosystem in which tokens truly circulate. !4

Our Vision • Egretia brings 200,000 developers, 1 billion mobile devices as well as a variety of HTML5 content into the blockchain world, thus allowing more blockchain DApps to be developed and widely used. • Based on Egret's proven work ow, Egretia will provide new front and back- end services that encapsulate complex blockchain technology into HTML5 interfaces. Through accessing these interfaces, developers can devote their e orts to perfecting the content itself, instead of spending extraneous time on studying underlying blockchain technology. • Egretia creates an ecosystem with true token circulation on the basis of HTML5 content. !5

Token Distribution Volume: 8,000,000,000 EGT 20% 39% 14% 27% Token Sale Event Foundation Marketing & Business Partners Team, Contributors & Advisors Team & Advisors It will have a 24-month lockup period. It will be vested 1/8 per quarter in the following 8 quarters. This means the units of the team will not be immediately circulated. Foundation The speci c allocation will be decided by the foundation according to the actual situation. Research & Development • It will have a 36-month lockup period. It will be vested 1/12 per quarter in the following 12 quarters. Increasing the input of development to Egretia public chain !6

Perfecting the HTML5 blockchain suite Improving four core platforms as well as adding functionality Community & Promoting • It will have a 24-month lockup period. It will be vested 1/8 per quarter in the following 8 quarters. Enhancing the in uence of Egretia and Egreten Building Egretia brand worldwide Ecosystem Incentive • It will have a 36-month lockup period. It will be vested 1/12 per quarter in the following 12 quarters. Incentive for early adopters of the HTML5 blockchain work ow Incentive for early users of four core platforms Incentive for contributors to the whole ecosystem Legal Services • No lockup period Ensuring everything running under relevant laws and regulations Foundation Daily Operation • It will have a 48-month lockup period. It will be vested 1/16 per quarter in the following 16 quarters. Dealing with routine matters !7

Details of Token Sale Softcap: 10,000 ETH Hardcap: 37,250 ETH + 1,500,000 CMT CyberMiles + 500,000 ABT ArcBlock Private Sale KYC/AML Required Period: Registration starting from April 30th, 2018, 8am CST Cap: 29,000 ETH Rate: 1ETH=84,000 EGT Min Contributions: 100 ETH Max Contributions: 1000 ETH Lockup Period: 4 months (20% token released per time, total 5 times, the rst phase releasing on the same time when public sale tokens being released) Public Sale KYC/AML Required Rate: 1ETH=70,000 EGT Cap: 8,250 ETH + 1,500,000 CMT CyberMiles + 500,000 ABT ArcBlock Rate: 1 ETH = 70000 EGT min: 0.1 ETH, max: 3 ETH) 1 ABT= 110 EGT min: 63 ABT, max: 1250 ABT) 1 CMT= 35 EGT (min: 210 CMT, max: 4200 CMT) No Lockup Period !8

Notes: Before and during the token sale, contributions via a referral link in tokeneed is in e ect. Token Release: 6 weeks after token contribution’s completeness. Can't Participate: China, USA !9

Funds Allocation 5% 10% 55% 30% Tech development & Research Marketing & Business Development Operations Legal !10